Elena’s Models – X-ray a Rusian girl’s dating profile

Guide to get the right girl (not a scam) on EM

I am giving you my shocking, basis and partial opinion. It is a males point of view. They are not politically correct, but they are good rules of thumb if you are looking for love on Elena Models. You can disagree but I lived in Eastern Europe much of my life and Slavic, I know how to look dating site profiles for Russian and Ukrainian women. Warning, these are my subjective ideas based on my experience and may not correlate to reality. Simply what I would use if I was on the market for a bride.

  • Just remember as you browse these profiles from Minsk to Kiev, the power of discernment is a superpower.
On the left are keys to negative flags, the right positive signs a lady is marriage material.

Here are my tips for looking at an Elena’s models profile:

  • Language – My wife did not speak English except a few words when we met, she went on to teach it.  Language does not matter. In fact I would say there is a slight negative correlation between initial competency in English as a foreign language and quality of woman. The logic being English exposes women to Western ideas like feminism. Further with English fluency women tend to travel and have met more guys. In case you have been living in a man cave, yes, guys often corrupt women because they use them for activities not connected to love and marriage.
  • Religion – When scanning profile look at religion first. Does not mean they are a good or bad person but if they have N.A. Then move on as chances are they are a “Soviet girl” taught by the carrying the torch of communist dialectical materialism into the next millennium. This is a cold sterile, one dimensional life philosophy. In my experience it usually means a loose connection between ethical humanism and ethical relativism, translating to be nice, but if things get tough I will divorce you.  Ethics of convince rather than living for something greater than yourself.
  • Personal message – You have to be Sherlock Holmes and hang on every word that is written there. The best are the ones that have a positive message, even better if it does not start with “I am looking for”, rather “I can offer”. adjectives like ‘humble’ and ‘faithful’ are positive but maybe something even more concrete rather than a list of adjectives. You want to marry an old dog not a Cosmo girl in terms of behavior, but hot as anything.
    Smoking – Has to be no. There is a consistency of behaviors. If they engage in this deviant behavior they will have no regard for others. Like the Bible says if you can trust a person in small things you can trust them in larger. Smoking is a small thing but an indication of a bigger. Either a weak will or disregard for the health of people around them or their own, perhaps a nihilistic desire to end it all. Sure you can rescue and change them but there is another girl out there needs to be rescued already operating on a higher level.
  • Hair Color – I love brunettes and my wife is, but I have noticed that women who dye their hair black tend to have bad behavior.  If it is their natural color, cool, but if they go out of their way to make it this color, it is a subtle dramatic statement. I am talking black hair and bangs, it is a particular Soviet style, I associate with Natasha Fatale from the Boris and Natasha cartoon. Sometimes art does manifest a level of reality.
  • Town where they are from – Environment shapes personality to some extent. I am not a strict cultural determinist but I have noted that girls from Western Ukraine are sweeter than Eastern Ukraine industrial cities for example. Village girls are the best or one that has just moved to Moscow to some large city, not a permanent resident looking for a sugar daddy to escape.
  • Children – Important lifestyle consideration. My rule is if you have kids you find someone with kids, if not you find someone with no kids. If the woman was never married with a child, this is OK too as it shows they have courage. However, if they were married and not raising the child they have some sob story, but it is an indication of lack of judgement or commitment.  I am enlightened but I believe children need two parents. Who am I to judge we all make mistakes but it is an important determinate criteria for screening dating profile and are you willing to accept the responsibility. If you have children yourself maybe, but I would not recommend it if you do not.
  • Response rate – Not a meaningful statistic as who cares how many people she replies to, it’s just women. Chicks have reasons that they do not even understand in terms of behavior and mate selection, do not over analysis it.
  • Photo – Nothing showing too much or trying too much. Women think differently, they aire on the side of being conservative. I would say 100% have been airbrushed and Photoshopped. Most look like pretty professional photos and women know to get attention they have to look good and are competing with others who use imagine editing software.
  • Profession and Interests – Pretty irrelevant as the Soviet system has a classical education system that was exceptional so a lot of educated people out there, but this does not speak about their moral integrity.
  • Star Sign – Irrelevant as there is zero correlation to reality, except those who engage in magical thinking. Women believe in this stuff more than guys so most of it is harmless but not has not been a mate selection criteria since the 1970s.

Next I will answer the question is EM a scam or real, but also strategies for using their service
It is not a scam at all. Objectively putting the company like Elinea’s models that has been around  since 1/25/2000 on the web, but the company predates that. They have been in business since 1999. Elena Gold, aka  Elena Solomon, Elena Petrova I think is an honest business owner. It is a Mom and Pop online dating service based at Robina Town Centre, QLD 4230
Australia. They strict anti-scam filtering, when you are dealing with poorer countries you are going to have people preying on people with money. I do not work for or do not have any connection with the company, rather I have been following them for years. Unlimited e-mails, it is much cheaper I think than the US dating websites when you average everything out. Ripp Off complaints my suspicion are been it was mostly competitor motivated. A while back I contacted the company and it was a theory.

The cost is:

  • $16.50 for the Gold membership –  50 contacts, unlimited mails
  • $83 a month for the Platinum membership – Unlimited contacts, unlimited mails and get the ladies mobile phone instantly.  So yes it is like getting finding a mobile phone number online ironically.
  • If you are clever you can cross reference VK profile and get information for free. Yet I would have no problem paying. I pay for everything legally, including all the software I use.

All pros and cons aside the main advantage is you get a lot of screening, I would say you have less probability of a scam than most places. The disadvantage is there are a lot of free online dating services out there. I would have no problem paying, as you get quality and this is about finding a life partner, I would not be cheap, if I was serious. Would I join if I was single looking for a CIS bride? Yes, however, me personally, I would more likely join something like a Christian or Catholic dating site as I believe Elena’s models is more generic and a large cast of the next rather than niche.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Sorry to say but Elenas Models consist of lots of scammers. And the agency protects them in order to get lots of subscriptions. That´s the truth.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I was just going by what I thought. Do you know this from experience or what you herd? It may be true, I just do not have objective information.

      1. I’m a girl. Now know more about Russian and Ukrainian women.
        I doubt that “religious views” is that important criteria. Myself I know that a religious girl would never register on a dating site. And I know people, who do not consider themselves religious, because they don’t go to church every Sunday and don’t keep the fasts. Myself I am born as a Muslim and my parents, they let me decide my religious views myself. This was, because the city in East Ukraine I was born in has a minority of Muslims, so I was growing up as normal Ukrainian girl (same as my mother actually, whose parents were tartar). However I did get a additional education and behaviour suggestions that kept me in check from doing anything deviant. So I don’t see any connection between the being not religoous on a dating site profile and being a communist.

        And yes, talking about the sweetness of Ukrainian girls.

        City vs countryside Ukrainians
        I understand what you mean by saying that girls from the west Ukraine’s villages are “nicer” than those who com efrom industreal Eastern cities. May I suggest, that girls coming from the villages are obviously much more cunning. When they come to study to the city they are first to marry good guys, just a multi-observation. Whilst some girls from the cities might be more tough just because they had to cope with more things during their lives.
        Are they smoking- agreed.

        Hair colour on Eastern European women
        Well, I know some girls who dyed their hair in black. They might want to seem stronger, although they’ve remained same. Myself I’m natural brunette though.
        Photoshopped pics – mine are innoscently untouched, so not 100 % of girls’ pictures are photoshopped, but 99,9999.% statisitcally. It’s not only that I am not ugly so I do not need to alter my photographs, but I don’t see the point to do it, as most of mens’ pics are pretty much natural

        I am single
        Guys, if after reading this anybody’s got keen to know me, you may reply me in a comment, and- who know’s and yeah, I’m 25.

        1. Hello Dinara, I don’t know if this post will find you. I saw your response on the thread and decided to write you. Thank you for your comments. It was interesting to see what you had to say about city girls vs. country girls. I have been to Ukraine several times, I dated mostly from the scam sites. But the last two times I actually met real women. They are quite different than the fake experience at a scam site such as AnastasiaDate. Are you at a dating site now?

          1. I’m sorry you got to face scammers, but it’s nice you have managed to meet real women as well.

            I am on EM dating site, have not registered on any other (yet?), because these sites take a lot of time, and I’m not that desperate to spend the whole day on them 🙂
            People we had mutual interests with asked for my email or FaceBook, and we are chatting there.
            So, if you’d like to contact me, either of those might be easier.



        2. It seems like our people (I am Mongolian but I am referring to the Turco-Mongols in this case) left a very nice legacy down there in Ukraine and the surroundings.

          That being said, some of this article’s points of view are very questionable like hair colour,like the bad chicks are the ones who dye their hair, what? I think the OP had a bit of tunnel vision when writing this because there are many people out there who are into alt sub genres like Goths, Cyber Goths, Emos and whatnot and they are not particularly bad people as opposed what people judge them.

          And also there is something that struck and kinda disappointed me about Elena’s Models is that most girls are looking for a freaking Caucasian male like there is no chance Asian or even Black guys are not desired, as an Eastern woman yourself, can you develop on that? Thanks.

          And by the way, your last sentence made me giggle because it came out of nowhere.

          P.S.: and also it would be nice to have a correspondent from Eastern Europe.

          1. For those bashers of Elena’s Models, especially those who think the site is racist, please step out into the light and let’s have a discussion. There are a number of issues with such a bogus charge. Because Russian women who are racist are hardly exclusive Elena’s Models. Mrs. Elena Petrova herself maybe racist, but I hardly think she would exclude ladies with liberal views on race. Racism is not a profitable business model.

            The next thing that bothers me, is these men who make these charges appear to be ghosts. They drop these charges, then they disappear when the light is turned on to examine the charge. Fact, I have a friend who is African. He met a blonde at Elena’s Models and is on his second meet with this lady now. She is about 9, I would say. If you wish to dispute my charge, let’s meet on vk, facebook, google, email, phone or whatever. And you can examine pictures, talk to non-“White” males who use or have used the site and you can be the judge. But this silliness of slinging charges without facts has to stop. Or people must be smart enough to just ignore you.

            Because you are not serious anyway and you are working for the sites that have spread nothing but pain, misery, lies, and deception around this planet.

            There are men depending on a voice to stand up and tell the truth about these dating sites. They need to know which ones are good and which ones are poor quality. But you men, must have the courage to use your brains, stop being stupid, and listen to reason. Otherwise, no one can help you. If you go to Elena’s Models and you pay 130 for three months with out much to show for it. Ok. I understand that.

