Bulgarian girls

If you are looking for a wife or bride I can recommend going to Bulgaria to look for a Bulgarian girls. These women are a cross between  Slavic girls of the Black sea and Turkish girls.  They are similar to Romanian girls in that they have some mixtures of Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the East. These girls are usually smart and educated with a high percentage with Master’s degrees because of the education system from the ex-communist bloc. So beauty and brains are combined in this mountainous seaside resort country, if you doubt me consider someone like Antoaneta Stefanova.

  • Less chance of scams with Bulgarian women – Since Bulgaria is a full EU member there are economic opportunities and therefore, less likely to be women looking for a sugar daddy.
  •  Better foreign male to female ratio in Bulgaria -With Bulgarian girls there is less brand name recognition. While everyone is seeking a nice Russian girl to marry, Bulgarian females do not have as many foreign suitors for the ratio of male/females. Therefore it is like Russia in the 1990s. You might have less competition when looking for women there. The Balkans are less fished out in terms of girls.
  • Look at photos of Bulgarian girls – They have exotic dark looks. In my book this is the look to go for not some fake bleach blond. Read more below why their mix of people make them unique.
Notice the mix of hair color and features/body types in these pretty Bulgarian students

More on Bulgarian girls features

Bulgarian girls are mostly Slavic and ancient peoples in origin, so they may share the same features as Polish girls or Russian girls or Ukrainian girls or Czech girls etc. However, Bulgarian girls are also a mix of Turkish because of the proximity to Turkey and the once Ottoman empire.

Bulgarians are about 10% Turkish and 5% Roma.

The other 85% is a mix of the Thracians, Southern Slavic and Bulgars from Asia. If you consider all these beautiful people, something like ancient Greek, Turkish, Slavic and Asian you have some hot looking girls.

Therefore, generally Bulgarian girls have dark hair and dark eyes, however, fair skin.  Many guys like this look as its close to mmediterranean  Bulgarian girls, some of them are not as Alpine or linear as the northern Slavic girls, some have a more mesomorphic body type.  So if you like the ectomorphic girls, I have noted a less tendency for this body type. Maybe I am wrong. Some do look like Desi Slava, but I prefer the more plain-looking  females.

Where to look for Bulgarian girls online

  • Go to Bulgaria is you can. It does not matter Sofia or the countryside. I think the countryside is better or a Bulgarian Studentka studying at a University from the countryside. You will always find the highest quality woman when you go the country itself. Go to Varna the Black Sea resort, hotels are cheap and there are many discos  and night clubs full of Bulgarian girls.
  • friends.dir.bg – This is based from the largest mail server in Bulgaria. This is how online dating works in Eastern Europe. You can either subscribe to an online dating service run from the west that aggregates local old fashion brick and mortar dating agencies or you can join a free one, however, you have to use translate tools, it is Cyrillic in this case.

Going to Bulgaria for meeting girls

In Bulgaria you have three options for meeting girls on vacation:

  1. Black Sea resorts
  2. Sofia
  3. Mountain ski resorts.

If you are more than a week vacationer you will always find better quality girls in the villages. That is just the truth.

In the cities and resorts you have a choice between these shady places (usually are something obvious like the “Cleopatra club”) where the doorman looks like a Chicago gangster in a black leather jacket and give you a pat on the back when you go in or just normal places for students and families are taking a break from the grind of daily life. I recommend the latter.

The Bulgarian Sea resorts are easy to find. For example, the Majestic hotel at sunny Beach or any resort in Golden Sands. I recommend you look at trip adviser as they give pretty good details.

Sandanski south in Bulgaria known for spa and health resort. In the day it was one of the main places the Eastern bloc proletariat would vacation. The main nightlife is along the Macedonia Boulevard. Every town has a pedestrian boulevard and a lot of young pretty girls in fashionable clothes are window shopping. You can do window shopping of another sort.

