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Can a Muslim marry a non-Muslim? Yes

Can someone of the Islamic faith who is in love with a non-believer of the Islamic faith marry that person?

There are two points:

  1. Is not God love? God is the universal loving compassionate father and Divine creator of all that is seen and unseen. If one dies, one passes into unconditional acceptance and love of God, we return to the source from which we all came.
  2. Are we not all children of the same God? There is no God but God. If we learn to love and accept our brothers and sisters then this is imitating God’s spirit. Remember none of us are perfectly righteous under the law, as we all sin, it is the divine that understands and forgives all.

Therefore for example,  yes an Indian Hindu guy can marry a Muslim girl if they are both deeply in love. You do not need my permission, I am no one.  Rather, ask God and listen to what he tells you in your heart. There is your answer.

In your honest moment of prayer, can you hear a resounding – ‘ yes’?

Again I am not a Muslim and I have no answer. Rather I am asking you to ask God in prayer and listen to what answer comes up. How does God speak to you and your partner? There is your answer. Do not let others tell you the ‘truth’. Rather let God the almighty guide you in prayer.

The word religion means to return to the source. The source being God.

The rest of this post is various perspectives on the issue that will clarify the points of view from a logical perspective.

As a Muslim, with Jews and Christians I would believe in the one and only God of Abraham, the gracious and merciful creator, who sustains all human beings and brings them to consummation.

Like many Muslims even of former centuries I would have difficulty in understanding the Qur’an as a literally revealed book, as it were dictated by God. And I would whether the Qur’an as word of God was not also the word of man, the word of the Prophet Muhammad. Even so, the Qur’an could reveal itself to me as the truth, the way and the life. – Hans Kung

My recommendation is read about the possibility of an ecumenical dialogue between people who does not include just understanding, but also to ‘co-operate’ and even love each other.

Look at this photo and of  أهل الكتاب and note the cultural differences. If you can over come this, and are of faith than in Islam even the stricter interpretations it is allowed. Some say only Jewish Christians but not Indian Christians but I think there is no universal agreement.

What if you prefer to marry someone who is Muslim?

I am with you, that I prefer to marry someone of my own religion, and I did. Sure my wife and I are of the same religion and it is all clear. But you know being a servant of God, is also about accepting all God’s children in their language of expression or religious rituals.

The colors are obvious in their meaning. The rules commonly know today are culturally determined. If I was born in the Holy city of Mecca I would be a Muslim. Lets me honest it is more about faith and God than rituals and rules.

Anonymous Muslims

What if you fall in love with someone who calls God by a different name, but is devout and prays five times a day and fasts and reads the Holy book, but does not call themselves Muslim. But just lives a life of compassion and in submission to God’s will, is this not better than some one who is call Muslim but does not live their life according to the Koran? What would God say?

Many non-Muslims live according to the ideals of Islam without being officially Muslim. Just like many non-Christians live in accordance to the words of Jesus without calling themselves Christians.

I would call these people anonymous Muslims. They in act, word and deed live according to the laws of conduct of Islam, they might pray five times a day even and fast, and read the Holy book, but are not Muslim.

Marrying a Muslim man – What women experience

From the women I know in Poland, that have married Muslim guys they are mostly happy. Not all but I would say a higher percentage than what you might find in Western culture. The ones that get a good Arab man, are happy and use the phrase “he treats me like a queen”. Others I have heard do not work out or have tried to marry for a EU passport. Lets be honest this happens.

The codification of the law as seen by man about courtship and love.

Muslim women marrying a Non-Muslim man

Under Islamic law it can not happen, but of course Arab women marry Christians. I live in America and the dating culture here is mixed and no one cares too much about the strict rules, rather they focus on the person not their background. The guys I know that married Arabic women are happy. Their women are attractive and the girls like the lax American culture. Even if a Arab girl is ‘liberal’ that just means she cooks five or six days a week, and had only one boyfriend before. However, I can not imagine this type of marriage could be possible in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Bangladesh. A lot of Indian guys would like to try to date Arab or Middle Eastern women, even when working in Dubai. Maybe for dating, but not for marriage unless you move to the USA.

God’s law about love is love and this is acceptance and mercy. I am not God nor are you. Ask God in prayer to understand about marriage.

Parental argument for marrying a Non-Muslim

If you are a parent, lets say a loving father, would you not want your daughter or son happy? Would you not want them to marry the person they choose? If you teach them right trust they will make the right choices in life. And even if they do not it is their life and they will learn.

Similarly our heavenly Father loves us even more than we can imagine. His energy is love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. Would not our Father in heaven also want the best for us?

Don’t you think that our understanding of the Holy book and our understand of the Prophets is inadequate because we are not pure enough to have the wisdom? The Prophet Mohammed was blessed, but we are not. I certainly am not.

For example, I am a Christian and after a lifelong study of Jesus I do not understand the meaning of his words.

However, one message I think God would want us to convey to our fellow brothers and sisters on this earth is this:

  • It is the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law something that matters. Faith is from the heart and seen in action, not words.

Our Heavenly father sees all and knows what is in our heart. We want to make sure our hearts are filled with love and understanding as this I believe is what is in God’s heart.

If you are deeply and really in love with a person, what does it matter the color of their skin or the language in which they express their faith?

In the west the main difference in dating is style of the clothes, the rest of the game of the love is the same. Girls are coy and need to let the guy prove that he will take care of her.

Stricter interpretations of the Qu’ ran

I am a humble servant of God and do not understand the Koran. So anyone reading this forgive my ignorance and I invite you to correct me and instruct me.

The Qur’an says that a Muslim can marry a Christian or Jewish girl under certain circumstances.

  • Tafseer al-Qurtubi, 6/104
  • al-Baqarah 2:221 The Qur’an prohibits married to an unbeliever. But is God not God of all? If you are Christian or Jewish we call God the same. A nonbeliever is about someone who is an atheist, not a chaste devout woman who has faith and believes in the prophets.
  • al-Maa’idah 5:4

Are the relevant verses that talk about this. I do not read Arabic but this is what I read though a translation.

Love God before anything else

The basis of banning an interfaith marriage in Islam is one should love God first before anything else. zakir naik and Indian Muslim expect on world religions. He even owns a TV channel in Dubai. But he is no expert on life. I agree, Love God first and foremost. This is in my region also. Jesus said this. But my understanding is the way you love God is love your neighbor. Love and accept those who are foreign to you. This is loving God.

Sure we all love prayer. This connection to God and the almost mystical experience of devout prayer, but let’s be honest God we all have the spark of God in us since we are from God, this is called a soul. I can think of no other way to be closer to God than love to fellow humans. This includes romantic love and marriage.

Ahl-al Kitab idea of marriage

I think this division is too strict an interpretation. I mean some scholars would way that even Indian Christians are not people of the Book. There is too much ‘religion’ not enough love in their message.

Hindu men marrying Islamic women is this allowed?

If I was in love I would. God not men make a union

Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men and female Gazi

For example, Ani Zonneveld the Editor of the Progressive Muslim gives examples of Muslim females marrying outside their faith.

  • She says not a single line in the Koran says that a Gazi has to be a man.
  • Nikham can be between two people in love
  • Mehr does not need to be materialistic
  • An outline for rules for men exist but not for women in the Quran
  • Islam is meant to be liberation and an interfaith nikah structured with full respect
  • Professor Khaleel Muhammad believes the Koran can be understood with respect and honoring The Prophet and yet allow for Muslim women to marry non-Muslims.
  • Cultural practices have ruled over the liberating understanding of the Holy Book.

Why Islam has a restrictions on marriage?

The world is a war of ideas – Schopenhauer – Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung

Every system of ideas from religion to communism to capitalism to scientific materialism tries to expand and dominate the world. It is almost like ideas have a life of their own. In the modern world, without crusades and conversion by the sword, the way religions propagate is though making sure the children will carry on the faith.

Now, do not get me wrong. I believe in God and my hope is others in the world have faith. It is my dream that the world is unified in faith and love. Sometimes at night I imagine this. For those with faith you know what I am talking about, connection with the Divine and divinity within others is the meaning of your life. I want to bring my child up in the faith. It is because this is what I believe to be true.

Yet the reason you should want to bring your children in the faith and take a spouse of the same faith (Muslim or non-Muslim) is not because the rules say so, but because you believe it in your heart this is what is right. I do not care about the rules of my religion. I really do not. I care about what is in my heart.

Arab or Jewish or Christian, aside from the cultural dress this girl could be either. In the end does it matter?

I invite Muslims to consider this.

Now what is in your heart might be congruent with the rules of your faith. But remember the rules of your faith are interpreter my humans and we are all imperfect. There are many brothers and sisters in Islam that disagree about the Interpretations.

For example, Muslim women have written that their interpretation of the Koran is women can marry non-Muslim’s and still this to be a valid matrimony. Other say they can not. They key thing here is what does your heart tell you about the Koran. How does Allah speak to you in your heart. This is called authenticity and being honest with yourself. If you are in love, do you think Allah would really want to keep you apart? Yet on the other hand, I have written many times, have a similarity of world view is part of the love equation.

A metaphor is faith like in one’s life and relationship?

Faith is like in a blue candle the color is so integrated into the wax, you can not separate the wax from the candle when it burns. This is the life of a human also.

