Eastern European girls for marriage

Girls from Eastern Europe, Poland , Ukraine , Belarus and Russian date men for the purpose of marriage, to be a wife.

Perhaps the title of this post should be ‘the choice is yours’. I think there are big differences in the dating and mating selection game in the USA, UK and Eastern Europe.  Differences so large you could sail a ship though them. Why? The culture is different. Many, if not all, of my American friends that married American women are not happy.

They are just waiting for the sweet kiss of death to set them free. Why? Read on.

In contrast, my friends that married to girls from Poland or Russia are universally happy. Why? read on.

In countries like Poland, Ukraine and Russian girls take their boyfriend’s arm and let them lead.

Important disclaimer: this is not about every American and Western European women. This is not about every Russian women or Eastern European women. However, the cultures of these two societies have produced different views on women towards life and marriage.

Why am I writing this? Well because myself and basically every American guy who is or was single and tried with sincere intentions to date an American girl, found themselves shocked at the childish, flakey games that were played. I want to point out cultural differences that perhaps made this happen. I want to help some American guys who are thinking this is the way it has to be, realize in life you always have a choice.

It does not have to go like this. You do not have to wait for the sweet kiss of death to set you free. You do not have to give your house and half your money to someone you despise. You can live happily every after with your princess.

Eastern European girls compared to Western European and American girls

Eastern European girls are straight they want to get married and find their husband or what is the point of dating. American girls often date more for ego gratification and have a cool boyfriend while they get their careers going. When they get their careers going and entrenched habits, then they find a husband for them to have their child with. Not the lover boy they have been dating, but someone who has money. In contrast, Eastern European women are looking for their one and only. Lets look at some of the cultural differences between American and Eastern European girls for marriage.

American women for marriage

Remember this is not everyone. There is no way you can generalize. Rene Descarte said every generalization is a distortion of the truth. On the other hand I think if you are a guy looking to get married, maybe you not only consider the girl next door but the whole world like Eastern and central European ladies. Here is what you might get if you decide on dating a women for love and marriage from America,how the world’s culture has changed:

  • Less than healthy weight for their frames and bone structure.
  • Sassy
  • Short hair
  • Tattoo rich skin
  • Piercings in odd parts of their bodies
  • Can not dance
  • Does not know speak a foreign language
  • Little or no intellectual curiosity – I have often tried to get into intelligent conversations about anything, and they just shut down. This is a real sore point for me.
  • Do not play the violin or any other musical instrument at any real level.
  • Can not locate most European or Asian countries besides the UK or France on a map.
  • Having a grande latte at Starbucks is standard and a must or they are grumpy.
  • Dominant. When are American girls going to realize being submissive is attractive not dominant. Dominant is a weakness for people who need to control.
  • Having a pets instead of a family (and if you are their boyfriend must just love their cat).
  • Puts career as a priority instead of a family in their 20s.
  • Puts her girlfriends instead of her boyfriend, fiancé or husband in terms of trust.
  • Has problems with her childhood family usually her father.
  • Yet insists on keeping her father’s family name if married or hyphen-ing it.
  • Tries to impress you with their résumé or accomplishments instead of knowing how to cook and taking care of a family.
  • Multi partners and boyfriends simultaneously.  Are these women?
  • Talk about their past relationships to you like you are an old friend, even mentioning all the things her ex boyfriends did to impress, usually involving expensive trips and gifts.
  • Tell you ‘I have never done this before’ when in all probability they have done it all the time.
  • Have various forms of ‘protection’ in the purse or dresser draw near their bed, if they meet that random cute waiter or guy from a club.
  • When they meet you in broad daylight at a coffee shop for a date to the museum after chatting with them on for a month, ask you, ‘how do I know you are not a dangerous freak?’ While that same girl who was totally drunk at 2 am last Saturday night leaves a disco with a strange macho looking guy to goes back to his apartment for boom boom. The next day she will explain it to her girlfriends as something that ‘just happened’.
  • Have no style and do not even know they have no style.  America is not the style capital of the world despite the inordinate amount of money women spend at stores like the Gap.
  • Girls see cooking (an expression of love) as demeaning or only for special occasions. They will do every nasty thing with guys all over town, but these same girls think cooking,a sweet innocent expression of love, is humiliating. Feminists have twisted innocent expressions of love, like cooking,  so much that many people are confused. Let me give you a hint, love is something that is not written about under ‘tips for the bedroom’ in Cosmo magazine as much as giving your time and patience everyday to someone you care about, like cooking.
  • American girls want a rich guy to marry. They want a guy who works four hours a day and can surprise them with expensive weekend trips. I believe like the Beatles’ song says ‘money can’t buy you love’.
  • Thinking a rich guy is a good catch. Let me give you a piece of advise, a well paid job is very over rated.
  • Spend lots of money on things.
  • When are Western girls going to stop believing the stuff they see on TV and start realizing that the most important job in the world is to make your family happy, raising happy children and  making your husband happy? Why is it that feminists try to sell you the ridiculous lie that it is more important pleasing and severing your boss (master) than the person you marry and promise their life to in front of God and others. Work to American girls are more important than their partner in life (your husband) or spending time with your children. Children need their mommy not some day care specialist, while mommy is bending over backwards for their boss at work. Women often put more energy into their bosses demands than the needs of their children and husband.
  • I think women are equal and have no problem with careers, but career is nothing compared to love and family.
  • I am 100% man but I will not put anything before my family. I will not put ego, feeling good about myself, the need to be right, the need to prove myself, to be a VIP career guy before making sure my family has enough love and time with me. Of course I have to work, but family first.

Now lets look at Eastern European women, who I recommend for to any American guy who is looking to get have a happy life.

Women moderate themselves in Eastern Europe and remain thin.

