Date a Russian girl and not get scammed

So you want to date a Russian girl?

Let me tell you a secret from a guy who have lived in Eastern Europe and travels the CIS. Russian women find American men as puzzling as we find Russian girls. This post will outline some of the conundrums.

80-20 rule in dating a Russian
The only way to get a fairy-tale is to have courage and screen her just as much as she is screening you. Focus on her moral values. That is what I can tell you. You will have I would say 80% of the Russian girls what I call Soviet girls. That is they base their ideals on dialectal materialism even if they do not know what it is. They have no faith nor believe church is for the naive or the old or for holidays only.

They have classic Slavic beauty, but not the old believer’s Slavophile deep Russian soul.  You want a princess with soul.

Find an old world Slavic princess not a Soviet style girl who talks loyalty and domestication, but has not faith in God nor ideals of marriage. I would rather date an enchanted Russian vampire girl who has faith and ideals, than a a Russian woman glued to her mobile who talks generally but does not have the idea of self sacrifice to the end.

Once you get past this 80% that are superficial and hone your skills for screening them, you want to find someone what is sincere and non-materialist and idealistic and will stick with you not matter what.

That is it. It is that simple. If you want to date a girl from Siberia to the Baltic you need to know the deal. Most but not all have not become western they have become Soviet.  Just because they cook and clean does not mean they are an ideal mate for life selection.

The easiest way to get scammed by a Russian woman is to confuse domestication with a princess. To confuse Slavic beauty with virtue and a good wife. You have to understand the Soviet culture before you can get involved in a relationship with a girl from Eastern Europe or you will be burned. Ask me if you have any questions.

  • You must discern if your girl is Soviet or old Russian in world view. Then you will know if you get a fairy-tale princess or a scam at some level.

What can happen with dating a girl from St. Petersburg to Yekaterinburg?

Optimal relationships

  1. Married and a fairy-tale
  2. Married and somewhat happy (improved with little effort, I can tell you how to bring romance, flirting and magic in your relationship if you ask).
  3. Married and dreaming of greener pastures  but will stay anyway (can be worked on).
  4. Married but you do not know if you have a real relationship but still with you (can be worked on).
  5. Engaged
  6. Dating
  7. Hoping to date

Scam categories of women

  • Puppy dogs – they have some sob story and play on your compassion like a little puppy that shows up at your door. Compassion is one of their greatest tools for manipulation.

All scams on the Internet for dating, lady friends or money are some variation of the puppy dog play. People putting themselves in sheep’s clothes but are wolves.

  1. The girl asks for money
  2. Casual dating
  3. Friends
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Toxic relationship
  6. Russian women looking for Visas to the USA though marriage
  7. The woman just left and took your house and half your money

The question is where do you want to be with a Russian girl? You have to ask yourself is where do you see yourself in a relationship with a Russian girl?

You have to know where you are going or you will end up somewhere else. You have to consciously think what you want out of a relationship and what it will mean for your life. If you are playing it by ear, you will be played. The men are the ones who have to think and plan as women are often passionate and spontaneous and find themselves in crazy relationships.

So as a man you have to think about what you want. If you want true love, and are not just saying that because I advocate ideal love, but it is true. If you are looking for anything other than ideal love, which is from a fairy-tale your life will not be happy. This does not matter if you are in a relationship with a girl from the CIS or anywhere.  Why would you want to date if you do not go for a fairy-tale?

If you are after physical relations then why not just find a cold heart-ed witch to do that with. It does not matter what you two agree the relationship is but do not mess up other good girls dreams. Playing with someones emotions and destroying their dreams are some of the worst things you can do down here on this planet. If you are that desperate for relations because of hormones, try to do something else.

On a lighter note  – Russian dating every American should know

Every Russian woman expects a many to pay. It was the way they were raised. Feminist has not hit Russia, thank goodness.

However, the converse is every Russian woman cooks for their man and will cook and clean and take care of you. I have known a few Russians in the States with a maid or house cleaner after they have been here for years and work in professionals like accounting that require all their time. They have become American, sigh.

Deep down in the Russian soul, girls want a man to take care of them and be in charge. Girls will test the limits and see how much they can get away with, be out of control. The man has to put her back in her place.  If this sounds chauvinistic it is not. You have to understand now all societies in dating function like America. In fact I think it is culturally egotistical to think so.

Russian women want to know they have a purpose and place, in return they will take care of you. But again do not confuse Soviet women with Russian gals or you will be scammed at some level.

