Femen – Ukrainian girls – Wise and foolish aspects of their protest

Center of attention center-of- attention or meaningful opposition?

Femen is an organization of women in Ukraine which strives to improve the conditions of Ukrainian girls. It has international branches. One of my favorite social political groups in Ukraine are these ladies. These girls stage very high-profile protests to improve the lives of Ukrainian girls. They are not a feminist group they are more a woman’s liberation group, something different. Feminism in the west to me means men are bad and women rule. Women’s liberation of the brad Femen advocate is about deploying the sensual attributes God gave women in increase awareness of dishonor societies bring to women.

I do not even know how to classify them. Their work is sincere and I respect it. They are a Kiev based watchdog group. Femen girls fight corruption, trafficking of women and anything that lessens the respect of girls in Ukraine. What makes them so interesting is that they are total babes and their protests often in freezing Ukrainian temperatures are dramatic in ill-clad theatrical outfits.

Photo credit from the official website of Femen at

These girls have many images and videos on YouTube and Flicker for your viewing. You can see what Ukrainian girls look like.  You can see what causes they are involved in. They forgo their tops and protest in a fashion that gets the medias eye. I can not think of a more effective way to increase awareness in a modern media crazed society.

I am a pretty traditional and conservative guy, to say the least. My ideal girl is humble and does not go for flashy things. But I like the general attitude of these girls, they have blood in the veins and passion about life. You have to understand that sometimes in Eastern Europe you need to beat a pretty loud drum to get noticed or anything done. If they were not so flamboyant they would not get any attention, and believe me they get attention.

If Feman is reading this post

Anna Hutso, Oksana Shachko,Inna Shevchenko and Alexandra Shevchenko are the leaders and it is their vision all in their 20s. Femen if you read this you have so many positive things about your ideas, but to attack people’s faith, come on, this is misdirected. I am American but my grandparents came from Ukraine and I lived in Eastern Europe for much of my life, this makes Ukraine special. It is not just a decadent Babylon that is in the west, and I know the west is. Ukraine is a sweat culture because of its faith and even if it did not have the political boarders in the past because of aggressive neighbors it had its culture and that was intimately connected to faith. Consider my words one Ukrainian to another, you girls could shine if you ally with religion. I am for you, but consider the idea of working with Ukrainian culture and people than against it to achieve the ultimate goal of liberating women from the shackles of chauvinistic pigs.

One point I disagree with Femen on

The one thing I disagree with and they should revise is their beef with religion.   If you think about how the pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures treat women compared to the honor and respect devout believers have there is no comparison. I live in the Bible belt and you know what, women are respected. In western Europe where religion on the decline I can say that women have not gained much. What value if a woman gains the world and loses her soul. Promiscuity and single motherhood are the norm in societies that depart from ideals. If you think that a women’s right to use your body as a roller coaster, is woman’s liberation than I would think again.

  • You can not confuse woman’s lib with the genuine liberation of women. They will have a rude awakening if they fight the male use of _ _ X workers but replace it with the way men in the west use women as they are mostly players with no ideals.

I have lived a lot longer then these girls and seen a lot more of the world. If they think that humans are so psychologically flat and black and white that to jettison social ideal and call this freedom they will have a rude awakening. They should move to the USA and try to find true love and date. To go against one million years of evolution and the desire for a meaningful spiritual life as well as a family life is the wrong way to go about increasing the place of women.

For example, when  Inna Shevchenko hacked down a cross next to  Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev that was too much. It was foolish and disrespectful and would discredit the organizations actions as more just about rebellion than a meaningful well though out opposition.

Better would be a strange alliance with religion as faith is no innately opposed to the human body when use in the right measure such as a protest.

If you they are talking about the way women have been jailed in Dubai or Middle Eastern Countries after being assaulted by women, then that is a valid point of opposition. yet to stand in opposition to faith is an immature manifestation of adolescent rebellion that can turn into a chaotic existential malaise in society.

