Russian girls photos

If you are looking for Russian girls photos, you came to the right place.  The purpose of this post is to give you the best free website that has photos of Russian girls. The website I will give you is different than you might find simply just searching for them. Why? Because this site of pictures of women is from Russia. It is not an English site that just hangs beautiful pictures of women from St. Petersburg or Moscow.  It is images all over Russia by Russians.

This means that the only photos you will find there are real single Eastern European girls photos. Not some Western or English site that put up photoshopped air brushed images of aging beauties to try to get you to join their dating or brides site. Rather these are women’s images that are put there by the women themselves to strut their stuff or show off their beauty and sensuality.

Russian girls have photos online to show what they have to men

Why do Russian ladies put their Photos online? They do this for two reasons. First to show off their long legs and bodies. Really, this surprised me. But Russian culture has no inhibitions like Western culture. If a women looks good she wants to show it off. I basically thought growing up in the USA that women tolerate men at most. However, in the land of Russia, women love men and try to show off their bodies for men’s pleasure. This is a shock, it is a different culture.

One of my friends in Kraków is a sweet Russian girl. However, I found many sensual images on one of these sites, it surprises me.

I am tempted to put up a link to her photos but she would be upset if I did. This is because I think guys all over the world would fall in love with her. She is one of those Russian Blonde girls, who is good, but has a bad girl look. The bottom line is these Russian women put photos online, because they know they are beautiful and want men to give them attention.

Here is a part of one of her photos.

Russian women in these photos want to date you

The second reason is the want to date. In the USA American girls will give you the evil eye if you show interest in them, however, in Russia and Eastern Europe, women really want to meet guys and really want to date and get married. Therefore, they have not problem to put their photos online, on a website that has a contact option, just in case their prince has found them. It is funny that Russian and Ukrainian girls in photo galleries that look like models, will actually thank you for showing them attention and thinking them hot. This is the opposite of American girls.

There is a site that comes up high for “Russian girls photos” but I think you should avoid if you want real pictures of Russian girls. That site is englishrussia. This site as tasteless and sometimes brutal images and most I think are staged. It put me in a bad mood when I saw those images.

In this post what I can offer you something of value. I try in everyone of my posts to give you value, that is a post that you can not get anywhere else. In this post I will tell you about a website that only Russians go to. Therefore you will not have the competition of thousands of English speaking guys from The USA or India or the Middle East trying to find them. Many times you will be their first contact with non-Russian guys. This is an advantage as they will see you as exotic. You can have them all to yourself if you treat them with respect and honesty.

Further the site below is good because it is not a commercial dating site. It is actually a free photo site. Therefore, these Russian girls photos are up there just for fun. There is no financial motive behind them.

I know about Russia women picture site as I know some Russian and live in Eastern Europe.

Below is a website that have Eastern European women pictures from Russia, Ukraine, from Moscow to Kiev, I can recommend that will put you in a good mood, if you are looking for Photos of Russian girls.

Best site for Russian girls photos

  • – Try this site. I know its in the Russian language but it has a translate bottom or use an online translate too. There are many beautiful Russian girl photos.
  • – These are photos of Russian girls that want to date and put their photos online with the purpose of you writing them.
  •девушка/ – this is the same site again but with the tag of Russian girls photos.

Note the photo above is from the site.  If you want to contact any of the girls you see there simply hit the image which I circled in red.

If you want to explore more Russian photos tags go to the red letters below when they appear on your screen.  This literally means more tags.

From here just explore and bookmark the tags you like for reference.  Do not be intimidated by the Russian alphabet, its only an alphabet and behind most of those doors you will find exotic Russian females pictures in artistic and natural images.

I like nature photos with Russians more than artistic pictures.  Artistic images I find mildly annoying.  I guess I like real, untouched raw photos of  Russian Asian girls in Siberia than Moscow ladies  trying to be existential.

However, I do like retro Soviet girls pictures if they are made like a beauty Russian princess in contrast to a rustic USSR photo. It makes you feel like in the old times,that there was nothing in life but a gray depressing Soviet reality, with the exception of beautiful women.  However, because of women life was simple and good. I think women make life beautiful in any time or place you live.

More photos of Russian girls

Explore my site, this site is a combination of love and marriage site but I always manage to put some nice photos of ladies from around the world. Please leave a comment if you want to know about Russian dating or women who are looking for brides. However, if you do please leave an intelligent and spell checked comment I will answer you Russian girls photos question.


Dubai hotels girl friendly

The purpose of this post is to tell you which star hotels in Dubai you can be with girls in Dubai in the hotel for the night. I will also give you some basic information about Dubai, and the nightlife and where to meet girls there if you want true love. This is valuable information because if you are planning a trip to UAE with your true love, then it might be an issue unless you know the rules. This post is intended for guys who are married or have a serious girlfriend who accompany them while traveling  to this Arabian land. This post is not about a one night hotel meeting with a Pakistani or Indian or Russian girl or any other place, which I do not approve of for moral reasons. Girls are for love and respect.

Dubai hotels girls

If you have a serious girlfriend or fiance or wife and you want to be with her in this Middle Eastern country, accommodations over night will be a problem, do not assume you can bring your girlfriend though the lobby and back to your hotel room.


Dubai hotels are subject to Muslim law and  it is not possible in every hotel because of Islamic custom. Tourism is restrictive unless you know the facts.

The good news is many Duabi hotels look the other way.

Therefore, I have created a list of hotels and accommodations for tourists which I would give stars for allowing you to do this. That is to bring her back to your hotel room. Remember, the lady must have her original passport in most cases for lodging (sometimes a copy of their passport will do but many Russian girls do not have this for some reason).


On the other hand some places of accommodations or inns do not require any passport or check of marriage at all. Therefore, if you are with your love, please read on. If you want to meet, for example a Russian girl or Indian girl in Dubai please read on.


Apartments in Duabi

If you want to get a private apartment in Dubai, but then you will pay about 25% more in most cases than a cheap low star hotel. In these flats, of course there is no restrictions, in most cases.

Star hotels Dubai

Star hotels in Dubai for girl friendly hotels

I am not going to beat around the bush any more and tell you about this gulf country, here in the meat of the post, that is girl friendly hotels in Dubai.

