Fat girls

The fat girls acceptance movement is very much in vogue. It means you can be a fat girl and it is OK. There are organizations such as NAAFA: the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and ASDAH: The Association for Size Diversity and Health.
My take on this is it is OK for your psychological health (I even doubt this), but not for your physical health or your life, therefore, in the end, these groups are for people who just give up on their lives and their dreams.

Overweight girls swindle themselves out of their own lives

Of course you can be a fat girl if you want, peace and love, but you could be potentially swindling yourself out of your own personal fulfillment in your life.  That is, you are limiting the chances of you having a husband and a happy family and the energy to do the things you want to do without being plagued with health problems and low energy.  You will have a lower chance of attracting the man of your dreams.  That is just the truth.

Girls be honest, do you see Johnny Depp with  obese girl?  Would you like to marry some big fat guy with his belly hanging out?    Well, guys do not dream of marrying overweight women. I guess I am writing this to motivate you to action, rather than accept your life has to be this way. So please do not take offense if you need to lose weight. I have been there.

I always dreamed of marrying a princess from a fairy-tale. Is there anything wrong with having your dreams come true.

I married the princess of my dreams.

Why do you not want to attract the prince of your dreams?

BBW girls  – Accepting your body image – fit or fat?

One of the biggest determinant criteria for a happy life is not your weight as much as your acceptance of your body image.   If you do not like your body you will not be happy. Therefore, I understand why this fats acceptance movement has taken place and has some positive aspects for people who can not come to terms with their bodies.

It is very painful not to love your body.  You should love your body no matter what it looks like and this should be unconditional.

That being said, why not try to be fit instead of fat? Why not also take steps in a normal way to balance out your life.  All I ask is people to be honest with themselves in what they are doing in terms of habits.

Why not throw out the bathroom scale and the magazines with photo-shopped women, and turn off Oprah (last I check she is not married) , and stopping listening to your girlfriends who keep telling you you look good.  Rather do this, take an honest look in the mirror at your body and be honest about the areas you would like to improve.

What is a healthy body fat percentage for women

If you are honest with yourself and honest about your life I think you would prefer to be fit instead of fat.  Fit does not mean too thin, of course it means, having a healthy body fat index and hip to waist ratio.

  • In girls a fat percentage  between 14% to 22 % at most.  I think under 20% is a healthy body fat percentage for women who does no exercises and 15% for someone who works out.
  • I think a good hip to waist ratio is about .8 for women, but it could be even less depending on your bone structure.
  • Sizes 4 to 6 is great, but this is not a great measure. I think size 4 is good if you like slim women and size 6 is you like more rounder women. Size 8 is a chubby girl.  Over size 8 is a large girl with a weight problem.  Do not give me this Rubenesque nonsense.

But I am not a doctor and do not take my advice.  This is what I think is balanced and looks good on a girl.

The fat girl’s health

Further consider this:

Obesity’s heart disease risk factors include high blood pressure or further fat acceptance can lead to trouble with blood-fat levels, such as higher triglycerides, high cholesterol,  sleep apnea, cancer, fatty liver, poor glucose tolerance, diabetes, arthritis , inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and many other problems.

But being overweight is a huge blow energy levels and comfort in life.

You can accept yourself as a fat girl but it is not necessarily healthy and you know it somewhere deep down.  Therefore, why not work with a program like weight watchers or something to try to get back in balance?

Fat girls and beauty

I do not think fat girls are beautiful (I do not think the models in this post are all that attractive, its just more to illustrate a point).  I think they limit their chances to attract mates of quality, and women in their 20s (I think 30s is too late in most, but not all cases) should be concern about attracting a mate so they can reproduce like their genetics dictate. Mate selection and reproduction is the most basic part of being human.

How to be transform from a big beautiful women (fat girl) to a true beauty in 10 steps.

