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Ethiopian girls – Where to meet women from Ethiopia

Why date Ethiopian women

Ethiopia is a strange and mysterious place and in my mind and Ethiopian women are beautiful.  This landlocked country has the second largest population in Africa with 80 million people, therefore, there are about 20 million single girls who are looking for you.

Some people think I am unusual to think women of such a foreign culture to be attractive. I mean why would a blond-haired blue-eyed, American prep school boy from Boston like me, think these women are appealing, as some would say these gals are my cultural opposite?  The answer is for me ethnicity does not matter, however ethics do, and many of these Ethiopian women are highly moral.  Further, have you ever seen hots of Ethiopian models? They are out of this world.

Try to look up these Ethiopian girl names, Bewunetwa Abebe, Gelila Bekele, Anna Getaneh, Liya Kebede,Angel Melaku,Sara Nuru and you will find some amazing pictures of models from Ethiopia.

In my mind, I would way rather date a warm loving Ethiopian girlfriend for a long-term relationship than any slightly jaded American girl next door who has values from mass media pop culture and within a year or two of marriage might just have a war party with her friends and decided you are out.

Example of the difference in women’s culture can make a difference in your life

Girls from Ethiopia will take care of you and cook and clean and generally be a woman. If your a guy do you want some hyper competitive masculine partner or a loving, compassionate lady for a lady friend and wife? You do not have to be PC here. Here is an example. My friend George was so sick he could not get out of bed one evening, his American girlfriend refused to cook for him because she said it made her feel repressed. She actually throw a dish at bowel at him when he asked for a little soup.  Poor George could not even get our of bed.  His next girlfriend was from Africa and needless to say it was not an issue.

Culture of Ethiopia

Do you know anything about the culture or people, it is rich and ancient. Its civilization is one of the oldest in the world and starts about the 10th century B.C.

With a line of brilliant minds from, Menelik I, was the son King Solomon and the queen of Sheba, Lalibela the 13th century king show build beautiful churches, Musical composer Yared  from the 15th century. Emperor and statesman Haile Selassie, as well as famous musicians (very ecliptic music) and long distance runners. It is a culture that is respected.

About 2/3 of this North East African country  are Christians ,1/3 Muslim and a Jewish population that could be the lost tribe of Israel.

Ethically they are mostly Oromo and Amhara if that means anything to you.

Addis Ababa is the capital and in my opinion is the only place to travel if you are looking to connect in a long-term relationship for practical reasons like logistics and population density. The hotels like the Sheraton are high standard. The real question is where can you meet Ethiopian ladies?

Where to meet Ethiopian girls

Where to chat and meet with these disproportional attractive females? I have not been there but these ideas are friends who are world travelers (one a shoe string) like me.

  • In Addis Ababa there is a huge open air market, this is the best place if you do not want to hang out in your hotel. Check out the sugar cane in this market.  In my opinion is it is safe country, unlike the lawless Somalia. I can recommend this website to learn more about the culture. Ethiopian girls and culture . The best hotels and night clubs in Addis Ababa are the Shereton, the Hilton, Dessalegn and the Dimitri , in that order. There are clubs and discos from Edna mall to Haya Hulet. But I can not recommend these, they are more for travellers of the night. Avoid Ch_ch_ as it is a base meet place and do not want to even put is name here. Believe me you do not want to go there or down that road. However, you might want to try Mera Restaurant, Habesha bars, near Atlas and Desalegn. Some people say the Harlem Jazz is good.
  • In Addis Ababa do not expect to travel go to the rich section of town and woo these Addis Ababa girls as they are almost always taken and have wealthy boyfriends and husbands. You need to go to the large market and just mingle. It is a conservative country so at most expect to get a few Ethiopian girls mobile phone numbers. Then work it from there.
  • The Internet of course to chat: I recommend the following site Facebook. I know this seems like a coup out but is is like the most popular website in Ethiopia. Also consider – I can not vouch for this but I know it exists and the most e-mail address server is
  • Outside of Ethiopia Dubai is one place to consider. Ethiopian women in Dubai are pretty common, but also Kuwait and Bahrain. In the America Ethiopian women are mostly in the D.C area , and London for the UK.

I have been to Africa a few times and been on a couple of safaris and off road adventures, as have my parents and brother, who actually goes a lot. In your pursuit of natural wild beauty of the females, do not forget to check out some real nature too.

