French girl – filles françaises

The purpose of this post if to tell you what French girls are like and how to meet and chat with French girls on the web or in France. I will lay all the cards on the table up front, women of France are beautiful, however this begs another question, if you could date them would you want to? I am not talking about walking along the Seine hand in hand. I mean for a serious relationship or marriage are French dames marriage material?

I am an American living in Europe so I have a perspective on European girls that is unique. I studied French for seven years to a University level, so I am not the authority on French culture but am an expert in some ways.

What are girls from France are like?

Anything I write about French girls is a stereotype and a generalization. Rene Descartes was right,  ‘all generalizations are distortions of the truth’. It is true, not all people from one culture are like what people say. However there are some cultural tendencies that being aware of helps if you visit Lyons or Champagne-Ardenne.

Are French girls easy?

  • Listen up, French girls are not any easier than any Western girl out there. Do not listen to old stereotypes. On the contrary I repeatedly get on this blog many young French females that are idealistic and have visions of romantic love and marriage. Further, I have met many French couples that are loyal and happily married.

If you want to meet a French gal they are open and easy to talk to, but somehow to get them to marry you, I think they have high standards in terms of marriage and real love. At least this has been my personal experience.

Then why do they have a reputation?

Yes they have a reputation, that is French girls are easy. This comes from, people coming over from conservative America in the last fifty years and seeing the contrast between European and American women and culture. France is one of the most visited countries for Americans. So this is the American experience in Europe, not just French people.

I mean even us we come from Europe and women can not take their top off at beaches is strange for us. But in America it is a big no, no. I think the USA is strange in ways. A woman can be braless or have not top at the beach, it is seen as something bad, but she can have tattoos and engage in physical relations before marriage. So filles françaises are passionate and romantic and this sometimes include physical relations but I would not say they are different from their American counterparts when you are thinking about a roll in the hay, maybe I am wrong?

Further, somehow in the collective unconsciousness we Americans have Parisian girls kissing soldiers in the streets after the liberation of Paris. I do not know how this stereotype is perpetuated, maybe from old fashion photos or tales from grandpa but Parian girls are not different in terms than say New Orleans girls. So my conclusion is, culturally the French do not have the puritanical restriction that Americans have, but I would not say they are loose in morals at all.

Generally I think French women are not easy, but I need to make one qualification, do not take chastity before marriage seriously, unless they are Muslim French girls. Islamic French women are generally pure and come from Algeria and Morocco. It is a sub culture within the French Republic.

Are French girls are neurotic?

Well on this one I am not so kind, but neurotic is not a bad thing. Here is the deal. French women are not religious, and they also use the highest percentages of antidepressants medication in the world per capita.   I wonder if there is a connection?  They experience existential anxiety because they lack a connection with God. Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Camus and Sartre were wrong, you can not redefine your life on humanistic terms because God is part of being human. God is not above in the clouds or pantheistic but part of the human experience like the color of a candle wax. It is part of the candle. The French people took their thinkers too seriously and ignored Pierre Teilhard de Chardin type positive philosophers. The result is a post modern neurotic woman with out the grounding of faith and trust to help them in the storms of life.

But if I were to put a positive spin on this, I think if French girls are neurotic it is only in a positive way, that is they are quirky. I like geeky, slightly off girls.  Think of the film, Amalie. Who would not love to date such a strange girl.  However, they lack faith. This combined with a general existential anxiety resulting from French philosophy from Diderot to Françoise Sagan. The French have great literature, much I have read in the French language, but I think their thinkers were on the agnostic side and this influenced their culture. A culture’s hero’s and writers influence the way the common people think.

Agnostic girls from Western Europe,  I think is a red flag is you are looking for a French girl for a wife and not just as a flirtatious adventure.  I recommend guys choose girls who read romantic idealistic literature or spiritual books more than sit in a cafe reading Camus or Sartre or modern feminist literature.

I knew this one Doctor from France that had all her kids under the age of 5 on psychiatric medication and ADD, but the kids all seemed normal to others.  I think  they are looking for happiness in new ways, like in ‘The Furutological Congress’ by Stanislaw Lem, without God and in the form of a pill.

French girls are beautiful

Third, French women have money to spend on fashion and clothes and make themselves look great.  They are generally of Gaul or Celtic ancestry with a lot of Latin and now Arabic mixing so they have light features with some striking dark features mixed in and this does make French women beautiful.

I have seen perhaps the most unusual styles, crazy but interesting outfits on a French girl. I saw one French teenager dressed like a bumblebee, another one so Gothic she looked like a vampire. No question French ladies are cool and stylish. No debate here.

Why Francais women are so appealing? Because many guys dream of an easy, neurotic, beautiful girl.  They are a little bit helpless and beautiful.

The downside of women from Normandy to Marseille

Some people say, France is a very rich snobbish country.  If you are not from France you could have trouble making a connection.  If you do not know the French language this could also be a problem. For me this is not the big disqualifier, as cultural barriers are easy to overcome if you learn a little of the language.  What is? It is that French girls are also a bit feminist and will not cook for you or take care of you in many cases. Screen them well if you are looking for a bride. This is a red flag if you are a man looking for a wife. I know this is a huge generalization and please rebut me if this is wrong. But I have not meet too many filles françaises  who dream of being a traditional wife in either Quebec or Paris.

But the ones I have met personally were somewhat humble so they are not without hope for love and marriage.

Where to meet a princess in real life? France in my opinion is way over priced so I would not meet them in France, maybe in some resort where they go, like club med or Greek Island. However, I think the best place to meet girls from Paris or Lyons or Marseille Fr is online.

French girls online and on their cell phones – all you need is a number list

The top social networks French people use are:

  • – No surprises here
  • – Popular in Western Europe.

If you want to text or sms a French girl on her mobile – cell phone use this site:

Mobile French dating

  • – You can sed free SMS text messages to French girls mobile phones from this website.

Dating sites in France are these:


These are some of my ideas for meeting a lady in France and Europe. If anyone has additional idea for meeting these romantic language Latin girls of Gaul let me know.


Hungarian girls review

Central European courtship gone awry

Many guys think Hungarian girls are beautiful and educated.  Those are the pros. The con is they are too liberal for my taste, incongruent  personal views are like mixing oil and water.. You want to date them, fine, good for you.  My review of these ladies is before you consider them for marriage think not just about their physical beauty, but their personally and the way they see the world. That is how has post communist society where their psychosocial profiles was form has influenced their world view. If you are going fishing in Hungry try Christian dating or Catholic church organizations or through acquaintances that can recommend you to someone who has a healthy view of love, marriage and family.

  • I lived in Eastern Europe and saw the transformations with my own eyes. Read my lips, the society which a person grows up in affects the parameters which they act out their free will. I am not a strict cultural determinist yet, the collective unconsciousness of a society can not be over looked.
  • According to EuroStats the official statical site of the EU, 42.3 percent of all Hungarian births are out-of-wedlock.
  • According to Eurostat the Crude marriage rate in Hungary is 3.6 per 1,000. That is low, even if it is the crude marriage rate.
  • The Divorce rate is 67% according to the UN statistical division.
  • I can provide further reference from authoritative sources if you like.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with Hungarian girls.  It is the pendulum of social interaction as it relates to male female relationships. Further, if you are Hungarian, and do not like the way the social pendulum has swung, do something about it. Start a movement to counter this in your country.

