Russian girls – Story of romantic love in Russia

Are Russian girls romantic – below is the answer

This post is a discussion that examines the roots of Russian romanticism to the heady days of the 1990s and 2000s and the current state of love in Russia today relating to Russian girls and foreign men.

Weather, poverty and its influence on the female mind and body

Cold weather and dark skies tends to be an incubator for romanticism. If this true, combined with prolonged hopelessness in self actualization via the economic system, the human spirit tends to go back to fulfillment with romantic notions to active happiness.

That is why ‘physical relations with the opposite gender’ are the poor man’s opera. What else is there to do if you are living in a gray block of flats and have no money to buy the latest iPhone or gadget. You go back to the old ways of human fulfillment. What you do is read, dream and take a lover. But not only study literature, art, language and history and hope your life dream of finding a prince, the prince you read about in fairy-tales will transform your life. You do not believe on a level but you know it is possible.

Borderline poverty elsewhere in the world besides the USA yields a crop of skinny women. In near poverty, women who consume intellectual nuggets, like read literature, instead of chicken McNuggets.

Combine Slavic beauty and rustic conditions and you have a nation of women, that look like models, no matter who they are dressed. This is Russia.

The economy is poor, cold and dreary, moral is one level below pessimistic, conditions excellent, I go prowling for women. This is Russia. This is what love is about in Russia. It is an odd mix between dark pessimistic apathy and tremendous romanticism and hope when there is hopelessness. In the darkest hour, is when you see the light.

Russian girls of today

Forget the nonsense you read on Russian bride site or even from guys traveling there that have a superficial understanding of the Russian soul. I am Slavic and I come from this culture.  Idealistic Russian romanticism is coming back.

However, the history of love in Russia is not that simple, read on.

Historical ties to Russian Romanticism – the currents of nature and Orthodoxy
There is more behind the idea behind Russian romanticism besides weather and economics, it is connected with nature, mystic (historically stemming from orthodoxy) and Pan-Slavic.

Nature of Russia

The vastness of the Russian landscape, from the riches of Siberia and the deep forests to lakes of central Asia makes Russians closely connected to nature.
Mysticism of Russia

Have you ever been in an Orthodox church, it is Icons, incense, bees-wax candles and liturgical chants? Think about it, most of your week you live under rustic conditions the greatest sensory stimulation of the week was Sunday service, beautiful stain glass and purity. Further, since service is hours long your subconscious would absorb this. The ceremony is more ornate than the Roman mass. Again this imprints on the mind.

Golden age of Russian bride

Considering what I have written above, at the end of the Romanov era, Russian girls and women were perhaps the most idealistic and romantic creatures on earth.

If you had a time machine and could fly back to 1901 and snatch a Russian bride, I would highly recommend it. It does not matter if you are talking St. Petersburg or Moscow or some remote village, it would have been all good. You would have had a pure princess from Russia with Slavic beauty features whose dream would have been to be domestic, raise your children and growth with you spiritually.

You can not beat that.

Soviet women

With the success of the Lenin’s revolution the people were dogmatically taught the new religion of (enter dark sounding music) dialectical materialism. Lenin wrote ‘Materialism and Empiricism’, where he explains his world view and the failing of other ideas. When you read this (and it available online) you start to nod your head and say this guy was pretty smart. He jettisoned the projections of other philosophical systems and brought it to reality. Yet if his ideas were so bright, along with Marx why did they yield nothing but 70 years of suffering? The answer man is not one-dimensional.

Regardless generations of Russian girls were stripped of their idealism and programmed to think religion was non-sense, a fairy-tale. Yet, when they wake up and find their marriage and love life is no fairy-tale they wonder why.

Why? Because humans are not one denominational. Without spiritual ideals to sustain romantic love your marriage, relationship, life will crumble. What is left slightly nihilistic pessimism.

Post communist women and Russia of the 1990s, 2000s

A mix of nihilism and looking down on the religious as naive, fueled the biggest love fest of all time for western male travelers. The third Rome became decadent as the first Rome.

