Saint Petersburg girls – Break the cycle of loneliness

Why Saint Petersburg girls are different and I would go for them if I were not married?

Nothing is so necessary for a young man as the company of intelligent women. – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

To understand the subtle nuances of Saint Petersburg women you need to understand the history of the imperial capital of Russia and the climate that shaped their mind. These girls are not for everyone. I would say they would not appeal to your Joe average. They might only appeal to 1% of the single guys out there or less.  Their appeal to me is connected to the genesis of my psychology in my formative years, a life of pain, loneness and rejection.  Read on and see if they apply to you.

Women in Northern Russia around St. Petersburg have a more somber dreamy mentality.

Saint Petersburg was built on the back of conscripted peasants

It is said the hardship these indentured surfs  suffered to build the Petrine city, embedded sorrows in its fate. Saint Petersburg with all its beauty, is a city encased in a frozen veil of tears and suffering. However, hardship raises one’s awareness in life. When pain and lament overwhelm you, awareness and compassion elevate you,  like a city from the bog.  Which one of you reading has not felt this (in my correspondences with readers of this site, they are universally more sensitive and aware).

Life is pain, life is fear, and man is unhappy. One loves their life, because one loves pain and fear. – Dostoevsky

These are the people I pass on the street in Saint Petersburg. The residence are not like the people of who attend Carnival in Brazil or an Ibiza nightclub, live in pretentious London, or some opinionated, spoiled, base woman in the USA. The people and faces in Saint Petersburg, not only show a seriousness, but the belief that suffering is good for the soul, even a path to redemption.

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. – Blake

Wow, what a mind trip to be around a princess model ballerina who really believes this. That is, a girl who really looks at life around them with eyes, where the lens of perception have been cleansed. Even if you do not know it, this is what you want in life? A muse to inspire you. A partner who you can experience beauty and transcendence with.  This is love. Is this not the theme of romantic literature and art?

The average girl on Nevsky Prospect does not look flashy, but if you look at her close she has a reserved rustic beauty.

Once her psychology has been formed in or around the Northern Part of Russia, it is hard to change this.

Will your girlfriend be corrupted if she leaves Russia?

Once a girl is over twenty something years old, even if she were to leave her snow princess landscape of her youth, and move to sunny Florida, her outlook on life will not change radically.  The impact of the culture has already been imprinted deep in her.  Yes, there are shallow scammy women in SPB, like in every city of the world, including the cornfields of Kansas; however, with proper screening you will not have a problem.

If you take women from Saint Petersburg and they immigrate to the US or UK they will not be corrupted.

You will take home a wildflower from the North, whose colors are not gaudy or intoxicated with overgrowth, like the broad leaf jungle of singles in the US. Rather a singular note or shade that is rare, existing in a lonely northern landscape.

I agree with Tolstoy quote above. And nothing is so unhigh as being with, laying next to, or spending time with an unintelligent female. Give me a mousy girl, plain Jane, normalite  from SPB with depth any-day over an American or UK girl.  In Saint Petersburg you do find primitive women, but it is all about the ratio or classic/primitive that  is relevant.

The city is far enough away, and where there is a barrier to entry for non CIS counties citizens, that is a visa. Therefore, it has not been over run by over-texted (meant to write another word) western guys swinging though.

People say Russia is corrupt and bankrupt.  No that would be the West, if you are talking morals.

When to chase girl in Saint Petersburg?

Meeting women in the summer is fine if you focus on parks, but I prefer the winter as psychologically people are look to be rescued from the darkness.

In Winter there is no dawn and no sunset. Around 10 o’clock you can see some light peaking though the grey sky cover. Snow muffles sound. It is a silent frozen world.

The last trip I took to St. Petersburg was in November. People thought I was crazy to travel in November, but I felt this captured the mood of the city the best.  I also feel people come together in a closeness and look for someone to hunker down with. No one wants to spend Christmas alone.

How to get girls in Eastern Europe?

I advise be a literary traveler.  That is really learn the literature of the country you are in. This way you will pull out words that will trigger whistles and bells from their subconsciousness. You will score big points on the cultural. Taping into this unconscious well, overrides any dominating Alpha man type theories you might harbour. If you speak their language on an unconscious level, the level of myths and fairly-tales, you will win their heart.

If you want to romance anyone, send any books or web posts, on flirting and picking up girls, you might have been reading straight to the recycling bin. There is only really one way to pick up a woman and sweep her off her feet. Speak the language of her subconscious fantasies and dreams. If you are not successful with women this might be the reason. That is you are not speaking to their deepest dreams and the unspoken prayers of their heart.

If you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor.  – Joseph Campbell

If you know Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth, than you know what I am talking about. If you do not know this book or what I am talking about read up on it. You need to be the hero of your own story, your own romance. This translates in concrete terms to this: Have the archetypal appeal of someone dressed cool, but understands fairy-tales that these girls live by,  and not just mention the stories or speak about them intelligently, rather live them on this elevated plane, and you will win a girls heart. Every girl wants a hero. The question is finding the fantasy world she lives in. Do not believe me?  Do you really think I would have any trouble going there any day of the week and meeting authentic women from Saint Pete? I am no different than you are.  I just wear Hollister clothes have a stylish hair cut and spend my free time listing to classical music, playing chess and reading the classics. If you are lonely only two reasons, your style is not cool enough or you do not understand the importance of transcendence in love.

Meet women on the street or Moskovsky train station, it does no matter just get their mobile number

Where do you start if you want a Rus girl?

If you can not read, watch movies like:
Doctor Zhivago
Sergei Eisenstein: Ivan The Terrible
Attack on Leningrad

  • Better is to read every Russian fairy-tale you can and try in your imagination to fantasies about you being in them and altering them.

These are three I personally recommend and catch a little of Russian culture

I can recommend:

  • Any books by Tolstoy, Chekhov, Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky
  • You can also sit anonymously in the back of an Russian Orthodox church. You do not have to engage in conversation and if someone asks just say you are here to observe and experience.
  • Listening to Tchaikovsky or liturgical chants of the Russian Orthodox church, on Pandora for example.
  • The book 900 days by Harisson E Salisbury
  • Read everything you can on the history and culture of Russia and stay away from people making stereortypical females in Russia Youtube videos, they are the lowest common detonator.

Seems like a lot of work?  Like I said, these Saint Petersburg Princesses are only for the 1%.

If you go to a country without reading incessantly about their culture, it is like going to an exam and winging it. This is real life, not school so the stakes are even higher, you want to be prepared. Therefore, study up before you go.

Historical legacy of culture

SPB was the capital of the Czars and princesses. In historical capitals there is an emphasis on art,literature, music and a classical education, even if through osmosis. These things are in the air, and perminate the collective unconsciousness of the residence. To the average girl on the street even mentioning

For example, to be in the city of the Hermitage or Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, or ballets, you can not help to transcend ordinary life, especially since economically Russia is not prospering under the current oligarchy. Growing up you around objects of art and beauty your mind starts to probe and elevate beyond the here and now.

Analogously if you grow up in a house where they played classical music you would be attuned to higher ideals.

If you grew up in a place you felt painfully alone in a harsh environment far removed from the mainstream, perhaps you can relate.

The city itself was expanded on an elevated marsh by Peter the Great. This in itself is a form of doing something great rather than practical.

For Russians it is a city of historical romanticisms in the 18th and 19th century understanding of the phrase.

How is my psychology analogous and maybe yours?

The cold and dark, I lived in and sufferings of my youth, differentiate me.  I grew up in on the side of a wintry mountain in New England, with a situation that was beautiful but also hard for various reasons psychologically. I used fantasy to escape my reality.  If this was your coping mechanism than Saint Petersburg is your place.

The Edgar Allen Poe picturesque landscape of my mind combined with religion, made me more romantic and dreamy. Similarly in Saint Petersburg the swings of dark and light combined with the extreme cold and cloudiness, bathed in the air of romantic idealism affects the brain of the girls living there. The are long legged hot models but on the inside they are different than anyone single girl you would find in the West.

Think about it, I live in Florida now and for me to be happy I just step outside. In America, everything is there and at your figure tips ready to make you happy from strip malls to sunshine and the school system tell you everyday “we are all winners”.

In contrast when I lived in Eastern Europe under a veil of clouds and darkness, and poverty, the human brain would seek stimulation to make itself happy. Therefore, you have to create your own happiness not by going to the mall but ut though a fantasy or a book.

