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Girls of the Czech Republic – Pitfalls in candy land

Most Czech girls are pretty liberal and non-traditional. Do you want to find them? Read my post. I have always looked for a princess, not someone to have fun on a date with, so this is my guide if you are looking for the same in Eastern Europe.

When you hit the ground in the Vaclav Havel airport and your neck is stiff, not from the flight, rather from the head turning Czech gals walking past your field of vision, remember my advice. My advice is this: candy land is magical but not all the tasty little sweets you see will result in a healthy relationship. Further, if you live on candy you will eventually feel start to get a tummy ache and experience inner decay. So guys listen up.

This girl could be a “Czech film actress”.

I have a unique perspective because I lived in Central Europe a good part of my life, yet I am from the West. I can see the culture through a lens of both inside and out.  I do not dislike Czech girls, but the issue with many Czech girls is they are fun, easy going quasi Western girls akin to the social mores you might experience in any London for example. You do not want one to spin their web around you who is not of good moral character. If a man who marries a black widow, even if she has blonde hair and big blue eyes, will live in a self-imposed purgatory of marital regret. This will bring self awareness only after the bonds of eternal matrimony have been sealed. Who needs that life lesson. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give you some ideas on how to find girls in the Czech republic, not just any young lady mind you, but a princess, an ideal.

Get Czech girls mobile number

Want a mobile numbers of Czech girl, go clubbing or try the Internet. I recommend discos. A dance club is not what it is in the US or the UK. In Czech this is where young girls go to meet real boyfriends, rather than pick ups. It is a cultural difference between the West and Central Europe. Girls go to dance and have fun but to also meet serious relationships. Further, they do not care about the alpha male macho guy, they just like some geeky guy you might see in the ‘Big Bang theory TV show’.

Any girl walking on the street in Prague or Brno could be a model or an actress.

Courtship in Europe is based on authenticity and brains.

Statistically, just by raw numbers, Czech ladies are usually from Prague, as this is the only real major metropolitan area in the Republic. Most of the people in the Czech republic live in and around the city. Prague is a rich Slavic city right between Austria and German. Therefore, it has a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures. Catholicism which is alive and well across the boarder in Poland or even Slovakia has decline in the Czech republic because of historical reasons.

For women, their hearts are won with the hears, for men our hearts are won with the eyes, at least initially.

There is no reason you can not take a trip to Prague and collect a score of cell phone numbers. I collected numbers on the street but mostly night clubs. The mobile phone is the new “little black book”. Just know where to look and a little about the history and culture.

There is no reason you do not fly to the Czech Republic and start collecting cell phone numbers of princesses.

Certain Clubs in Praga avoid like the plague – yet where most foreigners try first

I do not recommend the debauchery of clubs like Atlas or darling Cabaret, AAA, anything that says VIP or has relax in the name like  5K or a club that has a girls name in it like Karla or Anastazie.

Do not let any frothy beverage influence your judgment.

I know this is tempting but you will dissipate your energies that could be used for finding true love. Prague is like a mini Amsterdam so there will be leaflets all over the street about these clubs. Do what you want but every step you take down that road leads you away from true love and courtship.

If you are tempted think of reasons not to go like:

  1. The Bible
  2. Think what your mother would say
  3. They are rip off places in terms of money that could be spend elsewhere
  4. Girls are aging and not good looking in the clubs, wear too much make up
  5. Do you really want to be one of those guys?
Czech girls are always up for a party. OK maybe day and night but they are easygoing and know to have fun.

Nightlife I recommend in Prague

Mark’s ratings for clubs with the highest probability to get girls mobile numbers  in Prague.

  1. Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club – 99% – Techno electric large dance floor that lights up and attracts Prague girls at the University. If you can not get girls phone number here you need a hormone patch.
  2. Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar 83% – I love these medieval basements all over Europe. More for going with a group but a good place to go and have Czech beer (yum) and meet some nice ženy.
    Kremencova 10, New Town, Prague 1
  3. Lucerna 80s & 90s Video Club   – 77% – Thematic ideas and girls dress in outfits and dresses that are short.
    Vodickova 36, New Town, Prague 1
  4. YES Club – 69% – Hit or miss during the week, Thursday through Saturday it is pack with a good female to male ratio
    Skretova 1, New Town, Prague 2
  5. Karlova 6, Old Town, Prague 1 – 51% – Worth it in your tour. More a typical disco
  6. Lavka Bar & Club – 49% – Two floors you can look over the balcony and gawk at the pretty ladies. Novotneho Lavka 1, Old Town, Prague 1
  7. Nebe Wenceslas Square Bar – 33% – charming and worth seeing for the atmosphere, but less of a pick up place. New Town, Prague 1

Brno clubs to meet girls

Brno is a different town than Prague, more pubs and interesting places to see. Meet girls in the street or walking around shops. Here are three places I recommend, but only the first one is cool enough to really give any mention.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Pub – Jakubske namEsti 101/2
  2. Biskupská vinárna  – Biskupská 6 – Name comes from the ancient Slavic settlement of Biskupin.
  3. 7 Nebe –  Jánská 453/9 -means 7 Heaven.

The problem men seeking a traditional wife have with the Czech Republic

Every man wants a his wife to greet him at the door when he returns from work with a smoothie (the dry martini of today) and yoga pants (the Victoria Secrets of today). But issue is this, the woman must stay with you all the days of your life. That last statement is where Czech girls fall short as marriage is not forever for many of these gals.

I want to promote good values and love and marriage. Now I know there are many Czech ladies that make wonderful wives and mothers, but the culture is liberal and not like more conservative Poland or even parts of the USA. How can anyone deny the influence of culture on social relationships and interactions between genders. If you want to make an argument that this culture is not socially liberal, I am open. However, for guys looking for true love, if you are are looking for a Western Slavic girl to marry, maybe skip this liberal island in Eastern Europe.

Most Czech girls are not religious. Many have very liberal western thinking about values believing morals are relative and subjective. There are some that do have traditional values, and many of them are sweet but they are not my first recommendation for long-term relationships. I live in Eastern Europe by the way.

Czechs do like fun and travel, however, so if this is your game you might like Czech girls as many are looking to go on trips with foreign men. Many even have their profiles on dating sites and say they are open to this type of relationship.  Many of these gals have been around Europe and traveled to London.  So if you want to a take a girl on vacation take them to Greece, take them to Crimea, take them to Africa or take them to India or Asia.  Many Czech girls will travel with you if you pay for it. Again, this site is about love and marriage not this type of behavior.

Where to meet Czech girls on the Internet – Chat up a Czech for a date

  • – The largest Czech Internet dating site for chat and love.

This is the place to go to meet and date online. Think of it like the Match of Central Europe.

My wife said if she was a guy she would move to Eastern Europe and never come back. I mean come on do you see the styles and looks on the street with girls back home?

