Czech girls

Girls of the Czech Republic – Pitfalls in candy land

Most Czech girls are pretty liberal and non-traditional. Do you want to find them? Read my post. I have always looked for a princess, not someone to have fun on a date with, so this is my guide if you are looking for the same in Eastern Europe.

When you hit the ground in the Vaclav Havel airport and your neck is stiff, not from the flight, rather from the head turning Czech gals walking past your field of vision, remember my advice. My advice is this: candy land is magical but not all the tasty little sweets you see will result in a healthy relationship. Further, if you live on candy you will eventually feel start to get a tummy ache and experience inner decay. So guys listen up.

This girl could be a “Czech film actress”.

I have a unique perspective because I lived in Central Europe a good part of my life, yet I am from the West. I can see the culture through a lens of both inside and out.  I do not dislike Czech girls, but the issue with many Czech girls is they are fun, easy going quasi Western girls akin to the social mores you might experience in any London for example. You do not want one to spin their web around you who is not of good moral character. If a man who marries a black widow, even if she has blonde hair and big blue eyes, will live in a self-imposed purgatory of marital regret. This will bring self awareness only after the bonds of eternal matrimony have been sealed. Who needs that life lesson. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give you some ideas on how to find girls in the Czech republic, not just any young lady mind you, but a princess, an ideal.

Get Czech girls mobile number

Want a mobile numbers of Czech girl, go clubbing or try the Internet. I recommend discos. A dance club is not what it is in the US or the UK. In Czech this is where young girls go to meet real boyfriends, rather than meets. It is a cultural difference between the West and Central Europe. Girls go to dance and have fun but to also meet serious relationships. Further, they do not care about the alpha male macho guy, they just like some geeky guy you might see in the ‘Big Bang theory TV show’.

Any girl walking on the street in Prague or Brno could be a model or an actress.

Courtship in Europe is based on authenticity and brains.

Statistically, just by raw numbers, Czech ladies are usually from Prague, as this is the only real major metropolitan area in the Republic. Most of the people in the Czech republic live in and around the city. Prague is a rich Slavic city right between Austria and German. Therefore, it has a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures. Catholicism which is alive and well across the boarder in Poland or even Slovakia has decline in the Czech republic because of historical reasons.

For women, their hearts are won with the hears, for men our hearts are won with the eyes, at least initially.

There is no reason you can not take a trip to Prague and collect a score of cell phone numbers. I collected numbers on the street but mostly night clubs. The mobile phone is the new “little black book”. Just know where to look and a little about the history and culture.

There is no reason you do not fly to the Czech Republic and start collecting cell phone numbers of princesses.

Certain Clubs in Praga avoid like the plague – yet where most foreigners try first

I do not recommend the debauchery of clubs like Atlas or darling Cabaret, AAA, anything that says VIP or has relax in the name like  5K or a club that has a girls name in it like Karla or Anastazie.

Do not let any frothy beverage influence your judgment.

I know this is tempting but you will dissipate your energies that could be used for finding true love. Prague is like a mini Amsterdam so there will be leaflets all over the street about these clubs. Do what you want but every step you take down that road leads you away from true love and courtship.

If you are tempted think of reasons not to go like:

  1. The Bible
  2. Think what your mother would say
  3. They are rip off places in terms of money that could be spend elsewhere
  4. Girls are aging and not good looking in the clubs, wear too much make up
  5. Do you really want to be one of those guys?
Czech girls are always up for a party. OK maybe day and night but they are easygoing and know to have fun.

Nightlife I recommend in Prague

Mark’s ratings for clubs with the highest probability to get girls mobile numbers  in Prague.

  1. Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club – 99% – Techno electric large dance floor that lights up and attracts Prague girls at the University. If you can not get girls phone number here you need a hormone patch.
  2. Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar 83% – I love these medieval basements all over Europe. More for going with a group but a good place to go and have Czech beer (yum) and meet some nice ženy.
    Kremencova 10, New Town, Prague 1
  3. Lucerna 80s & 90s Video Club   – 77% – Thematic ideas and girls dress in outfits and dresses that are short.
    Voova 36, New Town, Prague 1
  4. YES Club – 69% – Hit or miss during the week, Thursday through Saturday it is pack with a good female to male ratio
    Skretova 1, New Town, Prague 2
  5. Karlova 6, Old Town, Prague 1 – 51% – Worth it in your tour. More a typical disco
  6. Lavka Bar & Club – 49% – Two floors you can look over the balcony and gawk at the pretty ladies. Novotneho Lavka 1, Old Town, Prague 1
  7. Nebe Wenceslas Square Bar – 33% – charming and worth seeing for the atmosphere, but less of a meet place. New Town, Prague 1

Brno clubs to meet girls

Brno is a different town than Prague, more pubs and interesting places to see. Meet girls in the street or walking around shops. Here are three places I recommend, but only the first one is cool enough to really give any mention.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Pub – Jakubske namEsti 101/2
  2. Biskupská vinárna  – Biskupská 6 – Name comes from the ancient Slavic settlement of Biskupin.
  3. 7 Nebe –  Jánská 453/9 -means 7 Heaven.

The problem men seeking a traditional wife have with the Czech Republic

Every man wants a his wife to greet him at the door when he returns from work with a smoothie (the dry martini of today) and yoga pants (the Victoria Secrets of today). But issue is this, the woman must stay with you all the days of your life. That last statement is where Czech girls fall short as marriage is not forever for many of these gals.

I want to promote good values and love and marriage. Now I know there are many Czech ladies that make wonderful wives and mothers, but the culture is liberal and not like more conservative Poland or even parts of the USA. How can anyone deny the influence of culture on social relationships and interactions between genders. If you want to make an argument that this culture is not socially liberal, I am open. However, for guys looking for true love, if you are are looking for a Western Slavic girl to marry, maybe skip this liberal island in Eastern Europe.

Most Czech girls are not religious. Many have very liberal western thinking about values believing morals are relative and subjective. There are some that do have traditional values, and many of them are sweet but they are not my first recommendation for long-term relationships. I live in Eastern Europe by the way.

