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This post on Bucharest girls is a simple post to give you some resources on meeting Romanian girls in the capital city. I will give you online ideas and websites to take a trip to Romania or ideas on how to meet girls online from Bucharest. The stigma of online dating is over and since most people are too busy these days to look, online dating is an anonymous way to meet women for the shy and geeky. In Romania there are a disproportional numbers of geeks, and I mean this in a good way. Maybe because it is not as rich as London where the younger generation is all about having the latest gadget, in Bucharest people do things like read, and I am talking books.

Bucharest, Romania

Romania’s capital is Bucharest which is almost 2000 years old.  It is a great place for a normal vacation and the prices are good if you do not have a big sign that says ‘tourist’ on your back.

I prefer outdoor vacations as I already live in an Eastern European city.

For example, Romania has great beaches (plenty of Romanian girl here), forest and mountain. However, I more often than not go on city vacations as I like easy convenient city travel,try Bucureşti, Romania. You can walk around for days and explore it.   Its good exercises and the flights there are easy especially if you are coming from Europe.

One of my favorite past times is going to a city without a map, further not speaking the language and just exploring with my own eyes and ears. I have always had my best adventure with this tack.  You can read the guide books after you return and wow, that is where I was.

There are about 2 million people in Bucharest and with a large student population. Lets say there could be up to a quarter of a million single Bucharest women if you include all the students.

Bucharest girls dating sites

If you are going there to meet Bucharest girls for love I would try these websites before you get there to see if any sparks fly.

These are plain and simple free Romanian dating sites with most of women being Bucuresti girls.

  • -Romanian women dating

You can also try this online classified

  • Romanian classified

On the other hand you could try the Romania Libera newspaper. I think classified are a different crowd, more matrimonial services for Bucharest women.

The best place to get news and information about lifestyle in Romania is:

  • – I can recommend this, and you can not read Romanian, no excuses use an online Translate tool. Spending some time on this website will give you more facts and information about Romania and better prepare you for your trip to the big city.

Have a Bucharest girl arrange a flat

If you are looking for a place to say you can try to rent an apartments, rather than a hotel,or have a Bucharest girl you have been chatting with online make the arrangements for you before hand. One of my friends worked it that way. I usually do, there are many places online to look such as:


Clubs to meet women in Bucharest

If you are foreigner coming to Romania to look for Bucharest women, beware that there are many clubs and night life places that are focused on making you spend money. Stick to the places the locals and Romanian student girls go rather than some shady club for over eager men.

Below are some nice student girls walking down the street, this is more my type, if I was looking.

I do not recommend seedy places like ‘Twice’ although some might like the atmosphere. Instead try some of my personal recommendations:

  • Stuf Vama Veche – older crowd
  • Studio Martin mixed crowed
  • B52 – Bucharest student girls
  • Bonton- Young and rich crowd dress nice to get in.
  • XO Piano Cafe – nice jazz club and mix of things to drink.
  • Green Hours 22 Club Jazz Café – Artsy Bohemian live music jazzy place.

Need feedback on Bucharest nightlife

If anyone has anything to add please do add comments. I am not an expert on the women of Romania, it is only based on my experience. I think very highly of the country and the people there. With a decent country like Romania I recommend ladies for long term relationships as they are looking for marriage love and a family.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am thinking of taking a ‘stay put ‘ vacation to Romania.I am primarily interested in meeting a nice lady-for serious relationship.
I am prepared to locate in an area for awhile and learn local custom and language.
I am in australia.
can you advise me anything that will help.
thanks for wonderful info.
hoping to hear from you.

What do you want to know? I would advise go there and get set up. Once there the women will appear like wild flowers growing in a Carpathian forest in May.