I would have to find it in intellectual pursuits like chess or reading or taking a trip in my imagination.  This is a similar effect on women in Saint Petersburg.

Where to meet the hot girls of Saint Petersburg Russia

  • Nevsky Prospect, Passage Shopping Center is particularly good
    The train station ( I know it sounds sleazy) the the metro are all legitimate places to pick up women, by just ‘meeting them by accident’ on the street. The station is beautiful it was design by Konstantin Thon in 1851. Many students go to and from Moscow from here and further to Crimea.
  • Any park including the Summer Gardens (czar’s), Michael gardens Alexander garden and Leningrad Zoo.  Summer and fall is best, when the weather is good or the university studenki are in town.
  • 5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok at the Doloyesky museum
  • The best dates you will find not in a club or a bar, but going here:  http://www.hermitage this is truely a retreat for the reflective. I saw the original Rembrandt Prodigal Son there.   Something we can all relate to. At the bottom of our moral depravity we have hope. It is worth going there just see paintings like that. The museum was protect during the war with around the clock fire brigades stationed on the roof.
  • Passage Shopping Center

The race is on
When you are going to Russia, Russians are open minded as the Soviet Union was a multi-ethic empire. Xenophobia is not ubiquitous, contrary to what people might portray Russia as. If you know about the Tartars and the Soviet Union you know, much of the history of the Eastern Slavic people was about Eurasian mixing. That being said, if you are of African, Indian or Middle Eastern origin for example, you might want to be aware that ethnic Russians might not be as open to dating you.  Like any social group acceptance is higher with people they have a history with, that would be Asiatic peoples, however, African (Alexander Pushkin their national poet was part African) or Pakistani are not as much in the context of their history.  Therefore, Saint Peterburgians might be friendly on the streets (or not), however, to take you home to Mama, I think you have a challenge. But is this different than any other culture?

Day to day interactions
Russians in Saint Petersburg do not invest time in pleasantries. They are matter-of-fact, I think it is to preserve energy as it is so cold and dark.  When you see a smiling person with cargo shorts, it is most likely and American.

A note on the siege of the city

To further, change the mentality of the residence, the  900 day siege during the Second World War that was the worst siege in history by any measure.  The only supply line to Leningrad was the Road of Life, from the shore of Lake Ladoga.

The Russians are specialists in ice so they were able to give limited supply to their citizens through a supply line over the frozen lake.

I will not detail the mass starvation, and hardship, you can read about this yourself. However, the cities population suffered untold pain before it was liberated buy the Soviets.

There is a saying that the effect was, the people of Saint Petersburg are remarkably compassionate and sweet as a result. Frequently people who undergo suffering develop a compassion for others. Even though the war was two generations ago, this awareness of of life is passed on. The people you talk to from there have a shy and gentle nature.

Art museums and cultural sites are magnets for classy females in Slavic countries Look how long this girls legs are. I noted a number of unusual positive physical attributes on women there I do not often see elsewhere. Perhaps it is the mixing with the Nyenskans.

Some extra points to know about Peterburgians and the city

  • Neva river the bridges go up at midnight and are not accessible until 4 am.  Many nights partiers sleep on the river bank in the summer waiting to get across.
  • The Metro in St. Petersburg deeper than anywhere in the world, coupled with Moscow as they were built as Nuclear fall out shelters during the cold war, and filled with Soviet style realistic art engravings Worth a trip and you will sit next to many pretty girls. I never take cabs in foreign cities, what a waste. The bus, metro and Uber if you have to are the best ways to meet women.
  • Drinking – Intoxication is a sin. However, if that is your thing, any Russian girl can out drink you no questions asked, do not even think about it.
  • There is a higher proportion of students in SPB per capita of population than anywhere in Russia
  • City are use to be known as the Leningrad Oblast.
  • The city is on the banks of the Neva, gulf of Finland and the Baltic.
  • Great finds of raw Amber can be found on the shores of the Baltic, even I have collected them.  There use to be a trade route to Egypt.
  • There is an over night train to Moscow if you want to do an excursion. I have been on this and it is safe.
  • If you want to do some soul searching in English there is the Catholic Church of St. Catherine on  Nevsky pr. 32-34. They sometimes even have American Priests.

Clubs to meet girls in Saint Petersburg

There are a number of general travel sites with clubs lists for St. Petersburg, ignore them they are just lists by people who have never been to the city.

If you must go to clubs here is the list I recommend:
Metro – this club is on Ligovskiy pr. 174, Ligovskiy Prospekt. It is a bit descant for me, but it is exciting to see so many beautiful girls in one panorama.

You do not turn because you do not want to miss the next one.

This is a three story club.

Fish Fabrique on Ligovskiy pr. 53 Retro style basement club with an artisitic spin.

Money Honey is John Wayne meets Saint Petersburg – plus a lot of live entertainment for an unusual nightlife in Saint Petersburg. Apraksin dvor, korpus 13, Nevskiy Prospekt metro

Places to eat are almost equivalent to discos in picking up chicks so choose your establishment right. These Russian equivalent to dinners, do not go to fancy ones, rather the ones the students go to.  For example, Na Zdorovye – На Здоровье on Bolshoy Prospekt, 13 3rd floor. Metro: Sportivnaya. Another one is the Green Room -Зелёная Комната on Ligovsky Prospekt 74 Metro: Metro: Ligovsky Pr.

I usually go to the store and buy yoghurt and herring for example if I am on a budget and hit on chicks in the market. You have to see every moment an opportunity to get the cell phone number of a Russian girl. Once you have that, you can snapchat her into submission.

Additional resources of the City of Peter the Great:

City of St. Petersburg official site

Phone numbers will look like this: Тел. +7(812)  Whatsapp is popular so if you want to get Russian girls whatsapp numbers, let me know.

Стоп – (that is stop in Cyrillic)  Do not just leave here,  like this post on Facebook, or ask a questions, any questions about females in St. Petersburg.

Have a question about finding a wife in St. Pete, ask and I will give my best reply.


Understanding Russian women

Do you want to see through Russian women? I am not talking about their clothes, but rather, to understand the mind of a Russian woman. If you can crack the code of psychology of Russian females you can discern the difference between a scammer or a heaven sent angel of a wife.  With great confidence if you follow my dating advice you will be married happily ever after, and conversely if you ignore it you will be punished. Trust me you do not want to be punished.

If you want to ‘see though women’ from the former USSR, understand stand their motives and what inspires them.

There are many women that will smile at you, pretend to be shy with  blue eyes and Slavic high check bones and subtly provocative style, please read my advice and ask questions.  Further, romantic love brings people together that never should be brought together. Ask me any question about Eastern European women, I am an expert as this is my nationality and I have a life long study of the culture. I would challenge anyone PhD or just expatiate pick up artist/player with their understanding of the Русская душ.  I bridge both cultures and living a successful marriage for many years.

  • There are three types of Russian women. If you are aware of these categories will allow you to understand Russian women, find one and get married.

Yes, everyone is different and you can not categorizes females into three simple buckets. However a conceptual framework of three buckets, is a good working model.

What do women want? Find out their ‘meaning of life’. Every Siberian beauty has many layers but what resides at her core?

The psychogenesis of the three streams of Russian collective unconsciousness and why they are divided

The genesis of the Eastern European mind stated over one thousand years ago in the history of the the Prototype Slavic culture. Then subsequently it differentiated into currents which influence the way girls see the world and interact on a relationship and dating basis.

Fertile Slavic women are the true Alpha women of today

Pre-Christan Slavic culture was everything you might image out of some erotic historical fantasy novel.  It was largely connected to the natural settings of the deep forest, and mating and reproduction was the goal, to keep the culture going.  Perun was the supreme god and the goddesses Lada, Lelya and Ziva, were worshipped for love, fertility, spring, marriage and beauty. Living in a rustic culture, in a winter wonderland forest where a society largely centred on the goddesses of love and fertility does not sound like a bad start.

Therefore, deeply ingrained in the initial consciousness of Slavic women is reproduction and mating and being a mother to take care of the next generation.  Maybe it is a coincidence, but have you experienced how Russian women want to get married and have a family, whilst their English or American counter parts are not so direct or consequent? Russian women want someone to make them pregnant. This is because of thousands of years of the culture even affecting their genes.  This is how evolution works. Society and culture influence genetic abilities to mate and bond.

I recommend you do research on respected sites:

Do genes influence romantic behavior or or culture change our DNA and brain?

