Polish girls in Chicago

Polish girls living in Chicago, Illinois

I am an American living in Poland.  I found the love of my life in Poland.  If you are living in the USA and are not willing to take trip to Poland at this juncture, to meet a Polish girl. Consider Polish girls in Chicago.

The dangers of Polish girls in the USA

Polish girls in Chicago are Polish girls. No difference between the ones there and here. There are 1.5 million Chicago Polonia in the metro area with roots dating back to 1837, immigrating after a rebellion in Poland.  American Poles speak a funny Poglish. A mix of Polish and English. In fact it very hard not to speak that way if you are bilingual in English and Polish as the two language cross language interference happens.

However, there is one thing I should warn guys again.  Maybe the Poles in the USA are Americanized a little but that only happens if the girls come to the USA before the age of 17.  If they come at 25 or older than their moral compass is well in place. If they come at 12 then a lot of times they can go wild. The reason is they have the brand name stamp of ‘I am a European girl’ and get a lot of attention from guys in high school. Can you imagine if some tall think blond Polish girl went to your high school. She would have guys drooling over her.

This combined with the American feminist culture inflates their egos to high levels of proportions. Girls with big egos have no chance of becoming good wives who try to make their husbands happy. Instead their ego consumes their desire to please anyone but themselves in relationships. Maybe for a while they can fake it but they revert back to power-hungry competitive sharks. So if you are meeting a Polish girl in Chicago keep in mind unless her parents taught her the right ways and she is really into the Church, be aware she could be just like every American girl out there, except with an accent.

I personally think it is much better you learn Polish a little a take trip to Poland, but if you can and are in the Chicago area, it’s not a bad idea.

How to meet Polish girls in Chicago

  • Polish section of Chicago, go shopping there and chat up the girls. Sure there are many girls working in these shops even illegally, and they would love to talk to some nice American with a smile. I always flirted with girls at the shops. It does not have to be a Polish store as many the gals work in retail. Go to The Polish triangle, the Polish downtown and west or simply walk along Milwaukee ave. The Polish were at first in the northwest side,  Milwaukee and Ashland avenues with Division street. Now they are all over, making up about 7.5% of the city’s population. It is the largest Polish city only second to Warsaw.  That is why Lot Polish air flies direct flights from Poland to Warsaw.
  • There are disco and clubs the Polish community in Chicago go to meet people.
  • I can recommend this Polish dating site in America. It is free I think and all Poles know about it. You can screen for Illinois.
  • If you want to find here Polish people live in your area just look around the churches that have Polish masses. For example in the Polish downtown, Holy Trinity Polish Mission, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. John Cantius, Holy Innocents, St. Fidelis, St. Helen ,St. Mary of the Angels, St. Hedwig’s in Chicago for example. I do not recommend picking up girls in Church at all. I am just saying if you are like me, a religious fanatic participating in community activities might lead to your one and only.
  • Put an Ad up on Craigslist for a Polish tutor and learn a little Polish. You could screen a few before you decide to start your course of studies.

If you want to know anything about Polish girls just ask.


Polish girls in London

Polish girls in London

I know this sounds hard but many of the Polish girls in London are not in some people’s eyes optimal selections if you are looking for a bride. This is so because many have their egos inflated.  I am an American living in Poland and I have seen normal girls come back from London with such huge egos that you are better off not trying to marry London girls.  Maybe this is not totally true in every case, but it does become a problem if they have lived there longer than half a year. They feel super self-confident and go to an extreme to try be different than the women in Poland.

Often Polish girls in London will even come back to Poland and say they are English if they have lived there for several years or talk back about Poland. I do not like this social phenomenon. I do not like when any one person judges another country or people.

This is often the reaction of many immigrants into their new countries, they adopt the values of their host country very quickly and over react so to speak. Alternatively it could be said to be their egos reaction to living in a big city. London is a big city and many country Polish girls that immigrate to the city of London act different. It happens to many people who move from the country to the city. Therefore, my conclusion is maybe many are not this way but be aware if you hear a Polish girls in the UK talking down about her own country, this is because of her ego trying to differentiate herself from others.

Where to meet Polish girls in London

That being said there are many Polish singles. London is too big to meet Polish girls on the street, at least your dream girl, maybe try the Internet.  There are many Polish UK dating sites.  I would start there. But there is a better place than London, why not Poland? I meet my wife in Kraków, so Poland will always be the best place to meet Polish girls. However, at the end of this post I do give you some recommendations of concrete places to meet them online.