Bottom line is I can recommend these girls from Ethiopia for marriage generally, as it is a conservative society. Of course people are all different and I am just talking about the culture.  However, your chance to find a lady friend is eons better than in the States. Let me know if you can add anything here as I know this is a little sparse on information and I want to develop this section more to be valued added to you.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

36 replies on “Ethiopian girls – Where to meet women from Ethiopia”

This article is excellent! Admin impresses me with his vast wealth of knowledge and great number of experiences he has had around the globe. I, myself, have quite a bit of knowledge about Ethiopia. There is a large Ethiopian community where I live and I have attended Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, as well as Oromo churches. The largest tribes are Amhara, Oromo and Tigray; the Tigray right now have control of the country.

The Ethiopians are very warm and hospitable people and modesty is a great part of their culture. Their food is also very good and is blend of their own unique delicacies mixed with middle eastern cuisine.

The women of EThiopia are very beautiful, modest and submissive. In Africa, male dominance is still very much part of the culture. I was in Africa for 5 months and have learned quite a bit of the culture when I was there. However, from spending time with Ethiopians, their culture is quite unique in contrast to other countries in Africa.

Of course, one problem with Africa and all poor countries is that the people who want to marry you right away are the ones who generally want something from you, most likely, a greencard and money. However, if you spend time wiht a religious community , a family or in a village where you get to know the poeple, you can make some good connections.

In Ethiopian culture, it is considered a disgrace for a man to walk into the kitchen. This means one of two things: 1. The man is a weakling (she-man) , 2. The wife is a bad cook and disgraceful and therefore the man must prepare his own meals. So, if you marry a traditional Ethiopian wife, please never attempt to prepare a meal, even to be nice, as you will disgrace your wife and yourself in her eyes.

I think Admin has touched all the bases very well and there is not much I can add. Ethiopian women have exceptional beauty, as they are mix of Africans and Middle Eastern and have lovely golden brown complexion. Some of them are dark in complexion, yet still have nice facial and body features.

If you want a beautiful, humble, kind and submissive wife, Ethiopian women I think are wonderful. They are not outspoken and some may get annoyed that they will not voice their own opinions or try to challenge you, as American, European or even many other African (e.g. Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana) women do. Some may like a challenge, in that case, Kenyan or Rwandan women may be more up your alley, although not mine.

Warning: Ethiopian Airline female flight attendants can cause eye strain. 😀

I know Ethiopian girls have the legacy as the most beautiful girls in the world. I am a university student in Kenya age 20 years, I would like to get a girlfriend from Ethiopia.

Habari yako, rafiki yangu.. Ethiopian wanawake ni nzuri sana na tamu.

I like this article very much, it is very true. My girlfriend is ethiopian and from dira dawa, she is mostly traditional except she does like when I help out in the kitchen. In terms of taking care of you there is no people better than ethiopian women. Beauty far exceeds any other people I have met. They will make the best wives you can find. The only exceptions I have found are the ethiopian women born and raised in america. The americanized ethiopian don’t seem to have any of the great qualities that the one’s raised in ethiopia havferom what i have seen anyway.

I have been in love with an Ethiopian girl, and honestly I never fall in love like this before. Its an amazing love they really know how to love. So beautiful well I have no word to say.

Well am with you sam everything you said is right Ethiopian girls know exactly what men want what men need.

One great way to meet women online is Facebook. It is free and is its own natural filtering system: look for women with similar interests or look at friends of friends!

Yes, Ethiopian girls are beautiful, smart and are respectful they are just amazing. I know I am in Ethiopian and dating an Ethiopian girl and she is just down to earth.

Yes it is accurate information about my country girls ,they are very beautiful,smart kind and honest I think Ethiopia is the land of beauty, not only historic.

yes a great,accurate and fair expression of ethiopia girls…keep it up

Well am with you sam everything you said is right Ethiopian girls know exactly what men want what men need.

Ethiopian girls are wonderful.. If I had a way to survive in the beautiful country of Ethiopia, I would go back and live there. The women really do take care of their men and understand what it means to be a good spiritual wife who honors her husband and maintains a proper home.

One word of advice: Avoid the gold-diggers in Addis Ababa. Yes, a lot of pretty girls live there and gravitate to the white or Western men and are looking for a plane ride out of there. Don’t forget Ethiopian is a very poor country, financially, and there are desperate people there.