  1. Take a good multi vitamin, not a Centrum, but something with a good amount of B vitamins, anti-oxidants and other things, that you might get at the vitamin shoppe like the ‘daily three’.
  2. Take an additional anti oxidant like grape skin extract (400 mg extract)  or grape seed extract (200 mg), read what it says on the package like four a day.  Get this in a good brand or the vitamin shoppe, not Walmart.
  3. I have not had a car in countless years, I walk everywhere.  Even when I was a hot shot professional in the States I did not have a car.
  4. I do not go to the gym or work out, I just walk everywhere.  If you are trying to lose weight I would recommend weight lifting.  What?  See to get fat to burn you need to make your engine bigger to burn more fuel, that means more muscles.  However, I think yoga is very good too. I like walking everywhere, and playing sports like Nordic skiing or tennis, rather than being a slave to the gym.
  5. Do not spend money on getting your hair permed and dyed, go for long hair and a natural look. Buy natural shampoos and creams for your face instead of make up and perfumes. Do not buy women’s beauty creams that say anti-aging, I do not think they really work.  Go to Wholefoods and get something that is natural and is healthy for your skin.  Think about the amount of money you have spend going to a hair dresser and on cosmetics that do not work.  Get something natural and quality.  It does not have to be pricey.
  6. Eat a natural diet.  Caloric restriction is a great way to slow aging but you do not have to be conscious of it.  Simply eat lots of fresh vegetable.  You could eat salads all day long and never gain an once.  Look at the Okinawans or Mediterraneans,  or other long lived people’s diets. Maybe it is not what you eat but how much, as long as you get enough.  I live in Europe and have the largest meal at noon and maybe yogurt for dinner, sometimes a sandwich.  I like cooking and eating, I will even make some YouTube videos on Eastern European food. I also have a recipes blog. I think the best thing you can do is do not read to many diet book and just live your life.  I love eating but if I did not have it, its no big deal, there are more important things in my life (like love and adventure) and some days I almost forget to eat. Your could fast for religious reasons and give the money you save on food that day to a children’s charity and pray for all those in the world without food.
  7. Stay out of the sun, this will make you look like a raisin. I have seen old people look great, because they always wore a hat.  I have seen leathery former beauties who got too much sun.
  8. Learn some languages and travel and see the world.  When you have staying in about 35 countries then your view of the would will expand and your waist will decrease. Look at all the thin people around the world, and the whole world you will see is very different than the USA and the UK. Focus on other things in your life.
  9. If you have a weight problem, do not yourself as a BBW, but as a glutton. Consider that if you are a large girl you are a glutton and there are many people in the world without food, while you are over consuming. Other people, whether it is right or wrong already see you as a glutton who can not control their own life. Men will run from you and will not want to date you, no matter what you write on match.com. You will be just another women that can not control their lives will try to boss or be aggressive with other people’s lives.  Therefore, find out what is eating at your to make you destroy the balance in your body.
  10. Be humble.  Very sensual and if you mean it you will find your prince.

I want the fat girls to find their prince

However, as a fat girl and with this fat acceptance movement you will only be preventing yourself from this dream. Skinny girls will find their prince. Fat girls will wallow in their excuses and rationalizations.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Admin,

    I think I agree with all your points except number 3.

    Except for the large cities north east corridor of the U.S. most of America has POOR public transportation.

    For example, in places for example like Texas, Lousiana, Kentucky, or even California, the cities do not have adequate urban transportation as in there is NO EFFICIENT rapid transit such as subways/metros, commuter rail, trams, or buses.

    So people have no other choice, but to use cars. You FIRST have to correct the solution by asking the American government to build more urban transportation which will cause more people to walk and use transportation thereby burning a degree of calories.

    As usual you forgot to mention one more point. You should tell the fat women not to eat big portion sizes. EAT SMALL Portions. It changes the whole game.

    1. The bottom line is girls are fat because they eat too much. Eating smaller portions will do it. You do not have to read diet books or rationalizes it. If you eat less and better you will get in shape.

      The US has poor mass transit. When I was in Boston I could sell my Camry because I lived in Beacon Hill, the heart of the city and could walk everywhere. In Krakow, I live in the old town also so it is the same situation. However, if you are living in remote places like Kentucky you are in trouble. I guess you could get a bike as the weather is nicer there than in the North East.

  2. Admin,

    It is not just having a bike, but you have to have proper bike paths ! You have to have sidewalks so people can walk one ! People outside the Northeastern big cities do not have much of that.