Czechs do like fun and travel, however, so if this is your game you might like Czech girls as many are looking to go on trips with foreign men. Many even have their profiles on dating sites and say they are open to this type of relationship.  Many of these gals have been around Europe and traveled to London.  So if you want to a take a girl on vacation take them to Greece, take them to Crimea, take them to Africa or take them to India or Asia.  Many Czech girls will travel with you if you pay for it. Again, this site is about love and marriage not this type of behavior.

Where to meet Czech girls on the Internet – Chat up a Czech for a date

  • – The largest Czech Internet dating site for chat and love.

This is the place to go to meet and date online. Think of it like the Match of Central Europe.

My wife said if she was a guy she would move to Eastern Europe and never come back. I mean come on do you see the styles and looks on the street with girls back home?

Czech ladies and money

Czech republic is a rich country now. Compare to other Eastern European counties. In fact Prague income levels are 110% of the rest of the EU. So if you are thinking of impressing Czech girls with your money, do not. It will not work. Every German has already tried.

Czech women and language

Czech is a Western Slavic language which is close to Polish and Czech. In fact Poles and Czechs can speak to each other with ease. I am an American living in Poland and have no problem talking to Czech people.  The good news is most speak some level of English.

Czech girls and looks

What do Czech girls look like.  They are usually blond and tall and strong looks.  Many of them have Germanic blood mixed in and high Slavic check bone. Blue eyes are very common as are green eyes with Czech girls.  I have no problem with the looks of Czech girls just the values.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am a Czech-Jewish and I am totaly ashamed of your medieval attitude towards women. Grow up and get a life.

I don’t agree with some things you´ve said here. I am from the Czech republic and I think that for example Slovakian and Czech girls are almost the same. I think that in general there are really lots of romantic girls in the Czech Republic as well. There are of course those girls who like to party, like nightlife and so on, but these girls are just everywhere. And if you saw only Prague you cannot talk about czech girls, Prague is basically a city full of clubs, pubs and parties, of course there are these types of people who like it. By the way there are more brunettes than blond girls here. If you compare Prague and the Czech Republic as a country, it is just something so different. In Prague, the people just have an absolutely different life there than those in other parts of the country.
And what do you mean by ´they are not my recommendation for a long-term relationship´? That´s kind of rude to say. Czech girls are just like all the others anywhere in the world in this thing, I wonder where you found this information. Was it only about Prague too?
By the way these hots don´t fit czech girls at all in my point of view. These may be some models, it just makes people think czech girls look like this but it´s not true.

Many Czech girls are sweet, loving, kind humans. Well actually they all are, almost, however, I am writing here about guys looking for love for a long term relationship that leads to marriage. I have heard too many stories of foreign guys marrying Czech girls and it ends in divorce. The might be connected with the fact that Czech society is the most godless in terms of faith in the world. That is a statisitic. This leads to a higher dovorce rate among other things.
Now this is a generalization and not universally true, but if I were looking for a girl in Prague for example, I would be very careful about what her world view is, because you do not just marry anyone. You marry someone who see the world as you do, so there is less conflicts latter.
Looks mean nothing, morals mean everything.

I really think you should change those hots you have here. These girls look like some cheap girls or so, and czech girls are not like that so you only give a bad light on them.

I would be happy to replace them if you have any good hots of Czech girls that I can use and are royalty free etc. I think Czech girls are very attractive. Not an issue, it is more I caution guys beauty is not everything when looking for a wife who will not divorce you or cheat on you.

I looked for some hots which fit Czech girls better so if I can send them to your email or something and you could change it?
By the way you said you would be careful in Prague about what her world view would be like, I agree with you, but if I were a man I would be careful everywhere, not just in Prague. I mean, that counts for every girl, right? You just want to be sure she´s the right one.
Oh and could you please tell me where you found that the Czech Republic has the highest divorce rate in Europe? (you have written it in one of the comments here) I don´t know but I found for instance this where you can see that there is no Czech Republic on the list. Or for example here there is Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia.. I never knew we were the country with the most divorces..?
And for example here there is written that in the USA there were more divorces among Christians than among atheists. I just think that believing in God and not believing in God does not really change those numbers of divorces.

It totally matters a persons belief system. I think we both could show each other statistics found on the web all over the place, but using your own powers of observation, I think people who do have faith have a different approach to marriage than those without.
Also I really like Czech food, drink and culture, but I just do not think the girls are too much into faith. I mean I have a question for you, do you believe in divorce personally?

I hope what you write about being family oriented and believing in marriage is true. I do see statistics about divorce and single mothers and it has the highest percentage of Atheists in Europe up there with Estonia. I just think it is a liberal western country in terms of social behavior. If you like that, that is fine, but if you are looking for marriage and a normal life, maybe that is not your style.
That is there is no great advantage for those looking for a socially old-fashion romantic oasis in the Czech republic. Maybe in the small towns at these are a different world.

Well, I have a different opinion. I think it doesn´t matter at all if it´s a christian family or an atheist family. But I didn´t come here to argue with you about religion, because that never leads to a conclusion when you´re a believer and I am not.. and I don´t want to spend time talking about our opinions when there will be no end.
I agree with you that czech girls, and czech people in general, are mostly atheists, that´s a right point.
I don´t really know what you mean by ´Do you believe in divorce´, if you mean if I think it is right or bad..? Well I believe it can happen, that a person can just choose a wrong person, it happens everywhere in this world. Just everywhere. But I think it´s really nice if a person finds the right woman or man who they then share their whole lives with. Just them together and the kids maybe. So of course I prefer when there is no divorce. But I would rather get divorced with a man who I found out wasn´t the right one than then live with him in a marriage which would not be happy till the end of my life. If I misunderstood your question just tell me.
By the way you haven´t answered my other questions which I had at the beginning of my previous message, I would at least like to send you those hots to make sure that everybody can see pictures which fit czech girls better, I don´t want people to think that these girls look like the majority of us.