            But you can go to another site using their pay per chat service and spend 120 in two hours.

            You have to be smart enough to know which one is the scam.

          2. I am not sure if you are being serious or not because you sound a bit hectic about my OP.

            First of all, who said I was registered to the site? And who said my opinion (read opinion) which is solely based on observations with a bit of bitterness, yes I admit that but it was not meant to say “Hey look at these Russians who only praise white men, how dare they.”. It was kinda sarcastic but at the end it was just a question towards Dinara, not you. Seriously though, what is wrong with you? Being all judgemental and shit with little knowing about me, it is very disconcerting to say the least.

            To sum it up, your rest of the post (which 99%) of it doesn’t even apply to me as I mentioned above so take your chill pill and stop taking everything too seriously and word for word.

            Good day.

          3. I want to make sure you got that part clear.

            Now, onto real information. True information. Honest information.

            I just pulled a man out of AnastasiaDate. He is only 28 years old. So much for grandpa excuse, (we can scam stupid American men because they are old and have no business talking to young women).

            Adate took from him $10,000 in just 8 months. All of us who gave these poor sites billions of dollars. So we are not to bright. But we still want to find someone. I gave this guy several sites to use. He used Ukrainiangirlsdating, ukrainedate, russiancupid, and elena’s models. Oh, and few free sites.

            He met his woman at EM, he is flying to her today. They will share an apartment with no interpreter and they will try to work this thing out over two weeks.

            He paid $99.

            Now, you can get defensive. I don’t care. I have told the truth. And I am trying to help men and women find love and happiness.

            I was so happy when he told me he thinks he has found the one.

            So for everyone, reading along, I am not here to gossip. I don’t come here to play. I am not here to waste your time or do the Darko’s internet troll thing. I am here to help. If you want to leave the dark pit that is the date scam industry, I can help. I will help.

            I wish everyone happiness and hope.

            Can you comprehend that sir?

            You can get

          4. It is amusing how you keep missing the point, you are insulting. Anyway, keep on rocking with that negative attitude of yours, you amuse me.

          5. Let me explain. I am a real person. You are an internet troll. You pat yourself on the back for being witty in forums. If that gets you off, then fine. I am here participating in the thread to make sure men know that EM is a good place to go to look for love overseas.

            And to the men who are using EM, you might want to try sending EOIs, to the women who use the site frequently and those who just joined. If after three months (I don’t recommend doing that that at a time), you can’t find anyone, then go to another site. But that would be hard to believe.

            Anyway, there are a good number of free sites that I have had success at. Of course every good site has scammers. There are just more at free sites. Please refuse to send money and refuse to use translation sites. You will see that request often at the free services.

            There are a number of good pay services. Some are better than EM. Others are not. But you have a chance at these places.

            If you are using a pay per letter service at this point in time, please go get your head examined.

            The End.

      2. I have to agree that are a lot of scammers on EM, although percentage wise it is a lot less than PPL (pay per letter) sites. I have been on it for 6 years now, I collected no less than 40 confirmed scammers, either they blacklisted them or I have first hand experience. I keep a list of their ID #s. (You can have it just by asking. EM does not completely eliminate their profile. )

        That said, EM does a relatively good job in taking them out. However, I still don’t think they have done enough. Often time I presented them with evidence, they are still slow or not taking them out.

        Don’t be fooled if the woman gives you their phone no. or Skype and you talk and see them regularly. They still CAN be scammers. A few I ran into are just that.

        That age different issue may be valid, but it does not logically eliminate the possibility of scammers. The scammers are smart, they use this fool you. I was almost fooled a couple of times when the woman was only a few years younger and have kids. So, you figure.

        The biggest problem I see is the scammers have nothing to lose except a little bit of time. They don’t have to pay, they can bait and fish around without costing them a penny.

        There are Trojans installed in EM by Ukrainian local agencies much like the PPL sites, except in this case EM doesn’t know. These Trojans are taking the advantage that EM is touting themselves with ‘real women’.

        Conclusion, you have to be vigilant like guarding your wallet but not over vigilant that eliminate your chance of finding someone. That can be difficult, very difficult sometimes.

    2. Poor experience with Elenasmodels.com, and it’s still in progress, so, shortly, a woman, dear friend of mine, had opened a profile on this site sending both photos, data and also her documents to certify her identity. Some weeks ago she has asked not to hide, but just to delete her profile and the system answered that it was fully deleted. In fact now she can no more log in, as it is correct, but the sad surprise was to discover that the men who had her profile among theirs ‘favorites’ still can see her synthetic information (name, age, city), photo, client number and link to her profile on which is only written that ‘This user is temporarily unavailable for contact (out of town, etc)’. This means that they don’t respect your privacy and if you ask to delete your profile they only hide it without deleting, otherwise their database just could not send back data and photo if not present. Of course we protested by writing to the site and talking with their assistance on Skype (which I only discovered by chance), and they still say it’s everything OK and that the profile has been deleted. So you see still photo and data, and the person is ‘temporarily unavailable’, but of course it must be a mirage, a hallucination.
      In more there is another site that is Easyukraine that is an advertising showcase of elenasmodels and other sites, that goes on showing her complete profile with data and photo, and does not answer to her request to delete those data, while the call center of elenasmodels affirms that they don’t answer about what other sites do with the data of elenasmodels clients. Wonderful way to defend the privacy of their clients. I am going to pass all this problem to my legal counsel.

    3. Most of the criticism towards Elena’s Models comes from the people who work at the big scam sites,

      1stattractive/Natashclub/1stinternational/Ukraine-online-Dating/who knows how many sites they have. It is the same database, the site is just reskinned.

      Elena’s Model is a cheap site. If it is a ripoff, then it pales in comparison to big scam sites. You can pay 100 bucks for three months and unlimited contacts. And yes, I have dated women from Elena’s. No expensive cab rides. No one trying to set me up in an overpriced apartment. The women are not begging for gifts from the minute they see you.

      I met some nice women there. I just didn’t find love. But I was silly back then. I was at trying to be at a big scam site and at Elena’s at the same time. So I was constantly distracted because the big scammers have nearly naked women.

      Now I am wiser. I don’t even use Elena’s at the moment. I am using another site and a bunch of free ones.

    4. Yes, EM is a real site. And the scam empires hate it. They send employees here to bad mouth it. I can’t understand why a man would want to complain about spending $100 for three months to contact any woman he chooses at EM. The comparison to a scam site is you will spend $100 bucks in 1.5 hours in chat with just one woman And you will have an absolute guarantee that woman does not love you, like you, or even want to know who you are. You will spend thousands before you can get her email address, which will probably be incorrect. You can’t get her phone number. You can’t get her mailing address. All you can do is come back to the site and spend thousands. When you come to see her, you will have to use the cab driver she chooses. You will have to stay in the apartment she picks. And you will have to hire the translator she is comfortable with. Why?

      Because the mafia controls everything. And they will charge you three times as much as the actual rate. You will have to take her shopping for clothes and look like an idiot because when you come back, you won’t have a lover, a girlfriend, or even a regular friend. You will have a stranger that just took you for as much as she could.

      Stop using pay by letter sites. Stop being fools. You go to a scam site, you get 50 chat requests in a half hour. You go to EM, you are luck you get one interest message in two weeks. Because that is how dating is in reality.

      And what do you want?

      A fantasy?

      Or the real?

    5. In my shirt, 2 year experience, Elenasmodels is not a scam. Unfortunately I found it very ineffective as well. Many ladies express an initial interest but never follow through . Letters are very short and meaningless compared to “scam ” site letters. EM is improving to make communication easier and cheaper. This will help to bridge to communication gap. Elenasmodels is honest, the logistics however make Russian dating very ineffective.

    6. I have been on Elena’s Models for more than two years. In only one case did a lady portray her financial difficulties , probably expecting me to help her. I find most women here are sincere.

    7. Maybe some of the profiles are scams, I honestly don’t know.

      I met 3 women on Elenas models and all three were some of the most genuine, respectful and intelligent women I have ever met.

      I married one of them. Now going on 3 years and its like a dream come true – my wife is sexy, beautiful, intelligent, kind caring and in every way perfect.

      I live in Australia and my partner was in New Zealand when I met her. It was as real as it gets and perfect from our first date.

      1. Of course some of the profiles are scams. Some women are there to collect cash from unsuspecting gentlemen. So you must be careful. Remember Barry Pring met the lady who murdered him at Elena’s Models.

        But Elena’s Models is an honest site. They do not pay the women to correspond. You simply have to be rational when dating. When Mr. Pring’s family went through the letters he was exchanging with his scammer they saw nothing but requests for money and for gifts. That woman never loved him. She only wanted to use him.

        You can be used anywhere by anyone if you are gullible enough. So be careful.

        All we can ask of this industry at this stage is to provide us a platform for dating, where they do not pay the women to correspond with us.

        For some reason, sites like Adate, Uadreams, etc. don’t believe in being honest. They try to scam the last dime out of you.

    8. From my experience I know for sure that elenasmodels has many scammers: men and women. Many men want to come to Russia or Ukraine for sex tourism.
      And many women on elenasmodels are looking for trips, moving for a better life and if you go to scammers.ru, you will find many girls from elenasmodels reported there as scam.

      I personally knew one girl who was actually married to a Russian dude and she was on elenasmodels at the same time. Or another story with a man from elenasmodels showing his private parts on web camera on Skype on the first call. When I posted this to Elena, do you know what she said? “well, take it easy, maybe guy has some complex, put it as a joke”.

      Or look up her articles for Russian women, one of them: “Got to bed on the first date – why not?” Then read her other articles for women – and see what she tells girls to do – “write to many men, try write twenty guys every day”, “when you meet him, be ready for physical relationships”, “If guy wants to be with you in that way, that means he is in love or other words, guys see love and physical relations as synonymous”. “Touch guys and it will make him interested even more in you, he will want you”, or “how to make guy to want you”

      About their service – when I called to help desk about website not working, they blamed it on my browser. I have 2 browsers, both work just fine at any other websites both obviously not good enough for EM.

      When again problems happened with website it it was broken (again : very often elenasmodels out of service), they said oh well maybe hackers hacked the website”.
      Help desk usually hardly responds. If Elena responds the comments- usually she is rude. Once I had a phone conversation (they hardly pick up the phone and phone number in USA does not even respond), the service was also very “soviet’ if you know what I mean.

