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The purpose of this post is two fold. First, to clarity what the term “Desi girls” means and second to give you some ideas where and how to meet Desi girls or at least chat with them. I think the meaning of the term will surprise you.

Original meaning of Desi girls

The original meaning of the term Desi means literally ‘from the country of’. This is actually an ancient Sanskrit word. This alone does not make sense to us today. However, if you understand it in a broader context, what it means is if you are from India it means you are an Indian.

Let me explain further by giving an example of something you might already understand. In ancient Greece anyone who spoke the Greek language was from the country of Greece and anyone who did not speak the language of the country was called a barba or later Barbarian. Similarly, the culture of the Sub Asian continent identified itself as unique and culturally different then the rest of the world. The term Desi was applied to people of this area. Even if a person lived aboard they would be identified as Desi if this was their country of origin. It was a positive term, nothing negative.

Therefore, the phrase “Desi girls” refers to a girl of South Asian heritage, this could be from the country of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan.

Today the term Desi girls has transformed into a slang or online term meaning cordial girls from India and Pakistan. The Internet often corrupts innocent terms.

What kind of Desi girl should you meet

Do not go for Bollywood model types. Let me extrapolate. The women I know from India and Pakistan are beautiful, almost universally. They actually do look like Bollywood girls.

In fact, I think simple people from the countryside are always more beautiful inside and out than any famous person. Famous people and models have inflated egos and their pride makes them ugly or at least very difficult. These ladies will bring hardship to the man who marries them. So if you are searching for some model or actress, your better off looking for a normal Pakistani or Indian girl from the village .  My personal estimate is there are about 300,000,000 girls form India and Pakistan that are single and looking for a guy.  Therefore, why waste your precious energy and time looking at pictures of some lose moral-ed flashy Bollywood (Hindi: बॉलीवुड) girl online who is virtually unobtainable anyway?

Simple Desi girls from the village will treat you better, have better moral values and are physically more natural looking. They are corn feed natural farm girls, if you may. No disrespect intended. Rather common people are the best, that is why God made so many of them. So go for a village girl rather than a Bollywood model or city woman of you are looking for true love.

In my opinion love is a strange combination of primitive attractiveness and moral ideals, not just beauty. Heed my words of warning, there is a proverb that says, ‘how often we confuse beauty with virtue’.

Be a wise guy and do not fall in love with just any Desi temptress whose lips are sweat like honey, fall for a woman whose beauty is only exceeded by her humility and grace.

Can you image if you married the girls you thought was cordial when you were 14 or some girl you meet at a disco while in Dubai.  Usually your understand of women change and if you married her, in most but not all cases, you might not be happy if you base on looks with out thinking of God and values. But on the other hand Indian and Pakistani girls are more moral than American girls so this might not apply to Indian girls.

On the other hand again, my friend George from Boston meet an Indian doctor who was rather, sorry to say easy, so it all depends., I guess she was corrupted.  See as soon as Indian girls go to Dubai, or the West many go wild as they feel they do not have the same social restrictions they experience back home. They breakout of their traditional mode and become artsy (which I love) or Bohemian or wild.

But even if you meet some girl in a Dubai night club and see seems like a pure one night girl, read my lips, all women want to get married and have children and a normal family. No matter how they act or behave deep down they want to be a lady friend. Sometimes the messages from the western media messes with their head. It is all according to if you want to marry a girl like that. me I would have no problem as long as she was humble and moral in other ways.

Where to meet Desi girls

The following is a list of sites I recommend to meet a Desi girl. These are free non-commercial sites. I have recommended these sites on other areas of my blog also, I hope they are of value to you.

  • – Best if you are young and you want to meet ladies who are young
  • www.indianmatch or even if you want to meet Desi girls that are more professionals after school.

American writing about girls

I am an American/European who writes a lot about love and girls. Why? I am a hopeless romantic. I have travelled the world and know a lot about this subject. I as I am a historian and . However, I do not have all the answers in life. I have only my partial opinions. I would love to hear feedback from people from Indian or Asia or the Middle East about how to meet and make a girl fall in love with you. I write about love and marriage as believe in true love. But I hope I am not boring. I need to develop my writing style and ideas and need your help so I can be a quality valuable resource for other guys looking for Indian and Pakistani and Indian girls. So if you have any ideas about Desi girls please write.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Excellent article about “Desi Girls”.
It’a amazing that you write such a lengthy articles.

“My personal estimate is there are about 300,000,000 girls form India and Pakistan that are single and looking for a guy. Therefore, why waste your precious energy and time looking at pictures of some lose moral-ed flashy Bollywood”

Above lines really excellent.
Keep going 🙂

Awesome~! grt work this is what I was looking for about definition of desi.

You have written a really valuable article here and that is true but would u mind if i go for some more information about this ?
So, basically,we, Indians cling to our culture a lot and we need a “yes” from our society no matter where from the bride is and unfortunately we never get that and marrying a foreigner is still a taboo in India.
I personally known a lot of foreign friends who are married to Indian girls and also foreign girls marrying an Indian guy and they are very happy. So I can say Indians are really better spouses 🙂
Girls will be definitely shy in s_xual matters and they are not friendshipy and wild in bed but a good home maker, as this is our culture,we value our family most.
But the things are changing fast in India and girls are interested in western lifestyle like USA and UK which is most undesirable for a sweet home 🙂
Anyway good luck guys and girls in finding your better half from the land of love “India” 🙂

Amrit, thank you for your input. I agree, Indian marriages are pretty good in my observation, I hope Indian girls do not model themselves too much on Western lifestyles.

Amrit Pati, great post!! Western, modern culture is the one that destroys families and makes for single parents and drug-addicted children. It is sad to see how westernized many of the Indian girls are around where I live. My landlord is from the INdian subcontinent, as well as many of my neighbors. Once people drink the water in the USA they are never the same. Everyone is drikning the American Kool-Aid and shunning and dismissing their traditional lifestyle as outdated.

I suppose broken homes, women living on psychiatric medicine, divorces, weekend visits from one parent and children who don’t even know their parents is a better society. Even children here in USA don’t respect each other. Kids grow up making fun of each other and don’t have respect for elders or each other. There is no discipline in this country.

Even though I think barriers on inter-marriage are not good, especially if a foreigner has adopted your own culture and fits in well, I still think that adhering strictly to the traditional values are a must for the spiritual survival of a race.

In my opinion, America is a graveyard for beautiful souls. They come to this country beautiful and enlightened and then all that beauty dies and rots in the spiritual graves of this society.

What your write is almost poetic. I could not have said it better myself.

I love what you have written about women, I am a Mexican (latin) girl but I wish all men could think as you do. Yonatan is so right about all the things he said, great comment.

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