Specific example of behavior I have encountered

  • My friend Ed dated a girl, brought to Church one Sunday and she would not even kneel when other people were, and in the middle walked out in a storm and a huff, because she said what was being said was ridiculous, they were talking about home schooling.
  • My friend Steve, was dating a Hungarian girl and she said, she use to love her past boyfriend very much but their relationship was cool and not expected to replace those feelings.
  • My friend David, dating one and she had become pregnant and did not know who the father was.
  • I knew a girl who was Hungarian at the school I worked at, She was exceptionally nice. A class above.
  • I have had scores of women debate the point with me why get married, it really does not matter any more. They love their boyfriends and have kids with them, what is the big deal. It is a big deal as it perpetuates a society of whatever non-committal relationships.

So not all are negative  with these ladies, except some of the liberal ideas.  Yes, they are pretty and will charm your pants off, but I guess I am not attracted to them because some of them have adopted non-traditional feminist ways of thinking like many western countries. Not all of them mind you, but it would be hard to describe the cosmopolitan world of young upwardly mobile professionals in Budapest religious and traditional. I would say that about other architectural gems cities where the Hamburgs once rules like Krakow or Lviv, but not Budapest, different history.

If you as the man, enjoy cooking and cleaning and getting divorced or never getting married staying in a perpetual boyfriend/girlfriend relationship as you raise kids, good for you.  I am a conservative. Jump up and down and dislike me if you like for that, but I prefer girls that nurture and take care of the family and try to stay beautiful compared to feminists who are chasing a career while their kids are in day care.  Therefore, for marriage I think Eastern European countries are a better choice if you are searching for a bride, a more traditional wife than Hungarian women, given the current social changes.

Are all Hungarian girls liberal and feminist? No, it is a generalization. More exceptions then noun declinations in the Hungarian language, and that is a lot.

A great central European country but very liberal in terms of social mores. If you like Western women then enjoy.

Again this is a generalization and not a statement about individuals. Further, maybe you are a guy that  does not believe marriage is forever, in this case the new modern thinking European culture is for you and feminist thinking is a positive thing. For me, I prefer a traditional marriage.

I think Budapest girls are also liberal (unlike their neighbor Slovakia) compared to the girls in the countryside, at least from what I have personally observed.  This means that although in theory catholic they are not that traditional, like the same girl living in the villages.  They believe in divorce, single parent homes etc.   So there are no real great advantages to dating Hungarian girls for love if they hold those views, which are not much different from say a liberal Boston girl. Unless  of course, you are attracted to this modernist thinking. Me, I am not.

Why Budapest or Magyar girls might not be for a traditionalist

  • Hungary has one of the highest depression rates in the world. The people there are depressed and complain about their own country a lot. I hope this changes as I think they are good people, but communism made them cynical. I hope this changes. I think it there is a statistical correlation between loose of faith and values and depression. It is existential anxiety, think of Camus, or Woody Allen.
  • A marriage with a Magyar woman will end in divorce over 67% of the time compared to other European countries like Poland which is around 23%,  some that have a  5% rate. It is one of the highest in Europe in contrast with the overall rate according to EuroStats of 44%.  Marriage is about love and love is not conditional.  But to these brides I guess it is.
  • Most Hungarians today are really democratic and open, but socially very liberal. I am liberal when it comes to the freedom, but not in terms of values that are not tempered by faith. Again, disagree with this if you want, but this is just one man’s view of the world.
  • If you meet a Magyar girl in the UK she sometimes is not as humble as a Hungarian back home. Hungarian girls in the country are much more humble and much nicer. Huge generalization, but often western culture makes traditional girls more liberal when they move to the big city.
  • Many Budapest girls are feminists and not pro-life. I think this goes against being a mother, so any lady that thinks this way should not date.
  • Magyar girls are hot-blooded, in my experience, it’s the culture not the group of people of course. Some guys like this, and for a short-term relationship this might be good but for the long-term, not way. Peace and love should govern your relationship not a hot-blooded emotional roller coaster.

The above is my personal experience or a statistics I have found.  I am sure this is not the case with all these ladies. I am sure there are many traditional devout peaceful Hungarians women who make wonderful wives.  However, my personal experiences have clouded my understanding of them  maybe.  But even Magyar women living in Slovakian territories turned out to be too liberal for me, because of the post communist Eastern or central European experience generally. However,  the key to the social changes have been connected with the young turning away from the faith. The ones that have faith are not like this in Hungary.  If you want liberal you can go for peaceful calm laid-back Scandinavians not  central Europeans who are a little more hot-blooded (I think it is the weather), unless you like that of course.

Chat with Hungarian girls

Best places to chat with Hungarian girls on the web are as follows:

  • its a free Hungarian portal of sorts.  Hungarian is a very hard language to learn so unless you are in love I would not try to learn this.
  • is a dating site
  • If you still want to date or chat with Hungarian girls check out free online dating sites that have Hungarian girls on them, these girls will speak English, in fact they will want to practice their language skills with you.

You disagree or would like to add something, let me know. I like Hungarian girls, just not the way society is influencing them.


Ibiza girls – photos and clubs

Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient Roman festivals, Babylon, Hollywood in the 1970s, take any metaphorical image of decadence, then pick your favorite number and times it by this factor. This is Ibiza. OK, maybe I tend to exaggerate but when one of my confirmed bachelors player friends returned from Ibiza and I asked did he pick up any chicks he said no. It was so disorienting to his American brain (which has been conditioned by American women) could not processes it. It was like he just took the red pill in the Matrix.

When you are 90 years old do you want to say I am glad I played it safe when I was in my 20s and 30s, I regret I lived my life. However, my definition of living is to find your mate.

Yes women wear one piece bathing suits in Ibiza but they are on bikinis mind you. The girls there are not there to be hunted but to hunt for pleasure and escape. For me this is too much.

Even the conservative ones are sporting Brazilian halter or stringy swimsuits and the late night activities follow suit (pun intended).

Island local girl on beach. Local fruit in in a bag.

Your guide to picking up women in Ibiza

  • Number one unconventional trick to pick up girls in Ibiza – Number one tip from a pick up pro when going to clubs in Ibiza. Go to bed early. What? Used this many times. Go to bed like 7 pm and sleep until 2 am. Then from 2 until 7 am go out on the prowl. Drink Chamomile tea, four bags then sleep. This way you feel great and have the energy to go full force instead of being worn down my music, smoke, and circadian rhythm. Hence, your chances of picking up a girl who has had a few are pretty good. I am not talking physical relations, just to get her number of course. Do not believe me? Have you ever tried it? It worked for everyone I know who deploys this pick up trick, every time to some extent.

