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Russian chat rooms that are free and easy to use for English speakers are listed bellow.  I will try to update this list with sites and ways to chat with girls of Russia and ultimately get their mobile numbers. At first it was intended to be just a list of Russian language chat room websites that are legitimate and free.  I screened out the overly commercial ones and emphasized the ones used my Russians for free, not westerners setting up spam sites for a fee. One more note, everything is going mobile so I will include some ideas on how to contact Russian girls with mobile phones and get their cell numbers. I have done the research and you can use it and give me feedback.

Go to a Russian chat room then get girls mobile numbers

10 ways to contact Russian girls via Chat, Text messages on their mobile phones

  1. – This is what I recommend generally to meet girls, the FaceBook of the CIS.
  2. – Same as above
  3. – Like a Russian Yahoo
  4. – Yes people flirt on Linkedin and Russian girls have hot photos. If you look me up you will see some of my connections
  5. -I use this general mail portal with chat
  6. – Still around and going strong, lots of university students who speak English but many are too young. Stick to 21 and over.
  7. – online conversation
  8. – Russian chat
  9. – sending SMS or MMS to Russian girls for free.
  10. – Free mobile messages to Russian girls.

The best way to chat with Russian girls is not to pay for a chat service but simply go to and get an e-mail account. On this mail server you can find millions of gals open to dating and love and it is free. You might have to translate the site with a translation tool, but it is well worthy it.

Yes this is free and this is what normal Russian ladies use to look for normal guys. Its like yahoo dating (I do not know if that is free) or like plenty of fish, but it is Russian.

Do not be afraid of these leggy Russian girl’s looks they like guys and want to meet you.  Girls from Russia are not like some women from ehe West chasing career.  Russian women want love.  Russian gals want to chat with guys. Chat talk they want love and marriage and happily ever after just like you do.

Somehow in the west there has been a divide between men and women.  I think American men are really hard pressed to find a women who wants a traditional lifestyle.  Russian females want this and dream of it.

Chat her up in a Internet chat room then ask for her cell phone number.

How to Chat with Russian girls

I am a good looking charming guy and never had a problem dating women in the USA. But I did not want to date women. I wanted to meet my other half.  When I came to Poland I did.   Russian girls are similar.  Russian women do want to chat with you, but with the purpose of being your bride.  So go to or other types of Russian mail servers and try it for yourself. This is my recommendation for you then for to the heart icon, which is their dating service.

There are other ways also, ICQ, but those girls are really too young like 21 etc I think the best Russian girls to chat with are 25 to 35 as they are more serious about marriage.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I will explore some of the chat sites for these Russian girls pages.

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