Eastern European girls for marriage

  • Thin
  • stylish
  • cook
  • clean
  • Try to find one man and mate for life
  • Spiritual
  • Take pride in taking care of a family
  • Intellectually curious
  • Speak several languages
  • Have and interest in music and play musical instrument
  • Can dance
  • Easy going
  • Will stay with you
  • Will not talk about you to their friends in a negative way
  • You come first
  • Submissive

On the other hand, if you are a guy who likes these cultural characteristic of American girls listed above, then they are for you. This is not any judgement, rather just laying out the differences and you choose which culture you would rather marry in. I recommend considering not marrying the girl next door and going for an Eastern European girl for marriage as in my personal experience they will bring you happiness.  Why get married if you are not going to play to win and go for your dream.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

47 replies on “Eastern European girls for marriage”

You are incorrect about American women. I’m from the USA, a good weight, 120lbs, 5″4 and take great pride in looking good and am nothing like you describe. I think the problem really is with most American men. Example: I was with my son’s father for 17 years and unfortunately that ended. I didn’t date for a year and started dating a man my sister’s husband works with. I will tell you, the entire first year he basically said my son was rotten because at 6 years old he would have melt downs when he was tired etc and his son was just perfect. He also would degrade his EX wife in front of me and my son. Blamed the entire divorce on her which I know is not true. It takes two people to make it work. He never looked at “his shortcomings”. It was so much easier to blame everyone else. This same person would invite us places and never tell us we had to pay, I found out when I got there. He and his son would also walk in front of my son and I as if we weren’t together. You see, he always made his son more important than everyone else, even his son’s mother and left everyone behind. This same person once said “F___” my son because he didn’t want to go some where with him because he said “J___s” never does anything with me which was true. I let this man treat me and my son like 2nd class citizens and after 2 yrs of trying to talk to him about them I just got angry at him, thought that maybe he would listen but that didn’t happen. He then went on a MOD site and brought a girl over from Albania a month after I broke it off with him, told me it was a “MUTUAL” thing and that he might make the biggest mistake of his life but he might just marry her in a month which he did. Now, you want to generalize about american women, however, the american man is no prize either if you want to generalize. This man and this woman from a foreign country came over here to live with a man she barely knows and he let her live there for 2 months and didn’t know her. Now I find that absurd, either one of them could have turned out to be a psycho! Albanian women are not great as you describe, I think they are no different than any other woman. This same woman he married had a site up on with pictures of her and a man from 2007 that were quite chummy. Now why if you are now in the USA and married to a man in the USA? And you want to talk about american women being over weight, have you seen most american men? They are quite over weight as well and I will say that my EX is one of them (as well as very needy and afraid of being alone) although I did not look at that as being a reason not to date him. I think you need to look long and hard at what you are saying. There are wonderful american women and men if you look. I don’t think anyone needs to BUY a women from a foreign country. I think most people need to look inside themselves and see what mistakes they have made and fix them and learn to love themselves. Once that happens, that will open a whole new world for you however most people don’t want to fix anything about themselves, it’s too easy to blame someone else and move on. My Ex used to tell me how much he loved me and wanted to marry me, even the last time I was with him in October2009 however it was very easy for him to bring someone over from a foreign country that he didn’t even know, have her live there for 2 months, bring her back in a month and marry her. I have no respect for anyone who would do this, what about love, respect, friendship? Apparently that matters very little to american men as it does to the some of the women of Albania? I’ve heard from other Albanian women who state that they do not marry for love, they marry so someone can take care of them. I will say most american women look for love not money as a reason to marry!

I am very sorry to hear about your experiences with you husband. Men are jerks sometimes and no country, gender or people have a monopoly on good or bad people. I do not have any wisdom for you as I do not know enough about you. Are you following the Bible or are you just living? I do not know. Find someone who care about you and shares your beliefs in love an marriage. I do not believe in living together before marriage (or really even s_x for that matter). Find someone who is really will care for you and love you for who you are. I am sorry you had those bad experiences and that I do not have any wisdom.

Sounds to me like you should have kept your first marriage together.

I stay in America for a few year to study, and found what you said is true in many ways but then and again I was at Wisconsin where intellect in girls is…
I am from Singapore and have great media influence from America, sadly, so most people have “values” of America media greatly.
In terms of woman in Asia, from what you posted so far about eastern Europeans, many of the similar values of woman can be found (sadly not in Singapore since its the guys who knows how to cook instead), are found in pockets of Asia like, Vietnam, Malaysia, maybe even Japan and Korea. What I do realize is woman generally look for love in an lesser economic countries than in greater economic countries.

To Nomad, Maybe what you say is true but I find it so degrading to talk to someone for about a month and agree to come from your country to live with them. You don’t know if what they are telling you is true and why can’t you find someone in your own country? Why do you need to come to the USA to marry? I will say this, my Ex knew that he was marrying this girl the moment she got here. He knew that in Jan. when I talked to him. They apparently had a mutual agreement to marry. I find it so sad that you would sell sex and love as if they were commodities just to avoid being alone. What happened to getting to know someone, being friends, seeing where that leads? Instead, you come from your country, live with a man you don’t know and sleep with him? Now, how degrading is that? It’s no different than picking up someone in a bar and sleeping with them. Where’s your self respect? I guess since they decided, sight unseen that they would marry that it was ok to sleep together. I think some women, regardless of where they come from have no self respect otherwise you wouldn’t do some of the things you do. I happen to love myself and respect me and will not settle or sleep with anyone unless there is a commitment there and of course love. I have to say about him, he apparently has very little self respect also. How could you so easily give up someone you profess to love so much for a Mutual agreement?? He once told me that if had not been in “a friends wedding” I would have never noticed him and he may be right, not sure about that. This statement spoke volumes to me, this basically said you feel like your not worth a lot and do not respect or even love yourself. The sad thing here is that I still love this person and really hope that he’s happy.