First, I would have no hesitation walking right up to the reception in the hotel or calling before hand and asking the hotel straight out if I could bring a girl back to my hotel room. It is better to know the facts then getting into an argument at midnight.

If you get stuck in a hotel which is not girl friendly, they will make you get a separate room for your woman and maybe you can sneak around together, but that is ridiculous. Just go with a star hotel in Dubai I recommend for your stay in United Arab Emirates.

Girl friendly hotel in Dubai

Dubai accommodations for girls

  • Al Qasr – I do not know this one personally.
  • Al Bustan Residence (I have heard good things)
  • Al Bustan Rotana (near the airport, quite OK.)
  • Avari
  • Arabian Courtyard
  • Arabian Park
  • Ascot Hotel
  • Astoria Hotel – Interesting name.
  • Broadway Hotel
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burjuman Rotana
  • Capitol
  • Chelsea
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Dar Al Sondos, operated by Le Meridian
  • Dusit Hotel
  • Fairmont
  • Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa on Jumeirah Beach
  • Hilton Dubai Creek (super friendly, non-lobby access to rooms)
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
  • Holiday Inn Downtown (please confirm otherwise)
  • Holiday Inn Internet City
  • Ibis Hotel – I think its an American hotel.
  • Intercontinental Festival City (super green, side entrance)
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Jumeira Rotana
  • JW Marriott – Owned by the Mormons. This and the Sheraton are know to be American chains in the Arab Islamic world. I have always tried not to make a point of the fact that I am American in the Middle East, better to day your Canadian.
  • Karama Hotel
  • Khaleej Palace
  • Le Meridian Fairways = I think this is a French chain.
  • Le Meridian Airport Hotel
  • Le Meridian Dar Al Sandos
  • Le Meridian Mina Siyahi
  • Le Royal Meridian Resort
  • Metropolitan Diera
  • Metropolitan Palace Hotel
  • Moscow Hotel – No problems here, many Russians, nice website, but too much flash, I can not wait for a website to load.
  • Novotel World Trade Center – I think this is a Scandinavian hotel.
  • Panorama Hotel
  • Radisson SAS Deira Dubai Creek – I think this is a Swedish hotel.
  • Raffles (Wafi Centre), High stars to this Dubai hotel, no hassles what so ever.
  • Ramada Continental Near airport
  • Ramada Hotel
  • Ramada Intercontinental
  • Rihab Rotana
  • Ritz Carlton – If you have the cash.
  • Royal Mirage Palace
  • Shangri-la Hotel -Shangri-la was a great classic movie if you have not seen it.
  • Sheraton 4 Points – I have stayed at the Sheraton in other Islamic countries (like Morocco) and it was not possible, but here you will be hassle free. I have always liked the Sheraton for business but it is way to pricey for private travel.
  • Sheraton Deira
  • Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel
  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach
  • Sofitel City Centre
  • Towers Rotana Hotel
  • Traders hotel
  • Westin Mina Seyahi (Jumeirah road) I think this is connected to the Sheraton chain.
UAE hotels for Russian women

Not girl friendly hotels in Dubai

  • Hotels that I would not five a star to in Dubai
  • Al Shams Residence
  • Ambassador
  • Coral
  • Emirates Towers – Interesting place but no stars for women friendly.
  • Four Points SZR
  • Flora Diera City Centre for sure needs a marriage certificate if you want to bring a girl.
  • Golden sands (3,5 and 10)
  • Grand Hyatt – Hyatts are western hotels but obeying Islamic law.
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel – I have herd this is a star hotel again but would call in advance. The Hyatts in Dubai have mixed reviews regarding girl policy.
  • Imperial Suites
  • Jumeriah Beach Marriott
  • Marco Polo Hotel
  • Millennium Airport Hotel
  • Orchid
  • Regal Plaza – seems western European but not girl friendly, no stars here.
  • Regent Palace
  • Riviera
  • Rush Inn
  • Rose Garden Hotel Apartment- It is confirmed you will need a marriage certificate.
  • Savoy Hotel
  • SeaShell Inn – I do not know it just what I herd
  • Taj Palace – Same as the above.
United Arab Emirates hotels

United Arab Emmerates other cities for tourism

In UAE, Abu Dhabi is not as much fun as the Emirates city of Dubai. Dubai is where the action is, also where the jobs are as it is worker city and tourist city.

I of course would recommend to stay in Dubai if you are looking for someone to fall in love with. Just look at my list of star hotels before you go and try to bring a girl back to your room for the night. For sure this is the right city for tourism.

Dubai working girls

If you are going to Dubai to meet a women for love, then have no illusions, a lot of the girls there for earning money. The male female ratio in this Gulf emirates is 2.71 male to female, the highest in any Arab country. Therefore, it makes a beautiful woman a highly valued commodity.

I know this sounds like I an on a moral high horse, but I do not approve of making women commodities. I believe in love and marriage. I in fact think the ideal of relations between and man and a women only in marriage.  So I actually understand the Arabic view on this.  However, I am only human.

Many of the ladies in the nightclubs are working. They are working girls in every lobby in every hotel. Now despite my statement above, I personally would have no problem falling in love with a working girl in a hotel, but I think most guys would object to this, I guess I believe love has no limits.

Just be aware that a lot of people go to this Middle Eastern country to make money by hanging out in hotel lobbies. Most of these girls working in hotels in Dubai are Russian girls. However, many Russians go on vacation to this warm country and it is innocent and would be open to love.

Most the these workers are their on their own free will but a reasonable percentage are not. They are young and they have been some how force to perform this work.

I would say the most common ladies in sheer numbers working in Dubai are Russian girls, followed by Ethiopian.

The major competition is for Russians girls in Dubai. Filipinos (on the lower end of competition) and many young Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iranian, Thai (on the middle range of competition) and even some local UAE girls.

Hotels in Duabi Emirates and girls

I do not have a prejudice bone in my body. I would be afraid of working girls because of disease, this is based on statistics not anything else.  I think women need to be seen with respect and not as an object. It does not matter if they are from Africa, Romanian or India or the USA, they are someone’s future wife.So the next time you think of female in a less than respectful way remember this is someone else’s future marriage partner.

