Dubai hotels girl friendly

The purpose of this post is to tell you which star hotels in Dubai you can be with girls in Dubai in the hotel for the night. I will also give you some basic information about Dubai, and the nightlife and where to meet girls there if you want true love. This is valuable information because if you are planning a trip to UAE with your true love, then it might be an issue unless you know the rules. This post is intended for guys who are married or have a serious girlfriend who accompany them while traveling  to this Arabian land. This post is not about a one night hotel meeting with a Pakistani or Indian or Russian girl or any other place, which I do not approve of for moral reasons. Girls are for love and respect.

Dubai hotels girls

If you have a serious girlfriend or fiance or wife and you want to be with her in this Middle Eastern country, accommodations over night will be a problem, do not assume you can bring your girlfriend though the lobby and back to your hotel room.


Dubai hotels are subject to Muslim law and  it is not possible in every hotel because of Islamic custom. Tourism is restrictive unless you know the facts.

The good news is many Duabi hotels look the other way.

Therefore, I have created a list of hotels and accommodations for tourists which I would give stars for allowing you to do this. That is to bring her back to your hotel room. Remember, the lady must have her original passport in most cases for lodging (sometimes a copy of their passport will do but many Russian girls do not have this for some reason).


On the other hand some places of accommodations or inns do not require any passport or check of marriage at all. Therefore, if you are with your love, please read on. If you want to meet, for example a Russian girl or Indian girl in Dubai please read on.


Apartments in Duabi

If you want to get a private apartment in Dubai, but then you will pay about 25% more in most cases than a cheap low star hotel. In these flats, of course there is no restrictions, in most cases.

Star hotels Dubai

Star hotels in Dubai for girl friendly hotels

I am not going to beat around the bush any more and tell you about this gulf country, here in the meat of the post, that is girl friendly hotels in Dubai.

First, I would have no hesitation walking right up to the reception in the hotel or calling before hand and asking the hotel straight out if I could bring a girl back to my hotel room. It is better to know the facts then getting into an argument at midnight.

If you get stuck in a hotel which is not girl friendly, they will make you get a separate room for your woman and maybe you can sneak around together, but that is ridiculous. Just go with a star hotel in Dubai I recommend for your stay in United Arab Emirates.

Girl friendly hotel in Dubai

Dubai accommodations for girls

  • Al Qasr – I do not know this one personally.
  • Al Bustan Residence (I have heard good things)
  • Al Bustan Rotana (near the airport, quite OK.)
  • Avari
  • Arabian Courtyard
  • Arabian Park
  • Ascot Hotel
  • Astoria Hotel – Interesting name.
  • Broadway Hotel
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burjuman Rotana
  • Capitol
  • Chelsea
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Dar Al Sondos, operated by Le Meridian
  • Dusit Hotel
  • Fairmont
  • Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa on Jumeirah Beach
  • Hilton Dubai Creek (super friendly, non-lobby access to rooms)
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
  • Holiday Inn Downtown (please confirm otherwise)
  • Holiday Inn Internet City
  • Ibis Hotel – I think its an American hotel.
  • Intercontinental Festival City (super green, side entrance)
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Jumeira Rotana
  • JW Marriott – Owned by the Mormons. This and the Sheraton are know to be American chains in the Arab Islamic world. I have always tried not to make a point of the fact that I am American in the Middle East, better to day your Canadian.
  • Karama Hotel
  • Khaleej Palace
  • Le Meridian Fairways = I think this is a French chain.
  • Le Meridian Airport Hotel
  • Le Meridian Dar Al Sandos
  • Le Meridian Mina Siyahi
  • Le Royal Meridian Resort
  • Metropolitan Diera
  • Metropolitan Palace Hotel
  • Moscow Hotel – No problems here, many Russians, nice website, but too much flash, I can not wait for a website to load.
  • Novotel World Trade Center – I think this is a Scandinavian hotel.
  • Panorama Hotel
  • Radisson SAS Deira Dubai Creek – I think this is a Swedish hotel.
  • Raffles (Wafi Centre), High stars to this Dubai hotel, no hassles what so ever.
  • Ramada Continental Near airport
  • Ramada Hotel
  • Ramada Intercontinental
  • Rihab Rotana
  • Ritz Carlton – If you have the cash.
  • Royal Mirage Palace
  • Shangri-la Hotel -Shangri-la was a great classic movie if you have not seen it.
  • Sheraton 4 Points – I have stayed at the Sheraton in other Islamic countries (like Morocco) and it was not possible, but here you will be hassle free. I have always liked the Sheraton for business but it is way to pricey for private travel.
  • Sheraton Deira
  • Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel
  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach
  • Sofitel City Centre
  • Towers Rotana Hotel
  • Traders hotel
  • Westin Mina Seyahi (Jumeirah road) I think this is connected to the Sheraton chain.
UAE hotels for Russian women