So what to do if you want to go to Ibiza to meet women? I would recommend:

  1. Hit the gym and work primarily on your abs. Today’s women are attracted to a man’s core. A while back it was all about bulking up and before that it was about big arms. Today’s girls like somewhat skinny/lanky muscle guys with ripped abs eons over meat guys. Think surfer dude. Think the guys your see on the TV show survivor day 30. If you can not repair your amorphous blob shape before your trip, try to do the best you can. I think swimming is one of the fastest ways to get in shape, for like an hour a day. Or use a jump rope if you do not have access to water and striving for simplicity and efficiency to shape up.
  2. Drink juice not fermented drink – I know social interaction is lubricated with this, but you need your sense with you to navigate the endless waves of women at each beach club. Basically English and Scandinavian girls and of course women from all over to feel uninhibited and in the safety of their group are honoring Bacchus on the Mediterranean like Rome never fell. My message is to get these chicks you do not need spirits, rather just psyche yourself up. I have known many a player to make critical mistakes with this crutch. I had always drank cranberry juice no ice. I never had a problem. It gives you more energy the next day to hit on girls while others are stinky as their bodies try to eliminate stuff.
  3. DJ or Great Gatsby style – basically you want to look like an Ibiza DJ or some very cool style. I mean I would not walk down the street in the States in Disco clothes, except maybe in Miami, but you want a look. If you are not into the lounge lizard look watch the new move of the Great Gatsby and take inspiration. Even just the Brooks Bothers straw hat is worth it.
Hot chicks strutting on the Island. Bring your camera and take some photos for memories.

Road map to Ibizan clubs

Two main towns on the Island of Eivissa (Catalan spelling) are Ibiza Town and San Antonio. The latter being more wonton and the former more organized.

The best clubs in Ibiza for girls

Ibiza Town – Lively from 7pm to 7 am

  • Es Paradis
  • Eden
  • Marina
  • Space
  • Underground
  • DC10
  • Playa den Bossa – Good for meeting foreign chicks here
  • Bora Bora
  • Sand (on the beach)
  • Ushuaia (on the beach)
  • Pacha (local goes here)
  • Magaluf – Scandanvian women here.

In San Antonio – Young European students and Brits go here when they are 18 to 27 to go on their first vacation without their mummy and daddy. Go to the West End of the town. There is where to pick up girls on the Island.

  • Amnesia(locals Spanish and Catalonia party goers go here)
  • Privilege

Ending thoughts on this Island in the Mediterranean

So if you really want to go to the Gomorrah of the Med, you can but consider this. I knew a Spanish DJ and a Spanish female doctor that lived there, mostly for the nightlife. After living there many years and they were over the hill they had no chance marriage in sight. My point is endless decadence does not lead to love and happiness. In fact, it could be a nexus of the universe that has as a cost of bringing you away from true love.

An island in the Ballistic islands because they use slings during the roman times. We get the word ‘ballistics’ from these islands – Imagine what slings are holding there today.

The name of Ibiza come from the Phoenician god Bes, the god of the dance and music.

On the island the locals speak a dialect which is a derivative of Latin, Eivissenc.

I would go to Ibiza for an adventure but not a real place to find love.


London girls – Date foreign women in the capital of the UK

London has always been a city in the imagination of love and dating because the English has such a rich literary tradition from Shakespeare to John Donne. That being said you have to evaluate if reality matches the dream when it comes to the capital city of the UK. Remember when the writers were writing it was a different population and set of values.  It was called the “swinging city” for a reason, because it was the hub of the cultural revolution in the 1960s and these values have been transmitted and amplified by the next generations of women. This post contains specific locations to find domestic traditional women of London. Good hunting and keep a stiff upper lip until you do.

My brother is English as his family and live in downtown London and I am European American so I can write with some authority about dating in “Cockaigne” or “The Smoke”.

Girls of London – the second biggest city in Europe

In the whole city of London, a city of over ten million people there are  nice gals for love, dating and marriage, yet there are a lot of career women and feminist leaning values females, cloaked in the smartest London fashion and a cute English accent, so watch your step lad.

The melting pot of Londinium started before the Romans and will continue unless the British Isles sinks from global warming. Pics, Jutes, Latins, Anglos, Saxon, French, Normans they all mixed into the population and now we have a new wave of immigrants. So when searching London for women know what culture you want as each as a different value set that may or may not correlate to your world view.

Metropolitan women of the city of London sauntering Trafalgar square in high fashion.

Generally, London girls are not my style and are in my opinion not the best for love. Not that is anything wrong with the English, there is not, it is the whole cosmopolitan overwhelming city combined with a snobbish culture and emphasis on materialism.  If you’re in London you are there to make money. I mean would you not rather have a little cottage and an English garden in Dover than a small flat in Knightsbridge and pay a fortune. The metro dwellers of the London are there for money, period. Culture and beauty can be found anywhere. Some are there for marriage to obtain an EU visa. I can not recommend that, only the romantic aspects.

However, they might be for you,  just not for me, read on and find out why and what might be a better solution if you like the idea of a traditional marriage.

Is a London woman’s accent attractive?

You may say ah yes but Mark, London girls have great accents.  One of my friends married a girl from London and he loved her accent.  Three years later it was one the things that annoyed him the most about her.  They are not together today by the way. She left him by the way.  Do not go for  London girls if you think their accents make them sensual.

London girls are not from Jane Austen

I am a true romantic and Jane Austen one of my favorite writers. I have imaged London ladies like form a Romantic English novel.  Wrong. If you have this vision of London girls, you will be burned. Only in Eastern Europe are women like from a Jane Austen story. That is, loving princesses who put love, about all things. Do not romanticize in any way about London girls, if you do, despite first impressions, some will chew you up and spit you out in many cases. I know too many romantic idealistic guys go into relationships and find out that their gal is no Jane Austen English woman.

Love is about you and that other person, nothing else, not career, style, looks adventure, travel, money, etc.  London gals are in London for a reason.  Often times their reason is economic and not for love.  Often, London females are in London because they are willing to sacrifice something to get something else, and that something else is not, humbling themselves to be a man’s wife.

Londoners attitude

I  have meet scores of UK women that have a slight attitude. I am a shy, sweet guy and many wanted to just put me down.   I like people who build people up not knock people down and judge.  At one point or another in your relationship a lady from the UK she might want to flex her western girl power and your life will be very hard from then on, if you do not choose the right one.  I have even meet Polish girls who are sweet and kind and when they return from London are corrupted by arrogance.

Russian professional girls walking accompanying each other on the street in stylish clothes near the Gherkin.

An alternative to English females working for money

Why destroy your life with dating London professional girl? They will be just another iteration on cosmo girls. Women and money do not mix when you are talking about true love.  Why not move or go to Eastern Europe and meet a nice girl of your dreams. A girl whose happiness is to be your love and for you to love in return with equal or greater measure.  Nothing else.  Because in life there is nothing greater that this. Money is not entered into the equation as much.

London is an international city and at one time the Brits actually thought it to be the center of the world. Can you imagine? Today it is more a business center for Europe and a Mecca for the former commonwealth nation populations who want to make more money. Consequently there are many foreign nationals from India and Pakistan as well as a mix of Eastern European women from Poland for example. So when you are speaking of London girls you are really talking about a multicultural city with different avenues to pursue in terms of dating.

All women are equally good yet there are certain cultural attitudes that you might find more congruent with your ideals for finding a mate. I mean you can not convince me that some humble Pakistani Indian bride has the same attitude towards domestic life as a feminist or beer drinking London girl or a Kiwi girl in the UK with an attitude from who knows where.

You can jump up and down if you want but lets be honest genetically we are all Hominidae of equal abilities but cultures in the world vary greatly.

My recommendation when looking for a girl in London is know what you are looking for. If you are looking for a girl from a Jane Austen novel, got for Polish girl, not a native Londoner.

