Are Polish girls Blond?

Do Polish women have blond hair? I would say the most common hair color in Poland is dirty blond. Because it is so cloudy the natural tendency is for genetics to gravitate towards light hair and light skin.  You would expect to see classic blonds that are pale. However, the reality is Polish history is […]

Polish girls photos

These pictures are photos of real Polish girls. They are not some fake gallery of pictures of Eastern European women. In fact I choose these photos of girls from Poland because they are real. Normal Polish girls in town, they look like models to me but are just your average gals waiting for their princes. […]

Polish dating

The purpose of this post on Polish dating is threefold: I want to give you ideas about Polish dating based on my personal expereinces.I would like to give you a resource for learning some Polish love phrases and one recommendation about the language.I will to recommend websites to find Polish girls that my friends have […]

Polish girls

The purpose of this post is to tell you where to meet Polish girls for true love. How to meet Polish girls online I live in Krakow, Poland.  I am an American and happily married. The reason I wrote this post is to give you some ideas about how to meet Polish girl. I give […]

Polish single girls

Polish single girls and what I know I am an American living in Poland and learnt Polish.  I have lived here for quite sometime.  I have seen dating in Poland from both the side of a foreigner and from the inside, that is from the Polish perspective. I live in Krakow, Poland a rather popular […]

Photos of Polish girls

The purpose of this post is to give you some idea where you can view photos of Polish girls. Of course my first recommendation is to explore my website as I post interesting and artistic images here weekly. You can bookmark this website or subscribe as my advice on meeting women in general is solid. […]