Russian women retain their Slavic and Asiatic looks, yet, a roll in the hay was not big thing, like shaking hands, just something you do. Maybe I am exaggerating, but not really. I personally was over there and indirectly propositioned by virtually every woman who I smiled at. I lived and traveled all over Eastern Europe and Russian women are unstoppable in that regard. They do not have feelings of guilt as that ‘naive’ thinking was eradicated years ago over something simple like an exchange of DNA. All women love it, some might find it awkward, but universally there is no boundaries in the countries of the old USSR.

Men took advantage of the economic collapse of the CIS and money exchange hands behind hotel room doors. Freebies were not even a challenge. You could go to a disco during the evening \, have some adventures and order one in the evening for a nightcap.

Russian brides recycled women

You would be surprised how many women on those old Russian bride websites were or are open to some sponsoring on the side. Even today, if you cross-reference birth dates and location and names on Russian bride sites with girls on VK looking for a sponsor you will find quite a few hits.

The silver age of Russian dating

All hope is not lost. I being a hopeless romantic and idealist want to believe that beneath the permafrost of the 20th century experience with love in Russia, sleeping beauties and snow whites are emerging. It is the great thaw. The next generation of Russian girls are starting to get into religion again or at least spirituality and ideals. It is woman’s nature to be romantic about love but to be romantic about love and religion is their crowing glory.

Yes the prevalent culture still is somewhere in between, but more and more I am meeting young Russian women who are returning to their country’s Romantic roots.

The net effect is maybe you will not need a time machine after all to find a Russian princess. If you are wise in your search you will find her today. Follow the recommendations I have about finding a Russian bride on my website and you can not go wrong.

  • Have you fallen in love with a Russian girl, try these Love Phrases in Russian.
  • I would say that Russian girls are not materialistic or concerned about looks when it comes to love, make good wives just make sure you choose one that has the stick to it ideals based on religion, as others tend to have a high divorce rate and will be leaving comments on blogs like this that Russian women are scams. They are not, just choose the right one.

Fishing for a Russian bride

When trying to catch a Russian girl as your wife, know each bait will attract a different catch.

The Kingdom is like a net that draws all kinds of fish. When you pull it in, there will be good and bad, and you will cast the bad ones away. – Matthew 13:47-48

Hang a shiny enough bait in front of a Russian girl and you will catch her as your bride. American guys offer:

  • The lure of citizenship – You will pay on the way out.
  • A better economic standard – You will pay on the way in and on the way out.
  • The thrill of travel – Could go either way, generally worldly girls are wild and attractive but have a flight factor almost on par with American girls.
  • Romantic idealism – A husband that shows more of an interest in humanistic intellectual ideas – You will find true love.  19th century Czarist Russian culture was hundreds of years of Romantic idealism.  Relax on a dark lonely night and turn up some Tchaikovsky, read a little Turgenev, Lermontov or Tolstoy and this is the world Russian girls live in, try to understand it. Dostoyevsky such books should be mandatory reading for any guy searching the CIS for a bride.
My wife and I have been together going on like 10 years. One of the determinate criteria for success is romantic idealism based on faith, combined with humble ordinary living.

If you tempt a girl from Russia with one of the above, you will get married. Just know which bait will attract which female.

 Choose your rut (lane) carefully you will be in it for the next 10 miles – Construction sign in upstate NY.

Just remember they are trying to hook you. It is not a one way sport. It is a dangerous game you play if you do not realize that.

When you browse these tempting over photo-shopped hair and make-up girls on any Russian brides dating site, just know what you are going for. Just like you are tempting them, they trying to reel you in also.

 Women are man’s most dangerous plaything – Friedrich Nietzsche

The way to catch a Russian girl

You want her to catch your scent, that is it.

If you put too much bait on the hook initially you might not get a better catch, but crabs on your line (literally and figuratively). Not that crabs are bad (the metaphorical kind), just that they eat your bait and they detract you from catching the prize fish you really want.

The key is do you really want to catch her with anything other than the last point, that is romantic idealism?

My advice is this: The Russian education system is still the a legacy from the Soviet system and that is a classical liberal arts education. I firmly believe in this system. It teaches you what life is about. You study history, philosophy, psychology, art, languages, literature. Life is multidimensional and if you want self actualization you need to do more than go to a technical school or business school. Even if you get out and are working as a secretary and living in a dreary block of flats, they are living at the height of their civilization. Do not think twenty years of classical education does not influence their world view, it does.

