Chat with Bulgarian girls and get their numbers

Before the breakup of the Union (Soviet), Warsaw pact member Bulgaria was designated to me a nexus for computer technology, including cold war cyber black ops. The legacy of that is there are many technologically advanced Bulgarians. For such a little sleepy Balkan seaside country with goat cheese and mountain villas, they are not lagging in terms of online and now mobile communication.

Girl in Bulgaria waiting for a tram. Just do not walk by get her cell phone number.

So what does this have to do with finding a hot Bulgarian chick? Everything. Looking online and via your mobile phone is a reasonable option before you go to Eastern Europe generally. In a country like Russia I might say just go there as there are too many uncovered riches. But a country like Bulgaria with a smaller population, and single females, maybe testing the waters a little with chat and with a voice over IP  tête-à-tête is the way to go initially.

If I were to say one thing about Bulgaria is it is a place that is trying to define itself. It does not have the territory to be a regional super power nor the wealth to be Switzerland (because of communism) nor the national pride of the French for example. Rather Bulgarians are more pragmatic people on a day-to-day level thinking about how to make their way in the new realities of the new economy.

So be pragmatic like a Bulgarian and invest in a prepaid card and SIM and get local.

  • Vivatel
  • Globul
  • Mtel

Bulgarians are not as laid-back as their Mediterranean neighbors, yet not as intense and organized as say a Poland. They are somewhere in between. This is the Balkans. Smart people faced with the complexities of lingering corruptions and inefficient markets. Their wealth is not limited by the creativity of the people, they are innovative, but rather the legacy of a post communistic bureaucracy and economic players in place.

Western technological inroads in Bulgaria:

  •  ICQ
  • FB
  • Linked-in (one of my top recommendations for meeting girls)

Bulgarian girls mobile numbers

The only way you are going to collect these nuggets of gold is going there or building rapport online with patience and authenticity. Even though I have noticed Eastern European women rather easily give out their numbers and display them online in their Skype profiles, these are more for business purposes.

I mean if you wanted to really find Bulgarian girls phone numbers online all you would have to do is browse Bulgarian females business numbers on the web and collect them. I do not recommend doing that as it crosses the line between business and pleasure. Better is have them willingly cough it up after face to face flirting or at least on Skype then collecting them from a list online, a little too much for even me.

Chat with Bulgarian girls

The purpose of this post is to tell you how to chat with Bulgarian girls.  Chat with Bulgarian girls for free for love and marriage.  I am not talking about dating sites for western guys to meet Bulgarian girls.

Best way to chat with Bulgarian girls

  1. is the largest general Bulgarian mail server with chat and e-mail.  You can even get a Bulgarian e-mail.
  2. is perhaps the most popular dating site in Bulgaria is you want to meet a real Bulgarian girl
  3., now in English, set to the Bulgarian language.

Other ways include the western ones mentioned above,  and Myspace of course, but if you want to meet a real – normal Bulgarian girl try Bulgarian language mail servers and dating sites.

Let me know about if these sites help in finding Bulgarian girls for true love.

I live in Eastern Europe so I tend to know most of the Eastern European sites and places you can find girls for chat and love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I want to really friendship and search for noble and beautiful girl who join me relationship thanks.

Hi sweety

looking forward to chat with you for love and may be more


Hi . Visiting Sofia in June. Wanted to correspond with a real Bulgarian girl. I am in my 50’s and work in London. Love to hear from you, John

I hear Bulgarians are very nice and welcoming people, as well they still have a good deal of traditions. I would be interested to learn more about this country.

In addition to the above sites, which are ok but not the best for finding a Bulgarian girl, I’d recommend these ones also: and for causal encounters strictly Be warned that though Bulgarian women look warm and nice on the outside, they are bitchy and arrogant and will break your heart (and wallet) eventually. The girls in big cities are very materialistic, especially the younger ones and will expect you to buy them stuff etc. Not all are gold diggers but usually the good looking girls most often are. Also, if you are overweight and out of shape, unless you are rich, they won’t even look at you. Sad but true.

Thanks for recommending those Bulgarian dating websites from an insider’s perspective.

You are right that women from Eastern Europe may be more interesting and appealing for foreign guys, but they have high standards. If you are some guy who can not stay in shape they will not respect you. This is pretty universal. If a man or woman does not take care of the body ( a fatty), it is a sigh that they are either imbalanced or do not care about being attractive or they are lazy or uneducated about good nutrition. Whatever, the reason it does not mate a desirable mate who will be therefore you and have the strength to take care of a family.

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