Filipina and single girls from the Philippines

Girls from the Philippines are called Filipina. The is because the languages has gender and it refers to a female from these Asian islands.


The purpose of this post is to tell you where to meet and chat with Filipino women on-line and offline. That is not only to recommend websites for you to chat with a girl but to tell you some free dating sites only local Filipina girls use, rather than some paid dating or bride site. Further, I will inform you what they are about from a beauty and cultural perspective so if you fall in love with a potential bride, you can move forward with you head as well as your heart.

I have taken a lot of time to research, particularly the on-line ways to meet Filipina so I think this will be of value to you.

Filopino Pinay girls

Best free places to chat and meet Filipino girls on-line

  • Facebook is the number 1 site in the Philippines but not really for dating Filipino women, rather it is more a social networking site as you know. However, you could try to use it as a dating portal. I recommend a Russian social networking portal for example to date ladies and some men have reported success. I do not know about Facebook but it could be worth a try is you screen on geography such as South East Asia.
  • – This is a Filipina free classified site I can highly recommend for free dating. Go to the bottom where it says “Personals” – dating. This site is the largest free classified site in the Philippines for men seeking women and women seeking men. The interface is in English. This site also has chat rooms. There is no way you will not find a Filipina pen-pal or potential bride if you use this site correctly.
  • – This is a commercial site which is still very popular. Typical photo ads and chat rooms of photos of beautiful filipino ladies. It is basically the of the Philippines. You can try Filipina heart for a month as many times paid dating sites have better quality control.
  • -This is more like a Maxim in the Philippines, that is a men’s site with beautiful Pinay girls. A lot of photos of Filipino girl videos but I do not know ow much value for real dating winning some one’s heart and love it would be.

Cultural expectations in the Philippine and love

If you want to fall in love with a single from these The Philippines has an interesting history a mix of Asian and native populations latter a Spanish and then a US colony and now a free democratic nation. Therefore, the one thing that can be said about Filipina girls is they are an exotic mix and you will see genetic variation from the populations from the north and south for example. Fir me the most interesting part of the island’s history is Austronesian people started to migrate to this Asian land about 6000 years ago. These early societies were of course hunter and gathering.  Like ancient Greece about 300 B.C there was not unified kingdom but rather a number of city states and small empires.

That is in the north people have more true Asian features while the south more Malaysian features, however, both geographical regions have many of things like Spanish looks combined with the predominately Asian look of Philippine women. Therefore, whether beautiful Cebu girls or sensual Manila women there is a lot of beauty and variation of looks to choose from (the key is to get one to choose you of course, see my winning a lady. There is also large indigenous population which speak a variety of languages from the Borneo-Philippines group of the Malayo-Polynesian languages, which is itself a branch of the Austronesian language family. For me this is all very interesting as I have a passion for languages and indigenous life around the world.

One consideration you might want to consider if you are a foreigner is the average person in the Philippines is very poor with an income on average of about 2000 dollars a year. Of course the big cities like Manila – Mataki and the largest city Quezon city, workers make higher salaries and the cost of living is cheaper than the west, but the Philippine republic is still a poor country.  a lot of the economy is based on travel and tourism.  I recommend if you want to see what it looks like is look on Youtube.  But the bottom line is it is a poor country and beware there could be schemers among these would be Filipina girlfriends and pen pals.

In summary, there are 100 million Filipino’s so I would estimate at least 30 million single Pinoy women that are single and looking for men. That is a lot. Therefore of you like the Asian look of dark hair and silky skin then read on.

Filipina heart

Love and winning a Filipina heart

Despite the photos of attractive ladies in this post, the purpose of my site is to get you to love and marriage. My recommendation for winning a Filipina heart is be sincere. Be romantic and charming and sincere and honest and all the things American women might not take seriously. Filipina girls are not America women. They like romance and old fashion love.

If you are religious and even catholic, all the better as the people of this South east Asian Island nation are very religious and about 90% Roman Catholic. If you are just some guy looking for a beauty, consider that hurting some one’s feelings or playing with their heart is one of the worst things someone can do. So be sincere, be romantic and charm them even everyday and do not stop if you get married if possible. I have also written some love phrases in English and love phrases in Spanish if you want to win some one’s heart for love.