Not girl friendly hotels in Dubai

  • Hotels that I would not five a star to in Dubai
  • Al Shams Residence
  • Ambassador
  • Coral
  • Emirates Towers – Interesting place but no stars for women friendly.
  • Four Points SZR
  • Flora Diera City Centre for sure needs a marriage certificate if you want to bring a girl.
  • Golden sands (3,5 and 10)
  • Grand Hyatt – Hyatts are western hotels but obeying Islamic law.
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel – I have herd this is a star hotel again but would call in advance. The Hyatts in Dubai have mixed reviews regarding girl policy.
  • Imperial Suites
  • Jumeriah Beach Marriott
  • Marco Polo Hotel
  • Millennium Airport Hotel
  • Orchid
  • Regal Plaza – seems western European but not girl friendly, no stars here.
  • Regent Palace
  • Riviera
  • Rush Inn
  • Rose Garden Hotel Apartment- It is confirmed you will need a marriage certificate.
  • Savoy Hotel
  • SeaShell Inn – I do not know it just what I herd
  • Taj Palace – Same as the above.
United Arab Emirates hotels

United Arab Emmerates other cities for tourism

In UAE, Abu Dhabi is not as much fun as the Emirates city of Dubai. Dubai is where the action is, also where the jobs are as it is worker city and tourist city.

I of course would recommend to stay in Dubai if you are looking for someone to fall in love with. Just look at my list of star hotels before you go and try to bring a girl back to your room for the night. For sure this is the right city for tourism.

Dubai working girls

If you are going to Dubai to meet a women for love, then have no illusions, a lot of the girls there for earning money. The male female ratio in this Gulf emirates is 2.71 male to female, the highest in any Arab country. Therefore, it makes a beautiful woman a highly valued commodity.

I know this sounds like I an on a moral high horse, but I do not approve of making women commodities. I believe in love and marriage. I in fact think the ideal of relations between and man and a women only in marriage.  So I actually understand the Arabic view on this.  However, I am only human.

Many of the ladies in the nightclubs are working. They are working girls in every lobby in every hotel. Now despite my statement above, I personally would have no problem falling in love with a working girl in a hotel, but I think most guys would object to this, I guess I believe love has no limits.

Just be aware that a lot of people go to this Middle Eastern country to make money by hanging out in hotel lobbies. Most of these girls working in hotels in Dubai are Russian girls. However, many Russians go on vacation to this warm country and it is innocent and would be open to love.

Most the these workers are their on their own free will but a reasonable percentage are not. They are young and they have been some how force to perform this work.

I would say the most common ladies in sheer numbers working in Dubai are Russian girls, followed by Ethiopian.

The major competition is for Russians girls in Dubai. Filipinos (on the lower end of competition) and many young Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iranian, Thai (on the middle range of competition) and even some local UAE girls.

Hotels in Duabi Emirates and girls

I do not have a prejudice bone in my body. I would be afraid of working girls because of disease, this is based on statistics not anything else.  I think women need to be seen with respect and not as an object. It does not matter if they are from Africa, Romanian or India or the USA, they are someone’s future wife.So the next time you think of female in a less than respectful way remember this is someone else’s future marriage partner.

I personally Find Russian or Eastern European girls as well as Pakistani and Indian girls the most attractive girls there are. I think they are very sweet and would make great wives.

From what I have read most guys are looking for Eastern European women from the CIS (Common wealth of Independent states, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus). Most of the Russians and arrive in the United Arab emirates and work for an average of eight weeks and go home. Rarely are they long-term workers in Arabian Peninsula.

I know guys, that fall in love with one of these star beauties of the night working in the hotels in Dubai. And have even knows them to come back and find their love and bring them back to India or London and get married. Why? Because they are human and most do this because they feel they have to. Many guys like the ideas to rescue these Dubai girls from their circumstances. To be a knight in shinning armour for their damsel in distress. Again if I meet my soul mate there I would have no problem with it, it is just according to your world view. But on the other hand there are many nice girls in Russian that do not work in star hotels in Dubai

Ethnicity of Dubai women

  • 26.1% Arab (of whom 17% are Emirati)
  • 42.3% Indian
  • 13.3% Pakistani
  • 7.5% Bangladeshi
  • 2.5% Filipino
  • 1.5% Sri Lankan
  • 0.9% European, mostly English
  • 0.3% American, ex pats
  • 5.7% other countries

Working in Dubai

I personally think Indians are about 55% not 42%. Many Indians have obtained long terms work visa, because many look to work in construction jobs for about 10 USD an hour. It is interesting to note that the per capita GDP is over 50,000 USD per year. These higher earnings come from oil, banking and tourism. Many Ex pats from Europe and America come to Dubai looking for a way to make more money, have fun. English is the language which is spoken universally in business. It is interesting also to note when you reach retirement age you must return to your country of origin, as they see workers only as workers.

Dubai Nightlife recommendations

This is a list of the big clubs in Dubai. Alcohol is not legal in this Muslim country except in special shops and hotels and nightclubs. My recommendation is I would try one or two big clubs if you have the bucks but I always have like the off the beaten path cheap places. Here are some big clubs I recommend, but to be honest if you are looking for girls you will do just as well in the start hotels I have recommended above. Oh one more thing, 1000 baht is 30 dollars.