My wife (Polish) and I (Ukrainian) who both did, found we have a high level probability of strong enduring romantic bonding in our genetic code. Attribute it to culture or oxytocin receptors but we are striking together.  I have not seen any in-depth study of this in relation to Russian women but the hypnosis of culture influence on genes, however, it would make an interesting research topic.

Christian Russia was the time to find a mate East of the Oder River

Since we can only travel forward in time at varying rates but never back, we can learn from the past and not participate in it. Although if there ever was a time machine who would not want to go back in time and pick one beauties of these from the Golden age of Russian culture. The good news is you can, as a subculture of them still exist.

You want a humble, submissive female as a wife who tries to perfect her spiritual soul though a life of self-denial and hard work.

From Cyril and Methodius through the time of Kievian Rus to the rise of The Grand Duchy of Moscovy to the time of the last Romanov, Russia was a paradise to find a mate in terms of loyalty.

There are moral philosophers put loyalty as their highest value, the summum bonum. Why? Because, if someone is not loyal to their ideals, than what is the point of having ideals.

Byzantine Orthodoxy in Russia had a twofold affect. It elevated women above a pagan objectified status to and idea. Look at the adoration of the Blessed Mother in their Icons. Women were quasi-sacred, even if economically they did not have career opportunities in a paternal society (except for the princesses and queens like Katherine the Great, (the horse story was just a myth)). It instilled humility and loyalty. So if you married a girl with an authentic ‘Russian Soul”  practice of Orthodoxy, would be by your side beautiful inside and out.  Women like this rarely exist today in the areas of the former Soviet Union and here is why. Subsequent Petrine reforms further then elevation of female Russian Peasantry on par with males for inheritance. The consequence was a society intact and  functioning for the male and female in marriage.  If there were relationship problems, ecclesiastical guidance was given based on Biblical principles.

Christian and a love of nature, with beauty and hard work is what you want to go for in an Eastern European wife. Above my wife in the garden, we try to grow most of our own food.

The Soviet Union and the erosion of idealism

The Soviets were not effective at economics as Marxism was based on the primes that value was determined objectively by the amount of labor put into its creation rather than subjectively. However, when it came to the eradication of religion, they did it.  Stalin turned the Union from an idealistic society into a surrealistic perversion of culture. Like the Rolling Stone’s song Sympathy for the devil lyrics alludes to.  Unless you lived though it, or had a close experience with it you can not imagine how the Soviets systematically destroyed any ideals of the soul and religion values.  It was replaced with a didactic materialism.  The result were people who had not dreams and hope beyond what was in front of them, a nihilism that can not be help.

There was no transcendence.  Without transcendence in life, people become pessimistic and cynical.

This caused a split in the thinking of modern Russian women and why there exists three main currents of thought.

The three types of Russian women

  1. Post communistic materialistic – Their motives are they go for the gold, money, excitement, travel, visa and whatever they need, and all primitive manifestations of power. – less than 10% of the population. You can easily smoke these chicks out if you press them on experiential questions. No need to read Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls,  to understand this.
  2. Post modern spiritual or atheist but classically educated – They have the Slavic looks and are upgraded to Nordstrom style and a liberal eduction, which was a legacy of the USSR, but not who you want to marry them. Their motives are career and their definition of family. Although not bad people, and certainly highly educated, their belief in marriage and love is diluted and if needed they would divorce you someday they would. There is not feeling of transcendence only ‘fun’ and career and Facebook. Yes love but a temporal love, not eternal.  They want to believe but too much psychological inertia. You will find these women in accounting, science and academics professions for example and are often from the culture of divorce. That is their parents are split, so why would they ever commit to you forever? They live quite lives of desperation behind their charm.  Maybe better than a liberal American girl, but not my cup of tea or should I say samovar. 80% of the Russian women. Could be saved but from this existential desert, but too much work, I am not my brothers keeper.
  3. Russian Cinderellas and snow whites – They are not spiritual, but religious. Their whole life is a practice in humility. Toil, suffering and lament is accepted to purify the soul and make oneselves a more beautiful person. They go to church weekly and read the Bible and have a prayer routine.  They are often from the countryside and love to garden and cook.  They are also classically educated, but it is balanced with a spiritual temperance.  I am not talking about the Russian Old believers or a Slavophile. Rather have the sense of morality like Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the romanticism of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy with the depth of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Yet behind that all is a primitive uncontrollable sensuality and faith in God. 10% of the Russian women.
Most from post communist Russian dolls are either nihilists or have a vague spirituality which does not elevate their actions, and you need to avoid these women. Faith is a radical reorientation of your life.

This is exactly who you want to marry

I get a lot of questions about what the true motives of some Russian lady they met online or on a tour.  My answer is simple, you need to discern what is their: raison d’etre or Weltanschauung or the meaning of their life? How specifically this is manifest in the ‘walking the walk’.  Read a Viktor Frankl book and not Boris Mikhailovich Teplov  or Lev Vygotsky, if you need more clarification about this question.  How many hours a day or week in do they spend in prayer and meditation?  That is the question when we come to the corrosive end of our analysis of Russian women and their inner thoughts.

You need to ‘cleanse the doors of perception’ so you can see which one of the three girls you are dating. They are all three good, but I personally would only date and marry the latter. American women may jump up and down if they read this, but are they really happy?  I am.

Why Pious Russian peasantry are marriage material?

Remember I am not making a prescription for society, but rather, what I personally recommend for a man looking for a wife from Russia.  If you want to ‘roll the dice’ and go contrary to my advice that is fine. It does not bother me.

However, there is a basic psychological principle in play here, and that is consistency of values and behaviour.

If someone can make small sacrifices daily though a structured pattern of behaviour like prayer or fasting, than chances are that when life gives real challenges, their internal coping mechanism will be more one of self-sacrifice and riding the waves instead of abandoning ship.

Think of it this way, if you are meditating and you distractions tempt you but you are able to gently guide your mind back to your purpose, than in life you will be practiced to do the same. In contrast a weaker person who does not train their spirit will be weak and not take the high road.  The obvious extension of this metaphor is a woman will not forget your purpose when in a relationship if she is disciple in prayerful practice.

The alpha Slav female – tempered with meekness and submissiveness

This is your best choice to date and mate with.  When people think alpha, they imagine genetically superior mating material. This is not true. An alpha is woman who will give you the greatest happiness over the long-term by knowing how to be a good wife. It has nothing to do with genetics, being a mesomorph, coolness, number of people they can attract or nationalism. You want a Russian girl from a Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave fairy-tale.


Russian girls like Indian guys – Indians men dating Russians women

The Russian girls Indian guys question which I see so often. It  puzzles me to no end. I mean this is like one of the most frequent questions I hear. I get, ” hey  Mark, do Russian girls date Indian guys, and if so how can I meet them?”  What a crazy question.

The other strange question I get is “do you think White girls should date Indian men”. What the deuce kind of question is that?

Let me put it out there. I have two Russian girl friends who married Indian guys and so what. Who cares? As long as they are happy why not?

  • This post will give you concrete ways a guy from Indian can optimizes his looks and where to look for a Russian girl.

Russian girls in perspective

  • Russian guys like Russian girls
  • American guys like Russian females
  • Indian guys like Russian women
  • Latino guys like Russian ladies

Basically everyone wants to date a Russian girl, no surprises there, so when I hear questions about Indian guys and Russian girls dating it makes not sense to be because it is obviously OK and normal.

India will be the world

I think basically India and Indians will be the future of the world if you look at demographics. Basically you can add up all of North and South America and Europe and it does not equal the country of Indian in terms of population and demographic growth. Russian population in contrast is in a nose dive.

More on the Russian population

It is a mix of Asian and European. This is part of their history. I mean the Russian national poet Pushkin was part African. Mix marriages and dating are only a big a deal as you make them in your mind. The ideal is we are all citizens of the world and there are no boundaries or borders. I married someone from the other side of the world and it is nothing less than magical. So Russians dating Indians is no big deal for me.

When Russian girls dislike Indian guys

The reason I see Indian guys fail in dating women from Moscow or Kiev (I know this is Ukraine) is when the Indian guy is rigid about their culture. They can not transcend style or custom and be more European. Sorry but its true. Russian girls have high standards on culturally determined things like fashion and style.

I know it is unfair but attraction is largely culturally determined. I have seen Indian guys wear Italian and French style clothes and hairstyle and they look like a European male model. Indians and Europeans are basically related genetically so why would they not.

Look at the male Bollywood stars they know how to jazz up their style.

