Moscow girls

One of my friends told me he was in Moscow. I asked him, before or after he was married? He bowed his head and said, after. There was a silence. Nothing more needed to be said. The question is how does a single guy maximizes this time in the third Rome. Average girls on the […]

Beautiful Turkish girls

Turkish girls are beautiful. Turkish women are often educated and most of the times quite nice. In fact, I think they are perhaps some of the most loyal and best wives in Europe.  However, there is a problem with ladies from Turkey, if you are an American or British guy. Take girls from Istanbul for […]

Capture Siberian girls – with romantic imaginations

Why are Siberian girls hot? Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology has proven with MRI scans that dark, cloudy cold environments force brain gray matter to compensate from the lack of light. It is simple evolutionary adaptation. As the brain grows so does ones imagination. Gray matter is this […]

Russian chat rooms

Russian chat rooms that are free and easy to use for English speakers are listed bellow.  I will try to update this list with sites and ways to chat with girls of Russia and ultimately get their mobile numbers. At first it was intended to be just a list of Russian language chat room websites […]