Blonde Ukrainian Women – List of Cities to Find True Love

I am a Ukrainian with American roots.  In my opinion, Ukraine has the highest ratio of blondes I have seen.  Blonde Ukrainian girls are everywhere.  I think it has to do with the fact that Ukraine is removed from Western Europe which has a lot of Mediterranean influences.  In fact I am blonde as are six out of seven members of my family.

Therefore, I am not really into blondes. I know they get a lot of attention but does little for me.

This lady’s attraction is obviously about her hair.

Similarly, in most cases, blond women are attracted to dark-haired men. In the USA typically in a dating profile the guy has to be 6’2″, make 100,000 dollars a year and dark-haired like an Italian with a crazy sense of humor.

In Ukraine, if you are a light-haired guy, you will do just as well, if not better than the Italiano looking cool DJ guys. Ukrainians females are like human lie detectors and can smoke out any insincerity or if you are a player. You just have to be real.

Here is a list of famous Ukrainian blonde girls

  1. Yulia Tymoshenko Former prime minster and activist.  Sitting in prison right now, by the way for her opposition to the current President.
  2. Anastasiya Shpagina – This lady makes herself look exactly like an Anime doll.
  3. Anna Poslavska – Miss Universe 2010
  4. Daria Werbowy – Ukrainian model
  5. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper – American Astronaut
  6. Jane Lubchenco – Earth Scientist
  7. Anna Nagurney – Mathematician
  8. Kathleen Willey – Political figure
  9. Kvitka Cisyk – Classical singer
  10. Paula Jon Dobriansky – Foreign affairs
  11. Larisa Romanovna Oleynik – Actress
  12. Nora Kuzma – You can research this girl yourself.
  13. Oksana Lada – HBO sopranos
  14. Laryssa Lauret – Old time actress
  15. Erika Eleniak – Actress in ET and Baywatch.
  16. Kristina Kots-Gtlib  Miss Ukraine 2009
  17. Karolina Tolkacheva Super ModelVictoria Zdrok – Actress in the USA.
  18. Tetyana Piskun – Fasion model
  19. Olga Sumskaya – TV actress
  20. Karina Smirnoff – American professional dancer.
  21. Tina Karol – Singer
  22. Oksana Marchenko – TV Star
  23. Vera Brezhneva – Pop Singer
  24. Inna Tsymbalyuk – Model and actress
  25. Oleksandra Nikolayenko – Actress and model
  26. Snejana Onopka- Vogue Model, runway, Gucci etc.

These are just a few others of course. The main thing is the famous ones get you interested but the average ones on the street in Ternopil or Ivano-Frankivsk are more attractive.

In the Middle Ages blond, nothing more than a genetic mutation as a result of lack of vitamin D from the sun were given all kinds of ethereal attributes like purity and chastity. Of course this is not true. It is interesting to note that blonds have the higher hair count on their scalp and usually do not go bald or suffer hair loss as much.

Also they have a different pheromone scent and color blind dogs can distinguish there. So there are differences that go beyond just the surface. I think it has to do the biology of attraction and the unconscious desire for nature to find the genes that make the most sense for you.

So if your dream girl is a blond, consider this CIS county. Where to meet them, well on this website I have scores of recommendations.

Here is my list of the top cities with the highest percentage of Blonds in Ukraine

  1. Chernivtsi
  2. Ivano-Frankivsk
  3. Khmelnytskyi
  4. Lviv
  5. Rivne
  6. Ternopil
  7. Volyn
  8. Zakarpattia

You could probably just print this off and fly to Kiev and take a train to each of these cities or bike it for a month and you would come back with a blond lady friend. It would be the best choice of your life.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

30 replies on “Blonde Ukrainian Women – List of Cities to Find True Love”

I have given you all the resources to find one here on this site if you are sincere.

I don’t think Ukraine has the highest ratio of blondes in Europe. I was born in Ukraine and most women have darker hair.