If you want a truly good Ethiopian wife, you need to join a religious community or spend time in a small town or village where you can know the people. Believe it or not, an arranged traditional marriage is probably going to end up better than falling in love with the pretty girl at the gift shop of the airport.

I have spent 5 months in Africa, so I know that African women do take a bit of precaution. Ethiopia is a special place though. There is strong culture there and you would need to find a woman who is strongly cultured.

Believe it or not, if you consider it intelligently and objectively, an arranged traditional marriage is most likely to be more loving in the long run, than falling in love with the pretty lady at the gift shop of the airport who smiles at you .

Yes, we are beautiful people; it is just so sad such beautiful people live in a very poor living conditions. Yonatan, as I understood from your comment, you are not Ethiopian, but you want the very cultured Ethiopian girl because you want to be taken care by the Ethiopian girl/woman? If this is the case then, you are not different from people in Ethiopian rural areas so you should look for a wife from a very rural areas of the country.

After visiting Addis Ababa last two months indicated to get marriage in Ethiopia , it is as nice as they said in history (the origin place for the all human kind. I love this wonderful country and am planning to spent the rest of my life there. I will see if it is a paradise I imagine now.

Yes, they truly are the best. I fell in love with an Ethiopian girl many years ago, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. I married somebody else and have a family, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. That will probably never change. The man she ended up with is the most lucky man in the world.

I am a very successfull West African Architect living in the United States. I admire and respect the Ethiopian culture.

My dream is to marry an Ethiopian queen but I hear that it is almost impossible since the women tend not to date outside of their community.

If anyone knows of an attractive, loving lady looking to settle down with a generous, spiritual and attractive man, please let me know!

I can say they are the most gracious and beautiful women in the world. I am currently dating a air stewardess and all I can say is where have I been my whole life? What was I waiting for?

Tenestalegn/Attam Jirta My Friend, I am a villager at heart. I’m also an Israelite and feel I have a close relationship, at least to some Ethiopians. It’s been a long time since I posted on this article. Truly, I want to find a girl from the village. I’m not sure what I wrote a while back in my first comment. My advice is to avoid Habesha (Ethiopian) American women, especially 2nd and more recent generation. These women are totally brainwashed and taught by their parents and peers to become more American than American people are themselves. As well, they are forced (mainly by parents) to go to best schools and get degrees. These women have forsaken their culture and values to achieve the materialistic American dream of pseduo-equality and end up in worse shape than even their Euro-descended American compatriots.

I have come to the conclusion that if you truly want a woman of a traditional biblically based culture who will honor and respect your authority, a woman from Ethiopia, especially the countryside or smaller towns will be your best bet; especially amongst Christian cultures. As sad as my heart is that I say this, European women are more or less Americanized and materialistic, but with a bit more class and a bit more culture. Nonetheless, European women will never respect or honor the authority of a man, as the bible or Torah says, as modern culture takes precedence over the core foundation religious teachings for Europeans. Americans and Europeans are both secular and quite similar.

However, Europe still has its pockets of tradition and culture, but they are growing smaller and smaller by the year.

Ethiopian women are ancient and special and the history of marriage between Israelites and Ethiopians is documented by 1000s of years. Intermarriage between White and Ethiopian Jews are common, so in my case, a marriage with an Ethiopian would actually not be so far out of the ordinary.

It is funny how in Europe, a woman respecting her husband (in many places like Eastern Europe) is not seen as anything shameful, but rather, the girls take pride in it. My wife strives to be a good wife for me and sincerely wants to, like I want to be a good man for her and respect her – as well as love her with all my heart, which is really the only thing that matters.

I recently got a major thing for Ethiopian girls. Im liking all the good qualities they have, and are extremely beautiful. My background is Bulgarian, and like some Ethiopians am Orthodox Christain. I think when I make some money I am going to head down to Ethiopia, I’m currently in Canada and cant stand the girls here. Everybody is extremely materialistic, like if you dont have a nice car, the latest shoes or $400 sun glasses, they pretty much wont talk to you, ha ha-thats funny but true. Its cool that they have web sites like this, give you an idea of the culture. OK guys take care

My girlfriend is from Eritrea and do not forget that all of East African women are beautiful. I am an Afro-American and I have been to Africa a few times myself but still dream of getting to Ethiopia before the year is out. I have a few friends from there. I just need to find some logic/excuse to go to East Africa without my lady 🙁 Im still working on that part;) Inshallah I make it there and leave with a nice wife by my side.