  • Trilogy
  • Peppermint lounge
  • Kasbar
  • Oxygen
  • Boudoir
  • Rooftop bar
  • Irish village
  • Ginseng
  • The agency
  • Scarlett’s

The best general district for nightlife in Dubai is the area of Burdubai. There are also some in Deira.

Dubai star hotels comments

I welcome any comments, inclusions or exclusions from the star hotel list or other ideas. If you are looking for Russian girls in Dubai or leaving a comment please write intelligently with good grammar and spelling, not in chat style.

I have given a pretty valuable list of start hotels in Dubai that are girl friendly. Please consider giving me a link so others can use this list to plan their next visit to Dubai for women.

Meet and chat with Russian girls in Dubai hotels.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Oh great so there are actually loads of places in Dubai to stay with your partner? This always worried me, the customs of the area seem quite difficult to me.

    1. Dubai has many hotels you can bring Russian and Indian women back to your room. You just have to review my list to determine the best one for you. And when I mean women, I mean your long term partner. I think this list of hotels is pretty good.

  2. It is a good report.
    For your information, in the Grand Hyatt, its no problem to take the lady in your room, only she need a passport and you have to pay 200 AED extra.
    The security bring she directly to your room.
    By the way, a lot of Chinese ladies work here too, on different levels.
    Very nice girls, more wives for a time, like a working girl.
    Many guys stay against this, with this ladies for days or weeks.
    All in all its a good report.

    1. I tried to put this Dubai hotel report together with factual information. If anyone else has an experiences please let me know.

      1. I stayed at the Karama Hotel twice with my long term girlfriend soon to be wife.
        The first time I stayed there was March 2012 I was allowed to bring my friend back but had to pay 200 Dinar, and on my second visit I was just able to tip the hallway security guard.

        My most recent visit July 2 I was told she would need to get her own room in her name, I then changed hotels to Ibis city center where I never have problems.

  3. I need some help and advise from some experienced Dubai people.
    I was never in Dubai and therefore know nothing about that place with his habits and possibility’s.
    But I’m living 20 years in Thailand so I’m not a complete virgin 
    As I’m only staying for 2 nights in Dubai ( between flights ) and I’m quite lazy I don’t like to travel the whole night around town to find some nice places ( read girls ).
    Hopefully somebody is willing to take the time to point me a little bit in the correct direction or advise me in another way.
    I read almost everything here and in other places to get info about where to stay.
    My planning is to stay in the Crown Plaza festival or the Continental Festival as those hotels doesn’t have problems if you take a guest with you. ( is this correct ? ) and there is a good change of finding some nice companion in those hotels. ( please again correct me if this is rubbish what I say )
    As I’m working in Russia I’m not interested in CIS girls but I’m heavily interested in Philippine, Chinese or even maybe African girls. Is it possible to find those girls in or close to those hotels?
    I’m reading a lot about some bars ( York, Jockeys or Patsky ) and I suppose that those bars are inside hotels so maybe somebody can give me a list where those bars are.
    Other possibility is if somebody knows a nice girl ( don’t have to the best looking but with a good personality ) which I can contact and can show me around for those two days/nights for a reasonable price off-course.
    I know I have a lot of questions but like I said it is my first time and I would like to spend that time as productive as possible.

    1. If you staying in those hotels in Dubai girls should be no problem to chat and meet with even in the hotel area as women from all over are on vacation. Also try the Newspaper Dubai GN or Gulf news. I can recommend the classified ads there for personal ads for single girls looking for a relationship. However, there is feud right now between owners of various less than ethical establishments that introduce you to girls. You can read more about this yourself. I am recommending girls for love and marriage, for guys that want to find a bride or bring their long term girl friends or fiances to Dubai for vacation, so I do not want to comment on those establishments.

      1. I understand that your site is for girl friendly hotels. Any boy friendly hotels that you can also recommend for us girls who wants to visit their long time boyfriends? Or this girl friendly hotel recommendation of yours are also boy friendly?

        Thank you

  4. I found real love in most profound manner with a UAE local girl and yes they are poetic from every corner, its very hard to find one but, if you are lucky enough you will get heaven on earth.

  5. I work in the oil and gas industry for few years and I work in Abu Dhabi for two years with the my family. Now I am in South America, I might go back in Abu Dhabi gain for a year while my family wants to go back Sudan (my birth country).

    But never been to Duabi, when I was there friends were telling so many good stories. I am interested a more expensive girls in which you dine the girls out they cost about 700 dollars a night.

    My questions do these girls go their on their own free will to Dubai or arranged by their hotels? and which hotels can I get them? I am interested Germany and Australia girls.

    1. Well I do not want to make this post something about ‘working girls’ in Dubai. Rather it is simply information about where you can bring your long terms, girlfriend, bride to be or fiance back to a hotel while on vacation in Dubai.
      However, if you want to fall in love with a girl from Germany or Austria, I do not think there are as many girls there as from Russia for example. Besides, I personally do not think German and Austrian girls are that pretty, but that is just me. I think culturally they do not know how to dress or be as attractive as Russian girls.
      And about the girls being there on their own free will, I think most if not all the girls are there on their own free will. It would be a very rare exception if someone is there because they have to be.