Let’s get back to where this website started out. You were telling us what Romanian girls are like, how they think and so on. On here you have a photograph of a young lady dressed in jeans, looking sexy, pulling the front of her jeans down close to her pubic area. And you say this is a nice girl with good morals. I say I am not so sure. This is what is perplexing me about what I see on the internet in social networks like Facebook and Hi5. I see girl after girl trying to look and be just like your example. Everywhere the girls dress seductively, like you could have sex with them around any corner. My understanding is that they are loyal, so if you are so lucky as to win the heart of one of these girls you will have the ultimate committed relationship. But how? I must think that they will drop you easily, knowing they can have any man they want. And the single girls, are they not jumping from guy to guy? The girl I was involved with said that girls will turn down 9 out of 10 guys who hit on them. Okay, so that just means if 20 guys hit on a girl in a week, then she has slept with 2 of them. Romania just seems like a big s_x party to me. I cannot see where there are morals…certainly I cannot see where there is any modesty. It is legal to sleep with girls as young as 16. The Roma who’s 10 year old daughter recently had a baby said this was normal. I think she was wrong, unless that is just true of Gypsies, but I do wonder how anyone in Romania can have healthy romantic relationships, when there seems to be so much s_x and sexuality on display. How can this country be an Orthodox country when it appears it’s youth are consumed with sensuality? It just seems like another planet to me. Perhaps if I was there, I’d see it differently. Or if I lived in LA, perhaps Romania would seem tame. Maybe I’m just too much of a Midwestern American, where modesty is still valued. I really hope you will answer my questions and shed some light on this dance club, sensual party culture that is a huge part of Romania’s vibrancy and how these women are “nice girls with good morals”. Maybe it’s no different from our college towns, where nightclubbing is the thing to do too…but then…I don’t see a lot of good relationships coming from the bar hopping crowd here. My internet girlfriend was going to clubs and turning down boys left and right, as she told me (because she was and is a “good girl”), but she still didn’t resist some boys and she wasn’t telling me. I found out on my own by finding a Hi5 profile of hers and seeing her on nightclub websites. Bucharest looks like sin city to me. I’d like for you to explain to me how it is not – and how these very sexy young girls, dressing so seductively and dancing to explicitly sensual music are “good”. They very well may be!!! But I need your perspective and insight to convince me. Thank you. I like your forum here!

I don’t want to defend Romanian girls, not even to brag with being a Romanian. I am glad to see that are people who have some good opinions about the Romanian girls and the description in a different post i found it really true.
As in the Questions of DJ, about girls partying and flirting, etc..
Here s the deal: As a girl, you wanna look good, feminine. So you put on a dress. Indeed, sometimes is too short, sometimes you put on a lot of make s the magazines that washes our brains, and it s not a crime trying to look good. each and one of us have our standards, vision of looking good. So you dress up to go in a club, you start dancing. As in other countries where I have been, in Romania people have fun. Their intention is not to get drunk, but to dance, talk, have a great time.
Of course, guys flirt with girls. But the mentality is not to be hard to get, it is not to get as many guys as possible. If I talk with you, does not mean I like you as a guy. If I agree to go out on a date, does not mean I will kiss you at the end. And if I kiss you, does not mean you get in my bed. Simple as that. So, a Romanian girl is tired of all the guys, who brag with their money, who say the same s–it as others. They will accept the 9th guy, because probably he seems to be different from the others. And if she accepts to talk with the 9th. does not mean she will go out with him, etc.
And indeed, never give money to a girl. you will offend her. and if she will take your money, finally she will treat you as you did by giving her money.

OOPS! No sooner to I walk away when I realize I had my ex-internet girlfriend wrong about the 9 out of 10 thing. She was saying a guy gets turned down 9 out of 10 times. So this just meand 9 girls out of 10 will turn him down. My ex was allegedly one of the 9 girls who would continue to turn down the guys who hit on her. I think this was mostly true. Yes, she did have s_x with a boy. I know this for a fact. But she wasn’t having s_x at a 1 out of 10 ratio. My apologies to her. Now this put Romanian girls in the clubs in a different light. You will only get lucky with about 10% of them. Which is no different than here in the States.

I still want you to discuss this extreme s_xuality I perceive in Romanian women and in the youth cultere there. What are the reasons? Socioeconomic? Cultural? Please share your thoughts dear Administrator. Regards, DJ

I recently met a Romanian woman on line .Her written english was excellent and seemed very genuine She wished to come here for a week [England] even sent me an airline link regarding flight tickets gave me a telephone number, however it did not work Of course warning bells rang I went into a site regarding dating scams it said Never send money via western union …do not believe any girl you are 15 years older than …especially when they say they love you after less than three weeks …I wrote and told the girl I had second thoughts …She seemed devastated said she had cried all day …How could I think such things …She was so so sad …From our communications and the things we spoke of she seemed so genuine …It was my turn to feel guilty …What if she was genuine? …surely it would indeed be terrible if I had gotten it wrong … I asked her about the phone She claimed that it had been stolen …However she showed me another and asked me to call the number All this while she was on cam …showing me her ID documents OK I said we shall go ahead …I sent her 400 pounds via western Union …It was during the bank holidays …so we kept on chatting …After the banks opened…she came on line …Oh something terrible happened …I had my bag cut …they took everything my documents as well …it is awful the girl was brilliant having the Gaul to think she might milk me further …I have some photo’s of her a telephone number and a name Dragoiscu Mihaela I think if she can do to poker player like me …she will do it to lots of others

Never, ever send chicks money. Love is never about money. Love is also not about guilt. You know this now. Do not feel foolish at all. I know most guys in the UK or the USA have blown so much cash taking girls out to dinner etc that the 400 GBP is a drop in the bucket. Do not feel foolish as most guys blow more money on American girls. Just know to walk away from any girl who cares about cash and plays guilt.

I noticed there is a slight inverse correlation between money and the quality of girls.