I personally Find Russian or Eastern European girls as well as Pakistani and Indian girls the most attractive girls there are. I think they are very sweet and would make great wives.

From what I have read most guys are looking for Eastern European women from the CIS (Common wealth of Independent states, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus). Most of the Russians and arrive in the United Arab emirates and work for an average of eight weeks and go home. Rarely are they long-term workers in Arabian Peninsula.

I know guys, that fall in love with one of these star beauties of the night working in the hotels in Dubai. And have even knows them to come back and find their love and bring them back to India or London and get married. Why? Because they are human and most do this because they feel they have to. Many guys like the ideas to rescue these Dubai girls from their circumstances. To be a knight in shinning armour for their damsel in distress. Again if I meet my soul mate there I would have no problem with it, it is just according to your world view. But on the other hand there are many nice girls in Russian that do not work in star hotels in Dubai

Ethnicity of Dubai women

  • 26.1% Arab (of whom 17% are Emirati)
  • 42.3% Indian
  • 13.3% Pakistani
  • 7.5% Bangladeshi
  • 2.5% Filipino
  • 1.5% Sri Lankan
  • 0.9% European, mostly English
  • 0.3% American, ex pats
  • 5.7% other countries

Working in Dubai

I personally think Indians are about 55% not 42%. Many Indians have obtained long terms work visa, because many look to work in construction jobs for about 10 USD an hour. It is interesting to note that the per capita GDP is over 50,000 USD per year. These higher earnings come from oil, banking and tourism. Many Ex pats from Europe and America come to Dubai looking for a way to make more money, have fun. English is the language which is spoken universally in business. It is interesting also to note when you reach retirement age you must return to your country of origin, as they see workers only as workers.

Dubai Nightlife recommendations

This is a list of the big clubs in Dubai. Alcohol is not legal in this Muslim country except in special shops and hotels and nightclubs. My recommendation is I would try one or two big clubs if you have the bucks but I always have like the off the beaten path cheap places. Here are some big clubs I recommend, but to be honest if you are looking for girls you will do just as well in the start hotels I have recommended above. Oh one more thing, 1000 baht is 30 dollars.

  • Trilogy
  • Peppermint lounge
  • Kasbar
  • Oxygen
  • Boudoir
  • Rooftop bar
  • Irish village
  • Ginseng
  • The agency
  • Scarlett’s

The best general district for nightlife in Dubai is the area of Burdubai. There are also some in Deira.

Dubai star hotels comments

I welcome any comments, inclusions or exclusions from the star hotel list or other ideas. If you are looking for Russian girls in Dubai or leaving a comment please write intelligently with good grammar and spelling, not in chat style.

I have given a pretty valuable list of start hotels in Dubai that are girl friendly. Please consider giving me a link so others can use this list to plan their next visit to Dubai for women.

Meet and chat with Russian girls in Dubai hotels.

Russian women photos – pictures that remind you how attractive girls are

These are  real pictures of Russian women that were taken one afternoon.  Enjoy the pictures of these girls from Russia. At the end of this post I give you three pieces of advice regarding images and dating sites from Ukraine and Russia. It is more for fun but also for inspiration to show you what is possible. These were taken all on one day in about an hour. I have scores of others but it is to provide evidence to you guys living in the West that you do not have to settle for the plain Jane next door. The plain Lana or Natasha next door in Europe is often more tempting. Without going over the top in terms of fashion or spending all day at the mall, Slavic gals excel at combining style and form.

So get off your duff and start to take trips to the Common Wealth of Independent states and see what all the talk is about.

Photos of Moscow female

The above girl has a beautiful body and face, but in reality just a normal Russian girl. I took this photo the other day.

I ask myself why on earth if the average Russian girl looks like this and is educated and warm and wants to get married do American or UK guys go for western European girls rather than Eastern European women. Just be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you see these type of women in your home town. Let me know if you do, I will travel there.

Average Russian girl photo

Just a normal chicks, I did not even look for this lady there are millions that look like her or better this is not a great pic. Her girlfriend in purple to the right, stared me down when I snapped this picture so I had to crop her out of the image. The images you see on dating sites of improved with image software, but the reality is they are not too far from what you would see on the street.

Contrast this with the surprises you get on when you meet someone face to face.

Waiting for her prince

Most if not all photos of Russian women seen on dating sites are redone in photoshop.  This is why I do not trust them 100%.  I have seen women look great in an image but then in real life they are just ok.  This one of the scams of Russian dating sites.  The images do not match reality.  You have to really look at a picture with objective eyes to be able to make a determination if the Russian women’s pics are real or just photoshop.

Lady from Eastern Europe

This image is real, but I do not show her face for obvious reasons.

In Russia there are princesses everywhere, in the west only at Disney.

Three lessons from Russian women photos

Three ideas if you are looking at Russian women photos, in my opinion are:

  • The best Russian women on Russian dating sites do not have photos.  They do not have pictures because the hot ones have been hounded their whole life and are looking for real love.  Maybe some of them do, but my friends that have successfully meet girls online go for the ones without the photo.
  • Further, you will find much better girls just taking a trip to Russia and chatting them up on the street.
  • If you do go for Internet dating, try to use regular Russian mail servers like as they have in my opinion more normal real Russian girls, rather than photos of Russian girls that look like models.
Do not let your control freak girlfriend make you think this is the best you can do. It is not until you have gone to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

After all remember that love sees with the heart and not with the eyes. Look through the rest of my website as I have a pretty good gallery of women pictures. Ask me if you want to know more about dating outside the USA and how to connect in the easiest ways, even if you do not have the cash to travel yet. Again what do you have to lose, the cost of one dinner date in the USA is more than a dating site in Russia.


How to chat and talk to Russian girls

How to talk to Russian girls

I am 100% Slavic or Eastern European but also born in the USA as were my parents. I live now in Eastern Europe.  I think I have a good perspective on how to talk to Russian girls as they are different from Western girls.

How are Russian girls different

Russian women like the direct approach. The best way to meet a Russian girl is ask directions or just start talking about anything or recommendations where to go to. Then ask them what they are doing in Moscow, are they are student or do they work.  Ask them ‘if they would be terribly offended if you asked them for their cell phone number”.  Or just skip the sms and ask them if they would give you a tour or on another day go for a walk in the park.