Czech ladies and money

Czech republic is a rich country now. Compare to other Eastern European counties. In fact Prague income levels are 110% of the rest of the EU. So if you are thinking of impressing Czech girls with your money, do not. It will not work. Every German has already tried.

Czech women and language

Czech is a Western Slavic language which is close to Polish and Czech. In fact Poles and Czechs can speak to each other with ease. I am an American living in Poland and have no problem talking to Czech people.  The good news is most speak some level of English.

Czech girls and looks

What do Czech girls look like.  They are usually blond and tall and strong looks.  Many of them have Germanic blood mixed in and high Slavic check bone. Blue eyes are very common as are green eyes with Czech girls.  I have no problem with the looks of Czech girls just the values.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. hi i m libyan guy looking for a long term relationship with czech girl from prague if there is ny just send me e-mail. thanx

    1. Czech girls you can have a long term relationship with for sure. But I do not know if you want to, Prague girls are usually not the most religious girls and therefore for long terms they may not be the best choice for girls.

  2. Only men with of a sort would dislike Czech girls. Czechs are atheist be have many better values compared with American women.

  3. I’m planning my trip to Prague as i type. I’ll be visiting Prague next August, 2010. I’ve heard more good things than bad, so I’m definitely coming to visit. I’m sure I will have an awesome time during my visit. I’m extremely outgoing and open minded. This should suit just fine in Prague, I hope. I plan to party as much as possible and hopefully meet some kool people, that i can stay in touch with. Of course, I’m hoping I meet a nice Czech girl to hang out with, but if I dont, that’s ok too. I will have a blast regardless. So where’s the place or places to hang out in Prague? Don’t be shy in giving me ur imput. If you’re a Czech girl and would like to correspond with me, I would really appreciate it. Hope to hear from kool people. Don’rt b.s. me please.. I truly want to meet kool people.

    Frank from California

  4. Take it from me. Married a Czech girl and she used me for papers. Then committed adultery with married man for money. Broke up his family and 3 kids, broke up our family with 2 kids. Accused me of all sorts of things once her papers arrived, stole my home after I paid all her bills and fights me when I have time with my daughter. Her parents were in on the whole fraudulent marriage setup as well as the rest of her family. No American woman would ever do this simply because American women display morals and values with other humans rather than with other Czechs. If you come to America, immigrate with Americans and Not only with other Czechs. This is not ‘little Prague’. If you want to be around other Czech speaking people, stay the hell outta America.

    1. Morgan, I am sorry for all your troubles, really. I think Czech girls are beautiful, however, they do not have great moral values, generally. Read my post about Prague girls and I explain this. This is why I think Czech ladies are fun but not for love and marriage. I think American girls are not for marriage either as they tend to be materialistic and get porky. Eastern European women from other counties do have morals and beauty and will treat you with respect.

  5. American women are 10 times worse than any Czech woman. American women are more evil and dangerous since divorce is always on their mind.

    The Czech girl left you cause she can smell you are not straight. They like all Eastern European women can smell closet _ men.

  6. I’m part Czech and my family say’s I look a lot like most of them… I don’t know much of their culture but I feel I can relate a lot with what I’ve just read

    1. If your look like a Czech girl you must be attractive, and do not take any of the negative comments to heart. I just would like the Czech nation, which has some of the brightest minds in Europe return to their spiritual values.

  7. “I just would like the Czech nation, which has some of the brightest minds in Europe return to their spiritual values.”

    Admin you’re a fool The Czech Republic has been atheistic since 1900. They are not going to turn back to religion. They get more atheistic every day. But at least their women are attractive, and can act better than so called “Christian” American women.

  8. Hey Frank from California,

    I spent a week in Prague in Sept ’09 and wanted to give you some feedback. Please take it with a grain of salt as these were my experiences and my thoughts, your experience could be totally different.

    First off, I wouldn’t go to Prague again unless it was with a serious girlfriend or wife. It’s a very romantic city, which seems like a great place to meet women…

    However, there were problems for me. Prague is also know as being a main place for brothels.The problem with this is that if you’re a foreigner the czech chicks will not be as willing to meeting up with you for a coffee, etc. because the have their defenses up and won’t give you as much of a chance.I think when things like this are too out in the open you lose possibilities for connections. They don’t speak english well and I couldn’t understnad Czech at all.

    Plus with all these brothels, etc. the nightlife is mostly dudes, which means any chick out at night will be even more defensive than she normally is.

    My advice is to meet girls online and develop a friendship/relationship before you go and then you can hang with them and they can show you all the cool spots where locals go. There is one club right near the Charles Bridge, called Karlovy Lazne, it’s a 5 level club billed the “biggest in central Europe” don’t go there. We walked by and I counted 20 guys 3 girls in line.

    The girl I had the best connection with in Prague oddly enough was from Ukraine. She also spoke the best English as well, I’m headed there next.

  9. KB24forMVP,

    You uninformed person, Prague is like going to any other big European capital city. Of course “defenses” are up.

    You should go to secondary cities or student areas unless you’re over 40.

  10. KB24forMVP,

    Oh and Prague is not a city to bring a wife or girlfriend to due to its brothels. Go to Paris for romance.

  11. Whoever says Czech girls are pretty you haven’t been there recently. Czechs got very ugly recently, I don’t understand why so maybe the Czech girls are richer and they eat too much. Not to mention they are empty girls.

  12. They are great for fun but nothing else and I have dated a few. I would agree with what has been said about them, they do like the money.

    I find them to be a bit miserable if they are not happy.

    Went to Prague in 2005 and was really impressed, since then every western joe has been there. So i suppose it has changed big time.

    1. The Czech republic was rustic and undiscovered maybe 20 years ago but now its like New Jersey, a cross roads between large economic centers. Everyone has at least driven thought there. OK Its not really like that but if you want to go where every Western Joe has gone, the CIS (Common Wealth of Independent states), or even Romania, the countries in Eastern Europe like Moldavia are still a little off the beaten path. But Czech girls are really an odd lot. Slavic girls with materialistic attitudes, generally but not all of course.

  13. Hello,

    I am Singaporean guy and met this very nice Czech girl 2 months ago in Prague and we met by chance during a meeting and made this connection, which in few weeks turned into a wonderful relationship. Later then she came to visit me in Singapore for few weeks and now we are speaking of getting married and having kids.

    As this is what we feel we have been waiting for, but reading you post here made me little confused as i do agree to some points of Czech girls being non religious, easy going etc this is my direct experience, but do you really think they are not recommended for marriage?