You have a point. Where are you from the West or the East? I am Ukrainian American and my whole life people called me blonde. My whole family is blond. But on the other hand you do have many people in Ukraine and there are many people with dark hair. I will try to make a more objective determination. Ukraine is a great nation with a 1000+ year old history.

I am American and have many friends in Russia and Ukraine. I love Ukraine, Russia is huge and hard to generalize. Ukraine has a lot of blonds if you count bottle blonds. I like the Slavic look dark skin dark hair but the blonds are beautiful. I prefer darker women because I live so far north and this area has Swedish, Norwegian, French and German women.

I am from a family that is old and we Are Viking, Germanic tribes, and French. I have no doubt also Middle eastern ,we have Lebanese and Syrian her too. My Family are descended from the time of the crusades and before that the Viking raiders. It sounds confusing but is easy to understand. We are descends of a crusader that was Baron of Iberian, King of the Holy acre and Jerusalem, and Lord of Sidion.

One of the reasons Ukrainian women are so beautiful is they have Slavic feature mixed with the exotic features from their history of being at the cross roads or borderlands (Ukraine literally means borderland). I personally think they are the most beautiful women in the world (except for my Polish wife).

In my experience Ukraine has a lot of natural blonds. Or at least dirty blonds. Blonds that are not altered are very attractive. I prefer their look to bottle blonds.

It is interesting that you like darker features because you are genetically from a northern area. I also being Ukrainian and Polish have very blond features in my family and my wife is dark featured. She is Slavic with dark features except for her eyes which are blue.

My friends who are from Italy like blonds. I believe physical opposites and spiritual similars attract.

please admin i m living in united arab emirates in dubai please help me admin

i would like to be your pen friend – a Ukrainian girl

I would like to meet a nice Ukrainian blond girl, I speak Greek.

Hello I am Brazilian and I wanted to know blond girls…I don’t speak English very well…but we will understand each other…I hope to find for here…

I am from South America living in the USA for the past 20 years and after getting to know many people from different cultures and backgrounds I love Blonde Ukrainian girls. I would like to have a christian Blonde Ukrainian wife.

Hi I am somebody who is looking for a blonde girl all my life
i am from Colombia. Write me soon.

How do you overcome the language barrier?

Simply put how can these beautiful young ladies want / expect to start a new life in the west if they are not equipped with English skills. if I were they I would have spent the past ten years finding out and learning English.
What do you think about this?

Also – wanting a nice blonde blue eyed lady myself I am put off by all the like Anastasia and friends type website.

Also when I tried to sign up on the site you gave us the love. etc All i got was the Russian sign up page which I really cannot understand. Is there a English site up that I am not aware of.

Another thing. Can you discuss age differences sometime. Realistic facts not wannabe sugar days nonsense. I am 42 very fit (triathlon fit) look about 30, educated well off etc. I don’t expect miss world but I do expect to settle with a very beautiful woman otherwise I will simply hunt closer to home. Please advise if you can.

Lastly. If a lady follows you home. You settle together happily. How often will she want to hop on a plane and go home to visit family etc in the Ukraine? I ask a girl this once she did not see my side of the equation. I am interested to know if they actually want to start a new life or are they camping in the new life so as to return triumphant every now and then to where they come from.

Lastly lastly 🙂 What do you get out of all this?

Thank you

I have some answers here and ask any questions you like. But first,why would you think a girl would want to practice English and start a new life in the west? Some do, but many do not. I meet a lot of guys who stay in Europe, including myself. So my point is yes so women will want to leave but many will not, unless you meet them on a dating site for westerners.
Really the hardest part is finding the one for you and winning her heart. The most beautiful and refined women are always the ones that every guy dreams of and wants. How do you stand out and win her heart?
You could learn their language for example.