An example of a ski resort town I might go to to meet girls from Bulgaria is in Borovets, a crisp clean air, mountainous escape. There is a slew of places from Hotel Rila down to the Ystrabetz Gondola lift like club Pigalle, maybe too sleazy for meeting a nice girl so scratch that off your list, but some people say nice girls are there.

Mountains you can also go to mountains of Vitosha and the Rhodopes for biking and hiking in the summer.

Bansko is another hot spot I can recommend.

The real pick up action is where the people are and the Universities, that is Sofia. Here there are endless possibilities and not connected to a club where Euro fly out of your hand.

You can rent a car in Sofia and pick up girls easier. Or visit the student cafeterias in Sofia to get aquiinted that way. I recoomend two places:

  • Dream house – 1st fl, ul Alabin 50a
  • Manastirska Magernitsa – ul Han Asparuh 67

Lower price hotels have better girls to meet

I go for lower price myself. With you get more student girls on vacation. University students from all over Eastern Europe. Polish people tend to stay in 3 or hotels, Bulgarian and Ukrainian are more frugal. Remember hotel is not a Western hotel.

You meet them and flirt like normal, focusing on asking them what they study and take a sincere interest even trying to learn a few phases in Bulgarian. If you want professional girls I can not help you there.

A girl stragety for all seasons in the  Eastern Balkans

At Bulgarian Black Sea resort the weather is like coastal North Carolina or Southern France. You can go on Holiday from May to the end of September easy. I would even say the month before and after. However, the main consideration is who will be there. The students are there in the summer.

For the Winter months for skiing it is December to February, the students take their break in January.

Hit Sofia for March to May and October to January.

Let me know if any one has any questions about meeting Southern Slavic girls. I tend to have the inside story as I have lived there for so many years.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I know you say Bulgarian women may lack in looks, but I found a website of a guy who took pics of the girls he found wandering around Sofia, Bulgaria. They look rather beautiful to me, although a bit superficial. However, I guess thats just how things are these days with city girls; everyone wants to be a movie star.


  2. I have met about five Bulgarian girls. And they are probably the hottest girls I have seen in town

  3. It is not about Ottomon Turks, Bulgarian was one of the Turkic tribes that came to Eurpoe. Please study more.

    1. Your right, Bulgarianss are a Turkic tribe but also Slavic as well, and there was an influence from the Ottomans obviously. This can not be denied, I do not know the percentges.

    2. Can you, please, study more?! Bulgarians are, in fact, hard mixture of cultures (not only referring to their look btw), however what you talk about are the ancient Bulgarians who came from Asia, indeed, but are not a slight similar to any Turkish tribes. Therefore, there are many legends of how different lifestyle of these tribes was and what was exactly the reason the Bulgarians to come to the Balkans (or you thought there’s no such?!). These legends describe the Bulgarians as deer tribe, and the Turkish as wolf (that you can see as one one of their symbols even nowadays). On the Balkans happened the first mixture – Bulgarian- Slavic.

  4. Well our girls are considered the most beautiful in the world in our lands. Some are actually quite gorgeous too. We have every types here from the pale skin/blue eyes/ blond hair/ north to the olive skin/dark eyes/ black hair south. But usually the prettier the more superficial is the general rule with some exceptions of course.

    PS. The official Bulgarian historiography untill now considers the Proto – Bulgarians to be of Hun origin. The new theory wich is just a matter of time to be accepted is that they were persian speakers and probably an iranian tribe. The old Bulgarians melted down in the Slavic sea though, leaving us just the name. And let’s say that we dislike (such a soft word for our feelings) anything Turkic and Turkish.

    1. I do not like being called Gypsy too just becaue have the olive skin. I am pure Bulgarian, no Turkish nor Gypsy

  5. I wonder why Bulgarian girls are rated in Top 10 at 4th place in the world magazine/web sites as the best looking women in the world. Mate, please check up before you are talking like that, Bulgarian girls are stunning.