American girls will think you are nuts

I do not think American or western European girls would even consider this, they would label you as a stalker or a nut.

Russian girls are different because they want to get married and have children. Basically every Russian lady wants to find her love.

Remember anything you experienced with western European women or American singles has nothing to do with the reality of Russia.  Those Western chicks would not last long in Russia with their crazy superficial and snooty attitude.

Talk romantically to ladies from Russia

Use Love Phrases in Russian,  talk about Russian romantic literature. If you really want to get the girl and you feel she is your destiny, tell you.  Any guy that says this to a Russian women will get an ear. She will listen to what you have to say even if she has a boyfriend.  Tell her how you think it is strange that you meet her and you have been looking for her your whole life, in your dreams.  But only say this to the one and only girl of your dreams not to every girls walking down the street.  But if you feel it go for it.

Do not lose courage in Russia

I am painfully shy, painfully. I went to an all boys school.  I am still shy in life but with women I realized if I wanted to meet the woman of my dreams I had to go for what I wanted, take no prisoners.

I did. And I got my beautiful Slavic princessa.  When I first saw her I thought she was too beautiful to talk to me and so I walked away.  I am so thankful when I saw my wife for the first time I did not lose my courage.  In fact I first walked away and the went back.  This is what you have to do if you are on a trip to Russia,Ukraine or Poland.  You have to say to yourself ‘life is short and your dead a long time.’  So you can not afford to lose courage.

Unlike in the west you will find your love in Russia, it might take six months. But the only guys I have ever meet that did not find the women of their dreams in Russia were guys that were players themselves.

Western girl chat and Russian girl talk

American girls will talk all kind of non sense to you and ultimately care about how much of an ‘alpha male’ you are.  Are you bringing in the big buck and walk the talk. In Russia girls are wiser, they are about love.

Is this fair? No, but here is the good news.

My friends who married American women are unhappy, the ones that married Russian women are very happy.

Russian women cook, clean, take care of the kids support you emotionally and will be loyal (I actually think Ukraine and Poland is better than Russia in terms of loyal).

Therefore, focus your conversation on love, Russia, languages, culture, literature. In Russia these are metaphors for intellect and sensitivity and this is what Russian women want to chat about to feel like you are marriage material.


Russia girls

Russian girls along with Polish and Ukrainian make the best brides among European girls.  I am an American living in Europe and married.  There is no way I would ever marry an American or UK woman. I would not even consider it.  Russia girls should be your first step if you are looking for a wife.


What girls from Russia want

Generally these ladies are looking to get married and be a wife.  I do not care if they are doctors or models or both, they want to be a bride for their true love.

This includes cooking for you taking care of the kids and being very domestic, while at the same time, not complaining about it.  This is something that I do not know any girl in America would ever do.  If American wives were cooking and cleaning for you all the time, you would hear about it from time to time, if not often.  In contrast a Russia girl would not complain but rather take pride in the fact they are doing this for you.

Your job on the other hand would be to earn a living for the family.

Russia girls with an innocent look

Innocent and beautiful Russian girls

The best thing about a Russia woman is she is beautiful.  Every single one of them in the Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.  In their own way they have a beauty all to their self. Why would you not want to fall in love with a beautiful girl.

Russia girls dating

Dating from Moscow to St. Petersburg

From the Russian countryside to Moscow to St. Petersburg a very popular way of dating is online dating. Россия or Российская Федерация girls are into Internet online dating.  Much more than the west.  The have no false pride and clearly state they are looking to get married and find their love.

Best Internet sites for free Russian dating

All over my site I give you website ideas for free dating of Eastern European ladies, there is not need to rehash them here, just check out my site a little. However, here are two sites to start with and

They both have millions of Russiagirls looking for their love and its 100% free.  Further few western guys know about these sites so they are not fished out so to speak.  They are for people in Russia.

Russia girls Asian

Asian Russian girls

Interesting to note that Women from the former Soviet republics are not just ethically Slavic but there is a huge mix of Asian Russia.  This in my opinion is very exotic.  Many of these beautiful females look like fairy-tales princesses, pale skin and dark hair.


Disco Russia

Lastly do not take this lightly, but many people I know simply go to a disco in Moscow or Russia and in half a year they are married.   Disco is a European word for club.

The women are just too hot to be able to resist. In fact one of my theories why women are such better dancers and women love to dance is simply, to attract men.  Almost for certain if you were to be in the Russian Federation and go to discos you would find the bride of your dreams in a few months.

Review my site recommendations and ways on my site to find a Russia girl and let me know what you think. I hope this information is useful for you to find true love.


Russian girls in Sharm el-Sheikh

To meet Russian girls in Sharm el-Sheik  it is very easy.  I do not know why ( شرم الشيخ ), maybe it is the vacation like atmosphere there that make women from Russia want to just relax and cut lose from any restrictions before they return to their land from the north.

Russian girls in Sharm el Sheikh want to relax

Where to meet Ladies from Russia in Sharm Egypt

In hotels.  The hotel I stayed at was I would say 90% Russians.  Most of the young women are not traveling with a guy. They speak some English or you can learn Russian phrases before you go.

Hotels to meet a Russian girl in Sharm al-Sheik

I recommend 1 or 2 or 3 start hotels, maybe 4 star hotels. Three star hotels are the best place to meet girls, why? Because the women that go to five and four star hotels have dudes or are looking for a guy with cash. While the women from Russia that stay in cheap Egyptian hotels are more students tourists.  Girls can take a trip for a week for about 500 dollars.  Try looking in these hotels: Amar Sina, Creative Badawia, Falcon Al Diar Resort, Fantazia Hotel,  Gafy Land Tourist Village, Ghazala Gardens Hotel, Logaina Sharm Resort, Oonas Dive Club.  However, if you are not staying there they will not let you in.

Russian girls Sharm are everywhere

Clubs to meet Russian girls in Egypt

To chat with Sharm girls consider there discos and clubs, Pacha for cheap clubbing and disco for girls, MDM Nightclub lots of girls here as they get in free, Mojos for a more relaxed night club atmosphere.