Or to use another metaphor, consider two patters that are woven together in marriage. You want your patters to match or be similar or the couple does not get along as well.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Again do not use me as an example. I pretty much follow the rules of the Roman Catholic church concerning marriage and love and my wife is Catholic like me. I am just saying if you are in a situation where you might be in love, I would not rule anything out.

I am from a country where I have seen all kind of mixing of religion and people’s. I mean look at President Obama. The norm is the US is assimilation and a melting pot. It does not mean you betray your faith, it just means your faith might not be the story book faith of your youthful conceptions.

For example, as a Christian many people do not believe in evolution. That is plain silly. God creation the universe but creation is a scientific fact. So do not let someone else’s conception of your faith mislead you to what you as a divine person know to be true.

Scenarios that could work

  • American guy marrying an Iranian or Iraqi girl. The couple would have to live in the US and it would be questionable if the family back home would accept or allow this.
  • Arab guy with an American girl. Most likely they would live in the USA or Europe.
  • Arab guy with a European girl.

The general idea behind taking a non-Muslim bride

Nobility comes from spirit not blood – It is better to marry a slave who believes than an unbeliever that is attractive and respected.

  • Mushrik – The girls of the ahl al-Kitab can marry Muslims. But these girls can not be in name only believers, but devout. Many girls in the west are not Monotheistic believers in the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Issac, but are atheists or agnostics. I think the latter would be called Mushrik.
  • Actions not hollow words – Is it not more important a persons acts than hollow professions of faith even if in their heart they do not believe. So find a girl who believes in her heart, it does not matter as much, Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

The Islamic theory in the Hadith and other ideas need to be followed. Women by their nature are more emotionally weak and can be influenced. That is why it is OK from a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim girl but not the converse. Read what the Blessed Prophet Muhammad wrote.

Further the children must be raised as Muslims and all traditions of Islamic culture need to be respected in the marriage.

Practical considerations

After all is said and done, I personally recommend that if you are a believer, do not to marry an unbeliever.

Marrying an unbeliever might make your marriage invalid in your faith.

  • Marrying someone from a different religion is OK as long as you are both believers.
  • I am a very accepting person, but I married someone from my own religion. Race and country does not matter, but the way you see the world does. Make sure the other person is accepting of your beliefs.

Ultimately God gives you free will. If my wife were Muslim I would marry her. If I was Muslim and she was not I would marry her. Love is the law of God. If you have a different interpretation please let me know.

A personal note about my spiritual journey

I have had a sincere lifelong interest in religion and tried to be a devout faithful servant of God. However, one thing I know about myself is I am arrogant, egotistical and prideful. Not overtly but internally. Perhaps like we all are. If you mix pride with religious fervor you get self-righteousness.

So just an idea, if you are passionate about the your religion, maybe you want to meditate on the idea that God loves all his children equally and there is not need define yourself by your religion as much as by the love and acceptance you have in your heart for others.

Dating differences between Arab and non-Arab Muslims in the Middle East are mostly about clothes. I think Indian and Pakistani families both honor their parents and save their purity for marriage and love and are loyal all the days of their lives. Let’s be honest, besides style of dress we are all children of God. Why should marriage be so restrictive?

Points of consideration love and Union:

  • On one hand, monotheism represents the unity of mankind.
  • Yet, is not Brahma, Tao and other Asian expressions of the ultimate reality expressing the same idea even if it is not in the language we understand or are used to? Religion is a subconscious metaphorical language which speaks about man’s deepest longings and desires.
  • God blesses every person equally sinner, non-believer and devout and chaste equally, with no exceptions.
Find a Date

Hotel girls – meet them get their mobile numbers

Why I know about meeting girls in hotels

I was the director of a luxury resort hotel. I feel I write with some authority about my observations with girls in hotels. I was also a consultant travelling and living in hotels four nights a week.  I also travelled the world as a player (not reformed).

This article will answer the question, how to meet women in hotels based on personal experience, and some theory.

Women want to relax and unwind on vacation. This is the place to meet your future wife.

Mate selection and hotels encounters

The question of mate selection and why humans mate is at the center of any conversation about meeting women. Women choose men not just on biological needs to reproduce but, on achievable psychologically complements ( Reference Dr. Carl Gustov Jung). For a counter reference I recommend this reference (The Strategies of Human Mating by Prof. David M. Buss American Scientist – Vol. 82, No. 3 (MAY-JUNE 1994), pp. 238-249).

However, in the short term women choose a partner to satisfy some psychological  curiosity or fixation.  An underlying theme with women is they want to feel liberated from societal restriction and fulfil some daydream that they carry with them. Travelling and staying in a hotel in a foreign city allows them the opportunity to do this with some anonymity. Rarely will they tell their future partner about this.

Women want to meet a guy in a hotel room,  just like you want to meet a girl.

The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas where and how to meet women in a hotel setting when travelling alone. Further, what type of girls to meet and those to avoid.  I am recommending women for long term relationships, but this can be a start.

The most important thing to meeting girls in hotels

My most important recommendation is try to dress as good as you can, think BrooksBorthers.    If you can not afford such clothes, dress like a cheap male model, but dress. You have to.  If you want to meet women in Hotels you need to look the part.  You have to fulfill their dream. Dress for success with women. Make it a study in life on how to dress well, this will get you virtually any girl you want. Better than being an Alpha or an investment banker, or a gym rat, just dress well.

Oh just because you look the part does not mean you should be meeting girls in 4 or 5 start rated hotels. Meet them in 3 or below for the best quality of women.

couchsurfing to meet girls
Is couch surfing how you meet girls? – What is couch surfing? You stay with locals from all over the world in lieu of paying for a hotels.  Usually these are students Gen X and Gen Y (millennials). Once there is an idea that is hip, everyone on the web starts writing about meeting girls while doing the coachsurfing or Uber. Unfortunately this is more hype than reality, too awkward and not the intent of these sites, you do not want to get kicked off of them for hitting on hosts.  Do not ruin things for poor travelling students.

Better would be:

Hotel lobby – If you are thinking about a “random” encounter in the hotel lobby or elevator, use your pick up targets sparingly.  That is scope the girl out and look if she has a ring or why she is ion the hotel.  If you think she is worth it go for it and try small talk and meeting latter.  Since Hotel security watches everything you do not want to use up your three tries on married women or women off the market emotionally.

Women in adjacent room or joining rooms  –  Never happened to me but always had thought about it.

Women from the same company, but on a business trip – Only if they are not married.

Stay in youth hostels –  The place to meet women in Europe on a shoestring. I have seen more love connections here than anywhere,  University students travelling and free spirits but with a little money and cheap professionals.

Go for low cost/maintenance women who stay in motels or youth hostels

Hotel and airport bars – Women in their 30s mostly in my experience travelling as a consultant. Women who are travelling on business or who are 100% single. I think Airport bars are better than hotels. You have to be well dressed. My recommendation is BrooksBrothers clothes only. Women having the international man of mystery fantasy are going to go the best dressed man in the bar.

Hotel Swimming pool – The best place to meet women for your day game. Women read a book or cuddle with their mobile phones and drink a glass of red wine.  Ask them what they are reading or get basic information of why they are in town, then ask them to “maybe’ connect latter. Always use conditional words like ‘maybe’ because women do not want to commit immediately, at least not with me. Maybe is a yes.

Women you can see during the day by the pool you can check their legs for cellulite and fat that would not be apparent in a club or they hide with clothes.  After all I am talking about a long term love connection not a pick up. You want to marry a woman that is not a coach potato, but lean and toned.

Go to the hotel pool with a book, a real book, so you are not stressing about your laptop getting stolen and a book looks and is more sophisticated then simply your smart phone. Bring a book so time is not wasted, as scoping the area might take time.  Also sit in the shade. Nothing looks more ridiculous then a sunburned tourist picking of women.

Tour buses  –  Sit near but not next to the person you want to chat up.  Simile and let them come to you.

Do you homework – Research what type of tourists are going to your destination and configure your game plan accordingly. If you are going to Dubai or the Middle East as a tourist, go for Russian women.

Whatever you do, try to lay the groundwork with research online and connect with online dating before you travel.

If you live in a town where tourists go even better, this is your home territory.

Shops around the hotel – Day game. If you are hitting on women in the hotel shops themselves it can get uncomfortable as hotel security has too much time on their hands.

Think about what you would do as a woman on vacation. Go to shops that girls would go to but, men could also go to. That is you would look funny in a 100% clothing store or yoga studios.

Hotel Cafe – Only 50-50, maybe because women drinking coffee is like men checking the business new, it is a functional things they just need to do to relax in the morning. In contract in hotel club they have their minds on something else.

What I see in my hotel lobby as a hotel manager:

  • Old ladies –  because young hot women can not afford hotels.
  • High maintenance women – On the other hand, there seems to be an endless stream of females guests who are done up, young and beautiful that parade around the lobby with their significant others. They look like runway models with long legs that taper from wide swivelling hips. They pretend to be a character from the Great Gatsby or something. Now these guys do not pay these women to escort them on their trips, but watch out. To be with a woman with high expectations has a cost that exceeds any ‘money for relations’ agreement. Mentally make invisible any girl who has material expectations or combines, even subconsciously, love and money. The purpose of this post is to recommend the types of girls in motels and hotels you want to get and how.
These girls look too rich for my blood. Kind girls mind you, just with the coffee and sunglasses and expensive dress, too much for me. Jeans and a t-shirt is more my style. I mean go for expensive girls but you are on your own.