    1. Well I think some Czech girls are great for marriage, family and will be loyal. It all depends on the girl of course. But in my experience Czech girls are kind of Western. Czech marriages have the highest divorce rate in Europe. It is about or over 50% depending on which statistic you look at. If you really love her and she is the one and one person for you get married, but let time tell you. After a couple of years you will have a better picture. I guess ask her directly does she feel there is any reason to get divorced and does she believe there is only one person for everyone? This is how I think. I would rather be unhappy to the rest of my days than leave my wife.

  14. I absolutely agree with you and I did ask her this question indirectly earlier but she had an opinion that people don’t find new love or relationship if they don’t look for it.

    She plans to move here with me and wants to have family and several kids starting ASAP.

    I think like you too that it happens just once. I would rather be unhappy to the rest of my days than leave my future wife too.

    1. Remember marriage is a lifetime and I know you are in love, but I personally would want a clarification. Does that mean she would under no circumstances ever give up? What are her ideals about marriage. I seem like a pain in the neck, but me, I am very happily married. My wife has my ideals on love and marriage. I have no doubts in my mind. If you do not know, give it time. With time you get to know each other.

  15. Does that mean she would under no circumstances ever give up?

    This is exactly i am not aware of and have decided to give it good 1 or 2 years, live in relationship before commiting to marriage.

    You are not a pain in the neck but definately a good advisor.

    1. I guess what it comes down to find a partner who has the ideals you do. I can say that my parents are together for 59 years as they do not believe in the idea of divorce on the theoretical level. I found someone who does not believe in it either or rather someone who believes loves is without limits.
      Look lets cut right to it. There are some woman that stick to their guy even if he is in prison for ten years and another woman that leave their man because they argue too much or they do not feel it any more after a few years.
      Basically love is like you and the other person against the world. There is no in between. When you have kids and money problems and there are moods swings with both partners you need to understand that love will be tested to the maximum. And if one party believes in the possibility of divorce, guess what, the weakest link will break the chain. This is what I have observed. However, in my parents generation and grandparents and in tradtional cultures people find a way to make it work.
      I am a romantic and believe in romantic love, but love happens over time. Read the story first chapter of this story ->
      Love is unconditional.

  16. I agree with admin, avoid Czech girls at all costs.. There is always a good apple on a rotten apple tree, but with such meager pickings, you should invest your time harvesting from a more healthy tree. All western european girls, including Czech are just more of the same self-righteous, materialistic and feminized environments. Czech women are very dominating and will not accept any male authority, so if you are looking for a traditional marriage, you are in the wrong place. THere is a reason why Czech, German, American, Swedish, Canadian, etc etc marriages all end in divorce. As bible says, if the man is not the head of the marriage, the marriage will dissolve or it will degrade into chaos.

  17. I met this Czech girl in the Cathedral in the UK inside the church and we talk..she was nice..but maybe I don’t know her at all. My suggestions to you sir if your in love with the girl then go for it. Why not? Common man if you get divorse so what? FInd another nice girl then. At least your happy that your together with the one you love. What’s the point of lestining to the negativity of this site. Each person have different lives..your success is not there’s,,,your character is different from these people thats why she likes you.Gud luck man.!!!

    1. Interesting comment but I do not understand what you mean if you marry a Czech girl and split so what? If you get divorce so what? Better idea why not find someone you totally despise and give them your house and half your money, it would be much easier.

  18. What the heck…! What a display of self-obsessed, self-pitying chauvinism bordering on medieval witch (Czech girls) hunting! And all that because the girls refuse to fit your image of “un-spoilt”, obedient, docile, flawless beauties, who full of awe and gratitude fulfill every sick whim of yours…yours….eh…who exactly are you? Ugly, fat, balding ignorant failure incapable of finding a woman in your own country? One of those primitives with a superego who invade other countries with the aim to colonize and patronize and spit on them?
    Of course Czech girls are like any other “western” girls, of course they are materialistic and of course they are “feminized”. They are living in the middle of the “western” world, so why do you expect Czech women to be some submissive, grateful ethereal creatures (grateful…what for exactly? That you take them out of their miserable, pathetic existence in their pitifully sad country? LOL). When this approach fails and those girls show you exactly who is the sad creature in need of help and guidance, that really, really hurts your ego, right?
    Morgan Oh, so the girl has only used you for the papers…huh…what kind of papers? American passport? Hey get over yourselves, darlings, most Czech girls would never go to live in your country!
    You don’t like Czech girls? What the f…! Just leave them alone then! Or better still – go home and find yourself someone in your own country!

    1. Latin, Italian girls and Polish girls live in the West too, but are not feminist. Just a different culture.
      You are confusing women’s liberation with the genuine liberation of women.
      When someone has humility, man or woman, it is a sign of strength and wisdom, not weakness.
      Chauvinism is wrong.
      Many nice Czech girls, I am sure, just generally the culture is too different for me in terms of man and women relationships. Did you know Czech culture has the highest divorce rate in all of Europe? That is not for me, if you walk down the alter and promise in front of everyone and before God that you will stay together, you stay together.

  19. Why is having a woman who fulfills the female duties of the bible have anything to do with with fulfilling my ego??? If a woman is a a witch and has a big, selfish, arrogant and “ego”-tistical attitude, why should I be so obliged as to satisfy all her childlike and selfish demands?

    Maybe its you Alex who is a behaving like a weak, little child who just is too afraid to be a real name and to find your place. Your rather be at the mercy of a selfish, stuck-up and arrogant woman, because you think that women are suppose to behave like this and that being at the mercy of a hostile witch is liberation and freedom.

    I supppose, if you brainwash a slave long enough to tell him that if he doesn’t act weak and inferior that he is behaving abnormally, he will believe it.

    And since you accuse all those who want a traditional, respectful, modest, family-oriented woman as being ugly , fat and bald, I like you to post a link to your picture and see how handsome and studly you look. Maybe you think by being a feminazi-v*gina worshipper, you are somehow more manly, but the truth is, you are quite emasculated.

    Anyhow, like Admin says.. I want a sweet, loving prinecss like the way women were back int he day, not some hot-tempered, selfish, dominating, childlike brat of the western society. No, this is has nothing to do with ego, it has to do with love, respect and honor.

  20. Hi guys!
    It’s me, czech girl! I agree with everything what Alex wrote. “Latin, Italian girls and Polish girls live in the West too” sure they do, but they are Catholics!!! We not! So we don’t promise before God that we will stay together all life. “God” is nothing for us, maybe only expletive. Check that! We have not lived in Soviet Uniot about 21 years, we aren’t poor girls from poor state with poor lifes who need american husbands.
    If you say “hi I’m American” i’ll say “and what??, go to the f**k” I’ll not jumping 2m in height cos u’r from USA. If you need poor princess like Cinderella, try that more to the east… maybe in Ukraines live stupid girls who need save their lifes.

    P.S.: Men? Are you sure you’ll be faithful husband all life? Any other lover? Or you can but your wife not?