Why Polish girls not ideal for UK guys in some cases

Despite the proximity in Europe and of course Poles and Brits have a bit of a different point of view when it comes to family and values. Some positive things about the English are they are open and receptive to immigrants and new ideas, they have a good sense of humor and have given the world so much in terms of language and culture.  Ethnicity is never an issue in relationships, it is an individuals relationship to their culture and others that are important. This is an important point. Some things that are a factor if you are a Polish girl in London and meet a native Londoner consider this:

  • Polish girls learn English but when in a relationship, rarely do English guys speak Polish most of the time. I think this is unfair. I learned Polish out of respect for another culture. Learn the language of your love, I think this is fair.
  • Polish girls are very religious, Brits are not. You can look up an statistic on Wiki or elsewhere. To the person who is the non religious person they are often like what is the big deal man? It might not matter to the groom but to the bride it means something. The groom will say that people are in church are hypocrites, but who is he to judge, let the maker of all thing decide and accept people of faith. It will be an issue, at some point if someone is judgemental. It is important to the woman (I assume the women is the Pole as I have never meet a Polish guy go for an London girl for some reason).  On the other hand my brother’s family is British and this is not the case but they are immigrants. But it is something that you have to decide is important to you as an individual or how you will raise your children. For example, just 38% of the British believe in God. That is pretty low considering it was once a country of faith. Typically a Polish girl really wants a traditional church wedding and the British guy will agree but it is either way for him.
  • Polish girls do not drink heavy, Brits statically out rank the Poles in consumption per liter by a long shot. Statically the Poles are not in the top twenty. Maybe it has something to do with the footballers culture in London, but I do not know any Polish girl that likes this. Poland had this problem 20 years ago and changed since and it seems London has not yet given up their love of this culture.
  • Polish girls are warm and are idealistic about love, Brits are not. A typical Polish girl wants to meet her one and only and dreams of a prince. I know, I live here and I know how the girls are. Of course not every Polish girls but they grew up with a classical education reading romantic literature (like I did). However, I have seen some very nice English guys come to Poland and many are very into Shakespeare and literature so it is not true in every case. However, it is something to be aware of. continental Europe has a different ethos.
  • Two different cultures do not mean relationships can not work but the individuals need awareness that they have to be flexible and accepting and open minded. I have seen marriages between Brits and Polish girls and they are not as optimal as between Americans or Irish guys. England use to be a very moral place, however, new secularism and post modern thinking changes their morals. It is not that Londoners are not moral, rather they have different morals. Not all English are like this but many embrace this new modern thinking. It is only a cultural statistic.
  • UK has double single parent homes in the last 15 years, is this a tend you want to see?  In Poland it is a rarity. The good news is, immigrants from all over the world moving into England is a good thing as perhaps it will change the country’s values back for the better. Its only about culture and not at all about the British people, many who are fine people.

The bottom line is the cultures between Italian and Poles are similar, or between Irish and Poles, or Poles and Greeks or Poles and any culture that focuses on old European social values. For example Indian and Chinese have good marriages with Poles if they are more traditional.  If you have an Indian guy in London with a Polish girl as long as they both come from the same point of view in life all is fine. But the English culture is a little bit different from the traditional Polish culture which has God and family above everything else, maybe I am wrong. I am open to hearing different views. Just remeber to not attack people and use good grammar and punctuation in your comments.

This being said I think marriages between Polish and English can work out very well, after all look at Norman Davies. There are many examples of great marriages, but I just go in with your eyes open that the cultures are a bit different.

If you aware about how cultures in the world are different and if you are willing to accept the differences in culture try the following online resources for meeting, chatting and dating and maybe you will meet a lady in Europe’s second largest metropolitan area:

  • – Free classifieds. Countless London and UK ads as well as a large Polish section under ‘other coutries’.
  • – This is free and mostly the English language.
  • – An Irish based dating site with a lot of Poles and geographically diverse, I think it is a pay site but very trustworthy as it is on of the oldest in the Isles.

There are my personal recommendations to meet Polish girls in London:

The Polish site and which has their own dating Portals which you can screen girls for the London area.

  • – This is free, use a translate tool if you need help.
  • – This is free and maybe pay, I think this is maybe the largest and your best choice to for Central London or screening for suburbs.

Polish girls in Ireland

Polish girls and Irish guys make a pretty good match. I recommend dating between the Irish and the Poles. Why?

  • The Irish are Catholic and fairly religious.   UK guys are not. One’s wold view is important in determining marriage success.
  •  Ireland had some parallels in history with Ireland. For example, both Poland and Ireland had to struggle for freedom from an empire that tried to dominate and eliminate their culture.
  • Both Ireland and Poland have been rising economies in the EU.
  • For a Pole and Irish to marry it is no problem from a civil or cultural point of view.
  • Further, Ireland is not far from Poland via a flight. I recently flew from Poland to Ireland and it was a couple of hours.
  • Polish girls in Ireland speak English well. There is no language barrier and I have met more Irish guys speaking Polish by learning from their girlfriends than perhaps any other nationalities. They really make an effort.