I appreciate your input. I would prefer to be wrong and have others read a clear view of what Czech girls are like, rather than read misconceptions.

I think the bottom line is we see the world different and therefore our analysis is subtly off.

We are in agreement that most Czech girls have put faith and traditional values connected with this aside.

I also think you understood my question correctly. It was to make the point that once you depart from the ideals of love as developed by Christian Medieval (romantic idealism and chivalry that held women as something greater and purer to be honored and respected) Europe (in contrast with ancient Roman which disrespected women and marriage), the social system of love and marriage gets watered down to something like dating.

If you are not with the right person, just get a divorce.
For me that is not marriage. That is dating.
I would not ever be with a person like that nor do I recommend any guy reading this to date women, no matter how beautiful, who believe in divorce conceptionally.

Marriage is sacred. I will stay with my wife all the days of my life, even if I am unhappy. Marriage is not about frivolous feelings. It is about living a meaningful life which transcends my own ego. This is especially true when children are present.
So you see at first glance it does not seem connected but it all is. It is about one’s world view.

Czech girls are fine in many ways, but if I recommending guys marry girls, I recommend they go for the dream and the ideal, not a girl who has the idea that she will leave you if it does not work out. That they can get in any city in the USA.

If you would like to send images I would be more than happy to create a new post with images of Czech girls and I can portray their positive qualities, you can even help me with that. I could write something like the five best reason to get to know someone in the Czech republic.

So like I said, I am a Slavophile and really love Slavic culture, so nothing against Czech girls at all. It is just a subtle difference of ideals.

How can you write about Czech girls? About those you have seen at Prague clubs? I can write negative things about english man that I have seen at London´s bar. I live 250 km far from Prague, I am atheist, I have 10 years relationship.

You are right. Many Czech girls are nice, I will have to go back and tone it down. But I do think there are a lot of Atheists and they do not believe in marriage in the say way the traditional cultures do. I can not recommend guys looking for a fairy-tale marriage with Czech girls but maybe, there is no way you can generalize. But me personally, I would not avoid this country if I were looking for a wife as feminism makes it just like the west, nothing different or special.

You do not what you are talking about. I do not know any other nation in Europe that have such family relationships as Czechs have. In west Europe people are leaving the family at 17 or 18 and even they live in the same town they see there parents few times in a year. Czech granparents do look after grandchildren often, cause we have to go to work. And that we are atheist? I has some reasons. F.E. my mother and her two sisters have very bad experience with the parson. And may be we have enough to be liable to someone (austrians, nacists, russians). We belive in ourselves, in family and nature.

I hope what you write about being family oriented and believing in marriage is true. I do see statistics about divorce and single mothers and it has the highest percentage of Atheists in Europe up there with Estonia. I just think it is a liberal western country in terms of social behavior. If you like that, that is fine, but if you are looking for marriage and a normal life, maybe that is not your style.
That is there is no great advantage for those looking for a socially old-fashion romantic oasis in the Czech republic. Maybe in the small towns at these are a different world.

Single mothers or divorced women or men that are promiscuous or unreliable?

Hi my name is Market, I am 24 years old girl from Czech republic and I disagree. How much czech girls do you really know. You wrote only about some bad girls from night club. OMG! In every country you can find these bad girls. And what about normal Czech girls? Like me, my friends etc? We do not do dirty things. We are looking for normal romantic love relations. And this do the most of girls here! One problem is, we have harder life than girls for example from England, because we must too much work. England girls not.
This story conveyes a message that gives us bad light, thanks a lot.

Sincerely no offense intended. Please point out where I called Czech girls bad or worst? I can remove this. I simply said the culture is liberal, there is a big difference. Liberal means general girls believe in divorce if they think the marriage is not working. I believe in staying with your spouse. I do not believe in friendship outside the context of marriage. I think most Czech girls would say having this before marriage is OK? Czech girls do not go to church and are losing their faith. Czech girls like career and family. I prefer, even as a man family first and job only to live.
Now if these are your values and you seek a wife with these values, then even though not everyone in the Czech republic is like this, you statistically find a larger percentage of none believers for example and maybe it is the place for you.
I am not a perfect person and not one to judge. I am worse than most people, really, but I do aspire for an ideal of romantic love and marriage that lasts forever. If you are a guy seeking this, than many there are greener pastures.

If you are married to a Czech girl know that they are some of the most beautiful girls on earth, many models come from this country and they know style. It is not about that. I am only arguing on cultural trends and not about an individual. If you have better hots of girls from the Czech republic please send them and I can post them. These hots I have I admit are a bit lame. I need to replace them.

You must be really expert when you write about Czech girls, American, Sweden, 😀 you really know all world? OMG

There are no experts on life and every generalization is a distortion of the truth. That being said I have traveled extensively and I mean a lot on five continents and lives on a few.
I can see stark cultural differences between people living in different places and I simply observe the way people interact with dating and marriage and love.
Maybe my views are not accurate but I also read a lot and I think if you look at statistical indicators they support some of my views. For example, Czechs and Estonians are generally atheists or not church goers and this in contrast to say Italians or Polish people. All Europeans mind you but a different culture. A lot as to do with history obviously and some economics. I have a Masters in Economics and my passion is History. But I am no expert at anything. Therefore if you see something wrong factually or wrong morally point it out to me, so I can try to see it from your perspective.

I do take stand though if you read my blog. Generally I argue for love and marriage and I am against players, hip and cool relationship switching etc. because it does not empower women or make men happy. I believe the best life is a fairy-tale romance where two soul mates meet each other and fall hopelessly in love.

Wake up and stop talking about trust, churches etc. Only because we are atheists you throw dirt on us!!? I am from Czech republic, I have 10 year relationhip and never been with someone other. And on other side, I know a lot odd Poland girls from job (which are not atheists and they are going to formal church) and they prefer free relations and laid with strange man! The same in England! there are a lot of night club where people get together with strangers. It isn’t about trust in God. It’s about character.