  6. I need to know if i can take my girlfriend into Number one towers and Golden Tulip in Dubai

    I always stay at the Ibis and have no problems.
    But need to know this time.

  7. Very nice work you,ve done here. Do you know if where are the good Latin nights with salsa music and have a lot of girls in Duabi go there?

    1. Girls love to dance, if you sign up for dance lesson even better as you will meet more girls in Dubai than in any club. However, check this site

  8. I wonder why russian girls are reputed to be s..ts (regarding to the above mentioned information). I am russian girl, in my late 20-s, and next year I’m going to enter Dubai Univ for master degree. Please note, russians are interested in legal job, and not into advantures. Thank you.

    1. I am glad to hear this feedback from a Russian girl. Russians put man in space 50 years ago, they are very intelligent, creative productive people. So I am glad to hear back on a positive note about Russian girls.

    2. Good comment on Russian girls. Russian people are creative and intelligent, they put man in space 50 years ago. Amazing culture. Russians in the USA I know are all 100% law abiding people working professional jobs.

  9. Hi, thanks for the informations, I’ve been in Dubai 2 years ago, I was in an Islamic hotel and I tried to drink something in my room with a girl working for my company there, the hotel staff stopped her and didn’t allow her to come to my room, crazy! I’m going to stay at Jumeirah Tower Hotel, is it girls’ friendly? It is not in the list, can you help me?

    1. Yeah the rules are really strict in some Dubai hotels. This is why I created the list. There are many innocent people who must be inconvenienced when it comes to girls and hotels in Dubai.
      For example, I have many times in business needed to be in the same room with people ( a women – and why does everyone assume this means something else – I was an IT consultant) I work with in my company. Nothing funny going on, just talking business in the hotel room, really.
      Jumeirah Tower Hotel is a little be father from the center but should be ‘green’ is you want to stay there with your fiance or long term girl friend or girl who works with you, for example, in this Dubai hotel. I have not herd of anyone having a problem with this hotel so I think it is green, at least what I have last herd.

  10. hi,

    I will visit dubai alone for almost 10 days in first FEB .. can I find girlfriend ?

    1. You can find a girlfriend in Dubai no problem. But the question is can you find a girlfriend back home? You need to develop your charm and your ability to chat up girls and once you have that you can have a girlfriend anywhere. But if back home you are not good with girls you will not be good with girls in Dubai.

      The major advantage of having a girlfriend from another country is they are from a different culture, and this culture might better represent your values or world view.

      But the reality is you can find girls in Dubai, but you need to be cool. If you can not chat up girls in person, try the internet.

  11. Can you please provide a list of girl friendly hotels in DUBAI which falls in the category of one star, two star & three star hotels.

    Thanks & regards

  12. Hi Admin,

    I appreciate your effort in providing people with a list of hotels where they can bring their girlfriends to. So basicly for those who are in a relationship but are not married yet.

    I live in Dubai for quite some time now and just lately rented a place out. Prior to that I was living in various hotels as my job required me to travel back and forth to europe. Now that my company has decided that should run the middle eastern operations and set up base in Dubai, I rented a flat.

    While I was living in a lot of different hotels accross Dubai over the period of a year or so,my girlfriend (with whom I am not married yet) visited me on a number of occasions and we have never had anyone asking any questions about it. I really believe that in no hotel in Dubai would you be asked to take separate rooms if you are not married. It might happen in Sharja if anything. If you look like a serious, normal couple then nobody is asking you questions in Dubai. Its different in the rest of the middle east but in Dubai they are beyond that issue.

    Anyway I might be wrong and maybe I was just lucky but I think that Dubai had to open themselves up in that way as they rely heavily on tourism. As it is “normal” for an unmarried “western” couple to go on a hollyday together they would cause too much damage if they would create problems like that. Especially since the news centers in the westernworld are on the look out for any news that could damage the reputation of Dubai.

  13. Hi Admin, great post! I just arrived to Dubai a couple of weeks ago, alone, and I would like to know new place go out and meet some nice people. Could you tell some some night clubs to hang out? I have a big problem that I don’t like too fancy places, I prefer something less posh that the places I have been (Budda bar, Barasti…). I am western European but i like to meet people from everywhere. Thanks!

  14. I just have to say that your post is Very correct.
    Some info for the lad traveling to Dubai:
    I will however add, that Russian girls are not the better, most are not legal and working with a manager at the club they hand out at.
    You did Not mention the Filipino bar at Seaview, I regard Asian girls as more polite.
    Chinese girls also are more polite.
    Anyway, good luck and thanks for this post.

  15. You can find very beautiful girls at the Cyclone Club in Dubai.

  16. I should have seen this website before making my hotel reservations at Golden Sands…

    Forget about taking a friend 😛
    I can’t even drink in the room.
    It’s late to even cancel my reservation without losing one night’s charges..

    Thanks for the info anyways.

    1. If you or anyone sees any change in the status of these hotels in Dubai, let me know, I can update the post for others. Thanks.

