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Big lips – beauty techniques for your orbicularis oris

Why women have big lips

Causes of big lips on girls are a combination of genetics and hormones.  Bigger lips often are considered more attractive, this is why there is so many people looking for ways to increase their lips size.

People try with surgery (ridiculous) and creams (estrogen or things that increase blood supply temporarily) and even exercises. Facial lip exercises focus to strengthen the muscles, orbicularis oris, around your lips. I tried it for a month or so and it does work.

  • A few years back women in the USA were obsessed with me with bigger lips and men liked women with big lips. This is a fad like long straight hair or curly and short.
Use striking colors like blue, bright red and purple to get noticed.

Bigger and warmer

Girls want voluptuous facial features to attract men. I think the more estrogen the bigger the lips, this is why guys with big lips look silly.  But mostly southern climates for some reason have people with bigger lips, I think it has something to do with the fact in northern climates like Russia, blood flow to extremities as large lips is not optimal in cold places as potential frost bite.  In fact, I thing the subconscious message of  full lips is warmth.

Big lips and face reading

People that study the face for traditional Chinese medicine  say that the upper lips correspond to the upper intestine and the lower lip to the lower intestine.   Others will tell a wide part above your lip called the philtrum is associated with high energies connected with the id or pleasure seeking in women and men.  Therefore, I would say this is a good thing in terms of attractiveness.

The metaphor of big lips on girls is obvious and I would rather not explain it here. It corresponds to another part of the body.

Big lips

European girls that have large lips are Romanian girls and sometimes Polish and Ukrainian and Russian girls. Romanian girls because they are actually Latin people living in Eastern Europe.

Red big lips

Mating, dating and lip size

The theory is, if our face is a holographic representation of our body, anatomically our lips and mouth are metaphors for reproductive regions on our bodies. If we have a robust mouth area, it is a secondary indicator of sensuality.

However, as humans evolve other signals are more important and some even drop out. Think of it as an algorithm for mating, which our genes prune out less important signs and look for more relevant signals.

I use to think, thick, round sensual lips were attractive, however I think that is one of the last indicators of beautiful. In fact now, I think it is a slight inverse correlation for me personally. Now if it is important to you, that is fine. I am just saying for me personally after I left my 20s, it became an unimportant factor.

In fact, I was looking at my wife’s lips this morning and she has thin lips and yet I find her the most attractive girl in the world. My wife has really high cheekbones, a Roman nose and round eyebrows and big blue eyes, for me if she has corpulent lips it would make her look clown like.

If you look at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or any renaissance artist the proportions of on their faces were studied and well thought out. They were clearly partial to think lips and these were mostly Italian artist that had exposure to many faces with the Mediterranean trade.

Beauty is all about proportions and ratios and sometimes disproportions. Plastic Surgeons use a ratio of 1:1.68 or Phi for nose and lips.

I can understand why people buy mouth exerciser, they are cheap but you can also do it at home with tension and flexing of your facial muscles. Kind of a crazyphotobut it is to illustrate.

Drooping or irregularities can be a sign that there is something wrong. Like me I have had a brain lesion and slight dis-proportionality on one side of my lip, a drooping. Yet with exercises I overcame this. But humans subconsciously scan faces for signs that something is wrong, that is external signals that something is wrong inside.

Color is more important than size with lip beauty.

