Best place to meet girls

Best place to pick up a girl? I am talking that have the two most important qualities, amazingly hot, at the model or movie star level and humble.  You need a girl who does it for you, I mean when I saw my wife, I thought she was way out of range for me in terms of looks. You need this level of attraction to be happy in the long term. This post will examine the best place to pick up hot women.

A green peaceful park is where you meet a hot girl with brains

Clubs and online dating – typical places

The best place to meet girls is not  in a club or online dating as many people do.  Although both techniques are effective. Clubs have hot chicks, however, often only a few mesomorph Alpha males have their pick,  unless you are in Eastern Europe. Online dating is less effective than my technique described below.

Church and beautiful people

And how many people you know really meet in church? Do not get me wrong, half the people can not help themselves to check out the opposite gender in church.  Its true.  Beautiful people go to church more than clubs.  Beautiful people flock to church for many reasons. Yet in the USA the women are pretty stand offish and you might feel silly to mix a place so sacred with dating. Better would be after hours social church gatherings, that is OK. So church after hour doughnut functions and young adult groups are recommended but its more a long term thing.

Meeting though friends is Platonic

It is impossible to be introduced by friends and get a match. This is because once you reach maturity, self  individuation (the things that make us unique personality wise) has kicked in to such an extent that your friends’ friends are either not compatible interest wise or more likely, not hot. Your friends will tell you they have someone ‘nice to set you up with but, they are not attractive from a rip your clothes off and get your juices flowing perspective.

Meeting girls on the street – the number one best place to get numbers

For me this always worked. I am not talking the train station at night, I mean hotties during the day. Eons better than any selfie you see uploaded to Facebook.  The ideal place to meet a hot girl is on the street in any place in Europe or South America. Chat and meet girls in the park when they are sitting on a bench reading a book.  Many girls love to read books in the park. This is Europe. In one day you can collect fifty numbers and then follow though with text messages to weed out the bad girls from the good.

If you tried to approach and American girl she would scream. Maybe not but would give you all kind of weird vibes like you are a stalker freak or something.  These same girls who look at you think way have no problem hooking up with a stranger at a night club who has the dark macho look by the way.

In places like Poland and Russia where up is still up and down is still down and people are more normal,  it is very acceptable that people sit on benches and read books.  If you started a harmless conversation with a girl who strikes your fancy I would say there is a better than 50% chance she will talk to you if you are charming and normal looking.

Just book a cheap flight to Russia and start talking to girls. It is that easy. Why is easy? Because girls value intellect and values, whereas American girls value cash and muscle, very primitive manifestations of power.  Eastern European girls prefer mates that can show them the moon and the stars and create magic in their lives from something ordinary.

Where to meet girls

Ask them the following to start chatting:

  • what are you reading?
  • would you be terribly offended if I …
  • would it be too forward if I asked you…
  • do you know where…
  • Hello my name is ….
  • It’s a beautiful day
  • I could not help bu noticing…
  • Anything to get the girl to know you want to chat and maybe meet her
  • Anything that comes to mind as long as you meet them
  • Do you know what time it is?
  • Get the girls talking

The environment is set for you, the birds are chirping, the flowers blooming and everything smells like earth and spring. Why would you need to go into a smokey club or log on and browse Photoshoped images.  Find a normal girl in broad day light who is reading something interesting. What better formula for meeting a girl. What better place to meet a woman who gives you no surprises the first time you meet her in good light.

Best place to take a girl on a date

Why not meet them in the park and sit on a bench.  It might not seem like anything to flashy but if you can bring a book of short stories you can read it to her. This is way better than having a flashy car.  Chatting with a woman about normal things on a date is better than have big biceps and a tight black silk shirt and white pants and talking on your cell phone trying to be cool and dropping money on her. Please. To win a princess all you have to do is make her feel like you and her are the only two people in the world.

Important! I give you specific locations to find women

One more thing – read more posts on this site – please – I have exact locations listed on other pages. Go to related posts below.

The best place to meet females is on a bench or in a park

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