Never confuse church with religion or morality although sometimes they go hand in hand and sometimes not. In fact, although I go, I can not stand some of the ideas. But the message of the source of this is correct. But look, I was using that as one example. You could look at other things such as Czech girls tend to live with their partners instead of getting married. And when they do get married it statistically does not work in many cases.
However, in all fairness I feel bad about all this and what is written. Give me some counter arguments and tell me some nice things about Czech girls and your society so I may learn.

How i can tell you it by decent way? OK, ‘bad word’ all your statistic. Life isnt about statistic. In Czech they are married the same like everywhere in world. Maybe there have more problems in relations. Its possible, because Czech women has harder life. They must too much work, their husbands requires clean house, good food, friendshipy wife. But Czech woman must all this do alone. And nobody will help her. So than she is very tired, and this is substance of all problems. Man hasn’t many for her wife, for cleaning lady, for some au-pair like in England.
This make quarrels in their relations ship. Man become found some dispersal (f.example younger girls or alcohol) and wife is sad from it.
This is real life in Czech republic. It isnt’t about Czech girls and their character. It’s about all situation, and politic sitation too. It makes a lot of problems to their life.
I hope you finally understand. Czech girls and women really aren’t bad, they just borned in bad country.

You raise some valid points. I am not a friendshipist at all. I help my wife the best I can. And she helps me the best she can. I have an equal partnership. But that does not mean I am not a man, simply I believe in love and I respect my wife as a human being.
I think before one gets in a relationship people need to understand the other person’s world view. I am not sure what your point is, I think you are saying women in the Czech republic get a bad deal as their husbands do not pull their equal weight.
Well I will tell you the best way to counter this and it is not feminism.

It is not sleeping with the men until the relationship has crystalized and the man falls into place and you earn his respect. I mean if a woman would simply not give the milk away so soon then men would respect and honor a woman. It does not always have to be like this, some men respect women no matter what, but most have to be trained, um I mean taught. The woman has to train and teach then man to respect and honor her or she will not enter into marriage without this respect. Once the man is taught respect then he will have no problem being a ‘family man’ in every sense of the word.

And the second thing, the lower married in Czech is possible but the reason isnt we are atheists, but real reason is very easier and its shame – young czech people have not the money for wedding and children. The politic situation here is at this moment realy bad. Young people cannot found jobs, and they dont got any money from state. Our minimum salary is 8500 CZK for 1 person and only living cost 6000 CZK (for 2 people), food for month 2000 CZK. Is really difficult for young people make wedding. This is problem.
not any trust in God or atheism, omg.

In Prague the wages are 110% or something of the EU average. The Czech republic is not Paris or London but I live in Poland and it is not poor. In fact since its entrance in the EU there are a zillion nice cars in Czech and people have nice houses. Even in the countryside the homes are all being redone. It is not a poor country. You have a health care system, pension and free education. While most Americans have to shell out 25,000 dollars a year for school.
It is not a bad life here.
In a global economy you get paid what you are worth. You get paid for your skills. I am an American in Eastern Europe, and I have to continuously upgrade my skills and learn if I am to earn a living. I do not expect anyone to give me a job for life with a good salary. That is old communist thinking. So many young people from Eastern Europe have a ridiculous understanding of the way the world works in terms of economics.
Let me explain. You get paid what you can contribute. This is true is you are in the Czech republic or in NYC. If you can make yourself valuable and an asset and make your marginal product greater or equal to your marginal cost than you will always have a job.
What about using your creativity to create value?
You could do anything from opening a clothes design shop or a Pizza shop or a call center or massage therapy company or a tour and escort company for foreigner who want to learn about the history of the Czech republic in a decent and respectable way. Or you could be the Kiosk queen of your city, one of my friends does that or sell sandwiches in a cart, one of my friends does very well with that. She is from Eastern Europe and has a Master’s in accounting by the way.
Economics works like this, create for others to enjoy something, jewelry (my friend does this in Czech republic as it has some unique minerals like Moldavite which is found almost only in the Czech mountains) or whatever and you will be rich.
Besides life is not about money. Jesus said blessed are the poor. Is this not true today as it was 2,000 years ago? Being poor give you a power that the rich will not know. It gives you a freedom from material goods and sometimes greed.
Your kids might not have the latest Apple product, but you might find yourself spending more time with them reading books or taking walks. Money is not my God.

I am a Czech man and most if not all what you are writing is right. Sadly. This is what Czech girls are like. Yes they are beautiful but lets look at the fact in more detail and here is some practical advice if you consider dating a Czech girl.

It is said among guys over here that girls/women are basically the same all the world over. But nothing could be further from the truth and it is also very unfair to women from other countries. Cultures are different. Let me explain my experiences in Europe.

I lived in the UK for almost 5 years and had the opportunity to compare women from many cultures. So far Czech girls seem to be the worst for dating if you are looking for love and marriage,by far. They have the worst reputation of all the girls. I can speak some Polish, Slovakian and German fluently and I was able to pretend to be a German or a member of any of the 3 Slavic nationalities.

If I said to anyone that I’m Polish, Slovakian or German nothing special happened. Ever. But If I said that I’m Czech, other men used to say a lot of nasty things about Czech girls. Especially but by far not only Pakistani men. I ended up being embarrassed about being from the Czech republic or mention anything about Prague, and ashamed on a lot of occasions.
It came so far that to anyone that asked where I’m from I said Slovakia. Most Czech girls seem to have very little self-respect and almost no concept of faithfulness or love, Marriage and children and being a good wife is not their first priority it seems.

Men are used as just another source of income. They are ready to dump their boyfriends/men for better/wealthier men most of the time anytime. They are promiscuous. They think that its normal and common to tell lies to men to achieve a goal. Sadly I was able to confirm this by personal observation and by observations and experiences of many others. I so wish that this would change, but I know it wont. Because I’m back and it so s to be living in one country with the worst women in the world. At least when it comes to long-term relationships.

I just don’t want to date them anymore. A ‘roll in the hay’ is fine with them but for true love I have to look in another country.