Let me know if you have any experiences with winning a Filipina’s heart or questions about love in this beautiful Asian Pacific nation.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Filipina women are everywhere.. I have had over 50 marriage propsals from Filipna women on Yahoo Chat rooms, ages ranging from 16 to 52. So please, be very wary of these Pinay girls. Many are after greencard and are quite clever. Never marry a Pinay woman who proposes to you or who makes hints at marriage or constantly asks to come to your country.

    Typical line, “Oh, how I wish I could find a good husband, but I cannot.” This translates to, “Filipino men are quite poor and I would rather marry a rich foreign man who can pay my bills and make my life easier.” There are plenty of good devoted Filipino men, so do buy into the, “There is no men I can marry in Phillipines” BS.

    With that being said, I know there are great ones, but you really have to look hard. I think if you seek out one who is an avid church-goer frrom a small town, you may find gold. The girls are very Americanized, so you have to be wary of that. However, they still have strong cultural etiquettes that they adhere to and once you leave their cities they become quite different.

    Beware of the southern regions as they are plagued with violence and are risky places due to political and ethnic strife.

    If anyone is married successfuly to Pinay, I’d be interesting to know. One thing I hear is they are the friendliest people in the world. This very well may be true. White American men have a crazy advantage in this country.

    Also, Filiipino men are some of the greatest fighters in the world, despite their small size. If anyone goes to Filipino, I advise them to try to study some of the Filipino Muay Thai. By learning their native martial art, you also will win the hearts of their women more, then just your American greencard. LOL.

    1. Yonatan,
      I think your conclusions are equivalent to characterizing women based on the ones you meet in bars.
      You are meeting these ladies on free websites, and those places are rife with scammers. Honorable sites verify their members and police their membership rolls, because it is in their interest to minimize fraud. It is not mentioned, but Cherry Blossoms is a very reputable Asian dating site.
      I am ambivalent about ladies who want to improve their situation. Isn’t security a primary female goal? I feel my ability to supply this is a strong point in my favor. And Filipino men have a well deserved reputation for infidelity. There are scads of young, single-mom Filipinas looking for a spouse. They were seduced and abandoned by some young guy who fancied himself a stud, and abandoned her as soon as she became pregnant. Now she is struggling, and her outlook is changed. You can find a seriously gorgeous Filipina in her 20’s if you are willing to accept her child.
      I have had a few Filipinas throw their hearts at my feet, early in the game, which flusters me. A few were sincere. But when they do that, they limit you to two choices. Acceptance or rejection. No chance of getting to know her then making a choice.
      Also, It is known that Filipinas are willing to enter into a deal, or what was known long ago as an arranged marriage. They will either say, “love will come” or simply accept it as a fair trade and enter into it and stay til the end. You see this with Filipinas who marry a much older guy, with health problems, and nurse him through it faithfully, to the end.
      Being a Filipina is not a magic thing that transforms them all into wonderful brides. Use the hard-earned knowledge you acquired with Western women, and you will be fine.

  2. Yeah, I’m with a Filipina now. I met her online. She’s really hot. She looks like a model that just popped out of a magazine. Anyways I haven’t met too many scammers online in my search for FIlipinas. Even when I went to the bars I found Filipinas who were genuinely wanting relationship. They have no 1 distincinctive marker which makes them look “Filipina”. For me I have to guess because Filipinas; Vietnamese;Thai; they look really similar and even identical. From being with filipinas 2 years straight I see no difference from them and American women in how they act aside from cultural differences. Some things I like about Filipinas that stand out is: 1. They’re very feminine for the most part in appearance; demeanor and how they handle situations ( unless you really piss them off) . 2. They have the most feminine voices I’ve ever heard in group of women. Their voices are so womanly and delicate – i’ve never heard anything like it.

