Mermaid bodies found – Girls of the Black Sea coast

If there were ever real life fairy-tale mermaids I suspect they would live here. Far from too much media and civilization, yet close enough to tempt men to rescue them. The Black sea is the sweet spot for girls in the entire world. The Mediterranean is so played out and accessible to every gentlemen traveler since the 1960s. Hence unless those women are from Eastern Europe they can be a wee bit spoiled from all the attention. In stark contrast, the Black Sea is for Gentlemen travelers who go off the beaten path.

There were two paths that diverged in the forest, I took the road less taken and it make all the difference

Mermaids bodies found

The Black Seas coast is one of those places a married man says “If I was still single” and let out a sigh. I have spent many days and nights along the coast of the Black sea, and although I live on a semi-tropical island in Florida, a block from the beach I would love to go back and visit. Not for the women as I am off the market, but for the whole climate. The wine, the apricots the bills around it and the fluorescent seas, it has this color because of the mineral content. Also there is a sense of history that is ancient and I would imagine what was life-like back then.

Some Mermaids in training. There are both white sand beaches and stone. If you go to the stone beaches just bring sandals. The West side of Crimea is soft sand for example, the East coast is stone.

You want to see some real life living mermaids go here and ask me how.

Common women found on the Black Sea:

  1. Russian students on vacation looking for fun
  2. Ukrainian students on holiday
  3. Polish girls who are off the beaten track with tour books in their hands.
  4. CIS women in general working for the summer
  5. Romanian students and working class professionals looking for a cheap escape, secretaries, professional assistants, marketing girls.
  6. Exotic Eurasians and Turkish women just looking cordial.
  7. Georgian – If you made it out there, you will live like a King as few guys go this far.
  8. Bulgarians –  Sturdy and not well traveled.
  9. Moldavian – Dark haired ravens from this obscure country.
  10. An occasional British expat or Western European traveler who has less of an attitude because they are off the beaten path.
  11. The nouveau riche of various countries. These girls are off limits unless you like expensive habits. Remember in the moment of truth it is all the same no matter who they are wrapped.

Origins of Black sea girls – Incubator for beauty

Think of the cities that border this, from Istanbul to Sevastopol and Odessa or Varna and Constanța in the Balkans. However,  not necessarily just these nationalities, because of the unique geography of the Black sea there is also a mix of Ancient peoples, Tartar, Greeks, Jews, Europeans that have assimilated into these cultures.  The result is Black sea women are the most exotic in the world.  I think no one can compare to these girls. The reason it is one of the best places to go to meet girls is local girls from these Eastern European countries vacation there. Poor students, poor beautiful students from Universities all over Eastern Europe go there to relax. The expensive high maintenance girls of France and England go to Western European Portugal for example. You want the exotic slim beauties of the east. I think a good title for a book might be “the History of the people of the Black Seas”. James Michener could write a book about this.

The Ancient Greeks had colonies all along this sea, known as the “grain colonies” For me the archeology alone is a draw. The Greeks and Byzantines traded with their colonies and as time  passed these Mediterranean peoples mixes with Northern peoples. Can you think of a better incubator for beauty?

Beautiful Black sea girls on the beach

What is the atmosphere of Black sea like?

The culture along the Black sea is relaxed and wild. It is not Ibiza or Rio during carnival or some other over rated nightlife haven.  Yes, it is not a western tourist spot.  Its rustic and sometimes primitive. However, this is why I like it.  I do not like western beach culture as it tends to be hyper consumptive oriented.  Black Sea coast beach life is a combination of spa and adventure vacation.  You see a lot of women reading books on the beach and families. This is in contrast to the loud talking American girls on our shores. In fact, I hope too many western do not go there and spoil it.

A lot of the beaches have stones not white sand, which make it a bit uncomfortable but the sites make up for it.

If you can not meet a girl on the seaside of this meromictic basin, I would check your testosterone levels when you get back home. It is a resort place to relax where women want to have romantic vacation memories.

Mermaid watch – Even the lifeguards keep and eye out for these beauties and seas creatures mythical and real.

Tourist of the Sea of girls

As state above, on the Black Sea coast you can spot an occasional Polish girl, but it’s really mostly Romanian females and Russian/Ukrainian studentki and very few to none Western guys. Therefore, you will have little to no competition from other Western tourists.