We all tend to judge our own culture harder because like a family we know the bad things more than foreigners. However, that being said I find it strange I have very few Czech women post here that say they dream of finding one man, getting married, yes walking down the aisle with him, and being a good wife all the days of her life, including having children and being loyal to her husband.

Instead I meet Czech girls that say they are living with their boyfriend. What the deuce, explain this liberated materialistic idea to me. Living with a boyfriend means nothing. It means you do not believe in marriage. Marriage to you is not something sacred. Your body is not sacred. Maybe I am old fashion but I want to marry a girl, and I did that was not living with her boyfriend.

Living with your boyfriend is not a girl I would want for marriage and to raise my child. Children need a mother and a father who are husband and wife or it will confuse them.

 I think there are many nice Czech girls, but I wish some normal married ones, or ones that believe in fairy-tale romances would post here and tell a different story, not a girl from Prague who says I am in a committed relationship living with my boyfriend. Yeah right, you know were that leads.

I do not mean to be anyone, but girl need to wake up and realize living with a guy in my personal observation rarely leads to a happy storybook ending. Girls think it might and they are dreaming but it rarely does. Maybe sometimes. Why do girl not just find a guy that believes in love and marriage? Is that so wrong today?

Statistics to back me up show that girls that live with their boyfriends have a higher rate of divorce, more likely to be alone in the later part of their lives and have less chances of finding a happy husband.

I do not know if it is feminism that has poisned the well in the Czech republic for women believing in marriage and love or it is the turning away from faith in something greater than themselves, religion. Or maybe it is their proximity to the west being under Germany and the most Western Slavic country. But somewho the Czech girls with all their beauty have a reputation for being cunning and clever when it comes to dating. I meet a Czech girl in London and I can not recommend her to my sweet farm boyfriends back home.

I meet a Polish girl who tells me all she ever wanted to do is get married and be a good wife, this girl I can recommend. It is not a matter of better or wosre it is a cultural difference.

I wish I would meet more Czech girls that dream of being a good humble wife. If there are any please let me know.

Having read through `Admin`s` litany of hypocritical and false pieties about Eastern European women, I feel the need to respond. As a fellow American (and one who has lived in Central Europe), I must say that your preaching and moral indignation comes across as self-righteous and in a word, false. You present generalization after generalization without understanding the historical,spiritual, nor psychological causes for many of the statistics you mention (i.e. divorce rates, `atheism` etc.) Moreover, it seems you are fighting your own ideological battles (i.e. contra feminism) in cultures you have but a superficial acquaintance with. So, if you want to preach, head back home where the real battles are taking shape,And finally, it would behoove you to follow the Rabbi`s advice on moralizing, so as to see better the splinter in your neighbor`s eye, take out the plank in your own. And as an addendum, reread Matthew regarding the Pharisees, I think it could be highly enlightening.

And finally, I find it hard to believe that you are American. Your Americanese is well, lacking, remember sentences need not only subjects but verbs as well.

Peace brother

I had to correct a score of words in your post as they were misspelled and in chat like style. I thought it was spam.

However, how specifically are the girls in your view different? Girls in Poland have a 18% divorce rate and Romania under 10% in Czech Republic over 50%.

Are you happily married?

I doubt it, as you seem to laud and embrace the new religion of existentialist modernity including feminism. Most likely have relations before marriage and yet not married yourself, just corrupt other guys future brides and you think this is OK and cool right?

So are you a materialistic lib guy, teach a little English and hand out in cafes, correct? You seem pretty accusative but add no real substance. Why not add facts and research.

How many Central European languages are you fluent in?

Ten years ago Europe was choked with guys that thought they discovered Budapest and Praga, some stayed around too long.

I have been married for 5 years and until a year ago we were happy. Then my husband met a married Czech woman and they are having an affair. I am at my wits end. I am a true Christian woman who values my marriage vows and my family. Unfortunately my husband has been corrupted by this Czech woman, she is married and has 2 small children and look how she behaves! I discovered this a year ago, her husband still does not know, she is very devious and lies to him easily.

I am discovering just how weak my husband is, he cannot seem to break away from this woman even though he sees how much his behavior is hurting me. I want to save my marriage more than anything but how do you fight against someone with no conscience or morals? I can only see this ending badly for everyone involved. So men please be warned.

If your husband is unfaithful, I am sorry you are having to go through this experience. Truly I am. However, know that it is not that she is a Czech girl that you are having this problem, but the individuals involved have lost their moral compass or never had one.

You live a God centered life. The Czech girl in question is temptation and seduction, she may be a good person in other ways but she in my understanding does not take God or religion seriously. I have met many girls like this from Eastern Europe, as when the yoke of communism was lifted they rebelled against religion and embraced a low-level of materialism. It might not be the rule and everyone is different, but I have observed that Czech girls culturally, tend to be more libertine than others and that is why they have this reputation.

The question is, has your husband fallen from the path of goodness because his faith is not authentic or because he is weak in the flesh. If he is weak in the flesh maybe that can be forgiven at soe point depending on many things, I do not know. If he is weak in faith that is one thing. But if really never believed or care about such things, it will be a hard road for you and I do not have the wisdom, but it will most likely not end well for the marriage.

I know many happy marriages that have recovered perfectly from affairs. Others have not. However, it takes a certain psychological profile to do this as well as a world view. My view is as expressed. It depends on what is going on in their spiritual life and this will take discernment of the spirit.

Lust is the least of the seven sins as Dante says it is misdirected or inordinate love.

The main thing for you is not to get drawn into negative emotions if you can. This is because it will only cloud your judgement. You have to calm your mind. You have to also pray that all people involved are free from any negative energies or influences. I am not a supernaturalist but I question whether mankind has a better conceptual framework to describe these things than dark influences.

I am no expert in life, but if it was me I would have a conversation with my spouse, in a calm way to discern the root issue about, is his faith or will weak or simply he has none. I think this is important. Before or during marriage or in a relationship, people need to have conversations about this topic, that is the meaning of life. Then through the marriage as life is challenging the topic could be revisited.

I would also remind him of the reasons you came together and fell in love. If you can be reminded of these reasons maybe you all can find your way back or build off of those.

