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The purpose of this post is to give you a rundown on the girls of Florida for love, dating and marriage. Are these beach beauties worth it? And you American guys know what I mean by worth it. With modern girls  there is a whole package deal, feminist programming, high risk of flight factor, disposition to self-inflate once they are married, a past and a story, ego and career at least equal to husband and materialistic inclinations. So why date a Florida girl.just because they look good in a bikini? Because the world is complex and these are just generalizations and there are some females in Florida that are wife material, I guess. But either way relax and enjoy the photos.

By the way most of these photos are of ladies in their 20s, early 20s. Extrapolate out a few years and add an attitude of entitlement and the lips of honey will soon sting of vinegar. So do not be deceived.

Cultures of Florida women

Did you know 16.7% of the population of Florida is foreign-born? 18.9% speak Spanish.  It’s true that is like one in six people walking down the street. Even my wife and daughter is foreign-born. One in five speak Spanish as their first language.  So to understand Florida understand who lives there in addition to the Anglos.

  • Indian girls in Florida are located in the Bay Meadows area of South Jacksonville. In Orlando they are more spread out, in Lake Mary, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, and Windermere. I have no problem with Indian women, I think it is more a matter of do Indian girls marry American guys.
  • African-American girls in Florida (not foreign but different from WASP culture)  are located more to the north and the center. This is because in the horrible time of slavery, there were large plantations in these areas. Further, coastal Florida tends to draw retired white people from the north-east.
  • Spanish women of Florida are concentrated around Miami. In the 1950s there were large immigrants from Cuba that established South Florida as a hub for Latin Americans. The ones that came in the 1950s are rich. But also now an influx of other people from South America. I can not tell you how many Brazilians or Peruvians I have met in Jacksonville. Realistically not a bad pool of potential brides.
  • I hear the Polish language all over Florida.  I thought my wife would miss her native tongue, but now we find we can not get away from it. Down my street on the beach is a Polish cafe.  On that same note since I moved to Florida from Eastern Europe I can tell you there is a stark difference between these Southern belles (and Yankee transplants) from the Sunshine state and the girls of dark cloudy Eastern Europe.

The girls of Florida are as follows:

Women of North East Florida
Jacksonville is the redneck Riviera, Imagine monster trucks driving on the beach. Oh my. It also happens to be both the divorce capital of Florida in terms of percentages and ironically a Bible belt city.  I can only explain this phenomenon in three ways.  First, there are a lot of military families there and service brings stress on the family unit. Second, it is an ethically Anglo-Saxon Protestant center, and these believers accept divorce as the reformation in England was based on it. Third, it seems just to be part of the culture.

Everyone I know is divorced in North East Florida with some exceptions. When I did taxes, I had to profiled people about their marital status and family history. People were in multiply marriages and mothers had children from with multiple guys and were still single. I was very turned off by this.

I did not see this as much in Italian and Irish Catholic Boston and certainly did not see this in Poland. The only people I meet after doing lets say one hundred tax returns that were married and happy were a few poor African-American families and a very Christian families living on the edge of poverty but sticking together for better or worse.

Now on Anastasia Island where I live and St. Johns county in general it is different. This is because it has the best schools in Florida and many people sacrifice career and location just to live here with their families so their kids can go to school in a nice area. Therefore, it is more normal with the family unit intact. Further, the kids growing up in St. Johns have a more normal perspective of a two parent model for their family unit. Therefore, I think that a large percentage  of St. Augustine girls and St. Johns county girls are alright.

Minorcan girls are pretty nice but if you marry one, they have a pretty strong tradition that you stay and live here because they have been here 500 years.

St. Augustine beach girls are pretty good, mostly Flagler college girls that has stuck around to raise a family or surf. Not bad, but still not like the beauties of Eastern Europe.

I am coming to the conclusion it is the food. The US food supply, milk, meat, eggs and poultry is choked with fat producing hormones and maybe even other hormones and androgens consumers.