ADMIN, you are by far the rudest most dead WRONG, insluting person Ive encountered in a long time. You spew nothing but hatred and lies about American women. Im so impressed that you have come up with such a long list of insults. One would think that with all your bragging about your perfect, size 4, Eastern European princess, you would be spending time with her rather than writing these stupid articles!

You are nothing more than a spinless jerk. You call yourself a “Christian”? What real man of God would devote his time to write such vindicitive and mean article about women that God created!?

Just because you struck out with some women in the USA for whatever reason(maybe it was YOU who was the problem),does not give you a right to go on here insulting other cultures. You said you know so much because you have traveled.Just because youve VISITED places a few time does NOT mean you know everything. How can you make all these observations of different women unless you have dated or become very personal and know these women for quite sometime.

Maybe, the reason why American women didnt like you was because you they thought you were a rude jerk. And I can rightfully say that just by reading this article alone, I would have to agree.

Do not listen to anything this guy says. He is wrong on many things. I know many cultures he praises as being the same ones that marry for security or money more than American women.

HE is a self righteous twirp who got probably got burned by a few Americans and now devotes his time to making a website about how terrible we all are.

Some of the best, most caring, Christian, unmaterialistic and BEAUTIFUL/SKINNY women, I know are American.

People like him like to trash us and give us a bad name to other Ameican men or other cultures. If he is so happy in his marriage then why is he doing this? Writing all these insults? He proves himself naive and ignorant to think that all Americans are like this. How can he say not all American women are like this but then makes a rediculously long list of the cons of an American girl?

People like you, admin are really ruining it for us nice American girls to have a chance at love. There are more us nice girls than you think. You are one person, how is it very likely that you have done all this extensive research in your short years? Wow, I am inpressed.

Im guessing you are basing your entire opinion on a few bad experiences of you or another friend’s.

I have never felt to upset at a stupid article before, and I am usually a very kind person but you just really hit a nerve with me. Good luck with your perfect euro princess.

Raquel, I appreciate your feedback but look, you are taking it from only one point of view. That is you are a good girl in America. I was a good boy growing up in the good old USA. I stayed true to my morals and had the worst possible dating experiences.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a guy in America. I think without exception women I date believed in divorce, abortion, multiple partners and if I raised issues with this, I was looked at like strange.

I never really meet a girl that was just wanted love and marriage in the basic sense. Well maybe one or two but there were always so many conditions and judgments.

I really did not meet just a girl that did not talk about all her past boyfriends or thought cooking was a sign of submission.

When I came to Eastern Europe, the place my grandparents were from, basically all the girls were morally on the same page as me. They saw family as sacred and God as the center of their lives. These girls were normal girls who just wanted a normal life.

In the USA there are many girls like this. Women like yourself who has wisdom. But I just personally did not meet any or many and this seems to be the general idea of most guys in the USA.

Nothing about specific women, but rather a reflection of the society and the direction it is going.

But remember I grew up in New England and the social economics mores of this area are not like say the Bible belt or the mid west. So some of my experiences have skewed my view of things.

But I think most guys would agree, it is very hard to find someone to marry in the USA and this is based on statistics like divorce rates, single mothers as well as personal experience. But it is not about American women as a whole. Just their experiences.

While in contrast, I do not know one American personally in Eastern Europe, not happy in their marriage or relationship. I am sure they exist but I do not know them.

Unforunately with the way you came out swinging in such a masculine manner (even after the author says “It’s not all American women) you proved his point.

It’s also typical for American women to take everything personally. Ego is the root of all hatred.

HA! I just missed the list or why Eastern Euros are better!


Okay I get it now, he want a women he can boss around to make himself feel superior over!

And the “stylish” one is debatable too. Ive seen some rather indecently dressed Eastern Euro women, not to mention out of date clothing.

Then he says “spiritual”, ha, really? Most seem pretty secular to me.

You actually seem to me, like part of the problem of the “Terrible American Woman”. Guys like you go around bad mouthing us all on websites like this, making us ALL seem bad. You have some nerve. Most people are intelligent enought to know that EVERY culture had people with traits on your Terrible American Women list. There is good and bad in any culture.
Maybe you need to realize that you are comparing rather small countries with considerably LESS of a population than to that of the U.S. a very populated country.

Also, many Eastern Euro women “spend lots of money on things” too. How else do they all prance around in designer handbags, and boots and fur coats? I see it all the time. I guess they just got them for free, uh yeah.

Humility is perhaps the greatest virtue as it stand in opposition of pride. If you read Dante pride is what causes the most falls of all the deadly sins. In contrast Lust is the most forgivable as it is only misdirected love.

Therefore submissive is desirable in both genders when choosing a mate. It makes life a lot easier on a day to day basis. You do not want to be always engaged in a power struggle with your other half.
I work at home for example so for many years have been with my wife 24/7. Maybe 1 or 2 or so a week we are not together when I have to go somewhere. But at home it is just peace and harmony. This is why I highly recommend people find a spouse with humility, it will bring joy to your love life.

She’s warping what the word submissive is meant to mean. Christ says we should all be submissive to our brethren, woman or man. It’s about being humble. Build yourself up and you will be abased, be humble and you will be exalted.

Why don’t you talk about that (humility) instead of nationality? If that is truly what you are interested in? Maybe if you are so much into this self help mentality, you should write a book on how to make ones self more humble, instead of generalizing an entire nation. This way, you can serve your god, and make people better, and at the same time, not judge people. You give them the opportunity to make themselves better instead of creating a caste type system. Seems like a far more optimistic take on the whole issue. Finding a place where people are “right” isn’t nearly as important, as creating a healthier system for the whole world. You seem to carry a lot of resentment towards western culture, and maybe you should think of turning the negative energy into something more productive.

