Polish girls in Chicago

Polish girls living in Chicago, Illinois I am an American living in Poland.  I found the love of my life in Poland.  If you are living in the USA and are not willing to take trip to Poland at this juncture, to meet a Polish girl. Consider Polish girls in Chicago. The dangers of Polish […]

Polish girls in London

Polish girls in London I know this sounds hard but many of the Polish girls in London are not in some people’s eyes optimal selections if you are looking for a bride. This is so because many have their egos inflated.  I am an American living in Poland and I have seen normal girls come […]

Polish girls in Ireland

Polish girls and Irish guys make a pretty good match. I recommend dating between the Irish and the Poles. Why? The Irish are Catholic and fairly religious.   UK guys are not. One’s wold view is important in determining marriage success. Ireland had some parallels in history with Ireland. For example, both Poland and Ireland had to […]

Videos of Polish girls

Do you want to watch videos of Polish girls until sunrise? My wife who knows a little more than I about Polish models, actresses and singer as well as weathergirls created the list below. She added a few search terms also that will yield Polish video girls.  If you do a search on Polish videos […]

Krakow girls

Krakow girls why the odds are in your favor – Krakow is a mecca for artist and students in Eastern Europe It has the best art and language schools in Poland, and these are majors girls gravitate to, the kind of girls you want to date. In total, there are over 100,000 students and most […]