      I do not mean to be critical but this is my own subjective view, I am only sharing my experience and if you guys (girls) happy on EM. you can take your chance.

      1. Julia: That is a very interesting and well-articulated post that you submitted. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Elena’s Models website.

        By what you wrote and the way in which you wrote it, I perceive that you’re already residing in the United States. If so, congratulations.

        I’ve off-and-on utilized that Russian and Ukrainian dating website since 2005. During that long tenure, I’ve encountered many internet personalities who had ulterior motive(s). Of course, I’ve also found several women who were sincere about meeting and then dating over the long-term, in order to determine whether there was/is any compatibility.

        I once became engaged to a woman that I met via the Elena Petrova’s website. Unfortunately, that engagement didn’t stick, but that’s an entirely different topic.

        In any case, I appreciate your post on this social forum and I look forward to reading any other posts that you might submit.

        1. Robert, I am not sure what part of Julia’s post could be confused with logic. Maybe you can explain.

      2. To Julia, I can only speak for me and the 1500 or so men I represent at the moment. Most of my guys are not at these sites for sex tourism. In fact, I find it hard to believe that most Stupid American Men are looking for sex tourism. It is a lazy criticism. But one that can be made because it is easy to accuse the men in this business of sexism.

        I agree that many men in my group are sexist. But the vast majority are looking for an honest relationship. If they were not, they would not be such easy prey for these disgusting scam websites like Anastasiadate, Uadreams, HotRussianbrides, etc.

        We all know about the job advertisements in Ukraine that offer women these jobs “with no sex” included. As for women who are two-timing men at Elena’s Models, who cares? Certainly not I or anyone in my group. We only care that disgusting website pay women to enage men at the sites. We only care that at Anastasiadate for every dime you spend in chat, the woman you are speaking to gets a paid a certain percentage.

        As for the rest of your critique, it is largely unintelligible. Who cares if a man and a woman have sex on the first date. It does not matter if the men are Russian, Ukrainian, English, or American. To each, his/her own.

    9. I have been on scam sites. Anastasia, dream marriage etc. You will run into liars and deceivers in every type of online dating. The site itself is reasonably priced and has major differences from the scam sites. No buying contact info. The lady is free to give you contact info any time she likes. You can go right from hello to SKype, Viber or even snail mail if you like.

      The price is pretty damned reasonable. Elenas is for introductions. Once you find someone you like. Communicate however you wish. I’ve met girls from the site. I’ve had good experiences. I’ve also had many women who expressed interest then stopped responding. That is unfortunate and frustrating. But It does not mean it’s a scam.

      It’s a dating/marriage site. I met a very good girl there. Asked me for no shopping trip. Did not even ask me to pay for taxis. She walked 30 minutes from her home at 10pm to come visit me. You have to be patient, cast a wide net and be prepared for real meetings. There are definitely real girls on the site. The pay per letter sites are absolute robbery. You are basically paying through the nose to get cat-fished. It is astounding that they are not prosecuted.

      1. Paper letter dating sites are as a rule fraudulent. I mean in the age of technology (mobile phones, web, automatic translate tools, ease of travel) why would anyone use a hand written letter dating site or a printed catalogue. I have many proven cases are incidence of this. For example one lady and I exchanged 15 letters then disappeared when I asked for contact information. A few months later an introductory letter appears from her saying she’s interested in me. Oh really? Did she forget about the 15 letters? The only reservation I have about Elena’s models is the girls are not as beautiful and aggressive as they are on other sites, for obvious reasons. I swear the women get paid on these other sites to write you letters.

      2. Thank you David. More and more men are waking up to the scam that is Anastasiadate, Uadreams, Hotrussianbrides, Dream Marriage, etc.

        This year, is our year.

        I hope men can tell the difference between a site where you pay one fee and get a woman’s contact information and the scam crap sites where you pay per letter forever, hoping the woman is actually not a guy named Oleg.

  2. Elena Petrova lives in Australia where the head office is too. She is real and genuine. I met my wife that way after speaking to Elena herself. Your investigation was indeed very superficial if you did not even know that. It is in fact information you could get on her website. Elena is a highly educated woman.
    You battle to write proper English and your spelling is atrocious. Why do you knock people who are so obviously your intellectual superiors?
    Free websites are loaded with scammers. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Ever heard that one?

    1. If you read my post this is basically what I said that Elena Petrova is sincere. I do not think Elenas models is bad at all, rather I prefer free. I disagree that you need to pay and the free ones are for scammers. Free is the way of the future. In fact I think the contrary. Is Facebook a scam? No. Neither is vkontakte.ru.

  3. I would like to say… when Elena’s Models website is good, better then interfirendship.com or dating.ru… but as I saw… more than 60% mans are married and not serious… I had a profile there… but after get upside and deleted…

  4. And more, Russian girls are living not only in Russia, but in Uzbekistan and in Kazakhstan…. In all Old Soviet Union Countries …. And they also would like to find a love from Internet…

    1. Ilona, yes I agree. The old republics are beautiful exotic places. They are almost other worldly your advice is very good. The most beautiful rarest wild flowers grow in the most remote unexpected places.

  5. Is Elenas Models totally free or only free to sign up. I imagine any correspondence with Elenas cost money? I do admit that it is nice to have a sight with a keyword search.

  6. I met a woman on Elena’s Models site in April of 2009. We got each others email addresses and write each other every day. We also talk on weekends using Skype. I went to Russia in September of 2009 and she met me at the airport. She treated me like a king. I spent 2 weeks in Omsk with the most wonderful woman. She is coming to America on June 21 2010. We will begin our lifelong family together. Elena’s Models is a wonderful site! If there are any scammers, I do not believe Elena has anything to do with this.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I think generally this is what I have herd about Elenas models.

  7. Hmm. You know, it is hard to tell if you have NEVER used the site, found someone or a few, met scammers, got scammed, and then made a blog about REAL experiences. Have I got scammed? NO. Just saying that in order to really tell if things are frauds, you have to bite the ball and try first…and get taken advantage of or find blogs online of people who got taken advantage of or find someone who has. All in all, I think scammers are everywhere, they want to ruin loves. Real people however don’t want to ruin your life and a lot of them are probably on Elena’s models, waiting for the perfect guy to come and meet them.

    I found plenty of BEAUTIFUL women on Elena’s models, yet none of them have contacted me…..yet. Odd but still….

    And russianlovematch is bull, I emailed the guy who runs it and said is this site real? and he replys “it is 100% real”. MY ass it is…. I have found some pretty women there, too bad I can’t actually see them. Innarosa, 43 years old, dam sexy. Short blonde hair. adorable face and pretty blue eyes. Does she exist???? I wonder…..I like her.

    Now I know who exists, and I know her…somewhat. We chat online. Lana Dora Battagello. Italian(mmmm, italian women), 56 years old, divoraced(I don’t know how long, years probably), beautiful, sexy, perfect body, a cute, slight little temper, nice, slender fingures, a smile to die for and she is such a sweetheart. I cna flirt with her and she doesn’t mind. HEHEEE. OH yes, and she is looking for a relatsionship…perhaps, maybe. On her other facebook, it says” here for: friendship, serious relationships, dating….”
    SO if any of you wanna date her, go ahead and try your luck but I warn you….SHE IS MINE so back off. She will be mine in heaven, maybe not here but heaven for sure…LOL She may not know it, but I have a crush on her…hahah. SHHHHH. Maybe she does know it, but oh well……IN heaven,my love, in heaven.

    1. I think Elenas models is pretty good as is Facebook and mail.ru etc, but the best if to meet people in real life if it is possible for your life situation.

    2. Well I have to agree with a female’s opinion on here.
      Since I live in one of CIS countries, I can tell that the quality of men on Elenas models are extremely poor, and I think the whole model site is total scam – they ‘sell” women’ there. Like every business it’s just a business – as well for Ms Elena too, the difference between any other business and this business is this one is more dirty. The good are innocent women ( most of them ) on one side and different psychopaths and losers on the other side. So any girl who would go on there in best case will destroy her nerves system – in worst case will be a victim of assault. So do I think as a model looking gorgeous female that this site is good – 100% no. Moreover this websites trade the “health and nerves” of naive women who went on there and cash out different psychopaths which they defend in the end, because they are getting money from them. As for psychopath – that might worth it – for some 100- 500 bucks they are getting whole field of stupid innocent girls who are dreaming about “beautiful overseas” in their heads and after getting used many times – some of them gave up wasting time and health and emotions and those who are patiently went to the final destination – marriage and moving abroad in most of the cases are getting into sexual slavery and they hate that day of naiveness when they went to that site. You can go to ‘antidate.org’ and read whole bunch of horrible stories of sex slavery – real thrillers that happen to those poor girls on this website. I remember the best the story of one woman who had a child from previous marriage and naively started to look for good father for the child and husband for yourself in internet. She met a guy from Australia, he was over sweet went with gifts and flowers, they met 3 times – then he insisted on making fiance visa -poor girl naively agreed. When he brought her to Australia nightmare started, he put her and son in some closet and used her as a slave, one time by chance he was lucky enough to escape and asked relatives to buy her a ticket to flew home. She and her son cant still recover from the shock, another girl describes a similar situation with guy she met on Elenas Models with more ‘thriller’ actions in both cases girls were not the first victims of the psychopaths. By the way – that both of the guys are still in “active mode” on Elenas Models – and only thanks to the websites like ‘Dont date him girl’ or ‘Antidate.org’ – women can hear the numerous horrible stories. Dont date him girl is international one and it’s actually the way much softer complaints and when I read all this thrillers about Elenas Models on Antidate.org – website that protects Russian girls those are really great script for horror movies. And despite the letter sent to the Administration of Elenas Models those psychopaths are still on freedom and are looking for the next victim to come. That’s why in big cities women turned off from foreigners as well as dating sites – just the way too many horror stories on here and I don’t believe in any marriages that had ever happened there. So on this sites nowadays you will only meet girls from far village who are not well-informed about those foreigners who go to dating sites, such as Elenas Models.

      1. You comment is so wrong and off base. I have nothing to do with Elenas models nor any other dating site. I know that it does not work out for many but others and many others it works for. It is a business, but so is growing food, making clothes, and writing in a magazine. But does that mean it is wrong? Match making is an old and time honored profession.

        I also resent your comment that girls from the village are naive. My family comes from Eastern Europe and it is nothing like that. The smartest people I know are from the countryside as they lived in clean air and not polluted by the toxic negativity of the cities and towns. I suspect you are a Soviet girl (that is everything is wrong and negative generally) and you have dark polluted glasses to see the world as such.