  17. Its very true in your post that at Rose Garden Hotel,marriage certificate is required.
    Secondly even in two bedroom apartment,work partners(male/female)cannot stay in the same room despite seperate rooms & bathroom
    Any way its a good concept as I have seen lots of families staying over there which they fee secure.

  18. Abu Dhabi is the place to be for both work and much more for pleasure as well. Dubai is now much quieter that a year ago with lots of people affected by the economic slowdown.

    Most hotels will let you in with your girlfriend if you know how to go about it. You do not need to be married, but do not make it obvious or else.

    Plenty of very nice legitimate Russian girls around, not all are bad. Russian girls are very nice.

  19. Is there a demand for Finnish girls for love and marriage? This page is pretty interesting. 🙂

  20. Just going back h from business trip. Sending you these comments from the Airport

    I had a bad experience of staying in Hyatts regency – Great Premier club with, my beautiful Ukrainian long term serious girlfriend. This hotel is now not girl friendly.

    I tried every effort to allow her to enjoy the trip with me but she was not allow without a marriage certificate.

    Will not stay here again .

    Can you confirm the current status of Radisson SAS Deira ,Intercontinental Festival City,Hilton Dubai Creek or any other 5 start hotels having night club and girl friendly for future trips so people can bring their wives or fiances there?

  21. Hilton Dubai Creek is OK I think. Last month I stayed with my GF there. But you have to give the PP copy to them but not a marriage certificate. They are OK. The your wife or long term girl friend you should look clean and neat and respectable, this helps if she looks conservative.

  22. I am new to Dubai. I am really attracted to Indian/Pakistani girls and want to find the right one for myself. Do u know any hotels or place where I can find a respectable Indian or Pakistani girls for a long-term serious relationship?

  23. I have been looking for an Iranian girlfriend in Dubai for a long-term relationship and love. I will look at some of the sites you recommend, thank you for putting this site together. It takes a little bit of exploring but there are good resources.

  24. huhu, There is no problem just ask the reception that me and my long term girlfriend, are allowed to visit together. Hotels are becoming more liberal as the economy is not that great now. I have been here for 15 years and this is my perspective for good or bad.

  25. huhu, There is no problem just ask the reception that me and my long term girlfriend, are allowed to visit together. Hotels are becoming more liberal as the economy is not that great now. I have been here for 15 years and this is my perspective for good or bad

  26. Just going back h from Engener. Sending you these comments from the Airport

    I had a bad experience of staying in Hyatts regency – Great Premier club with, my beautiful Ukrainian long term serious girlfriend.
    I tried every effort to allow her to enjoy the trip with me but she was not allow without a marriage certificate.

    Will not stay here again .

    Can you confirm the current status of Radisson SAS Deira ,PHNOM PENH City,Hilton Dubai Creek or any other 5 start hotels having night club and girl friendly for future trips so people can bring their wives or fiances there?

  27. well Anna.. northern european girls have always been a real weakness of mine 🙂

  28. You are really a peice dear 🙂
    When u make something/someone your weekness then you are really weak 🙂
    Feel that as your power then u have all the power to have anything and anyone in this world 🙂

    I am telling you from my own experience and I know what I am saying 🙂

    Friendly yours,
    Sameer Khan 🙂

  29. And Mr. Admin with due respect what I believe is that, if you have any weakness anywhere and you know about it then try to cope with it and don’t look for substitute coz then we lots of things in our personality and always try to run from things in life.
    Be yourself and feel yourself and then nothing can stop you having anything in this world.
    One more thing I want to share here that if someone can do something then anyone can do it, all you need is to feel the real the “YES I can do it” feeling in you.
    We have lots of success stories in life from lots of successors.
    I hope no one will mind anything, nothing personal here just wanted to share my feelings here. 🙂

  30. I just happen to enter this website, and thought I might see something about Chinese people and work.
    I am a Chinese girl. So, I just want to say Chinese people do the legal job. You’ll like the Chinese people if you understand them well.

    1. Not really connected with Dubai hotels that are girl friendly, but thanks for the comment. I think highly of the Chinese people and learning Chinese.

  31. Friends, I am living in UAE for 4 decades and have seen the unfolding scenario. the number one aspect about UAE is the good security and safety that both men and women enjoy here in any street or any area . UAE is a very safe country.
    Then all, I repeat all hotels in Dubai allow you to take in a female if she has an id and copy of same for retaining period ,all hotels,period.
    Some will not allow guests after 12 mid-night that’s it.
    Some South Asians who are residents of UK or US and Europe come here and have a misconception about certain things, but I assure you that UAE and Dubai is a country which is friendly and safe.

  32. I stayed at the Regent Palace hotel in Dubai for a few nights a couple of years ago. They had a great bar in Rock Bottom, although the doormen can be painful later on in the evening.
    I took my girlfriend, (who I intended to marry and be my bride), back to my room with no real problem after showing passport copy, but of course they charged AED200 extra for that night as a ‘guest charge’. Still a nice old-fashioned comfortable hotel.
    Walking arround the city, I was many Chinese working girls in professional and low paid jobs, more than I expected in Dubai, working proper jobs during the day of course.
    All in all my hotel stay and experience in Dubai was postive. You could call ahead to see if girls, that is fiances and long-term girlfriends are allowed in the hotel you intend to stay..