If you are a single guy I do not recommend any luxury resort hotel to meet women.

The girl on the left seems better than above for dating. Although there are still some warning signs like over processed hair, much more in line with the idea of frugal and simple tourists.

I recommend meeting girls in cheap motels and guest houses. Sound shocking? Let me explain.

What to pack,  nice clothes, toothbrush and a smartphone. That is it. Travel light and stay in cheap hotels to get girls.

Pick up tip no cologne or deodorant – I do not use deodorant rather probiotic soap or sandalwood so it does not block my pheromones and work out (could be yoga) so your testosterone is secreting messages.

Why cheap hotel girls are who you want to marry

Any girl who is in a hotel that costs more than $59 dollars a night in any hotel in the world is a girl who is not worth the trouble for one reason or another. You will pay for expensive girls one way or another. Every guy knows there are high maintenance girls and low, please choose the latter if you want a life.

The equation is simple only hit on shapely girls with good values. A hot chick who will not hassle you. But will be a good mother for your children. Think about it. If a girl has a bad character this will affect your future children.
  1. Hot girls have no money – It is a fact that women in their twenties statistically make little money. They are just starting their career, and choose careers that could accommodate a break, for marriage and raising children. Why do you see so few female commercial airline pilots for example. It is a choice. Most girls in their 20s, you want to target for a mating, are university students or in some low paid respectable human service profession like teacher, nurse, lab worker.
  2. Girls that stay in nice hotels – Girls that have money in their 20s and even 30s are suspect – If you see a girl loaded with cash she is won a prize, a corporate shark career girl, doing something bad, or has a boyfriend/sponsor. Only the first is someone I would date. When travelling for pleasure, you do not want a resort with a concierge. Further, if travelling in the Middle East, you want a girl friendly hotel if sharing a room with their long-term girlfriends or fiancée.
  3. Take a girl to a nice hotel and you will have a fight on the trip home – Guaranteed – When girls have money in their hands too early their higher Maslowian needs are not actualized and their reptilian brain dominates. Even if you have good intentions to impress or surprises a girlfriend, do not spoil her with a trip nice hotels. There will be an argument at the resort or on the way home.  Do not spend money on girlfriends, spend them on your wife when you are married. Girls brains can not process the good life or an influx of cash out of the context of marriage, it is like a candy or cupcake that is just too sweet. I have experienced it and seen it in my hotel, trust me, take your girl to a cheap semi-run-down motel and life will be an adventure.
  • Who has more fun? The couple of driving across America in jeans, t-shirt and cheap sunglasses, in an old convertible and staying in cheap motels and eating in diners or the couple who spends the same amount on a few nights in luxury hotel where you are a cash machine.
Meet student girls or girls in their 20s with no money and low expectations.

I have met a lot of hot Russian university students in cheap hostels and lodgings, never seen one in a fancy hotel. Bed and breakfasts are for uppity American girls. I remember talking to some Russian girls in Istanbul who were spending 4 dollars a night for a bed. Go for these chicks.

One trick to get girls e-mail and mobile numbers in hotels without asking

I am not recommending this but, some guys do this; while in a hotel Internet cafe, girls on vacation check their e-mails. Glance over to the adjective computer screen and memories their e-mail address and write them. Me I think it is better to chat them up, ask for their cell phone number and meet them latter for a tour of the city, but it is an idea if you have no courage. I can not recommend it.

Business traveller temptations

If you are a business traveller and see working girls in the hotel lobby, I highly recommend you go back to your room and pull out a copy of Gideon’s. I have travelled as a consultant and an adventurer all over the world and you do not want to go down the road of hotel call girls. Even if that is why you are in town in Dubai or Amsterdam, there are a lot better place to meet females than local Mafia controlled hotel lobby ladies of the night.

Where I work – my wife is in the photo

Another temptation for business travellers is being in close proximity with women, like in elevator or at the hotel bar or pool. It just opens up the potential for spontaneous physical intimacy. My advice is resist these women. Go for poor humble girls staying in cheap hotels not business women companions. Like in the George Clooney movie Up in the Air you will find it an empty life.

What can I say? I have been there done that, and the road will Karmically lead you away from your true love. That is why I recommend the strategy of finding a girl of noble character.

Best not to ask for the mobile number of the girl working in the hotel until you are about to leave as it will make it uncomfortable for you if you try to pick up other girls in front of her.

Girls in discos and hotels are great to date and marry

The hottest girls are doing walking tours, in discos and hotels, cheap ones. Just because you meet a girl in a cheap hotel does not mean she is not nice. My wife and I were in Crimea and there were many kind girls with their friends doing harmless sight-seeing and would love to meet a guy. Just make sure they are of good morals and do not care about money, start ratings, your job or credit card, do not fuss over the conditions of the room and are grateful.

Do not go to the wrong place to collect girls phone no.

Cpt. Renault – What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?
Rick – My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.
Cpt. Renault – The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.
Rick – I was misinformed.

– From the film Casablanca 1942

Girl alone on a walking tour. Note her nice shape, because she walks and does not insist on pricey guides.

Best countries to meet good girls in youth hostels and hotels

  1. Ukraine
  2. Poland
  3. Russia
  4. South America – Peru and Chile and Argentina are my first choice
  5. India
  6. Pakistan
  7. Italy
  8. Greece
  9. Quebec
  10. UAE – Dubai
  11. Istanbul
  12. Romania
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Eastern Europe generally
  15. Mexico
  16. Thailand
  17. China
  18. Morocco
  19. Spain
  20. The South in the USA or the South West
This is what I am talking about, in the USA I would stay in a hotel like this, you will meet nice corn fed girls on driving across the country in their pick up truck and just make sure you get their number before your paths depart.

If I was single these are the countries I would travel to and find girls in hotels on vacation or at least collect a lot of mobile numbers so when you return you will have a list of girls to SMS and start a rapport. What do you think?


Using a Polish dating website to hook a woman from Poland for love

If you do not find Polish girls attractive, you are basically not into women. The purpose of this post is to guide you through one Polish dating web site A to Z to get your courtship process off on the right foot.

That is, to show you how to use the website, even if the interface is in the Polish language. Basically I spent my Sunday afternoon on the sofa translating a Polish relationship site; so you can use it for finding love, if you speak English and know nothing about the great nation of Poland.

What about the Polish language? Do not worry, almost every lady in Poland under the age of 50 speaks English to some level. Love will find a way if you are inspired, language is the last thing you should worry about. Hang arround with them and one of you will absorb the language of the other with captivating charm and serenades of sweet words. You will be SMS text messaging Polish girls with your mobile phone in no time.

  • My one request, ‘Like’ this post on Facebook or share it with your friends via e-mail, if you find it of value. I lived in Poland for a good part of my life and am a Polish citizen. I did not meet my Polish bride online. I met her in real life when I was a student in Krakow, studying, of course the Polish language.  I talk a little this real life fairy-tale here: meeting my Polish bride offline.

By the end of this post you will be able to meet the local girls from the villages, that other foreign guys do not have access to.  No one likes an over fished pond. With any luck these girls will have never been contacted or met with foreign guys. Hence you will be at least a novelty.

Step by step guide to a Polish dating website, use my screenshots below to guide you

I put a lot of work into this guide so follow the images so let me Shepard you.  Sit down and go to Work simultaneously with this guide to help you sign up. No chaperons needed after.

Your objective is to meet normal girls living in Poland, and not the ones living abroad and have become, for lack of a better word, ‘Americanized’.  The Polish dating site I recommend is not some watered down western English sub domain for Eastern Europe. It is a web that is the real deal for finding the love of your life.

My recommendation on the Polish dating website to – This is the a free Polish dating website, however, you can pay for an additional upgrade. It actually has localization options (that is if you like in the UK, Ireland or the USA). However, I recommend you try to meet the girls living in Poland, as they are the ones less influenced by feminism, unless that is what you want of course. I do not, I want a traditional faithful pure marriage.

Here are the screenshots that will guide you step by step how to use the site to chat and meet with women from Warsaw to Cracow

The first image is part of the page you see when you land on the website.

Look carefully at my notes above. They show you were to register in the Polish language. I recommend to not change the region, as indicated by the English, Irish and American buttons, but stay in the Polish language interface as this is where the largest pool of women are that think the least western towards love.

Again, do is not get intimidated by the Polish language. It is just a Slavic language which has roots in the common Indo-European languages we all speak. In the upper right hand corner, or on the big orange button find the word:’ Zarejestruj’ – this means sign up.

  • Listen up, do not use this information I give you to scam or marry a Polish girl for a visa or citizenship. I want this site only to be for real guys looking for their one true love. If you do anything with less than virtuous intentions, consider the universal law of karma and how it plays. The website, is a respectable website and does not need to be overloaded with every guy out there who wants to play females rather than looking for their bride.

The next image is the sign up:

This is pretty straight forward, add your e-mail and press the ‘Dalej’ Which means next. Then check your e-mail for confirmation. Note the guys to the left, maybe nice men, but I think you can compete with these guys for the hand a Polish lassie.

The next screenshot is simply an example of an activation e-mail.

Check your e-mail box to activate your account.

After activation you need to:

You know, fill out male or female and age so they get a basic idea who you are. I love buttons and drop down menus.