        I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life. It is not like you say at all, in fact I do not think the west is always better. You know that. In Eastern Europe you can have a nice wooden house and a forest or a flat in the city and live a better life than many Americans. Russians know this and they do not leave beautiful Russian in mass migration because life is nice in the Europe.

        I do also recommend free dating sites to guys as more girls are on sites like mail.ru than Elenas models. I think normal Russian mail servers with a dating website on it are the best choice but they are in Russian. There are also sites like freepersonals.ru. But come on Elenas models is not travelgirls.com and it is not like you say at all.

      2. Tatyana, I read your comment and Ilona’s, and both seem bitter about their experience with dating sites. I can only speak from my own experience, and I do not date guys.
        I found my wife on a dating site, a Filipina. We were married 11 years, in which she destroyed our marriage, our finances, our family, and had a baby by another man.
        I have been looking for years now, with no success, and it seems that there are quite a few lying men from the feedback I get.
        I am 57, divorced, with 3 small boys. Not looking to fool a woman just to have her body, but believe in love. Am responsible, reliable, respectful, Catholic and Conservative.
        Honestly, the Russian ladies intimidate me. They are very tall, (I’m short) very young, and absolutely beautiful! We all learn “If it seems too good to be true, its not” Many of the ladies have poor English and their profiles were written by another, making it difficult to know them. To top it off, the sites are expensive as hell! I think many sites promote scams even if not actually running them, because of the high cost and incentives.
        How does a good man find a good, sincere lady? How can I tell? I am too old for more heartbreak and need to consider the hearts of my small boys too.
        What do you look for in a good Russian lady?

  8. I looked through Elena’s model for dating and also read a few things on other sites about them. from what I’ve read they sound like the place to go to. I would like to hear from anyone that might have had a bad experience there though. Just to know if this is a good company for meeting Russian girls.

  9. Got scammed and attempted to get scammed by Elenas Models girls. Guys, this site is infested with scammers. Stay clear of it. I met my Ukranian wife visiting. the Ukraine. This is the best way to go

    1. Joe, if you got scammed then that is on you. Guys, you have to go to Ukraine in any case. But at Elena’s Models you get the chance to meet real women.

      Be smart:
      1. Do not go to just see one girl.
      2. Always try to use free sites in addition to a pay site like Elena’s models.
      3. Don’t send money! But of course, get guys sending money all the time. I don’t get it.
      4. Be prepared to go a month or so after you make contact.
      5 Don’t be an idiot when you get there. Don’t use her interpreter, don’t use her cab services. Don’t stay in an apartment she sets up for you. Control your situation.

      I just don’t get guys throwing stones at Elena’s Models. I came from NatashaClub, every woman there was a scammer because the site paid them.

      When you go to a site like Elena’s Models, you are certain they are not being paid. If you give them money.

      Who can you blame?

  10. Hello… interesting thread and would like to add a few things based on personal experiences at Elenas models. I was a paying member there for a short period, less than two months I’ll say, and I am no longer a member by my choice.

    The question of whether or not it is a scam keeps coming up. I do not know if it is or not. How could I? I have no proof of anything, but I can tell you some things that you cannot know unless you are a member.

    I offer this for the benefit of people who are thinking about joining. Plus, I believe it is important to know what you’re getting in to just so you know the deal a little better.

    I personally feel the marketing is deceptive when they say it does not cost anything to contact women. I believe that is a FAQ Q and A there. Elena defends that position by saying there is no additional charge to contact women — after you pay to join.

    You can create a free profile and check out all the ladies, etc. Clever marketing, of course.

    However, if you want to contact them you must join a paid subscription level. You can send expressions of interest and receive them. You can receive emails or messages from women. But you cannot contact them unless you pay.

    In my mind, that is not exactly free. I do not care how you slice it.

    Elenas model website gets a huge amount of traffic. Check out the Alexa rankings for it. I did some experimental searching there, using their engine, and it is clear that the ratio of men to women is a total joke – ludicrously favored toward the women.

    So think about this guys…

    The more attractive looking women must get an insane amount of EOI’s – expressions of interest. If she replies that she is interested, then you write her and may or may not ever hear back.

    I will say that all things that happen there seem to have the effect of taking a great deal of time.

    I have no doubt there are women there who are out to scam. Come on… an 18-22 yr old hottie is interested in a guy in his early 50s? Uh.. right.

    Proceed at your own risk. But, I have to say women like that are in the minority. Most women want to find men a bit closer to their age, but they do seem to be flexible with their age criteria.

    Yes, I exchanged correspondence with a handful of women. A few seem totally whacked in the head – but whatever. lol

    I am still in contact with a woman from the Ukraine. But she seems to only be able to write on the weekends. Not sure what the deal is – certainly not emotionally invested in this. I cannot be, at least not at this early stage.

    Oh.. almost forgot…

    A LOT of the profiles you see on the home page, and in the search results, are sort of dormant profiles. I say that because you look at the “last time logged in’ and see stuff like 30, 60, 90 days, etc.

    Those women could be communicating with someone and have no interest to keep looking. Or, they could have given up and no longer go there.

    I sent a ton of EOI’s to women who had not been there in a while, even as little as 7 days, and the EOI’s were never read. You can check to see if your communications get read.

    Also.. at the bottom of the ladies’ profiles you can see the percentage of men who visited that profile and sent an EOI. Almost ALL of them are very high in percentage, like close to 100% for most of the women.

    That goes back to my earlier comments that the ratio is a joke. It’s a field day for the women there. But whatever… good for them.

    If people have succeeded there at EM, then that’s great and all that. But, I personally believe you need to be prepared to spend a helluva lot of time to find someone. Plus you will will either join the gold or platinum level subs and renew probably at least once or twice.

    There are things about the marketing, positioning, and ‘perspective’ offered that are deceptive or borderline deceptive. I will not say if that means it is a scam — but I do feel it is not right.

    If I knew what I know now about EM’s, I would not have joined. Seriously. But, you have to make up your own mind, of course.

    Good luck!

    1. I don’t understand this at all.

      You met a real woman at EM. Do you know how rare it is to find a site in Ukraine, where you can do that?

      90% of this industry is garbage scam websites.

      Why do men throw stones at EM?

  11. Thanks Anon. Unfortunately this was too late as I’m already a Gold member for the past 2 weeks. Firstly I don’t think Elena’s Modela has a lot of scammers due to their strict scam control policies. I do fully agree with the ratio of male to female members registered. I did a quick search of all men of age 25-50 and found whooping 12,800 profiles, and a search of all women of age 18-50 returned around 6360 profiles..The ratio of 2:1 according to me is not acceptable..And I have so far sent “Expression Of Interest” (EOI) to around 50 girls and only one of them responded positively, and unfortunately she didn’t reply to my email. Something I never understood, I believe there is a middle man (in a form of 3rd party agency) involved between us and the girls who reviews the profile of guys who send an EOI or an email..Just a guess..

    1. I agree with you. I do not think Elena’s models has a lot of scammers. It is a family run business that has been around for many years and has enough critical mass not to need to pump up their profiles with fake women and can afford to have a strict policy for quality control.

      I used to work for a dating site network quality screening firm in Eastern Europe and some companies, established companies are really strict about profile approval, in fact the name of the company I use to work for was profile approval.

    2. I have had dialogues of as few as three to as many as 40 exchanges with a few women.

      With one I had a dialogue on Buddhism, her religious phiosophy, and on why date a Russian woman.

      Another about exercise.

      Another wanted help with an Excel class she takes.

      A fourth is a former music teacher, shy but learning to do conversation e-mails. These ladies range in age from 39 to 59. I am 58. Have an interesting profile, select a lady with something in common, write an interesting first e-mail, and you will get a response.

      An EOI is lazy. Its like leering at a woman at a club rather than walk up and start a conversation. How many women at a club would you expect to respond to you if you just leered from across the room ?

      I have a had a few not reply to e-mails, but not the well chosen for mutual interests, or to whom I sent an amusing remark about their profile.

      Of the four I am writing to, all say their English is poor, but they use online translators and we can clearly understand each other. I hope to meet one beauty in October 2011. I don’t care if I sit across a table and exchange e-mails with her or chat, if we find we love the conversation, the chemistry will be there, and so will real affection.

      My favorite has assured me there will be no doubt in my mind when I visit her, of just how much she likes me.

      Keep the age range under a 20 year gap, or less.

  12. Hi Jack,

    Sorry to hear you joined. I really do not think there are a lot of scammers there, either. I had one very strange experience, and I reported it to the helpdesk. They said they would look into it, or something like that. But I her profile was still active, last visit within 24 hours, at the time I deleted my profile and left.

    I cannot remember what kind of searches I did that were similar to yours so I could get an idea about the ratio. But the searches I did revealed a much more disproportionate ratio; it was something like 5:1.

    But then I saw something, an ad I think, by Elena’s Models and it said over 140,000 profiles. I believe maybe that is the total number of profiles since she has been in business which is over 10 years.

    The thing that bothers me about it is that perception is skewed to lead a person to believe there is a thriving membership there, etc. When in fact, as I discussed in my first post, I totally believe it is anything but thriving.

    I think the whole business model is based on a revolving door of men who pay (a minimum) of $100 to join and then leave when they find out how well it does “not” work.

    There is a reason they will not let anyone join and pay on a per month basis. They would never have anyone renewing the second month, and their profit would plummet.

    For those who are ot aware, the least expensive plan is $99 for three months, and it is set on auto-renew for a second three months.

  13. Hi,

    I have a comment to the last few posts based on my fresh experience. I got scammed right way when I started my profile. A girl wrote to me that she thought I was the ‘man of her dreams’ – spooky! I answered her mail, and before you knew it she wanted to meet with me. She talked about getting a visa and all. I then wrote to her that I could not send her any money for the visa, but if she sent me a copy of her passport and the visa, then I would be happy to pay for everything. And guess what, she never wrote to me again!
    I complained to the EM staff, but they were not very interested in taking any action (one can wonder why that is…)
    Like some of you I have also sent EOI’s and letters to a number of women, and the response rate has been really poor.
    All in all i think this establishment STINKS! I will delete my profile as soon as I have made sure they won’t bill me for the next 3 months. I would not recommend this site to anyone looking for a russian bride.

    1. Wow I am surprised. I guess I go back to my point, travel to these place and meet the girls face to face. Also consider many of the free dating sites I recommend. But I would not rule out the pay ones. I would write them again and ask for your money back.