Therefore, if  you are a guy from Bombay or Kerala and want to date a girl from St. Petersburg, sex up your style.

How Indian guys can increase their style and attractiveness for European girls

  • Get a cool haircut where it is spike up a little – You guys have great dark hair, a lot of blond women go for this, so get a good haircut. Style it right, be natural not too much gel or cream.
  •  Misconception about scent and attraction – On that note, no cologne or aftershave or perfumes or any scents that are artificial, maybe odorless deodorant. I can not tell you how many Indian guys I am friends with turn girls off with cologne. I mean many guys do this not just men from India. It is a common mistake. Women go for pheromones produced by you, not cheap knock off cologne scents. Trust me on this one.
  • You can be a vegetarian but beef up your shape – If you can, beef it up a little. It is not too important but if you can work out a little it does not hurt.
  • Golden voice  – practice your voice and how to charm a girl. Indian English is a little different from European English. I use to teach English to foreigners and I think it is really hard to change your way of speaking English but if you can smooth it out a little it would help. Again these are all culturally determined things and do not feel self-conscious, I am trying to help you out. Download something like a Audacity voice program and practice your voice and dialogue to sound more like a Bollywood start. With a good voice and rap you can charm many women.
  • Clothes like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan – I do not know the brand name clothes in India like I know J. Crew in the USA for example, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to have  a few good styles from brand name Indian stores that make you look good. If you wear whatever clothes you will not get a Russian gal. You need to look like a male model. I can recommend some clothes and styles if you need me to just ask. But remember to look good you do not have to spend money, and yes you already look good. Do not doubt yourself.
  • Fly solo –  learn to pick up Eastern European girls alone not with a group of other Indian guys. Too intimidating.  Now I like this about Indian culture that guys and girls travel in groups, but it is better to be alone and one-on-one with an Eastern Slavic girl. This is my personal experience after living in Eastern Europe for like a decade.
  •  Turn the fact that you are from India into your greatest asset – Believe in yourself – A lesson from former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger – take the thing that is your self perceived weak point (his was his arms) and make it your forte. He was known for that. I do not mean lift weights, although it does not hurt, I mean if you are self-conscious because you are an Indian guy and you think know Russian girl will go for you because you are from India, learn to override that thinking. Make being from India a positive exotic point when trying to chat up Russian women. Probe them, if they are in to Yoga play that up, if they are into vegetarian food play that u, if they are into chess play that up. A Lot of Northern European chicks dream of warm exotic places, bring it up that India is loaded with places like this and it is cheap. Make the fact you are an Indian male, your selling point to a Russian studentka.

 Where to meet Russian girls:

I outline this in detail on my website.I mention websites like, and Browse my website and I am sure you can find scores of recommendations tested, checked and reviewed by me. If you have questions how to sign up let me know.

I would like to suggest one additional website and that is I write the guys who runs this and in my opinion it seems like a clean operation.

Let me know if you have any questions about Indian guys and Russian girls. I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life and I think I can give some specific advice, so do not be shy just ask.


Russian girls – Your guide from Moscow to Siberia for women

Meeting and dating a Russian girls for love

This is the only guide to meeting a Russian girl you will ever need for American or Western European men. Newsflash: The heady days right after the break up of the Soviet Union are over. In the 1990s you could fly to Eastern Europe wearing cargo shorts and American t-shirt, not speak a word of Russian and a big innocent American smile on your face and women would flock to you like you are a movie star.

However, times have changed. If you want to chat up a Russian girl you need to know what you are doing. You do not need money that is for sure. I outlined in my other post about women and money, cash might get some girls excited, but does not create magic for the type of girls I recommend. If you want to win a Russian girls heart for love you need to enchant them, put a spell on them and spin them around.

Dramatic looking Russian girls who could be models or at least actresses, but most likely just having some fun.

Basics for charming a Russian lady

  • Have a purpose other than picking up woman in Russia – Men are too direct and straight, too much cream not enough milk.  Everything about woman is about the dance. If you are going to Russia you can not tell the girls, I am here to meet a wife. It might work, but I think would turn more women off than it would work on. The ones it might work on are desperate for some reason. Nobody wants to join a club that would have them as a member that easy. Think about it. Therefore, have a secondary purpose that will shine as your primary purpose for traveling to Russia. Your purpose might be to learn some Russian for a couple of weeks. It might be a cultural interest in the country. You could go to Russia as you love Russian caviar, going to a chess camp, visit Russian churches or simply just a tourist. I think  learning the Russian language, even at the basic level is a very good reason. You do not even need to enroll in a school, just learn a few phases before you go and practice on the street. This is how I did and do it.
  • Learn Russian – a few words– At this point, everyone is usually rolling their eyes and telling me they are bad with languages. They have not the gift for languages is what I hear ad nauseum.   I have taught 100s and 100s of  students languages and they all say they stink with languages. Further they will tell me some fable about someone they  know who is a language genius, that just picked up Russian or English because it was in the air. This is a myth. I teach and learn languages in Europe. I only know people who learned Russian or any languages because they did one step at a time. Learn a few verbs and phrases and then practice them with some pretty Russian Studentka. They will be happy to help you in all cases. I have never been turned down that I can remember. When it comes to languages Eastern European girls are really helpful and will want to practice their English with you. Remember Russian girls and Eastern European girls have a lot of intellectual curiosity, especially in high-minded things like languages, culture, music and literature. This is not Anytown, USA.
  • Try a different style to catch the eye of a Russian girl – I am not saying wearing a suit to a disco, which would be interesting and attract girls, but dress well. Americans, which I am one, tend to dress with less style.  A crew cut and sneakers will not turn heads in Moscow.  Further, the American treehugger look will not fly with a devetchka from Moskva. You can wear sneakers if they are cool and clean. But do not be the average Johnny. Have a nice stylish hair cut.  Americans cut their hair close their head. Remember hair is a secondary sex characteristic and an expression, if you have it, flaunt it. I spike my hear up a little. Wear a nice white designer t-shirt or stylish button down or one of those black mountain climbing shirts.  Lose weight. You do not have to be some guy with big arms and a tight silk shirt with white pants and skinny legs and sandals on a cell phone, but try to look cool.
  • Be Apple pie for a Russian girl to like you – Life is hard. I do have to tell you that. Everyone has family, money, health and existential issues in life that weights them down. If you can be an easy-going cool sunny American, Russian girls will love you as long as you accent it with some seriousness and intellectual curiosity. Many Russian girls see America from the movies or on some trip they took once to the USA. These were vacation memories where everything shines. Play up some of that mythology that American is the land of dreams and fun, not by talking about it but by being a light a breezy guy. Does this sound superficial? It is not. We all know life is hard but the less we dwell on life’s sores the better.
  • If you want a princess be a prince –  Class and charm will always win over money or anything base or primative. Moscow or St. Petersburg or village girls want a real prince. Read to them, kiss their hand go to church with them. Be a prince.
Princesses are everywhere on the streets of Russian waiting to be rescued.

If all else fails trick a Russian girl

This comes under the category of all is fair in love and war. My story of my Moscow adventure started like this. When I first went to Moscow my world (after I did all the sight-seeing) consisted of McDonald’s (food), Starbucks (checking e-mails) and the Metro (getting from point A to B).  Now I was riding the metro in Moscow and not married and I noticed that girls where not checking me out. There were 40 something devetchki looking down but not at me. I was like what is going on here. Even in anti-male Boston on the red line though Cambridge I might get a glance. I am not a movie star just an average guy, but this is nature forces more powerful are at work. I meditated on the situation.

I realised that I was not marriage material for these leggy Russian girls. I was just another tourist passing though or some business consultant on a gig that would be gone in a week or two. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Russian girls want guys for marriage and home not some guy blowing through town to break their hearts or use them.

I changed my style and attitude. I did not do the typical tourist, expat thing but rather sat on a bench and tried to read a Russian newspaper, even a few words and fed the pigeons with old bread. I went to bookshops and places that expats and tourists would not go. I ate in cafeteria style greasy spoon dinners with eating Russian borsch. I dressed less like a tourist and more like a person living here for the longer term. I paid for some day passes at a gym, not at the Sheraton hotel but a local pumping iron free weight place. I took some aerobics classes in the evening after ‘work’ when it was packed with office girls.  When I left my apartment in the morning I left at the same time and took the same train and look as if I was going to work. I also did the same around rush hour on the way back. I would get my coffee at the same shop every morning at the same time. After about two weeks of this routine, Russian girls started to notice me. I was no longer a one-off guy but someone who might live there for the longer term and with a purpose.

