Be Good Looking

How to be attractive

Do you want to know how to be attractive? This is a girls guide for looking good written by a man. I will do my best to give you a recipe for beauty.

Attraction is not a constant. At certain times in your life you will vary in attractiveness, depending on your ability to understand the ideals of beauty.  Ugly in your teens or 20s often equates to being hot the rest of your life. The key idea about if you want to know how to be attractive is as follows. Take a deep breath and relax. I can assure you one-hundred percent you are drop-dead gorgeous. I know this for a fact. You are a stunning dream in terms of physical look. I promise.


  • Evolution has brought your DNA this far.
  • God does not make mistakes.
  • I am a man of the world and I have never in my whole life seen a woman that was not beautiful. I mean that with all my heart.

If you have read my blog on love you already know what I have to say. However, in this post I will try to spell it out more clearly, from A to Z. If you do not like my opinion, tell me, but I am a guy, and I do not know you, therefore, I have no reason to lie. I do not promote any beauty products and I do not care if you listen to my advice,  or believe it, I have no hidden agenda. I am sincere.  I will tell you like it is.  It is the way to be attractive to a man. Do not listen to all those lame beauty posts and claims by women magazine writers. They are wrong. Why they write such nonsense I have no idea.   Here is how a girl can look good. I do not mean to shock you with my advice, but remember the fairy-tale about the ‘Emperors new clothes’? I will tell you how to look attractive.

The science of attraction is simple. The human body, through years of Divine directed evolution has been perfected to attract a mate. All you have to do is  have an understanding of style and try to be skinny. But the first point is more important.

How to have great looking hair

Let start from on the top. Do not color or fry, perm or treat  your hair in any way, unless there is a real need, like you are seventy years old all gray, then maybe.

Do not cut your hair. Let it grow natural and long.  The best is to the small of your back, but certainly past your shoulders. I do not want to hear lame excuses it is too much work, you are a career woman, do you want to be beautiful or do you want to look whatever? I do not even like shoulder length hair. There is no rush for a guy when he sees a girl in a hair bob.

A bob is for your girlfriends to tell you, ‘oh that looks cute’.  Are you going to date your girlfriends or do you want to be a princess and attract a prince?  Maybe you do not have your ideal guy has something to do with you listen to your girlfriends and poor style advice?

Listen to me, I am a guy and happily married in Europe. I have no reason to tell you something other than the take it or leave it truth.

No short and sassy look. Men like long hair with a natural texture. I can not tell you how many girls give their beautiful hair the fried look.

Buy natural conditioners or make your own, or just natural soap.  Do not spend too much money on hair products and nothing if you can with perfume.  Natural is better, less is more. You do not need to wash you hair that often as it strips it of its natural oils, just once in a while.

Of course stay out of the sun and some sun tanning etc. Almost let zero sun touch your skin, think yourself a vampire or a classic English lady from the 18th century, pale and lithe.  The sun destroys your skin like smoking does. This is so unattractive.

Take vitamins and eat right.  Instead of spending money on hairdressers, conditioners that treats the surface, spend it on essential fatty acids and vitamins. Do the research yourself or ask me a question.

What is attractive on a girl comes from within not from a topical application, take care of your body from the inside out.

What is the most attractive color for women’s hair? Blond, brunette or red-head? None of the above.  Natural.  How do I know? I live in Eastern Europe and a lot of these students do not have the money to do the things Western American girls do, yet for some reason they look ten times better. Respect your natural color, I have heard mousey brown and dirty blond hair, guys really like, I do.

Do not obsess about body hair either. Hair on your chest maybe pluck it out, but do not stress about it. If you are going to the beach sure shave your legs, but we are mammals and mammals have hair. Do not feel you have to look like a child or angel to look good. Just the opposite. Men like women, with all their strange mammal scents and hair and imperfections, does this sound gross? It is not,  do not be ashamed being a sexual creature who wants to attract a mate for love and children.

If you want to look good, lay off the perfumes that are in ever product. I rarely use deodorant and I am an athletic guy.  I simply use natural soap, eat tons of yogurt.

Skin care how to look good

Try to give your facial skin a break from all perfume and make up also,  maybe use some natural cosmetics, like from L’Occitane.

Want a cheap beauty treatment, take a bath with a honey mask. Just buy honey and read a book in the bath. really coat that honey on your face.

Let your skin breathe. Nothing looks unhigh as a women with makeup caked on.  If you have a little acne, so what. Let your skin breathe and be clean.  Guys do not mind girls with acne in my experience. Sound radical? I am a guy, why would I lie?  If you have any other problem with your skin or face it is most likely in your mind. Really, I have seen girls with all kinds of skin problems but it did not affect them when if they want to attract a guy.

Spend money at a place like Whole foods or Bodyshop vitamin c 10% cream, rather than your off the shelf cream from some cosmetic company, even the best ones.  I do no think they do anything. I have tried them all. But when I came back from the states and used some stuff I bought at Whole foods, people I make comments how my skin had changed.  With any product to date by a cosmetic company, nothing has done anything.

If you wan to get crazy just try some red lipstick. Men like it.

Beauty diet – diet to look beautiful

Do not eat in restaurants or things in boxes and cans and bags.  I live in Europe and I only buy from local farmers market or at least nothing in packages.  I can not believe in the USA everyone is eating at restaurants and food in packages.  In Europe, I almost never go out to eat and my wife cooks soap from scratch almost everyday.  Take vitamins and eat a natural diet. You do not have to be a vegetarian, not at all, just no instant, prepared  food.

Do not read too may diet books.  They all say the same.  I know I used to work in a few bookstores and on Saturday night when there were no customers I read them all.  They say, be moderate, eat vegetable and fruits. I try not to eat mammals and junk food and only drink water or  100% juice.  Besides that I like French, Italian , Polish, Japanese cooking. It is whatever you like as long as it is not junk.

Since I am not a girl I will never full understand why girls obsess over sweet, sticky, sugary things. I know it is connected to estrogen etc. That being said do no deny yourself all day, just be cool about your sweet fixations. Once in a while Eat natural ice cream.  My wife makes it for us, or the good stuff you get in a shop, not brand X. Do not obsess over cookies, cakes and pies and all the things girls feed themselves with because they do not have a hot guy around to rock their world and turn it upside down. Do not buy them or bring them in the house.

You want to eat junk,  then do not blame me if you do not find your prince. Sweets are for your guy to buy you, not for you to buy for yourself.  Do you understand that.  If you have no guy, do not be chowing down on cakes alone. Wait until you have your prince and he takes you out for ice cream. A lot has been research about how to be enchanting and gorgeous based on scientific ratios for the body. For example this body of research suggests ratios for hip to waist and leg length, beautiful body.  However, I think it comes down to being thin.

Fitness and beauty

It is simple, I do not have a car. When I was in the USA on vacation people said the store is very far away, like a 20 minute walk.  Uh mm in Europe I walk like 45 one way to go to the shop I like and it is no big deal.  I think you can either be a walker or an aerobics/gym slave, I prefer the former. And if you work out like 45 minutes on the treadmill or step class, it  is nothing. Live an active lifestyle by walking.

The female body and attractiveness

Some guys like big chest and some like small, but most guys do not care. Noses some guys like little and small, but most guys like a little bigger, it looks ethnic.  Do not worry what your body looks like. Look at Madonna, she has short legs but she made it one of her biggest assets.

Make your self perceived weakness and turn it into your trademark your point that guys will look at you and say, wow she does not look like every other girl on the street with a little nose that goes up.  Dare to be yourself. You can look like whatever, as long as you are thin. If your fat, all bets are off. Keep your hip to waist ratio at about .8.  If you have that, you will not look good you will be a beautiful woman. Guys like thin girls. Nothing more needs to be said.

What about meditation and all that for looking good

What about the mind-body thing and its affect on beauty and looking good? Yes it is true, after a certain age we are all responsible for the looks on our own face. But again, do not think about it, just live your life. I love yoga and it is a great workout. I have meditated on an off.  However, I do not do these things now. You do not need to change your religion or read too many new age things to look good. Keep it simple.  I am Catholic. I go to church and believe in the Bible and keep a positive attitude and smile. I forgive and forget. I thank God everyday for whatever God gives me. Keep it simple, be humble. If you have an issue with your faith in God, read Hans Kung’s book ‘Does God exist’.  You do not have to change your life to be beautiful, just keep doing what you love to do, have faith and trust in the others and what you believed before all this neurotic existential doubt and worldly cynicism or political correctness, creeped in.  Be a light for others in this world. Negativity makes you ugly.