Point noted.
I and many guys I know would like to make the world a better place. I agreed. I would love to change the world. I dream of a world of peace and acceptance. I always think if you want to change the world, be the change you dream of. Live in an accepting way. I hope I do. I mean I am so idealistic about peace, equality and love and even if the world around me is not, I choose to be.
However, when it comes to mating and dating, life is short. I simply recommend that guys (and girls) go for what they really want in a mate. Go for what you want. Do not compromise, do not be afraid to marry your dream.

For example, when I lived in Boston, a religious town full of educated people, I met girls who were doing the career thing until they were in their 30s and going from partner to partner. Every one I meet did not really go to church, expected to be taken to dinner, talked about their last boyfriend, talked about how important their career was, talked about how they do not cook, but make up for it in another way ‘wink, ‘wink’. They went one talking about boring things and how they have more guy friends than girls. They said they are totally honest and this is why guys do not like them and had very strong opinions, even when shown evidence to the contrary would not back down. They went on how they were strong women (I think a strong woman is like a strong man, someone who listens and cares with empathy). Of course not all woman were like that. However, this was my personal experience.

It is not how I was raised. I was raised not to talk about yourself. I was raised that money does not matter. I was raised family is the only thing in life that is important. Career is not.
In contrast in Eastern Europe all the girls I know go to Church and many even beat their chest in forgiveness if they cross in front of a church or at least bless themselves. They have Masters degrees, speak several languages and dream of cooking and taking care of a man and having children.
Although this is not every guys dream to have a normal family life with a girl who will cook and take care of the family without complaining, it is many. And if it is Eastern Europe might be one option when considering a mate. Why not?
So there are big cultural differences in the world. This is not saying one is right or wrong but just different. If you are a guy and you dream of a family consider Eastern European girls for marriage. Be open to the possibility that your princess is not always the girl next door.

As an Eastern European (a Ukrainian) woman I find this article to be completely off base. Eastern Europe certainly has a long way to go in terms of feminism, but it for sure is already happening.

In fact successful decent men would never go to Eastern Europe to find a girl, because they do not need it. It is mostly complete losers with a patriarchal view of the world that go there to find a “bride”. What makes me even more sad is that these men treat Eastern European women as a commodity. Because of economical disparity coupled with the “marriage mentality” majority of these women are really vulnerable.

Lets be honest here, feminism in the current form destroys lives because it turns the genuine liberation of women into a power struggle. Equal treatment of women are turned into a men versus women power struggle for control of the relationship. There is a whole generation of people in the USA that have been destroyed my feminism. Divorces and broken families, single parents and lonely people. I know scores of old maids and aging player men. I hope somehow Ukrainian women understand that feminism is anti-family and anti-love. I believe in love.

In nationality I am Ukrainian and Polish even though I was born in the USA. I married someone living in Poland after living there many years. I met on vacation. What is wrong with that? I am in love and we both wanted a family and we are religious. I learned the language and have been together over ten years. Why is that wrong?

Are you married, do you have children are you thrilled with you life? I am. I believe that God has lead me to the person I am suppose to be with and I do not care if she is on the other side of the world. If you are so closed to restrict your dating to only people in a certain nationality or geographical region I would reexamine what is important in your life. Does not love have no boundaries?

Wow- each of these comments, responding to the author is just proving his point! No man wants to marry another “Man”.

Because nationality and culture constitute one’s environment. One’s views on life are determined by their environment. He’s obviously not talking about the exceptional women who think past their nose to counter the status quo.

Get site admin just awesome. I agree with you American women just useless. I would like to know the polishing dating sites you have recommended before. I can’t fine them in the comments. I can’t speak Polish, but that is fine as Google will translate the pages automatically. I am with you on eastern European women just blow all other women out of the water.

It is not that are useless, just not who I would personally want to marry in many, but not all cases. If you are an American guy chances are you have had enough of their childish mind games, materialistic attitude and want a wife who will treat you with love and kindness. I married a girl from Eastern Europe and very happy I did.
Polish dating sites:

I’m a guy from Egypt and I met a girl from Hungary from a Village named “Veszprém”; I met that girl in Paris and I would like to say that it was so Kind ; she used to help me cooking and she gives me to eat so many times and of course since i’m orthodox from Egypt ; I want to marry ;it is normal in Egypt to marry not just to have a girl friend so I told her that marriage in West Europe is not a goal as I saw French girls but she told me that marriage in Hungary and making family is very important and when she finishes her study she will think of course of marriage ; also i met a girl from Romania she was young like the hungarian and she is looking also for marriage so it is normal for the Eastern countries to make a family especially in poor countries because money destructs every good concepts in Life ; so what you said about Eastern countries is right to a big extent and honestly I don’t the USA and their girls ; all I know about them is that they have a big chest because they eat burger all the time.

I am glad that we have people like you giving this kind of perspective, because all too often it becomes a “American hater” argument.

But you have the valuable point of view that even a foreigner outside of the US can recognize the family values of Eastern European women.

All American ego aside.

Exactly on the spot. Very true. You might say that Scandinavian girls are just like the american: Tattoed, overweight, dumb and bitchy. There are exceptions, but not many. Another problem, you might add, is that many scandinavian girls have done drugs. That is a big turn-off in my book.
I will no more be politically correct and suffer. I have had enough.

Hey,everyone, I’m a girl from Eastern Europe ,but I must say, it’s all not true. Yes, we are interesting, we are into playing the piano,the guitar, reading books, cooking,but we like to be bossy as well. What do you mean by saying ‘they will stay with you’ or ‘you can come first’?