Zag to get girls to notice you

You do not have to go to the same extreme I did but the rule in life is when people zig you have to zag. When every guy off the plane from the land of Apple pie are doing the same thing, do the opposite.

This gets your foot in the door. That is all. The rest is you have to sell yourself.

What to talk about with a Russian woman

Anything that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the stock market, talk about it. I personally thing trading stocks are the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  If you love something classical like literature, even better. I actually do. I read Russian fairy-tales, literature and a real Russian history buff. I used to know by heart all the Russian rulers starting with Kievan Rus and the Primary chronicle in the 800s. You know stuff like that, it is better than having money in Moscow.  Smile and be a flirt. Learn some Love Phrases in Russian. Even if you never master Russian learn about Slavic language and culture in general. I have a lot of interesting things on the root of this site.

One sensitive topic – I am a religious guy. So much so my bed room use to look like a medieval church with Icons and crosses.  I also recommend a spiritual girl for a mate as if you are going for your soul mate then they have to believe in a soul. However, when you talk to girls be a flirt, do not start off with the heavy serious stuff. Be light. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Be light not heavy, if it is in your nature to be spiritual than this will come up anyway in conversation and you can talk to her about it, but do not start with this (I actually use to and it was OK but not magic).

What about Internet dating before you go to Russia?

Sure have some back up Russian girls mobile numbers  in your black book, but once you get there, more often than not, the girl working at the flower kiosk or you meet on the street will more to your liking than a girl off a Russian dating site, unless it is a real Russian dating site like from  Here is a real one:

  • Russian girls dating – I recommend you try this site or at least browse it for a specific location. For nothing else to see how different Russian ladies are than our Western gals. Use a translate tool if you need it. Or just to Top-100 to see some models who are really nothing more than the girl next door living in some block of flats and would love to meet you.
  • Look  on my website for other websites  where you can find Russian princesses,  I have mentioned them a lot, no need to duplicate anything.
Capture the bride. Go to Russia, find her, slay her dragons and fears and rescue her. Every Russian girl wants to be rescued and be a bride. Trust me they dream of it.

Women from Russian – I am your resource

My whole website is jam-packed with info so explore it and put the pieces together about CIS ladies.  The CIS is candyland if your intentions are pure and honorable. Even if you did not find everything you need in this post, then I will be your resource.  You do not have to be an American guy, peace and love I believe your other half could come from any nationality or culture.

If you have any questions about women from Eastern Europe, or how to travel there or get a visa for Russia or information that might help you I would be more than happy to reply. This site is not about picking up women for fun and to satiate your appetite for pleasure, so keep it real.  I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe for a long while and I have a perspective on the culture of the Slavic world and dating and romance within. It is not America, that is for sure.  Ask any question you like in the comment section.  I will tell it to you straight, no sales and no alternative motives other than to get you to find your princess. I did and I live a fair-tale everyday.


Russian girls love Americans

Why do Russian girls love Americans?

It does not matter is you are talking about Russian girls or Eastern European girls I think the idea is the same, they for the most part love American guys.

Eastern European girls just want a nice guy to hang out with, who has values and dreams and will be their prince.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Spices things up a bit – You like the idea of marrying an exotic foreign women, so they like the idea of marrying a foreign guy in the same way. It spices things up. Now most Russian women do not dream of marrying a foreigner, rather than guy next door, but if you present yourself well, it is equally exciting for them as they are for you.
  • Russian girls want your money, not – I put this in there to get your attention. No self-respecting Russian or Ukrainian girl would ask you for money, ever. Trust me, would you ask an Eastern European female to send you money? I hope not. Well they would not do the same to you unless they are trying to use you. Think about it. You are some guy in the UK or the States and can you imagine asking some Eastern European girl who you are dating to help you financially. I know it is not the same but it is. A normal person would not do this. Moscow is the most expensive city in the world for a reason, because people have money and you can get rich there or work as a professional for a large company just like the west.
  • Russian girls want their husband not a husband – Think about this, American girls often after years of feminist thinking get into a pattern of serial dating and are really looking for a husband. Russian girls just want their one and only. I have heard Russian girls say I want to find ‘my’ husband. This word my is important.  I think this is even more true for Polish and Western Ukrainian girls. I would not want to be a solution for some American girls inability to attract a mate. I want to me someone one and only love forever. Russian girls would take care of their husband by being submissive, cooking and taking care of the family before career. It just so happens Americans like this model of relationship. That is the man is the hero and the women is the princess.  Maybe it is all the American films we watched growing up, but I think Americans guys still believe in this model of a home and you know what, so do Eastern European girls.
  • American guys are fun –  Maybe it is the weather but many Eastern European guys are serious, and practical. Americans and to some extent UK guys are full of optimism and cheer.  Americans are easy-going and relaxed and its all about fun.
  • Americans have values – Yes we are a religious country and have values. Girls want this. They may rebel against it or not like to talk about it but women are the guardians of spiritual things in this world as they are the ones that transmits culture. So when they meet some American guy full of ideals and values, they like it. The key is not to push it on the women but rather just be the person your religion talks about in an easy-going way, and your girl will say, I want some of that.

Russian women and American men

What is the solution? American guys should give Russian girls what they want. That is find your princess bride. Like St. Paul says, ‘fight the good fight’ (for a just cause) and rescue your (not just any) Russian girl (Polish or Ukrainian) from her castle and marry her, because your wife is out there somewhere and has been dreaming of you like you have been dreaming of her.  This is why Russian girls love Americans, because they are little to play to win when it comes to finding their bride. I am not just writing this, I did this find my wife and no it was not easy but my family is my joy.


What are Russian girls like

What are Russian females like in dating and marriage?

A lot of people are wondering what Russian girls are like beyond the Photoshopped pictures of Russian girls you see online on bride or dating sites. The purpose of this post is to give you a description, that I feel is pretty accurate and without exaggeration. A physical and intellectual description of a woman from Russia.  I will take it from Russian literature. Sergei Lukyanenko is one of my favorite Russian writers. He has written books that often deals with the unseen battle between good and evil.

In one of his latest books he describes a Russian girl living in cottage alone in the forest outside a village in Siberia. To an American guy this might seem a bit fairy-tale. It is not.

The best girls are these Russian girls from the village or living in some forest somewhere. I married such a girl from Eastern Europe. These Rusalki are real and good. If you like nature,  even better. Many days my wife and I go into the forest and pick fruit to have a picnic and read a book under tree in some field in the middle of a forest. In my experience American girls would tolerate primitive conditions you find in a deep Eastern European forest, or lack of sensory stimulation.  I tell my wife I am living some sort of male fantasy.

Description of a Russian girl

From the Russian author Lukyaneko here is a description of what one Russian girl is like

Go to the little hut, little hut, I whispered to myself, citing the fairy-tale. I thought this silly.  But then it was facing me anyway, in the middle of this endless forest.  I suddenly felt foolish.  I walked up to the door and clutched the rusty iron handle and at that moment as if someone had been waiting for the old door open.

Good-day, said a woman about 30 years old.  A very beautiful women.  From the children’s description I expected her to be older.  The children did not really say anything about her, and I imagined some average image of an old woman. That was stupid of me because for children as young as them, ‘beautiful’ meant wearing a bright colored dress, old was anyone older than they were.

But she was wearing a checked shirt, the kind of men and women can wear. She was tall, but not so tall is to make a man of average height feel insecure.  Slim, but not all skinny, a shapely youthful body.  Legs so long and straight I felt like shouting, ‘why the heck did you put jeans on those youthful legs, get into a miniskirt!’

Russian girls have long legs and brains of a rocket scientist. That is what Russian women are like.

Brea_ts, well no doubt some men prefer to see two huge silicon melons, and some take delight in a chest has flat as a boys.  But in this particular any normal man would delight in this golden mean.

Hands, well I don’t know exactly how hands can be erot_c.  Well her certainly were. I could only imagine that one touch from those slender fingers and …

With a figure like that, a beautiful face is an optional extra.  But she was so lovely.  Hair as black as pitch, large eyes that smiled and enticed.  All her features for regular, which just some tiny deviations from perfection that was invisible to the eye, but nevertheless allow you to see her as a women rather than a piece of art.

Uhm, He- hello, I whispered. What was wrong with me?  Anyone would think I had been raised on an uninhabited island and never seen a woman before.