The dizzinest girl in a Russian club, can spin circles around you linguistically and from a humanistic standpoint. Your advantage is your Americanism, not your blue passport. Americans are practical business oriented and master communicators. Use your communication skills to build rapport and prove to her that you are not some Oki from Skodkie who thinks Plato is a puddy you played with as a child.

The problem with Russian girls are not scams

 I am not superstitious. I do not believe in the stars of the horoscope nor have I defied stars in the media, sports and politics. My ideal is not a superficial patchwork of religion but a religion with a solid foundation and clear profile. Hans Kung – What I believe.

The problem with Russian girls on dating sites, bride sites Mamba or VK is this, they are not religious, period. They may have been baptised or go to Church on holidays or talk about spirituality or morals, but that is a world of difference from, seeing the purpose of life as building the Kingdom of God through humble submission to the will of the creator.

Hence, you will get a nice leggy blonde, but might stew in some existential malaise most of her life. Is that how you want to live you life? It will bring you down and erode your ideals.

Better is to screen the girls solely on ideals. You might even browse girls in text mode or with a browser like Dillo . Dillo is more of a minimalist browser and it will make sure you do not see images.

How to use a Russian bride site

  • Sure join one to have an account, then search the girls out on an by cross referring birth dates and towns and you will have about a 15 to 25% hit rate. But once you do it will be worth it. I think elenamodels is a little more respectable than Anastasia international. They both have a network of sites and dominate the searches. Consider the next point.
  • Use dating sites that have a green WOT rating or at the most an orange. Use WOT to help you separate the wheat from the shaft. WOT is an addon to any browser.

Russian brides worth it?

Yes. I am an American married in Eastern Europe.  Without a doubt you will not get the same stress as with an American bride.  You will have a 60% chance of divorce with an American bride. 20 % chance of divorce with a foreign bride living in the US and potentially none in other countries or if you find your other half. It is worth it to look for a Russian bride.

Russian brides are low stress

Most Russian brides want to take care of you and the family.  They are not materialistic and if you are lucky they are spiritual. They feel it is an honor to cook.  American women will resent you if they are the one cooking all the time.  Its clear, Russian brides want love and marriage. They are very idealistic.  If you are looking for a Russian bride, be idealistic also, not chauvinistic or a player.  Then you will find your princess.

Best place to find Russian brides – when you go cast your net out

I would first check native Russian mail servers.  They will have normal Russian female personals looking for normal guys.  I detail this information here Russian brides for you – but is a quick start.  If you can not navigate the Russian language nor want to stretch your brain in a linguistic way,  use a translate tool or easier try a free dating site. Try and for more challenging adventures in Mother Russia.

Talk to them in a normal way  and please be honest. Do not try to impress them. If you try to impress them then they will have big expectations and then you will have to meet those exceptions.

What works if you are looking for Russian brides is sincerity.  This does not work with many American women as they are often about show. Russian brides are about real.

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Alexander Pushkin wrote about it in verse. It is about a fish who grants wishes. The man who caught the fish was married and happy and lived in a humble cottage by the sea. The fish asked him and he said he was happy and required no wishes. When his wife found out her wishes were endless and this brought storm and unhappiness to the marriage. The man was able to command one wish to the fish over the noise of the storm and that was to return his marriage to the way it used to be. Let this parable be a warning to men who marry greedy Russian wives.


Moscow girls

One of my friends told me he was in Moscow. I asked him, before or after he was married? He bowed his head and said, after. There was a silence. Nothing more needed to be said. The question is how does a single guy maximizes this time in the third Rome.

Average girls on the street in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow women – running the numbers

When I heard Moscow has the largest population in Europe, my mind immediately started to calculate. OK 11.5 million in the city proper but 20 million in the metro area, means 10 million women, which means about 3 million beautiful Russian girls 18 to 35 single and looking for a guy, or at least some fun. However, consider that there is a new crop of young women are entering the market (dating) every year, so it is mathematically impossible to every run out of women in Moscow if you are a single guy.

Ordinary blonds in Moscow – do not stare too long or you will miss the next one.