    2. Sounds like a few folks here have had some rough experiences. Elena’s Models is just like anywhere else, you have to use common sense. There are good and bad people there (and everything in between). The administration there has published on online guide to using their website that is very clear about not letting money change hands with a potential Russian bride. If you ignore this, then you are just making yourself a target for the scammers that are there (and asking for a copy of their visa and passport is plain naive. Photoshop can make a nice fake of each). And just because she decides your not a good match later, doesn’t mean she is a scammer. Its the same as dating in your own country. People decide after one date, two dates, several dates, or even years that they are not a good match. You can’t expect her to just simply marry you because you paid for a matchmaking service. Russian women aren’t desperate for foreign guys. The girls on that site are looking for a more even playing field in a country where the odds aren’t as favorable for women as they are in the west. My experience with Elena’s Models are mixed. I corresponded with 10 different women over the course of 15 months. 3 were overt scammers who asked for expensive gifts as a criteria for meeting in person. I complained to Elena’s Models administration and provided old emails as proof, and all 3 were dismissed from the site (every one of them had complaints from other guys, as all scammers do). 3 of the women and I ceased correspondence after a few emails due to lack of mutual interest. I met with three other women, platonically, and decided it wasn’t a match. The 10th one I have been dating for several months with multiple contacts/meetings and its looking good. However, like any domestic dating situation, we need to see how it works out. So thats my experience. 30% scam attempts, and 70% genuine women. Its also my suspicion that my 30% figure is WAY overestimating since the scammers are over-represented in the incoming emails (they simply send more emails and answer more, like a home business). So I think Elena’s Models is an honest business but you should educate yourself on red flags. Also, learn as much as you can about the Russian culture. Only a fool dates internationally with the assumption that everyone thinks like Americans. Elena’s Models is not responsible for doing these things for you. And btw, I agree with the previous post. EOIs are lazy. Not many real intentioned women are going to respond desperately to such nonsense. They want a guy who is putting forth some effort. Along those lines, of course the guys there outnumber the women. Guys initiate contacts in the real world. Thats just how it works. Its not on online store. Its an introduction service.

  14. I am also surprised at the male/female ratio of Elena’s models, though I shouldn’t be. It is heavily advertised and let’s face it: it doesn’t require much commitment for a Western male to sign up. On the other hand, it requires some preparation and probably some expense for the girls to get on board with a decent profile.

    I agree with Joe, about just meeting a girl while visiting the Ukraine. I was there just once and I was surprised how many women seemed interested when they realized I was a westerner. However, I had to gone to meet a girl I had contacted over the internet and I was “taken”, so to speak. I remember sitting in some nightclub with my date and one pretty girl was just glaring at me. Other times when we went to eat at a restaurant, the waitress would suck up to me while ignoring the girl I was with. This happened in numerous situations – hotel check-in, the railway station, shops, the bank…. I don’t know if this was a social norm, where the male gets the attention or if it was because I was a foreigner. In any case, I felt that I had good possibilities for meeting girls by just being in public, dressing nicely and behaving like a gentleman.

    If I had to do it over again, I would take the following strategy:
    1) Get a fake tan, if my natural tan wasn’t in season. Superficial, sure. But likely to make you stand out.
    2) Buy some fashionable clothes appropriate to my age, or at least for the age I appear to be. Of course, you should be doing this anyways, but sometimes us guys lapse into complacency.
    3) Learn some basic Russian to the point one could initiate a basic conversation or initiate a simple inquiry that leads to a conversation.
    4) Secure decent lodging in a neighborhood with a dense population of women. I once visited a Russian woman who lived far on the outskirts of Riga, Latvia. After my arrival, my hostess was constantly answering knocks at door, and turning away nosey neighbor women, occasionally letting one in for an introduction to her male guest. Attracting the curiosity of the local women might be your best weapon.
    5) Try and make the acquaintance of some locals prior to visiting. A local guy can put you on the right trail for interesting women, since he knows the lay of the land, what to look for, possibly WHO to look for. Local married women are more likely to try and hook you up with a female friend or relative. I’ve noticed in this part of the world, friends and family can come into play very quickly.
    6) Consider hiring an independent guide to show you around for a day or two. I’ve a long, successful, history as an independent traveler in Europe, but things get more complex when everything is written in Cyrillic. Its a different world in the east.

    7) Find a city that is interesting to visit, because some of these cities in Ukraine are the equivalent of Detroit.

    8) Finally – INTERACT with women at all times. I once met a pretty, much younger woman on a train leaving Kiev. We exchanged addresses, under the presumption of exchanging postcards from our destinations. For years, she sent me birthday greetings and inquiries about my marital status, and reconfirming her status as “available”.

    I could probably think of some other ideas, but I’m out of the game. Still, I recommend that adventurous guys consider all their options.

    Best of luck to all, and remember attitude is everything. Anyone who said they never had a chance, never took a chance!

    1. It is funny I am working on a post right now about this, that is how I would attract Eastern European girls if I was single. If I had to do it again (which I do not intend to ever). If I just got off the plane in cargo shorts and t-shirt with my bag in tow. What would I do.
      Your comments are excellent.

  15. Just a quick comment. I just joined Elena’s Models out of curiosity, I also paid to upgrade to a gold package which lets me view more pictures, etc. Before my profile was even approved I was emailed by a staff member to remove some financial information in order to avoid scammers. They also have a page with clear recommendations to NEVER send money to anyone no matter what unless you have met them face to face. There will always be loser scammers everywhere but Elena’s site seems to have the intent of being good to it’s members. After all, they will make the most money from subscriptions and being a good site, rather than piss everyone off to cater to some scammers. Its common sense and math.

  16. I also need to clarify something that Anon said that makes a significant difference.

    His quote is “Also.. at the bottom of the ladies’ profiles you can see the percentage of men who visited that profile and sent an EOI. Almost ALL of them are very high in percentage, like close to 100% for most of the women.

    I think Anon may be interpretting this backwards. The copy and paste wording from that site is as follows “Expression of interest response rate: 100%” This is what is at the bottom of one woman’s profile that I added to my favorites. Some say 70%, some say 0%.

    What this means is that when men send her an Expression Of Interest, she has responded to 100% of them. So it seems unlikely to me that a woman is going to be able to respond to thousands of EOI as suggested by there being so many men and so few woman. Or she’s a scammer and is responding to all of them. In any case I wanted to add my 100 dollars worth of what that response rate means.

    So far in about a 2 weeks I’ve recieved 7 EOI from what look lile normal legitimate females. They’re not supermodels 22 years old. A couple have a few extra pounds, some look very nice but not too good to be true.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. This has been a very good post to read through.

    Good luck everyone.

  17. Please don’t let yourself be fooled by photoshop air-brushed photos. The poor girls been recommended to pay for professional photographs. If you are going to meet anyone from a similar site always ask for a number of normal new pictures. If she refuse to send you pictures: 1) possible scammer, 2)very ugly woman (I am not been horrible but you do not want to spend thousand in travel expenses to find out I am right), 3) time waster, not serious.
    Use skype and webcam, this technology will open your eyes, literary.
    Good luck.

    1. Skype is a great idea to beat picture perfect photos. Skype can also give you clues about the subtle signs of what a person is like. Good suggestion here.

  18. Its me again writing after 2 months, scroll up and see my first post replying to Anon’s message. So here is my current statistics:
    Gold member for 3 months (3 more to go), Total EOI sent: 230, EOI responded as “Interested” – 12. I have sent emails to all 12 girls after receiving positive EOI and only handful of them replied. I’m now happy that there is this one girl with whom I’ve exchanged a number of messages, then onto some Skype chat and finally had a phone conversation. I’m determined to take this as far as I can. The only frustrating thing is that half of the girls that responded positively do not speak or write proper English. The trick is to send as many EOIs as possible, as Elena states in website, you can send 99 EOIs and get one response. It isn’t necessary to go through the girl’s profile in detail, I for one check the pictures, age, marital status & if she has any kids. You’d only know what the girl is like and how her English is when you communicate with her.

    The point I wanted to make here is that it is worth joining the site, except that things won’t happen overnight and might be painstakingly slow. I would suggest to sign up for a 6 month membership.

  19. Hello,
    My name is Juan, I am 27 years old living in Australia but originally from Mexico, I tried the Elena’s Models website with a 3 month Gold membership to find a woman, and I can give you my opinion and experience. I send many EOI like Jack recommended, I got many responses from many girls, but as Jack said, many stopped writing back, others only care about money or citizenship. Well after some time only 5 beautiful women remained, I chose one that is really beautiful in every way, in her heart, soul and physically. I think she is the most funny and amazing girl that I have ever met. We try to video chat everyday on Skype, we have several interests in common but for me the most important part is that she likes me for who I am not for what I have or how much money I make.

    I feel so lucky, she will come to visit me soon. She will even pay her ticket to get with me, she doesn’t matter where I live. I already feel like I love her, I only hope that she will fall in love with me when she gets here. I can see myself having a life with her.

    Also I can say that the best girls are from Russia, but try the ones that live out from Moscow and St. Petersburg. It takes time, perseverance, positive attitude and luck. Also it is totally true, there are many more men than women on the site.

  20. There is another alternative and that is to go to Kiev or another city where Elenas models have an office. I actually met a woman through Elenas Models and I flew to Kiev to meet her. I went to the office in Kiev and the manager Uri, was actually very good to me. He helped me find lodgings, he may have gotten a kickback but he did work to find me a nice place, and the woman who I had flown across the world to see was not immediately available, so I picked out some other women which he promptly called and I immediately had a date. Also he provided me with a wonderful interpreter. I look ten
    years younger than I am, still, I was sixty at the time and I went out with a hot girl who was about thirty.

    I did not know exactly how to react to the women as I had previously been with another woman for many years. Whatever, when we went out to dinner, the woman tells me that her husband abandoned her and she was left with two children. She said something about she did not believe love was real, but she had a friend who had married an American and was very happy. Of course this is all through an interpreter,and maybe the interpreter was protecting me by telling me that woman said she did not believe in love. I was not interested in starting an orphanage, so I lost some interest even though the women was very sexy. I must say I have a failing when it comes to looks, I am sucker for beauty, but I do not find most woman that beautiful, I amazed at how Hillary Swank has done so well, even Reese Witherspoon is a bit
    mousy to me. I only say this because some guys see tens everywhere and I do not. As an older guy Raquel Welch, was a ten, and Charlize Theron at her best is a ten. So this girl was not a ten but say a solid seven and Scarlet Johansson a solid eight. And add to fact that I am thirty years older than her. Well, after dinner as we are driving home we drop off the interpreter, and the woman starts holding my arm and getting close to me. At the same time she tells me she wants to see me the next night, but I tell her, I have to meet this other woman that I had flown across the ocean to see. After that she cools off and gets angry with me. The next day, I was told that she found me boring. To make matters worse, the girl that I flew overto see, had lost her looks as she sent me a picture taken many years before. Whatever, Uri the manager tried to find me a date every day.

