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Danish women – the real story

I have not been in Denmark for a while but I can tell you ‘something is rotten’ there and it is not the Cheese. If you want a carefree week of unrestrained random encounters; consider this Scandinavian country, polish your game and put your best foot forward. If you want to enjoy one of the highest standard’s of living in the EU go to Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense, as unemployment there is none existent. However, if you want to find a tall fun-loving blonde to be your wife, maybe there are better places in the world.

  • With Danish girls you will not have ketchup fights, tickling, spooning and a white picket fence. In my experience this is not the type of relationship Danes fantasize of. Well let me tell you something, I do. I want the whole thing or nothing, not just some fling or relationship where everything open. I want ketchup fights and giggling.
Alternative and fair Danish student on a walk through the park.

Why Danish girls are on my list for dating

First, some positive things about these northern European females.

  • Tall, blond and beautiful.  The females on average are 5’6″ tall but there are many girls who are 6′. Look at some of the models like Louise Pedersen, Carla Hermannsen, May Andersen, Eva Helene Skarvig or Maria Gregerson. They all look like this.
  • Like to have children. At 1.8 children per woman this is one of the highest rates in the developed world. I love kids and like women who love having a family.
  • Educated and peaceful and they do not care if you are from Africa or India or Pakistan or Norway. I think they are pretty open-minded.
Girl against the Copenhagen cityscape

Why Danish girls are off my list for marriage

I like Denmark and the Danish people. However, the marriage and love scene is not from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy-tale, unfortunately. I think you are much better off going on and finding a corn-fed homegrown good old fashion American of Scandinavian decent from Wisconsin than Denmark.  You will find similarities in culture with Swedish girls and similar reasons why they are not my first choice place for pursuing happily ever after. Here is why.

  • My friend who is an good-looking educated guy had a Danish girlfriend and intellectually she was stimulating to chat up. However, her loyalty was questionable. She seemed not content with just one guy. This is just one experience, but he conveyed that Danish girls do not have a social stigma for having multi-partners.
  • Divorce statistics show that about 45.5 % of Danish marriages do not work. This is because it is so cheap (only 500 Kroner) and takes one day. However, also like other Nordic girls they have an attitude of why stay in a relationship unless you are happy. Children under 18 get support from the government so the responsibility of family is lessened. If you do not have ideals and mind getting your heart-broken go for it, but for me I believe love and marriage is forever.
  • Danish believe in social humanism but not God. This means they have no good or bad in the traditional sense of the word. This makes for a peaceful equal society but also for a society that tends tolerate partners on the side. It is Western European and I as a husband or wife would not approve. I like the idea of mating for life.
  • Danish girls make money and the cost of living is high. Therefore, if you are a foreign guy wanting to take someone to dinner or a movie, be prepared to fork out a lot of Krone. Not the best for us American and British guys who have to work day and night to get a little disposable income to travel the world and be international men of mystery. Better are Eastern European countries where the women are nicer looking and expect less.
  • Do not expect anything like the movie ‘Prince and Me’, Danes are not that Romantic in my understanding of the word.
There are a disproportional number of blondes and females in the land between the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits.

To read more about Danish women and meeting Danes if you are still interested and about 25% of Danish met their mate online. It is certainly an interesting society. Just not one I can recommend for a guy looking for love and marriage in my understanding of these terms. Try Facebook and to meet girls online.

Healthy looking Danish woman on a bike

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Thanks for the informative comment here. Hum, interesting view.

I had a Danish girlfriend, if i could say that. She was anything but girlfriend. She didn’t believe in loyaty and I couldn’t understand it. What is a girl if she is not loyal to the guy she is dating?

It seems that you had a disappointment but remember that men are also not faithful in spite sometimes they having a beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful partner. There are more men than one may think that they are cheats. You had one disappointment and now all the women of Denmark are just “horrible.” How do you think of cheating Indian females? Com’on remain on the floor. One Butcher’s wife told me after a girl had dumped me: “Many mothers have beautiful daughters.” That was the most wonderful advice I received and thereafter I lived with that philosophy.

I happen to be a Danish girl, and I have a few things to say about your text above 🙂

Denmark is a Christian country. The majority of the people are protestants. So it is not true that we only believe in humanism.

It is not true that Danish girls are not loyal. There are as many girls in other countries cheating on their partners as in Denmark.
All of my friends are very loyal and romantic!