    It’s not fun to be hit by car.

  3. It sounds like you want all girls too look like they have anorexia. I dont think anorexia girls looks good, or fat girls too. I think a woman should have her feminine curves, and not be as skinny so she dont have any breasts. Its masculine to be too skinny i think, then you have a man’s body. And it sounds like you dont know anything about womens clothes sizes. Me and my friends use large size clothes, and we are skinny. Maybe its because we are tall. My best friend is almost as skinny as an anorexia girl, and she use large clothe sizes. Maybe its because shes 185 cm.

    1. You know I do not even own a scale. Why so much fuss about nothing? Take your clothes off and look in the mirror and be honest with yourself, if you look too fat or too thin that you might be, ask a friend to be sure. Nothing wrong with being tall and curvey, but most women take liberties with the word curvey or BBW, that is big beautiful woman, and use it as an excuse for being overweight. That is not healthy or attractive on women in my view, but I am sure someone likes it somewhere. However, ask yourself do you like some guy with a huge gut?

  4. Girl_15 how tall are you ? If you have have a gut, that is not attractive. Women are not meant to be have that.

  5. spatula, I’m 180. And I don’t know what a gut is? I’m skinny myself.

  6. A gut means a belly also known as stomach fat.

  7. You have absolutely no right to tell us how we should look like. For the love of god! It’s because of guys like you that girls feel like there is one set way to be beautiful.
    Do you realize that in some cultures, it is considered beautiful to tatoo your lips blue? Some people wrap coils around their necks to stretch them out. In china, people use to break their feet to make them small. In south America, people use to wear big, heavy earing to stretch their earlobes out. And yes, some cultures thik that fat is beautiful.
    So, you have to understand that “beautiful”is defined by the society. And its people like you that keep fat people from feeling good about themselves. People like YOU, that keep fat people fat, and not beautiful.

  8. All fat girls need is to stay away from the sweets and its not attractive seeing cake and cookie wrappers all around. If you realy want to lose weight sop having 2nds 3rds 4ths 5ths and six helpings in 1 sitting because they don’t make fork lifts that powerful. People are fat because they eat too much. That is it. If people are not at peace with themselves it is because they do not make an honest effort.
    Peace not piece

  9. You’re quite harsh. I know a lot of girls who are plump and seriously poor, sharing two-room apartments with seven or nine other people. In America, it’s the fast food that’s cheap and affordable. I do not think these girls are gluttons, they merely have no money and need to eat to live. They have maybe three dollars a day to spend on food, and carrots are two dollars here! I understand that in Europe maybe it is fair to be more critical of fat girls, but please! Some girls cannot help their situation and I think it is important that men are accepting of this. It would be a different story if these girls stole money from their school supplies and spent it on cake and Coke, but I have invited them over to my house for meals before and they have had lovely healthy servings and were overjoyed to have expensive, healthy food like strawberry smoothies or omelets with spinach and tomato. They never have that kind of food at home because it is way above their budget.

    I can understand a discrimination against fat rich girls, but what about those girls who do not have a choice?

    1. Maybe I am a bit harsh but it is to make people aware that they are doing harm to their health. Everyone can be moderate.

      Are you saying being poor makes people fat? For example, when my wife who has a masters degree from a top school and some medical school after that was working in a lab. She was making less than 500 dollars a month. And prices were not that much different from the USA. So she spend it on flour and made her own bread. She also bought vegitables. That was it. It was not a lot but she is thin and healthy. She walked to work. The was the reality of Eastern Europe. Her parents have a small farm so she was lucky to get some milk and eggs from time to time. Now we have more money we can afford strawberry smoothies (I made one with two lbs of strawberries last night).
      So I think with will power everyone can live in moderation and a more rustic diet. If you lack will power I recommend travelling to poorer countries and see how people live.

  10. Women require approx 18% body fat in order to menstruate and function in a reproductive capacity. Many thin women are advised to put on weight in order to raise their chances of conception when trying for a child.