Are you lonely and want to attract a guy

Travel to Europe or study languages. Your will go from a 4 to an 8 in terms of attractiveness.  Men like girls who are smart and cultured. No money? No problem, work and save and go to Europe and rent a cheap flat.  I did many times. One time I got a $100 dollar ticket to London, hitch hiked around Europe and lived on French bread, many months in Europe all-inclusive was about 500 dollars.

European guys like American girls.  Would you not find it attractive is some French guy moved in next to you? Same goes for Europeans. I live in Eastern Europe, you do not have to go to over priced western Europe, Eastern Europe is more like Europe use to be.

What about clothes for looking good?

Tight jeans, designer white t-shirt sun glasses and long hair and a nice body (size 4 or 6 or maybe 8 at most). No guy will be able to resist you.

Dresses are always better than pants. Black clothes look great. Simple is better. If you do not like your legs because you are afraid you have spider veins, guys are not looking at your legs like this. If you are really worried wear black or white or orange stockings even fish net.

Simple clothe and thin body (not too thin, but lets say size 6, whatever your age is).

What attitude are men attracted to?

Humble and idealistic. Stop reading Jane Austen and live it. If you want a prince be a princess. Do not be sassy, aggressive or feminist. Boring, clichés. Be humble. Tell a guy you love to cook. Learn to cook. Say your sorry all the time and mean it. I do. Don’t you want your partner to be unconditional in love and understanding? Than be the same. Be humble. If guys use you, God sees everything, just move on. Remember your goal is to attract a made not be hip and cool.  Be a sweet loving humble beautiful princess.  This is what is hot.

If you like classical literature, travel and languages this increases your attractiveness. Brains is appealing. Women who are gossipy and hang out with the girls and talk about popular culture and small things is not appealing. Girls that are into classical things like art and ballet and literature are attractive to guys.

Girls night out is so unattractive for a man. A man wants a domestic girl just like a girl wants a man who is not partying with his buddies. Most, umm all the girls I know in Europe tell me straight out they are domestic.  This is a big turn on for guys.

Humble, and idealistic religious but also slightly neurotic and artistic. I think the humble and idealistic part is the only important thing, everything else follows.  Don’t you want a prince?  Well get your nose out of those harlequin romances, because guys want a princess.

You can be slightly neurotic if you want, but if you start talking like you do not need a man or career is important to you than you have just turned off most guys.  I am a guy, buzzing with testosterone and competitiveness, aggressiveness, intelligence and ambition, just buzzing with it, and I do not care about career. I love my family. I love my wife and daughter and just want to be with them and make them happy.  Is there anything wrong with a woman wanting to make her husband happy.  This should be your goal.  This is attractive to a man.

How to look good

  • Be a skinny and thin girl to be attractive.
  • Wear tight jeans and designer t-shirts.
  • Grow your hair long and do not color or perm it.
  • Natural perfumes and cosmetics only and lightly,let your skin breath and your pheromones work.
  • Walk everywhere.
  • Do not eat prepared food.
  • Study languages and travel the world, make yourself interesting, this is attractive.
  • Do not be a corporate slave or worry about anything other than developing your mind and soul and finding your husband so you can have a family and stay with him and make him happy your whole life and never leave him. However, he must believe in love without limits like you and  have saintly patience and humility also. Career women are so unattractive as are hopeless men who hang out with the guys. Be all or nothing with your love.
  • Be thin. I know I said this but if you want to look good be a skinny girl.
  • Have faith and trust in God.

If you take these to heart more or less you will be as attractive or more than any model or actress. Let me know what your reaction is to my post on how to be beautiful and attractive. It is more important to be attractive than beautiful. However with my ideas you will be both.

Be Good Looking

Fat girls

The fat girls acceptance movement is very much in vogue. It means you can be a fat girl and it is OK. There are organizations such as NAAFA: the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and ASDAH: The Association for Size Diversity and Health.
My take on this is it is OK for your psychological health (I even doubt this), but not for your physical health or your life, therefore, in the end, these groups are for people who just give up on their lives and their dreams.

Overweight girls swindle themselves out of their own lives

Of course you can be a fat girl if you want, peace and love, but you could be potentially swindling yourself out of your own personal fulfillment in your life.  That is, you are limiting the chances of you having a husband and a happy family and the energy to do the things you want to do without being plagued with health problems and low energy.  You will have a lower chance of attracting the man of your dreams.  That is just the truth.

Girls be honest, do you see Johnny Depp with  obese girl?  Would you like to marry some big fat guy with his belly hanging out?    Well, guys do not dream of marrying overweight women. I guess I am writing this to motivate you to action, rather than accept your life has to be this way. So please do not take offense if you need to lose weight. I have been there.

I always dreamed of marrying a princess from a fairy-tale. Is there anything wrong with having your dreams come true.

I married the princess of my dreams.

Why do you not want to attract the prince of your dreams?

BBW girls  – Accepting your body image – fit or fat?

One of the biggest determinant criteria for a happy life is not your weight as much as your acceptance of your body image.   If you do not like your body you will not be happy. Therefore, I understand why this fats acceptance movement has taken place and has some positive aspects for people who can not come to terms with their bodies.

It is very painful not to love your body.  You should love your body no matter what it looks like and this should be unconditional.

That being said, why not try to be fit instead of fat? Why not also take steps in a normal way to balance out your life.  All I ask is people to be honest with themselves in what they are doing in terms of habits.

Why not throw out the bathroom scale and the magazines with photo-shopped women, and turn off Oprah (last I check she is not married) , and stopping listening to your girlfriends who keep telling you you look good.  Rather do this, take an honest look in the mirror at your body and be honest about the areas you would like to improve.

What is a healthy body fat percentage for women

If you are honest with yourself and honest about your life I think you would prefer to be fit instead of fat.  Fit does not mean too thin, of course it means, having a healthy body fat index and hip to waist ratio.

  • In girls a fat percentage  between 14% to 22 % at most.  I think under 20% is a healthy body fat percentage for women who does no exercises and 15% for someone who works out.
  • I think a good hip to waist ratio is about .8 for women, but it could be even less depending on your bone structure.
  • Sizes 4 to 6 is great, but this is not a great measure. I think size 4 is good if you like slim women and size 6 is you like more rounder women. Size 8 is a chubby girl.  Over size 8 is a large girl with a weight problem.  Do not give me this Rubenesque nonsense.

But I am not a doctor and do not take my advice.  This is what I think is balanced and looks good on a girl.

The fat girl’s health

Further consider this:

Obesity’s heart disease risk factors include high blood pressure or further fat acceptance can lead to trouble with blood-fat levels, such as higher triglycerides, high cholesterol,  sleep apnea, cancer, fatty liver, poor glucose tolerance, diabetes, arthritis , inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and many other problems.

But being overweight is a huge blow energy levels and comfort in life.

You can accept yourself as a fat girl but it is not necessarily healthy and you know it somewhere deep down.  Therefore, why not work with a program like weight watchers or something to try to get back in balance?

Fat girls and beauty

I do not think fat girls are beautiful (I do not think the models in this post are all that attractive, its just more to illustrate a point).  I think they limit their chances to attract mates of quality, and women in their 20s (I think 30s is too late in most, but not all cases) should be concern about attracting a mate so they can reproduce like their genetics dictate. Mate selection and reproduction is the most basic part of being human.

How to be transform from a big beautiful women (fat girl) to a true beauty in 10 steps.