Meet Russian girls online

Why I prefer the Internet to chat with girls in Sharm

The Internet is by far the most effective way to connect with girls in Sharm. Why? It is easy most young women are standoffish, they do not want to seem like they want to be picked up even on vacation.  Men are attracted to girls on sight, women are attracted to men by their ear and their hearts.  To win a girl you need to win her heart with words.  A lot of Arab guys and Egyptian guys are good smooth talkers and know this, and so if you want to find a Russian girl for love, perfect your skills of chat and e-mail rather than simply going somewhere and hope you will pick up a girl at a disco.

Where to meet Russian women on the Internet

I would highly recommend trying

Social networking sites in Russia

Dating sites in Russia

These are sites for Russians, therefore they are not fished out like sites like ICQ or Facebook.  Only Russians go to the sites above, so you get real Russian girls looking for love.

However, if your Russian language skills are not up to par try a free dating sites about Russia or Ukraine in English.  If you sign up be sincere with the girls. Also search my site as I give you other ideas on where to meet girls online.

Sharm Russian girls

If you really want to win their hearts after a while of chatting and writing for say a few months, offer to pay for their vacation to Sharm el-Shaykh, Egypt and meet them at the airport.  If you are sincere they will love you for that, its not sponsoring them its about finding your true love.  You will go to Sharm with a Russian girl and not have to look any further.


Russian love

I am giving you my personal experience with Russian love and how to find it. How to meet your Russian princess.

The idea of Russian love is something that is written about in classic Russian literature and developed from a combination of Christian Gothic idealism and naturalism of Russia.

First, I will explain this idea, then I will tell you how to find it. But understanding this love is the more important point, because without an understanding of Russian love you will never find your princess. Rather, you will be lost in the endless hopeless labyrinth of Russian dating site and bride sites and feel empty.

Why are Eastern Europeans different

The whole area of the old Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has a conception of love, which is very different from Western Europe and the USA. The USA and the UK is a protestant utilitarian and now materialistic society. I am an American, but I have lived in Eastern Europe for many years, and my grandparents came from here, I am 100% Slavic in roots. I would never even think of dating an American women, and  I recommend you do not either.

I can tell you the biggest difference between Eastern Europe and the west is not the level of development or system of economics, but it is their ideals about  love.  European and Russian love is different.

Why Russians are is different with regard to love?

The Russian climate is cold and dark and removed from the western European world.  Russians have a fondness for deep forests and fairy-tales. On the surface people from Russia are Christians or agnostics, depending on the individual. However in their hearts they are is a combination of spiritual mystics, transcendentalists and naturalist, with a wild imagination.

What does that above statement mean? When I was young growing up in preppy New England, in the USA, far from my ancestral homeland of Eastern Europe,  I use to fall asleep every night creating a new fantasy or replaying an old one.

My fantasy was about me finding my princesses.  Some princesses who lived in some deep remote forest, who was lost or shackles by the bonds of her own demise and I was her hero.  I think my idealism and my faith combined with my love of nature and fueled by my imagination, crystallized in my vision of love.

My ideas of love did not match the reality around me.  American society is very anti-romantic and people in general will just destroy you ideals.  However, deep in my heart I still had this notion of Russian love.  It was not until I moved to Eastern Europe did I find my princess. A princess with the same vision as I did.

What is Russian love

The Russian conception of Love Phrases in Russian, from Moscow to St. Petersburg to Siberia and Europe is this: No matter what the girl tells you, no matter where and why you find her, love is 100%,  love is win her heart, take no prisoners it is all or nothing, it is destiny and forever.

It is totally about destroying every wall she has so you can rescue her and live with her in marriage in sincerity and prince and princess.  The prince who saves a Russian girl from her own self made purgatory, will have the honor of having his Russian bride .  In gratitude she will serve you, be submissive to you and submit her whole life to you like you have to her. Russian love is radical, not like western love which is a cautious partnership.

Where in Russia to find a match

On my website I give you great recommendations where to meet Russian girls online for free. These are not western dating sites, but Russian sites  for Russians to find love. Therefore, you will find girls that are not over exposed to western Europe and America. This site here for example will eventually get you to connect, but here is a learning curve.  But explore my site and you will find dozens of other ideas to find your bride in Russia.


My trick to get a Russian girlfriend and my list of Russian dating sites

Use my list of Russian dating site to get a girlfriend

  • If you are going to Russia start using these list of dating and chat sites about two months before the trip.
  • If you are not going to Russia (you want to import a bride or find a local Russian girl), start using them today.
  • This is a quick guide of websites and has one secret to get women replying.

So you want to date a Russian girl? I do not blame you.

Why I dated and married a Slavic girl. – Contrast this with your other options. For example:

  • Go to your local WalMart and see the type of girls in your hometown.
  • Watch a Dove commercial where they try to sell us that fat is the new beauty.
  • Sit by the pool in any apartment complex and understand why the tattoo ink in your town never runs dry.
  • Think of western girls glued to their mobiles phones and other gadgets to provide escapism from the poverty of their emotional and intellectual life.
  • Review your own personal life experiences and tell me if you have been dating knockout beauties who are grateful to be with you, or attention seeking Facebook addicts with hundreds friends who have not read a book in the last twelve months because they are too busy posting every trivial cliché thought.

My secret to getting a Russia wife – spend virtual money on her

Buy a Russian girl with virtual gifts – Sounds trivial? Spend silly virtual coins and send a gift to significantly increase response rate – It works. Do not be cheap. If you are going to prospect the free dating sites I mention here, with effectiveness, be prepared to spend a little money. As much as dislike spending money on silly things, there are these things called ‘gifts’. This will work better than getting a magnetic texting pdf. It is the way to stand out for little money. Even if you spend one-hundred dollars on virtual VK and Mamba gifts, this is equal to one dinner with an American girl.

You can buy them with virtual coins that cost about twenty-five cents. They are on sites like VK and Mamba and make you stand out. By the time a girl is twenty-seven years old, she is not into these things, but if you are prospecting the 18-25 year olds who are not mature or bitter depending on your perspective, the novelty of getting these is still in play. Yet they work with all age ranges.

