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I married my wife for her looks. I know it is a really shallow reason to get married, but hey I thought at least I would be happy in this way. That is, a nice young, hot long-legged Polish girl. However, there is more to the story. From the start I could sense qualities that I had never meet in a woman before. I felt she was my destiny and maybe that is the reason I am so attracted to her. The purpose of this post is to tell you about a game I used to play.

Choose a wife game – how to play the dating game

I call it choose a wife game. I do not know if it helped me get me married but I think it did. Here is how the choose a wife game is played. It is better than any humiliating speed dating or being set up. Men are hunters and need to find the girl.

OK this is how the game is played, I hope no one I use to work with is reading this. I would ask myself, if I had to, today in this moment, who at work would I marry? I would scan the office and say to myself if I had no choice, this afternoon who would I marry? I would also do this on the bus, at the gym, in my apartment building or in a subway. You could look around at a restaurant and say in this moment even though I do not know these people, in this room, who would I marry if I had to?

This dating game so to speak is not only fun for a moment it is enlightening. It tells you something about yourself. A lot of the choice will be based on looks, but not just attractiveness in the traditional sense. It is based on what the look of the person conveys to the universe. What a person exudes.

After a certain agee we are all responsible to the look and character of our face

In theory this is what online dating is about, that is, a face tells a story. However, a person is always more than the sum of their parts and there is no substitute for real life 3D contact and interaction. Even from if you observe a girl from a distance it is a vastly superior method than an online photo viewed on an dating website. Now I am a big believer in computer dating, but that is not my point.

Play the mating dating game today

Imagine today someone in a room where there is a gathering of people, scan the room and ask yourself who would you marry and take as your wife to honor and cherish. Maybe you are in a cafe or coffee shop and working on your laptop or Internet cafe or a class in school or yoga class or in a park. Take a serious look around.

  • What attracts you about this person, is it style or genetic features? I like women with predominate features for example, a classic Roman nose or even ears that are different or a strong chin. I do not know why, it is just me. I like longer legs and do not care about a girls chest. What color are her eyes? Come on if you are not looking into girls eyes, you are not a flirt. Maybe from a distance you can not tell.
  • What is the girl doing that attracts you? I am attracted universally to geeky girls that are reading, and not just any book mind you but I like girls that read a certain type of book. I like girls that read romances or classic literature or something about the world and are turned off by nonsense feminist books.
  • How is the girls interacting with the world? Is she confident or too confidenet or needs to be rescued or an emotional train wreck?
  • What is her role in life? When she is talking to her friends does she lead or follow or is she the mediator or the care taker, which do you like?
  • je ne sais quoi – Are there any other intangible signals being conveyed?
Imagine you and this girl as a married couple
  • Going shopping together, imagine what it would be like walking next to her. What would you talk about? How does it feel?
  • Taking care of a child together or having breakfast, being bored on a Sunday evening with Monday morning work impeding.
  • Tête-à-tête – what would it be like to chat with her and what would you chat about?
  • Going to church together
  • Sharing a bathroom with her, with all its consequences.
  • Would this girl want ‘girls night out’ once a week? I do not recommend these types of none partnered activities by the way. I believe if you are married basically you are together and do not need a break from each other.
  • I learned about how many choices there really are for mating and how few would fit my determinate criterium, even if unwritten or qualified for a life long mate.
Since I am happily married I have no need to play the choose a wife game anymore.
What this imaginative dating game do for you
  • Sets realistic vision about marriage in addition to the ideals.
  • Lets you try on different girls and see how you feel with them.
  • Lets you imagine the girl in different situations and as she grows old and ordinary would the romantic love become real love?
The imagination is where the divine resides so be careful how you use your imagination. It is powerful but use in this content, to get you use to searching and considering a wife, I think it is OK.
Of course this can be used with both genders. If you are a woman you can do this with men. There is nothing wrong with this imaginative role play when it comes to love and dating. I mean many people leap with their hearts, I recommend this, but if you play out various scenarios in your mind’s eye then when you do leap you choice might be more optimal.
Whatever you can see in your mind, as long as it is positive and peaceful and good, you can make it a reality. Have the courage to dream and breath life and reality into your dream.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 replies on “Choose a wife game”

I think it’s interesting that you say marrying your wife for her looks is shallow, when in reality, it’s not shallow at all. Personally, I think you absolutely must be physically attracted to someone to be with them, otherwise, what’s the point?

See I think attraction and looks for mating and dating have gotten bad PR. I think what you look like is to some extent a reflection of what is going on inside you. I mean lets be honest we are all good looking, it is just a matter of style and health. I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not think I have ever seen a woman that could not be at least an 8 if they wanted to.
This is why I am so down on women that do not take care of their health and then justify their decline. I mean they can do that, but as a human it is better to aspire towards some ideal of healthy mind, body and soul.

Once you find your style and health in life than what you look like is somewhat dependent on who you are as a person. What you are interested in. If you are a geeky people can tell write a way. I am I think it is pretty universal that geeks are sexy in women.
If you are an attention seeking Paris Hilton type, than most people can see it right away. It is what you exude that makes a difference in your looks in a subtle way.
So looks is a great way to choose a wife or husband. Not looks in the classical sense but in a deeper sense.

If you marry someone because you think it is the least you could do for them after dating them for a while it is a pretty sad thing.

You basically have to find someone who you think is better than you in terms of looks 🙂 and then lock them in and enjoy their life and body. I believe in God and I believe in morality. But life when choosing a mate should be a little bit primordial, illogical and raise eye brows with your friends and family.

If you want to have a good partner for you, a good indicator is if you shock you family a bit. If you do then you you know you might have a nice pick. You should not be afrraid to break the rule in dating and mate selection. It should be about your pleasure and happiness. Having a partner in life is one area of life that you can leave our the ‘shoulds’ and be selfish and choose the person you want.

My friends that married the girl their mama wanted are not as happy as my friends who did something crazy.

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