That is the physical description of a Russian girl here is the intellectually what a Russian girl is like, from that same book ‘Twilight Watch’. I highly recommend his books by the way. I took liberties with the translation for clarity.

Don’t you find it boring out here in the wilderness?  I asked, changing the subject.

I’m not stuck here at all she laughed.  I come for the summer, I am writing a dissertation.   “The ethogenesis of certain species of crucifers in the central region of Russia’

For a doctorate?  I asked feeling rather envious. I was still disappointed that I’d never finished writing mine. But I’d become an ‘other’ and all those scholarly games would seem boring.  But even so I felt a little sad.

Postdoctoral she replied with an understandable pride. I am thinking of presenting it this winter.

This is your research library? I asked.  She nodded yes. I went over to inspect her bookshelves. Her library was a rather rich collection of botanical scholarly books, new and old, some volumes going back to the early part of the last century.

Russian girl are really like this

  • Russian girls in all their characteristics and variations are above and beyond wonderful women. In fact a girl like in the above book passage is very common. To throw in one added bonus, Russian girls tell me their dream is to have a man who they can cook for a raise a family. The are not ashamed of this at all, but feel good about it. It is not even mentioned because that is just the way it is.
  • Consider this most beautiful Siberian Russian girl.  What did she do with the money she won? She donated to build children’s playgrounds across Russia.
  • I am friends with several Russian girls from Siberia or the countryside and they are remarkable. One of my friends Olga, her father wanted her to study in Moscow, but she choose to study in a University near the Ural mountains, as she did not want to be corrupted by the big city.
  • Or Alexandra Kosteniuk player who is a model and married a normal American guy.
  • Or one of my friends from my school here, Svetlana getting her PhD, her style is great, she wears tight jeans, a nice top and a small Russian crown when she goes to a party. It looks cool.  She is just an interesting nice person, nothing like you find in America.
  • I have another friend from the Russian countryside named Stella and her long legs are so long my friend Erik, said it looks like she is on stilts, in a good way. She is nice a nice normal girl that moved to Moscow and lives a humble life in a small flat but works and an accounting manager.

If you are considering getting married why are you even thinking about an American girl when such Russian girls are real and just as dreamy. But remember, the best ones, and maybe your other half is found with a quest and not a search.

That means to find her you usually have to over come some great obstacles and leave behind some things that are holding you back. Just a thought. This is what Russian girls are like in my view.


Rusalki Moscow girls

I want to recant an experience I had with a couple of Russian girls in Moscow a few years back. It was one of the most interesting but also humiliating conversations I have had.  However, there was a lesson behind all this.  Further I will tell what is a Rusalka.

Types of Moscow girls

The purpose of this is to convey what exactly you might run into with Russian girls who are not the sweet farmer’s daughter from the village working in marketing, or the PhD student in linguistics some Siberia attending Moscow university. But rather your garden variety of Moscow girl who wants to play the foreign guy and sees you as a meal ticket. It was deeming yet worth retelling.

I think if you are a guy, the point of going to Russia is not to play, but rather to meet a girl who is serious about the possibility of love and marriage.

My Moscow apartment and first evening in Moscow

I was staying in an apartment on Ozerkovskiy. Your typical tacky post Soviet Union, remodeled apartment with a cheesy dark green velvet coach.

Although I had been to Moscow before, I asked the guy who set up the apartment some recommendations where I could meet some girls in Moscow.  He told me in the back page of the classified section.  I told him not those kind of girls. He wrote down a couple of clubs – ‘discos’ as they are refereed to in Eastern Europe.

I went to a Russian kiosk, the type that at 10 pm at night sells everything you would ever need, from metro tickets to green poo-in-one cheap Russian shampoo with sparkles or DVD of movies from the 2005.

I bought a cell phone card with a number and loaded it up. I highly recommend you do the same if you are in Moscow or any foreign city on the prowl.

The first night I went to sleep as I was pretty tired. However, before this, I had a kebab near the local metro station. I wanted to scoped out to get my bearings so in the morning, I would be fresh and awake and ready for anything. I actually talked to a girl in line in Russian just to practice.  She was showed some interest but rather would not go for the first girl I meet.

Garden variety Russian girl players

I was quit jet lagged and was up at 4 am.  I thought of going to hit some clubs and maybe meeting some girls, but I think the quality would be low and did not want to employ the last man standing strategy as my intent was to meet some nice Moscow girls.

Latter that day about 7pm after doing some site seeing as my apartment was close to the Moscow river and the historic district, I meet a couple of Russian girls. I meet them at the Internet cafe, rather than on the Internet.

I was doing some e-mails telling my friends I made it safe, they were on I always check to see the sites girls are on in Internet cafes so I know what they are about. Although not the most attractive girls they were dressed with such flare that when they walked into a room. They were designed to attract men.  An men are programmed to respond.

Russian girl number 1 (classic Rusalka look)
Black with some dark red, straight hair down the back
Blush to extenuate high cheek bone
subtle cat eye make up
short skirt and black leggings
Platform shoes
Pale skin with some freckles

Russian girl number 2
Blondynka hair down to the small of her back
a couple of sparkles on her face
red lipstick
T-shirt with a sassy ‘Girls can’t what?” written across the front.
Jeans that were painted on
Sun tanned

I did not want to seem to forward so after chatting them up a bit, I got their names, The dark haired one was Svetlana and the blond was Yulia (what a surprise). I gave got Svetlana’s number and told them I might be in Moscow again and if I was I would sms them.  I did not want to sound to desperate.

Where to meet Moscow girls

After about a week of being the foreigner in Moscow, I hit a number of the popular ‘diskoteks’ like Пропаганда (Bolshoi Zlatoustinskii Pereulok 15) which is good on a Thursday night but pricey. Also City Space at wissotel Krasnye Holmy, 52 Kosmodamiansky Embankment if anyone wants to know where to go. However, with a stroke of luck I bumped into the above to mentioned rusalki.

Meeting the Rusalki

What are Rusalki (plural form)?  A Rusalka is a  Russian girl from Slavic mythology. A temptresses that feeds off energy of the living, men can not resist them Rusalki usually live in forest and appear thin, pale with dark red hair and green eyes.  Once draw in, they drain men of life energy, energetic vampires if you may.  Maybe Дневной дозор by Sergei Lukyanenko is not too far off base.

One of these Москва Rusalki must have lived in the blocks close to my flat or there would have been no way I could have seen them again in such a large city. On the other hand they were not hard to spot.  They were dressed the second time I saw them was as follow:

Russian girl number 1 (Svetlana – classic Rusalka look)
Jet black with some red color, straight hair down the back
Blush to extenuate high cheek bone
suitable cat eye make up
Short skirt with white leggings
Platform shoes
White skin with a couple of freckles

Russian girl number 2 (Yulia)
Blondie hair down to the small of her back
a couple of sparkles on her face
red lipstick
T-shirt with a sassy ‘Girls can’t what?” written across the front.
Jeans that were painted on
Sun tanned

That is basically the same outfit they had last week. I do not know if it was because they were stuck on look or really were poor student types.

Moscow Rusalki women versus GQ ex-pats

I saw some ex-pat American guys, very GQ looking, but fortunately for me also more green at the Russian girl game than me.  Maybe they were living in Moscow or consultants, but they must have not assimilated too well.  I image they spend most of their time at the Irish pub or other expat hang outs watching ‘the game’ on some plasma screen TV, rather that chatting up Moscow girls and learning Russian.

They were chatting them up my Moscow girls and buying them drinks.  They thought they were making progress.  They were not, they were just buying them drinks.

When they left I left no time go right for them, as every guy in the club was waiting for their chance to go right for them like moths flying into the light.

When I got to them first, I was getting a lot of looks from the other patrons. I thought out of jealously, but maybe the locals knew something I did not about these girls.

Rusalki Moscow girls conversation

The conversation progressed as follows:
After some small talk I determined the Blondie spoke better English (Yulia) and I did not want to reveal I knew the Russian language, as I could pick up the conversation between them if need be.

Yulia: My friend is very beautiful, yes?

Admin: I said yes very (I was lying of course, she was attractive but so are many girls in Moscow).

Yulia: Do you like my friend?

Admin: I do not know, your friend but would like to.

Yulia: Beautiful girls need beautiful things, yes?

Admin: I guess.

Yulia: There is women’s shoe shop down the street maybe you want to take her shopping there sometime.

Admin: Maybe, if she was my girl but first I need to get to know her.