It shows you consider them different and special and will spend money on them, even if it is a virtual coin. You will increase your response rate to over 83% in my experience (tested). This is better than my normal 40 something percent of replies. The female brain works this way, they want something to set you apart.

However, when it comes to sending any girl real money do not do it. Its one thing to play in a virtual Sims like world and another to exchange real money. Request for even putting money on her phone card equals scam. With Skype these days there is not reason communication is not done for free. Any self-respecting Russian (these cold northern countries are tech savvy) uses Skype on a regular basis.

Skip the endless stream of chats and stand out. This is my trick a virtual gift.

Systematic approach to your game – The CIS female human brain can discern insincerity faster than you can text a three word message on your mobile, and that is pretty fast.  Yet, it would save time to have a few well crafted cut and paste response handy that you can modify to tailor to the girl you are trying to win.

The reason I recommend a game approach is to save time. Prospecting and qualifying girls to see if they make the cut, is time-consuming work. Having form letter prepared you can modify for the individual is not spam it is good marketing of yourself. It is a dating tool. Do not make them generic. Make them specific and real.

They could even be a few points you want to convey and they you add substance to the outline when you see the girl you want. You should have a first reply, second reply and third reply queued up. If they are generic you might as well go back to surfing the web and not try.

The reason you need a game approach is the percentage of replies will not be high. You are a foreigner and probably do not speak Russian or Ukrainian. You have two strikes against you unless you either play the numbers or really impress them.

Therefore follow my two steps, send virtual gifts and write long well though out replied.

My list of websites for finding a Russian girlfriend – This is my number one recommendation. It has an easy English language interface, and only Russian girls are on here. No photos. What American chick would ever register to this website. This is free for the first 30 contacts but you will have to upgrade if you want to hit this site with any real significance.

As mentioned above when on Mambia I highly recommend if you see a girl you like you send a flower, which is one virtual mambia coin. It is under the gift section. In my experience it brings up the reply rate up. Maybe you can do better, but this is like giving a gift to on a date, women like it (Eastern European, American girls might think you are a chump).

The reason is an above average woman gets countless gestures on a daily basis. I would say gifts are one way to stand out.

You can upgrade to a VIP option and if you are serious about casting a wide net this is advised, Mamba has a flirtation option also. – Yet another dating website – They have a ‘top 100’ tab to look at pretty people and a tab called ‘fun’. Fun is just like it sounds, you do the math. If you add a wink it because clear your intentions. – Discussed at length through my blog. Go to this site: it is a Russian girls dating site that is based on a free Russian email portal.  All you have to do is sign up and you are good to go.  You can rate girls and you and browse photos of European women.

If you do not speak Russian try an online dating service that has an English interface. However, its pretty easy to navigate the portal in Russian or English because like all Russian personals sites they have a heart income for those looking for love. It has standard features like chat and winks. I never go one woman from a wink. To little effort expended.

omen  –  .ru – The site is under remodeling mode for about six months and I can not vouch for what it will turn into when it reassurances. If could be a legitimate dating site or something that is too sleazy for my taste.

Prospecting a foreigner online is different on Social networking websites -A website with less spam profiles than The social networking site in the CIS. Better to delete you FB and Linkin profile if you are serious about marrying a girl from Moscow to St. Petersburg or Kiev.

If you go to the following site you are going to have a different experience than a dating site. The reason is the people have friend lists from people they went to school with and family. They do not want some pick up  artist foreigner trying to hound them. If on the other hand you are a sophisticated person with an approach that does not taste like spam or scam or reeks with desperation then there is a chance you can build a rapport. You need to think about the person you are writing to and put yourself in their shoes. When you do this you can think about what they want from you as a foreigner trying to date a Russian girl.

Chat with Russian girls for free

Travel with a Russian girl

Travelgirls – If you are looking for a girl to travel with try something like Most of these girls are CIS women that want a boyfriend.

One more note many Russian girls are looking for someone to travel with just a friend, and all sites like ramble have this. You can go under a section called “fellow travelers” and use the search for the purpose of their intended travel.  For me I would choose exotic vacations.  I do not know if these girls are looking for love or sponsor.  I think exotic countries for love and seaside, a few days or shopping vacations are for later.

Russian girls for travel

Western Society, that is trying to sell us something that is contrary to our human need for an attractive woman. Western society replaces gadgets with challenging the human mind with classical human endeavors like learning a language. They want to replace it with, I do not know what, a 30 or 40 something career woman, a husky tattooed, crass girl. Not me brother, I went for beauty. A slim, classically educated, long-hair slavic princess who believes in one and only true love. I recommend you do too.


Russian girls in the USA

Are you are tired of dating chubby tomboys who are tattooed and swear like a sailor? Are opinionated women not your style? Maybe you want to consider dating Russian girls in America.

Come on, lets stop dancing around the issues, we all know the difference between Western women and Russians are not just the language, its the culture. The first twenty years of your life and the culture, society and family values you were raised largely determine the way you manifest and actualize your core values. I am not a cultural determinist, but you can not tell me that Russian women behave the same way as Western women when it comes to love, marriage and dating?

I am not going to sell you on anything. Keep on dating assertive Hillary Clinton loving women if you want. Count me out, I recommend go East young man, or South or anywhere that does not limit your options to the girl next door.

Russians come to warm California and sunny Florida because it contrasts with their cold, dark skies.

After spending my bachelorhood dating homegrown American girls, I took a trip to Eastern Europe. Initially for historical reasons as my grandparents came from in the lands East of the Elbe river.

However, from the moment I stepped off the plane I could see that people relate to each other differently. If you have grandparents or great grandparents from Europe or South America or Africa or Asia I highly recommend you pursue your family history connections.

The good news even if you are an all American Heinz 57 American and do not have a passport, like most of us, you can still date Russian women and you do not even have to leave the good old US of A. You do not need money or a passport. What you do need is a road map to the places to find them.

I am talking about single educated professionals who want nothing more than to meet their dream husband and make him happy.

Russian princesses are everywhere in America. Even in my small town of St. Augustine, Florida where I live I hear the Russian language everywhere, from Walmart to when I fill my car up with gas or in day to day business environment.