Forget Paris and cancel the feminist controlled regions of the USA and the UK out of your mind. Moskva is for lovers and let your inner adolescent discover the city of romance. If you do you, I promise you, one late night laying in bed with a grim on your face saying thinking to yourself, ‘how the heck did I pull that off’.

Your less adventurous friends back home can keep dating frumpy middle-aged woman with an attitude from dating sites. But for those looking to live a fantasy and date and marry a model. Go to the Commonwealth of Independent states, first stop, Moscowy.

Dating advice for men

My advice for pioneers who are Moscow bound, looking to escape from top of the top of the food chain prima donnas of the US and UK is this:

If you are sleeping well in Moscow, then something is wrong

  • Tip – The best place to take a date in Moscowy? It is Cafe Pushkin – It used to be a pharmacy and now looks like a classic Czarist era cafe with the menus in Old Russian and a feel of another time with decor of the gilded age. If you take a gal there she will be impressed that you first, even know who Pushkin might be (I would read up on him, even if it is from Wiki) and second, that you know about such a classy place. This alone could win her heart.

Why Moscow girls have the look you have been  fantasizing about

Any ‘look’ you are into in terms of a dream a chick exists in Moscow. Why? Because what most foreigners do not realizes is Russia is not a Slavic nation of pale girls in blond hair and blue eyes with peasant dresses with embroidery and flowers in their hair.

  • Around the Caspian sea you have the Asiatic looking Kalmyks.
  • In the south, around the ancient Ind-European homeland you have Ossetians and Chechen or Daghestanians who are tucked away in the crevices of the Caucuses mountains..
  • By the Urals mountain range to the west of Moscow, at the border of Siberia you have Yakutians, Chukchi and Tuvans.
  • Go East young man you and you will discover, Udmurts, Chuvash, Udmurts and Tatar genes mixed in.
  • Komi people of the North then head East a bit.
  • Karelan people of the farther north.
  • The formally Soviet Union (FSU) has 250 different nationalities.

Moscow is the nexus and the ultimate melting pot and meeting place for DNA to find a mate and strengthen the immune systems of future generations. Beauty being the signal that transmits this information through the genetic code. Not just any beauty mind you, but the ‘look’ that your genes have been craving.

You do not need a tour guide or a list of nightlife discos, just start talking to princesses on the street and get their mobile numbers.

We are all different, and desire a look in our spouse because our DNA is looking for ‘the one’ with ‘the look’ that will make us happy on a primordial level. The good news is, Moscow has that girl for you.

What are Muscovite females like?

In a broad sweep of the brush, Russian women, really all FSU women, are cultured, indulgent, but not naive. If you are looking for a wife you go for one group of Russian women. If you are looking for fun, you are looking for another set of gals. Sometimes you will find overlap and your judgment blurred when intoxicated in a pheromone rich Moscow disco.

When I was young I saw black and white, now I only see shades of gray.

Both groups of women are cultured.

You might find many University PhD and Doctors looking for a sponsor.

Or you might find pious peasant girls from the Provence amidst bright lights and big city who are dressed in simple torn jeans and a top, living in a 20 meter flat in a block, surviving on Ramen noodles, but can quote classic literature from around the world in multiple languages and play the piano or harp like an angel.

Either the girls of Moscow are more feminine, domestic and educated at least in a classical, non-PC way than the girls you have been dating back home. The arts, linguistics, literature and classical music and taking care of her man and family are as important to a Russian girl as careerisms, dominating confidence and assertion is to a Western girl.

Where to find girls in Moscow

Where you will find Moscow women. On the street corner of some decrepit block of flats you will see some girl in sneakers drinking a beer with angelic elf-like beauty you will swear off all other women. Or in the market two steps behind her ’round as she is tall mother’ with a hair scarf you will see Aphrodite descended right from mount Olympus. This is Moscow.

In other posts perhaps I will rate the night life and clubs and ways to capture brides from Третий Рим. I would also love to go into the history more as I have been enamored with Russian history since I was a child.

How to get Russian girls mobile numbers or meet them on the web is a topic of another post. The purpose of this post is to motivate you to step out of your mundane job where you are racking up credit card bills anyway buying gadgets and stuff you do not need and buy a ticket to Moscow and start living.