Lip beauty without surgery

  1. Moist lips – If you want to enhance your lip appeal you need to buy lip gloss and make them look moist. You have moist looking lips it does it. Guys will not know why they are attracted to you but they are. It is related to wet lips are a signal of fertility.
  2. Lip exercises – You can buy a mouth exercises or learn basic facial exercises, with with your fingers or isometric exercises. Either way you will notice a rapid increase in muscle tone of your Orbicularis oris. the Buccinator fibers can also come into play. Actually when the surrounding Buccinator muscles are toned it can even look even better than the orbicularis oris around your mouth. You can either use your pinkies to create resistance on various areas of your lips and hold them isometrically. You do this for ten minutes a day and you will see a difference.
    You can roll your lips in and out while contracting your muscles.
    Another exercise you can do it simply puckering like you are going to kiss. Do this and contract the muscles in the area. You will also see results.
    You can by a mouth device that will do it for you but they often overwork the jaw muscle so I like to do it isometrically.
    Does this work or is it all nonsense? Well I did it for a month way back and I had a comment or two on my lips. And I am a dude. So it does work. They were not fuller but the muscles of my facial area were well chiseled. If you want to improve your facial beauty, you can with facial exercises. It is better than any lifting or surgery.
  3. Lip Stick – For women only, guys that wear this look feminine. You want red lipstick or something creative. You want to stand out, red lipstick does it. You will get looked at and noticed. Alternatively a shade of purple. This goes particularly well if you have red hair. If it is bright you may feel self conscious but this is what guys like. They like it all out there. Lipstick is perhaps the only cosmetic you really need if you want to put a spin on your looks.
  4. Hypnosis or guided visualization to increase lip size – There are no studies to support this but in theory I think it would work. The human body is very dynamic and if you can increase blood flow to your lips it will increase the size and attractiveness of your lips. It is what happens when you have relations.
  5. Fake Silicon lips – For flash but they look fake, they ophthalmologic adhesive agent. It is liquid silicon.
    Do not do plastic surgery for lips, they are not that important.
  6. Lips rings – do not look attractive.
  7. Prevent lip cracks with vitamins –  Multivitamin or balanced B supplement will help prevents cracks on your lips. Too high or low of one B vitamin will cause a deficiency in another, this is why you take them in unison.
  8. Organic lip balms – Wheat Germ oil Vitamin E and Honey is good for your lips.
If you can not use household items use natural commercial products.

Generally the point of this article is to tell you lips are not that important for beauty for men and women. If you do want to optimizes your lip attractiveness use natural things like mentioned above.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

29 replies on “Big lips – beauty techniques for your orbicularis oris”


I DOUBT seriously you are Italian.
women in America, are not even really European. Don’t you know there has been almost 5 generations ?!!

An Italian girl in ITALY and an American girl of Italian origin will have some similarities, but many differences as well.

And Italian girl in Italy has a ACCENT, but the American of Italian origin will sound like any other American girl. So you are one stupid idiot that knows nothing about culture and history.

Remember when you said, “I would not recommend American women they are not optimal for love and marriage.” Do you know where most American women come from? European ancestors. What makes them less than other woman actually living in Europe? Truth be told, I’m Italian and I’ve been to America many times. Women in America come from many different places all around the world. So please watch how you word that phrase.

Are you kidding me? It has nothing to do with their ancestry, rather it is that American girls have the worst attitude. They are aggressive, arrogant and prideful. It is part of their culture. I am American, but the women in American are culturally a disaster if you are looking for true love that has no conditions. Women in American want a lifestyle. Further American women are corpulent. You can not debate this, it is a statistical fact. Why as a man should I date corpulent and sassy and materialistic and someone that is disloyal, an American girl, when I could day a slim European Ukrainian girl who is idealistic and non materialistic and believes in true love and will make your life happy. . Thanks for your comment on big lips.

spatula, don’t insult:

Sure, 5 gens, maybe even less (don’t be stubborn), that doesn’t mean they don’t have qualities of their ancestors.

And accent is not genetic, it’s social, making a fuzz about it makes YOU seem stupid 🙁

Learn something like common sense, won’t you?

And yes, americans come from somewhere else, since there is no american history, rather than “Oh we killed those natives, and made their land ours”

Spatula – Whoa! Who ARE you, and where is your couth? Do you come from a country where you throw weird insults at strangers? I don’t know what YOU look like, big lips or whatever, but you need to ditch that awful attitude of yours to truly be attractive.

Admin – I pity the fool! Sounds like you’ve experienced poor luck with the ladies. Maybe you also require an attitude adjustment; remember that American women, or any other women in the world, do not appreciate rudeness. Fact.

Sigh. C’mon guys, use your heads and manners here. These are supposed to be moments to share opinions, not insults. And I gotta say, the arguments included in these postings are very odd, rude, and anemic. How about taking a deep breath along with a dose of reality and graciousness. Trust me, it makes you WAY more attractive both in and outwardly.

Liz thanks for the comments. I do not think I am being rude at all. In fact I have great respect for women. Really, and always, treat them with full honor and kindness even if they do not treat me that way. I am a perfect gentleman. Further, on the contrary, I have not had bad luck at all. I am simply stating the way it is. Be specific with what you mean.