The  rest is filling out your more data and photos.

Add stylish photos, if you need help with photo editing as me. You can use to airbrush your skin to a better tone or take people out of an image. is good for fast photo editing if your image looks good from the start.

The most important thing with the photo is that you look real and normal, not scary. No one wants to see a stalker scary or overly geeky looking photo in a dating profile. Normal is good. Once you know the chicks you can send them more funny photos from your cell phone (I believe in cell phone dating by the way but that is a different story). However, at first you need to win their trust and build rapport.

You can choose the free dating option which is fine, or pay a few Polish Zloty and it is worth it as you get more features like chat.

The next screenshot you will like lots of polskie dziewczyny.

My recommendation is choose the photos that are plain-looking girls, not super model shots nor the overweight ones with short hair. You want a feminine girl how is a diamond in the rough. Someone who does not know she is beautiful and you will be the prince that will make her realize she is. Remember the story of Cinderella or any fairy-tale princess who is waiting and dreaming. In Poland this exists. Again be real and do not play these women.

This is how you look for women. Use an online translate tool if you need to or Learn some Polish adjectives but most of the buttons are clear.

Make sure you fill out information to make your profile appealing and not cliché adjective lists. Write a robust description about yourself in a flowing way so it is almost poety or a story. Paint an image with your words. Do not write you are ‘romantic’. Rather, write that ‘you can make the moon appear in the sky and the stars shine at night’ for the right princess.

Here are some translations of dating biographical and demographic information.

This is what you might see on an online dating profile in Central Europe. Do not fall out of your chair browsing these profiles.  Try to contact a few ones with quality than spamming hundreds. The shotgun approach does not work in dating as singles are immune to this nowdays.

The words you need to know to get what you are looking for.

You want to be able to navigate the basics of this Polish dating site to get the girls from Poland. I recommend you also say you live in Poland because then the website will not default to your home location.

For example, if you say in your profile that you live in Bombay, India for example or NYC the site will start showing Eastern European girls in Bombay as the default or may even redirect you to as sub domain that is of Asia. No, you want to meet Polish girls in Poland and then explain to them that you are learning about the culture and language and you have an interest in meeting them.

If you life in the UK or Ireland, which is part of the EU you could specify that this is where you live, a the women would be receptive to this.

Females to avoid in Poland

  • Girls that are flashy in photos – There are a higher proportion of ‘new Poles’ the Doda type that are hip and cool and been there done that with everyone and think they are so cool and jazzy. Avoid them like the plague. You can tell mostly by their photo, they have this kissy face or the guy cropped out, or too many photos on exotic vacations. No, you want a girl who is sitting in her humble apartment with books in the bookcase in the background or in a Polish village.
  • Women who have red flags in their dating profile descriptions – I think women who have kids are a little bit of a red flag unless you have them too. Besides that look at their profile and what they want in life.  Use online translation tools. If a woman is too sassy and smart for her own good and the profile reads like any western dating site profile. Skip it no matter how tempting her profile looks. You want a girl that is domestic. Someone what is grounded and not flighty or dizzy. Someone who displays ideals and values that are even greater than yours but you would love to aspire to. You want love to lift you up to where you belong.
  • Irreligious  – I know this is a turn off to some, but hey faithful in ideals results in faithful in marriage.

Who are you looking for?

Please ask me questions and if you like this post; and I can do more for Ukrainian and Russian dating.  Look below and ‘plus one’ me or Facebook me to share with guys you know who will find it useful, or e-mail them. Let me know if you have any questions about the country that is from the Baltic to the Tatra mountains to any of the cities from Krakow to Warsaw long the Vistula river. Ask me questions connected to relationship advice, or generally stop by my site (I am working diligently to make it a resource in a positive way) and browse photos and say hello, mingle with others and give me ideas.


Dance disco clubs in Krakow list

I generally do not recommend clubs and discos in Krakow, but here are a few I might go to if I wanted to meet girls in Krakow. I mean do you not think it is better to meet them in broad daylight when you can really see how beautiful they are?

Yes go to Krakow and meet women, but clubs are like anywhere else, hit or miss, with one exception, these females want to meet you, unlike the west. 🙂

Krakow warning: Avoid this club like the plague: VIP Club, ul. Mikołajska 4. they have been investigated for charging clients like 10,000 dollars if you use your credit card there. The Police and Krakow DA does nothing. Believe me there is still corruption in Krakow. Just do not go to these type of dance clubs they will rip you off. I personally would never ever pay by card in a Krakow club until the President of Krakow shuts scammer places like this down. Shame on Krakow to let meathead thugs rip tourists off.

Krakow bachelor parties – Krakow is a rich EU country not like in the 1990s, I would go to more far flug regions of the world, not Krakow because of places like the VIP club – and pay cash. Unless you are going for pub crawls and innocent stuff like that.

Now the warnings are out of the way, generally Krakow is the place in EE to meet girls. It is a safe, clean respectible city like London or Boston. You will be fine there.

25  Krakow Clubs I would go to – the list

  1. Klub Prozak -Placu Dominikanskim 6 –  Tourist place right in the center by the Dominican monestary (best organization in the big K) – under ground Krakow club. This almost a cliche where foreign guys pick up Polish girls.
  2. Frantic Music Club -ulicy Szewskiej –  Place to dance on a Friday night.
  3. Alchemia Kawiarnia – the best, I love it, no dance floor no electricity and a lot of artistic student chicks – Estery 5 Anytime day or night, even Sunday morning there are people there.
  4. Klub Rdza -ulicy Brackiej 3-5
  5. Klub Coco -ulicy Szpitalnej 38
  6. Prominent club – And yet another lounge in Krakow with a cool website.
  7. Club hotel Atlantic – Fitness clubs with healthy nice girls who work out and meet people -Stradomska 15
  8. Bledne Kolo Art Club -Brackiej 4 – Cool place to hang out – has two parts a small dance floor and a large series of lounge type settings with artsy images on the wall. A lot of hot chicks here.
  9. Klub Pauza -florianskiej 18.
  10. Carpe Diem II -ul. Slawkowskiej 6.
  11. Spolem Pub
  12. Ministerstwo – Popular
  13. Cien – small dance floor lots of tourists
  14. Goraczka- always lots of pretty girls there
  15. Respect – The only hiphop club, good music and girls
  16. In Blanco – Hit or miss
  17. Midgard – Your standard dance club in Krakow students meet tourists.
  18. Baccarat – Gothic looking, I like it.
  19. Lubu – Dubu
  20. Afera Ul. slawkowska 13
  21. Fantasy Park ul. Pokoju 44
  22. Taboo club- Witolda Budryka 4
  23. Klub Studio – Rynek Główny 6
  24. Klub Atmosfera – Plac Szczepański 7
  25. Harris Piano Jazz Bar- I like this one – right by the Police station, nice and safe and respectable but small has a statue of a man sitting in front with a hat- Rynek Główny 28

And a few Krakow Klubs I would skip:

  • Diva- Its OK.
  • Obsesja Dark and dirty, no girls.
  • Kitsh – Not my style.

Let me know your experinces with Krakow, clubs- dance or lounge and meeting girls. I met my beautiful wife in Krakow, and would recommend it for nice student girls to fall in love with.

Also let me know if you are a forigner from the USA,  UK or Ireland or Eygpt or India etc, and you would like to socialize n Krakow with females but have questions or I can help.


Do Indian girls make good wives?

Indian girls are desirable as wives because they like to be number two.  This is a fact.  These women like to serve you and help you be a better man. This is why women from India are good spouses. It is every man’s dream to have a submissive female who will understand you and what you need as a man.

Now, 99 million American women might bark at this idea, but 1,000 million Indian, Bangladesh and NRI women like the idea and will serve you with an affable smile, while simultaneously looking sensual as ever.

This might be one of the reasons American girls are irritated when, our guys go abroad to find a foreign brides. A gawky lass from the village, beats a ‘strong woman’ from the USA any day of the week. Modernists might belittle it, but let the truth be told, these marriages are the happiest. Further, let’s be honest, do not ladies secretly want to live in the world of Laura Ingalls, where roles were defined and family dynamics were in a word ‘simpler’? My thesis is Indian girls make good wives. Find out why.

Females from this Asian subcontinent have something called modesty. What does this virtue have to do with dating, love and marriage? Everything.

Contrary to poplar culture, not showing all your assets, is something that can heighten eroticism rather than dampen it. Generally, American women do not understand this, with style and dress. In contrast, Indian girl’s parents have encourage their children to keep their modesty, because it will buy them time to make the better or wiser choices in life regarding mate selection (and yes Indians do have choice in their dating).

  • What the TV show Survivor can teach you about selecting a bride. Modesty goes hand in hand with humility and learning one’s role in on this planet.  What is a wife’s role in this earth? Let me explain with this example. I was watching the TV show Survivor One World. When the two tribes were men Vs. women, the men’s tribe build a nice shelter and fire relatively fast. It was like one million years of programming kicked in. On the other hand, the women were sauteing snails and making a nice meal and supporting each other, but their shelter was lame. I believe men and women are equal, but one million years of evolutionary programming is something hard to override. Is it too radical to suggest a woman’s roles is to first take care of her family in a nurturing way, then purse a career and a man’s is first to take care of his family in a financial way, then pursue his hobbies? What is wrong with that? Indian culture does this and marital relations are more harmonious than Western Europe. The woman is the family caregiver and the man is the paternal martial head. The world is changing and we are not chained to these roles if someone hears the beat of a different drummer, they can live freely as they choose. I like this and each person should choose their own path. But me, I am a traditional guy in the sense I want my wife to have humility and modesty, don’t you?