Ask me any questions about how to get to Moscow or where to stay and go etc.

You will see Russian supermodels that look like:

  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Sasha Pivovarova
  • Alexandra Kosteniuk (Also chess GrandMaster)
  • Natasha Poly
  • Anne Vyalitsyna
  • Irina Kulikova
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Irina Antonenko

On the street and wanting to love you in the sincerest deepest and romantic way.  So start looking for  the true love of your life.


Capture Siberian girls – with romantic imaginations

Why are Siberian girls hot? Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology has proven with MRI scans that dark, cloudy cold environments force brain gray matter to compensate from the lack of light. It is simple evolutionary adaptation. As the brain grows so does ones imagination. Gray matter is this undefined pliable tissue that like a sponge can absorb ideas and create new ones. Good news for you. When women are bathed in hormones that create dating impulses in their 20s, they have no outlet if they are living in Siberia. Hence they develop a romantic scenarios in their imagination and/or reach out to the world for guys.

Two girls in a park discussing something deep and meaningful, like Slavophile Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s moral philosophy. It is common in Slavic countries to read and have profound converse on park benches. It may seem novel to the Westerners and Westernizers whom are glue to their mobile device.

Why imaginative girls from Siberia are brides for you

What does this have to do with dating and love? Everything. When women are trapped in an isolated environment, a menagerie or cage, they escape with their imagination.

While girls in America might achieve a light alpha brainwave state on their commute to work, girls from the Urals to Vladivostok are in a a mid range theta brainwave state most of their waking day. Siberian girls are like sleeping beauties just hoping a prince will wake them from their quixotic introspection.

This is what you want, a Siberian girl with a dreamy disposition waiting to be rescued by you. Contrast this with her sassy Western feminist counter parts you have have been putting up with for years. I have never known a Russian girl who does not cook and take care of her man. Similarly I have never dated an American girl, that was thrilled at being domestic. It is your choice guys.

I had a this theory the darker and colder a place is it forces the mind to abstraction and imagination like a sensory derivation tank. The isolation plays on your mind. Ever since growing up in New England and going to an all boys English boarding school I observed this with myself like a Holden Caulfield. I was so out there, my only real choice in marriage was to be unhappy or marry a Slavic beauty, idealist from Eastern Europe. Which I did and I am happy.

The genetic component of Siberian women’s beauty

Call me too open minded, but I have always speculated human reproductive evolutionary biology rewards genes that have diversity in mating with stronger immune systems and less likelihood for generic diseases and I think closed populations somewhat confirm this.The good news is if you are looking for a girl in the Tundra of Siberia you will have an exotic mix of Eurasian women. The girls from Siberia are not just Slavic, but Eastern Slavic, Jewish, Poles and Asians. Good genes are on the surface manifest with physical beauty. It is the science of beauty and debatable.

Who went to Siberia?

Rebels and pioneers and other hearty folk. The genes of the ladies that live in Siberia are at the very least wild and adventurous. I was  a historian of Russian history and knew every Czar by heart when I was in high school. Believe me it was a tumultuous history and influenced the psychology of Russians almost as much as the weather. Read about the Czars of the Romanoffs from the Nicholas to Alexander in the 19th century.

How a Siberian girls girl contributes to health, slimness and beauty

They live on traditional foods, fish (Salmoln) and game, as to ship bags of cola to Siberia is not as cost effective as local or natural foods and herbs. Rosehip, elderberry, blackberries Sea Buckthorn are the herbs that are used by Russian Siberians as well as cleansing root vegetables like borscht or garlic known as the Russian penicillin. It is not bad when you raise

Religious women from Siberia

Russian Old believers and the general faithful where big cities like Moscow had not corrupted reside in Russia’s frontier.

So are Siberian girls the brides you want?

When the popular computer game Civililzation rewards Russian players with the special attribute of “riches of Siberia”, I do not think this is what Sid Meier had in mind.

  1. Siberian princesses have an over active imagination caused by lack of sunlight and warmth.
  2. Genetically they are an unusual mix based on their history.
  3. Europe and Asia took the most adventurous and hearty and dropped them in the frozen wasteland.
  4. Their diet is pure as too remote to be cost effective to import junk food.
  5. Religious and faithful, the true Hermitage of Russia.