If you go to the sites I mentioned some like they have an English page.
If you go to try using a translate tool. The online tools will translate entire sites for you and if you learn a few words you can navigate it.
I think the best girls are the ones that do not speak English like a native. Rather Ukrainian or Russian girls searching for normal guys next doors, rather than planing an escape from the CIS. Girls dreaming of an escape from CIS land are not the best choices for a wife.
Girls who dream of a prince in their own country but find a prince from abroad, are many times a better mate.
Age is not a big factor, I think + 15 to +5 is a good range with like +10 being a good average. If your queeny is too young the flight factor is too high a risk and you have nothing to talk about. I think if the women is older or too close in age, you might have other issues.
She might visit home once a year to once every three years depending on the cash situation. I live in Europe and this is what I do.
If you are rich then you split time between the two countries. I am not that rich, maybe someday.
What do I get out of this? I do not have a dating site, rather I am studying and learning languages and working on software at night. Someday I will finish it, but for now I like blogging and teaching in Eastern Europe.

Blondes are beautiful. I could even call it my preference. But, in this day and age seeing how few good women are on the Earth, I am not going to be considering hair and eye color for my criteria. It’s so hard to find a loving and kind woman in this day and age. Magnus, why not just search for a woman to love. Leave the hair/eye color out of it. Believe me, her hair will eventually turn to grey and her eye color will fade. These external features are insignificant.

Beware of any woman who can call you “dad”. She won’t stop draining your blood cells until you are dead.

I think Mark’s advice about finding the girls who are not fluent in English and looking for a native man is really the best. If you find a girl who dreams of America, then mostly likely she dreams of American and not you.

Yes I would reiterate that love + money or love + citizenship is not really love. Love is a complete in itself and does not care about anything base or word like a comfortable life in the west. 800 years ago Thomas Kempis wrote it best:
“It desires to be free from all worldly affections,
and not to be entangled by any outward prosperity,
or by any adversity subdued.”

Like the Bible says better is a person who does not expect to be sitting at the head of the table at the feast is more worthy of grace. The person, who takes the lowest place in the table might be the one, that will be elevated.
Girls that aspire for prestige or money or power or lifestyle connected with marriage to a foreigner are not the girls you want are they?

+1… Beautifully said Mark.. As written in book of Proverbs, “Humility before honor and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Another one by the great Rabbi Yahushua/Jesus: “You know a tree by its fruit, good trees don’t produce bad fruit and bad trees don’t produce good fruit.”

I suppose the good trees with the sweet fruit can only be found with determination, whereas the bad trees grow like weeds and are everywhere.

Hey Yonatan,
For some reason, when I am in Turkey I see a completely different website (learn language pages only) Now, I am back in Belarus. My plane was almost full with Turkish men to spend their 9 day holiday. I wonder why they choose Belarus. Anyways, I will be in Ukraine next month. I take special courses in Russian whereas my friends register for sports courses (to meet women). My Russian is in much better condition whereas they are still out of shape 🙂 I strongly invite you to this part of the world. It is such a great feeling to see so many women checking me out when I speak with simple Russian with Turkish-American accent 🙂

Hi Osman,
You know, I am very interested to go to Belarus. My relatives have lived in this country for 100s, maybe even over 1000 years; it is hard to say. Although, most Jews wandered around the Pale of Settlement (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, etc), we certainly planted our roots all over these countries.

It is hard to understand why men from your country would all pack on a plane and travel to a place full of beautiful and friendly women :D. Well, I am sure Turkey has it’s share of beauties and humble and friendly ladies. But, I guess the snow is whiter on the other side. LOL

You are a smart fellow Osman, in the fact that you seek to learn the language and culture. What I find distressing is that so many Western men go travel to Russia, Colombia, Philippines or other countries to meet “traditional girls” and they don’t bother to even learn any of their language or culture. By you learning the language you really do have the advantage. Would you believe my grandmother from Belarus speaks fluent Russian and Yiddish? I wish I could have learned some from her, but she is too old to teach me now.