Just further, south in Palm Coast there is nothing there but young families taking advantage of the Real Estate crisis and retired people last generation who got their gold watch and dream was to play golf in Florida.

The you have Daytona. I would not find a girl in Daytona unless she was visiting on spring break. To me it conjures up images of cheap motel 6 type hotels and people riding motorcycles with tattoos. Maybe twenty years ago it was nice but not now.

Once you get to Palm country there are a lot of white (and blue) haired old ladies driving white Cadillacs slowly. Not a place to find women.

Miami is a mecca for beautiful girls in bikinis. However, it is a bit plastic for me. I would tend to go to the Spanish girls. If it is good enough for Matt Damon it is good enough for me. I know a number of Spanish girls from our Basilica and they are nice family oriented. One lady I know has nine kids.

Russians in Miami are everywhere. There are Russian Jews and Slavic Russians. It does not matter both are pretty, but make sure their moral compass are intact. I have made this point over and over again, that the Soviet Union was effective in eradicating religion. The question is what replaced it?

Central Florida is horse country. I know more than one homesteading type families that raise kids in a nice normal way.

West Coast of Florida I do not know much about. I think there is a lot of traffic and retired people except in the panhandle where you find some deep south culture.

Despite the photos,  on a whole I would not date a girl from Florida. You can browse dating profiles at POF and  I think POF and Craigslist gives you a more realistic representation.  girls have such high expectations.

I mean you have girls 30 years old and even 40 still listing such silly things as what they want, like 80,000 dollars income, Italian, never married, and likes to get crazy.  What the deuce? About romance and love and Shakespeare and classical music and long walks while talking about God or philosophy and the meaning of life. I mean you guys make up your own mind. I hope you enjoyed some of these photos of Florida, but my recommendation is go somewhere else to find your bride and live in Florida once you are married, I did.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Mark, pardon my ignorance, but why on God’s green Earth did you come back to the U.S. Matrix? Also, this whole article is making my head spin. I hear and experience nothing but bad things with the girls there like the ones in California and other parts of the U.S. Those two girls in the photo at the top are not looking for a prince, they are looking for superman.

Some guy who has the looks, money and social status of Brad Pitt. You are not fooling me on this one. The vast majority of these girls aren’t even approachable let alone dateable or marriage material. They are cliquish, antisocial, extremely rude, arrogant, masculine in behavior, play mind games, aren’t genuine, super picky, quick to divorce, and care only about material goods. Now what guy do you think would want to get to know a girl who meets only just a few of those characteristics? You know, I try to look for the good in people but they make it impossible to find it in these girls.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near them. Where do you get these ideas from? You’ve been away for too long, maybe. Your last sentence probably said it the best. Men shouldn’t waste their time looking for a future wife there.

This post on Florida girls was more for fun. I tried to make funny or charming captions under each photo.

However, what you write is correct and the seriousness of your message should not be down played. In the USA it is hard, to say the least to find a true partner in life who will always be there for you because our society has change from idealistic to base.

First lets talk about the good with American women
It is not impossible to meet a wife in the USA, since there are about eighty million single women in the USA and they all are not ill-suited for marriage.

Here are two examples of good girls in the USA I know personally.

A friend of mine here in here in St. Augustine who is a massage therapist, does yoga, happily married and has a child. She is American born and raised but idealistic and caring. A peaceful giving girl.

My friend Carolyn was not only an ex beauty pageant winner but is happily married with four children for twenty years and I do not see that changing. She loves her husband, children and has like seventy animals in Port St. Lucie Florida county. A model girl. I remember her growing up and she did not have any boyfriends, just waited for marriage when she meet the right guy.

I think there are many girls in the USA who are equally idealistic and will be rewarded in their life in different ways because of their virtue and heart centered life.