I am currently interested in dating an Eritrean woman who works in a nearby café’where I frequently get my espresso. She’s very beautiful and I would love to get to know her very much. My only reservation is that, I’ve been told Eritreans/Ethiopians rarely date outside of their own community.

I took my undergraduate at Kenyatta University, Nairobi and subsequently went to Addis for an exchange program. I noticed a big difference on the way women of the two places carry themselves. With due respect the urban Nairobian woman is simply unmanageable! They don’t take cooking seriously and like drinking alcohol a lot in public. The ones in Addis are completely different: reserved, clean and family valued. However they rarely date outside their culture.It breaks my heart that I left one behind when I jetted back home Please dear princesses, open up to good guys (like me,ha.) and u may get a soulmate.

Ethiopian girls are beautiful for sure. But not all Ethiopian girls are great. What I heard from Ethiopian guys is that Ethiopian women’s attitude and values change when they cross the Atlantic ocean. Most come from poor families and if you are married to one, expect to support her families a lot. Most are not well-educated (at least the ones I saw in the US), it is hard to have intellectual discussion with them. So, what I am saying is there is nothing special about them. You are missing any thing, believe me.

Yes there are gold diggers, there are beautiful girls who sits in cafe and hotels or anywhere foreigners hang out for hours just to meet foreigners, Ethiopia is economically poor and these girls intention is to get a way out of Ethiopia.
But there are a lot of descent women too. To meet Ethiopian girls i think the best place is on Facebook. You can book not only a hotel but also a beautiful woman. I recently tested one beautiful woman. what i did was open fake white man account from US and send request. I got her number, i asked her to book me a hotel, she said okay, and we planned to go some places. we did this on Facebook and the didn’t even know me in person. i contacted her by my real Facebook account she don’t even bothered to reply me to my greetings. There are many girls like her on Facebook and offline. One way to knew this kind of girls is to see their Facebook friend lists, you see a lot of foreigners. So they are fishing.
I am Ethiopian and lives in Ethiopia.
To find some real girls for marriage, just avoid girls from the places mention above, yes they are really friendshipy and beautiful girls you see in those places.

I am currently living in Ethiopia. A woman from the Western world, but raised in a traditional way by first generation immigrants of mixed backgrounds. The women in Ethiopia are very beautiful and kind, but they also suffer from abuse from their husbands and partners and have no say in changing that both culturally and economically (ex. they are usually not financially independent). It is important to remember that, while customs and traditional values are wonderful to uphold, this does not mean that a woman deserves to be abused or taken advantage of. A woman is not a servant. Mutual love and respect should be adapted throughout the world for true harmony to exist. Also, a lot of women in Ethiopia are looking for a way out and did not receive a high enough education to do this independent of marrying a foreigner. So, keep that in mind when you think you found someone who is treating you really well, you are their ticket out and they will serve you as a means to a (plentiful) end. Taking advantage of your power as a Western man in a world where many women are repressed and without options is something to think about when getting involved with anyone coming from a culture where gender equality does not exist.

I’ve always felt that if you carried yourself with decency and self-respect like a man is supposed to do; any woman would approach you for conversation, just out curiosity, (You don’t fit their negative perception of a U.S. Black Man) and possible dates.

Ethiopian women have to be very careful in that; because she could suffer a heavy reprisal against her by her own people. It is like that in that general area, (Horn of African and the adjacent Arab lands).

It is a culture thing where they are taught to stay with their own; as a U.S. born Black man and a father of daughters, I can understand why. You don’t want anything coming through the door to be calling you dad and not pull his weight as a man, husband and father.

I’ve spend a good amount of time in Addis, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman. The truth is you can find a good Konjo or a Bad Konjo.
Here the break down:
Addis-80% of the women are truly good women:
Kuwait & Qatar-Easy to find a girlfriend but what I’ve found is that a lot (not all) of the girls look for American men for marriage but will date over and over until the find the guy with a “Ring”. The start of a relationship means pay rent 50 to 150 KD a month. Basically a monthly salary thousands of(6-Figure) US contractors work and pass thru these countries. I know because I’m one of them. Best way to meet them is out the Shesha bars as you will be footing the bill. but the girl you meet in the Shesha bar isn’t the girl you want. You want her friend who doesn’t like go outside other than to and from work. The Malls basically any where the ladies work is a very bad place to meet a good woman as they find it disrespectful.

