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Do you want to chat with Russian girls? I am an American who has lived in Eastern Europe for many years and this is my personal advice.

Forget the babble and hot air about how to pick up women. The way you meet a girl is this:

Communication rule zero: Charm is getting what you want without having to ask. Remember that while building rapport. Like making love you do not go right to the source. You want to dance around the issue until they need you to go further. So use your brain to woe them in courtship, rather than base expressions of lust. Do not paw and pin over a girl to get her photo, rather sweeten the dance with poetic expression or you will be shot down.

Your whole objective is not to get her photo but to win her heart and meet her in person so you have real love not some online fantasy.

Moving from single to online chats to SMS to Skype to meeting a Russian girl

Follow this sequence:

  1. Online chat in Russian – Find some good online chat sites in the local language of your the country you are targeting. If it is Russia try something like I recommend a number on my website and how to use them. Basically fumble through the language by trial and error and visual website icons until you make it to their chat section. use translate tools. The chat in English as Russians universally know English and like to practice. Russian girls want to meet guys and put it out there. This is in contrast to western girls who deny they need a guy.
  2. Move it to your mobile  -Message a few girls for about a week until you can get their mobile number, then start SMS-ing the one that is your best choice.
  3. Video chat – Move to online chat with Skype where you can see her subtle interactions and note her background. If she is a slob or does not have books in her room, dumb her like a bad habit. You want a clean and smart girl, just not a girl who looks like apop start but does not have her life in order.
  4. Mimicking is the sincerest form of flattery – Follow the basic rules of communication. Listen to them, and nod your head up and down a lot and say ‘yes’, ‘I agree’. Observe how women interface with each other. They relate to each other using largely non-verbal cues. Observe this in a coffee shop and study their non-verbal interaction until you can mimic this. Watch the TV show the Office 9th season episode called “The Whale” where Pam and Phillis try to teach Dwight (the iconic male brain) how to communicate like a woman.
  5. Contradictory nature of desire -Be flirty in your messages but not overtly suggestive. That is do not cross the line or move too fast. Girls will walk down the street with sweat pants that have the words ‘juicy’ on their rear, but if you say something suggestive they will call you a freak. Understand this is the nature of women, contradictions. They want you to chase them but be cool about it.
  • From mental mastication to true love – At some point if you are really in love with your online honey, you have to meet her or all it is is mental mastication (I mean the other word).

How to meet a Russian girl in person cheap

Traveling to Russia requires a visa but it can be done or you can meet in Ukraine or Poland a country where it is easy for a CIS girl to travel at low cost by train and easy for a western guy to connect. For example. Ukraine has transparent boarders with Russia, another CIS member and a train to Crimea or Kiev is only about 20 dollars from almost anywhere in Russia. Flights to Ukraine do not require a visa for Americans. Any questions just ask.

Verbal exchanges face to face – go to East young man

Go West young man – Mark Twain

Go East young man – Mark Biernat (admin)

Therefore, if you are an American guy and live in America and want to connect with a Russian girl for love. I will tell you the best way. And it is free.  Well actually, the best way is taking a trip to Russia.  You will see guys that would never get girls at home have women that only Brad Pitt could get in the States. I call this the ‘Hollywood effect’, Russian girls will treat you like a movie star.  Its like foreign guys in the US, they get a lot of attention.  American girls do not respect American men, they are too tough and too many head games, hyper consumptive.  Russian girls care about the soul or spirit of the person they are interested in. Of course this is a generalization.

Behind every beautiful girl is a desire to have a conversation. It is your role as a man to learn to communicate.

How to chat with Russian girls

If you live in the USA and can not just jump on a plane.  This is how you chat with Russian girls.

Go to or – These are two large Russian mail servers for Russians. Not for foreigners. This way you do not get the usual girls in Russian dating companies nor scammers, rather just normal Russian girls looking for normal guys to chat with, most of whom would not even dream of looking for a guy from the west. In fact if you do not speak Russian or do not want to learn Russian sometime, your better off using a dating service.  You do not have to learn Russian before you chat with Russian girls but it does not hurt or at least use Google translate.

How to set up a Chat account on a Russian server

Once you have an e-mail you are good to go. You can set up a Russian profile or download their chat system to your computer.  You can go into Russian chat rooms or whatever.  But I can almost promise you Russian girls will treat you better and be better looking than any girl you have ever seen or meet in the USA.

My recommendation is give chatting with Russian girls a try if you are serious about love and marriage.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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