Typical Polish girl in Ireland

Many good Polish girls go to Ireland to make some cash working professionally or even fun jobs like picking apples. My sister-in-law did this for a few weeks this fall. She said it was a lot of fun. She is engaged and therefore, did not get out and socialize too much. However she said the Irish people were very warm and welcoming. She was in the countryside but got to go to a few cities like Dublin and Cork.

She does not drink or smoke or any bad habits, no tattoos, she is educate and a normal girl. There are scores of Polish girls in Ireland like this.

My friend from Ireland married a Polish girl who runs a placement service there. She is the breadwinner of the family. So do not assume that the girl will be a waitress and the guy will impress her with his money. Maybe in 1980s this might be the case, but the world is different now. They now spend their time between Limerick and Poznan, more time in Poland actually.

How many Polish women in Ireland who are single and dating age? I would say abotu 80,000. If there are 200,000 Poles in Ireland, even with Polsh leaving Ireland many are still there. If 1/2 are females, maybe more actually and most are single and between 21 and 30 I think there are about 80,000 single Polish women in Ireland. That is a lot for a country of only a few million.

The downside of Polish girls in Ireland

Most Polish girls want to marry Polish guys, unless they can be persuaded otherwise.   They can bring these guys home and Polish girls generally are proud of their nation.  Many Polish girls in Ireland just see Ireland as a place to work not a place to live forever. There are cultural differences between Ireland and Poland.  However, from what I have observed Irish guys and Polish girls are not a bad match because of their common religious views. So the downside far outweighs the positive.

If you are in Ireland and looking for a Polish girl

  • Treat Polish girls with respect, really, they are pretty idealistic and destroying someone’s ideals is one of the worst things you can do.
  • You can meet them on many free online dating sites
  • Learn Polish , even a few words and this will go far.
  • Try it is the largest dating website in Ireland but has a Polish side to it. The person who runs it Kevin, I know personally and is a good man. He lives in Krakow, Poland.
  • Try the Polish websites: sympatia.onet.pland
  • Also look on GumTree Ireland for Polish girls that want to give lessons in Polish.

Let me know if you have any questions about meeting Polish girls in Ireland as I am a foreigner whose wife is Polish and I have lived in Europe a good part of my life.


Videos of Polish girls

Do you want to watch videos of Polish girls until sunrise? My wife who knows a little more than I about Polish models, actresses and singer as well as weathergirls created the list below. She added a few search terms also that will yield Polish video girls.  If you do a search on Polish videos girls  you will find really base images of Polish women on places like Metacafe and some less respectable websites. I do not recommend these. Just go to YouTube and search the list below, they are normal beauties from Poland.

Where to find Polish girls videos, short movies and film clips

You will get an endless supply of quality videos with beautiful Polish women made for TV and to be in the stars. I know I am Polish and American and these are the terms you need to search, others will get you spammy videos. The reason these terms are better is they are in the Polish language.

Polish girls have such striking features that any girl on the street in Warsaw or Lublin could be on TV or a modelka.

Each one of these was researched. Now as a favor for me since I am giving you the keys here, is like this post on Facebook or subscribe to my RSS or leave a comment.