Live is hard at times and people are worn down by life, and work and stress and often see a fling with a girl as a breath of fresh air. It is an old story. All people are weak. It is only with faith can we be redeemed. That is why the faith question in a relationship is important.

Guys think different from girls. I mean some people think that girls are on a higher level. I do not know if that is true because for every man cheating there is a girl involved. So morally I think we are all equal in moral temptation it is just manifest in different ways. Guys tend to cheat because their wifes nag them or they think their wife loses her spice when they focus on the responsibilities of the family,. I think this is silly thinking as all girls are beautiful. Girls cheat when they feel they are not getting the love they deserve at home and someone pays attention to them. Usually not true also, men come into a relationship with all kinds of emotional pain and never learn to express love and this is not something learned over night, but a life time of healing.

But both are wrong as much of life especially middle life with the responsibility of the family is about accepting the flaws of others. Acceptance therapy if you will.

To be a little light, I basically say for a guy to make a woman happy there are two rules. The first rule is, do not cheat. The second rule is try to be nice. But the first rule is more important. Obviously life is more complex. Let me know how things progress if you can and best of luck to you. Peace.

Good insights into love and marriage. I am on who thinks if someone cheats it does not mean the marriage is over. Of course I would be hurt, as it is a violation of trust and there is a good chance it can not be rebuilt, but sometimes it can.

Many guys enter a marriage with unresolved issues in their life that they play out during the marriage. This does not mean there is anything wrong with you.

I think there was a friendship in the city episode about this with that tall redhead Miranda and her love. I recommend you watch how that plays out if there is a chance he can stop his immoral behavior.

Eastern Europe is an interesting place. You have some of the most devout and loyal people in the world. On the other hand you have people that do not care about or respect morality. The good news is those people are fairly transparent and state this right up front.

However, I do not know if it is Czech culture and for sure not Eastern European culture as a whole. I have read a lot and experienced a lot of Czech girls in London, that prey on guys. But no girl I know would do this, nor any girl I meet with. I think it is wrong and you are right to feel upset about this.

If I was married, I am not I am single, I would not let my husband hang out with girls in general as it can only lead to trouble even if it is very innocent at first. That is how it always is.

I generally avoid those people as they can corrupt even good people. I like Admin, states believe in energy. You do not want their negative or dark energy to attach itself to your spiritual body and corrupt you.

If he is under her spell, so to speak he has to break away. If he leaves you and marries her or stays with her it will be a life of unhappiness with her.

There is a lot to be said that following the straight and good path leads to happiness and beauty and peace.

Have you ever noticed cool people who did bad things years latter often look ugly. Maybe it is from a rough lifestyle but maybe that their inner bodies often start to influence there outer bodies.

Another thing is matter how you are affected by this unfaithfulness try not to let it destroy you as a person. Time will tell how this will turn out and time will heal the situation either way. But the main thing is try to not let it overwhelhem you. One of the best ways to do this is talk to your friends and others, even to vent, then let it go.

I have travelled, studied, worked in other 22 countries and over 4 continents. Religion does not matter, I seen Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Islamic, Jews, Lutherans, Protestants, etc get married and divorce in all parts of the globe from the east to the west to north to south. People cheat, I do not know of one single country where this does not exist, if you know of one, please share it.

That Czech women only want money, I am sorry all women want their partner to be stable income and have money, again if you know of one country not like this, please let us know. I am offended by your narrow-minded north american like attitude, about the Czech women, you only speak about Prague, for you information Prague is one of the most international cities in europe the amount of english spoken in this city for a non anglophone country rivals Amsterdam. You must have heard about that night life I am sure.

For night life; how about Hamburg, Paris, Rome, would like me to continue Dublin I never had my butt grabbed by so many women in pubs as I did in Ireland… Now those women want fun. Wether you come in with your wife or not they do not care, Cork is even better for butt pub grabbing by women. I would like to specify that I know of many foreign men married to Czech women living either in Czech Rep or not.

These women are not only very intelligent very open-minded, very beautiful, but like to share their culture. Let me guess you don’t speak Czech, that is probably why the women are not interested in long-term why would they be you make no effort to communicate in their language, for them you are only here temporarily and then you will leave the women behind. Anyways if you complain about Prague, also live in all other capital cities of europe and then you will see that Prague has no exception, except that it is very open, and very international. Do yourself a favor leave Prague and travel more before making such stupid ignoramus comments, have you been to Odessa, Budapest, Sofia, go there then you will see how little interested in money Czech women really are. Yes they are open-minded, high education is in their culture, education opens your mind.

I have travelled just as much if not more. It does not make us experts on life.
However, explain to me why a country like India has a divorce rate of 1.1% while in Sweden you have a divorce rate of 55%. I think there is a correlation between values, often religious values and loyalty in a relationhip. The Czech republic has one of the highest divorce rates in the EU, at about 45% coupled with lack of traditional values as measured by church attendence and faith. In contrast, Poland, Italy and Romania have some of the lowest, under 20%. I should gragh it out and you will see it is a reasonably strong factor in determining relationships.
However, not only. I know many ethical athiest and good people who have no faith and wonderful relationships.

This is not about people but cultural trends. Czech cuture has changed to a western materialistic culture over a culture of the family. It has in many other countries also , even the USA .
I am not saying you have to think this is wrong, but it is the way it is based on statisitcs.
However, there are many Czech people if not the majority who have not been corrupted my secularism and feminism and materialism.

It amazes me that people do not consider the world view of their partner when in a relationship, it seems what h does for work or his hobbies are more important than the meaning of life question.