Beautiful lady of the Black Sea

Where to meet and chat with ladies of the Black sea-coast

On my site I write about many ways to meet girls from Romania and Russia etc in detail.  I give you many ideas. But my advice is go there. Go to this ocean and meet the ladies for yourself. Ukraine does not require any visas nor does Romania.  Take a flight to Kiev and a train to the Black Sea coast and you will meet more girls than you could every image. Ask me about hotels or trains or the ladies.  Do not go on one of these women tours to meet a lady friend, rather go yourself.  On your own and you will meet your wife, if your destiny is for love. If you really can not go there, try an online dating site and search for profile that are around the body of water.  These Black sea girls are out of this world, let me be your guide, just leave a comment and ask any logistical or dating questions related to this region.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

18 replies on “Mermaid bodies found – Girls of the Black Sea coast”

Mark, are some Eastern Europe countries better than others with regards to English spoken? When I went to Argentina I came across some who spoke English, but becoming fluent in Spanish seemed like a must to me in order to really make a go of it longer than 1 month. The Russian language looks intimidating and I’m sure Ukrainian would be tough also. Ditto for Polish, Hungarian, etc.

English is spoken everywhere as schools start it in the fist grade. Therefore, anyone under 30 speaks English pretty well, but not always. Slavic languages are very hard. But I am horrible with languages and I have learned to speak Polish. Do not worry about the Ukrainian or Russian script it is only an alphabet and its is all phonetic, unlike English. Just learn the words. I have some websites to teach these languages of course.

Thanks – Just learn the words? Interesting…I will likely utilize those resources as the time draws near.

I’m assuming that it would be wise to eventually focus on one particular county in my quest i.e. Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, etc. Then learning the language as best I can would come next.

How did you end up in Poland? Did you travel Eastern Europe for a period of time after leaving the states, then choose to settle there?

I traveled a lot all over. More countries than I can count. However, when I was in Poland I meet my the girl I was to marry. How could I leave after that?

I do not know how, but I did. It took me a while to convince her and myself. When we first meet I felt I thought it and so did she, but about a year latter we started to date.

How do the major cities/towns in the Black Sea/East Europe regions compare to US towns and cities? I am speaking mainly of amenities – comfortable furniture, clean water/air, good transportation options, safety, air conditioning, grocery stores, friendly people, access to nature etc.

I realize this depends on the country, but perhaps you could give a ranking or breakdown of the more desirable areas – ie – Krakow, Kiev, Budapest, Riga, etc…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: excellent information.

Krakow is like Boston or San Fran. I live here it is great, although less crime. I shop at IKEA and the wholefoods super market when I am not at the farmers market. There are many people who do not make a lot of money, but it is very nice and the people are very educated and polite. I think you would have a hard time trying to get an girl from this city to leave. Kiev is more stratified. Super rich and many poor. It is not even a Ukrainian city, like Western Ukraine, but more Russian economically.
On the Black Sea the cities are resort towns. Good wine and expensive. I think they you can fine western standards in any Black sea town, but its a tourist place, so you will have to pay.
Ok costs? Same as in the USA except in the local currency. Therefore, if I pay 1500 dollars in the US for a flat a month, I pay 1500 local currency, generally. If you make 50,000 USD you will make 50,000 local.
This works out great if you have a US money.
I live an upper middle class life, just like I did in the USA but in Eastern Europe. Most guys teach for a living.
That being said it is nothing like the USA. The culture is different. People are different. And the girls are different.

Basically if you ask a girl out in Europe she will be thanking you, in the USA she will say, OK but its not date is it.

Can’t wait to go. I am planning a trip from Aug-Oct of this year. It may end up being just a month, but ideally it will be 3 months.

So far, the furthest east I have been is Prague. I actually did not like Prague that much. My favorite European city thusfar is Amsterdam, although I have not been to that many places in Europe…yet.

Well Prague is very different from Eastern Europe. Either way I think you will have a very good time. My world starts east of the Oder river. 🙂 Let me know how you make out and other ideas.

One more thing (for now) – Do you have any comments on/experience with girls from Latvia, Estonia or Siberia??