  • Doda – Fake Polish blonde with a juicy fake body. Even though it is all an illusion she is worth looking at if you want to get an idea of what Polish girls on videos look like.
  •  Ewa Farma- 18 year old Polish singer who lives in the Czech republic. She is just a girl, but has a nice voice. Has an English CD and one teen awards.
  •  Monika Brodka – Smoking hot Polish brunette with long hair, one Polish idol.
  •  polskie prezenterki telewizyjne _ Polish TV news casters, only the best on TVN and Polsat and TV1.
  •  polskie piosenkarki – basically Polish songs.
  •  polskie aktorki – Polish actresses.
  •  polskie artystki – Polish artists if you like artsy music girls singing.
  •  polskie tancerki – Polish dancers – get your mind out of the gutter, these are for normal dance like dance with the stars.
  •  polskie sportsmentki – Hot Polish girl athletes
  •  polskie celebrytki – Polish celebrities.
  •  polskie modelki – Polish female models
  •  Anita Lipnicka – Cute Polish songwriter in her 30s famous for Wszystko się może zdarzyć – which means – Everything Can Happen.
  •  Agnieszka Maciag – Endowed with a large chest naturally and a cute smile this Polish brunette is known how as a TV personality in her 40s, in her youth she was a model.
  •  Joanna Krupa – Polish American classical Polish blond bombshell and singer worthy do be on any swimsuit calender or wallpaper screen saver.
  •  Edyta Herbus – Young Polish dancer and model from a poor Polish town. She is a brunette with long hair.
  •  Anja Rubik – Tall blond Polish model from South Eastern Poland. She usually has short hair and big hips.
  •  Natasza Urbanska -Actress from Warsaw in her 30s, a brunnette.
  •  Alicja Bachleda – Famous well endowed Polish actress.
  •  polskie koszykarki – Tall sexy Polish basketball players
  •  Agnieszka Szott – Hot Polish basketball player, blonde and tall and thin.
  •  Katarzyna Dzwigalska – Polish basketball player, another blonde.
  •  Justyna Zurowska – Famous Polish athlete for her beauty.
  •  Malgorzata Kozuchowska – Polish blond day time TV actress.
  •  Ania Przybylska – This girl is a five-star model and actress and singer. Look up her YouTube films up and you will see one of the most attractive Polish girls in videos.
  •  Magda Molek – Nice modern looking Polish TV hostess.
  •  Edyta Górniak – Exotic looking Polish singer, part gypsy.
  •  Anna Mucha – Polish actress who has done some sensual films that expose.
  • Kasia Cichopek – Polish actress known as Kinga Zduńska and some for lingerie exposure.
  • Malgosia Socha – Polish blond actress with a pretty face and wavy hair.
  •  Agnieszka Wlodarczyk – Polish singer and actress with a troubled family life and turned to music. She has a high hairline and high cheek bones.
  •  Agnieszka popielewicz – Dance with the stars celebrity – blond who is always smiling.
  •  polskie pogodynki -Polish weather girls
  •  Patrycja Kazadi – Part black African and part Polish
  •  Paulina Sykut – Black haired Polish weather girls with long straight hair, you have to love it, but she did just get married this year.
  •  Kasia Sowinska – Polish model.
  •  Weronika Rosati – Daugher of a Polish political leader and she is a TV celebrity.
  •  Weronika Ksiazkiewicz – Polish blond who was in that famous men’s magazine that shows it all.
  •  Marta Zmuda-Trzebiatowska – Polish film star who could be a model.
  •  Ania Dabrowska – Polish retro pop singer in her 30s. Artys looking if you like that, with short hair.
  •  Tatiana Okupnik – Singer with a deep raspy voice.
  •  Agnieszka Chylinska –  Polish rock star. She looks like rocker. Has a square face.
  •  Justyna Steczkowska – Polish singer from a musical family. Nice girl.
  •  polskie prezenterki pogody – Female Polish weather girl.
  •  Anna Popek – TV presenter with short dark hair. In her 40s but still looks good.
  •  Monika Richardson – Polish female reporter, married a couple of English guys.
  •  Aneta Piotrowska – Polish classic dancer.
  •  Martyna Wojciechowska – And you thought economic models were only about graphs. This former economist is a model and TV presenter.
  •  polskie prezenterki telewizyjne – Polish female TV presenter.
  •  Dorota Gardias – TV journalist and presenter that show off her body on TV.
  •  Marzena Slupkowska – Polish TV weather girl.
  •  Natalia Jakula – Skinny perky Polish TV presenter.
  •  Marzena Sienkiewicz  – Polish reporter, too many tattoos for me.
  •  Magda Sakowska – Professionally dressed Polsat Polish TV Newscaster.

If you search these terms you will get hundreds of hours of Videos with Polish girls for free. You can download them with a YouTube downloader which is a Firefox extension. If you have any questions let me know.

You might also see a lot of ‘Neon Indian Polish girls video’ come up. This has little to do with Polish girls in short movie clips. It is an alternative music video.

You can also go to or the each have score of videos in such categories as weather and sports and news and dance with Polish girls. Again since it took a lot of work to put this list together, leave a comment and let me know what you think, or like it on Facebook.


Legendary beauty of Cracow girls – Polish Princesses or less than Angels?

There are two experiences you will have in Cracow if you are looking for girls, only two mind you. One is you will find a princess from a fairy-tale like I did. Or second you will be charmed and fooled by some modernist female from Poland cloaked as a “beautiful Polish girl”. Yes that is right, there are many women from Poland’s cultural capital of Cracow that are nothing more than a half a generation away from being like your American or UK girlfriend, westernized and non-domestic. I will tell you where to find each social group.

Studentki Cracow girls in Kazimierz on ul. Kalwaryjska caught in the rain.

Between the ideal damsels and bitter reality girls is a shadow that might be your princess.

First, OK maybe it is a bit of an exaggeration, that there are only two types of females in Cracow. Further I believe Poland has the best women in the world in terms of marriage material if you like tall leggy model looking girls with a brain and will loyal and humble. However, my point is valid. That is be aware and take it as a warning, that in Poland all that is beautiful is not Amber and all that is Amber is not pulchritudinous and radiant on the surface.

A real Malopolska princess taken on Kopiec Kraków

In magic Cracow there are contemporary anti-heroines in every cafe and club posing to be nice Polish girls who will down the road chew you up and spit you out like a piece of forty-year year old Swedish meat at a milk bar.