    1. When we are talking about pregnancy and women, women have full right to get as fat as they want. I have known many girls get huge and afterwards really shape up. No pregnancy should every consider weight, but rather proper diet like DHA and Essential fatty acids and protein and balance and rest. But women that are too fat also have problems. Nature likes a balance.

    2. I would say 18% is a bit of a stretch, more like 10% maybe 15%.

  11. I used to be a big girl (not huge, but about a size 12). One day, I finally had enough of it and started working out and hiking and ice skating, and I now only eat healthy foods. I eat tons of fruit and salads and healthy sandwiches. My husband loves soup, so we cook a lot of those. I always keep portions small, and if I get hungry soon after eating, I just drink tons of water. That always makes the hunger go away. The thing that made me realize that eating sweets and fatty foods was horrible (not only for health reasons), but once it was gone, it was gone. There would be nothing to show for it (except extra weight). That’s when I took up voice-overs and guitar and piano, learning languages, etc., things that would be more useful to me than eating all the time. I’m now a size 4/6, and guess what, I found my man and I’m happier than ever! (He actually prefers that I stay at a six, so I have a few more feminine curves, but size six is still thin.) I’m all for people accepting themselves no matter what they look like, but you also have to be honest with yourself and care about your health.

    1. Bravo. I have been in shape and out of shape. And even if I was living on an island and there was no one else but me, like in Castaway, I would say that I would have a better quality of life when I am in shape. When I am in shape, I am productive, think better, have more energy, feel more positive, feel better on many levels. When I am out of shape I am sluggish and lethargic.
      Why do people have such resistance to the simple idea that when you let your body get fat and flabby your life quality often suffers. Are we that politcally correct that stating something like that will create a stir?
      In the winter I eat soup and in the summer salads. It is a very basic idea and seems to work. My goal is to eat to live to eat.

  12. Yes, being poor can cause you to eat cheap fattening food. In South Africa, the cheapest food is samp and “pap”, and it makes you blow up like a balloon. The people who eat this food are extremely poor, and they can’t afford health foods. If the world wants skinnier people, why is the healthy food so expensive?

    You can probably get by on one rice cake a day, but it’s as bad for your health as having a 2 litre Coke and five hamburgers for breakfast. You never mention the benefits of adequate fat – fat keeps you warm and cushions your organs.

    One must also consider the safety aspect of walking everywhere. It would be nice, who wouldn’t want to walk everywhere?
    But if you live in an area where you could be attacked, it’s preferable not to. I try to walk everywhere – the other day I walked 5km to town, and guess what, three guys started following me, one drunk and crazy. Of course I ran like hell, and I almost sprinted back home, but oh well, now I’m not motivating anyone. It’s interesting how many joggers get killed or robbed. Apparently it’s not safe to be a health-conscious jogger on Table Mountain these days, you’ll be threatened at knife-point.

    I have to mention the menstruation thing – you can’t lose so much weight that you can’t menstruate anymore, that’s very bad for your health, and being a man, you can’t take this into consideration. We have an extra organ which we have to maintain, and it makes you gain some weight in water every month. If you told a woman she is fat when she is gaining this weight, you are cruelly unreasonable.

    Also, what if people accuse you of being fat when you are not? People are taking things too far, in my opinion. I’ve met a ten-year-old girl who is completely normal and even pleasingly strong, who told me that she must go on a diet because she was called “fat” at school, and if you are a sensible person you would recognise that this is total bull hockey. In what sick, twisted world are kids supposed to be on diets?

    Once again, clothes’ sizes are guidelines. If you wear bigger sizes because you happen to be a woman who is 6 ft, but athletic, it doesn’t make you fat just because it is generally accepted that certain sizes designate you as fat.

    When you advise travelling the world in order to take your mind off your behind, you do realise it’s bloody expensive? It costs R20 000 just to get to Europe, nevermind travel there. Is this advice meant for richer people? And if you’re a battling average housewife, it’ll never happen. You’ll never think of higher things, because you have to deal with the housekeeping and the kids and their hissy fits, then an unhealthy but affordable dinner for your silly husband and ungrateful kids.