One last dating tip – Intrigue work on your side in Moscow
My first piece of advice when dating a Russian woman is keep the mystery about your life and profession clouded. Do not drop you are an IT consultant or whatever in the first moments of dating like the USA. It could be a year before you let her figure out what she does. Let her fantasies you are some e-banker with accounts here and there, or some guy that does something a little dangerous and she could get roughed up if she is not careful. Both these ideas will get her juices flowing. If she asks you what you do for work, tell her “I am not allowed to say”.  Just be cool about it. I literally have done this and it works. Stay aloft, play it cool.

Deep down she will know you are just a normal American guy in cargo short and a smile, but let her have her little fantasy about being Natasha the Russian spy dating James Bond or something from the cold war glory of cloak and dagger Soviet Union or a capitalist pig who has a lavish lifestyle.

Alternatively you can just pay the pauper. I recommend this highly if you are going for true love. Smoke Russian women out, their true motives that is, by telling them you are poor. I did this. Watch the effect it will have on them. Further, tell them you want to live in Eastern Europe and not move back to the USA. I did and I married my wife. She was OK with all of it. That is true love.

In contrast to American girls who when on a date you feel like you are being interviewed. They know about your job and your life in the first several minutes, if this has not already been established online before hand.

American women will build a rapport with you online, drill you with question which you have to answer just to get past their huddles and put in the maybe, bucket of fish.  Then on the date they will continue to extract information from you like a dentist takes out a teeth.

  • My main message of this article is based on years of experience. That is date women from Russia but beware how to separate women that are selfish, acting on enlighten self interest and princesses.
  • Where to find free Russian dating? Explore my website I have score of ideas in other articles.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

7 replies on “Date a Russian girl and not get scammed”

But now I agre with the author. is very good site! There are a huge amount of Russian girls which just dream about meeting foreigners! So join to

Agreed, is a great site and maybe it will inspire some people to learn Russian. I basically think Russia is a special place.

I know also this site. I prefer a paid dating service, not so much money anyway and easier to find a single girl.. single girls 😉

Hi. I have been dating women from Ukraine and Russia, I can say I’m quite experienced.. There is a lot of scam out there, so you need to be careful and aware of girls who ask you for money.. I met also nice girls and now I have a good girlfriend from Russia, hope it will go well. I can recommend to date online. I used elenasmodels, LL,…
Also make sure not to have her pregnant without panning it… A friend of mine had to marry one coz she got pregnant and had nothing but “problems” with that lady.

Paying a little for a dating service is really not a big deal if you consider the upside. Many people in the States pay for, while they could be paying for a quality site with Russian girls. But I have always recommend the free Russian mail servers as my first choice as they have normal Russian girls. But you will need to know a little Russian.

I do not recommend intimacy outside of the context of marriage or you can have all kind of problems, whoops and your life is changed.

But I would say generally Russian girls are great.

I am Polina, 33 year old girl from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, I am on an international dating since last year. from my experience, Russian dating sites from a girls perspective does not work. It`s a field for, playing people and nothing more. I want to give up already all this distance dating and go abroad to study, to find my man right on place. In other case it is possible to seat on site for ages – it does not work.

Many guys are players and yet a large percentage of men say the same thing about dating sites that is they can not find true love. So it works both ways.

Trust me to find your one and only takes heroic patience. Yet people do find their true love everyday.

If you are living in Rostov-on Don, Russia your chances of meeting someone in your area are fair in your own area. Yet if you expand your search to the world as a whole you will meet someone, it is just a matter of time as your number of possible connections will expand exponentially, as long as you do not get burned out on interacting, which everyone does.

I would not restrict myself to simply traditional dating site. I would try to get use sites like Facebook and Linkedin (I know it is not for dating), anything where you can start interacting with people from all over.

You have a great Gravatar by the way.

I guess my question to you is why you have not met a sincere guy with ease? I know girls say there are no good men out there, but there are. Have you tried asking God to help you and looked at this from a spiritual perspective. I believe in finding your other half spirituality plays a big role. What you put out to the universe is what determines your path in life.

I know all this sounds abstract yet, but in my experience spiritual power is more important than a pretty face or money in the dating game.

This could include examining your life for impediments or giving up a habit or attitude to show God your love him. This could come in the form of prayer or meditation or yoga. You could use the power of visualization. But I do think developing your spiritual side does work.

If you say there is nothing that needs to be changed or developed, I would first look at that. If you are pessimistic or do not have ascetic practices, consider changing this. Do you participate in community in your church? Do you read the Bible daily.

All these things seem to have little connection to finding true love but trust me it does. God is the source of love and when people do not draw from this infinite well they are often lacking.

The Soviets were very effective in eliminating religion in during the times of the Union. And the Post communist experience Eastern Europeans have had a strange relationship with spirituality. You might already be on this path, which is good. But if you want to find a good guy I would recommend continue to develop this avenue and also try different strictly western dating sites, free ones like or even if you have to pay Christian dating.

Let me know what you think of these ideas.

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