Woman walking along the Wisla river near the Wawel. Here women like to sunbath and strut their stuff in surprisingly provocative clothes for such a conservative country. Take in the sights but do not be deceive by style of dress, it is what is on the inside that counts, purity of heart and devoutness to morals.

In fact these black widows do not even know they are just another spin on feminist girls who will try to lead you around by the (fill in the noun). Certainly not as bad as Western women, but just be careful when you stroll along the Vistula river in Poland’s cultural capital looking for a wife, many of the younger generation have crazy ideas and have traveled extensively and want to gulp life down rather be content with being a wife.

Girls sitting in from on Galaria Krakowsa and the Hotel Europejski. Avoid women that are hyer-materialistic.

If you are going to Cracow to find true love you need to hone your skills of discernment like a Jesuit on a 40 day retreat. The first step is you have to be honest with yourself and determine what do you really want. A true love bride or a roll in the hay. This post is written for those seeing the former.

Warning signs your Cracovian girlfriend will transmute into Baba Yaga
In my mind the biggest caveat is a girl who says she is Catholic but does not go to church on a weekly basis. Many you Polish women in the Post John Paul II world are Catholic in name only, and might even hint as some disrespect at the church. In contrast if you got to the Dominican or Franciscan cathedral near ulica Bracka you will see standing room only of good Cracovian student women who really believe in the sanctity of marriage and true love.

Want to pick up Cracow girls take a trip to Dworzec Główny and ride on a train. At the end of the trip you will get a girls cell phone number. Hint most student girls leave on Friday and return Sunday evening from the village.

Cracow girls who hang out in trendy cafes in Kazimierz Podgorze excessively. You can walk by and the cafes will be occupied anytime day or night with women who make this their stomping grounds. I mean I like going out and socializing like the next person but only in moderation. If the gal is incessantly on her cell phone and sitting there three nights out of four, this is not great manifestation of virtue.

Women in Cracow with an overtly provocative sense of style or gilded excess such as, colorful scarfs, the latest trendy platform shoes and lays of clothes, make up and jewelry. You might see women sauntering in Galleria Kazimierz, Krakowska or Bonarka or have heard the term dziewczyny galerianki. This means women who frequent shopping malls that are open to men who accompany them on shopping trips. Maybe not directly but do not let some hyper consumptive Cracow female spin her web around you. Alternatively I recommend some Cracow student dressed in drab clothes and her hair is not fried and twirled by the most expensive salon on Floriańska or Grodzka. Do not underestimate materialism as a disqualifer for a mate.

You want to go for the girls that others think are homely, they are the hottest.

In contrast you should aspire for a Saint Kinga archetype. A princess who discovered salt mine in Poland. Even in marriage she took a vow of chastity and devoted her life and money to aid the poor. Maybe you do not need this in marriage but the charity to the poor part is an ideal in a wife. Someone who has compassion and not all about consuming the whole world or putting another feather in her hat for each square meter of her flat in Krakow.

Rynek Główny is the nexus of the universe for women. Try to find a girl that is humble with no style and they are paradoxically the most attractive. Look at the girl in the pink shorts, beautiful face.

There is a joke that goes in the Rynek everyone has dated everyone else. This is where you see all your old flames. Cracow women that have been there done that traveled everywhere with every guy in Cracow so now she is broadening her horizons and seeking some foreigner. You do not want this. You want a girl who has always been looking for her one true love. Not some girl has done Cracow.

On the Rynek women often watch street performers and you can strike up a conversation. This and Błonie (the Commons) are great places for meeting and picking up nice girls.

Similarly do you really want to date a Krakowianka who has her sites set only on hooking a foreign guy? Someone who sees you as a meal ticket? I think a Polish Princess Wanda type, a princess who didn’t want to marry a German prince is the princess you want.

In front of cloth hall is another place to chat up princesses.

Do you know the story about boginka (single goddess girls) or boginki (plural for female goddesses) who change children for their own? These girls are called odmieńce or changers. My point is similar to Russian rusalka legends Slavic mythology talks about women who are temptress but have an addenda all their own. They may have the classic Slavic features with high check bones but their wheels are spinning in their brain. They are thinking about the next step. Watch out for women with agendas. They typically are women that have graduated from Jagiellon University or majored in something technical or legal. Also Krakow girls who have studied British English in contrast with American English. This is my experience and it might not be true, but just keep your vigilance.

  • Feminist leaning girls in Krakow – Jagiellon University, law students, women who have spent too much time in the UK, girls who spend a lot of time in cafes or dating foreign guys or are waitresses. Women who study business or have aspirations for a career.
  • Marriage material girls in Cracow – Women who work in a lab or study something connected to science or medical (care takers) women who are teachers or in professions that help others. Girls who study Polish literature or history, or something truly liberal arts and humanistic.