Oh one more thing, Russian girls love American guys.

Geographic location of Russian girls
There are about 1 million foreign born Russians in the USA today. and really 4 million if you expand the definition of who is Russian. Although official statistics will name obscure towns as the highest concentrations like Pikesville, MD and Beachwood, Ohio for people with Russian ancestry and. Peaceful Valley, WA and West Buechel, KY for CIS immigrants practically that does not do you much good because they are too remote or spread out to have a critical level of a pool of women to fish from.

Towns that are ¼ to ⅓ Russians:

  1. Chicken, Alaska
  2. Lochgelly, West Virginia
  3. Fish Camp, California
  4. Twin Bridges, California
  5. Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania
  6. Bairdford, Pennsylvania

There are large communities in cold Midwestern farming communities. in the Dakotas and Wisconsin. I think a percentage of the population seeks what they had back home in terms of climate.

However, here are a list of recommend cities and areas to focus on with a larger population density.

Boston – Brighton and Brookline areas and Newton, MA. Take the Green Line on the T. Sophisticated gals immigrate to Boston. The place in the north east to look as they are the most sophisticated. They are into Yoga and study at Harvard.

West Hartford, CT – I grew up in this area and the city besides being the rich suburb in Central Connecticut is the home of many Russians. However, I never thought it was a pick up center. Mostly conservative people and older Jewish descent Russians, buying bagels, imagine the Seinfelds. Sure they are Russian but from what century. Further any hot ones have real competition with all the successful people in the area.

In West Hartford there is All Saints Orthodox Church which is really a universal spiritual church were people of all denominations go. I would also recommend New Britain, CT which although is more Polish it does have a large Ukrainian community from Western Ukraine. I use to go to a Ukrainian Catholic church there.

West Granby, CT has about 17% Russian population. I used to live there too. It is a rural commuter town north west of Hartford.

New York – Brighton Beach, take the N or the R train to the end of the line. These girls are not my first pick, as who in this day and age would go to Brooklyn as a choice of all of America. However, NYC is a big town and the Russians that immigrate, the professionals, young and single are spread all two the city for example the 11th street area in Manhattan. By the way there are a lot of Russian models in NYC and do not assume they are out of your reach. However, I would say the number one profession of Russian girls in NYC is something even more flashy, accounting. I have worn many hats in my career and most of the professional Russian girls I know where accountants. It is practical and has a steady income, something that immigrants look for.

I would throw in Livingston and East Brunswick, NJ into the above.

Russian girls in Philadelphia – Northeast Philly in the Bustleton and Somerton along the Roosevelt Boulevard area. This is where my family lived. News Papers and signs are in Ukrainian and Russian. Also try Jenkinyown a suburb you have an outward migration and there are some markets there. I found these areas pleasant and low crime.

Washington, D.C. – Here you have all of America coming to work for the bureaucracy or feed off of it. Bethsda, MD maybe, I would check but I personally would just skip this MidAtlantic nightmare all together. The reason being D.C. area has a disproportionate number of pretentious, self important snobs that are stuck in traffic commuting their their government consulting jobs. Just to much navigational hassle, of driving around this governmental metropolis. Owings Mills, MD is another concentration.

Russian girls in Florida – I live in Florida now and the two biggest concentrations are in Palm Beach county/Miami and Palm coast in Flagler county. There are a lot of Russians in both areas from all geographical areas of life. Delray beach, Florida. Florida is the place on the east coat or any coast to find these women.

  • Florida is a center. The reason is all over Russia knows about Florida. No one in Moscow or St. Petersburg is talking too much about GA or KS in Russia. However, many people dream of going to the Sunshine state from the cold dark CIS just for the oranges and the vitamin D.
  • Miami is a financial hub and have literally countless young Russian women. In contrast, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Sarasota (Long Boat Key), have more older snowbirds from the North, which I have no interest to and you’re probably do not either. In Miami the Russians are in North Miami beach. This is a hub for the young and beautiful. You want to pick up Russians girls in the USA I would go here.

The South – There are fifty thousand Russians in Atlanta, GA with the highest concentrations being in Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett people say. I think Alpharetta with a nice Orthodox church there and local store is a place to go. It is a suburb North West of Atlanta and pretty affluent. The reality the city is to spread out and mixed to say definitively there is a Russian section in Atlanta. I been there and have never met a Russian. I know they are there but they are so integrated with professional jobs they go unnoticed. There is junk written all over the web about the Atlanta community but for me it is not a center. Raleigh, NC also has a sizable population.

West coast Slavic princesses – I love talking about Russians on the West coast from Alaska to California. Historically the colonies went down as far as Fort Ross which is North of San Francisco. Alaska was American Russia for a long while until it was sold to the US after the Civil War.
California has practically the highest concentration of Russians that are accessible on the West Coast.

Russians in Los Angeles, CA

  • Russians in LA are found in the West Hollywood area,the North and West part of the city. Burbank, Van Nuys next to Woodman and Sherman Way. Go specifically to Plummer Park which is also called Russian Park. In the Zip codes of 90067,90046,90048 Crestwood Hills park.

Russians in San Francisco

  • Geary in the area of 14th and 26th Avenues it is called the Richmond District or Little Russia, and anywhere in the Silicon Valley.
  • Russians in Encino, CA also have honorable mention with about 10% of the city.
  • Chicago is a Slavic city, this includes Northbrook and Skokie, Illinois also West Bloomfield, MI.

How to get beautiful women in the USA

You can find Russian women at US universities as they are on student visas, in legal jobs or sometimes illegal jobs, usually cleaning houses, students wanting to make money.  But if you want to meet Russian girls in America, go to a Russian community and visit the shops.

There are always beautiful Russian women working in the shops in their community.  And if you can not flirt with those girls working there directly look at the bulletin boards in the shops, all Russian shops have them and take some Russians lessons.  If you want to learn Russian a little there will be countless hot Russian girls looking to make money teaching Russian.  They advertised in little flyers near the exit. Or put up your own saying you want to learn Russian because you are interested in Russian culture.   Just tell them you want to try a lesson.  Its about 15 dollars.  Try like five different girls for one lesson, and continue with the one you like the best. In my opinion, these are the best girls in America, do not even think about normal American girls. If you have any question about Russian girls write.