I agree 100 percent with admin on the attitude and image of american women i felt the same for a while and was waiting for it to be put out in the open and no i havent been heart broken or abused by women or any other hidden reason you think i might be saying this i am just simply saying what i have witnessed

American women, at least, are American. That’s more than any Russian model or heiress from Monaco can say.

What does this mean? I am American, its nice and all to have a blue passport but so what,what does your comment mean please explain?

I am a hard working American woman who is not materialistic and I don’t have big lips and don’t want them.
There are alot of American men out there who think they would be happier with women from other countries because they are more subm_ss_ve. Well, that might be the case for some American men who found love with non Americans but my step corpulenther sure thinks differently now . After my mother died, he quickly married an Asian woman. She couldn’t cook, wouldn’t keep house , She complained all the time. And she has put him so far into debt that he will NEVER get out. She was in her 30’s and he was in his 50’s. He’s back with his first wife who’s American who is a perfect slave to him. That is all he ever wanted was a sl_ve.

Interesting comment. The truth is there are many hard working American women. I really respect that. My wife when I meet here often would work 24 t 32 hour shifts in her lab. Yes straight work as she was running tests that could not go unattended. Her hard work ethic really impressed me. However, now she is focusing her energies on her family.

Subm_s_ive is a very loaded word and means a lot of things, but I think if you replace the word subm_ss_ve with humble then you will understand my point. Further you can not say that Asians are good or bad wives. It all depends. The main thing is the person humble and kind and compassionate? They can be full of hormones and emotion and cordial blooded, but as long as they at their core have values like compassion and humility than the relationship will have room to grow.

Sl_av_ is also a loaded word. We are not talking about a servant but rather someone who surrenders their ego and pride for love with no limits. This is the dream. Big lips? In reality it does not matter.

I disagree, “someone who surrenders their ego and pride for love with no limits”
Admin, perhaps you should forget about women altogether and go shopping for a blow up wife or doll. Good luck to you.

Love is about surrender and self sacrifice, every religion or romantic ideal about love teaches this. What is your conceptions about love?

oh, and the Asian was much more corpulent than my mother was, and his first wife.

I am an American woman with big full lips. The color of my skin is white, I have reddish brown hair, blue eyes and I come from many different backgrounds. I have been told by different cultures that my lips are friendshipy. I would never pay for luscious lips since friendshipy can come just in the shape of the mouth alone. by the simple curve of your smile. I am seeing a man with way thinner lips than I and I really enjoy kissing them.

Anastasia, you are right, lips size is something that does not matter, especially for a guy, it is more for women, and with the looks you have I am sure you have your choice princes.

American women ARE materialistic and unfaithful.They like the security of marriage,only because the get to keep the wedding ring,keep the house and get alimony if they get bored with it.Marring an american women is a fairly big financial risk.They have no incentive to make the marriage work.And have much to gain if it doesnt.These facts cannot be denied.

Love and marriage is a huge risk. That is why I am happy I married my wife who has the same ideals I do. She is from Poland.

I am 5’9 138 lbs, long blonde hair and light green eyes and full lips. People ask if they are cosmetically enhanced, which they are not. They are natural. I have strong faith based moras and I despise materalism and go to church on a regular basis. I was raised right. Oh and I am AMERICAN too. I have always treated my boyfiends like gold only for them to be rude and take me for granted and cheat on me. So while your complaining about American girls, the same can be said for American men. They can really be the worst. They cheat and lie about everything. This is not all American men of course but most. Hmmmm funny thing, there is good and bad people in any culture. I am nothing like this website says. Im the nice girl who gets stepped on. Guys dont like the “nice girl”. Men here can around with whoever they want and its okay because they are males, but then they want to marry the nice girl. Sorry I dont want to marry an arrogant AMERICAN man who does not respect or value women. Some women here are as you say but there women that are like that in other countries too. There are still a few decent and nice ones here like me, you just have to look and not give up.

“Further you can not say that Asians are good or bad wives. It all depends.”

Admin, you say that comment but then basically the same can be said for American women, IT ALL DEPENDS. NOT ALL ARE lIKE THIS.

