Florida girls

The purpose of this post is to give you a rundown on the girls of Florida for love, dating and marriage. Are these beach beauties worth it? And you American guys know what I mean by worth it. With modern girls  there is a whole package deal, feminist programming, high risk of flight factor, disposition […]

Rating girls 1-10

How to find the girl for you? In a nutshell, you want a beautiful girl with low self-esteem.  I know this sounds like radical advice but trust me. Rating girls 1-10 (even if guys do not do it formally, but make an evaluation on looks) is where most guys fail and it destroy their lives. […]

Goa girls

When Jason Bourne escaped and laid low, he chose the exotic Western coastal state of Goa. The only issue is he brought his girlfriend! There is a metaphorical expression: Who brings sand to a beach? I have a better one: Who brings a beautiful girl to Goa? The Goa beach area is the place in […]