Other desirable characteristics that make Indian females good wives

  1. Indian women love to be number two as mentioned, is the most important.  They like the idea of supporting their husbands who is their hero. Hard to believe if you are a Western girl but it is true. I know scores of Indians and every family unit functions this way. Indian women want to be number two and walk one step behind their man. What is so bad with a monogamous nuclear family?
  2. Cook – I routinely go to Bay Avenues in Jacksonville to get Indian food. Indian food not only taste exotic, but your Indian wife will cook it for you. I know no  guy from Bhārat Gaṇarājya, that does not have a meal prepared when he gets home.  Research shows positive correlation between culinary skills of the girl standing at the altar and martial happiness, factoring out exogenous variables and considering multicollinearity. Think about it.
  3. Slim – Unless it is an old school lady from the countryside using lots of Ghee, Indian women stay thin longer. In stark, contrast their western counter parts self-inflate.
  4. Stylish, in designer silk sarees they look interesting, in western clothes they blow away many western girls in shape. Just look at any Bollywood Indian actress, they have this wide hip and wide buttock with a thin waist look. In jeans they look brilliant. However, never judge a girl from behind.
  5. Will not divorce you – unless you are a total wife abusing half-ogres or Orc they will stay with you. Feminism and chauvinism has cause dysfunctional families and children to have emotional scares. If you can spare young ones from this, I think a little traditional adherence to one’s vows is not as perverse as the extracurricular illicit behavior prevalent in our society?
  6. India is a cool place, it gave us Yoga, Chess, Buddhism, Ayurveda medicine.
  7. You will never get bored exploring India with the rich history.
  8. If you ever are not doing well with money, you can move to low-cost India.  I mean it is not what you make but much the world cost around you. If you are like me a freelancer and have a low-cost second home, life can be very nice.
  9. You know Indian culture is not too far from Europeans. Not that that matters, but if an Indian has western clothes she can look Italian. Again this does not matter but you would never have to worry about attracting too much attention if you do not want this. I remember I went out with an Indian girl in my hometown just a friend. Everyone was going me looks like I was doing something crazy. But now days, it does not matter. Indians are our cousins from the same branch of the Indo-European migration out of Africa.
  10. Indian people are nice. I have rarely had a problem with an Indian. Because of 10,000 years of spirituality and warm weather they are pretty laid back warm people.
  11. Did you ever read the book Kama Sutra? I find it hard to believe a culture that produces such physical poetry would be boring in between the sheets.
  12. I do not know why, but Indian girls look sensual in glasses. Maybe it has something to do with their predominate facial features, but have you ever seen a trendy Desi girls with designer glasses?
  13. Hindu weddings are something you will not forget, colorful and joyous and the bridal trousseau are something out of a male fantasy.

Being a good wife does not mean being repressed or dominated over

It needs to be said, that I am for women and support organizations that empower women.  I am not for ghunghat  wife gender seclusion nor for marriages that are based on dowry or a too young age.  I just think we do not society has to rewrite every gender script to empower women. Women can be good brides, yet become empowered with connectivity and technology coupled with entrepreneurship (How mobile phones change women in India) make money, pursue their dreams and even argue and talk back to their husbands. This is normal as long as they are committed to the seriousness of their betrothal promise.

I am working on developing an Indian dating site (called But until then, you can check out my post on Indian mobile girls numbers or explore some of my other posts that can give you ideas on dating in the land or Delhi or Mumbai.


Florida girls

The purpose of this post is to give you a rundown on the girls of Florida for love, dating and marriage. Are these beach beauties worth it? And you American guys know what I mean by worth it. With modern girls  there is a whole package deal, feminist programming, high risk of flight factor, disposition to self-inflate once they are married, a past and a story, ego and career at least equal to husband and materialistic inclinations. So why date a Florida girl.just because they look good in a bikini? Because the world is complex and these are just generalizations and there are some females in Florida that are wife material, I guess. But either way relax and enjoy the photos.

By the way most of these photos are of ladies in their 20s, early 20s. Extrapolate out a few years and add an attitude of entitlement and the lips of honey will soon sting of vinegar. So do not be deceived.

Cultures of Florida women

Did you know 16.7% of the population of Florida is foreign-born? 18.9% speak Spanish.  It’s true that is like one in six people walking down the street. Even my wife and daughter is foreign-born. One in five speak Spanish as their first language.  So to understand Florida understand who lives there in addition to the Anglos.

  • Indian girls in Florida are located in the Bay Meadows area of South Jacksonville. In Orlando they are more spread out, in Lake Mary, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, and Windermere. I have no problem with Indian women, I think it is more a matter of do Indian girls marry American guys.
  • African-American girls in Florida (not foreign but different from WASP culture)  are located more to the north and the center. This is because in the horrible time of slavery, there were large plantations in these areas. Further, coastal Florida tends to draw retired white people from the north-east.
  • Spanish women of Florida are concentrated around Miami. In the 1950s there were large immigrants from Cuba that established South Florida as a hub for Latin Americans. The ones that came in the 1950s are rich. But also now an influx of other people from South America. I can not tell you how many Brazilians or Peruvians I have met in Jacksonville. Realistically not a bad pool of potential brides.
  • I hear the Polish language all over Florida.  I thought my wife would miss her native tongue, but now we find we can not get away from it. Down my street on the beach is a Polish cafe.  On that same note since I moved to Florida from Eastern Europe I can tell you there is a stark difference between these Southern belles (and Yankee transplants) from the Sunshine state and the girls of dark cloudy Eastern Europe.

The girls of Florida are as follows:

Women of North East Florida
Jacksonville is the redneck Riviera, Imagine monster trucks driving on the beach. Oh my. It also happens to be both the divorce capital of Florida in terms of percentages and ironically a Bible belt city.  I can only explain this phenomenon in three ways.  First, there are a lot of military families there and service brings stress on the family unit. Second, it is an ethically Anglo-Saxon Protestant center, and these believers accept divorce as the reformation in England was based on it. Third, it seems just to be part of the culture.

Everyone I know is divorced in North East Florida with some exceptions. When I did taxes, I had to profiled people about their marital status and family history. People were in multiply marriages and mothers had children from with multiple guys and were still single. I was very turned off by this.

I did not see this as much in Italian and Irish Catholic Boston and certainly did not see this in Poland. The only people I meet after doing lets say one hundred tax returns that were married and happy were a few poor African-American families and a very Christian families living on the edge of poverty but sticking together for better or worse.

Now on Anastasia Island where I live and St. Johns county in general it is different. This is because it has the best schools in Florida and many people sacrifice career and location just to live here with their families so their kids can go to school in a nice area. Therefore, it is more normal with the family unit intact. Further, the kids growing up in St. Johns have a more normal perspective of a two parent model for their family unit. Therefore, I think that a large percentage  of St. Augustine girls and St. Johns county girls are alright.

Minorcan girls are pretty nice but if you marry one, they have a pretty strong tradition that you stay and live here because they have been here 500 years.

St. Augustine beach girls are pretty good, mostly Flagler college girls that has stuck around to raise a family or surf. Not bad, but still not like the beauties of Eastern Europe.

I am coming to the conclusion it is the food. The US food supply, milk, meat, eggs and poultry is choked with fat producing hormones and maybe even other hormones and androgens consumers.

Just further, south in Palm Coast there is nothing there but young families taking advantage of the Real Estate crisis and retired people last generation who got their gold watch and dream was to play golf in Florida.

The you have Daytona. I would not find a girl in Daytona unless she was visiting on spring break. To me it conjures up images of cheap motel 6 type hotels and people riding motorcycles with tattoos. Maybe twenty years ago it was nice but not now.

Once you get to Palm country there are a lot of white (and blue) haired old ladies driving white Cadillacs slowly. Not a place to find women.

Miami is a mecca for beautiful girls in bikinis. However, it is a bit plastic for me. I would tend to go to the Spanish girls. If it is good enough for Matt Damon it is good enough for me. I know a number of Spanish girls from our Basilica and they are nice family oriented. One lady I know has nine kids.

Russians in Miami are everywhere. There are Russian Jews and Slavic Russians. It does not matter both are pretty, but make sure their moral compass are intact. I have made this point over and over again, that the Soviet Union was effective in eradicating religion. The question is what replaced it?

Central Florida is horse country. I know more than one homesteading type families that raise kids in a nice normal way.

West Coast of Florida I do not know much about. I think there is a lot of traffic and retired people except in the panhandle where you find some deep south culture.

Despite the photos,  on a whole I would not date a girl from Florida. You can browse dating profiles at POF and  I think POF and Craigslist gives you a more realistic representation.  girls have such high expectations.

I mean you have girls 30 years old and even 40 still listing such silly things as what they want, like 80,000 dollars income, Italian, never married, and likes to get crazy.  What the deuce? About romance and love and Shakespeare and classical music and long walks while talking about God or philosophy and the meaning of life. I mean you guys make up your own mind. I hope you enjoyed some of these photos of Florida, but my recommendation is go somewhere else to find your bride and live in Florida once you are married, I did.