  1. Take a good multi vitamin, not a Centrum, but something with a good amount of B vitamins, anti-oxidants and other things, that you might get at the vitamin shoppe like the ‘daily three’.
  2. Take an additional anti oxidant like grape skin extract (400 mg extract)  or grape seed extract (200 mg), read what it says on the package like four a day.  Get this in a good brand or the vitamin shoppe, not Walmart.
  3. I have not had a car in countless years, I walk everywhere.  Even when I was a hot shot professional in the States I did not have a car.
  4. I do not go to the gym or work out, I just walk everywhere.  If you are trying to lose weight I would recommend weight lifting.  What?  See to get fat to burn you need to make your engine bigger to burn more fuel, that means more muscles.  However, I think yoga is very good too. I like walking everywhere, and playing sports like Nordic skiing or tennis, rather than being a slave to the gym.
  5. Do not spend money on getting your hair permed and dyed, go for long hair and a natural look. Buy natural shampoos and creams for your face instead of make up and perfumes. Do not buy women’s beauty creams that say anti-aging, I do not think they really work.  Go to Wholefoods and get something that is natural and is healthy for your skin.  Think about the amount of money you have spend going to a hair dresser and on cosmetics that do not work.  Get something natural and quality.  It does not have to be pricey.
  6. Eat a natural diet.  Caloric restriction is a great way to slow aging but you do not have to be conscious of it.  Simply eat lots of fresh vegetable.  You could eat salads all day long and never gain an once.  Look at the Okinawans or Mediterraneans,  or other long lived people’s diets. Maybe it is not what you eat but how much, as long as you get enough.  I live in Europe and have the largest meal at noon and maybe yogurt for dinner, sometimes a sandwich.  I like cooking and eating, I will even make some YouTube videos on Eastern European food. I also have a recipes blog. I think the best thing you can do is do not read to many diet book and just live your life.  I love eating but if I did not have it, its no big deal, there are more important things in my life (like love and adventure) and some days I almost forget to eat. Your could fast for religious reasons and give the money you save on food that day to a children’s charity and pray for all those in the world without food.
  7. Stay out of the sun, this will make you look like a raisin. I have seen old people look great, because they always wore a hat.  I have seen leathery former beauties who got too much sun.
  8. Learn some languages and travel and see the world.  When you have staying in about 35 countries then your view of the would will expand and your waist will decrease. Look at all the thin people around the world, and the whole world you will see is very different than the USA and the UK. Focus on other things in your life.
  9. If you have a weight problem, do not yourself as a BBW, but as a glutton. Consider that if you are a large girl you are a glutton and there are many people in the world without food, while you are over consuming. Other people, whether it is right or wrong already see you as a glutton who can not control their own life. Men will run from you and will not want to date you, no matter what you write on You will be just another women that can not control their lives will try to boss or be aggressive with other people’s lives.  Therefore, find out what is eating at your to make you destroy the balance in your body.
  10. Be humble.  Very sensual and if you mean it you will find your prince.

I want the fat girls to find their prince

However, as a fat girl and with this fat acceptance movement you will only be preventing yourself from this dream. Skinny girls will find their prince. Fat girls will wallow in their excuses and rationalizations.

Be Good Looking

Smart girls

Smart girls don’t get married?

Those girls who think themselves smart do not get married, or not for long. However, those girls who are actually intelligent do get married.

Educated girls pumped with ego who say I am too intelligent to get a guy to stay with me are making excuses. There is a big difference between smart and  being educated or egotistical.

Mark Twain said never confuse school with your education.

Spinsters of the future – smart girls

These future old maids blame everybody but themselves for not being married. I have herd countless times, she’s too smart and most guys don’t appreciate or like intelligent women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s pure biology and genetics, men want to meet and reproduce with intelligent women. Don’t you?  However there’s a difference between being intelligent and being pumped with ego.

Let me tell you a story, this “intelligent girl” I met is 34 and she’s a doctor at it at university, and she claims the reason she is not married is men are intimidated by her intellect. First she is not too bright in my opinion. Maybe she has a lot of book knowledge, but I would not say she is a clever girl.

However, more important was after about maybe fifteen minutes with this girl and her inflated ego, I had to leave and go take a shower. It was all about her.  I think many guys feel this way around girls from the west who put a lot of stock in being a career woman.

Yeah at 34 that girl has a good chance of finding a guy to fall in love and get married and have kids in one year.  I feel bad for her yes.  But there are many other people in this world that deserve more attention than some egotistical American girl. My point is women – don’t get smart too late.  Humble your pride and ego.

I know this is hard to believe and swallow, but this is how many people are in this world. They are pumped with ego they cannot see their own faults.  Myself included of course.  But that’s not the point.

If you are a girl and not married there are two reason. First you do not want to surrender your ego. Surrendering ego I man say ‘we’ is more important than ‘I’.  Second, you do not make yourself attractive for men. Men need to be inspired like the woman below who is an intelligent girl but still has the ideals and beauty of a woman.

Men are simple, if there is a damsel worth rescuing they will.  However, if this girl is not worth it, usually not making an effort to be hot and humble, then guys will go back to playing computer games and going out with the guys.
Men are programmed to mate and reproduce the same as women, and want to have a normal life with a wife and family.  It is instinct. If they do not want to it is because the women are not making themselves women.  They are making themselves men. Further for a man to stay with you he needs to be inspired by your ideals.

Many American women cut their hair and focus on job, rather than ideals, and become pumped with ego and turn men off.

Love and marriage for  many girls is a supplement to their lives

They feel that love is an addition to their life.  Love is not a supplement to your life, love is your life.  Many women say I can balance career and money intelligence with my marriage.  I believe that they see love as a shameful supplement to their life like they see their fitness or career.  Love is not a supplement to your life.  Love it is all or nothing.

Smart girls who are not married

Therefore for all the girls 35- 40 years old who are not married and keep saying they are too intelligent.  This is the furthest from the truth.  It’s because they’re too stuffed with book knowledge and lacked a real wisdom and intelligence to understand the realities of this life.  That is life is short and you get along time.  Further you will not get another chance.  Humble yourself before it is too late.  Commit yourself to humility or you will be cruising for guys in the evening while your working on your beloved career in the day.

Real intelligent women

When I met my wife I thought she only went to high school.  I did not care.  She never ever mentioned that she had a master’s degree from a top school.  However I noticed she was able to solve complicated brain puzzles in a flash, do Rubik’s cube sitting on the sofa! She picked up languages without ever studying, I ask wondering what was going on.  Latter it came out she had a masters when to some medical school but she did not like to talk about such things as what does it matter. I was inspired by her ideals first.

Societies measure of intelligence does it matter we all add up to 100%, it is more are attitude towards people that counts.

Smart American women

In contrast many American girls I met had PhD.s and were doctors and yet couldn’t figure their way out all box.  Further, they all talked about was a career and how great they are and how smart they are and always looking for a way to prove this into one up the next person.

I met this one girl in Boston who was a doctor and said with all seriousness that is one day she could not be a doctor she would end her life. What a freak.

Needless to say those girls are not married to this day, however if they are I feel sorry for the guy.

Solution for smart girls

The next time you ever hear a girl say the reason her friend is not married is too smart.  Tell her to she is not humble and should get a life before, her life is over.  The worst thing is I do not think people can change so my advice is simply avoid women that think themselves smart and go for girls that are smart. Remember smart girls do get married.

Be Good Looking

Skinny girls – How to be a thin girl

To be beautiful is one of the strongest drives for people. It is connected to our deep longing to reproduce. Our DNA wants to spread so it sends messages to our subconscious to develop a
strategy for mating. Beauty and allure is one of the what our bodies want. Let your conscious brain yield to its wisdom.

Skinny girls – how to be thin and beautiful

Skinny girls are not born they are made. Who is this post for?  This post is for girls who want to be thin and beautiful but do not know how. I received a lot of comments on my skinny girls posts. That post was more for guys telling them why to date slender girls.  Well this post is to give ideas to women how to be thin.

This post is how be slim and beautiful which is almost synonymous. My thesis is thin and beautiful is all in the mind but also one key ingredient most diet and exercises books and websites do not tell you.  Being a slender is all about your mental attitude and one thing.  If you want to have more allure you can be.  Here is how.

When you are young and in school nature bathes you in hormones and you retain your slim shape no matter how much you lay around. But even these women are showing signs of weight gain. If you look them up in twenty years you would see a different photo.

I am writing to tell you what others will not

Like in the fairly-tale ‘The Emperors new clothes’ I have no reason not to be honest about this. I am not going to shower you in false socially acceptable praise.  I am a guy and will tell you like it is. I am also a compassionate person and not writing this to be hurtful, rather, to make you aware so you can take positive action.

I am writing this from a man’s point of view. I hope to give you insights that pop culture and women’s magazines do not. Therefore be of real value, not just recycled information of little value, as it is too watered down and will not change your life.

My wife who does not have the fancy clothes nor is she 21, yet she has a natural beauty and lightness because of a simple lifestyle of outdoor activities and cooking only from scratch.

Here is my story, I have been a tall thin, lanky guy a good part of my life. I personally was somewhat tortured by my weight, being thin and male, whereas, American women I thought women prefer meaty, husky guys guys.   Therefore, I struggled with weight issues too.  I did not like the way I looked (I know, I know guys should be super confident alphas and only eat grilled meat and watch football on the weekends).

I tried to distort my natural genetics,  I even once became a gym rat and was super pumped at over 220 lbs or 100 kgs plus.  That became a lifestyle. I could study languages and travel the world or be a slave to the gym. I decided on the former.  My point is:

Let go of the fight and start to enjoy my life and be in shape at the same time .

I will tell you how.