Yulia: My friend does not get to know just any guy, she is top model.

Admin: Really? (mild sarcasm, Svetlana was pretty and tall and thin, but the top model was hard to believe, maybe a model of some sort).

Yulia: She only had one boyfriend before.  She has a boyfriend now. But she likes you.

Admin: I like Svetlana, but do not know her (I guess her tactic was to impress me and bring some sort of exclusivity into the picture).

Yulia: This is good, you can take her shopping, Yes?

Admin: Look I do not want to take your friend shopping, I just want to get to know her as a person.

Yulia: {She just gives me a sly look}

Yulia: I am engaged to man from Alabama. He paid for me to meet him in London, it cost 3000 dollars that trip.  Is that a lot of money for you?

Admin: I said not really. (I was lying again but want to start turning the tables).

Yulia: He will take me to Alabama and I will live there with him, he lives in suburbs of Mobile, Alabama.

Admin: Lucky guy and Lucky you, your just going to love the Alabama countryside, it is a lot like Moscow.

Yulia: I think  American girls will not like me as they are fat and will be jealous.

Admin: I think your right.

{at the point the conversation was getting ridiculous.)

Yulia: I can see you are a nice man, maybe even a prince, will you buy Svetlana some shoes now?

Admin: Look, what are you her manager?

{out of the blue Svetlana speaks, I was both shocked and delighted}

Svetlana:  Will you help me learn English?

Admin: Sure.

Svetlana: English lessons cost 50 dollars a lesson in Moscow.

Admin: I can help you learn English, as I am an English teacher, but I am not giving you money to take language lessons from someone else, comprende vous?

The conversation continued for a while after and even got worst.  I bought them drinks, which I never do with girls, but I did it on my way out and left.

We latter exchanged an SMS or two and when I got back to Boston I got this long rambling e-mail from her blond friend about how Svetlana needed money. ‘Svetlana wants 1,300 dollars to finish her university and a prince like me would surely help her. She knows that you are some kind of prince’.

She said she need the money to bribe her professors to pass her courses.  This is the way it works in Moscow and she would not pass unless she go this money.  It was an interesting and slightly plausible story, but no way, they could just be working guys all over the globe, me being one of many.

I told her if she wanted to work on some of my websites I would pay her a few dollars an hour.  I did  not get a reply as working for money would be too hard I am sure, at least that kind of work for these Moscow girls.

I replied next time I am in Moscow she can come to my apartment and we can talk about it {Of course I had no intention of dropping a dime on this one}. I also suggested, if she wanted to go on vacation with me somewhere I might flip the bill. Even that was out of the question really, I was just playing with her at this point.  I am not a player.

The irony is Svetlana looked like a nice girl and if I could of wiggled her away from her ‘manager’ friend I might have had a chance to get to determine what this girl was all about.  I think the issue was her English was not great and her friend was a player.

I am a romantic that believes in love and marriage only. I do not like men or women that are players.  Players hurt people’s feelings.  Hurting a person’s feelings is one of the worst things you can do.

However, I retold this story only because there are some valuable lessons.

Lessons from this experience pertaining to women from the CIS – that is ex Soviet girls

What is the take away from all this?

  • Moscow girls and money – Any normal Russian girl would never mix money and love together.  Girls that say I want a little of both, drop them like a bad habit. Love is all or nothing, not a mix of money and love. Not a balance of love and money. Love and only love, it makes the world go around.
  • Learn Russian for step one with a Russian lady -Learn Some Russian if you are going for Russian girls.  I know a reasonable level of Russian, I am better with Polish and it makes a huge difference between being seen as just some green ex-pat or tourist swinging through town and someone with a real interest in Russia. If you read some articles from a respected source about Moscow or Russia you will be better off checking an encyclopedia.  Russian girls love their country and do not want to be exported abroad by some Okie from Skokie.
  • Moscow women are won by imagination – Russian girls go for guys that excite their imagination, not brawn. Muscovite women (in Russian Moskvich) prefer sensibility not sense.  Don’t you? Don’t you prefer some hot girl full of imagination and spice and life, than some rich girl who is going to live a boring life shopping in the suburbs at Ann Talyor and the Gap? You want someone who makes your heart skip a beat when they come into the room. Well here is the news, so do they and the way you do that is appeal to their imagination.
  • No fake girls – Do not go for girls who look like they just came from the solarium or work in a nail boutique. What is on the outside is often on the inside.
  • With any girls, when looking for love and marriage – Try to sift the wheat from the chaff early so you do not waste time. Only go for girls that have have a humility about them.  I used to think  if I worked on a girl I could teach her humility, it was a waste of time.  Girls either have it or they do not.  There are lambs and wolves in this world, know who you are dealing with early.

Let me know what you think about my Rusalki Moscow girl story and what your experiences are with Moscow girls. If you have any question about dating or trying to date Eastern European girls let me know.


Russian girls in Boston

Where are Russian girls in Boston

I am a Bostonian and an Eastern European.  In this post I want to tell you where to meet Russian girls in Boston.

The best place to find CIS women in Beantown are three places.

  1. In Brookline off the green line at the two main Russian stores.
  2. On a Russian message board in Boston or Craigslist
  3. Other places

Russian girls in Boston

There is a reasonable community of Russians in Boston.  The Russians that came over in the 1980s and before are Russians of Jewish descent.  The Russians that came over in the 1990s and after were Orthodox.  However, it does not matter the culture is very similar and they are all Russian girls.  The only difference is if you want to get married it might be a consideration because of cultural differences.

You will find many ladies from Ukraine and the Russian countryside and St. Petersburg but I did not meet a lot of Moscow girls in Boston maybe because Moscow is such a big city that there is no reason to come to a smaller regional city like Boston.

Russians are very educated and bright people and the ones in Boston in particular as it is a very intellectual city. Boston is not a working class city it is more an elitist city.

Russian girls in Boston meeting place 1

There is no way you are going to go into one of these traditional delis in Brookline and pick up Russian girls.  However, I used to go there about once a week and get all kinds of Ukrainian and Russian and general Eastern European food.  I saw a lot of the same people there, both working ans customers.  If you are really cool about it and real subtle like, you have a very good chance of chatting one up.  However, remember women need to slowly gain your trust though consistency of behavior and familiarity.
Imagine trying to feed ducks by running at them with bread, you will scare them away.  But if you are cool they will be eating out of your hands.

Not there is a very large message board in both of the main stores in Brookline.  Many Russian girls are advertising to be tutors in the Russian language or cleaning ladies.  I imagine some are simply illegal but trying to establish themselves in the USA doing basic jobs at first until they can get their visas straight and learn English.  I understand this, as many Americans do this teaching English all over the world.

If you are interested in Russian culture, take a few lessons from a few teachers and see if anything flies.  Lets say you meet them before you lessons and screen out the ones that are no go.  Then you can take lessons from your top tree choices until you hit it off with one.  Wost case you will learn Russian.

You can also do this with Russian cleaning ladies in Boston. Worst case is you will have a clean apartment.  I am not talking hankie pankye I am just taking meeting girls.

Or if you see on in the store just ask her out.   If she says no ask if she has a friend.  I have done this. I am not proud.  Many times the answer is yes.  Make up some excuses that you are going to Russia and want to have coffee with someone to talk about this with.  Whatever your tact is.  All is fair in love and war perhaps.

Again this is not about being a player but rather simply dating a Russian girl.

I would not recommend asking out the employees because if she scorns you, its going to be awkward every time you go there.

Locations of Russian stores in Boston

  • Russian Village Deli Store at 1659 Beacon St is one to start with and you will see another one in the same area and a book store.
  • Bazaar – 1432 Beacon Street or 424 Cambridge st, Allston
    You can also meet Russian girls on the street there.
  • 157 Sutherland Rd Brighton a Russian health food store.

Russian girl meeting place 2

  • – just koin the Boston group.
  • – Choose Massachusetts girls as your default
  • A major site for the Russian community in Boston.  Use an online translate tool and you can navigate and find what you are looking for.
  • – Simply a Russian dating site many Boston Russian girls use.
  • – This is clear – people talk about everything and some pretty risque topics.  Therefore if you are a member you can hit it up with some Russian girls in Massachusetts.
  • Chat up women from the former Soviet Union regions.

