Fat girls

The fat girls acceptance movement is very much in vogue. It means you can be a fat girl and it is OK. There are organizations such as NAAFA: the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and ASDAH: The Association for Size Diversity and Health. My take on this is it is OK for your psychological […]

Smart girls

Smart girls don’t get married? Those girls who think themselves smart do not get married, or not for long. However, those girls who are actually intelligent do get married. Educated girls pumped with ego who say I am too intelligent to get a guy to stay with me are making excuses. There is a big […]

Gothic girls and SteamPunk ladies – why we love them

My fascination with girls who are Goths and SteamPunk (a Victorian ear derivative of Gothic culture) is like most people, it is deviant behavior. However, a deviant behavior which is manifest in a non-destructive activities. That is the simple idea that you can self differentiate from the person next to you by using imaginative and […]

Big lips – beauty techniques for your orbicularis oris

Why women have big lips Causes of big lips on girls are a combination of genetics and hormones.  Bigger lips often are considered more attractive, this is why there is so many people looking for ways to increase their lips size. People try with surgery (ridiculous) and creams (estrogen or things that increase blood supply […]