Now UAE and Bahrain, I’m sorry to say some of the Konjo and working girls but will marry you if you ask, but who wants a for a house wife, In Dubai (Diera) there is a disco in International hotel if you looking for a wife this isn’t the place for you. My advise your looking for a wife go to the factory (Addis) the ones in the other counties speak better English but the Factory is your safest bet.

Responding to the original post, quote “If you want a beautiful, humble, kind and submissive wife, Ethiopian women I think are wonderful”

You could have left the “submissive” part out of your statement. Most men are not really looking for “submissive” they are looking for a woman who is simply not “y” like the typical American woman. My Ethiopian wife has all of those qualities but just a little bit submissive. I am not a fan of a woman having to be submissive, I just want normal.

Submissive is the right word. Submissive is humble and sincere. It is not asserting your ego. I submitt myself fully to my wife and she does to me. Life is about serving one another and giving up ego to live in a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Your reference to normal begs the question what is normal? Normal the liberal north east of the USA is often a woman who tries to rule over you or dominate you and will leave you even if you have a family While normal in Indian culture is a woman who puts her family before her own ego or strong will.

Not only is this post offensive to Ethiopian women but also to women in general. Why does a women need to submit to be considered a good wife? Why can’t the husband help out in the house without being emasculated? Without it being a disgrace? Why is that when women have fun (drinking etc.) it’s considered to be immoral? I’m an Ethiopian women and I was highly offended by the post and the comments. You can’t generalise every women because of some isolated cases. It’s amazing how so many of our countrymen agree with this post and encourage the others. I am so excited so many wonderful foreigners are interested in our country for the right reasons. We, Ethiopian women are just sitting here, waiting, until someone whisks us away. Yes, just break up with your current girlfriend/wife/other half and embrace these East African beauties. Or you could just find some logic/excuse to go to East Africa without your lady . Try and see the good in everyone, you might be surprised.

First I have no idea what you are talking about. I cook and help out around the house. Being humble and submissive is an attitude. It is not jockeying for power or calculating tasks on a scale of who does more and who does less and what is expected.

Submissive is submission to God and our spouses because in your heart you are filled with unconditional love.

It is a very immature conception of love when you account for your other half’s actions. I really do not care if my wife lays on the couch all day and reads glamour magazine and she does not care if I do the same. It is not about that, it is accepting the other person unconditionally and always asking for forgiveness. That is love.

We are both hard working productive people, but Jesus never said ‘blessed are the hard working’. The ideas of this world are not the ideas of God. The ideas of this world relate to power, money and positioning in relationships. The ideas of God relates to unconditional love and forgiveness.

I would love to find a companion from another country. I live in the United States in Kentucky. I am so tired of these woman because your article is right all they care about is money, status, and looks and now days drugs. I am a truck driver I make pretty decent money but I am far from rich but I own my own place, 2 or 3 cars. I’m 47 yrs old and yes I would love to have what you talk about a young beautiful woman that is loyal, trustworthy, and respectful. I don’t mistreat woman actually my friends tell me I treat them to good but I just don’t understand that because I treat them like I would want to be treated. So I guess I’m asking for your help I’ve looked at some of these sites like mail order brides but I am scared it’s just a scam. Could you please give me some advice on websites preferably that don’t ask for money because I feel like they just want my money and I work to hard for my money. Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

James, first I am sorry you have not found anyone yet. I know you work hard if you are a truck driver. I have respect for you.
I would say this, consider how many times you have written in this comment about money or possessions and your fear of losing them.
I would focus on the positive not what you fear. What you fear often comes to fruition.
Better is to focus on what is real. Find a girl who is a Godly, prayerful woman who will guide you in your life and save you from yourself. You can do that in Kentucky of aboard. However, your focus needs to be a female who is devoted to God. If your religion is atheism, than, you should focus on someone with high ideals similar to yours. Yes it is that simple. Ask me questions if you want further coaching. I am very happy in my marriage and always have been.

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