I have been in shape and out of shape, and it feels better to be in shape. Why not look good?  Why not enjoy your life?

I am very athletic.  I tried every vitamin you could imagine, read every book on cooking as I was a cook for many years.   I used to work in a bookstore and read every book there was on fitness on many a late Saturday nights when I had to close the store.  So I could talk all your want from a technical well-informed perspective about how to be a thin girl. But that is not the secret to how to be a thin girl.

Polish girl from the city who is delicate and ethereal. Country or city girl you have to move.

Therefore,  I want to talk to you in a simply way about being slender from a guy’s perspective. Being thin and beautiful is very easy. No need to read too much on it or think about it.  The less you think about it the better.  Just read my post on how to be a skinny girl.

After all is said and done,  ‘the truth reveal itself after the complex has been exhausted’. Here is the simple truth of being a skinny girl.

Featherweight female with a date, and larger girl without. You choose what you want to be like.

Evolution has already made you beautiful

The first thing and most important thing is to realize that you are already beautiful and thin, no matter what you look like.  I am a guy, I know what I am talking about in this regard.  I have never seen a woman who was not beautiful. Every girl has her own beauty. No matter what you look like, tell yourself you are beautiful and do not need to change. This is right from a guy, not from one of your girlfriends trying to make you feel better. I am a guy and I have guy friends who mostly agree on me with this point.

Women are way too critical of their looks. I have seen girls with no make up and do nothing with their hair and do nothing with their body and you know what? If you look close enough, you will see how beautiful they are.  It is instinct and evolution, you have been honed to look good and it is encoded in your genes. There is now way you are not attractive.

In contrast I have seen legions of over done women, a modern phenomenon of people who fall prey to the image marketing specialist in women’s cosmetics and clothing have sold you.  Women living in the wild in the forest five thousand years ago where very attractive with little clothes or cosmetics etc. These ancient girls were so sensual a modern metro man would not know how to handle this primitive rustic beauty.

There will always be a guy that will fall in love with you no matter what you look like, why? Because every girl is a beautiful princess.  Why would I lie? Who ever told you, you are not beautiful?  I mean this from all my heart.

Women not looking too gangling nor gaunt. Think about the future and what you will become.

Second thing you have to do is stop thinking about losing weight and diet. If someone tells you ‘do not think of a pink elephant’, the first thing that comes to your mind is a pink elephant.  If someone tells you can not have some type of food you will want it.  Therefore I do not believe in diets.  Diets do not work.  What has to change is the way you perceive yourself.

Here comes the hard part. Be honest with yourself.  What in your heart of hearts do you really want to look like? Try to imagine yourself as you would really like to be. Be honest, remove all the clutter and mixed messages from your brain.  Remove expectations of other people and just try to create a mental picture of yourself as you really would like. If you would like to look like a model, see yourself this way. If you want to look like a Romanesque baroque angel, see yourself as this.  I recommend visualization and running through scripts in your mind.  See yourself in various places doing things as you want to be.  Do this as you fall asleep for example a couple of nights a week when you want to. If you really want to be a thin girl, than see yourself as a slender, lithe girl in various situations.

Visualization was popular a few years back and now it is a little out of vogue because self-help books over did it.  However, it is effective.

An example of visualization – think yourself thin

There was a guy who was a prisoner for three years.  He had no choice to but to eat less as they feed him little.  So he visualized everyday that the small amount he ate was a huge meal.  He did this in so much detail that be was actually full on basically bread and water.

My point is the mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary.  If you eat an apple and tell yourself you are full you will start to believe it. The good news is to be a slim female you do not have to do this, nor do I recommend it.

I recommend visualization for simply seeing in your mind’s eye the image you want to look like.  This is a much easier way. Your body will start to respond on a subconscious 3D holographic level and in some way start to conform to your image that you see in your imagination.

Note the shape here, it is more about proportion to your frame.

My way to be thin and why you are not – secrete ingredient

What is the most effective for losing weight? Only eat organic unprocessed food and your body will naturally balance itself out.

Me, I only eat organic food and do not eat out except on a rare occasion. I only shop in the organic produce section of WholeFoods.  If you did that and that alone you would lose weight. When I came back from Europe after living for ten years and started eating ‘healthy’ American food, I gained 30 lbs. I figured out even the best American food has been stripped of their micro-nutrients because of poor soil using fertilizers like that add macro-nutrients but not the micro-nutrients. Fertilizers add 10-10-10 NPK but not all the trace minerals. The soil is depleted and the result is you are fat.

It does not cost much if you cook. If you can not cook and eat packaged foods and dine out, quit your job and career and take the time to learn. Ditch your girlfriends who like to eat all the latest causal dining place. Get new friends. Connect with permaculture people.  I am sorry life is about choices. You want to be fat and slothful or you want to learn to provide and cook and take care of yourself. If you can not do that, you kids will be eating processed package foods too.  Look do you want to get married and be happy or have a trouble internal dialogue your whole life.  Here is a way out. Just eat organic veggies and home cooked meals.

Men instinctively are attracted to thin girls because they know that after kids and marriage they will gain a few pounds but still look good. But if you are starting from a base of obesity or overweight, even a little than you will inflate like a balloon after marriage. So learn the reason and cause of your weigh problem now, it is you are a packaged food person.

Stop being a packaged food person and having people cook for you. Live off Organic produce and free range protein and you will see the difference.

When I switched to organic I lost all the weight I gained.  If you do not believe me comment below, and we can dialogue about it.

I now grow a lot of my food organically in my backyard. It is my yoga and aerobics class in one.

You can watch channels like:

John Collier from Grow your Greens


Jean-Martin Fortier the Market Gardner

If you want to get inspired and learn how to grow your own food.

But read my lips, only eat Organic food and you will be thin.

What old movies from say the WWII time, people did not have skin problems and were not overweight because this obesity is a modern plague cause my the food industries greed to make you eat packaged food and big agribusiness to give you food grow with pesticides and chemicals that will destroy you hormonal balance. I mean there are girls in their 20s that are already ten pounds overweight. It is tragic.

Diets do not work. Really this was studied.  So forget about food.   Therefore, do not get to complicated about your diet just be normal but eat organic make your own bread and drink organic milk. It is different. My daughter can tell immediately if based on taste and she is a kid. If your taste buds are that insensitive, then you have to make the switch now. If you can not do it for yourself do it for a higher ideal like religious reason. Eat the things that are in the Bible, or that Jesus would eat, and make sure they are Organic as that is all there was back then. I am not trying to make you feel bad about your lifestyle, rather I want you do look good and feel good so you can actualize your potential intellectually and spiritually rather than obsessing about food and weight.

What about exercise?

Actually just exercises will do it also but I do not want to be a slave to exercise, I would rather be active.   Every body is different, however, there are some universal rules that can be applied.

If you eat less you will lose weight and exercise more, but it is what you eat, is most important.

Story about Danish Island and very thin people

There was an Island cut off during the second war.  This was a small Danish community.  They survived on potatoes seaweed and herring.  At the end of the war they were examined for their health.  They are in beautiful physical condition.   Living a simply diet reversed plaque build up in their arteries they lived long happy lives.

The biggest easiest way to tell how long you will live is your hip to waist ratio.  Hip to waist is not only very attractive when your waist is thinner than your hips but it will tell you basically how long you will live.  People who eat less live longer.  As long as you do not become anorexic or anything extreme you will live longer and be happier.

My point is you do not have to get to complicated about diet.  Eat natural.

You know what to eat.  All the vegetables you want in a rainbow of colors, also fruit until you can not eat any more.   Then you need protein.  I like fish but many people are vegetarians or meat eaters, whatever, as long as you eat a natural balanced diet.  You do not have to get too technical into things like the glycemic index or anything, as if you have a mixed diet this will smooth it all out. Forget food combining or anything fancy. Eat normal food that is not processed.  I like international cuisine. See if you can eat a different dish every night if you like.

This old Doctor I once knew from the bookstore once told me all you need is one good meal a day.  I guess have light meals to supplement but I think he was right. I basically eat one meal.

Be proud of your body on the beach and in front of a mirror.

Now here is my disclaimer.  I am not a doctor and do not recommend anything to anyone.  Anything on skinny girls is just my personal observations.


I take a very good multiple vitamins I get at Wholefoods, Alive energy is the one I take.

Exercises  I do

I simply walk. I work in my garden. I transformed my backyard into a food forest.  I do not have a car as I live in the old town of a European city and walk everywhere. (Moved to Florida and have a car now).  You think this is too hard?  The biggest correlation between obesity and anything else is how much time you spend in your car.  Really, more than diet or exercises or genetics what will determine your if you will be a slender lady is if you walk instead of use a car.