  33. The Radisson in Deira Creek is girl friendly. I was travelling back from a trip to the far east with my female friend, we kept our costs down by sharing a room. We weren’t married, weren’t together, didn’t pretend to be and there was no problem at all. We are just business partnets and friends, nothing more. We arrived, checked in together, everything was fine. Again, if you’re ‘picking up’ a girl and bringing her back, hotel can tell, nearly always. That’s a pretty different thing and no one wants to enourage that type of behavior.

  34. I am a twenty nine year old Asian American girl in the USA but lonely for an Arabic speaking man as im culturally starved in the States. I want to find a boyfriend or husband in Dubai or Qatar and move there to be with him and want to learn and speak Arabic. Maybe write it am not sure as it looks hard. I have been to Dubai once and loved swimming there. But I have been reading Qatar is like Dubai is it true that its as congested nor busy which I would prefer that to raise a dog or something sort of pet with a future husband because I can not bear children. Is qatar just as nice as Dubai? Where can I find a prospective husband living in Dubai or Qatar? Is Qatar warmer all year round moreso than Dubai?

    1. This is not a dating site per say but I get so many people on this website that could answer those questions if you come back. Also getting a nice looking Gravatar would help you get more replies if you are looking for an Arabic or Middle Eastern guy to fall in love with.

  35. Thanks so much for the response, I eagerly await advisement. I would like to find love in the Araian Gulf. I never have been to Qatar but I went to Dubai which was pleasant but too overwhelming so I wonder if Qatar would be better to have a devoted husband and raise a pet or his child if he has one already because my post-operation doesnt let me get pregnant. Also, how can I change my gravatar as you suggested? Its not necessary if my future husband is Arabic or white blood or race, just Arabic speaking so I can learn a mysterious language of Arab love poems. Thank you so much Mark for your site its very moving and inspiring.

    1. Arabic is a beautiful language and you are right, poetic. Many of the Arabic posters on this website leave long poems of love, although I do not approve all the comments.

      If you want a gravatar, that is an image to appear on any comment website like this go to and a picture or photo will appear automatically when you upload you imagine.

      First if you are a girl you can get pregnant, never say never. Second there would be many guys that would love to marry a pretty girl even if she can not get pregnant. But maybe I do not understand you, if you are a trans, than that is a different story as it makes the situation more complex. I would say most Arabic guys would have a problem with that to be honest.

      Life is complex and people have all types of situations. I would say Qatar is a lot more low-key than Dubai (which gets a lot of hotel traffic and is a Mecca for expats), and not as much like a zoo in terms of tourism and activity. Qatar is just rich and peaceful and people go there to work. Some girls are forced into sensual servitude when they go there to work however, so be aware of that. However, I think Qatar is a beautiful place.

  36. Thanks so much for your insight about Qatar and encouragment. I very much prefer a low key and peaceful place permitting the focus on my boyfriend/hubby without many busy distractions and temptations. How is Bahrain compared to Qatar for finding love in the Gulf? The fotos online dont look as beautiful as Qatar but its only pictures. Hopefully the US helps its citizens who are forced into enslaved servitude but I pray that never happens. I just wish to be happy falling in love and volunteer servility with my husband while sharing amorous Arabic poems and songs with eachother as we swim together in the Persian Gulf.

    1. Dawlat Qatar is on of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East. However, it has a small population of about 300,000 at most so lets say 100,000 guys who could date or marry you. On the other hand it has a large expat community, mostly Indians, but also Pakistan working in Qatar. Doha is the capital and the real action, but Lusail is up and coming. It is an unsual designed city from the desert. I would say there are almost 2 million people living in Qatar, somewhat higher than official estimates. I would say generally life in Qatar is good and there is reasonable tolerance. Basically you can do whatever you want as long as you do not proselytize or be immoral in public.

      However, some foreign girls like Russian or Indian girls are lured in on promises of wages and pay and end up in a situation of sensual servitude if you get my drift,. I can not imagine that would happen to someone with a blue passport (USA). I think there are a lot of poorer Middle Eastern countries and Asian countries girls working in Qatar, but more for work than taking calls on their mobile phone after hours.

      See your Gravatar really puts perspective on things. I would find it hard to believe you would ever have a problem finding your one true love. I can not post your e-mail address here as I have to respect people’s privacy. I tried to write you directly but the e-mail came back. So if you want to contact me, via my contact page I can write you an idea.

      Do you know romance is Layla and Majnun? It is like Romeo and Juliet and dates back 500 years earlier.
      Also check out Hadith Bayad wa Riyad, you might be able to get this in English, although Arabs will say, it is not the same in translation, but it is pretty close in my opinion.
      I know it is cliché but also One Thousand and One Nights, many of these tales have romantic origins.
      Arab lands are dreamy places. I do not know if I could live there forever, as it is not home for me and I would miss the lush green forests of home, but it is beautiful.

      Going beyond, Arabic poetry also Arabic food and music is intoxicating. For get strong drink, who needs it in the land of the Arabs. You have sun, great food, nice music, warm people. Did you ever see the movie body of lies? It was kind of a romance of sort and kind of a movie that conveys life from a Middle Eastern perspective.