    1. Nothing to beat a Dublin or Limerick ladette, to put the hair standing on your head.

      Toxic Women

      If you are a man living in Europe or the US, or any other region where Feminism has taken hold, then you are a man living amongst millions of toxic women. These women are not just a little toxic; they are toxic in the extreme. They are so toxic, that simply being around them is detrimental to a man’s health and well-being. Like highly radioactive nuclear waste, even distant proximity to these women can bring about awful consequences for men so exposed.
      Feminism, and its widespread and devout adoption by most Western women, has created a monstrous female mentality that inflicts itself upon anyone and everyone around them. This mentality is me-first, I-want-it-all, I-am-better-than-you attitude that these women have embraced in full knowledge (or else unforgivable ignorance) of the harm this is causing to those around them and particularly men.
      How toxic is she? Let me count the ways…
      Women are toxic if you marry them
      Marriage used to mean something important and formed the bedrock of society and indeed, all of civilization. In various forms, religious or not, and across cultures and throughout history, the formal definition of family with the pairing of men and women has served a vital purpose in incentivising men and nurturing women and the couple’s children.
      Now marriage is a grossly unequal contract, burdening the man with financial responsibility for the woman whilst imposing on her no duties, restrictions or requirements whatsoever (a white elephant).
      With no-fault divorces, a woman is free to choose to leave the marriage (and 90% of the time she initiates divorce) at the moment she feels like it in the comfort of knowing that he will be forced by law to support her and the choice she has made. The argument runs that a woman should be permitted to continue to live after divorce in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. However, there is no such provision for the man’s lifestyle – it is apparently fine for him to experience a huge drop in income and quality of life in order that he fund his ex-wife’s choice.
      Women have become so toxic, particularly American women, that they have themselves realized that they are increasingly being bypassed as wives in favor of brides from other non-western countries. Instead of seeing this as a wake-up call to divest themselves of their toxicity, they instead try to inhibit men from seeking wives unsullied by Feminism. Western women are at risk of making themselves irrelevant.

      Unless a man takes the utmost care in choosing a woman who renounces Feminism, explicitly, and whom he genuinely feels he can trust with his life, marriage is simply not viable for a Western man. She has too many options, too many weapons and too many agencies – including government – that have a vested interest in encouraging her to divorce him and destroy him in the process.

  3. This is one of the most honest articles I have read I was married to a western feminist female for 13 years and thank goodness she left me, Asian women are my only choice now , I don’t even look at western girls. Filipino are defiantly the best woman in the world.
    Michael from Melbourne Australia

  4. I am here because I married a Filipina in 1999, after having corresponded with her for a year, by snail mail.
    Their language is gender specific, mostly. The O indicates male, the A female. Thus, Pinoy/Pinay, Filipina/Filipino, Guapa/Guapo. Funny, but this does not carry over into everything. Their word for spouse, asawa, is genderless, with no gender words like husband/wife.
    Their primary language is Tagalog, with many dialects, and most Filipinas speak one or two of the dialects, and English is very commonly spoken, and taught in all schools, by law. Signs are in English, and so are many newspapers, although they tend to drift randomly between the two, which they call Taglish.
    Besides being adept at languages, Filipinas adapt well to other cultures. Many work overseas, and are called OFW’s, for Overseas Foreign Workers. Many sailors are Filipinos. So, going abroad to marry is not a novelty to a Filipina.
    It is true that the Philippines is a Catholic/Christian country, which is another thing that makes them appealing as wives, as their culture and values reflect our own. Christianity is not common in Asia.
    Most are intelligent and educated. Education is valued there, not a base for partying.
    Physically, they are generally small, slim, often brown in color, with dark hair and eyes, slim hips and generally, small, firm boobs. As stated by Admin, there is variation.
    Modesty is the norm there, so you do not often see young girls with all their yummy parts bursting out of their clothes. The average Filipina will describe herself as “simple”
    Americans and Westerners are well-liked there, and the friendliness of Filipinos is not an act.
    They value family, and like most Asian cultures, honor the aged. Its a rare Filipina who does not want children. Virginity is common there, and older virgins are not considered “weird” or “frigid”
    They are often willing to marry a much older man, and I have seen this too often to doubt it.
    Having said that, their culture is being polluted by ours. Cell phones. TV, internet, have all contributed to debasing their culture and values. But, you can still find a wonderful Filipina. Just use good sense. They are not automatically wonderful just for being Filipina.
    They value their character. Let me illustrate.
    My Filipina wife fell in with bad companions, became “Westernized” and we divorced. Many times when I tell a Filipina this, they are shocked, and apologize! Even the Filipino salesman who sold me my car did that. They take pride in their values.
    It all comes down to personal preferences, but looking at it logically, Filipinas are nearly ideal marriage partners.

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