    1. Being rescued as nothing to do with money. It is about finding your other half.
      Your opinion is like many Czech girls, marriage is not something that is sacred and money is something on your mind.
      PS yes I am 100% faithful.

    2. What is your conception or how do you see a relationship with a guy?

  21. Ok, sure i want man with whom we will share our lifes. But i don’t need wedding, don’t need some stupid paper which says we are wife and husband. I think that is state of mind, my will, not paper or swear before god: I want and try by with him all life. But I’ll be with him only if he’ll love me all the time and if I’ll love him all the time. If not, better live alone or try find other, life is so short to live that without happiness. So if love end he can takes his suitcases and leave me, sure me too. I think if nothing “tie” us together we’ll care more about our relationship. He must know i’m not his “certainty”,which find every day at home líke silly housewife. And sure i need partner, not slave. Better fight everyday than treat him like kid. I do this requires a and offer the same things. I think that more ppl are unfaithful cos it’s easier with mobile phones and e-mails, modern technologies. Sms can say everything what shy ppl can’t. I think that’s better if husband says i love other woman and the marriage finish, better than live in three. And sure ppl want be still fall in love and when it’s over they go and find it again. It’s like drug.

    From your messages i have feel like girls can’t have own mind, will. Be nice and good and always do what you want. That’s not possible for czech girls.

    How you can write that czech girls are usualy Prague’s girls?!!! Poor idea

    1. This is great. I love your comment. You will be just another silly girl that will live with a man, maybe even have an baby and then the guy leaves you. Women need to be the guardians of civilization and culture, often men will use women with this message that you have. Guys will be all cool and fine and then move on. The girls time will run out. Men’s time does not run out like a girls.
      Guys will love you, but with that talk not for the right reasons, do not be a silly girl.
      I believe in one true love and if it is real, what is the problem with formalizing it.
      How old are you? Again, there is a difference between women lib and the genuine liberation of women. How old are you?

  22. Your problem is you can’t imagine that we don’t believe in god. I know some ppl who are believers and do cruel things than ppl who don’t believe in god. I think that the ten commandments are fine but nothing more from Christianism. And do you know how many women from Poland come here to do induced …?
    P.S.: I wrote nothing about money ” money is something on your mind” so why u wrote that? do you see to my brain? Only bull like everything on this page.

    1. Like I said, many women in Czech are many time godless and have no moral rules, but not all of them, it depends on free choice and how their parents raised you. I do not want to even comment on the issue about the deletion of poor innocent baby’s you mentioned as this is not a forum for debate like that. It is about love.
      Not believing in something greater than yourself if your choice. I know people like this. The Fascist in WWII and the Soviets both had humanistic ideologies, hmm.

      I am not my brothers keeper. If your own ego over faith that is your choice.

      In my opinion not in a million years could I ever recommend any person I care about to be with a girl like you. You are a recipe for trouble with your ultra feminist ways.
      How many years have you been in a happy relationship?

    2. Like I said, many women in Czech are many time godless and have no moral rules, but not all of them, it depends on free choice and how their parents raised you. I do not want to even comment on the issue about the deletion of poor innocent baby’s you mentioned as this is not a forum for debate like that. It is about love.
      Not believing in something greater than yourself if your choice. I know people like this. The Fascist in WWII and the Soviets both had humanistic ideologies, hmm.

      I am not my brothers keeper. If your own ego over faith that is your choice.

      In my opinion not in a million years could I ever recommend any person I care about to be with a girl like you. You are a recipe for trouble with your ultra feminist ways.
      How many years have you been in a happy relationship?

    3. I delete your swear words, just to keep it clean. Bottom line how many years have you been in a happy relationship?

  23. Tereza are you sure you are a woman? Your ideas sound either like a man or some young person who has no idea about life.
    I am young but I hope I am not so foolish.
    In Russia even bad girls I know are not like you write, are you saying all girls from Czech republic are like this?

  24. Well Put Admin.. I couldn’t said it any better myself. Another Western feminasi who believes living a broken, empty, selfish life is the way to salvation. She uses her hatred of religion to justify her own lack of faith and selfish and irreligious ways. Just because religous people behave like athiests doesn’t mean religion, itself, is bad. People are bad, not religion.

    Tereza, from hearing you, I cannot imagine any man who can be happy living with you. Perhaps you should invest in a pet male dog, like many American women do. As male dogs are about the only male companions that are compatible with westernized feminasi females like yourself. This is probably because dogs just do what they are told as long as you feed them. Sadly, women like you tend to treat your human husbands much worse than your dogs.

  25. That will be not short reply. I’m gonna take that step by step.
    1) Silly czech girls don’t speak english and don’t study university like me.
    2)You read bad, cos i wrote i need partner not slave, so it mean i don’t want man who will mind me in all. And i’ll not do only what he want. (many czech girls think like that)
    3) My relationship takes 7 years and some my friends are in relationships which takes more longer than my r.. everybody without wedding and we are happy. Ppl here have not wedding till their realationship isn’t on point: they want have baby soon.
    4)How many wedding in czech r. are in church? 1 from 100 probably. When you haven’t wedding in church it’s no moral for you, sure? I think so!!!
    5)If you’d know something about czech history you’d know that we never been Catholics. We were pagans. Our Holly days are mostly pagan’s. Our Easter is pagan’s at all and Christmas are in czech way. In history we fought against Catholics all the time.
    6)If some marriage (or relationship) finished, why do you think it’s woman guilt?!! That’s pretty stupid idea. When i’m thinking about that I know marriages which ended cos husband had other woman, not unfaithful wifes. But I sure some exist here. Conjugal infidelity is good reason for divorce. Other is “better be alone than be with foul man” that’s the reason why is here so many divorces. When relationship is over it’s problem, guilty both, not only woman.
    So at all, Czech women can have long term relationships, can cook good and be good mums. But don’t allow no man to hurt them, to be unfaithful them, beat them. Women respect ourself. Our marriage must be about respect and love about a boots. If not it’s easy break up.

    1. Czech girls have the highest divorce rate in Europe. How can you argue with that?
      Czech or at least Prague has more working girls than almost anywhere, its like Amsterdam.
      Your talking psycho babble feminist pagan non-sense. When you see how it is to raise a child and how much you need your husband, you will see what I mean. In fact, a lot of my friends that are girls had relationships about 5 to 7 years, then the guy found another. If you want to play that game you can, but to do it with a child you will be like the majority of American women, that is raising a single child.
      Maybe not but its over 50% in the USA.
      Women are not slaves. Never ever should they be slaves nor should men be. Why put that dynamic into it, such strong feminist language.

    2. I feel bad for the Czech republic as so many Germans flood Prague looking for more than cheap food on the weekend. It is time that Czech people started to turn this away. Look at ‘Feman’ in Ukraine. This organization is doing something like this. These are women who have the courage of their convictions.

