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French girls are found in France and Quebec, however, women speaking the French language and who embrace the culture of les Français are found all over the world, mostly North Africa and the former colonies. The purpose of this post is to convey some ideas about how to meet ladies of France and Francophiles arround the world for love.

Since this post is not about a specificity to meet girls in places like Paris, Lyons, Orléans‎ or Marseille, rather a strategy guide for picking up French women, for love of course.  But more about meeting French girls online.

  • Femme recherche homme
  • Homme cherche femme

Are the words you want to look for on French dating sites.

The culture of France and the females it creates

I have to confess I am a bit of a cultural determinist. I believe it is the interaction of culture and free will that determines a persons social behaviors. If I were to describe French culture in a nutshell it is humanistic, socialistic on a macro level and soft-spoken on a personal level. I have to date never met a loud mouth French person in Quebec to France. The French in my personal experience have been reserved, and polite, although at times supercilious, as I think it is a throw back from the Ancien Régime and a hundred of  years of French Imperialism (culturally and economic) connected to the First, Second and Third Republics.

Hence, the French are an odd lot, that has embedded a thousand years of religious piety which has been over written with humanism and for lack of a better word an acknowledgement their cultural achievements; even if  the latter was born on the backs and toil of their empires.

Strategy tip number 1 – Learn something not just about France but culture in general. If you can not speak intelligently about Guillaume Musso, Grégoire Delacourt, Gilles Legardinier or the music of Philippe Verdelot or the art of Monet. Perhaps the most important is to know something about the French language. If you can speak even a little French you will make huge inroads.  I know this sounds cliché but it is the way the world works. Can you imagine if someone from a foreign country is ignorant, would you like to chat them up?

One of the most unhigh things is to ‘play chess with’ to someone who is not smart. I mean please Paris Hilton, regardless of her looks, would not get a French kiss from me. On the other hand, I was single I would go for a geeky girl with glasses and might not be flashy at first sight but plays computer games and I can communicate on all levels, I married such a princess.

  • In a word, impress the pants off her with the most virile organ in your body, your brain. It will result in the largest pupil dilation response.

Are French girls easy?

French girls have a reputation for being beautiful, but also easy to take to the bedroom. This started I believe when Americans went over to Europe during the first and second world war.  This was their first exposure to French girls and European girls in general.  Therefore, their reaction to French girls was very positive compared to American girls who tend to be more Puritan. It is not that women the land of the Gauls are inordinately promiscuous, rather, in contrast the industrial American ethic, they seem liberated. Hence a mythology developed around their reputation.

On the other hand, on a relative social scale maybe they are. However, I think they are no more so than any post modern Western country today.

French girls and Arab or African guys?

  • The cultures have similarities because of the historical influence over these regions.
  • Many Arab and Egyptian men are seeking EU girls for citizenship – Western European girls know this. I think the les filles are cognizant about this and more prone to stick to their own, butcross cultural relationships do happen because one million years of evolution programs us to mix our DNA up a bit dispite people frowning on this, it is over riddend by romantic love and lust. If you have doubts read about the love romance of all people Brother Cadfael.

Where to meet French girls

If you live close to Quebec or Montreal I would recommend going up there.  When I lived in Boston I went up every other weekend.  I went there so much hanging out in indigo’s and Chapters and the Yoga studios on St. Catherine’s street, people thought I was a local. If you do not find Québécois girls attractive you are basically not much into women.

I eventually moved to Europe.  And really at this point I have no great interest in French girls. Eastern European girls are the next level, for example Polish girls because they are not as westernized as the French and still retain traditional as opposed to existential (Camus and Sartre) humanistic values. However, among the city dwellers in both countries, there is a lot of dames who see Amelie as a heroine more than a pious village girl. So if you want a French girl of old try Morocco, Algeria (I like the Arab French mix) or Quebec or other parts of Europe that are not as ‘free’.

In fact in Quebec they use an archaic form of French in some ways, they refer to car as carriage. It reflects a more 17th century culture. I remember reading a book, ‘Peasants into Frenchmen’ by Eugen Weber and it gives you an idea how diverse these people really are. So any broad stroke of the brush here is too superficial to do justice to the topic, but know there are regional differences.