Cracow is a University town. On every tram in Cracow you are squeezed tight with the latest crop of student girls seeking academic excellence and a bit of starry-eyed, in with hopes to meet their other half. Even me when I first came to the big K had these aspirations, to learn. Yet serendipitously destiny lead me by the hand to find my true love. So if you want to expand your learning experience and maybe meet a girl from Cracow, after reading my Cracow girls review, than I recommend take your chance.

Women who go to UJ are often snobs.

In conclusion, my point is yes Cracow girls are hot and the most beautiful in the world. However, do not go seeking these damsels with rose-colored glasses. Understand behind their universal beauty there are women that will mess of your life royally in this city of princesses.

Legendary women from Poland at a Medieval fair. Polish girls are from a fairy-tale, be brave and virtuous in your intentions.

Krakow girls

Krakow girls why the odds are in your favor – Krakow is a mecca for artist and students in Eastern Europe It has the best art and language schools in Poland, and these are majors girls gravitate to, the kind of girls you want to date. In total, there are over 100,000 students and most stay in Krakow after their studies. Hence, countless beautiful Polish women in Krakow age 18 to 35 who are single and hoping to find their husband. Krakow also has one of the best female/male ratios in Europe.  If you combine all these factors then you have the potential to meet and chat up girls from this royal city. The purpose of this post is to tell you where and how to meet Krakow girls.

Meeting women in Krakow is a little like seeing all the girls from your teenage years who you use to dream about. You know the ones you believe were unobtainable, from MTV or models in magazines or women in your high school that was the most sought after.  Then you arrive in Krakow and they magically materialize in front of your eyes, however, this time only real and authentic and wanting to get to know you. This is Cracow. I do not want to spoil the surprise.

Of course, women are women and they will not throw themselves at you, but rather, they are simply girls that want to meet their husbands. It is like the reverse of anything you have ever experienced in the USA or the UK. There are less weird vibes and feminist attitudes, where you feel either on the defensive or apologies for being a male.

How do I know Krakow? I have lived in Krakow for almost ten years. I have walked every street and know every stone in the city.   I am an American but now a Polish citizen also. So this gives me some degree of credibility. I am not just someone who has come to town on a guys night out.

This run down little corner of Krakow is actually the best place to meet local girls.

If I was single where would I meet Krakow girls?

  • Alchemia – It is a Gothic looking cafe –  club with girls who are alternative and open. Almost all local people so your competition from foreigners is lower. This is your first stop, then the clubs and pubs to the right and left are your second and third stops.  It is located in Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter and now Polish hipster hangout. The girls here are clubs girls mind you, and maybe not your best choice for meeting your future wife.
  • Prozacs – It is in the center of Krakow and time-tested. I have not heard really anything bad or scammy about this Krakow club other than a lot of foreigners meet girls there. More of a dance club.
  • Nic Nowego is the place you go to exchange information with other expats, more of an Irish pub in Krakow and very foreigner friendly.
  • Park benches – Now if you are into meeting girls of a higher quality I recommend, chatting up girls sitting on any of the benches that are around the main market square in Krakow’s Rynek. Just go up to one on the bench you like, and be non-threatening and start a conversation about what they are reading or studying. There are many girls in Krakow taking a break between class studying here on these benches as it is close to many universities. By the way, I do not recommend dating any girls from Jagiellonian as they have huge egos and will cause you trouble. I should do a special post just on that, but all UJ girls are trouble.
  • Starry Kleparz Krakow – It is a farmers market, but girls love this place. Hot down to earth girls from the countryside living in Krakow prefers this market over the big supermarkets.
  • The main market square is where everyone walks though, young and old. If you stand out there on any given day you will get more than an eye full of model looking girls. Go up to one and try to speak some Polish, they will all speak English but you will for sure get a smile.
The retro run-down section of Kazimierz Krakow is the best place to meet Polish hipster girls

Additional resources for meeting Cracow princesses

Why do you want to date a girl from Poland? I guess it depends on what your intentions are to meet Krakow girls. Most are good girls and I do not recommend corrupting these girls as it is: not right, bad, karma, and unfair to them and their future husbands. Hurting or using someone is one of the worst things you can do.  If you are looking for that type of fun go somewhere else. Polish society is Catholic and family oriented. There are Polish bad girls, but there is no reason to come to Krakow, as they are just like dating a Western girl and will only cause you trouble.


Can you handle Warsaw girls?

When you walk the streets of Warsaw as a single man, it is not the romantic picturesque snow covered streets that catches your eye, but rather the inordinate amount of leaflets and fliers on the ground featuring some ill clad women with their mobile number.

For 20 something English speakers Warsaw is a stag weekend town for guys from the UK. A lot of the nightlife for English language natives are geared to foreigners at this level.

My message ignore it. This is like going to New York city and only patronizing the seediest places. New York is more than that and so is Warsaw. Wash your hands of peddlers of activities of ill repute and enter the world of fairy-tales, that is Poland.