Most Danish girls are good educated, and intelligent.

One thing more.
It has absolutely nothing to do with Denmark weather or not a girl is romantic. That depends on ther personality, and all Danish girls are different.

Thank you.

Well Denmark is the land of fairy-tales with Hans Christian Anderson we all read. When I was there it looks absolutely beautiful. I hope what you are saying is true, that is Danish girls are idealistic and romantic and have faith.

Of course everyone is different but tell me more, what do you sense are the sociological trend now in Denmark with women and dating?

When I was in Copenhagen I never received the impression that Danish women were tolerant, kind or very open. They seemed angry, resentful and not very friendly. Also I picked up on a bit of racism too. I would not choose to go for a Danish woman because of my poor experience. I did meet some who were Doctors and much like women in america with advanced degrees. They wear it like a badge and tend to look down on men. This is common.

I agree with you to a certain extend. I am Danish, also a woman, I have a very good job, bought my house before I turned 30, have BF through 6 years, I do not plan to marry any time soon.
Although I never finished university I have done well for myself. My ego has come before anything else. My BF is the same. There are women in Denmark who’d be happy to snuggle and marry and honor it, I might add. I have never cheated on a BF, because I do not want to be cheated on myself. I do not attend church, nor do I believe in God. I’m still a member of the Church and pay my church taxes because I want others to enjoy the Church if religion does something good for them. Also I appreciate my country’s history and architecture and I want to be a part of keeping it. Including the churches.
Danes are independent ppl. Women are full of themselves until they get their first job after school.
I enjoy being a Dane. I am proud of my country giving refugees a chance of a new life and I happy paying 58% in taxes to maintain the social benefits DK gives me and others.
I also would say my “raciscme” extends to anyone who takes advantage of the social benefits I am a part of paying. I loath the youngsters who a few days ago smashed up an ER because a wanted gang member was on the OP being treated for a gun wound. I do not understand the hatred towards the police, nor do I understand the violence from both sides when Jagtvej 69 was cleared. I do not understand why Christiania is not allowed to sell Hashis (sry if I offend anyone here) I see contained drug use as acceptable as smoking or drinking.
I respect my elderly and fellow citizens, and I speak my mind.

I think Danes are loyal and truthful and giving friends when you get close to them. I find it a shame to generalise us when one individual doesn’t make a whole population.
We are a small country. 5.5 mio ppl. We protect our heritage because we as a nation are sensitive to changes due to our demography.
I hope you will give Danes a chance. We are actually quite nice and happy ppl, even though we look angry.

What you write about Scandinavian women are actually mostly true. I myself am a Norwegian 20 year old girl and well I have never thought about marriage at all. It is not a dream of mine and if no one very proposes to me, I most likely never will be married. However I love to have fun, ketchup fights and snuggling and all, and could never ever cheat on someone, Ever, But then I am not really looking for a relationship either. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not looking for it. Its probably because success in career, hobbies and other areas like you mention is our focus. I’ve never really thought about it until I read this, but it is true what you say.

Well, I am a Danish man, and it surprises me, that so many foreigners expresses such negative remarks against Danish girls just because of a few unlucky experiences. Danish girls or women are not better and worse than other girls in another countries. Why do certain foreigners generalizes so much against our girls.

Generalizations distort reality, and any commentary about Danish girls are not meant to be negative. However, many people who have been to Denmark have found that the land of fairy-tales are not what you read about in books.
Danish culture has a high divorce rate like the USA it is about 50%. In contrast there are many countries where there are less than 1% divorce rate. If you believe love is forever why take such chances with a society which accepts divorce and other things like they are not pro life or believe relations before marriage are OK. I do not believe in relations outside the context of marriage.

I want to marry an idealist not a feminist.

For some, a low level of belief in God is OK. I believe in idealistic romantic love which comes from the Divine, not just evolutionary urges for reproduction. If God is not in one’s life, there is no transcendence.

That being said, I am sure there are many nice girls that are humble believers in Denmark or traditional wives and wait for their husbands, but to say that is the norm in Scandinavian society, I do not know, what do you think?

It is not about the people, but more about a social trend and there is no judgement of good or bad, but rather one’s taste. For example, and man who is a feminist leaning might like Denmark. There is nothing wrong with that.

