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Gothic girls and SteamPunk ladies – why we love them

My fascination with girls who are Goths and SteamPunk (a Victorian ear derivative of Gothic culture) is like most people, it is deviant behavior. However, a deviant behavior which is manifest in a non-destructive activities. That is the simple idea that you can self differentiate from the person next to you by using imaginative and subtly sensual style. To a prospective mate this is a strong signal that the person who with good taste is dressed in Steampunk or Gothic clothes has taken the time to use your brain and creativity to the next level. Go to a Comicon with an Edwardian steam punk theme and you will see the cordialtest ladys.

  • Why Gothic girls are sensual – To put even simpler if a girl goes to such an effort to make herself stand out from the crowd with fantastical fashion, they must have some strong libidinal drives, that are tempered and controlled by proper understanding of beauty and in the bounds of non-destructive action.
  • Current mainstream women  – Contrast this with the trend today with American women, where girls, just tattoo themselves up and cut or shave their hair and pierce their bodies. Where they have a corpulent and sassy attitude and dangle their private parts out there as bait. This is such crass unimaginative manifestations of their id.

My recommendation is if you are a female and want to attract a better caliber of partner than you have now, try to emulate some steampunk fashion. This will take you to a level that is beyond your peers. No silly come and go trend can hold a candle to this.

If you are a guy you can incorporate some of these ideas into your wardrobe also. This could be as simple as wearing old style retro vests or a top hat. Even I do this and I get noticed in a good way, and I am a conservative guy. You do not have to be all decked out but this in contrast to the bland fashions of the modern world. It is a statement.

If you are a girl you can shop for a corset or black lace and button dress or jacket. Think Edwardian or Neo-Victorian and improvise your wardrobe and augment your clothing closet. You do not have to wear this attire everyday or all out, but can add it. Even if you perceive your physical attributes not up to par because of self doubt, do not do something stupid like get a tattoo or succumb to intoxicating substances from peer pressure, just change your clothes.

Although I am a traditional guy, I have always been a fan of Gothic girls.  I think Europe has a lot of women that are Gothic.

Gothic girl

Here are some hots of some Gothic beauties I took the other day.  In Eastern Europe from time to time you can come across Gothic angels as these.

Beautiful Gothic girl

Why Gothic ladies have appeal

I think goth girls have an attitude that of courage either they do not care what other people think or do not mind standing out.  It is also young rebellion and not wanting to go through life like a robot. Most Gothic people grow out of this but its a cool form sensuality if the style is right and there are no tattoos. I am not into body modification just style. If you want to be a goth just start dressing in black a little.  Priests wear black because it attracts light.

European Gothic women

If you are looking to meet a European Gothic girl there are many ways to do this, but the best is just start talking to them, they are not as stand offish as they appear at first glance.

Pcordialo of a SteamPunk girl

I think most Gothic girls are very intelligent (not always into vampires and horror) and if anything hyper intellectual. They are great to chat to as there is usually no limits to the amount to things they are curious in.

Unusual style in the market

Another good things about well dressed ladies is they usually are spiritual.  The angel below floated as she walked.

Gothic angel

Further being a fashion queen is has romantic written all other it.  I think these dark women are  just waiting for their champion.

So if you are dark and have friends that are light or you are light and want to attract the a dark Gothic beauty, do not wait, just be fearless and chat with one. Remember one message they convey is  life is short and your dead a long time.

So in conclusion I can say that women who go out of the way to be different in a positive way like Retro Edwardian style then they will be even more interesting in the romance department and I do not mean just in between the sheets, but that does come to mind.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 replies on “Gothic girls and SteamPunk ladies – why we love them”

They want attention and most are not into Christians such as yourself admin. You seem a bit naive and it takes more than black to be “gothic”. Also “Goths” hate to be labeled as “gothic”.

Ive always loved Gothic ladys and am at the moment serching for a Gothic lady to put the darkness back into my life but I’m finding it difficult because I must be looking in the wrong places, anyway in need of help finding the one I love hope you can help regards, Mo’Fo. ( Dean )


Actually, it’s scene that don’t like to be labeled and emo. I’m gothic and I prefer people label me as gothic rather then emo/scene like a lot of people. I don’t wear random stupid shades of neon colors, nor do I have my hair flair out like I was just in a wind tunnel, and I definitely don’t give a damn what people think of me. And only a moron cuts themselves if they find no gratitude in existence.

So if you label someone as gothic and they find offense, they usually aren’t gothic in the first place or they are scene/emo.

Personal Experience: I am gothic. -_-

Very good perspective about what is gothic. Gothic has nothing to do with cutting yourself or crazy stuff like that. It is actually a romantic movement coming as a counter point to excess rationalizes in Europe in the 19th century.
Styles and clothes vary but you are right what you say about Goths.

I am a Gothic guy in my own sense but stand out in my own way I am am a black male who has like Gothic women since I can remember but can never find one that would talk to me.

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