I do not work out go to the gym or anything else, I guess gyms are boring for me.  I just walk.  That is it.

If you are into working out, the best looking girls do yoga.  They are the ones that are the most balanced and beautiful.

Summary of the skinny girls strategy

  1. Know you are already a beautiful women.
  2. Visualizes yourself as you want to be.
  3. Do not worry about diet.  Just eat an organic self prepared natural diet. The less you think about food the better. I make soup and Pizza from scratch and it will last.
  4. One good meal a day from an international cook book and maybe light meals or snack.  Take the best multi-vitamin you can find. I pay about 50 dollars a month for one.
  5. Walk everywhere and always.  Or get into yoga class.
  6. Enjoy your life and focus on your life not your body.
  7. If this does not work move to Europe and enjoy your life, it will come off naturally as you will be around women who live a good lifestyle (not the UK).

There is a huge industry formed around weight loss and fitness for women to become skinny.  Forget it,  change your mind and your life will change.  The weight will come off if you change your mind. Food is not that important.

Hip to waist ratio as well as leg length plays an important part in dating.

Read literature and travel around the world and stop thinking about body image, or only in a positive way.  Then it will happen. be humble and peaceful and positive toward others and enjoy your life and the weight will come off. Learn a language and travel to counties or regions where you think guys are the hottest. Enjoy your life and want to be sexy.

After all when you die and get up to the pearly gates St. Peter will ask you how was the party?  If you spend your life being unhappy with yourself  thinking about food, you will say, what party?  My point is enjoy your life and take your mind off yourself and get over yourself, and you will take it off and take off. Pun intended again, but it is true. Live with your mind focused on ideals and high things and enjoying the best things in life, rather than obsessing about yourself.

I want to create a post on how to be a thin girl or to look like skinny girls that is of value, so I need your feedback. Tell me what you think and how I should revise this post and I will consider it.

Be Good Looking

Gothic girls and SteamPunk ladies – why we love them

My fascination with girls who are Goths and SteamPunk (a Victorian ear derivative of Gothic culture) is like most people, it is deviant behavior. However, a deviant behavior which is manifest in a non-destructive activities. That is the simple idea that you can self differentiate from the person next to you by using imaginative and subtly sensual style. To a prospective mate this is a strong signal that the person who with good taste is dressed in Steampunk or Gothic clothes has taken the time to use your brain and creativity to the next level. Go to a Comicon with an Edwardian steam punk theme and you will see the hottest chicks.

  • Why Gothic girls are sensual – To put even simpler if a girl goes to such an effort to make herself stand out from the crowd with fantastical fashion, they must have some strong libidinal drives, that are tempered and controlled by proper understanding of beauty and in the bounds of non-destructive action.
  • Current mainstream women  – Contrast this with the trend today with American women, where girls, just tattoo themselves up and cut or shave their hair and pierce their bodies. Where they have a fat and sassy attitude and dangle their private parts out there as bait. This is such crass unimaginative manifestations of their id.

My recommendation is if you are a female and want to attract a better caliber of partner than you have now, try to emulate some steampunk fashion. This will take you to a level that is beyond your peers. No silly come and go trend can hold a candle to this.

If you are a guy you can incorporate some of these ideas into your wardrobe also. This could be as simple as wearing old style retro vests or a top hat. Even I do this and I get noticed in a good way, and I am a conservative guy. You do not have to be all decked out but this in contrast to the bland fashions of the modern world. It is a statement.

If you are a girl you can shop for a corset or black lace and button dress or jacket. Think Edwardian or Neo-Victorian and improvise your wardrobe and augment your clothing closet. You do not have to wear this attire everyday or all out, but can add it. Even if you perceive your physical attributes not up to par because of self doubt, do not do something stupid like get a tattoo or succumb to intoxicating substances from peer pressure, just change your clothes.

Although I am a traditional guy, I have always been a fan of Gothic girls.  I think Europe has a lot of women that are Gothic.

Gothic girl

Here are some photos of some Gothic beauties I took the other day.  In Eastern Europe from time to time you can come across Gothic angels as these.

Beautiful Gothic girl

Why Gothic ladies have appeal

I think goth girls have an attitude that of courage either they do not care what other people think or do not mind standing out.  It is also young rebellion and not wanting to go through life like a robot. Most Gothic people grow out of this but its a cool form sensuality if the style is right and there are no tattoos. I am not into body modification just style. If you want to be a goth just start dressing in black a little.  Priests wear black because it attracts light.

European Gothic women

If you are looking to meet a European Gothic girl there are many ways to do this, but the best is just start talking to them, they are not as stand offish as they appear at first glance.

Photo of a SteamPunk girl

I think most Gothic girls are very intelligent (not always into vampires and horror) and if anything hyper intellectual. They are great to chat to as there is usually no limits to the amount to things they are curious in.

Unusual style in the market

Another good things about well dressed ladies is they usually are spiritual.  The angel below floated as she walked.

Gothic angel

Further being a fashion queen is has romantic written all other it.  I think these dark women are  just waiting for their champion.

So if you are dark and have friends that are light or you are light and want to attract the a dark Gothic beauty, do not wait, just be fearless and chat with one. Remember one message they convey is  life is short and your dead a long time.

So in conclusion I can say that women who go out of the way to be different in a positive way like Retro Edwardian style then they will be even more interesting in the romance department and I do not mean just in between the sheets, but that does come to mind.

Be Good Looking

Female leg length and photos of long legs

Aesthetics of the female body go beyond attractiveness, it is an art and a science. In our brains are programmed though one million years of evolution of our species the ability to discern in milliseconds ‘good’ from ‘bad’.

The average college age drinking footballer who is flunking math and science, knows in a split second what the equations of beauty are for some coed walking in his peripheral vision. In one sense he is literally a genius, even if he just drank his sixth Wiedermann. This is the male brain. Just like females can evaluate men, we men have our own algorithms running.

The science of Dimorphism and Aesthetics

  • Women prefer men with longer torsos and shorter legs.
  • Men prefer women with longer legs and shorter torsos. The longer the better.
  • What legs are attractive 
  • Extreme body types and beauty
  • Another study showed extremes on either side of the spectrum were viewed as less attractive than aesthetic a golden mean.
  • The length of the legs proportional to the body.  An attractive normal ratio on art of legs to body is 1.0 for most people. 1.4 is what is considered and ideal for women. That is the legs are 140% longer than the Torso.

What if you have short legs as a female?
One of the most constant formulas is we like long legs. The good news is we actually like the illusions not the reality of leg to body ratio. Thin legs and shoe with heel or the right type of pants or the way you wear your pants, higher to the waist.  Further, science shows that attraction has both an objective and relative elements. Some men prefer short legs on women.

Think about some guys like guys and women like women and all the variations in between. Something like a leg to torso ratio is not really something if you are a female you should worry about. However, it is something you can play up if you know how to dress. I do not know what you do. Maybe high waist-ed pinstripe pants, but it is only an issue if you make it an issue. Maybe your perceived weakness your strength.

Just a funny story about female leg length
My niece-in-law who is actually Polish not Russian, is 18 and 5’10” thin like a model. I asked her if she would like to be any taller, she said just a bit because there is this motor bike she could ride better. That is so funny, I never heard anything like that. Most girls want to be tall to look good, all she cares about is her new bike. She is not a biker chick, rather in Europe motorbikes are convenient ways to get around.

Photos of Russian girls legs

Photo of a Russian girl with long skinny legs

Here are some photos of Russian girls legs I took yesterday. These are unaltered and not Photoshopped. I would say most photos on the web are but these are natural legs. The purpose of these photos is to sway you to my point that leg length and thinness are connected to feminine allure, objectively. If you have a counter argument or can present another thesis and back it up with research I am open to hear your argument.

The quality of these photos are varied. But these are real photos by me not just some stock photos.  I normally talk about how to find women from Russia for love and marriage.  But I could not resist putting a few of these photos I took to show you guys how beautiful your average Russian lady is compared to say an American girl(I am an American living in Europe).

Image of Russian girl legs

Real Images of Europeans

These Russian girls were really nothing special, I live in Eastern Europe and just in 1 hour took some photos of these European women.  I did not want to be rude or obvious and did not want to show their faces out of respect.

I do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg mind you, just Eastern Europe.  In cities like Moscow I think you would find a much higher concentration of beautiful women. Photos of Moscow girls would be much more exotic.

