Goa girls

When Jason Bourne escaped and laid low, he chose the exotic Western coastal state of Goa. The only issue is he brought his girlfriend! There is a metaphorical expression: Who brings sand to a beach? I have a better one: Who brings a beautiful girl to Goa? The Goa beach area is the place in […]

Arranged marriages in India

Arranged marriages vs forced marriages in India A lot of girls from the west get enraged when they hear that India, a relatively advanced country has arranged marriages. They see it as some subjugation of women. What most people do not understand is there is a big difference between arranged marriages and forced marriages. Feminists […]

Madurai girls

Where to meet Madurai women Madurai is known as the Jasmine city which in itself it known to be a scent of love.  Love is on the mind of girls from Madurai. Since of the city’s population is disproportionately highly educate, traditional  arranged marriages (which do have,  choice and rights of refusal) are being replaced […]

Bengali girls

Bengali women are forbidden to fall in love. This to me is shocking. If you read my website about true love and marriage based on good morals and ideals. The fact is, I am a believer in defying tradition and finding your destiny. Even if it means to escape from your country and dishonor your […]

Indian girls for marriage

Find Indian girls for matrimony – online strategies to attract them The purpose of this post is to give you some facts about Indian girls for marriage. This includes the best place to meet Indian girls for marriage on and off line and five things you must know to attract them. This post was inspired […]