Never the less, generally French girls are respectable in terms of beauty and flirtiness and their sense of style has that, let me think of the word, je na sais quois.

  • Start by reading any book by Debra Ollivier, if you do nothing else to enlighten yourself on the women and matters of the heart in FR.

French online dating websites

Rencontrer des filles françaises – Rendez vous

  • Meet a French girl on your mobile phone – to send free SMS or text messages to French girls on their cell phone via the web. Also use this it is an online chat. You can explore this site and find a lot of free tools to chat and text girls in France, even if you do not have a phone and for free.
  • is the best, but also, or,
  • Most popular French social network next to FB
  • has an amour rencontre which really is like love @ aol French version. Check out the French version of but you have to change your IP so they think you are in Europe.
  • The French are making inroads with social networks like Facebook and, but also Plus 1.
  • (but be careful of the reputation of people you meet here, I recommend true love not a fling)  or or
  • just to understand more about what is going on in the land of the French.

If you have other French online dating sites let me know. If you have trouble with the language, use an online translation tool.

French girls and the French internet

I guess the French are into the Internet but more into real life for dating, but we live in the reality of the modern world where the tool of the web or getting a French girls mobile phone number has become an extension of real live encounters.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am looking for a French Girls who can teach me French Language and get love. I will teach her English as well.

I am looking for a French girl who teach me French language a get love.

If your looking to exchange languages with a French girl, this is a very good idea. I do this myself to learn languages. You can put an ad in a classified for language exchange. Put it in French of course as you want to offer before you expect to get.

I’d love to know a French girl for a serious relationship. Besides, I’d like to learn French language. I’m able to teach her English, as well as Spanish. At any rate, I’m living in Mexico City. I offer her my house and my wedding ring. I’m 21 years old. I’m an English Teacher, and Researcher Living in Mexico, and planning to live the rest of my life in this beautiful place. For that reason I need a girl.

HA I doubt a French girl would live in Mexico City, no offense, but French girls can tent to be vert snooty, at least the Parisians.

Me,I’m a french girl, I live in France and I think the French girl are as beautiful as the other girls. We’re not pretentious we’re just not as open as the English and American people.

French girls are cordial, just a little liberal. However, look at Celine Dion, she is a woman to be admired for her beauty and morals and life giving qualities.

I updated this post to include a more robust discussion on culture of France, websites to meet French females and I tried my hand at a littlephotoediting, I use mypaint. I hope you enjoy the good-natured commentary and some innocent hots to lower your blood pressure and life your spirit.

The French I would agree are an interesting group of people. For Eastern European girls we consider Paris as the cultural capital of Europe. I mean where else is there, Berlin, yeah right. Maybe a Northern Italian city-state. London is where you might go to work, but Paris, France is the center for increased life experience.

I noticed the style of your writing has changed a bit a lot less controversal and in this case many cultural references I did not know.

You write many strange things here, but when you try to prove that French women and Russian girls in Dubai are much better than American women, you should post pics of French and Russian women and not girls of Florida or,if you do that, chose different girls or at least girls in different bikinis.

Basically the article is about how guys can find French girls online. I have research and identified the major dating sites the French use when seeing French people. This is in contrast to dating sites for foreigners and in English to meet European. I believe the best girls to meet are found on the local dating websites.

I do not want to prove that French or Russian girls are better than American. They are not. We are all equal in this world. However, my underlying premise is to try to get American guys out of their dating rut. You do not have to marry the girl next door if she is not doing it for you A to Z.

If you are not having a positive experience with American style and culture, the world is small these days and dating someone from France or Russian is analogous to dating someone from the next village several hundred years ago. Hence the term ‘global village’.

Maybe French or Russian women are not for everyone and it depends on the individual, but gee whiz if you look at marriage statistics and divorce statistics I think there is a stark difference.

Like I have made the point many times it is the individual that counts not the culture. But culture does has an impact on one’s interpretation of reality. For me, my grandparents came from Eastern Europe and I married someone from Eastern Europe and we are very happily married.

If you have more hots send them over, they are more than welcome, and I can get a more robust collection, as long as they are in good taste I can wrap them arround an article which will be positive and complementary. And yes Maria I do appreciate the commentary.

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