I need more information, which country are you from in Eastern Europe? How old are you and what do you do? All this might determine what your world view is. I think Eastern European girls from Western Ukraine and Poland take a pretty faithful view when it comes to marriage. They will stay with you and do not believe in divorce generally. You will be first and last in their life.

I won’t sit here and bash American women,after all, dating is a matter of choice. I will say this much though, after dating girls from LA, Denver, Seattle, NY, and Miami.I find a great difference in culture enrichment between American women and foreign women that I appreciate, and I’m sure it works vice versa sometimes for American women aswell as how they see American men. I think a lot of what most guys are saying here has to do with the experience of embracing a whole new culture attached to their sexuality. In my experience, this has made my relationship dating European women a lot more enjoyable than American. The experience of being exposed to a new culture,travel, different food than accustomed to, you feel a very different connection. I mean who wouldn’t? Regardless if you’re a girl or guy. It’s something nice to experience.

I am not bashing American women. It is just that every American woman I know under 50 years old has gone through divorce. I was even watching Survivor One world and Kim Spradlin won. She is about as sweet and all American as you can get but she is divorced. Why did Kim Spradlin get divorced? I do not know but I think she made a comment like she would rather sit alone than sit next to someone she does not like.
That in my book is called dating. marriage is stay with someone for better for worse.
If you find an American girl, just make sure she is high-minded or you will find yourself as some chump who is on the short end of the stick after a divorce and all the blaime will be going on you.
Why do American women get divorced? I think they have a low level of commitment. I am married and I can not imagine a reason why I would ever leave my wife. Ever.

Personally, as an American lady, I must say this is ridiculous.

  • I am 5’4″ and I weigh 130 pounds. I am not fat, I do have nice curves. If I didn’t have them I would look like a boy. I have not rolls of fat anywhere unless I’m sitting obviously.
  • I’m in no way sassy unless I feel the person was very rude. I’m commonly described as quiet and sweet mannered.
  • I’m currently dedicated to growing my hair out. Right now it’s a bit past shoulder length.
  • Tattoos are personal preference. Don’t be so superficial.
  • Piercings are personal preference. If you don’t like someone for a piercing then you are much too superficial.
  • I’m alright at dancing. I don’t think that is nationality specific.
  • I plan on learning French, Japanese, Haitian, spanish, and some form of african (i know there is no “african language”, but I have not decided which specific one to learn) if at all possible.
  • I much prefer intellectual conversation over air headedness.
  • I can play flute fairly well, I used to play guitar but felt I was failing at it so I stopped. I want to learn piano, oboe, ocarina, bamboo flute: etc.
  • This may be because I am still in school, but I do have a good idea of where other countries lay.
    I think getting grumpy over something as trivial as a specific coffee is very unattractive and unbecoming.
    Although, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being respectfully dominant, personally, I’m much more submissive than that.

    In my opinion, having pets as a substitution for children is entirely up to the couple, but I would not want that.
    There is nothing wrong with putting your career ahead of a family at 20 years old.

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but if you loved the lady you would want her to be happy and if a career makes her happy then so be it. Also, if she is 20, she should be preparing for having a family later, not already bearing children. (getting a home, buying baby furniture, getting money saved for the baby, having enough money for the hospital bills that come with having a baby, all rely on a stable job. And unless you are wealthy enough to support your wife and child single-handedly, then you should be thankful that your wife enjoys it.)

    For myself, I would most definitely trust my husband over friends. IF I married the right person that is (so maybe you should take a look at how trustworthy you act.

    As far as childhood problems go, bad things happen. Maybe instead of whining about it you should be there for her.
    I don’t understand keeping your previous name when you get married, unless she became re married. I can’t wait until I get to share my future husbands last name. Whoever that may be.

    If you don’t think things other than knowing how to cook and take care of a family are interesting or worthy of your impression, then perhaps you should advise people to look for a robot.

    I would never be able to exist in a relationship with multiple people.
    I don’t think talking about past relationships is bad. To an extent. If they do it to hurt you then that’s not good. They may not even know they are taking it too far. But I don’t think the past should be ignored.
    If you were speaking of sexual things, not having done things before is more desirable to some people and she may think of it as shameful to have done things.

    Having various forms of protection for a random waiter means that, you sir, have a whore on your hands. Either that or you’re too paranoid.
    Being women, we are not as strong physically so we can’t always protect ourselves. And there are many people who pretend to be someone they’re not over the Internet (with bad intentions). So yes, we worry. But if she has sex with many strangers, she’s not for you.

    Style is a personal opinion. Perhaps they like the way they look and you just disagree. I find that most women I know are very stylish.
    Some men use cooking as a way to degrade a woman. They do not see it as an expression of love but rather something that is part of a “woman’s place”. Therefore, it has become an undesirable thing to be forced to cook. Obviously. They do not give a word of thanks for this “love”. ALWAYS thank your lady for this, because cooking can be much harder than it looks.

    A lot of girls who come from richer societies who don’t want to leave that way of living, so they want a rich man. Or the girl comes from a poorer place and wants to get out of it. The sweetness of money can sometimes cover up what love is really about. It sure eases up way of life. But that doesn’t mean it’s right. I personally just want someone perfect for me. Rich or not.
    We are raised to think well paid men are a good catch. I’m not one to think this way though.

    Spending lots of money is not American woman specific.
    Sir, I simply find it crazy that someone could be so widely judgmental. Generalizing American women. It’s like you’ve only seen ten people your entire life. Because I know so many people who are not like how you described them at all. How rude of you.

    I don’t know when this originated, probably a long time ago. But I felt strongly about this.

Uniculture vs. a world of differences – I sincerely appreciate the reply of course this is a broad stroke of the brush. Not all girls in the USA is the same. However, culturally there are some trends I observe that contrast with women in their parts of the world. To say that there is a uniculutre in the world is just as bad as painting everyone in one culture a particular way. I would not want a uniculutre, the whole world one big McDonalds/Walmart (two places I like mind you). I like having the choice of women in the world.