Why I like Femen girls?

  • I am of Ukrainian heritage myself.
  • They take the moral high road.
  • The protests are always intriguing, for a good cause and tasteful, no pun intended.
  • They are not just showing skin, rather they are actors and do it dramatically and theatrically.
  • To be a strong female or politically active does not mean she has to stop being a beautiful women. Consider these Ukrainian girls: Alexandra Kosteniuk who is world chess champ or Ukrainian political leader Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko.

I think the opposite of Femen girls are American feminists. Western Feminists reject anything connected with being sensual and a women and try to make themselves equal to men by imitating men in fashion and behavior. These Kievan girls retain the female part of their nature but simply champion just causes. Beauty is power.

Example of Femen causes

  • Such as not selling votes during the Ukrainian elections.
  • Keeping Euro cup 2012 clean and free from the wrong type of tourists.
  • Exposing corrupt politicians.

Femen in fact believes it would be better not to have Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Why? The government is spending countless millions on football stadiums and for what? Two weeks of tourists that will benefit the lowest common detonator or business.

Can you imagine Americans girls looking and acting like this?  It goes to show you how culturally different the East is from the west in terms of women.  You may not like these girls but you can see the difference.

The funny thing is most of these beautiful Ukrainian Femen girls simply dream of getting married and having a family. They are not the anti-men, anti-family girls of the west.

In conclusion I think is both a wise and foolish organization. It is good where they decrease the derogation of women by men, it is bad when they attack religion, something which has uplifted women to a higher level in society. If anyone one agrees or disagrees please let me know.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

12 replies on “Femen – Ukrainian girls – Wise and foolish aspects of their protest”

Wow, your post is really great. I haven’t known nothing about this organisation although i am from Ukraine. I am proud of Ukrainien girls because although they are active to fight for their rights, they stay to be very feminine and sensual. Simply the best 🙂

I have been on a quest for one of the most wonderful, beautiful, family conscious, and loyal women of the world, of course she must be from the Ukraine. Your description of western women is totally true, however you omitted one very important concept these western wo-mens are building on and that is artificial insemination to eliminate the need for a man. Interesting is it not.

Let’s just be careful this doesn’t turn into the bra-burning festival that American women started in the 60s. As much as I am against abuse of women, I do fear strong-headed women who dress inappropriately. It seems that the goal of many feminist groups is to degrade mankind and transform women into a hermaphroditic type of creature.

I agree something must be done about the prostitution trade of Ukrainian women, as well as Ukraine’s very alarming HIV rate, which is now equal to some parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

However, I am not a great fan of “STRONG” females. Maybe, this is because I am from USA and every woman acts so tough, strong and like she will break your neck if you dare challenge her thoughts in any way. American women embrace masculinity, even if they dress in a feminine way.

What the world is lacking is true gentle, kind, submissive and loving type of females. However, it seems where such females exist there are abusive types of men who will take advantage of the situation.

Sometime ago these ‘FEMEN’ girls staged a half-naked protest in front of Turkish embassy in Ukraine. Interestingly they were holding slogans such as ‘Ukrainians are not ….titutes’. What an irony 🙂 Whenever someone in Turkey or in any part of the world sees a half-naked Ukrainian women in public, they will think really bad about them. Their protests sometime totally contrast their position.

One note:After this protest, all flights to Ukraine was full for a couple of months 🙂

You know women are walking contrasts, anyway. These Femen girls know their target audience. They are not trying to get the attention of an 80 year old Babcia – but rather men in power or who might come to Russia or Ukraine for the wrong reasons.

But does being almost naked at the TUrkish embassy really help keep away the bad men who go to Russia or Ukraine for the wrong reasons or actually promote it? I think it would have been more effective if they were dressed up in heavy and unrevealing clothing to make their protest. In the Middle East, men tend to have bad views of women who are too revealing.. Perhaps, Femen should adjust their attire according to their target audience if their goal is to promote chastity and ethics in Russia and Ukraine. As Osman wrote, their protest didn’t seem to persuade the men to behave, but instead aroused the wrong thoughts.