      Also consider Arabic and Middle Eastern dating website. I am a believer in online dating, at least to get things going. I think the Arab world uses the Internet because public displays of affection are not approved of as there are religious police who watch that people keep behavior modest.

      Frankly Arabic people are so hot looking, that I think it is hard for them to control themselves.

      Let me know what some more of your ideas are, I do think Qatar is a nice place.

    2. I live and work in Dubai. Recently came in Qatar and shocked with its development. There is no doubt that Qatar is one of the richest country in the world but its need another 20+ more hard working years to compare with Dubai, I gauge. Dubai is so advanced in ever expect. Beautiful Dubai and I love Dubai, more freedom is there.

  37. I am staying at the Raffles Hotel on February 11th in one of their Signature Rooms. Currently, I am chatting with a Philippino girl that works in Dubai. She wants to come visit me in my hotel room for the night. I arrive at 3:00pm or so but she does not get off of work until 7:00pm. She wishes to come to my room and surprise me once I arrive there and give her my room number. Will there be an issue with her getting up to my room? We are not married.

  38. I have been living in the gulf for long time and I have seen and experience very bad experience with Russian and Eastern women. Two friends of mine and even my brother-in-law, were lied by Russian girls. They marry them for money, after they left with all the bank money and my friends had Aids.

    Russian behave very sweet with men, they use to put a lot of make up, and do surgery of some part of their body, they prefer make up instead of eat, and once they get what they want, maybe they disappear with everything. Be very careful.

    I think indian, and Latin use to be sweet and in many occasions are very honest ladyss, Russia is a country that is all the time exporting their women, whatever you go, you will find thousand of commercial about, marry, date, meet a russian girl, also do it Ukraine and the last Soviet republics. I think that no country in the world do this with their women.

    For that reason Russian, change, and improve their appeal, to find a man, even if is a very old man, only to go out of the country, and get your money, house, etc, but believe me, be very careful with this eastern ladys, they are no so honest as they want to let us know.

    I am not telling they are all the same, but most of them yes. Do not be silly and don’t marry these women until you know them deeply, and for this you need time, because they are not so open as westerners. Take care.

    1. A fool and his money are always departed as they saying goes. Every person in the world wants your hard-earned money. Every middleman, every broker, every lawyer and banker and shop keeper. It is the way the world works. Every government agency and taxing authority wants your money. They do not even think about it they just want it and expect it.

      And so it is with some women.

      It is beyond me why men, do not know how to screen for such women. Just because a woman smiles and treats you nice means nothing.

      Only a human beings character as seen by concrete actions and relationships build trust. For example does the girl in question say the rosary on a regular basis or has a personal relationship with God and her actions and circle of friends and lifestyle is congruent with this?

      I could not imagine a scenario where I would be scammed by a woman. American women are even more dangerous as they are not outright scammers but will simple divorce you and take your house and half your money and make you pay via the legal system and this is about 1 in 2. That to me is a bigger concern than some Eastern European girl. These girls are very loyal in general.

      Stalin and the communists, did a good job in eradicating religion from the USSR. What has filled the void is the question?

      Money has never been my god. My advice is find a woman who does not care about money and cares only about true love and lives her life by this. A woman of ideals and virtue and humility is the who is the peal of a great price. Not some woman who smiles at you and treats you nice. Know the difference if you want to date a Russian or American woman.

      If you are looking in Dubai or in Hotels in Dubai for a Russian woman for true love, keep your eyes open. Ask yourself why is this Russian woman in this Dubai hotel? Is she a call girl in Dubai or is she working there for money for school or is she on vacation? Or is she looking for real love? I would be skeptical as Dubai is a beautiful place but has a lot of women they’re working in an unethical type of trade.

      So it goes back to my original statement and general thesis for this website. Find a girl whose beauty is only exceeded by her ideals and virtue and pureness of heart. If a man can not discern what is pure and good, then his radar is off and he is blinded by lust like a youth who has no experience with women.

  39. Thank you.Admin. For warning. I never think that American girls and woman so dangerous. Thank you

    1. Nietzsche said:

      Women are men’s most dangroous plaything.

      I do not agree of course with his cynical view on women, but if you are looking into joining your life with a girl you have to have your eyes open and base it on morals not on looks.

      I mean would you go into business with a partner based on looks or how they smile at you? You base it on who they are. In my experience many American women see marriage as a temporary state as manifest by the percentage of American women filing for divorce.

      My recommendation is for most guys to consider other women, like Russian women rather than roll the dice with American women.

  40. As of Aug 28, 2012 Moscow hotel does not accept female visitor to your room. I know it used to be one of the best hotel in term of allowing female visitors to your room but not any more. So if you want to take your fiance or long-term girlfriend on a vacation, beware of the stricter rules in this Dubai hotel.

  41. Dear Admin
    Thank you so much for your great informative web site. I think you should update girl friendly hotel list because some of the hotels have changed thier policy.