Women affirming each other or one million years of evolution? However, this post is not to make friends with women per way (I think you are someone who is impressive in terms of personal developement and beauty most likely, and is not about you specifcally, OK).

I do not want to just be affirming and confirming and relating like women do when thy get together. I am writing largely for men who want to find a hot wife who will make them happy, period. Not to judge or criticizes, but to point out the reality of American culture. And that is it has been poisoned by feminism like screaming liberal Maureen Dowd, who is now a confirmed old maid. I suggest men listen to their hormones which are chemical messengers from one million years of evolution. Listen to your instincts and hold firm in your religious values.

Look you are a guy do not settle for anything less than a fantasy girl. Some leggy, thin girl who has hair long and loves to cook and dreams of making her man happy, and desires little else in life but personal development, and love for her man.

I walk the walk – I mean I am a dude and want nothing more than to be a good husband and father. My daughter and wife are very happy with me. I do yoga, stay in shape,and have no tattoos. Just generally a nice family man. That is my dream in life.

What is wrong with being a hot sexy wife? I do not care how you answer it as it is not really a question for women but a rhetorical question for men seeking girls.

Eastern European girls – Guys should do for some hot girl from Russia or Poland who believes in God, has no tattoos and long hair, wears black dresses and loves to cook and take care of you, why you go out and earn a living. Sure when the kids are out of the house you can pursue a career but until then, all hands on deck. Guys you bust your butt all day and night, do you not think you deserve a girl who does not hassle you and looks like snow-white?

Gracye, I do have a question for you. Is there any reason why you would ever get divorced?

Also why do I have to settle for size 10 when I could date a size 6?

I am not a chauvaist at all. It is a sin to think anything other than men and women are equal. However, each gender is unique in the way nature makes use sweet as honey for the opposite sex, do you not agree? I mean you want a Brad Pitt/ George Clooney not a Niles from Frasier.

1940s wife today – Men sacrifice their playful lives to commit to one women. I am so happy with the way my thin, sexy Polish wife looks I have no reason to ever consider anyone else. I do not want to look at other woman. Of course the real reason is I love her and would not and it is against my morals to look at other women. However, why not strive to fit into a size six black dress to make him happy and if necessary greet him at the door with a pleasant smile when he gets home from work with an olive martini? I mean there is nothing wrong with this, it is fun for all.

Don’t you understand to get a prince you need not to be your average curvy size 10 Jane who wants a career and does not cook, but you have to be a princess and something out of the man’s dreams.

That being said there is someone for everyone.

However guys, do not listen to girls advice regarding mate selection. Listen to your instinct. If women had the answers Delilah, the lady who gives love advice on the light FM radio stations, would not have been married three times. Listen to a man’s advice. Find your one and only princesses who really is easy-going and hot and capture her and bring her back to your cave so she can be bare foot and pregnant and everyone is happy.

I am girl from North-East Europe (I am Latvian) that is why I can agree that most of what is said in beginning is quite true though my nationality is not Slavic. Most Latvians know average two-three languages (I know Latvian, English, still learning Russian and Japanese, in future I want to learn German), most girls can dance waltz (I learned that in kindergarten), if not – no problem to go and learn it. Nearly everybody have choir singing or folk-dance experience (I played one folk instrument, now struggle with cello).
Latvian girls want stability. Like all North type people we make relationship slowly and seriously (of course there are many exceptions along young people).

What is not true – young people don’t want to marry till age 30 (the same with me). First cames education (at least Bachelor degree, I learn in Master studies) and good job. There ar many couples who do not marry but live together and have children (probably because wedding is expensive). Half of people I know had been married twice (including my parents and sister) but for long time in both marriages.

What means “easy going” in that list? “Sleep with you when you want”? Latvian woman are very independent and no means no. And I am not easy going or submissive. I respect myself and want to be with person (yes, preferably “the one”) who respect me and who also would be my friend not some stupid macho who thinks he is a god.
First comes family as all, then children and only then a man.

Russian girls are different – they are used to much stronger patriarchal and may agree to sit at home with kids and live only for family. But if you want to marry a Russian girl you have to be able to ensure her life with all she need. Russians also have sharper temperament than Latvians so be careful.

Other Slavic or Baltic I can’t comment.

Here are American “women” in a nutshell.

“Look at me, look at me! – then How dare you look at me you creep.”

I’m 48. I got sick and tired of them and their silly little games many years ago and I totally refused to have anything to do with them.

What is interesting is that most of the time it takes someone else to notice a “woman’s” interest in me, because I’m oblivious to these “women”. I don’t notice them.

If anyone wants to see American “women” rage, then answer them truthfully when they ask why you’re not married yet.

So, is it any surprise that you get AW here that react with anger at what you say? Consider this: Would it bother you if AW said all sorts of bad things about American men? It doesn’t bother me, because I know better. I will not listen to any “woman” that tries to convince me that 2 + 2 = 453,347,854,993.

When it comes to the “men are jerks” idiocy, well, these women respond to jerks. The men are just giving these “women” what they demand. Men have merely adapted to what women respond to, hence the PUA movement. Personally I think that is a huge mistake, but it’s their life, not mine. More than once these “women” have mistaken my disinterest as being somehow more “alpha” (for lack of a better term), when it really was disinterest.

It is blogs like yours that are truly dangerous to these “women”, because you (and others) show that there is an infinitely better alternative, and AW don’t like that one bit.

