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Bengali women are forbidden to fall in love. This to me is shocking. If you read my website about true love and marriage based on good morals and ideals. The fact is, I am a believer in defying tradition and finding your destiny. Even if it means to escape from your country and dishonor your parents. Yes be a disgrace to your parents if it means being with the one you love. I personally did something like this and won my wife’s hand in marriage and I have not ever for a second regretted it.

Marry a man or woman from another culture or race or religion, who cares it is your life and God will love you either way. Why be held as a slave to to convention when it comes to love?

From Bengal families arrange marriages for UK citizenship or a Visa. Or more often just for the honor of the family, but not for love. Here is a BBC special about Bengali girls for marriage. This post is mostly about letting you know what is going on in this part of India with this video.

Every good marriage begins in tears – Watch this film it is draws you in and this is why I wrote the bold statement that Begalis ladies are not allowed to fall in love.

I am not against arranged marriages at all. I just believe arranged marriages are for people who agree without reservation and their own free will, otherwise it slavery and submission, and not love .

Just how many Bengali girls are there who are single and willing?

Bengalis women straddle East India and Bangladesh or East Pakistan. There are about 30 million single Bengali girls in India and 5 million single females in Bangladesh looking for a life partner. There is also a sizable population of Bengali singles in Myanmar, the UK and the US also. Therefore, if you are looking for beautiful women from Bangal land there are more than you can imagine. Believe me, I can imagine a lot. The head of government in Bengal is even a woman, Mamata Banerjee.

These ladies culturally fit into the Vaishnava and Shakta customs with their native religion Hinduism. The are Indo-Aryan in ethic profile with many other people subtlety mixing in. There are Bengali Muslims also.

Ghotis,Paschimbangiyas,Edeshis are the from Paschimbanga and different from Purbabangiyas girls

Rating of attractive Bengali Bollywood actresses

– from 1 to 10 based on talent (yeah right)

It would be a hard argument to say that Bengal does not have beautiful women. Perhaps if I was Indian or Pakistani even, I would focus on this area.

Here is my list of the most attractive and talented  West Bengal and Bangladeshi actresses, a few of the these females worked abroad in Western media and TV. My rating system is very subjective please comment if you think it is accurate.

  • The most noticed woman from Bengal – Sushmita Sen – Actor and former Miss Universe. She is a beautiful Bollywood star. – 10
  • Rani Mukerji -8.5 – unsual linear face
  • Bipasha Basu – 8 a little shapely for my tastes
  • Tannishtha Chatterje – 7.9 but a good actress, not put on the screen just for her looks.
  • Paoli (or Pauli) Dam – 8.8 – lesser known but worth searching
  • Shraddha Das – 8.5 – young and shapely
  • Moni Kangana Dutta – 10.0 – Victoria secret angel and top model, there is not way you can tell me women from India are not beautiful.
  • Tanushree Dutta – 9 Formmer miss India and actress has a good girl look
  • Richa Gangopadhyay – 8.9 Beauty queen – Miss India 2007 and actress
  • Bhairavi Goswami – 8.8 – Pretty girl and model and TV host. Usually TV hosts are hotter than simple actresses as they have to show their face everyday.
  • Shahana Goswami 8.5 nice Begalis look, young and will be in a lot of movies going foward.
  • Kanak “Konnie” Huq 8.7 – great shape and thin body now in her 30s but has done well as a British TV presenter.
  • Tia Kar – 8 – nice voice and Indian Idol star
  • Soha Ali Khan – 8.9 Although in her 30s her face is totally cute, does a lot of TV and movies and action.
  • Koena Mitra – 8.9 TV host and Indian model over 5’7″ tall and thin.
  • Kamalinee Mukherjee – 9.0 Telugu films star, cute but not my style her high rating is because she is single, smart with a degree in English and does a lot of charity work.
  • Lisa Ray 8.5 – Polish and Bengalis which makes her exotic and lives in Canada, but she is 37.
  • Raima Sen 8.7 long hair, thin body, long face, nice family girl
  • Reema Sen 9.2 totally hot Bengali actress, big lips high rounded full check bones
  • Riya Sen 8.1 only because she looks a little like femme fatale for a guy who can not resist ladies with this look
  • Konkona Sen – 8.5 nice married Indian actress


By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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You know I watched that video on Bengali girls and arranged marriages. I know it is a little extreme but I often wonder where is my prince? I am happy to be single but, sometimes it is no fun to sit at home on a Saturday night I the tub with scented candles.
Maybe it is better to have an arranged marriage than a deranged marriage based on youthful foolishness. But ignore this comment, I am just in a blue mood.

That was just a little bit scary when that girl fainted and was unconscius for so long and they didn’t take her to the doctor or anything.
I guess an arranged marriage is not that bad as long as you are not in love with someone else. Things might fall in place like they did for that younger girl. It might be just that she is so humble and obedient that she accepted her fate, but it seems like she truly was happy at the end.
But what if you dislike the guy or do love someone else. Being stuck for the rest of your life with someone that you dream about exchanging is a real tragedy. Can they get a divorce in India? I’m not talking about situations when someone cheated etc, but just because?
All things considered, if my family tried to get me married to some guy I hardly knew and might like in the future but again- might not, I would run and not look back. Just like Waris Dirie when her dad wanted to trade her for a couple of camels.

Cheer up Katya, you will find your Russian prince. 😉

You are wrong because many Bengali women in abroad are married with white race.Incidentally Bengal was the region which was mostly influenced by British rule so you will find many Bengali Hindu men/women from upper caste community in UK or recent time in US ,Canada are getting married with white/Jew.

For example-Economist Amartya Sen, Sir Partha Dasgupta or Sitarist Ravishankar(whose daughter is Nora Jones,inventor Amar gopal Bose’s mother was white, similarly Shami Chakraborti of UK, Gayetri Chakraborty Spivak of USA or Jhumpa Lahiri all Bengali women are married with foreigners.Actress Rona Mitra’s father is also half Bengali and half white.

Bengali upper caste Hindu are probably the best group from Asia who can mix with western people although they are very few in numbers(around 40k-50k) in Us and UK.

Men are known for their intelligence while women are known for their beauty.

Hey Muslim girls are better specially from Pakistan. They are definitely into relationships easier.

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