The women controls how the marriage and relationship is determine in a couple, hard time on show emotions as I say they are very cold, not romantic at all, and the opposite to the male Dane, will do what the wife says and tells them, they don’t confront but when the shit hits the fan they just move out like nothing happened and they still are cold on the emotion as the Dane women, the weather is more important than the relationship. And for sure I marry one that seems to be little more calm. But what I know now about Danes would be on my list only for one night stand. Never for a marriage, sorry pretty blondes.

I’m going to be honest with you, this text above is insulting in many ways and I was on the verge of tears. I’m so genuinely sorry for your bad experiences in Denmark and with the Danish culture.

I’m going to ask though not to judge all Danish girls.

I, myself, is a danish girl. I’m independent and I work very hard for what I dream of. That is studying abroad. We’re actually kind-hearted and open-minded. We love romance and not all Danish women are as you describe them. It’s hurtful really that foreigners like you judge us when you don’t know us at all.

I’m actually searching for love and I’d love a guy to have a ketch-up fight with me and tickle me whenever he feels like it. It’s romantic and I’d love to be so privileged.

And by the way, we’re not feminists. It’s easy for you come and judge us, but we’re actually much more than what you realize. I think you should re-consider some of your context above.

And another thing you might not know, Denmark is known to have the happiest people on earth. Happiest people.

I will rewrite the text above. The land of Hans Christian Anderson needs to believe in fairy-tales again. It will take me a few months before I get to it and if you have any photos or insights I would appreciate it.

As a Danish girl, this post really upset me. Not all Danes are this way. There are many feminists and unromantic girls who just want a one night stand. However there are plenty of good girls too, loyal girls who want romance and love. But if you go into Denmark with only a one night stand in mind (as most American men do when they come to Scandinavia) don’t expect a lasting relationship to come from that.

Denmark is the land of fairy-tales and Hans Christian Andersen. You have it in your collective unconsciousness to be romantic and idealistic. The issue is this North Western Europe is the centre of lack of faith in God.

God is the ultimate ideal which lifts the human spirit above being clever monkey’s to something greater than being human (minus the psychopathic fanatics of course, and we all know who these are). With faith in the soul and the eternal the relationship between men and women are something more than just for a temporary feeling, rather it becomes sacred. I as a man am attracted to my wife but also I see her as a spiritual partner to help guide me and save me from myself.

I will be with her even if I am unhappy, all the days of my life. Because this is love and this is marriage, it is romantic and idealistic. In Copenhagen or Aarhus the idea is stay with a marriage until the happiness (what some people think is to be equated with love) is gone. This is wrong thinking. If you are romantic and idealistic you stay with someone you are married to always. It is you and the other person against the world. If you can say Danish girls believe this even a few, that is a good thing, lets hope that trend continues. Every revolution starts with one person.

I hope you have overcome the stupid comments of a man who has little experience and knowledge foreign to the world from where he descends. Indian men for example get infatuated when a woman just holds the hands and then both the sexes start thinking that they have “discovered” ultimate love. Such men have had an orthodox educational background and homely thinking is very conservative. I was married to a German lady and would marry any compatible European lady again. Love and mutual respect is the foundation of every good and healthy relationship.

That is so true, I have been living in Denmark for a 7 years. Først because of education and work after. I have been dating (or at least trying to) so many danish girls but I’ve never found what I was looking for. They are not made for serious relationships, but it was very funny to get drinking with them and do some crazy things which i will remember for a long time. But what I wanted to say is that I left DK simply because of the difference in culture and points of view on the life and it didn’t means that Danish girls are worse or better, it means that we are different and if you can’t accept it and live with it you must leave and try your luck somewhere else. One more thing to say is that I really like country, people, culture but i dislike the Danish weather.