    1. I have heard the argument by many people who it takes money to have a good diet. If that is so, why in Poland where I live, girls will buy a 50 kg bag of potatoes and maybe some herring from local markets and be thin beautiful and healthy on a fraction of the price of a normal diet. Yes on Saturday morning some farmer drives around and rings the bell at 8 Am and wakes me up, and you can buy 50 kg or about 100 lbs for like 25 dollars. This will last one person 3 months here. You can supplement it with other things but for very little you can eat great and healthy.
      In the USA I plan to buy flour and make my own bread like I used to. I will also have my own garden and grow my own herbs and vegetables in my apartment and out back. I also go to the forest and collect berries and apples etc.
      Why I think in rich countries people are fat because they have it too easy.
      I make reasonable money but choose to live a bit more rustic. It is more fun that way. I go fishing and catch fish.
      The key is not processed food like the paleolithic diet.

  13. What if you live in the city? Hunting and collecting berries is fine if you live in a rural area, but when you live in the city, it’s not so easy to do these things, plus you need a permit to go fishing. I live on protein and vegetables – potatoes are good, but if you add them to bread and pasta you may have a problem. Also, eating after 6pm is something I avoid, and drinking lots of coffee can also help keep you thin, provided you don’t add milk. If you had to live on a real Paleolithic diet, you would have to include insects and weedy tubers with occasional meat. The fibre will make you camp out in the bathroom for a while too.

    1. My city has everything from wild rose berries to apples and even wild boars in the forest. 🙂 I kid you not.

      But on a more practical level, living in a city has the advantage of not needing a car. You can bike everywhere and hunt and gather at your local whole foods market or take excursions to the countryside on the weekend. This emulates a hunter gather in the excercise sense.

      About coffee as a weight loss tool – I really enjoy coffee but I am off of it as I had a problem, that is I was up to like 5 cups a day and when I did not have my fix, I would get headaches. Oh do not get me wrong, I would love the taste of some Foofy Caramel cafe Latte grande, but I think coffee is an energy thief. Although it can help transport fat from the liver into glucose, its effects as an appetite suppressant and metabolism stimulate wear off after a few weeks. But it sure taste good.

      I think besides a multi-vitamin with chromium and a good diet I think L-carnitine works pretty well.

  14. Look I understand what you all are saying but in your views you may seem that you are right but actually in the real world to others to the ones that your subject actually affects your wrong. Most men want a skinny girl so you say. When I was a child I was skinny as i grew up i became a big girl. I still am a big girl but that’s me. And the part you say us big girls wont find our prince hun your wrong. I have my prince he is all I have ever wanted in a man. And the Johnny Depp example how do you know what type of girl he would go for? Are you him? Are you every man in the world I don’t think so your just one man tough lucky. Some women have a harder time to lose weight no matter what they try and if a guy don’t like it then tough its their lose not the girls lose. God loves us the way we are that matters more. Besides in order for someone to love someone they have to love their self first. Just because you think a size 6 is hot don’t mean ever other guy does. I’m bi-sexual and honestly a women that is a size 6 is too skinny I prefer a 10 or 20 there is nothing wrong with a girl with a nice curvy body. That’s all i got to say. Oh one more think the bible says to treat others how you want them to treat you. Goodbye I rest my case.

    1. I understand what you are saying and yes it is very hard to lose weight. Even me, I am a guy with and ecto-meso build and I still love to eat. I am with in in that it is losing weight is no fun. What is fun? Eating and relaxing. So I am not against anyone who is struggling with this.
      What I am saying simply is most guys like thin girls. They do not have to be watch towers but thin or look good in tight jeans.
      When you look good in tight jeans you have more energy, feel better about yourself (I know it should not be this way but 1 million years of evolution can not change men’s instinct through socialization).
      So why not try to shape up and feel great.

      Even me I am right now battling high blood pressure that shot up suddenly during work stress. I immediately starting exercising, low salt taking herbs and I blood pressure is going down. I love salty Chinese food and to watch TV and play computer games but I know I have to move if I want to be healthy.

      So life is a trade off. Do you want health or ill health?

      I recommend universally that girls stay thin and shape up if it is healthy for them. If maybe they consdier Cryolipolysis. I would, it is not surgery but safely removing fat until you get back on track.

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