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Who is Buenos Aires girls post for?

This post is for guys traveling to Buenos Aires to meet girls. The purpose of this post is give guys vacationing in Buenos Aires, Argentina the best places to meet Buenous Aires girls for long term relationships in a short time.

Concretely,  specific places to meet girls for love.  If you go to South America for one month or one week your time is precious.  You do not want to have to learn by trial and error.  This is why these places are places I recommend.

Buenos Aires girls to avoid

However, the women in these clubs and night places might be bad Argentine girls or good. Every person is an individual and I can not vouch for everyone at these clubs. I am only recommending the good ones for a long term relationship and love.

On the other hand, these places might have some girls looking for something else besides love, that is some sort of sponsorship, so be aware of this and stick to the good girls. Most are normal, students or singles in their 20s looking for love. It is just that Argentina has a lot of people affected by economics and at the end of the month some might be trying to pay the rent and want to make some less than honorable transaction with you.  I do not recommend these bad Argentinian girls.

Meet BA women in the following ways

My best recommendation for places to meet good girls in Buenos Aires are as follows:

Equipment for finding Buenos Aires girls:

  1. Cell phone- get a prepaid card.  Girls will ask for your number and they are really into the SMS thing.
  2. Map of Buenos Aires and a red pen.  Do not reply on printed pages of Google maps to fumble with.  Get a good map of the city.  Get a red pen, yes red thick pen.  Circle where you are staying and write done emergency numbers.  I have been lost at 3 am in the morning and also locked out of my apartment as the key did not really work and the door man was asleep in the back room, of course.Use these two tools to locate clubs and girls apartments.
    Print out of ese club recommendations – Which you will locate on a map and circle before you get there, perhaps on the plane.
  3. Little black book – old fashion but needed, do not fumble with cell phones when you have a few critical seconds to be cool. Therefore get a small book for writing down numbers and information. I use a small book and a pen it is easier than typing in some number.  Just write it down, or better yet make them write it down.

Cultural differences with South American and Argentina women

Girls are much easier to chat up in Buenos Aires than in the States, however, generally the girls are more conservative.  Girls in the USA are often too easy and therefore quite distasteful for me. Girls in Buenos Aires are looking to get married.  That is why women over 27 are very hard to meet as they are taken.  The only ones that are available are 21 to 27 lets say.  I do not think girls that are like 19 are too flakey as they are too young. They are very immature and naive, more so than in the US. Further they in my opinion are too young generally, and unless your intentions are really pure you should not think about flirting with these girls. One of the worst things you can do in life is hurt someones feelings.
Argentina girls like confident guys, but if you are an American in a foreign land I think you will have plenty of this.  I do not like to walk around with a chip on my shoulder.  I like humility, but girls like the international man of mystery thing.  If they ask where do you work, just say, I can not tell you. I want to but just can not.  Keep it light and breezy and fun.

Best tip on how to meet girls in Buenos Aires

Get rejected.  What? Yes, I knew this vacuum cleaner sales men who was very successful.  I asked him how he did it.  He said he knocked on doors.  The more doors he knocked on the more ‘no-s’ he got.  He was a no collector.  The more you get rejected, the better.  Because for every 100 no-s you get you might get one yes.  With this one yes, that is a start.
Put your best foot forward and do not evaluate your self worth based on some loopy girl.  I think every person is attractive and can attract someone.  You just need to try and not be afraid to get a lot of no-s.  The more No-s you get the better at your approach will be.

Ask them basic things like the time or what they study, anything.  Just have no fear. Be like an old time adventurer and risk everything and fear nothing.

Specially where the Buenos Aires girls hang out

I have of course spent quite some time in BA and do not know everything but I know everything you need to know.

My top recommendation for Argentine girls of good charater

  • El Ateneo Bookstore Buenos Aires Santa Fe 1865 Recoleta – Best place to meet women is bookstores.  Smart brainy types.  This bookstore is like no other bookstore you have ever been in, I highly recommend it. It is my top recommendation to you.

Parks in BA with ladies

  • Park in the center – there is a rather large park in the center of BA.  Any day of the week you can go there and chat up girls. Do not just try at night.  If you approach ten girls you will get some numbers. Also a beautiful Church that has Sunday night mass.  I perfer to keep these two worlds seperate but worth to go.
  • Parque Tres de Febrero – great park in the city, you can find it on any map and there is guaranteed to be girls reading books and walking you can talk to.
  • Bosques de Palermo  – Avoid at night too many strange people.

Lots of beautiful cordial girls go to yoga, but only if you are into it also is this recommended.  I think yoga girls are some of the most balanced women I know and they stay good looking perhaps the longest. However, these are not meet places, just if your into fitness, who knows who you might meet.

Buenos Aires yoga for girls and guys

  • BuenaOnda yogaLerma 454
  • Recoleta, Buenos Aires 1425
  • Elastica club de yogaBuenos Aires, Palermo Queens 1414

Palermo Soho Plaza Serrano, the main part of town where all the Palermo bars and nightlife exisits also Palermo Viejo during the day. Basically Palermo for meeting girls in BA.