Through my 25 years of been married to a Danish women who I love dearly and have 4 beautiful kids that field my life completely and if I had the chance to do it again wrong, will never gotten married with a Dane. The first years of our relationship was very exacting to have someone beautiful smart and sensitive , after time has past I saw sign on her personality and character, is true they are honest and like to do thing right , but strong on their way of thinking that made our relationship struggle during out marriage . Dane women have to have the control in a relationship and as a man just take the ride and let them diced everything for the family , apart of been cold in their emotions and a big lack of been romantic but great in intimacy as long they are into physical relations, I am a very loving man with a big tribe for romanticism got tire of bring flowers and gifts home to show my love to her. I have struggle with our relationship with her family too since I come from a background of been the man Alfa at home. What I am trying to say is almost like having 2 fathers in the house and we keep trying to improve our relationship but keep bumping heads, sure they are very liberal but will never aloud her to live a open life, they confuse on doing what ever you want to be happy and don’t understand a point of discipline on our kids. I see very clear how my in laws and my sister in laws relationship as couple how they are, the man just follows the depositions of the wife’s they are the Alfa in the marriage. Also they have a difficulties on recognizing their mistakes and can’t And will not say sorry they will act as nothing happened and sometimes I feel like they don’t remember the past. Also ones they have kids you become as just a provider for home and a toy for her sexual pleasure. Life is more than that for me , enjoyment , family time , and how much I miss having some one that makes me feel loved. I have provided a good home and a secure life for her and the kids also I can’t satisfied my in laws just because I am not a Dane and we keep apart from each other , I am very happy they live and Denmark and we in the USA could handle one more of them close.

Aww that makes me sad.
I am a danish girl and I love romantic and I am also 100000% loyal.

I think the problem is the Danish guys, for me it seems that Danish guys just aren’t romantic, and also they cheat in every way. So most of us just aren’t romantic because we haven’t tried it before and were just not used to it .

The most romantic a guy has ever done for me was buying me a pink milkshake on valentines day. That’s it.

But trust me all danish girls love romantic. guys here just don’t care. It is not important to them to make their partners feel that loved and appreciated unfortunately.

My dream guy would decently be an American/English guy I do not like Danish guys cause of the way they treat us.

You have to understand that for me I don’t quite know how to be romantic or what it feels like to be appreciated cause I haven’t tried it before. but do i want romantic and movie love. of course.

And tell me why do you all go to Copenhagen? You should really go to Sjaelland trust me there is a huge difference from Copenhagen and Sjaelland .. people from Copenhagen are so selfish and not very polite or open for new people, such a shame everybody choose Copenhagen. We in Sjaelland have so much to offer and a great nature and great beaches, kind and smiling people not like those from Copenhagen.

I loved your comment Bettina. I believe Denmark could in theory be a romantic country with all its natural beauty and great history. However, Western Europe is the epicenter of the decadent relationships between males and females. Men are player and hurt girls who instinctively want a loyal sensitive man to bond with. This comes from women giving up their ideals. If a woman holds to her ideals then she will have a romantic fairy-tale life. Therefore, see a prince, who is 10000% loyal no matter what. This usually comes in the form of religious minded, but not always.
I am purely romantic idealistic and a guy. I will always be with my wife no questions asked. I am cool and stylish. The only difference between me and the next guy is I am driven by an ideal that loyalty to ones ideals is summum bonum.
My met my childhood friend Carolyn this weekend. She was romantic. She married a romantic idealistic religious guy. He is a veterinarian they have four kids nine horses, six dogs a total of 79 animal pets on their ranch in Florida. She is living the dream because she held out for her ideal magic man. Someone who believed in love and God.

Foreigner in Denmark and after four years in DK I dislike the way Danish girls treat themselves or allow others to treat them – nothing more than pieces of meat. If getting to know someone and to lead to a relation in the physical way is represented only by some frugal chat at the bar and drinking few shots that is sad. College girls having relationships with with complete strangers just because they chatted a bit and did some sort of dance together. That s why they see as dancing, they call this sort of experiences as fun and they do them for years, Yet I talked with some Danish girls who are looking for love and romance. Yet the way they seek that is truly mal-functional. They meet a guy, dine and have relations. Then expect a relationship? Is harder to get a working girl than dating a Danish girl. There s a total lack of values. This culture is great yet sick and I’m afraid of having a daughter in this country. The society s so libertine that parent influence is diminished.

I am a girl from Denmark. When you view us Danes to be a certain way it will be like saying everybody in the US, but this is a generalization. I find it very weird that you because you know one story, you know every story in the book. Let me tell you something Danes are the happiest people on earth, and that is because we don’t judge others everyone is welcome and accepted if the are sweet and can behave. Let me ask you a question do you expect every black or white woman or man to slap their children in your country (no I don’t think so.) I can tell you why women here in Denmark are so independent, we don’t have to wait for a man to make some money for us we have equal opportunities to make something out of our lives and we grab that opportunity.