There are many skets and lengs (London slang for girls) but not all desirable even if wrapped in fashion of the day walking in front of the House of Parliament or the Thames river. Skip the University of Oxford for meeting women. Many nice English girls, just too western for me. If you like Western girls the go for it. One of my friends married a British girl while he was in the military and met her in London. He is not happy.

  • Neasden Hindu communities in London
  • For christian Indians in London for to the Wembley church area, which actually has service in Gukarati.
  • Sikhs in Southall London and the are wealthier than the average Londoner.
  • Southall and Tooting where the Indian communities are. Go to Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Newham to meet a Pakistani girl in London.
  • Russians in London – There are many garden variety Russian girls in the UK and this is why London is sometimes refereed to as Moscow-on-the-Thames and Londongrad.
  • Polish girls in the UK you will find Polish girls in England but really in high level professional positions, only student girls working pubs as barmaids.

So my conclusion is you can find love in London, just focus on the women who are not there for money or who have not departed from their traditional values and family over money and career.


Irish girls – find single women from Dublin to Belfast

The purpose of this post is to tell you how to find a real Irish girl for true love. Most Americans do not know how.

There are 4.6 million people in the Republic of Ireland and for such a small country it has had a tremendous cultural impact anyone could be proud of. I like the Irish and I do not have a drop of Irish blood in me. I love the music, the literature and the people.  I am writing to the music of Hayley Westerna (a cutie), a modern Enya.  So take a deep breath I love all people, this is more a critique about a strategy for a single guy to find a traditional girl who would lead to a life of happiness. If you want to find your lass under the rainbow instead of a pot of gold, my recommendation is go East young man. Way East to Ireland.

It is not a cliche the Irish do have a disproportional number of women with fair skin and red hair.

Shamrock shakes and green beer in American clubs on St. Patrick’s day or authentic Irish Catholicism and loneliness under cloudy skies?

There are two types of Irish women. Irish from Ireland and those from America. For some reason, and I am sure it the culture they are polar opposites. Women in Ireland are like Polish girls, pretty soft-spoken and sweet, yet the problem is some are being corrupted by the UK drinking culture and feminism. The Irish American women are generally a pain in my personal experience. They have been here for several generations and take pride in how hard their grandparents had it (fleeing from the potato blight, not the great Irish potato famine of the century before), but they themselves have lived nothing but a life of ease. A cushy American lifestyle with the cultural ideas of feminism and a ‘strong woman’ who stands up to her man on a daily basis.

They are purely American girls with a chip on their shoulders, even if cloaked in green on St. Patty’s day with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes on Sunday, reading books like Gangs of New York on their tablet. Based on their shape they have not experienced any Gorta Mór. Even the cultural memory of the great famine has been overwritten my feminist American cultural programming. Those in diaspora embrace nationalism (I despise nationalism as it has caused so much suffering). I can only conclude for a cultural memory to be erased and not transmitted from generation to generation in a meaningful way that it influences the depth of an individual, needs a very strong force. That force is America relationship culture which overwrite the cultural source code and suppresses biological instinct. Kind of like saltpeter in the food supply that suppresses ardor and maternal instincts in populations.

All said and done the Irish are a find people, friendly, cheerful and always up for a celebration.

Admittedly maybe this is a function of my experience growing up in New England and subsequently Irish Boston meeting so many American Irish then living in Europe and being in Dublin, that has given me a distorted impression. I can see the contrast of the two cultures.

Women of Éire contrasting portraits example
I worked for an Irish company in Europe, and my boss was a woman and sweet and smart. In contrast, I worked for an American Irish female boss and she was ruthless for petty reasons always trying to prove herself.  This is pure cultural influence.  One man’s experience and might not be the rule. You let me know what you think.

It is like the yin and yang of Irish people. The Irish Catholics in Europe try to just be good and are a bit in the shadows. While in American a lot of people talk about religion yet have embraced the aggressive boastful American imperial business culture. Below is how to marry a nice female from Ireland.

The Irish do like to wear green. review

So when you are searching for Irish girls I can highly recommend rather than an American dating site with an Irish component. Anotherfriend is run a person who has good moral character and the managing director is an Irish woman who is married and with a family and excellent morals. They use a subsidiary company based in Krakow, Poland that is a quality check for dating sites profiles and they screen for scammers 24/7. I worked for this company indirectly on the inside and I can tell you they make a very good effort to provide quality.

If you live in the USA another way to meet Irish girls is fly to Ireland. It is a short trip over the big pond. The flight is only six hours. I have been shopping in the mall for longer than six hours. Aer Lingus has good meals and a nice Green uniforms for their cute Celtic stewardesses. I would recommend staying at a youth hostel or do

How to chat with Irish girls for free

You can try Irish dating to chat with Irish girls, I would not recommend American dating with an Irish spin to it if you are looking for an Irish girl. Go for real dating sites.

A better way to chat with Irish girls for free is this:


With these two sites you can chat with Irish girls for free all day long, get their mobile numbers, marry them get an EU visa and live happily ever after.

Fair haired Irish woman on St. Patty’s day.

Ireland is an Island of villages, After Dublin, Belfast and Cork you will not find a town with more than 100,000 people. Maybe Derick, Limerick and Galloway has some population, but at that, you talking towns mostly with populations of 20,000 or less a separated by green fields and stone walls. This may not be fertile economic territory but it is a choice place for meeting an Irish lass or at least a leprechaun girl who will keep you warm at night.

You can meet Irish that travel to Boston by staying at the Irish Embassy hostel Boston. Before I could find a flat in Boston I lived there for about three months. It was in the time of a housing shortage. There were countless Irish lasses coming through there.

American Irish in Boston are nothing special. You are better off dating a Russian girl from Brookline.

The Celtic from Northern Ireland or Scotch Irisher are different from the Irish off the south mostly because of the religion. I am Catholic and partial towards the south as I have an affinity towards from a world’s view perspective. I see the world the same.

Smoking hot Irish lass in the USA. Classic Celtic features, but with a bad cultural habit. Choose a bride on character rather than lineage or look.

What do Irish girls look like?

Irish girls are connected to French girls believe it or not. They are Celtic in base but there is a mix also.  Generally Irish girls follow the cliché, fair skin and fair eyes.  They can be very beautiful. However, I do not know how well they age, because of their fair complication they are very sensitive to the skin. Irish girls in the USA are not as beautiful as Irish girls in Ireland.

The black Irish, may or may not come from the Spanish fleet that ship wrecked in the 1500s.  I think this is more legend than truth. I think the reality is every population has generic variation.  These Irish girls have white skin and black hair. They are beautiful Irish girls.

If an Irish girl is thin, this is great, but unfortunately many Irish girls are becoming western. Like American or UK girls.

The real outstanding question today in Irish cultural dating is will the pendulum start to swing back to as a result of the economic crisis and people becoming aware of the emptiness of the lies of materialism and selfishness. Will Irish girls turn to their roots instead of embracing the world uniculture of consumption? I would like to know. But the choice for you if to be carefully optimistic if you dream of a nice Irish girl. Look, but look with your eyes open. Make sure you are not finding woman who does not hold to the ideals of love a marriage for a lifetime.