Buenos Aires nightlife spots to meet women

  • Buenos Aires Tango shows- Avenida de Mayo 825 _ It is clear by the name.
  • Origen – Street Café  – This is Spanish for Origen.  I would highly recommend this to relax under the shade of the trees.  It is a place to people watch. Humberto Primo 599 in the San Telmo section.
  • Angels  –  Dance club in Palermo, Buenos Aires the address is Viamonte 2168, Palermo  _ University students and fun crowd.
  • Asia de Cuba a dance club  Pierina Dealessi 750, Puerto Madero _ sme as above.
  • Cutty Sark Reconquista this is by Paraguay – girls often wave you in so you might question what type of place this is.
  • Hook Suipacha 936
  • Periplo Bar M.T. de Alvear – de Alvear 554
  • Checkers Pub Pueyrredon 2401 – I wish I was there now.  I would give this place two thumbs up.

Let me know if you have been to B.A. and can recommend any places to meet girls from Buenos Aires and any approach you used.  If you can marry one of these ladies you will be very happy and spend a lot of time in this warm country. Any other comments are welcome.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

13 replies on “Buenos Aires girls”

This is the first time I read something so beautiful about us =). It’s really nice to see that foreign guys are interested in Argentinian girls, we’re really honored! =)

What are you kidding me? Argentine girls are know for their beauty, it is many guys dream to date an Argentinian girl. The problem is most men are sitting at home dating the girls next door for some reason.

Ive heard loads about the gorgeous ladies in Argentina,I am an Indian guy from South Africa and coming over for a week in May, my question is do Argentine ladies like Indian guys or do they prefer blond blue eye look?

The culture is partial towards blonds as there are so few. In fact, any Argentine soap actor is usually blond if he is representing someone rich and famous. That being said, ‘never take council of your fears’. -Stonewall Jackson. You can meet a girl for love if you really are sincere and normal.

I am a musician and live in Washington DC and I have an Argentine girlfriend who is absolutely amazing. Sweet as can be and so incredibly cordial.

As an American living in the Uk, I’m not entirly sure if much of the western world cares much about Americans or find us curious enough from my own perspective traveling around, this is due to the ‘widespread’ American cultural influence in the western world like parts of south America, or europe certainly western Europe. Our culture with which we carry all the time inside us whereever we go doesn’t seem admired as much as a culture that hasn’t been influenced by the USA. These are just my opinions from what I’ve experienced. I’d also like to say that most Americans don’t even know where Argentina is on the map. Anyone else think thus is the case?..

In the words of one of my American girl co-workers in Boston, Argentina, is that not by Ukraine?

Haha, wow she knew the Ukraine!
I’ve not been in BA for a long time, so in the last few years would you say it’s got more international, i mean is it still “virgin territory”? compared to London, Paris, Prague or even parts of Mexico, which get overloads of tourists every year. Argentinas main tourist groups are mainly Brazilians and other south Americans, so other languages arnt that common unless it’s changed in BA since?
It’s interesting since many people have moved out of Argentina since the crash in 2001, mainly to the country of their ancestors.

I’ve been in Buenos Aires for a month so far and I must say I have been doing quite well with the women here. Initially it was a bit difficult because I speak very little spanish, but what i did have going for me is I love to dance, all types. Dancing is literally like a religion here. Therefore usually when I go out I bring a friend who speaks spanish and we will goto a bar, have a couple drinks, then goto the bolliches (club). While in the club, I pretty much just scan the field, and like in the US if eye contact is exchanged, and you feel the mutual interest, approach her and dance with her. Here its a bit diff from the US, usually within a couple minutes Im making out with the girl. I’ve danced with say 15 girls since Ive been here and only one I havent made out with. Now usually either of you have to go at some point, so either you ask her to come to your place or you just exchange numbers and play the text game. Now this is the most difficult part for me, once I get the number, I usually text that I’ve had a good time with them, then try and arrange plans for the near future. Only a couple girls are receptive to that and the others will say I cant this day, how about next week. Now I know in the States, that is a passive way of just saying not interested. Here I’ve yet to find out, cause usually when I hear next week, im thinking this girl isnt really interested in going out, unless shes traveling, school or got work, etc.

Have any of you that have been to BA stayed in contact with any of the girls you met when you went back to your home country?

When I married my Argentine husband, a lot of people in Australia asked me if I could get a EU passport now. So it’s not just North Americans that are confused.

I had a great time in BA. Checkers Pub seems to have closed. Barmania in Palermo is my recommendation. Live music 3 x a week and I always met someone interesting on the roof terrace.

I can not image a scenario where you fly to BA and not meet at least a dozen girls in clubs, in yoga class, on the street, at the gym, in the grocery store. Women put a lot of emphasis on looks, and the good think is most of these women are good girls.

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