Why I would not date a Floridan gal

  • Tendency to self-inflate. As a human I have compassion for people who have weight control issues. I would like to reach out and help them. However, does that mean I have to date a self-inflater and all the drama that goes with it? Let me tell you a story. A friend of mine Jeff, married a self-inflater. She become so big that she was bed ridden from medical issues directly connected to her weight. He stayed with her. But she divorced him and took his money. Well is all fair in love and war? I do not know, but my recommendation is find someone who is committed to being more balanced in their life or you will be knocked out the ring the first time you turn your back.

    Maybe people self inflate from a lack of will power, or they want to take up more space and extend their realm of power, or they have self-confidence issues or there are too many fat producing hormones in our food? I do not have the answers. But I do think American women are more about tattoos and cell phones than yoga and Pilates and eating a rustic natural diet. What happened to the practice of fasting and giving the money you save from food to the poor? Marry a girl like that.

  • Supermen only need apply for dating.It is not that women have high expectations, all women do as they should. It is that the determinant criteria for mate section has gone from ideals, brains and gentleness and compassion, to money, power, muscles and car. Call me crazy but American women want this and once they get it there is a high probability they will leave you anyway. What has happened to our culture? I am not saying girls have to me Amish, or even like Pioneer women or Cullen’s ABC but why can they not live a more heart centered life?
  • Do not date American women unless you are really in love and share ideals. Life is short and you are dead a long time, so why waste so much time pursing girls that do not appreciate you?

Date girls from other countries where they will love you and stick with you for all the days of their lives like you would for them. Date Polish girls, Indian girls, Romanian girls, Greek girls and leave the American girls for the guys who did not discover this Nirvana call the world and world culture.

I left Europe because I am happily married and off the market for good. I have not reason to interact in a man-woman way with American girls. I may return to Europe, but I have to admit I love surfing in the warm waters of Florida.


An interesting response. I guess I’m trying to get used to your sense of humor. Eighty million single women and a hundred million single men. No thanks, I don’t need that kind of competition. Thanks for providing examples of a few American women that are still good, however, it only exemplifies my point that all the good ones are taken. I agree it is hard to be attracted to someone who is over weight. Healthy expectations are one thing, it is a whole different can of worms to shoot those expectations through the stratosphere. There are a lot of why’s flying around as to wondering about American women and their likelihood of leaving a good man. We can only look at history, and how it led up to the social changes caused by feminism over the years. I stopped pursuing American girls a long time ago when I found out it’s a losing race with no end. There is this one Russian lady that I work with who is married to my other Russian friend. I find her quiet, petit, kind, still learning English, and yet also one of the most feminine I have ever encountered. She is just one example of the stark differences I see in women from different cultures. I hope to meet someone like her in the future.

My beautiful wife is from the other side of the Atlantic. With only an eight-hour plane flight, separating the worlds of America and Eastern Europe for example, I have no idea why American guys only look for their future one and only with the girl next door in the USA. I think it is nuts.

Why on earth would anyone be so limiting as do only search for a mate based on geographical desirability like a radius screen on of 10 miles?

Do you think a geographical radius screen of a few miles on a dating site will lead you do a girl of your dream?

Oh, you will get a girl who will want to marry you, yes, but it will not be worth it and you will be waiting for the end of time.

Once I travelled around the world my eyes were open. I came back to America and all the games and flaky behaviors of American women try to play I was 100% immune from. I had total immunity from American women.

Is that what girls look like in florida? They are anorexic looking. Even in russia i saw girls with more padding than that (much healthier looking, i might add). Thin and shapely is ideal, bony is not.

This is the island I live on. It is a haven for surfer girls (and dudes) and I think a lot of them are just living to surf and keep fit just from the lifestyle. If you have been arround surfers they are more into chilling out then eating. In contrast, in the county, just a few miles away and inland, they are a little more round, a lot more to tell the truth, actually huge.

Even me when I am coming back from surfing the waves for even a half hour I think I burn more calories than going to the gym for a few hours. I have seen very few round surfers, actually none.

So I these girls are pretty much the norm here, but maybe you are right they are below the norm in terms of weight for the general population. I the photos up here more for the funny comments I tried to write and a little eye candy for guys. But maybe my comments were not that funny.

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