  26. You wrote this page is about love. Hahaha let me show where? I read pages about other girls from Europe and that’s still the same. No moral rules, not religion as should be, feminism and with western behaviour. 😀 Only girls from easter are fine :D:D:D Ok that’s true czech girls don’t care about marriage agency.
    When some boy from “western europe or USA” can’t get girl there and must find “better girl, princess in east” that boy has problem. He is problem not girls in WEST or USA.
    Czech Rep. is in western Europe or Central europe. Easter Europe is from Ukraine to Ural.

    I showed this page my mates (boys) from university, they laughed a lot. And told me interesting tips:
    Polish and Czech are Slavic, but ppl from czech don’t understand ppl from Poland. It’s easy only for ppl who live near border. Believe me, I checked that many times. So i don’t think you can speak with czech so ease.
    As i said Czech girls aren’t only Prague girs, that’s really silly your sentence.
    And we aren’t mostly blond with blue eyes. That’s not true. And we have the same portion of Polish, Slovakia and Austrian blood, not only German as u think.

    I’m honest, your opinion about czech girls looks like you wanted some czech girl and she said to you go to f… . You weren’t successful. We really aren’t waiting here with our legs wide open hahaha to super american husband who save us from our lifes here full of suffering 😀 😀 😀

    So good fine nice handsome boys can get czech girl and have wedding later, but any clever nice czech girl will share her time with strange failure foul.

    Tell me how long time you were here and how many relationships did you have with czech girls? I want really know why you think about us so bad. Tell me true reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes when czech are unbeliever we are godless for sure. But why are czech girls with no moral rules? Which moral rules we haven’t? I want know your answer.

  27. Tereza is a scary, self-righteous feminist. What can I say, I am speechless…… All she can do is whine like a little baby about how we need to go east because we can score some fat, ugly, dominating, arrogant, loud-mouth and materialistic women from back home in USA. One thing I know is, a stiff-necked and self-righteous woman like Tereza will mainly be used for one purpose by men in the western world, “S_X”. However, women like Tereza search and search for that one victim who will bow to her every whim and cave in to her selfish and dominating ego.

    Tereza, you failed to answer the Admin’s question of how many relationships you been in? Have you been married? Has any man truly given his heart to you? Women like you are taught to excel in business and be independant, but what they don’t teach you in your degraded pagan culture is love, compassion and commitment.

    Look at your country, its a mess. You are worse than USA even. Most of the people in your nation are divorced and I have a good feeling that a majority of women who were once married or have children, are single mothers. And, the growing trend now in USA, as more and more women hate children, is that we have an epidemic of single fathers.

    You can stick your tongue out at us like a child saying we have to go east because we cannot find a local sweetheart in our country, but you are totally ignorant of the situation. Not only ignorant, but you know inside, how shallow and empty you feel and your life has been. You know that you have mimicked the life of the American woman and are falling into her void of confusion and depression.

    American women in general die angry, bitter, alone and all the people who marvelled over their beauty and achievements in their youth are no where to be found. Your little feminized fantasy will eventually come to an abrupt end and you will understand better what we are talking about.

    When your beauty and job success passes away, you will be left with yoruself and you will feel what it is like to rejected. Once American women hit their late 40s they become desperate and angry. THis is how you will end in your days. Enjoy your selfish youth now. The women who were loving, kind , gentle and fulfilled their duties as a wife and mother will flourish and be honored in their elder years.

  28. Tell me where you found your statistics? I found one which say most divorces are in Ukraine and
    Baltic republics. After them followed by United Kingdom and the Czech Republic and the Scandinavian countries, western European countries. So your favorite Ukraine is first. 😀 And what about disorderly houses? Sure in every capital city are some for sure. Wh_res live in America too, so what? The oldes job. I don’t know why you think in Prague are so many disorderly houses like in Amsterdam. Did you visit every there? Did you count all here and checked with bordels there? 😀 In czech bordels you find mostly girls from Ukraine and other states there. That’s fact, mostly whores in Czech R. are from Ukraine. Normal Czech men don’t need pay for s_x. That’s for foreings. So your opinion is that numbers of bordels made us no moral 😀
    And about divorce: Divorce isn’t only woman fail. If is that fail so both, not only woman. Many my friends are from divorced marriages. And what? You wrote in USA too. If they want meet with father they do. No problem. Problem is only with your eyes.
    We were pagan, how is possible that so clever boy like you didn’t know that!

    So try don’t write lies about czech girls. You have polish wife write about her, you know her not 5 million czech women. So you haven’t the right to judge us.

    1. this is from the EuroStat the official statistic of the EU. Also check wiki Czech republic is higher than Ukraine and higher than UK.
      Czech republic has a reputation about the free s_x. I think this is sad and women in Czech republic should do something to try to change this than boast about how they do not need marriage and they are pagan etc.
      I am not judging – I am just saying if I was a guy, why would I marry a girl with such an attitude? It would be crazy. Girls that talk big and have an attitude about they do not need morality often cause men heart ache.

      I mean what girl wants to date a guy that is carefree and does not believe in marriage.

  29. Feminism: Feminists’ political behavior is primarily focused on campaigns for the right of children Violence Against Women (Partner violence in volume), motherhood (Right ab__rtion), Equal grade conditions, sexual harassment, Discrimination s_x and S_xual violence.
    Something bad with that? I don’t think. Everything what modern society in 21.century must observe.

    1. All people, feminist or not are against the things you mention (except the slaughter of the innocent and helpless and please I do not want to talk about that issue here as it is another topic), however, the attitude of feminism has nothing to do with the ideal you mention and you know it. Or maybe that is the issue you do not understand it.
      Feminist morality in the has brought 41 % of the women to have children without a father and over 50% to families with no father at home.

      I am arguing not against anyone and not against the Czechs. Czech people make funny Czechski films, good food etc. But people I know are not happy in Czech marriages, but that is just what I have herd and official EuroStat statistics back it up. I am against the s_x industry and the treatment of women in a bad way. I think Czech should take bake the morality of their country and it starts with the family.

      Did you Tata teach you about just living with a guy and no marriage? Where did you learn this?

      I am arguing for love and marriage. Marriage and children and the sacredness of the family. What is wrong with that?