Open minded, intelligent, very beautiful, well travelled, sociable, friendly. All those are the adjectives that the czech girls who work as ‘companions’ here in FL and NY use to promote their ‘sponsorship’ business. There is nothing wrong if you wanna sell your body, the problem is that they try to have a normal life on the side, making guys believe they love them just to secured their interest, money or a green card here in America. Right on the money my friend. I discovered this the hard way. Same thing here in America. I’ve know 5 czech girls, and all of them, no values, no morals, no self respect, they open their bodies to any guy in a split second, that’s not the worst thing, the worst part is that the swear the love you while they’re doing other men and women at the same time. I dated one girl from Prague, the girl lied about everything, making herself the poor abandoned girl here in US who was working and studying to be “successful” as she stated, while she was married and playing a guy for the green card and I caught her in the bathroom having relations with another girl, she thought it was nothing. When you love someone, that is very low. When I confronted her with her husband two days later after she took her mask off, we discovered that she also ladys herself in NY once in a while as an massage therapist, she gave a massage to Jeffery E. and she still says she just gave him a massage for a large amount of money, google the guy and you’ll see the guy is a millionaire ‘offender’. Poor ‘working girl’ was frozen when she came into the office. Nasty and low the life that girl has been living. But as long as she has money and Chanel, she doesn’t care. When I see her sometimes after that, she acts like nothing happened and she still says she has a good heart and values. Poor low life, her price is a Chanel bag. Now she will have to open those legs again for someone because the guy divorced her, so the green card is a question mark now. I talk with facts. Keep them in Prague female cat houses please, here in the west side of the world, we do have feelings.

Thank you for conveying your personal experiences. I wish I could contradict what you have written but in my personal experience and this might not have any bearing to reality, but Czech girls do not have a strong sense of religion or traditional moral values. I seemed to sense the pervasive moral code is ethical relativism and a distant second humanism. I wish it was not so.
Ideas like penance, redemption and spiritual progress based on self-denial and sacrifice, seem not to be part of the collective unconsciousness of the current Czech society. Not even a philosophy of Epicureanism seems to make sense here. I would think if a society jettisons traditional values, Stoicism or Epicureanism or high-minded humanism would replace it, but I see no evidence of this.
I think cultural deevolution is an issue in Western Europe in general. However, I warn guys all the time to stay away from women who are not high minded or ideal driven. If you get involved with a non ideal driven girl, you are asking for trouble.

Please make the chart! I would love to see that. I had no idea that Sweden had a divorce rate of 55%. That’s crazy! You would think they were American. I’m also surprised that Italy has a low divorce rate, but then again, I don’t know much about Italy.

Well, if you as a man are looking for a puppet or baby bird hanging upon your every word than the Czech republic is really not the right place. But if you’re looking for a kind, independent, nice and well-educated woman, just visit our country (but please – not only Prague and especially not the downtown clubs).

Eva, 26 years old woman from Brno, Czech republic.

I have not problem with a trip to the Czech republic, there are many nice things to see. However, the qualities you describe are general, such as ‘indepentent’ or’nice’. Most people in the world have these qalities. But for marriage, for someone who hopes to find a wife, what about humble and compassionate and someone who will never ever leave you in marriage but stay with you not matter if they are happy or unhappy? Can you say that Czech women are like this?
I think I like someone who is a homebody, someone I can be a homebody with and needs and loves me, I like I need and love them. Then we can discover the world together, not someone who has been there done that.
Can you honestly say you do not believe in divorce or that you do believe in only one true love?

I think the idea here is define nice girl. What is a nice girl and desirable girl in the eyes of someone looking for a wife?

Do women attribute the same qualities to nice as a man would? I think it would be hard to come to a consensus between the genders, but it seems more dependent on which culture the person is from.

For example, independent might be a characteristic women from up and coming economies admire, while in developed economics men would not like this as it implies feminism.

So you mean that you are for staying in marriage even if there is for example home violence? Do you really believe that in this case it is better to stay in marriage than get divorced? I can hardly accept it. But generally / my answer to your question is yes, I believe in eternal love, I believe in it and I want to live with my one and only man for the rest of my life. But it doesn’t mean that I could be able to accept violence, rudeness and so on. And this can happen no matter how good you think you know your man/woman.
It’s standard in independent world than you don’t have to suffer in your relation ship. If you’re looking for the woman without will and right to happy of at least worthy life than you’ll have to concentrate your attention to muslim or developing countries.

Show mew where someone said violence and do you really think this is the cause of most divorce? Most people divorce because they are not happy, which is a lame excuse don’t you think? What would you divorce over besides the above mentioned? Also I know few girls that do not melt down from time to time and throw things or hit their boyfriends in times of short temper, these are lovers spats. We are not talking about this of course, right?
But again exaplin to me what is a reason for divorce besides real serious threats of life or serious physical harm?

Sorry for delayed answer, haven’t been online for some time. Besides these mentioned serious potential for physical harm, there isn’t any other real reason for divorce. Anything else can be solved. Do you believe me? I’m honest. Everyone should think twice if they get married or not. Once you get married you should stay with yout partner no matter what. Otherwise your wedding vows were only empty words.

I am impressed and you do have ideals Eva. I hope more people are like this. I am getting a bit of a shock myself. I moved back to the USA and now living in St. Augustine, Florida and as a temporary job I am doing taxes. I interview people’s life situation for taxes. Well it is a culture shock to see almost everyone with multi childs from multiple relationships, and I only really met one family who coincidentally happened to be religious, had the traditional model of parents that love each others and family. In Eastern Europe that did not exist.

A promise that people have no intention of keeping is not a promise but a lie. However, I can understand people make mistakes etc. But once kids are brought into it I think it changes everything as they need to know their parents love each other or there is not model.

I think in Czech republic you get idealistic girls like yourself and you get modern materialistic girls. I tend to believe you will have a more fulfilling life.

I agree with you Admin, as I said multiple children from different fathers without marrying even one? C’mon this acceptable behavior? To men who believe they have no options, they make do I guess.

As you said I don’t want somebody that’s been there, done that and has the t-shirt. Especially when Single Mothers have already messed up parenting in most cases since there is no manual and more often than not comes from a single parent household themselves.

I tend cut Slavic women some slack because in a male dominated society that is CIS/FSU men often leave when the going gets tough or the woman starts to demand more than he can provide. This is not a diss of Slavic men but with plenty of selection, why not drop the girl that gives you static and has your child for a woman without all that?