If you are looking  for cheap instant gratification with a Siberian hottie, try the computer game called 3 in 1 Siberian girls.

How to meet Siberian girls?

There are 40 million people in Siberia and about 13 million single girls 18 to 40 ready to mingle.

The key to capture a Siberian gal is to employ your imagination. Consider what I have written, appeal to her higher ideals, talk about fairy-tales of princesses and princes. You want to be the one to free her from her cage and make her your wife.

  1. Trans-Siberian Railroad – I have known many people who have done this and no one has regretted it. It cost about 300 dollars and you can fly into Moscow and out Asia. You will have hit on every girl on the train and all the village girls from Europe to the Pacific. Taiga and endless birch trees, make sure you bring some Tolstoy or at least have a Russian sim provider.
  2. Internet – All over my website I recommend dating sites that will connect you to Russian girls, from to . Explore my website in that regard and ask questions.
  3. Russian mobile dating – Similar to the above, you have to identify Russian girls mobile numbers and them.
  4. Siberian towns – Vladivostok the post-Soviet military city is my least favorite choice but it is a choice. I would recommend cities like Khabarovsk,  Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Yakutsk Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg for point of entry and then go to small towns and villages. Kazakhstan is (and Lake Baikal) area for Euroasians and the north for Slavic women. Take a flight to a city and a train to a town or village. I know there are a lot of Siberian bride tours, perhaps this is the most accessible way for most, but I would not rule out being a solo traveler to uncover the rarest gem in Siberia, and I am not talking about, Alexandrite.

If you have any questions about bridal tours, how to contact, text or chat with Siberian girls just write.


Russian chat rooms

Russian chat rooms that are free and easy to use for English speakers are listed bellow.  I will try to update this list with sites and ways to chat with girls of Russia and ultimately get their mobile numbers. At first it was intended to be just a list of Russian language chat room websites that are legitimate and free.  I screened out the overly commercial ones and emphasized the ones used my Russians for free, not westerners setting up spam sites for a fee. One more note, everything is going mobile so I will include some ideas on how to contact Russian girls with mobile phones and get their cell numbers. I have done the research and you can use it and give me feedback.

Go to a Russian chat room then get girls mobile numbers

10 ways to contact Russian girls via Chat, Text messages on their mobile phones

  1. – This is what I recommend generally to meet girls, the FaceBook of the CIS.
  2. – Same as above
  3. – Like a Russian Yahoo
  4. – Yes people flirt on Linkedin and Russian girls have hot photos. If you look me up you will see some of my connections
  5. -I use this general mail portal with chat
  6. – Still around and going strong, lots of university students who speak English but many are too young. Stick to 21 and over.
  7. – online conversation
  8. – Russian chat
  9. – sending SMS or MMS to Russian girls for free.
  10. – Free mobile messages to Russian girls.

The best way to chat with Russian girls is not to pay for a chat service but simply go to and get an e-mail account. On this mail server you can find millions of gals open to dating and love and it is free. You might have to translate the site with a translation tool, but it is well worthy it.

Yes this is free and this is what normal Russian ladies use to look for normal guys. Its like yahoo dating (I do not know if that is free) or like plenty of fish, but it is Russian.

Do not be afraid of these leggy Russian girl’s looks they like guys and want to meet you.  Girls from Russia are not like some women from ehe West chasing career.  Russian women want love.  Russian gals want to chat with guys. Chat talk they want love and marriage and happily ever after just like you do.

Somehow in the west there has been a divide between men and women.  I think American men are really hard pressed to find a women who wants a traditional lifestyle.  Russian females want this and dream of it.

Chat her up in a Internet chat room then ask for her cell phone number.

How to Chat with Russian girls

I am a good looking charming guy and never had a problem dating women in the USA. But I did not want to date women. I wanted to meet my other half.  When I came to Poland I did.   Russian girls are similar.  Russian women do want to chat with you, but with the purpose of being your bride.  So go to or other types of Russian mail servers and try it for yourself. This is my recommendation for you then for to the heart icon, which is their dating service.

There are other ways also, ICQ, but those girls are really too young like 21 etc I think the best Russian girls to chat with are 25 to 35 as they are more serious about marriage.