Note how much care these singles take in looking attractive.  American or British women go to the super market in pajamas and slippers and put out the vibe like do not look at me. While Slavic women, at least in these pictures just to walk around wear angle brackets, toe nails and are all done up and are happy if you notice how beautiful they are.

Photo Moscow girls legs

These are just some random photos to make a point. However, if you have interest in Slavic style of female beauty, write me.

The purpose of this blog is not to show you photos of beautiful Russian women but give you some hope that nice girls are out there for true love and marriage. You do not have to settle on a look that does not do it for you.

Here is one last one to illustrate my point, that long thin legs are beautiful.

Leg to torso ratio for female beauty is a factor but not everything.
Be Good Looking

Skinny girls – guys should marry a svelte model

Reflections on the beauty of thin women and how you can lose weight

This is my experience with skinny girls.  I highly recommend you court and marry a skinny gal.  This post will tell you where they are from and how to meet them for love and why they are preferable to date and mate with, if you are looking for a wife. Yep, I am unrepentant advocate of marrying an abstemious bride.

If you see people around you that are lanky and underweight in a good way, this will start to influence the way you perceive normal.

Haters write me if you want, but if you are a guy,  your happiness will largely depend on the beauty of your wife. Factors into this equation is inner beauty and the whole including psychological health.

The name of the dating game is fit and thin not just the latter. Create a mental image of lanky meso-econometric beauty for yourself.

This post should not be misconstrued as a criticism of obese woman.  Au contraire mon cheri, it is a call to action. I give you some practical advice that worked for me to shed pounds the most important being: all manifestations of physical reality of this world is a reflection of your inner world.

What is on the inside of your anima animusis manifest on the outside

Learn this, meditate on it and that is all you need to understand if you want to look like good.

  • So lets get to men marry a girl that looks like a model or do not get married at all. I mean it.
Fit and in shapely girls are wife material; they have healthier mental attitude and tend to be more balanced than feminist with an attitude and no sense of style.

Do you want to be a successful man with a fat nagging wife or a guy who flies beneath the radar and has an easy going hot svelte wife?

I work in a hotel (I am a director of a 4 star luxury resort) and I often see businessmen come in; and they have some unattractive wife in toe. I can sense a feeling of disappointment on their faces. They have conquered the work yet married a fat or unattractive girl. In contrast coming through my hotel I see men of modest means with hot wives and a smile on their face. Trust me you want to marry a skinny girl who is also your soul mate.

Some slender gals on the beach showing off their figure in ascending order. And if you think chicks do not show off and take pride in their shape, think again.

I married a tall thin girl (not the one in the above photo).  My wife looks like a model.  I would never have got married if I did not follow these steps.

  • Admitting to myself that I think a thin girl is attractive and this is what I want despite what the feminist PC media tries to convey.
  • I stopped looking in the USA and for the girl next door.
  • I started being open minded about other cultures.
  • I used the Internet and traveled to Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Why not marry a model?

Doing the above steps I met ladies that only Brad Pitt could talk, that is waif models with intelligence and humility to boot. Before you all jump on me, I am not talking about emaciated, skin and bones or people with eating disorders, my heart goes out to those girls as do I feel compassion for overweight people. These are extremes that are caused by body imagine distortions. I am talking about psychological healthy, active women that would look good in skinny jeans or a bathing suit. I mean come on, be honest with yourself, there is nothing wrong with wanting your princess to be charming and attractive.

My wife watering our organic vegetable garden. You are not going to get fat living off of organic veggies and fish we catch.

Ego creates weight gain

American and Western European girls have such big egos. They have been caught up in the our cultures excess emphasis on self esteem as the summum bonum self actualization and happiness. The problem is their egos get so inflated that reasonable critical feedback from the external world does not have an impact on their psyche and therefore there is no impetus to change. This is the paradox of excesses self esteem. To change you need to be motivated a little with honey and a little with vinegar.

Women with big egos are in your face, are not easy going nor flexible and can not be a good bride for anyone.  I mean women do you want some egotistical businessman as your husband? So be fair and honest ego obscurities allure.

My recommendation is this: Eastern European women have a body like a model like waif.  A typical woman from these countries look like an elf in terms of body type. Who would not want to date an elf like girl?

Why skinny girls are desirable

If I women is fat it means she is out of balance on some level, the same goes for a man.  She can not control herself in some way or another. She will not be able to keep your life in balance and harmony.  Many people who are not thin are good humans but they lack in terms of balance and harmony. Often times they have unresolved emotional problems that is the root cause of their unhealthy behavior or eating and diet.  If you are looking for a mate or bride, this is not a good foundation for a good marriage.  A skinny girl on the other hand is more humble and can restrict herself more than heavy one.

Serious questions to ask yourself in mate selection

How is this not true? Is not inordinate culinary desire manifest by distortions in body shape? Are not humans or animals who can not control their eating fat? Is this someone you want to hitch your wagon to a star? Would it not be better to meet an an epicurean with a lust for life? Rather than some culturally determined current day lady who embraces the fat acceptance movement?  I mean come on watch Dr. Oz, we all want to be thin and beautiful or at least put in the old college try, so do not date someone who just gives up does not want to compete.

A body in motion stays thin and in motion.

Nice skinny girls or rude BBW – who do you really want to date?

Skinny girls in my experience are nicer people.  This is my personal experience.  I have traveled and lived a lot and overweight girls tend not to have a personality that would be congruent mine.

They are massage therapists, yoga teachers, runners, artists, linguists, laboratory workers or altruistic charity workers, that is pursing some alternative non money and power career. They basically a girls who are not obsessed with money, power and consumption, but rather intellectual self actualization. To put it in cleaner terms, often they are the girls that would give their last piece of candy away. In my experience in the business world, girls in corporate America are not like this and they tend to be rude, point figures and overweight. Just my experience if yours is different let me know.

I want to impart on you the idea that you can control the fate of your looks.

A thin girl is usually more interesting for me personally and for me a lot more attractive. People say generally they are more sensual,  and being fit is just healthy. These are some of the reasons skinny girls are desirable and stop listening to western feminist influenced media. Go for what you really want in life. It is your choice, my choice was a skinny girl and I have not regretted this.

If you are a girl who wants to be thin, I can make some recommendations but that is another post. Basically the key to lose weight is to get your mind off food and develop another aspect of your personality that is latent and wants to come out.  Peace and love, I do not want to sound too hard in this post as it is written more for guys looking for a wife. I know what I am talking about when it comes to a skinny girl diet, but it is again not the focus on this post.

Use a combination of mental imagery and fitness activities,. Have fun playing outside and at home imagine yourself thin,.

If you want to lose weight and and attenuate your body here are my recommendations:

Being thin happens in the mind first. Girls that are into art and literature and learn to play musical internments or languages tend to have a distraction that takes their mind off food. They are obsessed with reading and book not eating. They transmute primitive libidinal drives to a higher purpose. That is why there is a negative correlation between weight and education level.

  1. Establish a caloric baseline – Eat three meals a day (at least), find your basic caloric baseline to maintain weight. Mine is low, I do not need a lot to live. I can live on 1,500 calories, I am a guy and athletic. My wife when I met her was living on a few potatoes as that is all she had money for. Do not go by ridiculous guidelines of 2,700 calories or 2,2o0 a day. I think most people are more like 1,800 or less. I am not a doctor so I am not giving this advice in a medial sense but really work be honest and find that baseline. Work with a nutritionist if you are unsure.
  2. Take handfuls of vitamins – I have been very sick and had real problems in my health and life. I have never really been helped by a doctor. I have has wonderful improvements with natural herbs and vitamins. But you can not watch Dr. Oz and start taking supplements and expect weight loss. I recommend anti-oxidants like resveratrol, pomegranate, blueberry smoothies as well as the best high dose whole food type multi-vitamins, such as from the earth at Vitamin Shoppe. I buy herbs in bulk and make teas (most economical and better than lame Walmart herbs), I am drinking some right now. I drink vegetable juice, I do not make it as I am too lazy.
  3. Circulate energy – I do reflexology, yoga or what ever why watching TV in the evenings, get massages frequently if you can afford it but who can? Better is to swap massages with a friend.
  4. Walk or exercise – I do not like the gym anymore as I get bored I like riding bikes with my wife or walking on the beach. Walk like 5 miles a day you will will not have a weight problem. My neighbor does not have  a car and she must walk to work and you know what she is a stick.
  5. Hire a fitness trainer – I believe in personal trainers. They look so fit for a reason. I know many and they get results. If all else fails just hire one it will be worth every penny as they motivate you, teach you about eating and establishing habits.
  6. Visualization for body shape – I believe in creating a 3D holographic imagine of the body you want.
  7. Cryolipolysis – Ah can you hear the choir sing – the magic bullet of weight loss -What if this does not work and you can not lose weight for example after pregnancy or you have built up a lifetime of fat cells that can only be shrunk?  CoolSculpting and freeze the fat off – You can look it up. It does not make you healthier but the fat will come off your love handles. I imagine you can even buy a do it at home machine, that is freeze fat off at home, but I do not recommend it.