Romanian and Russian girls in Istanbul

The following are areas in the city that you will find Russian, Belarussian, Romanian and women

  • Laleli – Basically like little Russia, with bulk buyers selling goods in the market on the street and commoditization something else. Use your imagination.
  • Taskim square
  • Askaray area
  • Sisli area
There are a lot of Romanian students on vacation in Istanbul because of the proximity. They are all painted up and on their mobile phones.

Start clubhopping, looking for females in these areas you will succeed.

The following are clubs and hotels you will find devs in Istanbul from the motherland. These clubs and hotels have been tested and based on experience of me, your humble author, or my friends and acquaintances. That is word of mouth reviews. Do what you will with the information is up to you:

  • Night clubs in Istanbul
  • Balance Bar
  • Bacardi club

Hotels that Russian women have been spotted at at the bar or club or coming out of:

  • The Byzantium Hotel
  • Meretto Hotel Istanbul
  • Hilton, Taksim
  • A911
  • Hotel Eyfel
  • Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul
  • Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel
  • Cappadocia
  • Dedeman and Hilton Istanbul
  • Talimhane in the hotel district
Any area warmer than Eastern Europe is game for flocks of students from Mother Russia to get some vitamin D and have some fun. Can you help them?

I would consider the above to book rooms at because you will see a high concentration of Slavic beauties strutting the lounges.

Where to go if you are engaged or have a long-term girlfriend and the Hotels seem cool with it

  • Nippon
  • Bristol
  • Point
  • Taslık
  • Aygun in Sisli
  • Eresin topkapı

5 star are girl friendly but you have to pay a lot for the room:

  • Swiss
  • Ritz
  • Conrad
  • Hyatt
  • Radisson in Ortakoy
  • Cıragan

Dating in the new Constantinople – some considerations
Taxi scams – are everywhere in the city. I rarely take a cab, I take buses or walk. Walking is good experiences and you see things in the heart of the city you would never see if you were in a cab being scammed for Turkish Lira.

Ramadan in Istanbul – There are fewer Eastern Europeans during Ramadan. Basically they know the party atmosphere of the city is less during the time of prayer and fasting. So my recommendation is do not go to the ancient city during the Muslim time of abstinence. There are even MP police that will temper behavior more during this time.

Websites in Istanbul – Many websites are blocked in the city that relate to behavior with women that are not deemed appropriate. I can respect that.

Why are there so many Eastern Europeans in Turkey anyway?
There is a myth that Russian and Ukrainian girls to Turkey to ‘work’, well, I am from this area of the world and most come to Turkey for vacation, it is like Florida for them. Everyone up north wants to escape the ice and snow. If there are some ladies that ‘work’ in Istanbul then, there are, maybe students for example, but the vast majority are on vacation. Maybe sell bulk leather goods in the market and make a modest living as traders. They take a trip through the Black Sea from Odessa for example with a ferry. They can bring goods up from Turkey and sell them back home and bring goods from back home to sell them in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. It used to be on the Silk road trade route.

The proximity of the Commonwealth of Independent states. Further because of the disparity of currency between the Ruble and the Turkish lira, the value for people from Russia is quite good.

If you know Russian history from the time of the Czars to the Soviets the one thing they were always looking for was a warm water port. St. Petersburg and in the Arctic circle always froze.

That being said I do think Russians have a more libertine attitude towards relations. So the mythology of the blond girls from the north spread like gossip in a high school football team’s locker room.

Other females in the city
First it was Sarayburnu then Byzantium or Constantinople, either way even with the predominant Turkic people it has a mix of Greek and ancients people. You will find exotic princesses. You do not have to look just for ladies from Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can look for Armenians, Greeks expats in Istanbul from Germany and Britain as well as Uzbekistan or Arabs. It is one of the largest cities in the world you will find a mix of people in this capital of culture.

If you have further questions about the city on the Bosphorus between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, then just ask or the beauties from the Republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States that go on vacation there.

Russian girls in Istanbul are located in Laleli. This is a section of the city where Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and many European  girls go.  Most go there for vacation and some for working either legally or unfortunately illegally.  There are many Russian and Ukrainian traders that take ferries from Odessa and Crimea to Istanbul, Turkey because its a cheap way for them to bring Russian and Ukrainian goods to Turkey then fill their bags with cheap Turkish clothes and sell them in markets back in Russia.

Bad Russian girls in the Laleli part of Istanbul

If you go to Laleli you can not help running into Russian girls.  They are everywhere. The store signs are often in Russian.  Most are staying in no star or one star hotels as they are usually Russian students looking for a cheap deal.  There are many other Russians in Turkey staying in more expensive hotels but they usually do not go to Istanbul, but rather Turkish seaside resorts.  If you are looking for true love or a woman to marry in Istanbul be careful not to fall for bad Russian girls in Istanbul.

Advice where to meet Russian women in Turkey

  • Go to the markets where they work. They are selling things like leather goods and start to talk to them in broad day light. Get their cell phone numbers and invite them out after work.
  • There are many girls here from the former Republics of the Soviet Union like Krygyz girls, they all might speak Russian and hang out with Russians but have a different look, more exotic or Asian.
  • The Aksaray, Mamaushka and Lalei scene centers on discos in the evening and cafes in the afternoon. You can spot girls who are there to meet guys a mile a away as they will make eye contact with you when you walk in. No girl makes direct eye contact with a foreigner unless she is looking to meet him. Look near in club Bacardi (Mustafa Kemal Paşa Cad. 337) and nearby clubs. The girls will try to cheat you and scam you if you do not watch out and the clubs will jack up the price for drinks. Also the Marmaris club or Club Arena Baia Mare.
  • Place Taksim you can meet girls on the street if you look nice and know how to chat them up. There tend to be more upscale tourists than the above mentioned places.
  • If you are anywhere near the coast or a resort you will meet much nicer Russian girls on vacation and relaxing that would be open for a relationship. While in the city’s girls go there to work.

My conclusion is there are too many girls of questionable reputation in Istanbul who are Russian. It is better to meet online and fly to Istanbul with her.