Yes, I am planning on doing a trip to Eastern Europe to learn more about my family and their history there. I want to visit the village in Belarus that my grandmother lived before the n_zis exterminated the place. This would be a very emotional and educational trip for me, beyond just meeting beautiful women.

I may look a bit more native to Belarus than you, so I don’t know if they would be as excited by me. Although some people say I look a bit Turkish/Middle Eastern too. Of course, I do have an American accent.

Anyway, thanks for your invitation. I would like to travel over there. I do worry a bit about anti-semitism. However, I will just have to put my worries behind me. I am sure it would be a very interesting trip that I would remember. One thing I must do before I go to the Eastern Europe is learn some Russian. There is still many Russian speaking Jews, so I think it would benefit me to learn it.

Have a great trip to Ukraine. My grandfather’s relatives seem to all come from Odessa. I’d like to visit there. I am going to watch this movie “Everything is Illuminated.” It is about a Jewish guy who goes back to Ukraine to relearn his family history before the Holocaust. I think this movie will be interesting for me. Also, I do know Ukraine has a reputation for its beautiful women. Even Joe Biden, couldn’t hold back from mentioning this after meeting Yulia Tymoshenko. LOL


Interesting to read what is written here, and what I have gathered is that the majority of guys here are sincerely seeking that special lady, as I am too. The advice here is good, especially about the girls who dream of wealth and prestige, which can possibly only be achieved via your life insurance.

I live in London, but would happily relocate, or spend my time, 50/50, between London and the Ukraine, learn the language, as she learns English, and then any children would be true Europeans by speaking many languages.

So, if you are, or know of, a nice intelligent and sincere lady who seeks marriage, family and happiness with a successful and sharing man, then here I am.

Robert, A guy like you will have no problem finding your queen. See contrary to popular belief in the media, it is way better to find a beautiful girl and make her your wife, than be a player.

I guess the definition of blond is different than in the States:that girl is not blonde! She has light brown hair with a few blond highlights,and you are a dark brunette 🙂

I am Ukrainian and can say that in Ukraine, there are very few natural blondes over the age of six 🙂 Most of our children are blond, but then the hair turns dark., and if you are Western Ukrainian the hair is black,eyes are brown, and the skin is olive. Adult women bleach their hair, just like in Brazil, Germany, and Sweden.

Blond can be dark or dirty blond. I prefer it when girls retain their natural hair color. Fake blond is not really blond in my view. Dirty blond, even is dark is. Hair naturally turns darker in almost all cases with time, than gray.

See you admit that Ukraine does not have many blonds.

I bleach my brown hair, and all my girl friends: Masha, Natasha, Sasha, Olya, Lida, Tanya, Daria, Anya bleach their hair at home. The most natural blonds that I have seen in my life was in New Hampshire, USA. In a room with twenty women, 17 were natural blondes, but had no idea how to make themselves more attractive. I just thought: they have the hair that all ukrainian devushkas including me dream of.

Western Ukraine has many natural blondes, Many blonds in Northern Poland and Poland, but most people have what I call dirty blond hair, that is dark blond, like I am.

ok, buddy, you are dark blond in your mind.

But others see that your hair is brown, mousy brown, and you are a brunette,just as many adult people are in Europe. My hair is naturally lighter than yours (honey brown), and I would never say I am a blond.

They dye their hair Ukrainians are never blond naturally, most of the aforementioned women are not even ethnic Ukrainians, a lot of Jewish, Armenian, Russian, Greek genetics.

That is untrue. For example, I am Ukrainian ethically. I was tested on 23andme. I my parents and my sisters and my brothers are blond naturally. All populations have genetic variations. However, generally blond hair is a trait that is common in Eastern and Northern Europeans as an adaptation to the shorter days of winter. I based this on research of genetic population studies.

Women tend to help their hair as they get older as the blond tends to fade a bit, but they are natural blonds.

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