Punjabi girls

Punjabi girls – Pakistani or Indian women? I hear guys debating who are more hot Pakistani girls or Indian girls. For me it is a moot point. Why? Because you do not have to choose. Punjabi girls straddle both Pakistan and India. This post will discuss generally the culture of these women and ideas where […]

Karachi girls dating

Karachi girls for dating The purpose of this post is to tell you exactly how to meet and chat up Karachi girls for love and dating. The reason this post is different from other website is, I want to give you a complete guide on Karachi women, with specific recommendations based on my research and […]

Pakistani brides

The purpose of this post is simply to show you some pictures of Pakistani brides.  Also to comment a little on Pakistani conception of marriage and ask for your ideas about these girls. If you have read my post on Pakistani girls (I also have recommendations where to find Urdu brides online), you know I […]

Saudi girls

Why another blog post about Saudi girls?  Because most websites about Arab women are extreme and usually are disrespectful in one way or another. What can this post do for you? At the end of this post I give you exact places to meet Saudi girls. The purpose of this post is to explain what […]