I really wish I had this option 10 years ago. I’d have gone to the FSU so fast that the vacuum created would have ripped a tear in the space-time continuum…

Do not confuse women’s liberation with the true liberation of women

In the context of American culture American guys need to read some Georg Simmel the Metropolis and Mental life or Émile Durkheim and realize how society affects the individual. The society a girl grows up in determines a large part of her interaction with individuals, including men. Although these sociologist did not go into dating their models can be extended to the American dating experience. My point is society matters.

Specific examples of how American women flake out based on cultural norms and learned behaviors
I think every American guy has experienced this. On one hand, if you try to strike up a normal nice conversation with an American girl often she is stand-offish. If you pay her some attention, while she wears some provocative clothes you are a ‘creep’. If you find a nice girl, or so it seems, go on a date she flakes out.
If you are interacting with women in a shop, say you are in a retail store and there is a girl working, and you have zero interest in her, she acts like you are there to talk to her to pick her up, not to get information about the product at hand.

American women are not a race or ground of people. It has nothing to do with genetics. It has to do with an idea, a cultural change that has occurred in the USA. Up is down and down is up.

Yes if you want to understand American women (not all as this is a broad generalization and forgive me, as individuals are not all the same), study and analysis in abstract what is going on.

Up is down and down is up. 1+1=3 and if you do not agree with them, you are out of potential choices for dating and mating.

Being happily married, loyal and loving is not the norm. Rather people are having affairs and cheating and rude to each other. women feel cooking and cleaning is oppression. While in my household my wife cooks and cleans and is proud of it. I married an Eastern European girl.

American women care about money, career way too much. Live to work not work to live. Money means nothing. Love and compassion means everything.

Americans girls do not know how to flirt and interact as they have their defense up so much, they want to destroy you first and then see from there.

Sometimes I see these round American girls that maybe some girls would think are pretty and they might even interact in a nice way, but ghee wiz why? The chances that she will flake out on you at some point because of her programming in this American culture are so high it is hardly worth the risk in my book.

I think American women began this downward spiral because in the 1960s they confused women’s liberation with the genuine liberation of women. If you meditate on what that means than you might realize it is better to press the eject button and find a foreign bride.

Sure you can try to explain and change society during the dating process as you meet and chat up these American girl, but is it not better to simply fly to Eastern Europe, meet a princess, and live happily ever after? I did and I may or may not have money or fame or anything else, but I have wealth in my family.

I know you don’t want to generalize, but what alternative is there?

You make statements about AW, and then you immediately follow it by making sure to say that there are exceptions. It’s as if (to me) you are apologizing for writing what you have written.

Of course there are exceptions. But they are just that: exceptions. And finding these exceptions is just not practical, in my opinion. It’s all about the risk:benefit ratio.

Unlike you seem to do, I don’t blame the cultural change. I don’t blame feminism, etc.

In order for these cultural changes to take place, they must build on what is already there. Weakness is what was already there. With weakness as a foundation, how will the building stand? It is going to crash.

If American “women” were not so weak, so self-centered, then they would have seen these things as the manipulations they are, and would not have changed. Well, they changed because they chose to change, because it is seen to be in their own self-interests to change.

No one sticks a gun to these womens heads and forces them to act like they act. They do it because they choose to do it. They gratify their egos by believing everyone wants them, every man that talks to them just wants their body (lol), and rejecting them makes them feel powerful. Of course they are assuming these men really want them in the first place. Never underestimate their capacity for self-delusion.

I have no sympathy for them, at all. They wanted it, they got it.

In order to see these changes for what they are requires one to leave the herd mentality behind. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if one is kicked out of the herd or leaves by exercising their free will, but leave one must.

I really hope the younger men take advantage of the info that you and others provide. I really do. I just hope they stay away from these dating websites. Those sites (in my opinion) make it look way too easy. Getting married is the most important decision of a mans life. Just find a pretty face and write. The stats I’ve seen say that 1-3% will actually make the trip.

So, put the amount of effort into it that it demands. Learn the language, learn the culture, and realize what you are demanding of these real women. Leaving a country behind cannot be an easy decision to make.

I think the ones to take advantage of this are the ones that will appeal to these foreign women. The nice guys. The ones looking for real love and will give all without reservation. The ones that are typically seen as being losers, but will die with a smile on their face.

I like to qualify statements as I believe that like Rene Decartes said “all generalizations are distortions of the truth”. I do not believe all American women are one way or the other, but it is like buying real estate in Manhattan, there are no deals. Better look where the grass is greener.

Yet on the other hand, if I was single American guy, do not waste your time with American women, as the extra effort and time and hardship you will suffer from the feminist attitude of American girls trying to sell you that up is down and down is up, is not worth it.

Fact – I spend many years trying to date American women, taking them to dinner, spending money and listening to their nonsense, and apologizing for my ideals.
Fact – I went to Eastern Europe and I saw the reality, that is women want to be good wives and mothers and take care of their boyfriends and husbands.

If you are an American guy, please read the above and take it seriously, your life and future depends on it.

The problem with America is not the fact that good women are not around, but that there are very few of them. Good, moral and good looking girls are just not enough for all the guys.

So, I respect the good American woman but they are all taken. There is a demographic imbalance.

“Having a pets instead of a family (and if you are their boyfriend must just love their cat).”

This is the story of my life, that is funny. Well the entirety of this article is, not just the cat thing, but I’ve had personal plights dealing with those cats.

You hit the nail on the head, I am 26 and my whole life I’ve felt that my ideals didn’t jive with culture today, how is love supposed to be predicated on money? I have gotten very jaded by society here in the US.

I have to sincerely thank you for the efforts you have put into this website. We men who truly believe in love need this paradigm shift that you are providing. I am applying for a passport as we speak. I am poor and unemployed but for my I know that I was born to devote myself to a princess who loves me, therefore I am spending the little I have to travel to Ukraine. I wish you could be my guru because you have opened the world of love opportunity to me. We are so isolated in this country, we forget that our way is not best.