  30. To Yonatan,
    hahaha you are really funny guy!
    I’m selfish? Why? I share many things with my bf, family, friends. Or word selfish means not the same like in czech?
    S_x! I love s_x! Who don’t? If someone say sex isn’t important for good relationship or marriage, it’s liar.
    I really don’t scary about my future. My bf loves me, and loves me all with bad habits. I’m not dominant, we have well-balence relationship. We are fine and happy, what more we need?
    Break up isn’t mortal disease. I had some, some good and some bad, but i’m still here with open mind.
    Kids from divorced marriages aren’t trend, that’s normal state.
    When my beauty and job success passes away, i’ll have my kids, the biggest donate.
    I can be woman who was loving, kind , gentle and fulfilled their duties as a wife and mother. Why not? Sure cos I don’t believe in god and don’t care about holly bible.
    I talked with my friend from spain who lived here some time and he made me calm. He doesn’t think czech girls have so moral problems as you wrote. He doesn’t think that exist any big different in behavior of spain or czech girl.

    Catholic religion is in decline for a long time all over the world. And you can’t change that so be glad that still exist women for us, you old fashioned minds machist! Sure machists can’t like feminists 😀
    Write something here is like Don Quijote’s fight with mills for me. So be still so silly Don Quijote, romantic guy who fights for your lady with demons do not exist.
    Haha Believe or not I wish you luck and I’ll hope your ukraine wife has never stripped in Prague’s brothel.
    good bye

  31. Broken homes, single parent families, drug addiction, abuse. One thing Czechoslovakia and many other western Europan countries have is a high rate of drug abuse. It is true many Russian and Ukrainian women are working in br_thels, but that is because they are poor girls who are looking for quick cash. In contrast, many Czech women are pr_stitut_s for the sheer pleasure of being greedy, selfish and money hungry. The difference between the Ukrainian pr_stitute and Czech pr_stitute is one has an organized business and works as a call girl versus the eastern European girl who is more desperate and works for a p_mp or at a wh_re house.

    Believe it or not, I live in the one city in the USA that has more prostitutes and strip bars per capita then any other city in the country, including San Francisco. And, lo and behold, a majority of the women working as these prostitutes are white, anglo-saxon, nordic and even “Bohemian”, yes Bohemian descended women! They charge a lot of money and suck off the blood of stupid men who are the product of this immoral and godless society.

    Tereza, you are not even pagan. Some pagan cultures, like the ancient nordic cultures had a strong set of morals. You are a godless, moraless, cultureless , sterilized athiest. There really is not much depth to you.

    As far as feminists defending womens rights, under feminism, women have become degraded s_x objects with no sense of self-worth or direction. After women became “liberated”, women turned into wh_ring s_x objects and r_pes, wife-beatings and murders against women have skyrocketed. Back in the day, when women and men knew their place, violence against women and touting women as carnal beings was quite rare and socially ostracized.

    Yes I know you love s_x and promote it before God, but that is because you are simple-minded and being the carnal godless being you are, lack creativity and compassion. IN reality, women like you are not very good in s_xual relations and most men end up feeling not satisfied in their conjugal relations with women of your mindset. Sexual relations require love, mutural respect, creativity and passion.

    I find American, German and other western women, many who have low sex drives due to poor diet, high concentration of birth control pills and an unhealthy busy career lifestyle, tend to be lacking in the sexual department. They always demand a man please them in the bedroom, yet generally fail at doing much to please the man himself. One major problem is you are sterile and lack passion. You don’t know what it means to be a woman.

    ENjoy your pseudo-feminized reality of being a godless, s_xless, heartless she-man.

    Three jeers for Czech woman!

    Admin.. I was wondering if you can create a section for Ethiopian women? How come you have excluded African women from here? I much rather spend my time talking to religious and beautiful Ethiopian girls then this self-righteous arrogant feminist Czech lady.

  32. Yonatan, I could not have said it better myself. Some girls have ideals and some have opinions, just like some guys. I will marry someone with ideals.

  33. Do you know what is really sad? Wikipedia said This article is incomplete and may require expansion or cleanup. Please help to improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page.
    And from Český rozhlas is article from 2006 year.
    What mean free s_x? S_x after wedding? Sure our laws says we can do s_x from 15years old and we do. I really don’t think we are like you said. That’s not true, and all Czech don’t work in br_thels. That’s stupid imagine.
    Drugs, hahaha sure all Czech use drugs, you are really silly, go to f–k
    My parents don’t teach me i must live in marriage, they want only i’ll happy. And we live here, life without marriage is normal like rain. So any problem. and that’s my life they will not say me what i should do.
    You don’t want wife like me? Don’t worry I’ll not live with man like you. No way
    Many foreginers have Czech wifes and they haven’t problems.
    You still wrote all men, that’s not true here wrote only 2 men from all over world. 2 strange stupid men who think Czech girls are only wh_res. Fine think that! i’m fine, beatiful, clever, in university. Don’t use drugs. I don’t do sex for money and i love s_x and love. I enjoy my life every day and i’m happy. Any stupid men like you convince me that I should behave differently.
    I’m so glad that don’t live many men like you.
    S bohem 😀

    1. Maybe some lame version of a feminized male would go along with what you are saying because he feels he has no other choice and it is his strategy for getting action, but not me.

      Watch the movie ‘Last of the Mohegans’ there are two relationships in that movie. The one with the Englishman who wants to be Madeline Stowe’s ‘partner’ and Hawkeye who destroys her and conquers her and turns her world upside down.
      Some people say the first relationship is love, but I think a girl from any culture would prefer the latter any day or night of the week.

  34. We have been facing few issues and i am not sure as to how seriously to take these issues, keeping in mind cultural differences.

    The biggest issue i have is her being with all sorts of Male friends even after though she is in a relationship with me.

    Second issue is being constant photographic reminders of her with her XYZ’s and feels like unwanted baggage in this relationship.

    I am really confused now and don’t know what to make of it, but i have informed her that I am definitely not comfortable with this and makes me feel like in some sort of rat race which makes me really uncomfortable.

    1. Brian, I do not know the full story, but I can say this. There is no way my wife would hand out with guy friends. I can not imagine going out in town to meet girl friends. Even if it is all innocent and all there is a reason guys and girls do not hand out as friends alone when they are in a relationship. Out of respect. I am a guy and I hang out only with my wife and daughter. If I were do something with someone else it would be with one of my old buddies. Go camping in the mountains with George or work on computer stuff together with Erik or even see Mariusz and talk philosphy. But since I have been in a relationship with her, I have no interest in meeting girls that are friends except with her. And when I meet my male buddies she is invited. But I really do not meet them, we are a team.
      You should only be with a woman who make you feel comfortable and all right. Who sees you as her hero. My wife totally sees me as her hero and would do anything for me as I would do anything for her.
      I am very straight, if I have a problem with someone in a peaceful, loving way I talk it over with them.

  35. Tereza.. You are creepy.. Having s_x at 15? I suppose ped_philia is an important part of your culture as well. You really seem to be snotty, arrogant and self-righteous. Don’t worry about marrying a man like me, if I needed the support of a woman like you, I might as well just purchase a canine.