Minsk girls – Online dating and Nightlife women in Belarus

Minsk is the nexus for girls with milky white skin. If you like snow-white, she might be living in the capital of Belorussian. I believe it has something to do with climate and historical proximity.

Minsk is neither here nor there. While Moscow was influenced by the Tartars, and Warsaw by the West, Minsk was just an Eastern Slavic fishing settlement on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers under cloudy wintry skies. Historically it toggled back and forth between the Polish-Lithuanian union and the sphere of influence of Russia. It is a Western country in terms of culture with a Cyrillic alphabet and language that is closely connected with Russian.

So if you like pale and pasty girls, even in the summer, not like a Twilight vampire way, but in a good way, that is clear youthful completions and a look of innocence, go to Minsk.

Snow White in the Belorussian capital. I wish I could give you her mobile phone number, but I think you have to find your princess your self by having the courage to seek her out and rescue her.

The female population of Minsk have mostly clear blue eyes and light green. Angels basically. I did no not remember the eye-color of the male population as I think I was so hypnotized by the Barbie dolls around me.

Skin aside, physically Minsk women are slim, small hips and small everything else. – the McDonald’s cataclysm has not yet struck. Not only are skin problems rare compared to American girls who have junk food induced acne and leathery skin. Again less processed foods and less sun in Minsk. Hence, Kissing a girl from Minsk is like nibbling on a sweet strawberry. Kissing a leathery Western girl might be like kissing a catcher’s mitt (never tried it). So from a psycho-physical perspective, Minsk is a living laboratory for snow-white brides.

On paper and in my experience it is an ideal country to find a wife. The flag and coat of Arms of Minsk is the Holy Mother surrounded by Angels. I to this day have never met a person from Belarus who was anything else but soft-spoken and gentle in disposition.

The Dark side of a fairy-tale exists. There are two issues with Minsk that are no fault of the people. The legacy of the Chernobyl disaster and the political dictatorship that holds a grip there. However, these should play no role over your search, just do not criticizes he government or you can get three years in the clink. Besides that it is a clean modern country with friendly people, just CIS standard economy.

One more issue, is you need a Visa to go there. This is very easy to get. I got them for a score of countries. It is nothing more than a tax. But to get there you have to follow the instructions here: visa  for Belarus –  Basically you need passport photos and fill out an application and pay a travel agency there to give you an invitation. It will be a bout 40 dollars to get an invitation letter.

How to get around a Belorussian visa to meet a girl. Very easy meet them in Poland. Warsaw is an easy trip from the UK or the USA with direct flights. The lets say Minsk woman can meet you in Warsaw as even though the boarders are not transparent like in the CIS between Belarus and Poland it not a problem on a temporary basis. They might get a Schengen visa type C. However, you might have to pay for their trip. If you do not want to do that go directly to Minsk.

The Visa issue can actually be a good thing as it keeps the lowest common denominator player guys from taking an easy jet flight there for the weekend to score some action. Rather you have to make a real effort to go to Minsk. This keeps it a bit uncorrupted.

I would recommend getting an apartment to rent as hotels are expensive. You can pay between one and 200 dollars a night. While in contrast an apartment is about 40 dollars. Where would you rather spend you money? I personally go for the cheaper ones, built-in the CCCP era, as I like to retro look and live in comfort in the States and want adventure aboard.

Phones for calling women in Minsk

Like everywhere go to a phone store or Kiosk and buy a prepaid SIM card. International calls are expensive so just get a local card. The country code in Belarus is +375 while the numbers in Minsk start with 29 and landlines with 17.

Minsk nightlife – Club action in Мінск

Most of the Students girls or women in their 20s do not go clubbing in Minsk because it is prohibitively expensive. The only ones that really go are party girls living the lifestyle or gold-diggers, some of them looking for old geezer to extend this lifestyle with.

However, in a population of 1.9 million people there are over 100,000 university female students in Minsk. Official government estimates are 78.9% are model like stunners and the rest will make your heat throb.

If you are foreign male expect to pay to go to clubs totally damage can be North of 50 dollars by the time you leave at 3am.

Just go to the area about Horki Park between Praspyekt Nyezalyezhnastsi and Vulistsa Ul’yanawkaya. This is where the strip of night clubs are, it is safe to walk and you can just go from club to club.

Here are a few for examples:

  • UFO or NLO – Kolasa str 37 – Minsk is the place to meet local student girls, it is not a foreigner trap, but just a local disco they even have bowling, that is if you are not dirty dancing with a Stundentka from Minsk State Linguistic University or just watching a group of girls gyrating like they do on the dance floor.
  • Titan – Dzerzhinskogo ave 104 a lot of Middle Eastern Arab guys going to the Pyrotechnical university cruising this place, going to the restaurant then the lounge and looking for women. I would say it is large and expansive, worth a visit if you do not mind the cover.
  • Overtime Night Club 4, Pobediteli Ave – Biggest club in Minsk with a 20 dollar cover and clean reputation.
  • Madison Royal Club or the Bayberry. Timiryazeva str 9 – Where I would go to dance.
  • Next or the Next night club – Its actually in the crown plaza. _ typical lounge and disco but I would rate this pretty high based on what people have told me for attractive ladies. I think there are a lot of gold diggers here and women working in that profession on a more short term basis, so watch out.
  • Dozari – Nezavisimosti ave 58 An Irish bar.

Better is to find a girl on the street, like on a park bench (not by the train station at night mind you)

For example go to the Museum of history of the great Patriotic war. You will see fountains and benches in a long rectangular fashion that parallel the length of the museum. A great place to strike up a conversations with a lady.

Minsk princesses via an online avenue

I wish I could recommend something new there but these are where women of the FSU (former Soviet Union) hang out on-line.


See my post on Belarus girls

Any of the traditional ‘brides for sale dating sites’ can help you, I would recommend countryside girls that are educated. Scams are not an issue if you convey you do not have any money.

The best time to go to Minsk is summer but the cost is almost 50% more in terms of flights. However, in the second week of June you can see something called the parade of the Brides in Minsk. Worth it just for that.

So you can stop searching for the famous fake foreign film Rochelle, Rochelle, you have can use me as a resource about Eastern Europe.

If you have questions or thinking about living or studying in Minsk and want to meet a beautiful princess, let me know.


French girls – Online dating France

French girls are found in France and Quebec, however, women speaking the French language and who embrace the culture of les Français are found all over the world, mostly North Africa and the former colonies. The purpose of this post is to convey some ideas about how to meet ladies of France and Francophiles arround the world for love.

Since this post is not about a specificity to meet girls in places like Paris, Lyons, Orléans‎ or Marseille, rather a strategy guide for picking up French women, for love of course.  But more about meeting French girls online.

  • Femme recherche homme
  • Homme cherche femme

Are the words you want to look for on French dating sites.

The culture of France and the females it creates

I have to confess I am a bit of a cultural determinist. I believe it is the interaction of culture and free will that determines a persons social behaviors. If I were to describe French culture in a nutshell it is humanistic, socialistic on a macro level and soft-spoken on a personal level. I have to date never met a loud mouth French person in Quebec to France. The French in my personal experience have been reserved, and polite, although at times supercilious, as I think it is a throw back from the Ancien Régime and a hundred of  years of French Imperialism (culturally and economic) connected to the First, Second and Third Republics.