I am basically planning my trip based off your excellent advice on this blog.

Drew ask as many questions as you like, I do not have all the wisdom, but some experience. Estonian girls are like Swedish girl, blond, fun but not religious, Latvian only knew one. Siberian girls are a all over the place. Many good Russians, Ukrainians and Poles were sent their for their beliefs. However there are soviet girls that want to escape.
I would recommend Poland, Western Ukraine for the most moral good girls. Maybe Krakow to Lviv to the Black sea coast of Crimea (skip Odessa). Russians from all over go to Crimea so you will meet many girls. I took a 26 hour trains with a sleeping car for 20 bucks. I was the only guy in the car.
If you like Russian girls the Moscow are has like 7 million single girls, so you can not go too wrong can you?
If you want to get crazy go to Siberia but its a wild country. You might see Old believers or run down depressed towns. The women might be bitter or beautiful and rare as a Siberian wild flower.
Ask questions.

Ok then, the questions will continue…lol

I had an encounter with the most amazing girl last year while living in NYC – she was from Omsk, Siberia. She was so pure, innocent and beautiful – this is why I ask about Siberia – it does seem extremely remote however.

I also had a few encounters with Moscow girls. They gave me pause however – I got a few red flags that although beautiful, maybe they would be trouble for me in a romantic relationship (uptight attitude, argumentative, devious, untrustworthy, etc)

I ask about Estonia & Latvia because they have the highest ratios of women to men in the world.

I am definitely going to Ukraine and the Black sea region in general. I may also visit Lithuania as I have friends & contacts there. Now I have added Poland to the list based on your recommendation and also seeing the pictures of the girls/women on the polish websites you recommended. I have read some very good things about them also.

My other question is in regards to Slovenia and Croatia – any comments on the women there? The countries look very beautiful but this is all I know.


It is all according to your money and your objectives. However, I can not see that you could establish any real relationship with anyone is you do a 20 country tour. Maybe you just want to focus on a few places. If you have an unlimited bank roll then no problem go everywhere. But if I had limited money and want to meet girls from all over I could choose a large city or Crimea. Calculate your cost per day and what you have. Croatia is a resort for Poles in the summer, mostly families.

This is an amazing website. Thanks so much for all the valuable info! Keep up the good work.

Why skip Odessa?
The information via the link below ‘Odessa Girls’ does not caution.

I am decent looking english only 56 year old starting over. Western women call me ‘sweet’ and ‘nice’ (which keeps me in the ‘friend’ zone). Not ‘Mr. Smooth’ I’m too honest and sincere to do well in the dating scene and have little patience with their golden materialistic attitudes and that they don’t keep themselves in shape.

Since Christmas 2010 I have been contacted by about 600 25-30 year old profiles with beautiful (many airbrushed) pictures all saying how they would be great wives with good family values. Apparently they do not consider local men marriage material. In your opinion is that age gap too great?

I’m thinking it is better to go there as after initial contact the site charges $7-$25 for each ‘letter’ to talk to them. I don’t know if the site is a scam, or the women real. But apparently the Ukraine is the mecca of the world to find beautiful women with good attitudes who hold their looks genetically and seem to look after themselves.

Though immigration requirements and sponsorship responsibilities to bring even a wife to Canada are onerous, if I am to choose someone to spend the rest of my life with, (I agree with you that ‘Love is a Decision’) then why not pick someone with both good looks and attitude to start with. However I hear many stories about women using a man only to get out of Eastern Europe then take him for what they can get once they get their citizenship.

Anyway, where would you choose to start? I hear Mykolaiv is smaller and has favorable ratios.

My Romanian friend wants me to come with him on his next visit home and we are thinking of taking a trip to the Ukraine and maybe Moldavia and/or Belarus.

Maybe a personal introduction to some Romanian women would elicit a different reaction than indicated by others on this blog?

I do not know about that site. But why not start with Russian mail servers like that have free dating services?
Odessa it is just my personal perspective. I have know a few nice girls from Odessa, however, it is like Detroit or Jersey in my eyes. Maybe I am wrong, but it is a post Industrial Russian culture. In contrast a city like St. Petersburg or Lviv or Krakow are intellectual artistic towns.

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