Russian girls in Boston meeting place 3 – best keep secret for meeting Russian women

Eastern European women are everywhere from playing chess in Harvard square at Au Bon Pain to yoga classes at porter square. Perhaps the best place to meet intellectual CIS women is the Boston public library at 700 Boylston Street has a good selection of Russian books on the second floor.  Hang out in the Russian book section on a Saturday and chat it up with one looking for a book in her language.

Again the objective here is not tell you to pick up ladies, but rather find someone for love and marriage.  People meet in all kinds of places.  I think dark night clubs is not always the best for everyone.  I think meeting a female in a library, Boston commons or deli is very innocent.  I think most Boston girls meet guys on  Not my style, I am more the say hello in person and introduce myself with a smile and see if they like you or not.  If they do chat and not say thank you and politely leave.

Russian girls are great.  They are thin, beautiful and are eons more normal than most American girls with with huge egos, materialistic values and large waist lines.

Let me know about your thoughts about finding Russian girls in Boston, Massachusetts or America in general.


Russian girls scams

How to tell if a Russian girl scams or you?

If any Russian girl, or any girl ask you for money, for visa or airline tickets or for any reason she is a scammer. Drop her like a bad habit. Do you understand? Do not think too hard,it is true.  Further,  I recommend that you walk away and do not contact her again.  I know this will hurt your feelings to hear this but you have to be strong and yield to the logic of the situation.

Why so many girl scammers in the world

Why?  Much of the world is poor and 1000 dollars is a lot of money for someone, even 100 dollars is a good amount of money, so if they can get a few hundred dollars from a few guys, this is better than working in a shop all day, this is the mentality of a scammer.

Good Eastern European girls

However, I live in Eastern Europe, trust me. No self respecting girl in Europe or Asia would ask for money. Even if the world is poor they will not ask for money unless they are a scammer. A normal good girl you want to spend time with will not ask for money. In fact she will be ashamed if you try to offer her money.

Guys wake up.  I live here.  No normal girl would do this.  I know scores of girls from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China etc, however, not one normal girl would ever ask your for money, even if it was about a visa or a chance to see you.  Trust me on this one. It is not in the culture of a respectable women.  Maybe an American or UK women would do this, but not a Polish girl for example, at least not one I would ever date.

In fact, when my wife was my girlfriend and I offered to pay for anything like a trip, she did not like that at all, even if we had been dating for several years, and she would for sure not take money from me.  Even now that we are married she still does not like it.  Love is never about money.

My wife for example has no desire to live in the USA, unless I really wanted to, unless I dragged her there.  I was a high flier in corporate America (at least I thought so), but she would prefer to live with me in Eastern Europe with me as a humble teacher than leave Eastern Europe for some desperate housewives/bay watch land.

Russian girls love Russia

Russian girls love Russia and want to stay if they can.  I know many that had full visas in the US and moved back to their beloved Russia or had chances to go and did not.  These are normal Russian girls.

The good girls I know would prefer to picnic in a local forest and not have a guy pay for some fancy vacation or sponsor her for a trip somewhere rather than to ask for money.

If a lady you have been corresponding with and asks for money for any reason, it is a scam.
If she does not scam you now, she will scam you when she is in the US and has a passport and can take half your money and your house.  Do you understand? Money is not about love.

No normal girl wants you to sponsor her, get a green card or passport or visa, or ask for money or help in anyway.

Is this girl trying to scam you?

Take these steps to prevent yourself from being defrauded:

  • Ask to talk on the phone and see how it feels, use your intuition.
  • Research her on the Internet, look everything you know about her on search engines.
  • Look up her ip address check – where you can cross reference her ip found in the header of the e-mail under advanced options of your e-mail service or simply finding the show full header link.

You can see if her IP is that of a spammer.  Scamming is a form of Spam.

  • Ask for a specific photo of her wearing something in a specific place.  This way you know she is not sending the same photos to every other guy.

My best advice about Russian women

If you really want to smoke girls out, go and visit her.  In fact you should do this anyway.  I have have taken trips all over the world.  Get a discount flight and book a cheap apartment and go there.

Tell you if you ever got married you want to live in Russia and see her reaction.  Hey I live in Eastern Europe its great.   If she loves you she will not care you are a teacher in Eastern Europe and she will not get a USA green card.   Smoke her out.   But use your intuition.  No need to be overly cautious, just be aware and connect the dots.

The good news is most Russian girls are honest and normal. Further if you use the site I recommend on my website about girls chances are less.  Most of the sites I recommend are not only free but more for people who live in Russia, therefore, these girls are not looking for foreigners.

What if you visit her and feel she is a fraud? No loss you can meet real good Russian girls everywhere on the same trip and you will forget about her in a heart beat.


Russian women videos on

The purpose of this post is to tell you why and how to use the Russian video site The last post I talked about Russian girls photos and gave you a website which is perhaps the best to see pictures of normal Russian ladies. That is photos that are not from some  dating site with over photoshoped pictures.

In this post I will recommend another website that site is, it will is where Russian women upload videos. Normal videos uploaded of normal Russian girls.  Not videos with the intention of dating or trying to sell anything.  Rather free short films and movies for the fun of it.

Why would you want to watch Russian women videos? I think for fun. If you are a single guy and want to know what real Russian women think, act and look like, than is your site.  Here you will not find images that you might see on a Russian dating site, that have been produced with almost professional quality with the intention of selling you, but real short .flv files with home cameras.

The problem with non professional Russian girls videos

If you simply go to YouTube, many of these videos are uploaded by students or younger people. I think many of them are not very intellectually stimulating. I think the best videos, even if you are looking at females for fun, need to have some intelligence to them. The Russian site I will recommend will have this.

The best short movie clips are something like, a simple Russian girl telling about her life and what it is like where she lives, for example in Moscow or Siberia or St. Petersburg or some small village in Russia or on of the reblublics.

For me, this simple conversational format, by ordinary people is interesting.  That is, not a professional film, but not a silly teenage video rather something that is subtle, raw and appeal to the intellect. However,  if it is a video about some partying girls or being silly or trying to act too sensual, then it is over done and very boring.

An example of a poorly done, but very popular video series but together by a Russian girl on youtube is this. .  Alternatively you can watch her on her website

Watch this hotforwords YouTube channel.  You will find a pretty Russian female ( I think she is what I would call a Soviet girl, that is no ideals), talking about an interesting subject, that is langauges. Her name is Marina Orlova However, it is a  poorly done series of short clips, because she tries to be sensual. Watch this hotforwords channel and you will see these and you will see how boring it is.  She is a pretty lady but too over done and does not know how to be subtle.

However, she is a hit and many people like her. She has used her brain to target a market, so hats off to her, but she is not for me.

These types of videos in my mind are too much cream and not enough milk.

What you want in a video that gives you just small drops of succulents sweet milk. The best ones are the ones that give so little, of what you are hungry and you can almost taste what you want, but you are still hungry for more. They will not give them these drops of white milk in an obvious way, but in a way that they have to work for.

For example a normal Russian or Ukrainian women modestly dressed and talking about something interesting like science or history. Next you notice her and say, gee wiz without that big sweater. In other words, this smart, humble girl,  I think she could have a shapely body, but I am not sure. She is someone I could be friends with or date. Not some women who has tempting clothes or too overtly suggestive (or in my opinion she should not be suggestive at all). One a good Russian girl video she should exurb sensually behind the mask of ordinary. girl here is not the type of video you are looking for.

The secrete of why Russian women get men

It is not because they are hot models, but because they are modest, humble, highly educated nice girls with long legs. This combination of educated humility who does not hassle you makes them irresistible. is the best Russian video website

The video site you want to check out is It is one of the largest sites in Russia.  If you go to the site you will it is in the Russian language.  No problem.  to the right on the side bar is a Russian word Категории.  This means categories in Russian.

You have two options at this point.  You can either run the site through an online translate tool or you can simply try to navigate the site in Russian.

Here is a translation of the list above for example.

I prefer to stumble around the site in Russian because it is more fun to figure out. Once you know a few Russian words it is not hard, even with a different alphabet.   If you see video icons of girls then you know this category is about girls, if you see  images of exotic places you know it is about travel.

However, if you do not want to do this try an online translation tool.

I use ‘netvideohunter’. This is a Firefox addon downloader if I want to download the clips to my desktop.

The advantage of

Think if it this way, because it is in the Russian language, you will be viewing videos that people in the English speaking world do not view.  These are real Russian girls uploading normal videos.

Let me know what you think of my post about Russian women videos  on  I want to be a resource and give you something that you can use.  If you have any other Russian videos site you think might be of value let me know.