Find a Date

Rating girls 1-10

How to find the girl for you? In a nutshell, you want a beautiful girl with low self-esteem.  I know this sounds like radical advice but trust me. Rating girls 1-10 (even if guys do not do it formally, but make an evaluation on looks) is where most guys fail and it destroy their lives. Let me explain, when rating a girl out of 10 for a potential bride, use my adjusted rating scale for evaluating a woman’s attractiveness. It is not what a girl looks like that counts, rather, it is her attractiveness divided by her self perceived attractiveness. This ratio is how you rate a girl from 1 to 10. It is an analytical ratio of one factor relative to another, not a raw number. Ratios tell the real story of female desirability.

  • For example, if you meet a girl who is a perfect 10 on a scale from 1 to 10, yet she believes is a 10, then her rating is 1.0 rather than 10.0.  That is because the amount of head games she will put you though just to be with her pretty face or let you hold her pneumatic milk glands at some level will drive you away.

She has most likely been corrupted by a  society of gawking men (and women mind you) and complimenting her and holding doors open all her life. Her ego is so large that it clouds her beauty. Alas, this beauty/ego ratio will resolve itself all in good time.

Summer’s lease is all too short – William Shakespeare

What happens when her looks fade what will you be left with but a 5 with a huge ego and expectations no human could satisfy? Yes, there will be a deflation of her ego but do you really want to be the guy to teach her about wisdom?

Girls with low self-esteem that are the most attractive

Find a hot girl. Then ask her to rate herself. If she says anything from a 1 to 5 you keep her. For example, a girl who is a perfect 10 in your eyes, and rates her self a 4 her real rating is 10/4 or 2.5 on an adjusted scale. This girl is rated a ten in my book. Remember since we are using a scientific ratio here, rather than a simple ordinal ranking, the numbers will be lower. A 2.5 is like one in a billion find or more (think of the bell curve).  More likely an American girl would be a 4, but rate herself a 7 which means she is a .57. You can see the scale is different and the numbers and analysis does not correlate with a naive girl rating out of 10.

Nothing robs a female of her beauty more than ‘a girl who knows it all’, talks loud, and has been there done that with other guys, is so cool and thinks herself beautiful and has an inflated ego. Ironically these girls are the ones with no style, fleshy, tattoos and swear like a sailor.

People might refute me and say girls with low self-esteem are dangerous, because once they develop self-confidence then the flight factor increases exponentially. I do not find that the case. I think a lot of our core personality is determined as teens. Even me, I would say to some extent I am still a skinny, shy 17-year-old guy. I know this is not the reality but it has taken a lifetime for me to over come by insecurities. So if you find a girl who is hot with low self-esteem she is a keeper.

Still you might hem and haw, but contrast that with an American girl who has an inflated ego and is a size 10 or 12 and her chin in the air and an uppity bounce to her step.

Better is to find a slim leggy girls with wide hips and long submissive hair with slightly rounded shoulders because she does not believe in herself fully. Then rescue her and make her world complete. I mean this is wha girls do for us guys, make us complete.

What is you are a girl with low self-esteem? Paradoxically you probably are a real life cinderella or sleeping beauty, you just do not believe it.

Where to find beautiful girls with low self-esteem?

Not in the USA or the UK as a rule. American culture pumps girls up to make them think they are goddesses. Let me give you an example.

I met this single mom at the playground the other day. She is middle-aged and more than a little fat and grey. She was saying she would like to move to a big city, because when she live in NYC she used to meet all kinds of cute guys just reading a book at a cafe. What planet is this girl from? Maybe when she was 23 and single, but why did she divorce her husband anyway (she left him because ‘he needed to change, in many small ways’)? Does she really think the world of men will still waiting to fall all over her? Yeah, we are waiting for you honey.

Here is another example to contrast that with.

I remember like 15 years ago on my first trip to Russia,  this bagged out American female travel agent who I was buying the flight tickets from, was making fun of this guy who met a nice humble girl in Russia and married her. What is wrong with that, I though? Better than being stuck with a closed-minded hag like you. I am sure to this day they are still happily married.

Go West young man (Mark Twain) and South and East but make sure you go far enough to cross an ocean (Admin).

Go to Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, India, Asia, South America, Africa, everywhere this western feminist culture has not poisoned the well. There you will find girls who are rustic and naturally beautiful but do not have overly inflated egos (are not pains in the butts).  Girls who study languages, and music and have a classical education with an interest in literature and interest in travel.

An apology to American women

Not all American women are egotistical or lack humility. Many are beautiful and sweet girls who do develop their mind and spirits and travel etc. It is just that seems to be the exception rather than the rule and the girls who are like this have a lot of alpha males trying to play them.  They often become bitter as a result. It is not their fault it is the times we live in.

I would equally recommend American women to consider to unplugging from this cycle of dating that leads nowhere and consider other cultures that are more congruent with your world view.

Find a girl who is attractive not by society’s standard but by your valuation of beauty

Better is to find a perfect ten. Someone who is out of this world in terms of attractiveness. Not who the world thinks is 10, mind you, but who you personally do. Someone who is your ten. Many girls who are rated beautiful by society are not. They are a false light. I have made this point in my post about what is attractive on girls.

Metaphor to drive the point home about what is attractive on a girl

Would you rather have artificial flourescent lights in your home, or in contrast, your house or workspace be illuminated by natural light shining though an arched window or skylight or even stained glass? And so it is with women’s beauty. Natural and subtle are the best. Appearance and looks that do not stand out or are artificially altered by the beauty industry, and it is a business.

Society turns their head for the flashiest girls and rates them the highest. Ignore those ridiculous and chauvinistic sites that rate girls or rank the most beautiful women. Or people who has some cookie cutter conception of how a girl should look, and girls painfully strive to fit this model.

What the beauty industry conveys is false about relative attractiveness and female ratings

For example, the beauty industry might convey a girl with a little turned up English nose is beautiful and a roundish face a ‘all American body’.  However, my wife has more of a classical Roman nose with high cheekbones which is more striking for me. She also has dark features with disproportionately long legs which I like. The geekiest non-conventionally looking girls are the highest rated. There is a strange beauty in disproportionately.  You have to find the mate for you, that really wins you had turns your world upside down.

Another one of my friend (George) is obsessed with big jugs. His weighting scale on this factor is skewed in my view. If he does not tread carefully he could make a mistake in choosing is mate on this raking factor.

My point is you have to find what is your ten, your beauty.  Then make sure she is part of a real fairy-tale fantasy script, that is she needs to be rescued. Not some modern-day revisionist feminist fairy-tale where the girls does not need to be rescued and once she is married she will turn to her friends on girls night out, ‘oh my husband, he is such an idiot’ (it happens). Find your low-self image girl who will knock your socks off in terms of looks.  This will be your girl rated a perfect 10. Rating girls 1-10 is fun as long as you know what you are doing. Let me know what you think of my recommendation on how to rate girls (physical rating/girl’s self perceived attractiveness rating).


Bangalore girls – Where not to meet women in Kannada

Bangalore girls

After 11 pm in Bangalore it is like a black and white silent movie, there is no action in the picking up girls scene because of the 11:30 curfew. Metaphorically from an women’s perspective,  like Cinderella at the ball,  their Uber rides turns back into a round pumpkin again because of the 11:30 curfew. Does this mean love on the Deccan Plateau is flat? I do not see it that way.  Like this on FB is you agree.

Panchatantra and Hitopadesha tells the tale the The Brahmin’s Wife and the Mongoose which is popular in Karnataka. The moral of the story is find a wife who is not rash to judge and whose actions are tempered by wisdom.

The world is your oyster, and you deserve all the good pleasures in life if you have money or not. My definition of pleasure is true love. So why waste time with Western girls who will mess with your head. You want a nice girl; and one stop I recommend on your world-wide quest for your one and only true love (the only quest in life worth anything) is Bangalore, India. If you live in Bangalore, this post will also help you, as it is packed with specific and up to date places and ways to meet girls in Bangalore. If you are a foreigner this post will help you also find places to meet girls in a nightlife setting. The purpose of this post is to tell you where to meet girls in Bangalore for love. However, just as important where not to start is where not too meet females in Kannada.

There are girls you want to date and marry and there are girls you do not, know the difference.

Avoid these pick up spots Bangalore

Let me explain, there are literally hundreds of respectable places that are easy to meet nice girls in Bangalore, maybe thousands. The problem is tourists are directed to the bad places. I know, I am a perpetual tourists around the world. If you ask any cab driver or just wander the streets in a foreign city like I do, and try to get lost and unlost, you can find yourself, in the land of temptation.

India is a confusing place. In a word chaotic.  You can easily be swept up in the ebb and flow of the wrong currents and land yourself in a place where temptation is stronger than your will to resist when it comes to females. In the land of temptation, even if your will is strong, your flesh is weak.

The strange thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as frightening. God and the devil are fighting the battlefield of a man’s heart.  – Feodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

This is why I first want to outline places where bad Bangalore girls go, so you know not to get swept into these.

Places to avoid and not let the cab driver take you to pick up girls in Bangalore

  • Avoid the bad Bangalore girls squatting down in high heals and short black dresses checking their mobile phone on the  BIA road between the CBI flyover junction and the  Hebbal campus of UA. Also do not chat or make eye contact with any females in front of the veterinary college, nor approach them as they site packed into a white Maruti vans with bunches of other girls in this area. Eye contact for girls is a sign of flirtation.