There are millions of girls from all over Eastern and central Europe in Warsaw. Warsaw is a nexus point for beautiful people, like Moscow or Kiev.

These are ordinary women walking on the street in Poland.  These images might boarder on the mundane as not to spoil the surprise after you leave Chopin Airport.

Why the title can you handle Warszawa girls?

Of all the girls I have ever met women, Warsaw princesses are proportionally melodramatic to their beauty in inclination. They are not bad in a Western girlfriend witchery way, rather just beautitiful and melodramatic with a depressive pesitimistic aura. Are they worthy it?  Yes.

It is a national passtime in Poland to complain and be pestimistic. I am Polish and I know this. I think it has to do with their history as well as the the cloudy weather, sitting at the end of the jetstream with contentnental European cold mixed in. If you read about the greatness of Poland and yet the tradgety of aggressive neirgbors and how many years the Poles fought for their freedom you would understand. Culture and history does influene the charater of individuals.

So if you go to warsaw looking for a bride, it will be like sitting next to the beautiful girl of your dreams on a roller coaster.

Why girls do not want to escape Wawa into the arms of a foreign man

There is a difference between Warsaw and other cities in Eastern Europe. Warsaw is a metaphor for Phoenix rising from the ashes. The city suffered greatly in its history and is now a fully integrated prosperous EU capital city. The feel of Warsaw is Western, safe and fairly wealthy.

There are no poor Warsaw girls who are dreaming to escape Warsaw for a greater life in the West. On the contrary, I would live in Warsaw. It is a great city. I would live in Warsaw than most cities in the USA or the UK as it is safer, more interesting in terms of culture and things to do and there are jobs.

What to do on a date in Warsaw guidebooks will not tell you

  • N. Copernicus Lecture Hall on every Tuesday at 4 pm they have a lecture at the Astronomical Observatory of Warsaw. You might look like Leonard Hofstadter PhD. But you will get girls looking like Penny if you take a Warsaw girl to one of these. It will impress her as Poles really have a respect for classical education and knowledge. Any intellectual curiosity will perk her curiosity in you.
  • Łazienki park – It actually means bathroom as the royals used it for this purpose (so did I in the woods), but it has botanical gardens and very a very romantic stroll. It can more gently translated as the royal baths.
  • The Erotic Museum in Warsaw has 2,000 exhibits about the history of you know what. The gift shops has no toys only books.
  • Amphitheater with monuments of Classical poets on the edge Łazienki lake – The reason this is appealing for a date is Polish girls like high minded things connected to classical education. If you know anything about the classics it is like driving a nice car, even better.
  • Temple of Diana – in the park also, flowery, and Victorian.
  • Blue city _ Large shopping mall in the center – take her there and buy her shoes and see what happens latter.
  • The Złote Tarasy – Golden terrace – Right by the train station and Jan Pawał II Aleja. You can not miss it is has blue glass futuristic shaped dome ceilings.
  • Know about the history of Warsaw and the The Palace on the Water, the Vistuala, and any history connected to Poland, which Poles are passionate about and you are in.

Nightlife in Warsaw reviews

All reviews of clubs and discos all say the same thing. They are often boring. I question if a person even writes these things or are they put together with some content aggregation program. They all say, the atmosphere is good and the music also with subtle differences. That being said, here is a list I can recommend. They all have websites in English and really nothing new here. Go to a Warsaw club and meet girls based on the same dating rules anywhere. Try to impress them by being different from the next guy. This is why I prefer not to play the club scene.

Yet one point worth mentioning is Polish girls are interested in love and marriage. I do not know if that is true for Western females, who focus on career and being caring about what their girlfriends think. Polish girls have a low flight factor compared to Western girls so they are worth it. Go to a Disco and find one that you will marry and stay with all the days of your life.

You can look them up they all have English websites, just find the British flag. These are Mark’s Top five I can recommend:

  1. Face – Al. Jerozolimskie 120
  2. Capitol – ul. Marszalkowska
  3. Piekarnia – This is a famous one it means the bakary – ul.Młocińska 11
  4. Organza – warszawa sienkiewicza 4
  5. Monobar – ul. Mazowiecka 11

The abbreviation ‘ul.’ means ‘‘ or street. ‘Al.’ Mean ‘aleja’ or large street. You can search the sites and map or GPD and you will have no problem going there, on tram or bus or cab if you have the cash.

Let me know if you need more information on Warszawa girls.