DJ, you make some very good points. I agree that the girls in Bucaresti really do seem dress very provocatively and the younger culture (under 30) seems very revolved around wild partying and s_ex.

However, you must remember Romania is a very large country. I think outside the large cities there are traditional people who hold onto their values much stricter than what you would find the Midwest USA. In the USA, what we call conservative and religious is very secular and moderate compared to some of the old and ultra-orthodox religious style people in Europe. It is true that in the EUropean cities, that the people tend to be atheist and amoral to a great degree, even moreso than the USA. However, my theory is the city people act so outrageous as a way of rebelling against the ultra-conservative culture of their parents and grandparents.

Just, like some small towns in Mississippi may still linger with h*llfire and d_mnation to anyone who doesn’t attend a local church, there are plenty of villages and towns in Europe (esp Romania) that are liking stepping back into the past. Driving outside these capital cities is like going in a time machine.

I went to bucharest 2009
there was some beautiful romanian girls working in the bars. Iv travelled all over the world and the Romanian girls are some of the most sexy and beautiful but did not find them very approachable.

I can’t help but offer some advice, as a Romanian, married young (at 21) to a Romanian woman, and living now in the U.S.

1. The premise that in Romania you will get a girl that is notches above what you can do somewhere else (e.g. in the U.S.) is completely wrong. If you feel you aren’t good enough for an American woman the same applies for any woman.

2. Character is not different across the world. There are perfect, good women anywhere in the world and Romania is not more special. Weeding the bad ones out is the same everywhere: talk to them, get to know them, instead of showing off to them or insisting to sleep with them.

3. When you talk to a woman, talk to her as a human to another human, not as a h_orny man to a se_x target. You will find what she is about, if she is smart, etc. If you try to sleep with her, the only thing you will know is how good she is at it (and even that happens if you are lucky only). So refocus your energy in the beginning.

4. If you all you want is se_x with a beautiful Romanian woman, then stop complaining about being robbed, etc. Nothing is free – especially the expensive things. You are probably getting it cheaper than you would have to pay in the U.S. anyway, so really, stop complaining.

5. A bar ain’t the place to meet virtuous girls. This is common wisdom applying everywhere.

Maybe I am too rusty (having gotten married at 21 and being 36 now), so I don’t understand dating anymore, but I could not help to offer my 2 cents.

A girls perspective on dating is different from a guys. Not only do you see it with female eyes but you are quasi American. I appreciate the comment but I respectfully disagree. Why? You paint a too broad stroke of the brush. American women and Romanian women are a world apart. Any American guy knows this.

There are nice American girls, but every American guy who goes to Eastern Europe, including Romania comes back a changed man. I have seen it on their faces. I have travelled too much of the world to see it any different. When an American guy goes abroad or turns expat, then his world view and dating perspective is to swear off American women.

His eyes are open like Neo in the Matrix. You can not go back in, and if you could would you really want to? It is all fake.

After I lived in Eastern Europe the women in the USA who I thought were hot stuff and held their chins up like Sneetches that had stars on their bellies scorning men left and right simply had no power at all. In retrospect their spell was so broken and I felt like I dodged a bullet with all the ones I thought I wanted to date. Golly gee wilikers I was lucky.

I mean I can admire American woman like I would see a nice race horse, but I would not want to date one. They lost their appeal.

You are not an American guy. You have been mostly Americanized yourself has you have lived 15 years in the USA.

Romanian women are more stylish, less feminists more flirtatious and warmer than most but not all American women. Romanian women cook and divorce is much lower and they are loyal and do not have high monetary expectations.

I have seen guys in the USA who are doctors and models having trouble getting dates because American dating culture is so weird.

But average normal guys going to Romania have incredible women only Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio could date. Further, I have known confirmed bachelors get married in six months after going to Eastern Europe. They get married and do not look back.

I do not know if this will all change once Romania because rich and famous, and this will happen. But right now there is a measureless chasm between Romanian women from a guy’s perspective and US women.

Cristian talks real sense. Guys, make your minds up, if you are looking for a life partner or just ‘action’. It is not the responsibility
of this or any site to ‘convince’ a reader to do anything – grow up.

I have traveled extensively in Eastern Europe but I have yet to visit Romania and I will do this in summer 2017. I am looking forward to getting back to nature and seeing the Carpathians and life as it used to be.

Perhaps US men should stay in the USA and help your wonderful new President ‘screw’ its citizens and the world.

Americans, particularly ‘fling’ tourist males have had a major impact on how eastern women view foreign men and its not all good. Of course they are not alone and the predatory and exploitive nature of many men has a negative impact.

Just thought I would throw in my penny’s worth.

I find this site useful and informative.

Hi, I am looking to take a trip to Romania. Are people and women, in general, approachable and friendly?

The people of Romania are almost universally nice, it is a country that has a hard economic history but in the villages and the cities are mostly Orthodox and these values seem to come through.

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