How to find a loving wife

How to find a loving wife If you are looking to find a loving wife, I will tell you the secret of finding your bride. This blog is my personal blog so it is not politically correct. Further I am not writing something you might read on cookie cutter relationship advice pages that float around …

Order a princess bride

Stop browsing online dating profiles. Stop it right now. What you want to do is take a trip to the collective unconsciousness and search for your fantasy girl, your princess there. Use the power of your imagination to find her across time and space. Since I do not have a time-machine nor magic spells, I …

Polish real estate market

Polish real estate market is going down. There is not only a liquidity problem but a huge over supply problem also a speculative bubble.

Russian women style

Comparing the style of Russian women to the style of western women. Russian women style is quite different and not what you might think.

Jewish property Krakow

Jewish property in Kazimierz – Krakow, Poland is a curious thing. I live in Krakow, Poland or more precisely in Podgorze in what was the Jewish ghetto during the war. Many people ask me why so many of the homes in Kazimierz, which is just across the river from me are in such a state …