Warsaw girls Vs. Krakow girls

Warsaw girls are a special kind of Polish girl. They are cosmopolitan and worldly, more than say Krakow girls or normal Polish girls.  Do not get me wrong, there are some nice girls in Warsaw, but the culture is not traditional Polish culture if you are talking the hip and cool agnostics and Euro new rich worldly and affluent.  It is Warsaw culture.  A lot of the Warsaw culture is about money and business. The girls get caught up in the idea of having an apartment and a career and husband if he behaves and submits to their drama and accepts a lot of their exceptions. This sounds like the USA, it is not that bad.  So why look for a girl from Warsaw? Maybe I would just say in the USA look in Chicago. The only great feature about Warsaw is simply the sheer number of girls and many come from the countryside. So you can meet a nice one.

Generally you will find a prettier girl in Warsaw as they believe in staying thin and fit, but they are only marginally better than girls from the west. Worldly selfish women are everywhere, do not get tempted by their look. They will lead you to a path of destruction if you chase the model ones. My friend dated a model from Warsaw but he will not marry her. My grandmother lived on ulica Piękna (means beautiful street) the same street as the US embassy, but she did not live for long, as Warsaw is like NYC, everyone is from somewhere else and young professionals move on once they have a family.

Are Warsaw girls really for marriage?

If I was looking for love and marriage I would consider  Warsaw ladies but not as my first choice.   Why should I? I think I could get the same cosmopolitan worldly girls in the UK or USA to a lesser degree.  It depends if they are truly Catholic or in name only. As much of the romantic idealism of Poland is derived from Catholicism and classical ideas from the Romantic era of the 19th century.

If I was looking for a wife I think the most important quality is wisdom.  Wisdom girls, is much better than flashy material girls, look at Madonna’s love life.  So I am not saying  W  are all without hope, I just think the culture is not for me unless you are talking about romantic idealistic ones.

I am married and live in Poland, but not from Krakow.

  • Where to look for Polish girls?  I think you should read my post on Polish girls generally and then my post on Krakow girls if you want to learn Polish read my post about how one person learned Polish.

Polish girl seeking marriage

Polish girls want to get married, don’t you?

One of the fist things that impressed me when I moved to Poland was Polish girls were honest. They were honest about the fact that they dream of meeting their husband who they could make happy. Eastern European girls want to please their man. In contrast in the UK or the USA a lot of women for some odd reason feel uncomfortable with the idea. Now yes they do want a guy, but I think feminism has made them standoffish and put out mixed signals about love and dating and certainly are more fair weather fans( they will divorce you for petty reasons). In contrast Polish girls are straight, loyal, they are looking for husbands so they can get married and have children.

Now that does not mean Polish girls are easy. In fact, just the opposite as it is a Catholic country and they wait for marriage. Rather it is an attitude of openness to the possibility of having a husband in the traditional sense of the word.

Who would be happy married to a Polish girl?

I married a Polish girl and it was the best choice in my life, it was not even a choice but I met my destiny.  I think God for meeting my destiny, my wife Kasia. The person you marry is the most important choice you make. It will determine your happiness more tha job or friends because you are with your spouse 24/7.   You can always change job or houses but your spouse and the mother of you child is what life is all about.

What kind of wife should you marry?

  • Marry a Polish girl with spiritual values and you develop your own spiritual sense and you will be happy.

I can say that if you are a spiritual romantic person, then Polish lady will appreciate you.  If you are a footballer that drinks and does not go to church, Polish girls may tolerate, but not respect you, as are not their dream guy.

Polish girls want to get married, it is a normal and healthy desire and they have not been corrupted by feminism, like girls in the west.

I am seeking a Polish bride but do not believe in all those out dated ideals? – Well, if you are one of those non spiritual ‘cool guys’; Polish women will be a real pain in the neck for you. What will happen is with time, as it this goes against their core beliefs and they will make your life hard.  I have seen it over and over again.  Many guys are attracted to the woman’s looks, but does not consider her as a human with values and emotions and thoughts of her own. When they get beyond the infatuation phase, the relationship falls apart. Polish women are all about the meaning of life question, the church and family.

Foreigners that marry Polish girls that are not highly idealistic eventually have trouble. Polish girls are perhaps the most romantic and spiritual and idealistic girls in the world.  I have lived in Krakow, Poland for many years.  I have traveled to Warsaw to Gdansk to Lublin to the mountains of the south, Poles are the same in that regard.  Foreigners that are idealistic have very happy and have marriages with the beautiful Polish girl of their dreams.

  • More on Polish ladies – I wrote a post here which details some places you can find Polish girls for marriage online.
  • Website to find Polish girl seeking man – – is perhaps the best Polish website for dating, let me know if you have any questions about it.

Hey I am an American guy.  The reason I write this post is because this is what observe.  Polish girls are for high-minded guys looking for a family.   For fun, Polish girls will in the long run cause you trouble and get you in trouble and there are better places to look for fun with girls than Poland.  This is a pretty universal opinion and Polish girls from people who have lived here. If you have questions please ask I am a Pole also and know the country and dating scene as an insider.