Hence, the French are an odd lot, that has embedded a thousand years of religious piety which has been over written with humanism and for lack of a better word an acknowledgement their cultural achievements; even if  the latter was born on the backs and toil of their empires.

Strategy tip number 1 – Learn something not just about France but culture in general. If you can not speak intelligently about Guillaume Musso, Grégoire Delacourt, Gilles Legardinier or the music of Philippe Verdelot or the art of Monet. Perhaps the most important is to know something about the French language. If you can speak even a little French you will make huge inroads.  I know this sounds cliché but it is the way the world works. Can you imagine if someone from a foreign country is ignorant, would you like to chat them up?

One of the most unhigh things is to make love to someone who is not smart. I mean please Paris Hilton, regardless of her looks, would not get a French kiss from me. On the other hand, I was single I would go for a geeky girl with glasses and might not be flashy at first sight but plays computer games and I can communicate on all levels, I married such a princess.

  • In a word, impress the pants off her with the most virile organ in your body, your brain. It will result in the largest pupil dilation response.

Are French girls easy?

French girls have a reputation for being beautiful, but also easy to take to the bedroom. This started I believe when Americans went over to Europe during the first and second world war.  This was their first exposure to French girls and European girls in general.  Therefore, their reaction to French girls was very positive compared to American girls who tend to be more Puritan. It is not that women the land of the Gauls are inordinately promiscuous, rather, in contrast the industrial American ethic, they seem liberated. Hence a mythology developed around their reputation.

On the other hand, on a relative social scale maybe they are. However, I think they are no more so than any post modern Western country today.

French girls and Arab or African guys?

  • The cultures have similarities because of the historical influence over these regions.
  • Many Arab and Egyptian men are seeking EU girls for citizenship – Western European girls know this. I think the les filles are cognizant about this and more prone to stick to their own, butcross cultural relationships do happen because one million years of evolution programs us to mix our DNA up a bit dispite people frowning on this, it is over riddend by romantic love and lust. If you have doubts read about the love romance of all people Brother Cadfael.

Where to meet French girls

If you live close to Quebec or Montreal I would recommend going up there.  When I lived in Boston I went up every other weekend.  I went there so much hanging out in indigo’s and Chapters and the Yoga studios on St. Catherine’s street, people thought I was a local. If you do not find Québécois girls attractive you are basically not much into women.

I eventually moved to Europe.  And really at this point I have no great interest in French girls. Eastern European girls are the next level, for example Polish girls because they are not as westernized as the French and still retain traditional as opposed to existential (Camus and Sartre) humanistic values. However, among the city dwellers in both countries, there is a lot of dames who see Amelie as a heroine more than a pious village girl. So if you want a French girl of old try Morocco, Algeria (I like the Arab French mix) or Quebec or other parts of Europe that are not as ‘free’.

In fact in Quebec they use an archaic form of French in some ways, they refer to car as carriage. It reflects a more 17th century culture. I remember reading a book, ‘Peasants into Frenchmen’ by Eugen Weber and it gives you an idea how diverse these people really are. So any broad stroke of the brush here is too superficial to do justice to the topic, but know there are regional differences.

Never the less, generally French girls are respectable in terms of beauty and flirtiness and their sense of style has that, let me think of the word, je na sais quois.

  • Start by reading any book by Debra Ollivier, if you do nothing else to enlighten yourself on the women and matters of the heart in FR.

French online dating websites

Rencontrer des filles françaises – Rendez vous

  • Meet a French girl on your mobile phone – to send free SMS or text messages to French girls on their cell phone via the web. Also use this it is an online chat. You can explore this site and find a lot of free tools to chat and text girls in France, even if you do not have a phone and for free.
  • is the best, but also, or,
  • Most popular French social network next to FB
  • has an amour rencontre which really is like love @ aol French version. Check out the French version of but you have to change your IP so they think you are in Europe.
  • The French are making inroads with social networks like Facebook and, but also Plus 1.
  • (but be careful of the reputation of people you meet here, I recommend true love not a fling)  or or
  • just to understand more about what is going on in the land of the French.

If you have other French online dating sites let me know. If you have trouble with the language, use an online translation tool.

French girls and the French internet

I guess the French are into the Internet but more into real life for dating, but we live in the reality of the modern world where the tool of the web or getting a French girls mobile phone number has become an extension of real live encounters.


Spanish girls ready to date foreign guys

Who am I am why do I know about Spanish girls? I live in an old Spanish town in Florida. I have traveled all over South America and I am an EU citizen and have similarly and lived around Europe. I feel just based on my contact with Spanish culture over the course of many years from women from Madrid to Buenos Aires (lives downtown). I can write an authoritative commentary on Spanish girls.

This Spanish girl is from South America and would not be on a dating site but you never know. I want to motivate you to find matrimonial bliss.

If you go to Spain looking for love

If you are going to Spain I recommend Miami to Madrid or NYC to Madrid direct, get a SIM card for your GSM phone at any Kiosk. Public transportation in Spain is excellent and your first ride on a metro in Madrid will prove this out. There is a reasonably large number of South Americans and Russians and Romanians in Spain ‘working’, better is to go to respectable clubs, easy to meet girls if you learn a little Spanish, but they all speak English. It is safe at night and taxis are honest in my experience. Even with the unemployment crisis in Spain now, it is not cheap, it is the Eurozone and your dollar is worthless for some strange reason. Unemployment has not caused any increase in crime and you see foot patrols of police everywhere in the tourist areas. Alicante, Malaga, and Valencia are three good areas in the Winter to find women. A lot of Moroccans in the south, they are beautiful of course too and have close ties to Spain. The difference is they are Muslim and you will have to convert to marry one.

  • It would be better to be an expat teaching in English for a few years earning proverbial Spanish pieces of eight and finding your soul mate than spending another day at your 3% raise a year career job and sleeping and showering alone.
I live in New Spain – girl on the street (my wife).

Characteristic of Spanish women

Catholic – This perhaps is the quintessential characteristic of the Spanish world view. Even if an individual is not practicing the influence on society is profound. The result, is the women have an awareness about family issues, life, the desire for children is not suppressed and idealism is retained. idealism – I have never met a Spanish girl not idealistic. I wish I could say that for all girls. Spanish women basically dream of love and marriage from a young age, while Western women are more concerned about their self-confidence, career, and independence from men. There are many closet female Don Quixote reading magical realistic romantic literature. Maybe they do not carry books by José de Espronceda or Carolina Coronado, but more likely they simply have fantasies of marrying. Or read modern fiction like The Witness by Juan José Saer, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez, Santa Evita by Tomas Eloy Martinez Or reading even Gothic novels like: El Príncipe de la Niebla by Carlos Ruiz Zafón Now not to over project my own lofty views of the world on Latin culture as I have met middle-aged Spanish women that are kind of bossy. So all is not perfect of course. But not bossy and cut-throat anti-man feminist Western way, more in a Latin way, that is hot-headed. That aside.

The tendency to marry young and start a family and have a large family – This is not a cliché. A Spanish social worker named Dr. Maria told me she has found that one of the issues of Latin culture was to start a family before the economics or education of the household was stable. I personally think this is not a problem, but she was trying to raise awareness about this and the implications for a cycle of poverty.