    I really liked Uri, and the interpreter. I did not find the love of my life, but I did see many very pretty women, there are many sevens and eights, and I saw an almost nine once in the office. Kiev is an incredibly beautiful city. There actually might be more pretty women there per square inch than any place in America, except possibly a modeling agency. I think you have much more opportunity if you actually travel there. And you probably have to spend some time there. I am sure some people meet online and they write and fall in love but by actually being in the country, and particularly if you find someone and go back two or three times then she will really be impressed. To reiterate Elenas Models is a legitimate agency but you may find a woman there who is a scammer, or as happened to me the picture was ten years old. But if Uri is still there and you go to Kiev, then you will have real and genuine experience.

  21. Its me again, Jack wiriting after 4 months. In my last post I mentioned about this girl with whom I was chatting over the phone & webcam. We then decided to meet up in Moscow in June but unfortunately for some reasons she couldn’t travel. Moreover I didn’t see any chemistry between us at all as it was very clear that she is someone who takes pride in being a Russian & to live in Russia and not someone who is ready to marry a foreigner and live in a foreign country. But we are still friends anyway, both of us are connected through Facebook. My search continues, extended my Gold membership for another 6 months, am now exchanging messages with few other girls and response rate is good. Lost count of how many EOIs I sent, should be well over 500 I guess. 🙂 The only big problem I had is most girls do not speak or write good English and I really hate when girls use a translator to communicate. I’m not a fan of having a middle man between us. Also some girls really misunderstand the perception of foreign men as if we’re from a different planet and so the girls write the emails in an unusually weird business-like tone. An example – you ask about her siblings and she replies “Thank you for asking me about my family. I appreciate that.” Its an instant turn-off, why can’t they just be themselves !!

    My best advice would be that after exchaning couple of emails, request her to do a Skype chat or phone conversation and webcam chat. That’s the only way you’ll get to know the girl, the real SHE.

    1. Agreed, I think I would move to Skype chat pretty fast or you will just be spinning your wheels. Language would be the least of my concerns with finding your girl. When I meet my wife in Poland for example, we spoke Polish at first, now we speak English. My friend’s girlfriend just spoke a basic level of English and now is fine with it. It takes about 1/2 year of dating and most people have no problem communicating in one language or the other.

  22. I’ve been on there about two months – sure, lots of women said “nyet” to my EOIs but so what? I’ve got several who write and are great leads. I’d say go for it. From what I know of them Eastern Women seem to be lots of fun. But, it’s the internet so use your head – there are many pages telling you what to look for in terms of scammers: I’ve run across a few textbook scams but non from Elena’s as of yet. I spoke to Elena’s mom on a technical issue once – seemed really nice and jovial.

  23. Hello guys, I’ve opened an account yesterday and I paid for the gold membership. Actually I was able to believe that Elena’s models is one of the best places compared to other Dating agencies that take pretty much more money from you. Foe example I was very active through Merry-cherry and there you paid a lot just to read or write letter.

    The same story is at Mariya-club, but the second place offers now an online chat, although I don’t want to try how it’s really works. But both places are considered to contain a lot of scammers. However I had a very long communication with a lady at the end on 2008 through the middle of 2009 and I decided to arrange a trip to Sevastopol, Ukraine. Everything went smoothly – we had a some calls, even she gave me after long time her e-mail and personal phone number. Since I don’t believe so much I decided to do a little research according the information we have exchanged at the beginning. And everything was ok at first sight – she was a real person, a teacher in the university, some of her colleges gave me her office phone number there and so on. Since I had a college here whom was in relationship with a lady from Odessa I decided to go with him to meet my lady. And here was the little mistake that has turned everything down. While I was on the way she have sent me an e-mail with her personal phone number. When I was in Sevastopol already I couldn’t find an internet access anywhere, since I had to find the accommodation to spend the nights there. And when I did I decided to go to see her in the university.

    She was out of the city and I asked about her phone number since I didn’t knew yet that I already have it. One little bit angry lady gave it to me and I contacted her immediately. We have had arranged a meeting in a local bar and few minutes before the time I had a call from her to ask me if I’m there. And when the time has come she never appeared. Another girl that introduced her as her friend came to me and told me that something is happened with her mom and at the same time she is very angry because of my visit at her university. We have been talking about 10 minutes, she shows a picture of my lady oh her phone and she was really her girlfriend and then she went off. After this terrible meeting I decided to go back in my room and because of the long journey ( 12 hours by car to Odessa and 13-hours by bus during the night ) I was asleep while I just thinking about. Then later in the night I had a call again from my lady, but she found that I’m sleeping and told me that she will call again tomorrow. But she never call me… I was planned to stay 10 days there, but at the 3-rd day I decided to leave Ukraine.

    I still wonder why this happened and what was wrong. She gave me a lot of different stupid explanations. Although Merry-cherry is considered to be full of scammers this girl never asked me about money, visa or any financial support. So, probably there are real girls everywhere, but you see what is happened to me – I didn’t knew if I had to cry or laugh. Anyway, what is the strange in comparison between both agencies and Elena’s models… First of all, at Merry-cherry and Mariya-club you receive many letters or winks from the ladies. The letters are different so I suggest they can be real, but you have to lose a lot of money to read them to decide which lady would fit your needs.

    Here at Elena’s models probably you will never got a mail or EOI’s from lady firstly. However the price is acceptable for 3 months, but who knows what would be the final effect – probably nothing at all 🙂 But I wonder how is possible someone to decide if you are the one or not while looking just of your picture? While I browsing different profiles almost all of them looking for one and only man, family oriented and so on. But probably they will be not interested at all if even shows any interest to read your letter or paid attention to your EOI. I have sent just one EOI for now and I got an answer although it is negative.

    I have a doubts that most ladies looking for a high social standard of living, i.e. they are ready to sell their bodies and souls. BTW, I’m from Bulgaria and our social standard isn’t high at all, so probably I’m really not the best option. However I will try to looking there to see what will happen. According the payments if you pay through PayPal you can change immediately to stop recurring billings. Otherwise you can miss the moment but I think they should refund the remains of your money if you decide to cancel!? Anyone who has an experience at this point?

  24. Sure make comments like that, I am sure this site is run by elensmodels, I know of several none scammers on that site at this time.

    1. If you know they are fake report them, or give me examples. I have nothing to do with the company. I just think a company in business that long can not stay in business and with a reputation with being based on fakes. It is a family run business so I think they take some care. However, I also think just like spam, scammers might get though but this is not the rule, and they can be reported. I also think there is a lot of negative buzz about them written by their competition, in fact I am pretty sure about that.

      1. It is full of scammers, 90% or above.
        I’m a gold member, unfortunately, money down the drain!
        If here you can find positive feedback I think it is someone of the agency. Elena’s model is a fake, and after a few days you can understand it, if you subscribe the paid service

  25. Guys, I had commented on this thread multiple times, just do a search on my name. I’ve been a member of EM for about a year and I got to say that although there are scammers everywhere, it is very controlled in this site as far as I’m concerned. And as a member, its your responsiblity to ensure if you are emailing a robot or a real person. If you’re smart enough, you should be able to realise that within few email exchanges, like for example today I got an email from uadreams saying that one of the girls with whom I was communicating with in EM has invited me to uadreams. Sounds like a warning bell?

    There are also quite a few girls I communicated with in EM who are also now my friends in Facebook, what more is needed to say if those few girls are genuine or not.


  26. If Elenas Models has scammers what does this prove? Obviously every dating site has scammers. The notion that one has more than others doesn’t really prove much about the site except that the scammers must know it’s a reasonably good and popular site otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Clearly no administration can stop a scammer whether they are a male pretending to be a female or simply a real female who will eventually ask you for money.

    Elenas models is in a league of its own because you don’t have to individually pay to open and read emails, this absurdity should be a huge flashing warning sign to anyone. On Elenas models you pay once for a predetermined period of time, switching off recurring billing is easy to find and do (unlike on the Mcafee website).

    I am not an employee of Elena’s models, yes I have had attempted scams but they are easy to spot, they want your personal email address quickly but this serves no genuine advantage to either party, they ‘love you’ straight away and want a commitment when you hardly know each other and if they are a really a man pretending to be a woman they tell you rubbish no woman would ever say like, ‘the queen of England always looks so good because her hats match her clothes’ that one really made me laugh.

    Skype is an obvious early solution but many do not have their own internet access let alone one good enough for Skype. Just play it by ear and follow your heart not your balls and your head.

  27. Guys, I`m Juan`s girl he wrote about. Well, everything went fine, I went to Australia for 2.5 months, bought my own ticket as Juan had some troubles finding a job. I`ve been back in Russia for almost 4 months and waiting for winter to come there again.We chat on Skype (God bless this program,really!) almost daily. What kind of a sweetie Juan is another story :), for I`m gonna focus on advising you guys some stuff.
    1. Dont believe a lady if she says she loves you or is attracted from the 1st meeting on Skype or letter. If we`re not scammers we want know as much as possible about this man, his habits,personality, even his disadvantages.
    2. Please note the age limits or other requirements we put in the profile. I got EOIs from men who are 50(I just turned 24, c`mon, my dad is 50), have kids around 17(are you really sure a nanny is more expensive?), or, by their profile,enjoy drinking and parties (that`s why I want a sober serious foreigner. If I wanted a guy like that I would look for one in Russia).
    3.One chick,like in Juan`s case,said she doesn’t have a cell phone to receive your calls and asked for $200 for one.Guys, a small cell costs here in Russia about $30. And even a girl who is completely broke has a cell phone. The only help we might need from you is a ticket or up to $150 for a visa(well, many of us can easily pay this one!).
    (to be continued)

  28. 4. Having read the story of one guy(who went to Odessa to his lady)I was shocked. Yes,it is bitchy to treat the guest like that. Just `cuz you should be worrying about your guest`s(well,your probable fiance) safety. If you guys plan to come please look at her reaction. If she`s really interested she would advise you where to stop, how to get to her place but the perfect idea would be to pick you up. Do you guys really think if my Juan arrived to Siberia(that`s where I’m from) I wouldn’t go to the airport to meet him? I would spend those 6 hrs at the bus, no doubt. Well, my city Tomsk is like 300km away from the nearest international airport but there are buses to there. If there are ways to travel in Siberia there should be MORE ways to help you around the European part of Russia or Ukraine.