Privyet vcem!

“men in power or who might come to Russia or Ukraine for the wrong reasons” I do not know what exactly is meant by the term ‘wrong reason’.

If the wrong reason here is meant to be going to Ukraine to meet women there, I do not see anything wrong. Ukraine is a female dominant country with many many beautiful and sweet women (mnogo mnogo ochin krasivaya i milaya davushka v Ukraine!!!)It is one of the best places to meet nice looking women for a company. If it is meant to be ‘секс за деньги’ it is one of the worst (considering the high risk of STDs and cost) It is also quite amazing to see how fast you can spend the average salary of someone living in these countries within a couple of hours. Those women are like sweet money consumption machines! At the end of the day there is no money left but you still feel very happy)))

I know many women from that part of the world go other countries for wrong reasons such as unethical work. If there should be a protest, it should be Turkish women (especially in Black Sea Region) holding slogans such as “Stop Seducing Our Men and Stop Sucking Our Income”

If those Ukrainian women wanted to send the message, they should have slogas such as “We have the highest rate of STDs in Europe” However, all they wanted was to get more attention and they love to get it!

Thank you for your comment. Ukrainian women are beautiful and that can not be argued.
According to Wiki for HIV in Poland is .1%, Romania .1% and the USA .6% So Eastern Europe is much lower than the USA. However, Ukraine has had a surge and now is up to 1.6%. This is cause largely from drug use as Ukraine is a point of traffic from the Middle East because of the Black Sea and it being on the boarder of the EU so there is a pipeline of traffic coming from the Middle East through the Black Sea to Ukraine. Many of the youth in Odessa for example are getting involved in this. It is a real problem.
But a normal Ukrainian girl getting an education, not an issue at all. Not a problem with STD if you find a good girl.

Wrong reasons are obvious, to find a girl for a roll in the hay. The right reasons are to find a girl for love.

I agree with Femen, they are protesting the sex trade. This is another form of slavery in many cases.

Most Ukrainian girls do not go into this profession and never would even think about it. Because there are some that have lost their way in life does not mean they are bad, it means that need guidance from others in the society.

Feman are a group of feminist I agree with because they are girls who represent liberating Ukriane and Belarus from a trashy representation of women, but also have a political message.

Today Belarusian President and dictator Alexander Lukashenko sent the KGB to arrest and torture these girls, literally. This is even reported and confirmed on the Russian newspaper Pravda.

They were holding signs like “Freedom to political prisoners”, and I guess the sick President and his meatheat thugs and jugheads in power did not like that.

A guy like Lukashenko is a bit of a coward and holds down his own people. I lived in Eastern Europe for many years and in fact a Polish citizen. I konw what goes on there. I would not want to live in Belarus. It is a sad country.

Good for groups like Femen who have the courage to speak up against such crimes and corruption in the government.

If people ignore and do not protest then nothing will happen.

What are wrong reasons? A roll in the hay? I do not agree prostitution is bad, nor are the call girls innocent.
Women for sale is world-wide, and as old as mankind. There is no need to go halfway around the world to get some.
It has become a high-tech profession. The ladies have websites, pictures, hours of operation, acts performed, price list, even customer reviews, and they take credit cards.
I live near the capitol, so anything goes. There was a time in my darkest days when I seriously considered saying to heck with love, and just pay for my jollies once or twice a month. Its cheaper than love and marriage, and no ones feelings get hurt. But in the end, I stuck with my ideals.
For love, its worth flying to the ends of the earth, but for physical relationships? I don’t think so.

This is old news, there were a few of them protesting in France awhile back and someone uncovered the fact that they were virtually all online working in Ukraine and were hired by a guy called George Soros who pays for their time and travel to protest for his own agenda, all online if you bother checking. Someone found some of their pictures on some online lets say working women websites.

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