Thank God for you.


I am Melena 21 years old young beautiful girl, I would like to know is it true as in UK Indian women trying to make me her daughter, after that, Indian woman inviting me to go with her to India, and my friends said to me – if i will go with Indian woman, she will sell me in India and I will never come back to UK and will never see my boyfriend and my parents, is it true? if any Indian people know anything about this things, please reply me back, Thanks.

Why would you go with this lady? How well do you know that person? I personally would not go, I have never heard of that? Where are you from originally? Are you from Eastern Europe.

Yes I am from Eastern Europe, it is really suspicion when Indian woman said to me as she wish to make me like her daughter, why? because her two daughters left her, and all what I knows her daughter dislikes her because she is so much greedy,as she getting benefit for her daughter 800 pounds per months and no one pence giving to her daughter, her daughter is 14 years old and she living with father, that what her daughter said to me, and after two months I can see it is true she is really greedy woman. If I will know about Indian Woman anything good, I will not type here, and not asking about Indian culture. Mark you are right, may i will not go as well with strange Indian woman. I checked on Wikipedia about Indian, well I found there as Wife or daughter sale was a topic of popular culture in India.

Hi Malena I am from India.
Malena you should come to India and you don’t think that the Indian couple will sell. Whatever you heard is a rumor. Well human trafficking happen in India but if come with a proper channel all documents inform your embassy of your stay in India . Try to judge people by what you find them to be not by what you heard of them.wish you happy journey and hope your stay will be special one .

I work in IT and OK it is no secrete that in the USA a lot of Indian people are in IT. In my life I have worked with hundreds of Indians and in my personal experience they are peaceful family oriented people. I always remark to my wife that it is a peaceful good culture.

Hi Sahil
What I will do if in India that woman will steal my passport and will try to sell me, what I will gonna do locked somewhere alone and to be rape up to many times? I think no body will help me, I found on web site as Indian people have lots different religion and if man and woman have different religion then man parents killing her sun wife, well I need to stay away from that Indian people and India country, I will never go to any country which is unsafe for Europe people, it is better if I will go to Singapore Country or Australia.

In India slavery, bonded labour is completely banned, but there are certainly mafia that runs rackets secretly. Frankly speaking these are the information which I get from the TV news. I haven’t come upon a single prostitute in my life here in India. Melena if the lady is well known to you and she cares you like her daughter she will not do any harm to you. In India people give more respect and regards to relationship. Family bond is very strong. Divorce is very rare and one spent whole life with one single partner only. Now a days we can hear about divorce among Indian Christians as they are more bend towards to western culture. Though I am a Christian myself I hate Christianity, I do love Hindu way of living which have a strong family bond. South Indians are far more better than North Indians in all aspect. I would suggest you if ever you are visiting any foreign country take all precaution. be in touch with your family members and friends and update them with all your activities and whereabouts. I would be rather glad to invite you to India, there are many good things to be seen here. You can find diversity every where but the people are still united here as a country.

I am an American woman who is 5’6″ with hair down to just past my bust and I am thin. I am married to a lovely Eastern European man who chose me over the Eastern European girls he was surrounded by at home. We went to college together. Right now we are both in our mid-late 20s and we are talking about starting a family together. We are both spiritual but not extremely religious, and he likes that. I personally found your article a bit generalizing and sexist. There are all kinds of women everywhere and I think you should advise people about the traits in a woman that you fine admirable (humility, honesty, devotion, cooking etc?) instead of talking about specific nationalities. Also, many of your claims are unfounded and terribly shallow. You dated a lot of duds in the USA. Perhaps it may be the kind of girls you attract here. Nobody I know has gotten a divorce or had daddy issues, or wants a pet instead of a child, and we live in New York City.

That being said, I am happy for you that you found your love, and wish you happiness in life.

By the way, I showed this article to my husband today after we cooked dinner together (we cook dinner together every night- it’s how we both unwind and bond after work, and yes, we both work.) and he just laughed. He says you got lucky in his country, just like he did in America.


Also (American girl continued) One of his requirements of me was to love his cat. I had to. That cat is his baby. So there you go.

You are happily married because you sound like a nice girl. You are humble and loyal and spiritual. A lot of people say they have these virtues but really do not, they just talk about them. You on the other hand, from what you have written here tells me you are someone who takes marriage to the ultimate level, that is you will stick with your spouse like promised. However, do not assume that that is the prevalent trend in American female culture. With few exceptions in the USA women are told ‘they can have it all’, instead of ‘love is all you need’.

When a society tells a generation of females that ‘they can have it all’ this is trouble. The reason being is that is a cognitive illusion in an imperfect world. Yes being the eternal optimist that I am believes you can have it all. As long as you define having it all as living happily ever after, and that takes virtue (strength) and awareness.

I’m from western Europe and I’m also somewhat disappointed about today’s culture in that regard (as it is described on this page). I don’t have a lot of experience with American girls, but one Thing I realize is that often in such threads they answer in a very lecturing and dominant way. I think the problem starts right there (or it shows itself). They are entitled to their opinion, but if on a thread where basically men discuss their views women will post replies that are usually a couple of pages long and tell people they are sexist and what to think and say and what not to think and not to say, something’s wrong. They obviously seem to think they own the place and know better and so on. That sort of behaviour seems to be totally natural for them. So I think basically men are tolerating way to much of that. I’m a nice guy, I think most or all the women who know me would confirm that, but that doesn’t mean men have to let women occupy all the space, so to say. Men have to think about their interests too (women do that all the time nowadays) and obviously need to stand up for them much more again. The way women post on such threads shows me that men have allowed women to take a lot of control of the discussion and even of the way people think and act and this is the root of the problem, I guess.

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