    5. Don`t fall for just profile picture. Like it was mentioned above, there are Photoshop and stolen pictures. Dont be surprised you`ll find not only busty blondes there – Russia is multicultural, we got some Asians, blond Slavonic folks, dark-haired nationalities etc.In fact,you`ll die until you find a pure Russian.I myself didn’t want to post many awesome pictures, I also needed someone who reads my profile info and has common interests.And dont forget that we Russians aren’t the perfect dolls we blondes there – Russia is multicultural, we got some Asians, blond Slavonic folks, dark-haired nationalities etc. In fact,you`ll die until you find a pure Russian.I myself didn’t want to post many awesome pictures, I also needed someone who reads my profile info and has common interests.And dont forget that we Russians aren’t the perfect dolls we have flaws, like every other person – some extra pounds,we wear glasses,we can be shy and insecure.We`re a bit fed up with Russian men expecting us to be ideal. That`s why we look for a date outside Russia.
    Please keep your common sense and good luck everyone :).

    1. Hi Mark (Admin),

      First of all, I would like this opportunity to appreciate your hard work and honesty for putting up this review portal website and being active on blog post comments. When an author really cares about his work, he/she does everything to stay authentic and do what is right. In your case, to write an Elena Models review from your personal experience only makes look genuine and trustworthy. Thank you very much for the hard work and diligence you put in every day to maintain this website and keep it authentic and genuine.

      I have to say that I was a little skeptical about this blog post authenticity initially when I came over to this post from Google search (I would be skeptical about any dating site review at first). But after reading your post and a lot of comments from real people (Hopefully not bots ;), their language makes them look like humans though.), I have learnt a lot about EM and i am more interested in trying it out along with other free websites you and other blog commenters mentioned.
      I think the only way for me to learn whether EM or any other Russian dating site is genuine or not is to try it out and give your best.

      A little about me now:
      I am from Delhi, India (South East Asia). I really enjoyed reading other comments and want to appreciate the people along with our nice Admin.

      I have no association with Elena Models or this website Admin whatsoever rather than an emotional and trust bond that I have developed by reading this page for more than 1 hour or so.

  29. I`m on Elenas models for 1 year I think.
    I`ve read many comments here and I can see that men complain that there were not many women on the site. I can tell the same. Sometimes it seems there are no men at all on the site. Nobody writes me! I`m 28 years and pretty,and I speak English as well, but there are no results for me. I`m very upset! May be my profile doesn’t work? (actually it works, few days ago I got EOI from very old man, may but he wanted to adopt me.

    1. The site system is a little weird. I am 25 y year old girl from Eastern Europe, and I get so many men in their sixties, and oh my, on their profiles it says that they gave yachts,cars, etc. Really, really annoying, and then they complain about scammers. Of course you will scammed if you brag and boast about your wealth and have an interest in girls who could easily be your granddaughter.
      I am not happy with the site,because most of men start talking physical action, right away, or start being cheesy and weird.
      What else I am a girl who doesn’t want to live in Nice, Paris, New York ,Milan etc. Not interested in shopping everyday, well am not materialistic (believe it or not):D I just want someone normal, age difference not more then 10-15 ys. And I have been on that site for four years, and most of men are pervs or weirdos,or both; (though, can not complain,I have met few good guys,and we are friends on FB.

  30. In fact, so may all dating sites look like junk and big joke. Unlike others who write here, I understand Russian and not problem to me communicate with a Russian woman. I live in a country where many Russians came to rest, and there is a very beautiful Russian women, and so I decided to take to enroll in one site, and can find a nice Russian woman. Now absurd exclude payments for each contact (make it $ 5 on earth will have 10 times the turnover, I know that this money is to show a serious man, but). Anyway, ran off of the subject. But if a Russian woman tells you that there is no money for visa or ticket, come on, the average salary in Russia is $ 800, and then in smaller and remote area. In larger cities the average salary can reach the level of Western Europe. In a word, probably trying to cheat you (now I know that when she send to you photos via email one, including me, can lose words, but think better). At least now one person try to deceive me (I am not connected with her with Elena Models) and I’m trying to her nerves (rogue in question), and I wanted her address, I said I would pay for the whole trip, and only after when I send a personal invitation to the address (with acknowledgment of receipt, in other words, confirmation that this person exists), which she gave me (it is a formal invitation form standard for entry into the country where I live) and will pay everything in tariffs are standard (12-15 euros worth passport for Russian citizens visa costs € 70 to enter my country, worth around € 200 ticket from where she says she lives, worth approximately € 50 health insurance for an initial three-month stay, other things like photos of the trip and some minor stuff worth less, maybe even 50 euros, and the amount, at least for my country if I pay it will be 385 to 400 euros and that absolutely all things)as numbers, if still hold this line (that loves you in 5-10 letters and wants to come to your country and marry you but will cost money) and say to she that i will pay for everything but directly the visa centers, medical insurance and send by mail (pre-paid only to sign it, return receipt) to pass it out it, while ticket – booked but payment by credit card only after confirmation it she at the airport and boarded (if you pay in advance, she will just cashed), if she say they will come to you after two weeks, you just have to know that the deadline for removing the passport for citizens of Russia’s top following month and a half.

    Otherwise, Anna, if you’re interested, you can look me (my name in Elena Models is Dido from Bulgaria) or if you find it easier, write a comment here, I will subscribe to new comments and will follow them to I can give you email or Skype if your interested of course. And another thing, I’m not handsome, 37 years old and I am a representative of the working class, but not in the western version, so you’re judging.
    Apologies for my bad English: Dido.

  31. Hello to you all, I want to support Anna, because she is not the only one who has occurred in the same situation. EM is not the first site I tried at different times, and maybe it will be interesting for you to see the situation from the point of view of a woman.

    I first tried free dating sites, but I completely refused from them after studying the contingent there. If you men want to understand what I am talking about ask some of your female acquaintances to register there and to spend there some days. If she doesn’t curse you after this, you may consider yourself to be a very lucky person. I couldn’t survive there for more than a week. Maybe I am just too mollycoddled? For you to mark: NO ONE of these sites has deleted my profile completely. They only ‘close it and they can use it as they like after the woman has abandoned.

    My great mistake was that I thought that payed sites really do something to protect both men and women and really want them find their match. Not in the least. Every agency is interested only in your constant writing and getting profits out of this. What they differ in is just strategies they use for it. I registered first through the agent on the site where men have to pay for opening a letter from a woman. I am not giving names here because I am sure if I do this, my message will be removed and you will never read what I want to tell you :D. It was only after my fourth letter when I started to threaten my agent that they stopped writing letters on my behalf to hundreds of men, starting with words like “my darling, charming” and so on. I was greatly surprised that ALMOST HALF of these mails were opened by men, why my real mails starting just with normal ‘hello’ were left without any attention. Dear men, Has something changed in the rules of correspondence in English what I don’t know about? Or do you really believe somebody may fall in love with you after just looking at your photo? Why? do you open such letters? N normal woman will start her very first sincere letter to the complete stranger with the words “my darling and beloved”?

  32. Then, what surprised me next when I understood there is no use to rely on the agent and registered by myself on EM, was, as in Anna’s case, total absence of correspondence. I changed description in my profile several times trying different variants (‘do I sound too brief? too boring? to arrogant?’ etc.), I added casual photos to professional ones for the men to see that I am real, I wrote letters by myself as Elena advises to women. Nothing changed. I still have those 50 unanswered or answered with “not interested” letters from 50 I generally wrote to different men in my mailbox on that site. I am 34, I have fluent English, I am educated, well, I am not a model, but even our completely spoiled Ukrainian men always say I am pretty. Is the reason that I have a child? But even those men who write they have nothing against a woman with a baby respond with “not interested” to my mails. And, by the way, during a month I got just 14 (not 1000) expressions of interest, and only one of those men who sent them to me wrote me afterwards. You can probably understand my feelings. Really hard not to start experiencing inferiority complex.

    So, I needed some explanation, and I started my small investigation. I analyzed comments of women about EM on different sites. I was greatly surprised to learn that almost all women there mostly complain what do you think about? That do not get any messages. For month and some of them even for years. I saw their pictures, they are normal, even beautiful. They are all educated, and decent, and all they want is just to find a proper man, so they waste their time in dealing with dating sites – in vain.

    Here is my question to you, men. Being just a woman, I can’t explain this phenomenon. You, wise, experienced from that side of the screen, can you explain me what’s going on?

  33. I have already seen it several times as being advised as a free Russian dating site. Indeed it’s not. Vkontakte is a social network, Russian twin of more familiar to you Facebook. So, mostly people use it not to date, but to communicate with friends, discuss different issues etc. You will never know there if the woman is married or not until she has mentioned it herself in her profile. Majority, as well as in Facebook, don’t.

    Then, i will probably disappoint you when I will tell you that I am not the only woman who has read about foreign men using Vkontakte as a dating engine. Scammers also have, be sure. Though it is sometimes even not correct to call such women scammers – some of them, actually, don’t have a direct intention to cheat you out of your possessions. This is just their life philosophy that men should provide on them. They are just professional kept women. There are many of such profiles in Vkontakte recently. Should I really tell you how to distinguish?

  34. Hello guys, great posts, some of them really hit the Mark. But as a natural born cynic I hate to disappoint Maria – she mentions that age difference is an issue. Is it? No when it applies to men. The truth is that female sexual attractiveness is simply a function of her fertility (this is the reason why men find older women a turn off), while male attractiveness is a function of the size of his wallet. My grandfather married at 60, his spouse was a hot 35 starlet and he lived to the day to see his grandson born (me). Rod Stuart was 45 when he married Rachel Hunter, a blonde supermodel stunner who at the time was 21. Charles Chaplin’s bride was 18, he was 56 at the time. I wonder if it had something to do with his fame and money? So, advice to all you guys who join dating sites beware, hot women go to the highest bidder. A typical model-look alike on a site like EM can receive up to 500 emails per week. That said, you better have a beach house and a Ferrari with huge disposable income before you join the game. It is a sad truth about dating – all kinds of dating. And no, I did not have any bad experiences in the past. I am forty from a former Soviet Republic with the looks and the body to match (ready to post my profile upon request)and who speaks fluent Russian and has been dating Russian girls all his life. I am just stating the sad truth. Truth hurts. As far as women are concerned, than read the article about the horror stories. A woman should ask herself, what would man want with a woman he can’t even converse with? Scary thought but just a thought. It is true, internet dating attracts many psychopaths. Does that meant that the are no descent men on those sites – of course not. And there are plenty of well meaning, descent women on sites such as EM. It is like a game of poker, a few lucky ones strike Royal Flushes, some are lucky to find two pairs, most can’t even get a pair or even Ace high, and some unfortunate sucker gets cleaned out by a hustler. Good luck to you all.