    Admin, I sure hope your wife doesn’t prevent you from male bonding. Male bonding is something we lack in western society and most men are total slaves of their wife and never spend any time with any other men. Just the same, women should have time with one another, as female bonding is important. I think girls who hang out alone with other guys are asking for trouble. America and Europe are running rampant with adulterous affairs. It is not uncommon in a country like France, for a man and woman to have three other lovers on the side. In Judaism, we have a teaching that you should never sit alone with a married man’s wife.

    WIth that being said, Admin, can you only hang out with old buddies? I like to be your buddy too.. 🙁

    1. Yonatan, Now that I am married with a family I could go out of course any time I want, just have more fun with my family, so only from time to time meet my friends and often its work. You are a good man Yonatan. I often admire Jewish ethics in that regard. I see many married Jewish guys in the center of Krakow and they do not look at women who are strangers. I really like like this.

      Tereza 15 is way too young. That is just wrong in my opinion. My friend just got back from Prague last night and she love the buildings etc, but she said at night there were all kind of strange people prowling around. I think they were a special kind of tourist. I really hope some day the Czech take back their culture.

  36. Sure if you are old like Bible, Yonatan, it could be like ped_philia 😀 Don’t worry czech girls after 15 years old have s_x mostly with boys not more older than their.

    It is embarrassing. Don’t be hypocrite! First sex in 15 isn’t extraordinary in many countries all over the world. Latin America, Europa, and in muslim’s countries is that publicly known. In USA too.
    MTV still televise a programme “Mum in 16″. And that’s from USA. Here isn’t so many young mum. Thanks parents for contraception! 🙂 It shows the maturity of the nation.

    Let see that’s from 4.3.2010:”According to a recent study commissioned commissioned Poland’s ombudsman for children, sells 20 percent of child pr_stitut_s and prostitutes in Poland for his body designerové clothing, electronics or concert tickets. Girls, on average, become prost_t_tes in fifteen years, boys at fourteen.

    According to critics, it proves that the Catholic Church in Poland has completely lost its influence on the younger generation, for whom are se_x, alcohol and consumerism more attractive.

    The Catholic Church is so afraid of losing their influence, that several years ago to put a commercial center in Katowice, the confessional, where the pre-Christmas buying could leave shoppers confess.”

    Hmmmmm? What? Overcast clouds in Poland? But this problem isn’t in Czech REP. I’ve not heard about that. So better when in czech brothels work women who know what their do and are older than 18. Prague Br_th_ls visited mainly by foreigners. I don’t know any czech man who goes to broth_l, but sure someone goes. I’m not hypocrite.

    I saw on youtube video called “Americans are NOT stupid” very very funny or sad ? How is possible that american ppl are so silly, uneducated?

    So i mean be first the best in the world and then criticize someone else.
    You Admin, you showed me as well you know poor about czech history.
    Don’t obtrude us again and again Czech take back their culture, cos sooner will nobody in Poland who will practice catholic than Czech will take back culture which in fact never were us. Only forced on by us.
    Wake up men! You live in 21st century!

    1. Do not be native that video you saw on YouTube was just for fun. I saw. It was like reality TV, it looks great but is staged.
      I live in Kraków and over 70 % of the people here go to mass one or more times a week. It is standing room only and daily mass all day long has people going. Jews are coming back and are pious also. I do not know if it will always be like that but it is now. Society changes fast, these are large sociological waves which we as individuals have little control over. We can only step back and observe.
      But as individuals we can fight our programming, that is the programming of the society we grew up in.
      Poles are not perfect people. Nor are any group of people. Some Czechs are great humans. It is not about that. It is about understanding the culture that we live in and the affect on individual choices we make.
      15 is a child. Even like 25 is still very young. 15 is a child. Humans are animals with the longest maturity process. This is for a reason. It is because the wider the bases the higher the pyramid. Children should not grow up too fast. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage wisdom and modesty in youth and society promote good things not bohemian free love.
      Marriage and family are a blessing and sacred as is intimacy. A person like you has to learn the hard way in life. I am very sorry.

  37. “Silly czech girls don’t speak english like me.”


  38. Something that is patently obvious with some of the comments here is that many guys have not traveled much. I have found that people seem to be the same the world over. You will find good and bad amongst all. Those who think they can tar all Czech girls with the same brush are totally wrong. If these guys do not like what they have found, they just haven’t looked in the right places. I have made love to many girls in many nations and different religions, most are thoroughly moral and good. Believe it or not, most people of the world are caring and thoughtful. That is reality whatever your government would have you believe. Get a grip.

  39. Hi there all, I’m originally from Suriname in South-America and lived for a long time also in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I read most, not all, but I agree with Christine, we’re all humans with the same needs, it doesn’t matter where you come from,what color you are, religion etc. I’ve been also around the world and met women from a lot of countries, even had short relationships with them. I live/ work in Czech Republic now and also had some nice relationships so far. It’s funny how they just get feedback from just mostly one Czech girl named Tereza, familiar name though, I met a lot of them here already. Bottom line, you can not predict how women are in the whole wide world, even when they have BF’s/husbands, are ‘sisters’ etc. or something (they sleep with me) , just enjoy life and stop being so pessimistic.

    1. Is that something to be proud of that you snake another man’s wife?

  40. …”sisters”? I didn’t say that! What’s with all this censorship here? Anyway, you should ask yourself, are they really happy with their partner.

    1. No offense, just trying sometimes get a little crazy moderation.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment. But I do think you should reconsider dating other guys girls. I mean you would not like that. Or other girls’ girls of course.
      Just because you have the ability to do something, and I am sure you do as you are an international guy, does not mean it is good.

  41. Just hope that he doesn’t try to date my wife.. God forbid, he ever would meet me.. Intrige, people like you deserve to be beaten, be tied with rocks and thrown to the bottom of the Vltava river.

    If there is one thing that makes me want to vomit, it is a proud adulterer. Think of all the families this person has ruined. Just remember how the children of the mother would feel knowing you screw their mother. You are seriously messed up in the head!

  42. I think that the story of Czech girls are very dubious.
    And it is not true.
    Yes, find the bad but good girl. Like everywhere else in the world.

  43. Tereza seems to have really taken offense to this article, when it was never directed at her. The article was just an opinion and his was that he liked Czech women, thought they were nice and all but they dont have strong morals. Some do I’m sure. But he is saying a lot dont. I wouldnt brag about boom boom at 15, that is way to young and not to mention all the diseases you can get by the time you are an adult. Gross. No one should generalize anyone, Tereza. Oh and I dont particularly care for the US and its foreign policy, but if Americans were ALL really as dumb as you ignorantly say, then why in such a short time of being a country have we established and accomplished so much? Dont hate, you sound jealous. Then again you are 15 or whatever so I wouldnt expect much maturity. By the way, guys dont like girl who have been with many guys, so you might want to wait long after 15 to have boom boom.