Where to find thin women

The reality is certain cities are better than others for thin women. Any girl from the country side, is better than a city girl.

In addition, girls from St. Petersburg in Russia are better than Moscow. Krakow in Poland is better than Warsaw for slender ladies. Lviv in Ukraine is better than Kiev for elven goddesses.

Ukrainian, Polish and Russian skinny girls

I think major cities like Moscow for example become too modern and Western.  Secondary cities like St. Petersburg, Krakow, and Lviv have still the educated population, but not the western corruption of the bigger cities. This is where I would look in Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

I would not use a tour for bride

By the way I would not use any Russian tours or Ukrainian tours to find a bride for marriage.  I will tell you the best way to meet these thin tall girls.

American and UK girls are not that skinny or why thin girls are rare outside Eastern European women

I do not know, I think its they it is a combination of media and the western idea that you do not need to restrict yourself. I do not think its the food.  I am an American in Eastern Europe and we have fast food here. We have fat food and cakes and pies and sweets.

I think it is more that some women in the west think it is a bad idea to deny themselves.  I on the other hand think denial and ascetic practices are something that can be good if not taken to extremes. It is good to fast or to meditate.  It is good to take the money you might spend on food and give it to the poor for a day. I think the healthy pain of exercise or hiking in the wood for the weekends is a good thing.  Also it is painful to examine your emotional issues. I think most people swallow a lot of emotion. Do not be afraid to address this emotional pain and the root of your eating problems. If not you are forced to accept the fact that a size 8 is amazing and size 10  or 14 is normal, which it is not.

Where I am in Europe a size 4 or maybe size 6 is normal, with half the attitude.  So why not go for thin girls who will be nice to you. Rather than some American girl who will be demanding and nag you and play games and have moods and be fat.

Thin girls – how to meet them

To meet thin girls its very easy.  I recommend you do not spend all your time looking in America or Western Europe. I would say that Russian and Poland and Ukraine have the skinniest girls and they are tall girls too.  This is my personal observation, traveling and living in different counties.

If you want to meet these ladies from Russia simply  go there.  Do not take a tour or stay in a hotel, fly to St. Petersburg and rent a flat.  Stay for a couple of weeks.  You will meet more skinny girls in those two weeks than in your whole life, and most will be happy you are talking to them.

If you can not fly somewhere today, try the Internet. Chat them up online.  My site gives you exact places to meet girls online from Russia, Poland and Ukraine that only people in these counties know about, so they are not fished out or over crowded or have serial daters like

Explore my website. Explore my post on Russian girls for example or a few post. I give you exact sites to try. Let me know what you think of skinny girls for love.

Be Good Looking

Good girls wear tight jeans – women need to put on skinny jeans

You can call me a pig, what can I say, but I like women in tight jeans. I think every girl should have a few pair in her closet and wear them often without regret. If a girl wants to be attractive, skip the tattoo parlors (that is so trashy), you do not need make-up or spend money on tipsy (guys do not care about that)  go to Walmart and or the outlet mall and get a pair pants that are a size or two too small.

Think about it, it is a way to show off the beauty of your body without revealing too much. It makes everyone happy when women put on slim fit pants. Men are happier, women are happier, these well designed pairs of denim really increases the happiness of the people.

For under 50 dollars, you can sport: jeans, t-shirt and cheap sunglasses and this would put you at the top of your game fashion wise if you are a female. If you have long hair to boot you are at least an 8 in terms of looks. If you wear no make up or do not color your hair but put on some lip stick you could have your pick of men. All you have to do is work on your brain and you can marry who you want. It is really that simple.

In case you are confused, women you want to look good, so do not buy into political correctness, looking attractive is what you are designed for.  Even if your body is less than perfect, know one will know it if the blue jeans are on tight enough.

A sense of fashion covers a multitude of sins. They even cover cellulite.

  • My thesis here is good girls wear tight jeans. They really do.

Are slim fit jeans sleazy?

I am married now so I am not checking out girls, but I like it even when my wife wears jeans that complement her shape my walk has a extra bounce in it. When women have a fashion sense it increases the happiness of people who look at them. However, are they moral? Yes. Muslim countries are notorious for these having women on the streets with their heads covered, but wearing blue jeans. I have traveled through the Middle East and I saw a lot of women in this fashion.

I think people see a dichotomy between people who are religious and moral yet have a good sense of style. Snug fitting jeans are a good fashion. They make you look attractive but do not show skin. It is not base and aggressive like tattoos and piercings.  It does not show too much like something Anne Hathaway would wear.

Just because you are moral does not mean you can not make yourself attractive. I mean Amish or plain style is no necessary to be a good person. Being a good person has to do with what is in your heart not what the style of your clothes.

Tight jeans, skinny names a rose by any other name

The trend in tight jeans are here to stay. They go by many names such as skinny jeans, but they all lead to the same idea.  That is skin-tight fit on legs and buttock. Girls do this for one reason, to attract guys. Further, women who wear skinny jeans convey a message for guys who are looking for marriage, read on.

Guys if you want to see beauty go to Eastern Europe

I do not know what it is with Russian girls and tight jeans. But Women from the old Soviet republics love tight jeans.  In the West like  in the USA  girls where baggy jeans or larger pants maybe because they have weight  problems (understatement).  But in Russia girls paint their jeans on.

The beauty of Russian girls wearing tight jeans

They are almost as hot as body paint.  This is true in Ukraine and  Poland also and all of Eastern Europe.  These girls wear skin tight jeans like I have never seen.  If you  are a connoisseur of beautiful women and the beauty of a woman’s body, go to  candy land, um I mean Russia and you will see what I mean, tall skinny Russian  girls with tight jeans. It does not hurt that they have long legs either in Eastern Europe.

Even a cheap 12 dollar pair of skinny jeans from Walmart can make a girls shape look good, if she is active and into things like riding bikes.

Maybe the above photos are not good representation but you get the point

Tight jeans, body image and your future marriage

I think Russian girls do not have a problem with wearing jeans so tight because they want to find a mate. Yes that is right they are not ashamed to say right out they want to find a guy who they can make happy. This is because with this style of trousers they were while trying to attract a mate. In contrast, American girls do not feel to make the same effort, and this is a telling sign that during the relationship and marriage they will not make the same effort to please their husband.

  • Therefore, a lot can be deducted by the type of jeans a girl wears,  that the girls want to please, while baggy or whatever clothes put it out to the world that you do not want to compete and do not care to make their husband happy.
Russian girls love to wear skin-tight jeans

They want to find someone who will think they are a women.  In the west, being a slim girl is not a priority.

Therefore, although some people might disagree with me on moral ground saying it is too provocative, but I have known many a pure good girls who wear tight trousers. I think guys can screen potential mates by looking if girls are wearing old fashion dungarees, normal blue jeans or tight skinny jeans, you know the type you have to suck in your gut and jump into to put them on.

Be Good Looking

What is attractive on a girl

What is attractive on a girl?

Who am I am why do I know about what looks good on girls. I am an American living in Europe.  I also have two sisters, a wife and a daughter.  I have a lot of respect for women.  I am also honest. I am not trying to sell you anything an not a company.  I write my own language learning software.  I am writing this because I feel a lot of women are mislead as to what is good looking and what they should buy.  Companies spend lots of money on trying to convince you what is attractive on girls.  My guy friends and I are all pretty good looking, intellectual and I think they would also agree with my views.  Some guys will disagree but beauty is subjective.  I do not dance around the issue, I tell you what I honestly think.  If you disagree please let me know.  But what I write might shock you.

Lets start with what is not attractive on a girl

Here is my list of things that are things that detract from a girls beauty.