Without much moral compass they freely look for other women. I am not saying all Slavic single mothers are victims but the majority of them are. In America men are so thirsty for attention from women Single mothers are fair game…

When you said “Independent” RED FLAG!

Nobody is truly Independent, that is a fantasy. Though technology allows women to have children without a man (IVR + Sperm Bank) if men were not foolish enough to sell their seed this wouldn’t be possible but like everything in post-modern society C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me).

I’m sorry to say most Western women especially attractive ones flaunt this “independent” streak they want to wear as a badge of honor. They don’t want life partners because that means trusting somebody with your well-being. They want a companion because when times get tough you can bailout without any cost to your wealth or property.

The 80-20 rule comes into effect in Western culture and don’t let these women LIE ABOUT IT, they always do. 80% of the women are chasing 20% of the men, this is only happening in Western Europe and North America. Because of obesity and yes I have mentioned it several times because the truth is, you have to go out of your way to find a in-shape woman in North America. I thought Czech Republic might be a good hunting ground, but I am looking for the woman that wants to be my wife and the mother of my children in a committed relationship ending in marriage. I am constantly hearing otherwise and there isn’t much counter-attack coming from Czech Women, they don’t believe the JIG IS UP, but ladies IT IS UP. You can no longer betray a man’s feelings even though he may have been lured in by you feminine charms. Western Culture is corrupted and lead to this current Financial Crisis when seeks to bail out the already rich at the expense of the not-so rich. So the competition for stock brokers or fund mangers is extremely fierce in the UK or New York and if they are foolish enough to pay 4 digits for these are White men that have no skills, no game they have to do this. They also don’t have a very good BS detector.

Where I agree with Admin is that liberalizing the family structure is what is leading to our downfall. Without a father to set rules and set boundaries, these Single mothers are loosing control of their teenage children resulting is skyrocketing teen pregnancy and other forms of destructive behavior.

With all the preventive products to stop pregnancy, women try to insult our intelligence by saying the broke or the pill, the shorts don’t work. That excuse might work if they only had ONE child, but something doesn’t smell right when they have two or three kids without EVER marrying the baby’s father.

These are not good women no matter what country they are from, they don’t know how to either use birth control or keep their legs closed.

And because the Government wants to prevent poverty stricken children, they give these women a bailout. They wouldn’t need it if they committed to a man. This is especially a problem in the UK and Ireland where the welfare state is quite generous.

I agree that you need to push further east starting in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia…

I met a 25 yr old czech girl over the internet and she is kind, nice and pretty. I didn’t notice anything different in her compared to any other girl from anywhere across the globe. Whats interesting is she is married and was not getting much support and time from her Albanian hubby so she hit the internet not looking for anything but just someone to talk to. I think the life in Czech can get pretty boring specially if you are not in Prague ( I’m an Indian and never visited Prague or Europe for that matter ) this is what she had to say. Contrary to what has been mentioned here Czech girls are very innocent and emotional and think from their than by their heads.

Just came across this forum searching on the Internet for Czech girls, is there a way to register myself for meeting Czech girls for serious relationship? I say Czech girls because I really like what they are and believe in.

I someday need to set up a dating site. However, at this point I do get Czech girls that write here and reply and if I expanded this it would be better for those looking for a partner. Until then my general recommendation is get a Gravatar image. Do not post personal information like e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers. But if you are clever and you really have a rapport with someone, they will find a way to contact you without you violating the policies of privacy.

What I find strange is this Czech girl is married and talking to someone on the Intenret. I am sure her husband is bad and all, but why did she marry him? Why did she not take the time to understand his moral code. Why is she not talking to him about it, rather on the Internet.

Since writing this article on Czech girls I have had many nice Czech girls refute the thesis of the article. It gave me encouragement. However, if you have ever seen the alternative film ‘Once’ about a Czech girl in Ireland, it illustrates what I mean. The film, I like and it is a sweet innocent tale. But I think many Czech girls would have taken it to the next level.

The actor and actress in the film are two people I admire by the way for the creative talents and she of course is Czech and they are a couple.

I totally agree with your view of marriage and the deisre to find a woman who has a committed view of marriage. So what country would you start looking in? I would go there to live for a while if I knew where to go.

I think Poland, Western Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Greece for example, most of South America, parts of Africa, all the Middle East, India, China, Japan, most of the world besides the US East Coast and West Coast (with some expections of course).

From my experience, you are absolutely right. I have been living in Prague for a long time and it all has to do with lust equaling love here.

Once the initial “incorpulentuation” from a relationship starts to fade, there really is no incentive to remain faithful if the opportunity arises to have an affair. Love is not altruistic here.

If any girls here from the Czech Republic say that this is not true, can you tell me the difference between love and lust?

The girls in the second picture with big earrings is Zuzana Plackova, a famous Slovak mainstream reality TV show. Slovakia and Czech were one country till the 1990s and known as Czechoslovakia but since are two countries unified only by a similarity in culture and the EU, and beautiful women of course.

Hi I’m a foreigner, and I can say that most of Czech girls are not idealistic but focus on hear and now, I was living there for 6 years and I know what I’m talking about , so have fun with them but nothing more, good luck.

I was completely in love with a Czech woman. She was everything for me and we were planning to move in together. Then, we had to be apart for a few months due to my work and she started to get cold, distant, “too busy” to talk and one day I found out she cheated on me. I was shocked. She swears that she loves me and but I can see that love means nothing here. I was trying to give her another chance just to found out that she was already going out for dates and trying to find someone else. I am still heartbroken, can not move on with my life, but she seems to be fine and living her life. Do not trust them.

Jonh, I am sorry you went through this experience. However, I can give some advise. Date women who have Christian values manifest in walking the walk. Someone who is devout to the Bible or the church as manifest by concrete action and ritual. Anyone else is rolling the dice. People today are so ADD and lose interest in anyone and anything that does not do back flips for them. However, this is not the case with a person who has the love of God in their hearts. I know this sounds preachy but it is the reality of the world we live in.

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