  44. P.S.
    I wasnt trying to be rude, Im just saying to be careful. S_X is meant to be special, so wait for someone who is special enough to share it with. Don’t grow up to fast, enjoy being young. I think its unfair for anyone to generalize anyone, even the author of these articles. There are women with or without morals in any culture. You might just have to look harder in some cultures to find what you want. People are more similiar across the globe than we might be led to believe. We all are human, and the same could be said about American girls too. Which I HAVE heard from foreigners. It sucks because it gives us good girls from the US a bad reputation. Bottom line is that you just cant say all (insert culture here) girls are this way or that way.

  45. Oh and cheers to Yonatan, you are very correct in many of your points. I dont think this young child understands everything you are saying though. I mean she is 15 right? That is still so young. Sadly, he parents probably don’t care that she has these views. They most likely have them as well, where else did she learn them from? She doesn’t understand that her kind of lifestyle will only lead her to unfufillment, sadness and dissapointment. People like her dont value S_x as being special or sacred.

  46. Oh…wow. Seriously the comments are like way funnier than the article itself. Which barely holds any truth in it. Maybe the “Czech girls” but I’m afraid that’s about it.

    Already the part saying most Czech girls live in Prague is quite laughable. Maybe if you said most Czech girls visited Prague at least once, that would certainly be true. But there is much more to the Czech Republic than the capital city, where the cultures mix with all the foreign people and you couldn’t possibly call that truly czech lifestyle anymore and definitely not judge Czech girls by it.

    It is true however, that many Czech people are atheist (certainly that’s not a girls’ exclusive thing), but that alone doesn’t mean that the people do not hold any values. They just found the values in different things, for example work (sociologic studies show that in Czech there are more workoholic people than in other countries so that’s not just random from me).

    You have nothing of value in this “article” you could prove your points from. Those are just your subjective opinions you got from the very little you saw, and that could never qualify as a proper research.

    Most czech girls are natural brunettes, which is also the most common hair color in the whole world. There indeed are lots of people that have inherited some of German genes (historical causes naturally), but as blonde hair color isn’t a dominating gene, the color gets lost quickly. Most blond girls you see around Prague are either foreigners or just have their hair bleached.

    //”Many even have their profiles on dating sites and say they are open to this type of relationship.”//

    You seriously wrote that? You talk about love and marriage and then source a dating site? Those are mostly places for people that are bored or desperate. Or old men fishing for naive little girls. Or men that pretend to be girls to make fun of others. How laughable to use that as source of information, really.

    Also I would be quite grateful if you didn’t write information that you have in no way based on valid arguments. No Czech girl I have ever met in my life would just travel abroad with a foreigner. While women around the whole world will almost always prefer a man with money over a completely poor man (just how would he want to start a relationship and possible family without money anyways), it’s in no way exclusive to Czech girls. And indeed, foreigner trying to buy a girl with his money is just like telling her that he thinks she is a prostitute he can buy. It may flatter her once but it’s no way to start a relationship. You keep stepping over all the values you keep talking about. Why would someone talking about love and marriage write how you can or cannot trick the girls with money?

    I probably missed some points I had, but this response got already quite long by now. I will try to check back for eventual reply.

    And finally, Raquel, saying you were’nt trying to be rude doesn’t make your posts any less offensive, so maybe you should also grow up and stop hiding behind your words considering how much stuck you got on the “young child, does not understand” point.

  47. Ok, one male voice from the Czech itself 🙂
    Yonatan, you are funny, enumerating what not to do to trick a czech girl is saying a lot about you (and money). And your “wifes expected behaviours” are here in Czech called medieval ones (maybe you can improve it with a chastity belt). You should first grow up or at least reconsider what are you looking for. If you want wife equal to you, which you will trust and if she can also trust you. Good relationship is about mutual respect. Do not think that only your religion traditional values are the best. I do not expect you will trust me but talk with your rabi, they are usually very wise men and can show you many aspects of the real life so that you can think and choose your own way instead of brainlessly accepting dogmas.
    And be sure that I know much more about Czech than you, I am older than you, I saw more countries than you, I had my first erotic experience with girl when I was fourteen, I have a family with kids although never married and never cheated my Honey, and I am not believing in god(-s) but I am quite sure about the eternal mills.
    So stop crying and speaking nonsenses and show who you really are otherwise you will never found your happiness.

  48. Hello Admin,

    It has been a long time since i wrote last to you. But the good news is that we have been living together in Asia for over 8 months now and although we have our differences, being an Asian guy and Czech woman, things are going great. We have decided to settle down in Singapore itself for few year before considering moving to czech. Further i have decided to tie a know and get married to her as at this point we are considering to start a family.

    Thank you again Admin for this forum and this really helps.

    1. I was wondering about how all this turned out and thank you for the feedback. There is nothing greater in life than finding the person you are suppose to be with.
      Singapore is an exciting place. I have never been there but people say they love it. Czech republic I can tell you also is a wonderful place, there I have been. Czechs has a high quality of life both economically and culturally.

  49. “Most of the people in the Czech republic live in and around the city”
    So from the 10 000 000 population those 2 000 000 who lives in and around Prague are most of Czechs? Oh dear… And how can you say that Czech girls are usually from Prague? That’s like if I said that American girls are usually from New York. There is no sense in it. Especially when there are cities, towns and villages on almost every 10 square km in the whole country. Prague is just a very little portion of it and I’ve seen beautiful girls everywhere across the country.

    1. You are right, Prague only has a few million, however, if you include the whole radius around the city it is more than 2 million for sure. However, from my big American eyes, the Czech Republic is a small country and Prague is the population center. However, I stand corrected. I also need to learn a little Czech, I speak Polish but some of the words are different, it is on my list of things to do.

  50. I do feel very offended by this article. Please do some valid research before you write article this judgemental. I am a Czech girl = I have no moral values…pardon me? Czech women are not good for long term relationship? Home come most of my friends come from complete undivorced families? Please stop with this nonsense. Prague girls does not equal Czech girl. And a lot of people in Czech republic can speak some language on quite good level. What is the rate of second language in USA for example?

    And the fact that I do not go to church every Sunday or think of myself as a deist does not have to mean that I am a bad person with no values, or does it? That is up to the power which will judge us after death, not you mister.

    And I can respect my partner without being religious as long as he respects me in the same way.

    1. No mean to offend. We are talking simply about a social trend, not individuals or people and it seems to be charateristic of parts of Western Europe and parts of the USA as well. I guess I have sensed that the culture in the Czech Republic and Prague in particular has boardered on more libertine than I am accustom to.
      The reality of social behavior might be a conservative society, but I have not seen this generally. If you are telling me that your society is not like that, I do appreciate the input. I have heard many people say Czech girls are the best when it comes to morals and self sacrifice.

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