    1. Do you have a revised list I can update? If so you can help me improve the quality. I either need to take a trip there or have to collect the information from people’s experiences. I can update this as people report the hotels in Dubai.

      1. You should remove Moscow hotel out of the list! I had an experience with it. Go to and read some of the new review. Once again thank you so much for the great site

  42. Slighly off topic but I am a 46 year old reasonably good looking divorced British guy looking for a Filipino ( late 20’s – early 30’s ) for a girlfriend in a serious relationship. Ideally I would go to the Philippines but it is just too far away & I do go occasionally to Dubai for business.

    I assume it is a lot harder to find a girl who would date me in UAE than in the Phillipines. Would this be the case? How difficult would it be?

    1. Good luck searching for a Filipina girlfriend.
      You should try Filipino Cupid site: but you won’t find many in Dubai: the site is blocked and Dubs Filipinas can’t always afford a VPN, so your choice may be restricted. Some may have a profile based in Phils but actually work in Dubai: they will have a sister or friend from the west who created the profile for them and you may actually be chatting to their ‘proxy’ who is vetting you:
      Pinas who are here have a visa and work their fingers to the bone just to get a modest income compared to their status back home.
      I have some friends who are working girls and they work 7 days 10 till 10, then go to the bar to find extra income, often staying the night and leaving at 6am to clean up and start their next shift.
      To find a non working girl will need a relationship via work or your connections. They are shy but open to offers of genuine contact. If you visit the Catholic church and show some genuine humility you may have better luck.
      Their national context and social poverty is such that they work till they drop.
      Don’t be surprised if you get engaged and later break up when you have offended her with a harmless comment, which means something totally different to her and insults her to the core. If you are lucky, you may find love and loyalty for life, but the journey will not be easy.

  43. I will share some hotels which I try last summer and they were friendly.

    • The H hotel
    • Metropolitan Palace
    • Ramada Jumira
    • Novotel
    • Helton Creek

    I heard from one girl that any hotel in Shaikh Zaid Road is friendly, I want to make sure of this point.
    I heard also that some hotels which is suppose to be friendly but they don’t any more or they had some problems with the police (Fairmont is the one that I heard but I’m not sure).

  44. Thanks Mr Yoya for the list. Metropolitan Palace is my first choice after being a loyal customer for Moscow Hotel. The hotels at Shaikh Zaid Road are nice but expensive. I want a list of cheap hotels that are a girl friendly.

    1. Ibis Hotel on Shaik Zaid Road is a good priced hotel, but the rooms are small. Moscow hotel’s policies are totally changed. I do not know why. Fairmont is having some problems with the law and soon may be a not girl friendly hotel.

  45. As of 18 December 2012, The Broadway hotel is not “girl friendly”. Females are not allowed in guest rooms.

  46. My wife and I are going to Dubai in a few months and we were wondering if we need to do some research on what hotels we could stay in with no problems, and maybe have a female visitor? Also, my wife is an older “working girl” in the US and is interested in seeing what Dubai could offer her. We have been married for 15 years and she was a working girl when we met. She got out of it for a few years but is now back in. What is like for older working girls in Dubai?

    1. I understand that she was a working girl and you married her. Like in the best foreign film in 1991 Mediterraneo, that is true love and understanding. But to have her continue in her in that profession after marriage, I can not advocate or recommend anything except soul searching.

      1. Actually she’s the one that decided to go back to being a working girl. She tried 2 different other job careers that she thought she would like. She decided that sitting at a computer all day was not for her. She was working 40 hrs plus a week and making half of what she making as a working girl and it was driving her nuts lol. She says plus she can wear the clothes she loves rather than what she had to wear when she was an office girl. I love what she decides to wear as well. She says please don’t think she is being made or forced to be a working girl, she chose to be one on her own free will and loves the attention she gets from me and other guys. She says the friend network is awesome too (with a huge smile).
        By the way she wants to ask, “What about her question about the hotels and older working girls in Dubai? She’s 48 and we have a 30 yo that is also taking after mom as a working girl, all her own decision as well.

  47. After I entered this website I called Moscow-Hotel and they told me via phone that guests are not allowed. Immediately I cancelled my reservation and re-booked “Avari Dubai Hotel” just around the corner of Moscow Hotel. I called the hotel before I finalized my booking and they confirmed that my long term girlfriend guest is welcome (of course she is at least 21 years old and needs passport for registration at the reception). Its a nice, quiet (in the upper floors) and comfortable hotel but compare to Moscow Hotel 3-4 times more expensive.

  48. Thanks for the hotel list. I stayed in Dubai from recently, I spent each night in a different hotel and I know for sure that Moscow Hotel is not girl friendly anymore. I did not stay in any other hotel listed in Admin’s list but any hotel I stayed had a strict policy on girls, Golden Sands and York Hotel in Deira area don’t allow either. Club scenes are depressing in Dubai, most of the girls you meet are looking for sponsors, plus cover charges are extremely high ( at least $20 or $30) plus you pay extra for drinks.

  49. The Moscow Hotel no longer allows girls in your room.

  50. All these are not Girl friendly Hotels

    • Avari
    • Broadway
    • Chelsea
    • Moscow
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