And to the guy who said American women drain your wallet. Ha! Well some do for sure but the ones I know work all day at medical jobs, supporting their lazy corpulent husbands while they surf the internet all day while their wife is out working hard and then coming home and cooking their meal.

Hmmmm, sounds like a double standard you men have.

Also to SPATULA, my mother is half German and I was born in AMERICA, but the way her mother and corpulenther brought her up has influenced me. Yes I am American but my parents raised me with their traditional values from their European background. And by the way, much of Europe is secular. So I dont know why admin seems to think that the only perfect girls are Eastern Europeans.

Sometimes people will believe in something so much that you cant tell them otherwise. They will beleive in whatever they want and make own their “opinions” to be facts abd their own “truth”.

Some people want to make American women out to all be villains and the Eastern Europeans out to be perfect princessess, mind you a vast number of eastern European women work in corn or kindness. Some also have their degree, You just cant generalize one culture. Id say way more women in America have a degree than work in prostition like in E. Europe.

Personally, if someone creates a website dedicated to insulting American women, it really should show you what kind of person they really are.

Doing something like that only spreads hatred and lies, thus making it hard for actual GOOD American women to find a nice guy because they read this garbage and let it into their psyche and they think we all are like this.

Although, anyone with a brain would know that is not all true. There are bad apple in any group. Just like Admin tried to defend Russians by saying that there is always a few bad russian girls on dating sites. He is obviously VERY biased towards Russians. What I find amusing is that he uses the same argument to defend Russians as he does to criticize Americans. Is is possible that maybe, just maybe not ALL American women are horrible and that some have just ruined it for the rest of us?

This whole debate is so stupid I dont even know why I am responding to it all. There is no point to even argue. The scope of this is much bigger than this article. Since our world has been corrupted with sin for thousands of years, there are sinful women and men in EVERY country and nation. You CAN’T single out one culture and make the one of YOUR choice the perfect chosen one. Well….actually u can if you want to. People will believe in their own little world.

Sorry, I guess articles like this is just what brings out that old dreaded Ugly American Girl trait, sassiness! Haha, too funny. Ive net PLENTY of sassy Eastern European girls.

Here is a favorite quote of mine to sum all this up.

“Great people talk about ideas.
Average people talk about things.
Small minded people talk about other people.”

I am white and have big lips. My old model-perfect looking boyfriend got engaged not 6 months after we broke up to a girl with the thinnest lips ever. She was very attractive, however.
I hated my lips as a kid. I mean I hated them. They stayed chapped all the time. I hated the looks of them too. Big lips don’t mean a thing. Just look at all the celebrities who get their lips enhanced. It just does not look right. I don’t even know where my big lips came from. Now that I’m older, they look more appropriate on me. My sister has beautiful lips. They are not big like mine. Just nicely shaped and pretty.

Great comment Junie, I think looks do not mean anything in the long run when it comes to body parts that others admire. I know countless good-looking girls that have bad relationships. I know many normal looking girls that are in happy relationships. So having large lips means nothing when it comes to love, but you are lucky you have them.

Haha, I have skinny lips. I have practically no top lip at all, but since my features are so small and I have a baby face, it goes perfectly. I love when girls have big, full, luscious lips, but only when they go with the rest of their features. If they have bigger, ethnic features, then big lips are beautiful, like on Middle Eastern women. I think Middle Eastern women are the most beautiful women in the world.

I have big lips. I’m not sure where they came from for I have many different cultural backgrounds. I’m a white tall girl (at least tall in standards of where I came from) I have loved my lips all my life and would not want to change them. I’m an American woman and have believed in love for as long as I can remember. What the author of this article has to remember is that just like there are many different places in Eastern Europe there are many different places in America. My family has strong women who have taught me to be a strong woman who can take care of herself but also that marriage is a sacred thing that should not be thrown around willy nilly. I’m just throwing this out there but I’m also guessing the author of this article has only seen American women on tv or else only the American women who can afford to travel there are many more American women out there who are good and not selfish. They grew up in a place that is very into celebrating their many different backgrounds. My grandmother is half Irish and half English and my grandcorpulenther is Finnish and they have had a lot to do with how I’ve been raised and they have raised me just as their parents did.

