Arranged marriages in India

Arranged marriages vs forced marriages in India A lot of girls from the west get enraged when they hear that India, a relatively advanced country has arranged marriages. They see it as some subjugation of women. What most people do not understand is there is a big difference between arranged marriages and forced marriages. Feminists […]

Madurai girls

Where to meet Madurai women Madurai is known as the Jasmine city which in itself it known to be a scent of love.  Love is on the mind of girls from Madurai. Since of the city’s population is disproportionately highly educate, traditional  arranged marriages (which do have,  choice and rights of refusal) are being replaced […]

My dream girl

My ideal girl and the girl of your dreams Ideal girl and looks I did not have too many preconceived notions about how my girl should look like. I guess I had some physical preferences such as long dark hair, be thin, tall, I like blue or green eyes, predominate facial features (nose), round butt […]

Are Polish girls Blond?

Do Polish women have blond hair? I would say the most common hair color in Poland is dirty blond. Because it is so cloudy the natural tendency is for genetics to gravitate towards light hair and light skin.  You would expect to see classic blonds that are pale. However, the reality is Polish history is […]

Girls in yoga pants

This is a shameless post about girls in yoga pants. I threw this in the mix for fun, but also to draw new people to my website looking for photos of hot yoga girls in clothes that are striking. I wrote this in hopes you would subsequently read my advice about finding true love, how […]