There are equally as many in your country that chooses to be unfaithful or do the same stuff that some of the women and might I add men do here in Denmark. We are not just some pushovers that will follow your every command as some of the more unfortunate women in this world would, not every woman in this world has the same blessed opportunities as we do here in Denmark.

We value everyday, enjoy life, we are loving, we don’t just go around talking to every stranger on the street no (that’s just our culture), but if someone were to ask us something we would of course be friendly. No we may not be as religious as you may be in the states, but we respect you either way. I for one dream of finding a man to spend the rest of my life with yes I do dream of a soppy love story kind of love, so yes if you want a obedient woman who will do exactly as you say when you say it, then no Denmark isn’t the right place for you, but if you want a true loving, beautiful, passionate and fun girl who is willing to be there for you, I dare say yes Denmark is the right place for you, just like these women can be find all over the world because we live everywhere, good girls are out there don’t generalize please. – from a girl with a lot to say.

Cultural mores and norms are not to be taken as universals. That is a fact we agree on. However, from a man’s point of view, what benefit would it be for me to marry a Danish girl is “a strong and independent woman” as you define it. Strong for me is not synonymous ability to make money or the attitude of “I am not taking this from some man”. Strong to me is with humility and patience challenging your soul through toil, suffering and lament, to make yourself a more beautiful person from the inside out.

I question the pop culture recycled myth that Denmark is the happiest place on earth. You might be happy but in aggregate how can we measure this subjective feeling accurately. This is perpetuated by the liberal media to hold a liberal country like Denmark on a pedestal to promote a particular social political addenda. I live in Florida and with all the sun and beach and easy going American attitude that surfboards and all American smiles, I find it hard to believe the cloudy raw climate of Denmark have happier people, maybe they do. I think the media likes Denmark because it is so liberal. It is a beautiful country but the social values are too subjective and relative for me.

What benefit would a man have in dating a career woman who is ‘strong minded’ as opposed to a humble beautiful woman who loyal and sweet?

What does happiness have anything to do with love, particularly its longevity?

I have a question? Do you want to stay with your mate your whole life or until the happiness runs out?

Not every women here in Denmark are all about their careers, and I don’t suppose that every woman in america is. You are very good at making assumptions, but I can tell you that every time I leave my house either in my car, my bicycle or just walking, everyone i meet greets me with a wave or a smile. Our climate has nothing to do with happiness, and just so you know it’s not cloudy all the time, even though you americans believe so! and if we are to discuss happiness yes we are very happy we feel safe when we go outside because our streets are free of weapons and our system takes care of the weakest so yes we have to work for the whole society to come together as one, we are not like american where each man makes their own luck, we are one here. And to answer your question- yes happiness is equal love, of course I will stay with my partner for life, but only if i am happy. We only live once and I don’t intend to waste my life being unhappy ,no.

As an international who was in Denmark approx. 2 years before escaping, this is my opinion of Danish women:
In my personal experience and observation they take care of appearance in a questionable way, temperament as cold as the Nordic region, and the least faithful women of any country/region that I have ever resided in.

My ex’s brother’s wife tried to bring me over to her behavior (which proved to be the same as neighbors and coworkers, “When my husband doesn’t treat me right, I have sex with a (nationality and religion withheld) because I know it will hurt him.

This led to her dragging me to several girls nights that were like storytellers of the most disgusting adultery stories ever.

It led to me driving this drunken woman home after she ditched me to ‘roll in the hay’ for hours, then making me clean her at a gas station so her Bosnian husband would not smell pheromones all over her from activities less than moral.

I was the bad one because I was faithful. I told my ex of this lovely sister in law of his and ended up getting beaten for it. After spending a few days in a Danish battered womens shelter, I had seen enough. Sorry Danish girls, I am sure there are good ones out there, unfortunately, I only ran into those that were made to be stars of Jerry Springer.