  6. Like in Russia the best things are free, the above listed website for dating on a Bulgarian mail page is a good recommendation as were the Russian websites Admin left in the post a few comments back

  7. I have appreciated the posts and loved the enthusiasm and the ethical/romantic tone.

    Bulgarian girls are sexy rather than beautiful, they are sensual.

    As for character this is a small nationalistic Balkan nation as the comments by Bulgarian contributors display very hot under the collar about Thracian Turk Roma proto this and that etc… the problem is the patriarchal control which has strong hold on the women here. They may technically want to date aq foreigner but they fear being called loose/easy or a gold digger by their peers even though paradoxically Chalga music culture glorifies ‘Mutresi’ (silicone women plastered in make-up) going out with Gangsters (mutri) for fast cars and cash.

    It is a Balk-anal society inward looking parochial patriarchal history obsessed backward looking with no sense of its future.

    But the girls are v.sexy. So what can you do!

    The language is v.difficult with Cyrillic alphabet.

    Girls don’t make the first move here and if you make the first move in a club beware a neanderthal response from her male companions with a complex that you as a foreigner are here to ”take their women” this actually happened in Varna.

    If you flash serious cash and I mean going out with 1500 Euros in a wad to Studenski Grad (students town full of provincial girls) then you might get lucky with a gold digger or what they call a girl looking for a ‘sponsor;’.

    the whole society is morally bankrupt

    If you do marry one beware because then you will be required to sit at a long table with the family having the same meal like Groundhog day for each name-day and birthday of all their relatives so this will mean visiting her home town 2-3 times per month. Do not expect to learn the language unless you are gifted with languages. I don’t want to insult the hospitality of these occasions which are marvelous but without the language you remain at the margins and it is v.difficult to integrate.

  8. As a Bulgarian female I can tell you that I do not have olive skin, dark eyes and hair, nor do my friends. I can assure you that your “10% Turkish and 5% Roma” is an absolute false. Even though Turkey had a big impact on Bulgarians in the past, this is the only thing that connects them. Maybe you’re mistaking Bulgarians with Turkish girls, who live in our country.

    Second of all, Bulgarians are not some objects that you can simply come and pick up. Yes,Bulgaria is considered as a 3rd world country, but that doesn’t mean that the ‘poor,helpless’. Bulgarians will sit and wait for some outlander to chose one and marry her,just like it used to be a few decades ago,as you’re implying.

    It’s funny, because I used to work in Majestic hotel in Sunny Beach and I got to see a lot of foreign men with your kind of behavior. For the record, you can only wish to have any kind of relationship with a Bulgarian.

    On the bright side, it’s good that you could see more of our beautiful nature (another thing that is absolutely delightful).

    For those who read this how-to nonsense,I would advise you not to approach any girl in general, by that means, unless you want to get slapped and rejected.

  9. Read more on the the history of the Balkans and genetic studies.
    The highest-level insult from a Bulgarian perspective is call him or her (a Bulgarian) a “Turk”.

    1. I tend to think there is a lot of mixing in cultures that have proximity to each other. But why would anyone find another culture an insult. If someone called me a Turk, I would not mind. If someone called a German and Italian, I think it is inaccurate but not insulting. We all add up to 100%.

  10. One of the Bulgarian girl I met her on dating site she is asking me for money that airport administration is asking her to show some kind of insurance money, around 1200 euro, is that true? Do Bulgarian citizens need to show insurance money at the airport before they travel to a different EU country?

    1. It is untrue as the European Union is based on free movement within the Union and they do not check anything when you move around the EU, there are no boarders.

  11. The dark color of the skin is not coming from the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman empire was covering the whole Balkan area. When Bulgaria was created 681, there were two tribes Slavic and ancient Bulgars. The ancient Bulgars had darker color of their skin and hair in comparison to the Slavic tribes. The Ottoman empire is on a very late Stage, actually even the idea of we having anything in common with Turkey irritates us off and we are very sensitive on this topic because we were five hundred years under the Ottoman empire.

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