  35. I wasted many hours and some money on that site for several months. Here is the facts,
    Non existent customer service
    Scam women abound, but the bigger problem is when they are pointed out to customer service they do nothing about it. Can’t remove so many beautiful pictures or the men would complain.
    Way more men than women, which they don’t tell you.
    Many women are posted there but long ago became married, or no longer interested, or otherwise inactive. That’s why you can send 100 EOI and get two responses.
    Terrible new website that is impossible to navigate,

    It’s just not worth the trouble. Chances of you finding a true and honest girl are slim. But Elena will be glad to take your money.
    Don’t buy her books either, they are a joke. Obvious information that cons be found on the web for free.

    I am going to challenge my credit card charges with this company and if everyone did maybe they would go out of business or offer the service they claim.

    Don’t waste your money.

    P.S. I live in Sarasota Florida where they have an office address, but the street does not exist. Even the local police can’t find Elena’s office. Wonder why the secrecy.

    1. My experience with Elenas website has been nothing short of excellent. I was a member for six months. I contacted several women. It was very easy to navigate through the scams . Some where not scams, just not interested. I visited 3 countries and met 3 real women. All where real . All looking for a good man. Any website will have scammers. You need to use your head and not be unrealistic.

      I am very happily married now to a beautiful woman that I met on this site. I could not have asked for anything more. Maybe I am lucky? I don’t think so.

    2. Dale, your review is fake. I am calling you on it now.

      If you want to challenge me step out into the light. The site is far from perfect. But it is a paradise compared to the other sites in this industry.

      Are you prepared to defend your review?

  36. I read George Tsitsiani’s post from a year ago and I concur with everything he mentioned. While I wasn’t borne and raised in the former Soviet Union, I have been around Russian and Ukrainian people virtually all my life. I am an American citizen and contrary to popular belief, there is a rather enormous Russian/Ukrainian constituency within the United States.

    I’ve almost exclusively dated — and once been engaged to — Russian or Ukrainian women. I was married once, but the woman I was married to was from the Middle East and that marriage didn’t turn out so well. But otherwise, I’ve almost exclusively dated Russian and Ukrainian women. I’m now in my early 50’s and still searching for the right girl who will or would compliment my somewhat “complicated” lifestyle.

    Anyway, I’ve been using Elena’s Models website since 2006. That’s now nine (9) years as an off-and-on paid member. During those nine years I’ve had three somewhat long-term romantic relationships and one of those relationships turned into an actual marriage engagement. However, the engagement took a turn for the worse while I was deployed with my career and the girl in question fell for another man. But, that’s beside the point I’m trying to make.

    The bottom line is that American men need to screw their head on straight if they’re going to attempt to date a woman or a girl who hails from the former Soviet Union. The difference of ideology and the cultural difference and the difference in how genders from either country even perceive the opposite sex in their own country, is dramatic. Most American men are incapable of comprehending a Russian/Ukrainian girl/woman and her mind-set, let alone even being able to identify with her. If you’re going to date a Russian or Ukrainian female, then you better immerse yourself into that culture beforehand. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of disappointment(s).

    The other thing is that American men seem to think that Russian/Ukrainian girls are inexperienced and naïve or at least, not as aware or knowledgeable or worldly experienced as Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girls from the former Soviet Union are clever, extremely intelligent, forthright, unabashed, talented and wary. To put it mildly, you need to be on top of your game if you’re ever going to have any chance of enticing one to commit to a long-term relation with you.

    And lastly, American guys in particular, seem to think that Russian and Ukrainian girls are “easy pickings” and that all you need to do is select any one of a multitude of super-model like beauties in their twenties and that are found in every city, town and village of Russian and/or Ukraine, and your troubles will all be over. First, what would a 50 year old American man have in common with a 20 year old Russian/Ukrainian girl? Ditto for a 60 year old and a 30 year old. Believe me, there isn’t anything either of you can or even could share over the long-term, except money. So, keep in mind that age-disparity will turn into something that you’ll eventually regret; if not sooner, then definitely you will later.

    A word to the wise: Before attempting a relationship with a girl or woman who hails from Russia or Ukraine, immerse yourself completely in that culture for quite a while before testing the water; Travel to Russia and Ukraine and be a part of what you’re wanting to take away from those countries [which is a citizen of those countries]; And have realistic expectations, which means that if you’re average and of average means and if you’re beyond 35 years of age, then search for a woman who is close to your age and who is from a modest region of either country.

    Good luck, guys.

    1. Hi,

      This is my honest experience, I’m not a advocate, affiliate, partner or anything like that for this website either.

      The first time I joined, I met a real girl, Skype is a very simple way I verified this. We had a serious relationship for 2.5 years & ended recently. So now I’m on round 2.
      First point: obviously, you don’t send anyone money for sick relatives, plane tickets or anything stupid like that, if you do you deserve to lose that money. Come on its not rocket science.
      Recently I heard of a person that feel for the London lottery email scam, I have not sympathy for them. There are scammers online and scammers in real life too. Just use some common sense.

      A few tips to filter out dodgy sounding profiles is:
      0. Skype / Video Chat.
      1. look at the age difference they set,
      2. see if their eye color matches,
      3. see if their occupation field matches their job.
      4. prioritize the profiles that have longer & unique descriptions
      5. favorite profiles to begin with so people subtly know that you are interested / short listing them.
      6. Is their english bad even though they have said they are fluent.
      7. ask where the photos of them were taken try verify if you happen to know the place
      8. Do they send you a super long response that is generic and sounds scripted.
      9. look at age preference and short list the ones that are have a shorter more realistic gap.
      10. (mentioned already) Ask where they have traveled to in the past and ask for a photo from that trip or just a recent photo.
      11. if they offer you their email address, do a Google search on it and see if it comes up with any “got scammed by person this email”
      12. Ask if they are on facebook or something then Check the email against those sites such as facebook / twitter youtube etc. see if matches.
      13. short list the people with “Confirmed Profile”
      14. short list only people who have been active in the last 14days and those that are online.

      Ask to meet in neutral country closer to them so that you burden the majority of the cost if money is a issue. Just ask them to pay for their own ticket and you will front for the remainder of the costs associated with the trip.
      This way it will be a holiday for both in a new place, and if she doesn’t turn up then its not a complete waste for you.

      My reason for singing up was that I live not far from her office location, and I called her up on the number that was listed and she answered.
      I also called her up again for some advice about the best way to get my partner a visa in Australia where she was pretty helpful.
      And FYI, Australia is very strict with owning and operating businesses & You will get in alot of trouble if your dodgy, and found out pretty quickly.

      Last tip / point. This site also uses PayPal and Click bank as their payment processor. Which are very reputable payment companies, if your dodgy they will shut you down and ban you for life. If you have an issue with the site and what they have charged you, its very easy to file a dispute and if there is something dodgy going on then PayPal (for example) will mediate and refund your money reasonably quickly even if Elena has zero balance, they will overdraw their account and chase them up for the negative balance. Me personally I don’t purchase anything online unless they use PayPal.

      As I said I’m on my 2nd round now as the first relationship didn’t work out.
      If I remember, I’ll give you an update if it has changed much since 2 to 3 years ago.

  37. So, that’s my renewed opinion about EM after re-starting using the website after a year break (my mom was ill and then she died). A new thing is a blog. A very interesting piece of reading, i should say. Especially the comments of the men who argue with Elena and even blaim her when she tries to persuade them that getting married to a woman 20 years younger is not a good thing.
    Me, 36-year-old mother of a 9-year-old girl, with a university degree, with a range of about 10 photos from professional to everyday ones. Ten letters to different men within two weeks. Personal letters: I do think what to write about, and I try to address the person and to write on the ground of his profile. No one even was read. Ten rejections.
    I met a man from EM here in Ukraine a year and a half ago. Unfortunatelly, it didn’t work out, mainly because of that really hard situation in my family I wrote about above. He was really pleased and happy when we met and he was ready to continue communication. But he only wrote to me after he had come to Ukraine, met 3 scammers just in two days (the girls he chose to meet and for whom he came here), and then he decided not to waste time and to write somebody else from the site – somebody looking and being more true-to-life.
    Dear men, be realistic! And you will never be scammed. And if you want your letters to be answered – do the same, who knows, maybe you are missing your real chance while trying to catch the fruit of your imagination.
    And just one more thing. If the woman is busy not only with writing fake letters to everybody on the site all day long, then, she will probably not be the first to react on your profile, she will probably not answer your letters immideatelly, and she will probably write about some more realistic and less romantic letters, at least on the first stage of your communication.
    All the best.

  38. Based on my experience, I can confirm all female comments (by Ilona, Irina, Tatyana, Maria , Anna). I am really glad for those guys who met their wives there, but apparently this can be called an exception in the case of EM.

    EM just seems to be out dated.

    If can compare it with other dating sites I am registered on (okcupid, ukrainedate, and 7brides are among them), there I receive lots of interest and emails.They work like EM: you should buy there a gold or platinum membership.

    EM is made for men over 50 who search for 20-year model-looking girls with ‘strike the pose’ photos in profile ‘who are very serious about having a family’.

  39. There’s something about this site that doesn’t seem quite right I am not saying it’s a scam but I am very suspicious of it. I joined it and within 5 minutes I received 15 emails from really beautiful women half of my age.I have been on dating sites for 20 years and have never had much interest from women even ones my own age or older of average looks so something doesn’t smell right here.

    1. At this point the site is as old fashion as match makers. Look take a trip to Russia or load up on the latest dating apps. Join some wesbites I mention on this site for free. I need to revise my post. I do not want to say anything bad about Elena’s models except the paradigm is old-fashion. Russian girls I know use apps. Lets be honest does that not make more sense.

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