I feel bad for these girls.

This area they really need to clean up.  The only reason police do not do anything about it is alleged they take money and turn their heads.

  • Similarly on Cunningham Road, between Foodworld and Chandrika hotel, do not go there as well as MG Road, and further Cunningham Road – arround the Chandrika hotel and Palace road Jn.

What the word Dance bar means in Bangalore

Dance bars in Bangalore – this might seem innocent by the name but really, when you are looking for this type of club do not expect some dance club where college girls go for fun, rather, more for business, if you know what I mean.  The women are scantily clad and their ages are questionable. Avoid these places. Dance bars are not the places you want to go, do not be confused. In 2005 contact dance clubs of this sort were technically made illegal. However, they simply reinvent themselves in different forms.

Do you want to see that life is like for women in India giving their bodies in dance bars  what the 2001 film Chandni Bar by Madhur Bhandarkar, it is pretty realistic and good. Basically they use their bodies for money.

Russian girls in Bangalore

Russian girls love warm exotic weather. India is a cheap place for them to travel. India is generally a safe place and non threatening. So if you want to meet Russian girls in Bangalore you will have no problem. I estimate there are about 13,523 Russian girls in Bangalore for various reasons. That is a lot but with 5.8 million people in the city and over 10, million in the metro area that puts it in perspective (just a demographic note 79% Hindu, 13% muslim and 6% christian). But these are usually single girls willing to date and meet guys.

You want to meet a Russian girl in Bangalore you can. Write me in the comments, and I can tell you how but this is beyond the scope of this article.

The solution for turning bad girls away from working the streets
You know a lot of papers and hype is written to make the world aware of this issue, but I studied economics. I think, that laws and enforcement are not as effective as economics. When a region country develops, fewer girls will be tempted to be working girls. This will always exists but to eliminate such social problems honey is better than vinegar, that is economic progress. Similarly the best form of population control is when a country develops economically.

Non traditional places to pick up girls in Bengaluru

The top of my list is Rain Dance on 28th km Mysore Road. My recommendation is at least give this water infused party a try. This pool party type atmosphere specifically is geared towards matching and dating.

Where I really recommend to collect girls mobile numbers

Yoga classes

Come on, of you are doing downward facing dog with a Bangalore girl next to you, sparks might fly. 100% of my friends who do Yoga meet girls in class. Here are a list of yoga centers you want to try.

Yoga studios in Karnataka to potentially meet a girl

There are even western women on vacation going to these, hint hint.


Jayachamarajendra Museum

Government Museum

Kempegowda Museum

Folklore Museum (Mysore)

Does this sound crazy? It was always near the top recommended places to meet women with class, now that bookstores are passe. I mean come on, the quality of female you will meet in a museum is higher than you would meet by hitting on them in a cafe generally. And if you are not interested than you will at least learn something.

Hot girls go to museums, full stop.

Finding that material girl or not

If your pockets jingle with the sound of precious metal or coins – Garuda mall or Bangalore central are night spots where guys go, if your pockets jingle with the sound of precious metal or coins.

M.G.road or Mahatma Gandhi Road – You can figure this out yourself,I am not recommending anything yet I always had luck chatting up pretty women walking women down the street.

I do not recommend material women as it is the opposite of women should be. Women should be maternal not material. If you want to explore this can you research this

Although the city prohibits activities after 11:30 because of a curfew and Nightclubs do not allow people in after 11 o’clock.

To meet girls seems a bit of a challenge. But is it not always when it comes to girls?

A trick to meet girls in a non conventional way

One of my favorite tactics for picking up women in clubs, that is going to sleep and waking up at 2:00 am and going to a club to hit on girls at 3:00 after they have been hit on by guys who have had too much to drink, can not be used in Bengaluru (I do not drink, I just have a thirst for picking up women, it is less self-destructive and more fun). You do not have to sleep with them, just make out with them and get their number.

Therefore if you want to meet a girl in Bangalore you have to start around 8 p.m. In this will give you three and a half hours to dance and chat them up.

Bengaluru is Silicon Valley of India, the southern IT tech center, full of of 8.52 million people in the metro area and 8.42 in the city proper. This means there are about 2.5 million single women in Bengaluru if you calculate the numbers since it is demographically a young city. This means that if you can not find a girl than your approach is wrong.

Bengalūru or ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು clubs to meet girls I personally have reviewed

No Limmits – located at 8, 2nd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, Magrath Road – This is my personal recommendation as it is a dance club and girls like to dance as it is an expression of their sensuality in a respectable controlled way.

i-bar – located 14/7, MG Road

windsor pub – located on 1st Main Road, Vasanth Nagar

When I go to clubs I do not drink, rather only fruit juice or water. It dampens your ability to talk to women. Some guys use it because it lowers social inhibitions but for me it lowers the whole experience.

Nightclubs in Bangalore to be avoided as girls here are no the best for a long-term relationship

  • Bar bar dekho  – Not a place to meet nice girls. You walk in and it looks more like a line up of women in dresses with high slits going up their legs, than a place to dance.
  • Star Nights Bar & Restaurant – Kapali theater on Subedar Chatram Road, Gandhi Nagar
  • Brigade Gardens Bar at Brigade road – sleezy
  • Priya lodge near the central station- sleezy
  • Dance Club at the end of Race Course road near (Nanda circle).
  • Dance club on the Majestic Circle (Entertainment Plaza)
  • Better but still to be avoided
  • Saga (Residency Rd.
  • Ballerina (Residency Rd.)
  • Melody: (Majestic) – Majestic, cotton pet main road, in and around shivaji nagar

Koramangala girls that are met in places like those listed above take a rain check on. These are personally researched or friends have told me about who are on the ground in Bangalore and live there. So the information is solid.

Make inroads with Kannadiga girls online
Lets again start with where not to look. If you are looking for love with Local Kannadiga girl I can not recommend Locanto or Craigslist. It is a huge misconception that these sites have any value to find true love.

They are used by guys to find girls with different motives, that is money. These sites are not worth checking as these are organized businesses offering females, not girls looking for sincere love. Even if I was looking for the other thing (use your imagination), I would not go for this as these are not the type of establishments I would like to support.  They are not poor local Aunties looking to make the rent at the end of the month. They are cold calculating business owners offering girls who might even be forced to work in that industry. Not my idea of a good time. Any Indian girl mobile number found online is not worth pursuing.

Better is – Shadi is trusted and known. Not that the above websites are not, but come on, look at the girls on Locanto, most likely not the type you want to marry. Maybe you do, what do I know, just seems a little sleazy to me.

Places  not in cyber land I can recommend in Bangalore to meet hot beauties

There are a zillion recommendations scattered on the web written by people who do not know what house or trance music is. My purpose here is to bring my recommendations that are good pick up stops for good girls together in a relevant list for single guys to pick up respectable women. The list is heavy on dance clubs, trance, house, hip hop and DJ clubs in Bangalore because, women like to dance. I think it is instinctive to attract men.

Bangalore Nightlife clubbing list

Places I recommend if you start early and can go club hopping:

  • Athena Nightclub, Bar & Pub HAL Airport Road,Bangalore
  • The Mine Nightclub Madhava Nagar,Bangalore
  • The Biere Club
  • Bar & Pub, Restaurant
  • Vittal Mallya Road,Bangalore
  • The Club Bar & Pub, Hotel Nayanda Halli,Bangalore
  • Hint Lounge – Bar & Pub, Nightclub Residency Road,Bangalore
  • Purple Haze 13th Floor, Bartn Centre, M G Road Bengaluru -More of a rock and roll than a disco
  • Minarva Circle Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd, Doddamavalli, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru
  • The 13th Floor 84, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru
  • Opus 4, 1 Main, Vasanth Nagar – I highly recommend this place.
  • Via Milano –  Peripheral Road, Koramangala Bengaluru
  • Bounce here – Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru
  • Cross Over – Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Eclipse Arc Club – Wide Tunnel Road, Murgeshpalya
  • Funky Town – Residency Road
  • Inferno The Club – 7th Mile, Mysore Road
  • JJ’s –  Airport Road
  • The Rocks Dominion Allasandra –  Bellary Road
  • Splash Club Cabana – Jade Garden, Bellary Road
  • Titanic Entertainment – Terminus Club, Chache Towers, Residency Road
  • Winging in the Hip City of Bengaluru
  • Athena Nightclub, Bar & Pub HAL Airport Road,Bangalore
  • The Mine Nightclub Madhava Nagar,Bangalore
  • The Biere Club
  • Bar & Pub, Restaurant
  • Vittal Mallya Road,Bangalore
  • The Club Bar & Pub, Hotel Nayanda Halli,Bangalore
  • Hint Lounge – Bar & Pub, Nightclub Residency Road,Bangalore
  • Purple Haze 13th Floor, Bartn Centre, M G Road Bengaluru -More of a rock and roll than a disco
  • Minarva Circle Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd, Doddamavalli, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru
  • The 13th Floor 84, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru
  • Opus 4, 1 Main, Vasanth Nagar – I highly recommend this place, lots of space and music I like.
  • Via Milano –  Peripheral Road, Koramangala Bengaluru
  • Bounce here – Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru

Let me know, if you find any inaccuracies or reviews of these clubs to find women in Kannada.