Warm and friendly – Sure women are women, but you know the first contact with Spanish girls are more flirtatious or warmer than in the English-speaking world culture. I am sure it has to do something with the weather and sun. Fruits in more tropical environments are sweeter.

Dynamic I have hung out with Spanish students of mixed genders traveling around Europe and there was nothing overtly romantic going on. They were just groups of friends traveling. They were very nice. It was not about picking up girls, just traveling. It seemed to have a very different dynamic than say an American or UK group of students there was always latent tension romantically and the need to impress or for the women to be cold or distant.

Feminine – Watch any Spanish network show and you tell me what you think.

Skinny Latino girl with raven hair wearing a black bikini in paradise.

Online dating in Spanish countries – Large Spanish free chat site – pretty big and has an English interface, obviously more geared towards mobile users.

There is always POF – Not a dating site but a pretty good site with love phrases in Spanish and about the theme of love.

My page on “frases de amor for Spanish dating sites” Love phrases in Spanish or Spanish love phrases.

You want a traditional bride, take my advice you do want to find a hot chica who stands by her man.

Conquistador genes and feminism – A cautionary note on Spanish women in Spain Vs. Latin Americans

I tend to think the South American Spanish are more conservative or domestic than Spaniards from Europe (maybe with the exception of Argentina as the girls are notoriously game player before you lasso them into a relationship. There is something about this EU that perpetuates liberalism in the worst way when it comes to Social Interactions. Maybe the settlers of the new world have been isolated sufficiently or the Conquistador genes are more resilient to feminism.

However, each reason for Spain has a different set of social mores. I think the East coast and the Islands like Ibiza tend to be sin city, while in the center and the west towards Portugal there are more conservative values, farmers and villages and isolationist equals more traditional wives.

Men of old like this conquistador were men of iron and would not have taken a feminist bride.

Finding a non-scam dating website in the Latin world for social networking

To find nice chicas do not go to websites that have anything but a green WOT rating. If you do not know what WOT it is an add-on that rates websites based on trust.

For example,, or has a read rating. has a green rating but is American based. You want Spanish dating in Spain or South America.

Hot Spanish models – just for eye candy

You can do a search on any of these Spanish actresses and models. There are zillions of others, in fact, a typical Spanish girl looks like the model just based on their proper body management and long hair. I did not upload photos of these models because the web is flooded with them. You can search them yourself, I only provide my personal favorite list.

Inés Sastre Samantha Torres Eva González Esther Cañadas Nuria Bermúdez Lorena Bernal Nati Abascal

Me in the Madrid quarter of my town. My other half took the photo.

Success story with Spanish love

If a guy like Matt Damon, who has his choice of women married a Latin girls from Miami, maybe you could be too. I have known scores of guys that once they started to date Spanish girls never considered the WASPy American girl again. My neighbor Dave, a red-headed freckled American boy learned a little Spanish Language and I never saw him date another gal from the States again.


Dating websites to find Italian girls

Italian dating websites for finding Italian girls and a mediation on Italian female beauty

“Ugly Italian”, I have never heard anyone say such a thing. Why? You know why, Italy is a land of beautiful people. I do not know if it the mild climate, that gives Italian girls the right pigmentation hue or the natural diet of rich in the antioxidants of rosemary, garlic, and oregano or simply they are a nice combination of Etruscan, Elymians and Sicani under the layer of Latin, Greek and Celtic Indo-European. In Western culture, Italy is synonymous with love, romance and fashion. If you are looking for an Italian girls mobile number or online for a dating profile, I do not blame you. The purpose of this writing is to give guys looking for true love with an Italian princess a starting point.

A curvaceous Italian lady in a t-shirt. Note the fair-hair, which is common in Northern Italy.  If I was there I would just chat her up and get her mobile number, would you?

 Beautiful Italian women portrayed in classical art

I am a lifelong connoisseur of art. If you could judge the beauty of females just based on art, I think Italy would rank at the top of the reviews. Below is my favorite art, I have actually seen.

  • Frescoes in Pompeii and Herculaneum painters lost in the history – features such shapely Latin women. I went there and was amazed how eros roamed the streets. Women were barely dresses, I have even heard that women walked down the street with no clothes.
  • Abduction of the Sabine women by Nicolas Poussin – Semi-mythological based on fact. The painting temps the imagination of every man and woman. I am a peaceful guy, but show me a human on earth male or female that has not had a fantasy like this, that is to skip the dating phase and just carry the woman of your choice away and make her your wife. Even women think this way deep down, that is to be swept off their feet. The painting is in the Met in NYC if you want to see it for yourself and meditate on the subconscious of human fantasy which modern society has painted over. I mean look at all the Vampire chronicles, the idea of being overpowered by someone beautiful.
  • Venus of Urbino – By Titan – A lady laying across a day-bed exposed and waiting. However, the beauty is in her face and the colors. It is a medication on feminine beauty. You know I write a lot about skinny girls but this is an exception.
  • The Birth of Venus or La Primavera by Botticelli – He must have based these images of adoration on someone in Venice or Florence and their descendents not doubt live there today. I mean how could these genes not reproduce, with such exquisite pulchritude of Italian female form.

7 free Italian dating websites for single Italian girls

These are dating websites actually used in Italy by Italians. They are not some Americanized localized dating sites. Personal in Italy are used, but not in the same way as the States. The family structure is intact and women are more inclined to date respectable chivalrous men rather than speed dating or three times a charm type relationships. My recommendation is set up a profile, take your time to present honest robust information about what you are seeking and what you are about in an authentic way. Most dating site profiles are too generic. You need to bring in unique elements, whether it is an artistic photo or romantic love phrases combined with painting a picture about your life story.

  • – Browse profile and read announcements. Libero is the center for Italy.
  • – More for chatting off the same popular Italian portal above.
  • – I would use this, it has a clean interface and a trustworthy website. This is my top recommendation of this review because it mirrors the English language website, hence makes navigation intuitive even without a translate tool.
  • International social site with a strong Italian following, of course FB ranks high.
  • – More for English language people
  • – Not a dating site but rather the Craiglist or Gumtree of Italy, I only put it here as a resource of you are trying to relocate to Italy or go on vacation. So indirectly it could help your search for love.

Considerations when looking for love in Italia

Italy has a similar North South divide like the USA. The North is industrial and organized and the South is more laid-back. Weather influences people. There is not optimal range which ripens the fruits as different climate produce different nectar. I am partial to the south of Italy which is Naples and below because the people are poorer, more religious and friendlier. I know these are clichés, but consider how nice it would be to marry a humble Italian girl from the village.

What you get with a Southern Italian wife? A lifetime of good cooking, faithful allegiance and a warm family. Even if you have to leave your own country and live in Italy on a visa or to get an Italian citizenship through marriage would that be all that bad?

Central Romans are also nice as is the North even if it is a but Westernized and more materialistic. Some of the richest regions in the world are in the Po River valley. When I was in high school we had an assignment in history class as to the ideal place to live on earth if we were settlers. I choose Northern Italy between the Alps and the Adriatic. My point is if you can find a nice moglie Italiana or marita than worse case you have a relaxed life.

  • Dialects of Italy –  Remember Proper Italian is the language of the country and pretty easy to learn but at home. Just a point to consider. If you really want to win the heart of an Italian girl learn some dialect. Can you imagine if you learn the Neapolitan dialect and take a girl on the Amalfi coastline for a drive?