I have lived in Denmark for 15 years, I moved here as a teenager. I am at marriage age but I would not dare/ risk marrying a Danish woman; or any girls raised with a Danish mentality towards relationships and marriage. I have dated Danish girls, and I have had very close Danish female friends. I was disgusted to hear the things that these female friends did. None were ever 100% faithful to their boyfriends. The work Christmas party (julefrokost) is guaranteed to feature adultery. They are emotionally cold, and to them marriage is just that thing you do because it is the next step in life. Most get into it just to follow the trend at their age. Danes live in a fantasy world where nothing can be bad unless the media tells them that it is bad; they can re-adjust their perception to make anything seem good and acceptable if the media tells them to. (Some actually reason that divorce is good because the child then gets an opportunity to have 2 families; where of course 2 families are better than one, more love from more parents rtc.) I doubt that a normal Dane understands the difference between excitement and happiness. They will end a relationship when the excitement ends. A Danish wife will cheat the day her single workmate gives her more attention than her husband (who is never allowed to settle and get comfortable in a marriage). I love Danish women as friends and work colleagues but I would never marry a Danish woman. Even the smart Danish men are avoiding Danish women in order to marry Filipino and Brazilian women.

That’s actually hurtful for me as a Danish woman to hear people view our country as a place moral laxness in relationships. For example, my last boyfriend was from Colorado and he lived there. His plan is to move to Denmark, I fell in love with him because I thought he would that have American mentality. But it turned out that he was the one cheating on me, and was all about watching videos on par with Sodom and Gomorrah. He further disrespected me is rapport he maintained with other women. I do not approve the cheating. And I’m searching like crazy for a guy who doesn’t cheat. When I was visiting him overheard their conversation on how his guy friends were cheating and acting while going out partying, I became disappointed and my stain glass window of idealism was shattered.

Trust me not all Danes are like that and it breaks my heart that people do that to each other, and no know seems to care that we are all human beings with feelings.

So please don’t put everybody in the same box because of their passport or language.
My problem being in a relationship has only been because I am too faithful and expect the same from my partner. And apparently it is too much to ask a guy to be faithful and Control his primal urge to spread his DNA, Even an American guy.

There are many ideas you have articulated. I want to focus on you.

Do not assume that a person is from the USA they will have moral integrity to match that big American smile and cargo pants he steps off the plane with. It has to be a specific type of American. Dating age people from Colorado where they tend to be liberals, which include smoking herb and changing girlfriends and having a general feeling of spirituality rather than a belief in religion where they walk the walk might not be the best choice.

The issues is liberals believe religion is like a club, that people meet once a week and have some ideas or political opinions. Like a book club or an environmental action committee. Faith is a radical reorientation one’s life and has a profound influence on all aspects. Faith is about carrying the cross and purifying your soul though prayers and fasting to be a more compassionate person, more understanding and honest. If you are falling for just some guy, there is not reason to believe he has the virtues you aspire for in your mate.

You need to screen these guys based on moral fortitude. There are just as many hot crazy turn your world upside-down guys who are walking the walk as there are lseazy guys that have some vague notion of spirituality.

Find the right guy I am referring to and you will not have issues of the same magnitude.

If I end up going to Denmark, will I have a better chance winning the lottery than finding a Danish men who will be interested in me when morning comes?

I’m 26, and met a 25yrs old Danish men overseas. I didn’t know the big cultural differences between us when I was showing interest so it could not end well. I had to research it the next day. I may have asked him out at the time. Yeah, wish I had gotten that memo earlier.

I know one thing, I am currently infatuated with Danes. I loved some things of (his) specific personality, which can reflect overall Danes: laid-back, funny, cute, free spirited, respectful. He was so respectful, yet still trying to get with me obviously. I’m wondering, even if they don’t commit, is it because they don’t want too, or don’t know how to get there (speaking of the 25 years old plus ones) Another question, are they also chatty if they take interest about you? Or that comes after the next morning, if they stick?

The one I crushed on seemed to not be super interested in me as a person, which was hurtful. I was like so cool you are from Denmark, I’m from Canada, cricket cricket (no further information requested). Even with his good guy qualities, he went home alone.

Thanks you.

I was visiting Denmark often in the 1990s. I want to tell you I entered the country on train and thought to myself now I want to see them and to compare with German. I counted first ten women that boarded the train and I was very surprised that among ten of them there were three truly beautiful,four very attractive and the rest good looking women. I know for my type of woman Denmark is the best. Although I am Russian the general consensus is Russian girls are very beautiful,i t is not that, and add to it that most Russian women are simply lazy even to look after themselves. Yes to jog, do sport exercises or something else is a not the rule but the exception in Russia. I dated two women one in a small city of store Heddinge,and in Koge. I was close to falling in love, they were so easy to communicate with a joyful and talkative lot. In summary Danish girls are best in all Europe.

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