I am glad to hear you write this. I have lived in Europe a good part of my life but grew up and lived on the East coast in the USA. My experiences are fairly wide but at the same time limited. For example, although I have traveled around the USA, I have never lived in the center or the west coast. The culture in these areas might be very different from what I have experienced regarding American women. Further, of course no one can be defined just by their culture.

With regards to big lips. You are very lucky to say the least. I image you have numerous suitors trying to win your affection. Big lips are a secondary characteristic for attraction that some people find irresistible. I have noticed with attraction that deviations from the norm in size of almost anything is usually a positive thing for attraction.

Long legs or big chest is the cliche but also hips or rear end but also big lips or big eyes. Then some people find things like larger classic Roman noses or long fingers attractive. Girls extend this idea to grow their hair long as well as fingernails.

The idea of attraction is usually associated with vitality, and strong genes which translates to physical characteristics that make you stand out slightly from the pack.

Italians are 75% of Spanish origin (Iberic Peninsula)… the name of this genetic group is “R1b”.

Romanians are 75% of “I1” Central European Carpathian genetic group, plus 12% of Masagetic genetic group, and only 4% we have in common with Italians/Roman Empire/Latins…

Roman Empire conquered only a small part of Dacia (around 10%) for 150 years. Romanian language and latin language have the same mother. Latin language is not the mother of Romanian language.

Romanians are descendants of the dacians, which were descendants of tracic empire, and Herodot described the Dacians as “the bravest and the most righteous of all the Thracians”.

Me and you my friend Mark, we have the same ancestors (Thracian Empire), long before Catholic Church and Roman Empire were born. Vatican is lying about our history in favor of them and Roman Empire.

Here is a video about the real history of Romanians. I hope you could understand some Romanian or translate the video. It’s very interesting.

Romanians are Dacians you are correct, mostly but also mix of many other groups like all Europeans. However Dacians are mostly what Romanians are. I have to go back and look at what I wrote. Romanians have a lot to be proud of and the history is rich and the women are beautiful of course.

But if you go back far enough we are all from the same wave out of Africa and Indo-European are more similar than different. We all came from a common Indo-European homeland north of the Caucasus mountains. What matters here is the culture not genetics on this earth. Maybe I am more a culturalist. Romania has a Latin language close to Italian and although its own unique culture the language and culture of the Latins did influence the Dacians. From the language to the alphabet. to Roman law to the way Romanians are, in my opinion they are very western people.

Their style of dress the way they do business the way they are organized in a Democratic free market society they share a common western European outlook. That is why if a Romanian moves to Rome, it is no problem to assimilate to the point of he or she is indistinquishable from is Italian neighbors after a few years.

This is not a bad thing mind you, I mean I am American (as well as Polish and Ukrainian) and we all come from somewhere else and share elements of different cultures. I mean being raised American means the English culture and law was a huge incluence on my American culture even though I have not a drop of English blood in me.

Admin, so I am about to marry my second Ukrainian woman, you are right the others are wrong, and don’t even pay any attention to the American women posting here, they are haters, one minute walking down a main street in Ukraine and they would know their place in the world. American girls: Russian and Ukrainian women stay a size 1 after 3 kids, um you don’t, until you are divorced and realize you are corpulent and need to lose the weight. Oh and once u get divorced you get the breast implants, yeah tell me I am wrong?

Yes I speak Russian and yes I have lived in Ukraine and yes I have been around the world, my conclusion: as a single American doctor with no drugs, diseases, jail, who cooks great and really just wants love with a Wife and children, yes I want to be and get married. I could not give myself away in this country, but in other countries women want a man like me, I just happen to love how Slavic look, as they are so soft and feminine and yes wear 7 inch heels and friendshipy clothes even in the snow, and they always want to look good for themselves AND their man, and for many other reason I live in a country where I don’t even really want to speak with you, you are so empowered with this ‘inappropriate’ word.
Admin, I will be returning to Odessa to get married and you are invited.

So what does this have to do with big lips? My Fiance has big beautiful lips which I love. Why do you think so many girls are getting their lips don’t these days? Because it makes a beautiful woman even more beautiful, IMHO.

P.S American girls in all other countries I have been, you are the laughing-stock of the world, Da, Pravda enjoy your lives with bad boys with a bunch of tats with no job, too many drugs and no job,you have a mental disease, sad as you used to be the best.

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