Swedish girls loving foreign men

Girls of Sweden for dating

Where to find a  Swedish girl for marriage? In this post I tell you where, specifically. However, not just that, also additional useful information so when you fall in love you have your eyes open.

Sweden is a peaceful country and the people are quite nice, but Swedish girls are not my first choice if you are looking for love for happily ever after, you know the type of marriage you dream about since you were young. Why?

Well there are some cultural difference between Sweden and other countries that you might want to be aware of. Leap with your head as well as your heart. In this post I will outline some issues that might make your marriage to a Swedish girl challenging, but of course not impossible. In fact, I think very highly of Swedes and in this post will give you three Swedish online  dating sites you can try if you are looking for love online in Sverige.

My personal relationship and interest in Scandinavia started as an extension of my interest in European culture

I first was interested in Sweden as a kid because of the history. I loved European history and Sweden although a small country was a big player. It was a warring nation, until about 200 years ago it turned incredible peaceful. I use to study, Gustavus Adolphus campaigns like the Battle of Breitenfeld., I had maps of this all over my room.  I love classic Swedish literature including Lindgren and Lagerkvist and now Stieg Larsson. But my favorite were the tales of Selma Lagerlöf becaue of their enchanting characters. Almost all my furniture is from IKEA and I love Swedish food.  There are so many interesting  things about this country, I could go on and on.  Lets take a look at one more think Sweden is famous for.

How Swedish girls look

Swedish girls do look classic blond and tall, not all of them but most of them. They ten to be a little bit endowed and athletic, just like you might dream of. Tall, happy and blond.  They are also fairly nice in terms of personality. This is a huge sweep of the brush, what I have experiences living in Europe. There are many dark-haired Swedes and of course with hair color and with varying style of clothes, you can not really tell which country a girl is from anymore. If you want to see what Swedish style is go to the kappahl clothing website, my wife buys a lot of clothes from this store.

Not all but many Swedish girls are have blond hair. I see nothing wrong with this style and look, do you?

Why say no to a beautiful Swedish woman?

The reason I can not fully recommend (if you are a traditional guy) finding a Swedish bride are the following reasons:

  • Swedish wives have a high flight factor, that means there is a good chance they will leave you. I think all hot looking women do, and for a cold country Swedes are hot. I think divorce will destroy most people. I do not know what is going on in the Swedish dating process but the end result is they have a high level of marriages breaking up. Maybe it is the easy social system that makes it easy for Swedish mothers to be single. Being in such a cold, dark country makes people very interesting and introspective, but maybe it gives them too much time to think and find trouble where there need not be.
  • Swedish ladies are not too spiritual, maybe I am wrong on this point but it is not like Poland across the sea. Only 35% believe in God.  In Sweden I there is a very low church attendance and all the sociological consistencies of behavior and beliefs that go along with that. That might be good for some people who do not care about the meaning of life issue. However, for me it would be hard to be with a lady who does not share my same values. These are important values in my opinion.
  • Swedish girls are very liberal, great for smiles and looks and brains, but do you want a feminist Swedish girl who makes West Coast American girls seem conservative?  For a long-term serious partner, you want someone who believes strongly in a the marriage ideal. Not ‘lets get married and if it does not work or we fall out of love, we just get divorced’. I do not believe in living with people, as partners for a while. I believe in marriage that is the one and only. Look I have meet Swedish girls from Wisconsin to Europe and they are open towards fun and hot tubs and saunas just like you image. Really, I was in this situation more than once, but I am not a player and did not do anything. I believe in love. I think many Swedes to also, but I do not personally understand why many are not as committed to a life long relationship. If anyone knows please explain this to me.
  • Swedish women will not give you the ‘wow’ your from the USA, they live in Sweden (a trendy country) and Americans will more likely say, ‘wow you are from Sweden’. Therefore the playing field is not level. We think Swedish girls are great, they think American or UK guys are just OK.
  • Swedish marriage and family – You can read more from the official website.

Swedish girls for marriage

Good news about meeting a lady from Scandinavia, they are open for love and even marriage if you are the right one. For me the biggest problem is simply how to keep them from running away from you. Girls love to run away from guys. All of them run and you have to chase them and capture their hearts and rescue them. The only thing is in many countries if you catch them, they will marry you and love you and they will be barefoot and pregnant cooking soup and grateful. I can not see this with a girl from Gothenburg, see my points above. Oh course this post is written a little in fun, but these gals are not traditional.  Swedish websites for meeting and dating and marriage:

  • – Large dating site, I personally recommend and is one of the biggest Internet sites in Sweden. This is where I would start if you are looking for a wife.
  • – This is like the of Sweden, it would be my second stop. Compare the two love online sites and set up a profile and see what happens.
  • – If you do want to try to connect with Swedish girls by exploring this popular Swedish server.

It is one of the biggest sites in Sweden, from the warm sunny shores of Uppsala to rugged nordic Norrbotten girls you can try to connect and chat with them. Facebook of course is also popular.  I think half of my social networking account are people from the Baltic region.

You can learn the Swedish language or use translate tool.  The language is very similar to  (so my opinion easy) because it has a common root with our language. The Swedish language is of the same Indo-European branch as English and American films almost all Swedish girls speak English well. Also learn basic phrases in a language is you are looking to chat up the females or you will not get too far. Even if you choose to communicate in English, it will put you above and beyond the competition if you learn something about their culture and language.

Specifics about going to Stockholm

If you are going to take a trip, I would say just focus on Stockholm girls as this is the most populous city of Stockholm. There are about 200,000 single Stockholm girls between 18-35 who are open for dating relationships. You can get a cheap flight to Arlanda, their airport outside the city, and take a commuter rail in for about 33 dollars but will more than pay for itself if you consider the flight cost savings.  You buy the tickets in a kiosk and with your bank card. It is about a 30 minutes ride in. Once there, I would simple try to meet women of Stockholm on the street. I guess I have no social inhibitions anymore. I would just chat them up with a smile and see if they would like to get to know you better over a cup of coffee. If you have the gift of gab, you will be all set. Even though the girls are not religious they are into mythology and elves and fantasy online games and books. Not the old ones that are like 30 but the ones who are like 21 years old. So if you like these things, you can after you break the ice you can start to work your conversation towards this topic. I think northern dark countries like Sweden and Russia have a higher percentage of people into fantasy stuff than say Italy, because of the weather.

The other alternative is to try to meet them online before you get there as a high percentage of Swedish singles are into online dating. I prefer the former choice.

Stockholm is crazy expensive so stay in a youth hostel and pack sandwiches and bring a water filter instead of bottled water. Do not be proud or think it is beneath you. This is about money, and unless you are a millionaire your bank account will be in for a shock if you try to live like a normal tourist. Live like a backpacking student, even if you are not.

Swedish bride for visa or passport

There are a lot of guys from the Middle East immigrating to Sweden because of the countries openness and high standard of life. It is an EU country. They are looking to get a Swedish visa through marriage. I think marriage is for love, not for any visa. I do not recommend if you have that as your motive, think of another way, like a student or work visa not marriage for a Swedish citizenship.

Let me know what you think about Swedish girls and this article. Let me know if it was totally wrong and I should change it or you have any valuable information that you would like to pass on to the readers, your comments are appreciated.