  • Hair color changes are not attractive on girls.  Most girls hair looks fried, that is, their coloring damages their hair.  Also the hair looks fake.  I like real.  I do not like fake. Guys like real girls. Hair is big money and big business.  Give your wallet a break and try your natural color and you will see more guys will respond.  I know girls will protest, but this is true. Natural looks great. I personally have some of the most attractive shinny hair, I get girls asking me all the time what I do.  I wash it with only natural soap, but eat well and take vitamins.  A very natural diet, no caffine or junk.
  • Too much make up is not attractive on a girl.  Basically a little lipstick is all girls need.  If your skin is not perfect spend money on vitamins or something very natural that will help heal your skin not mask it. Do not be affraid of imperfections.
  • Too much grooming.  American girls have tons of cash and spend it on their looks.  Every eyebrow and part of them looks like a well manicured lawn in suburbia, nothing out of place. This is boring.  I like the wild, rustic look. Something thick eye browse look great.
  • Body hair is good except on the face. Women are have OCD about shaving everything.  They should go easy on themselves.  It is instinctive to like hair, hair on a girl is good.  Sure shave your legs but do not go crazy. Girls care more than guys.  Girls do should not feel the need to pluck everything off so they look like a girl.  Be a women, this is attractive.
  • Shoulder length hair is not attractive.  For me, shoulder length hair means,  I do not want long beautiful hair as its too much work, nor do I have the guts to do something radical like cut it real short. So I will be another boring girl with a bob.
  • Tattoos, I want a girl not a sailor.
  • Facial moles, very not cool if they are big an ugly. I do not recommend many body modifications, but mole removal is not bad if it is ugly.
  • Fat is not attractive.  I like skinny girls as most guys do. This is why I think European, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish girls are much more attractive than American girls. Argue all you want, a girl who is skinny is attractive, a size 8 is not.
  • Girls that are not humble are perhaps the biggest turn off.
  • Perfume, its just petrochemicals on your body, why not use your own pheromones, this is attractive 100%.
  • High heels look very uncomfortable to me and therefore no attractive.
  • Foul language, smoking etc.
  • Jewlery and anything in excess.

What than makes a girl look attractive?

Here is a list of thing that I think are attractive on a girl:

  • Long hair or really short hair.
  • Girls that show their face and do not cover it with hair.
  • Thin girls.
  • Glasses or not.
  • Tight jeans and a t-shirt.
  • See though shirts or tops.
  • Earth tones or spring colors.
  • Girls that keep fit.
  • If you want to drive guys crazy try not wearing a bra.
  • Girls that eat healthy are attractive.
  • Brains and humility is attractive as well as wise girls. Stupid material girls are not.

In summary what is attractive on a girl?

Girls that spend money on looks are rarely attractive.  Girls that walk a lot, and wear clothes that are not to pricey, jeans and a nice top or sweater, earth colors.  Natural hair and look and lifestyle are beautiful.  Basically do not spend money on making yourself look good.  Any girl in Eastern Europe spending little, to no money on their looks, look great. Romanian, Russian girls etc total incomes might be a few hundred dollars a month. These European girls look much better than her American counter part spending cash on herself.  If you want to really attract guys play chess, read books, do yoga, learn a language.  This for me is interesting and attractive on a girl.

Be Good Looking

Big lips – beauty techniques for your orbicularis oris

Why women have big lips

Causes of big lips on girls are a combination of genetics and hormones.  Bigger lips often are considered more attractive, this is why there is so many people looking for ways to increase their lips size.

People try with surgery (ridiculous) and creams (estrogen or things that increase blood supply temporarily) and even exercises. Facial lip exercises focus to strengthen the muscles, orbicularis oris, around your lips. I tried it for a month or so and it does work.

  • A few years back women in the USA were obsessed with me with bigger lips and men liked women with big lips. This is a fad like long straight hair or curly and short.
Use striking colors like blue, bright red and purple to get noticed.

Bigger and warmer

Girls want voluptuous facial features to attract men. I think the more estrogen the bigger the lips, this is why guys with big lips look silly.  But mostly southern climates for some reason have people with bigger lips, I think it has something to do with the fact in northern climates like Russia, blood flow to extremities as large lips is not optimal in cold places as potential frost bite.  In fact, I thing the subconscious message of  full lips is warmth.

Big lips and face reading

People that study the face for traditional Chinese medicine  say that the upper lips correspond to the upper intestine and the lower lip to the lower intestine.   Others will tell a wide part above your lip called the philtrum is associated with high energies connected with the id or pleasure seeking in women and men.  Therefore, I would say this is a good thing in terms of attractiveness.

The metaphor of big lips on girls is obvious and I would rather not explain it here. It corresponds to another part of the body.

Big lips

European girls that have large lips are Romanian girls and sometimes Polish and Ukrainian and Russian girls. Romanian girls because they are actually Latin people living in Eastern Europe.

Red big lips

Mating, dating and lip size

The theory is, if our face is a holographic representation of our body, anatomically our lips and mouth are metaphors for reproductive regions on our bodies. If we have a robust mouth area, it is a secondary indicator of sensuality.

However, as humans evolve other signals are more important and some even drop out. Think of it as an algorithm for mating, which our genes prune out less important signs and look for more relevant signals.

I use to think, thick, round sensual lips were attractive, however I think that is one of the last indicators of beautiful. In fact now, I think it is a slight inverse correlation for me personally. Now if it is important to you, that is fine. I am just saying for me personally after I left my 20s, it became an unimportant factor.

In fact, I was looking at my wife’s lips this morning and she has thin lips and yet I find her the most attractive girl in the world. My wife has really high cheekbones, a Roman nose and round eyebrows and big blue eyes, for me if she has fat lips it would make her look clown like.

If you look at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or any renaissance artist the proportions of on their faces were studied and well thought out. They were clearly partial to think lips and these were mostly Italian artist that had exposure to many faces with the Mediterranean trade.

Beauty is all about proportions and ratios and sometimes disproportions. Plastic Surgeons use a ratio of 1:1.68 or Phi for nose and lips.

I can understand why people buy mouth exerciser, they are cheap but you can also do it at home with tension and flexing of your facial muscles. Kind of a crazy photo but it is to illustrate.

Drooping or irregularities can be a sign that there is something wrong. Like me I have had a brain lesion and slight dis-proportionality on one side of my lip, a drooping. Yet with exercises I overcame this. But humans subconsciously scan faces for signs that something is wrong, that is external signals that something is wrong inside.

Color is more important than size with lip beauty.

Lip beauty without surgery

  1. Moist lips – If you want to enhance your lip appeal you need to buy lip gloss and make them look moist. You have moist looking lips it does it. Guys will not know why they are attracted to you but they are. It is related to wet lips are a signal of fertility.
  2. Lip exercises – You can buy a mouth exercises or learn basic facial exercises, with with your fingers or isometric exercises. Either way you will notice a rapid increase in muscle tone of your Orbicularis oris. the Buccinator fibers can also come into play. Actually when the surrounding Buccinator muscles are toned it can even look even better than the orbicularis oris around your mouth. You can either use your pinkies to create resistance on various areas of your lips and hold them isometrically. You do this for ten minutes a day and you will see a difference.
    You can roll your lips in and out while contracting your muscles.
    Another exercise you can do it simply puckering like you are going to kiss. Do this and contract the muscles in the area. You will also see results.
    You can by a mouth device that will do it for you but they often overwork the jaw muscle so I like to do it isometrically.
    Does this work or is it all nonsense? Well I did it for a month way back and I had a comment or two on my lips. And I am a dude. So it does work. They were not fuller but the muscles of my facial area were well chiseled. If you want to improve your facial beauty, you can with facial exercises. It is better than any lifting or surgery.
  3. Lip Stick – For women only, guys that wear this look feminine. You want red lipstick or something creative. You want to stand out, red lipstick does it. You will get looked at and noticed. Alternatively a shade of purple. This goes particularly well if you have red hair. If it is bright you may feel self conscious but this is what guys like. They like it all out there. Lipstick is perhaps the only cosmetic you really need if you want to put a spin on your looks.
  4. Hypnosis or guided visualization to increase lip size – There are no studies to support this but in theory I think it would work. The human body is very dynamic and if you can increase blood flow to your lips it will increase the size and attractiveness of your lips. It is what happens when you have relations.
  5. Fake Silicon lips – For flash but they look fake, they ophthalmologic adhesive agent. It is liquid silicon.
    Do not do plastic surgery for lips, they are not that important.
  6. Lips rings – do not look attractive.
  7. Prevent lip cracks with vitamins –  Multivitamin or balanced B supplement will help prevents cracks on your lips. Too high or low of one B vitamin will cause a deficiency in another, this is why you take them in unison.
  8. Organic lip balms – Wheat Germ oil Vitamin E and Honey is good for your lips.
If you can not use household items use natural commercial products.

Generally the point of this article is to tell you lips are not that important for beauty for men and women. If you do want to optimizes your lip attractiveness use natural things like mentioned above.