This site is about picking on hot chicks for love and marriage not about meeting homely plain girls with no juice. You want to marry a hottest girl you can, you know the one that looks better than a Bollywood model, one not resist chasing her around the house.


Russian girls like Indian guys – Indians men dating Russians women

The Russian girls Indian guys question which I see so often. It  puzzles me to no end. I mean this is like one of the most frequent questions I hear. I get, ” hey  Mark, do Russian girls date Indian guys, and if so how can I meet them?”  What a crazy question.

The other strange question I get is “do you think White girls should date Indian men”. What the deuce kind of question is that?

Let me put it out there. I have two Russian girl friends who married Indian guys and so what. Who cares? As long as they are happy why not?

  • This post will give you concrete ways a guy from Indian can optimizes his looks and where to look for a Russian girl.

Russian girls in perspective

  • Russian guys like Russian girls
  • American guys like Russian females
  • Indian guys like Russian women
  • Latino guys like Russian ladies

Basically everyone wants to date a Russian girl, no surprises there, so when I hear questions about Indian guys and Russian girls dating it makes not sense to be because it is obviously OK and normal.

India will be the world

I think basically India and Indians will be the future of the world if you look at demographics. Basically you can add up all of North and South America and Europe and it does not equal the country of Indian in terms of population and demographic growth. Russian population in contrast is in a nose dive.

More on the Russian population

It is a mix of Asian and European. This is part of their history. I mean the Russian national poet Pushkin was part African. Mix marriages and dating are only a big a deal as you make them in your mind. The ideal is we are all citizens of the world and there are no boundaries or borders. I married someone from the other side of the world and it is nothing less than magical. So Russians dating Indians is no big deal for me.

When Russian girls dislike Indian guys

The reason I see Indian guys fail in dating women from Moscow or Kiev (I know this is Ukraine) is when the Indian guy is rigid about their culture. They can not transcend style or custom and be more European. Sorry but its true. Russian girls have high standards on culturally determined things like fashion and style.

I know it is unfair but attraction is largely culturally determined. I have seen Indian guys wear Italian and French style clothes and hairstyle and they look like a European male model. Indians and Europeans are basically related genetically so why would they not.

Look at the male Bollywood stars they know how to jazz up their style.

Therefore, if  you are a guy from Bombay or Kerala and want to date a girl from St. Petersburg, sex up your style.

How Indian guys can increase their style and attractiveness for European girls

  • Get a cool haircut where it is spike up a little – You guys have great dark hair, a lot of blond women go for this, so get a good haircut. Style it right, be natural not too much gel or cream.
  •  Misconception about scent and attraction – On that note, no cologne or aftershave or perfumes or any scents that are artificial, maybe odorless deodorant. I can not tell you how many Indian guys I am friends with turn girls off with cologne. I mean many guys do this not just men from India. It is a common mistake. Women go for pheromones produced by you, not cheap knock off cologne scents. Trust me on this one.
  • You can be a vegetarian but beef up your shape – If you can, beef it up a little. It is not too important but if you can work out a little it does not hurt.
  • Golden voice  – practice your voice and how to charm a girl. Indian English is a little different from European English. I use to teach English to foreigners and I think it is really hard to change your way of speaking English but if you can smooth it out a little it would help. Again these are all culturally determined things and do not feel self-conscious, I am trying to help you out. Download something like a Audacity voice program and practice your voice and dialogue to sound more like a Bollywood start. With a good voice and rap you can charm many women.
  • Clothes like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan – I do not know the brand name clothes in India like I know J. Crew in the USA for example, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to have  a few good styles from brand name Indian stores that make you look good. If you wear whatever clothes you will not get a Russian gal. You need to look like a male model. I can recommend some clothes and styles if you need me to just ask. But remember to look good you do not have to spend money, and yes you already look good. Do not doubt yourself.
  • Fly solo –  learn to pick up Eastern European girls alone not with a group of other Indian guys. Too intimidating.  Now I like this about Indian culture that guys and girls travel in groups, but it is better to be alone and one-on-one with an Eastern Slavic girl. This is my personal experience after living in Eastern Europe for like a decade.
  •  Turn the fact that you are from India into your greatest asset – Believe in yourself – A lesson from former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger – take the thing that is your self perceived weak point (his was his arms) and make it your forte. He was known for that. I do not mean lift weights, although it does not hurt, I mean if you are self-conscious because you are an Indian guy and you think know Russian girl will go for you because you are from India, learn to override that thinking. Make being from India a positive exotic point when trying to chat up Russian women. Probe them, if they are in to Yoga play that up, if they are into vegetarian food play that u, if they are into chess play that up. A Lot of Northern European chicks dream of warm exotic places, bring it up that India is loaded with places like this and it is cheap. Make the fact you are an Indian male, your selling point to a Russian studentka.

 Where to meet Russian girls:

I outline this in detail on my website.I mention websites like, and Browse my website and I am sure you can find scores of recommendations tested, checked and reviewed by me. If you have questions how to sign up let me know.

I would like to suggest one additional website and that is I write the guys who runs this and in my opinion it seems like a clean operation.

Let me know if you have any questions about Indian guys and Russian girls. I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life and I think I can give some specific advice, so do not be shy just ask.


Goa girls

When Jason Bourne escaped and laid low, he chose the exotic Western coastal state of Goa. The only issue is he brought his girlfriend!

There is a expression:

Who brings sand to a beach?

I have a better one:

Who brings a beautiful girl to Goa?

The Goa beach area is the place in Konkan, or India to meet women that are out of this world. If you want to experience, Khoobsurat,  Dilkash beauty, why not look for a girl in Goa?

Live long and Prosper

Ultimate Goa nightclub  guide

In this post, you will find a list of nightlife venues to go based on experience. If you live in Goa or will travel there, consider my list of places to meet girls in Goa.  If you like Raves, parties, trance or house style clubs, I have reviewed them and here to give you the insider’s guide.

Clubs are where I recommend you meet girls

What kind of girls will find in Goa?

  • Indian Goan hotties – Marriage material
  • Russian girls – Adventurous with fewer inhibitions because of the influence of post-Soviet culture
  • American women – Hippie girls, Yoga enthusiast and a few middle-aged aunties looking to find themselves
  • Commonwealth girls (Aussie, Kiwi, UK)

With golden beaches and laid-back atmosphere of Goa is a center for alternative lifestyle traveler’s paradise. If you like local girls or foreign travel girls it is a place worth checking. It is a relaxed place to meet a bride.

You do not have to be anything special to meet a girl in a club, you just have to dress stylish. That is it.

Although beautiful, thin Indian girls are ubiquitous, it is a hub for western tourists in India. The reason it is an international dating area goes beyond Goa’s wide white sand beaches and European connection. Historically it was an ancient capital region, Gopakapattana.

Go to House clubs and Rave Clubs. One of my wive’s first questions to me was do I like House music. Girls like music and dance.

Like all regions of the world, it has a mixed history. Goa was a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years.  Therefore, you see people of different facial features here. Similarly, see many European last names and styles departing from the Dravidian south Indian look. Another manifestation of Western influence is statistically 27% of the people in the regiron are Catholic (Catholics in Goa).

Mix nationalities in Goa

Therefore, with a mix of ethnicities, travelers and culture Goan girls are strikingly exquisite.

Calangute beach

If I was fishing for girls, I think the best areas are the unexplored regions of this state, not the place where every western tourist goes. As a man of the world, you need to zig when other people zag. Maybe Monsoon season is not a bad time from that perspective to go clubbing, it is kind of fun.

Here is the list of places to go in Goa to connect with  Russian girls, Kazakh girls, Kiwi or other traveling girls and of course Indian women. These are my recommendations.

These are some clubs all North of Panaji

Nightlife in Goa – best clubs to meet girls

  • Calangute beach
  • Candolim
  • Morjim
  • Baga
  • Margao
  • Curlies, South Anjuna Beach
  • Waters, Vagator
  • Saturday night bazaar at Arpora
  • The alcove: overlooking Ozran Vagator beach
  • Temptations: Red Cab Inn,  below Starco’s crossroads, Vagator beach
  • Tito’s Lane at Baga beach
  • Club Cubana, Arpora
  • Ziggy’s at Colva beach
  • Chronicle, Vagator
  • LPK, Nerul
  • Shiva Valley, South Anjuna Beach
  • Johnny cool’s: Colva beach
  • Men mar: on the Vasco road serves: snacks, beers & Lasis
  • Lido’s at Dona Paula beach
  • Oxygen
  • South Goa: Almost no nightlife in south Goa, beach
  • North Goa: Vagator & Anjuna: There is a disco called ‘Paradise’ in Anjuna alternative lifestyle parties in Anjuna and Vagator. Another clubs for meeting girls near Anjuna is ‘Cubana Nightclub’ but this is mostly . Calangute & Baga: go to “Mambo’s” opened by a Mr. Tito, enough said on that. Many nice Indian girls and hippie chicks.

Most nightlife cover or drink charge is between 1 dollar and 1.5 dollars. Goa is cheap, the people are nice and fairly trustworthy but it is no Bombay for nonstop unexpected action or Kerala for rustic beauty Indian girls. Goa is a more relaxed and find yourself type of spot on the Indian oceavns.

  If you have feedback to offer also leave a comment, so I update the list periodicallyLet me know in the comments below if you have additions to this ldist.