Belarusian girls open for marriage

Belarus women are neither East nor West

Technically women from White Russia are Eastern, this is because they speak Belarusian and Russian (both Eastern Slavic languages) an Eastern Slavic language and are more Orthodox than Catholic. However, if you chat with Belarus girls they are more like Polish than Russian. They are easy-going and Western looking.

Therefore, do not be mislead, Belarus girls are not Russian girls.  Belarus girls are connected to Russia in terms of culture, are different in many ways from Russian girls. I would say Belarus girls are a cross between Russian and Western girls with any girl not from Minsk for sure more Western, than Russian.

Belarussian girls are beautiful.  They are maybe some of the blondest girls I have seen. But more important many are sweet. Sweet meaning Belarus girls care about family, church, are not materialistic. They live in a hard economic and political country so they focus on intellectual pursuits. If you want to marry a girl from Belarus you have a good chance of being happy.

Personal story of a Belarusian girl

Here is a telling personal experience with a woman from Belarus. I met Yuliya at a gym. She is a classic Slavic beauty with long blond hair and blue eyes.  She looked like the Belarus girl in the photo below. She was an accountant working as an audit slave at one of the big four accounting, KPMG. I had first met her years ago as a waitress but the issue was she was married then. What happened was, she told me she got a visa to the USA because she got a lawyer who how to the immigration law.

However, then I learned she finagled the truth a bit. I found out she was married to a Russian guy in the USA who had citizenship. I subsequently found out the marriage most likely was fake for citizenship, although she did not see it that way, she wanted one marriage. He on the other hand though it was for a green card, but did it anyway most likely for free action from a hot blond. She discovered was dating other girls.

As you can see her life was all messed up. Years later I learned he she remarried a nice accountant guy and they were deeply in love. She is a highly ethical person but because of her messed up circumstances life did not turn out as she wished in her dreams, but it did work out.  This was a 1999 story so things have changed. However, my point is to be aware you have to balance the ideals and reality of the economics when first discovering what a girl from Brest to Vitsyebsk. My recommendation is to go for a countryside girl or maybe a village girl going to school in the city.

Blonde and brunette Belarusian girls on a walk

Belarus girls need love, not to be played with, so only chat with Belarus girls if you are sincere.

How to chat with Belarus girls

These are the best resources to chat with Belarus girls.  Now you can learn Russian or Belarussian or if you do not want to learn a language yet, use translate tool.  But learning a little Russian would be a good idea, even a few phases.  The reason I give you non-English language resources is not to make you learn Russian but this is the best place you will find normal Belarussian girls for love and marriage.

  • Chat with Belarus girls with
  • Chat with Belarus girls with
  • Also consider to chat with girls from Belarus
  • – Really a Russian site with many people in Minsk
  • You can also try online dating sites in English if the language is too hard for you. This might be the simplest way to meet Belarus girls.

If you can get their mobile number then you have a good chance at marriage with correspondences.

  • For the most efficient way to get married in the shortest time I recommend using the above websites to cross reference pay for bridal sites with birth dates and names and location and chat them up and get their mobile numbers. Then you can build a rapport, fly there and take them home if there is a love connection.

I know it sounds primitive but they want to get married just like you. Why do we not all be honest about it. I do have other ideas to use to contact these Eastern Slavic gals.  Visa issues with bringing them to your country you can address latter and I can give you ideas I have have some experiencing and written a lot about bringing a foreign bride or family to the USA for example (K-3 or I-130 for a spouse). Let me know if you have any questions about these Eastern European ladies and how to travel there or contact them.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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May Name is Adel , 26 year from Egypt , Student of German Linguistic and Literature . I am interested on learning Foreign Languages . I want to participate in a Russian language course in Belarus . Can you help me thanks

My name is Maxillion, one of my dreams is to fall in love, true love with a Belarus girl. I will wait and dream.

Do not just wait and hope, go to Belarus and find here if you can.

I am looking for a girl to call my own in the Eastern European country of Belarus, the issue is where to look?

Where do I need to go in Belarus to find girls? coffee shop? bar’s? club?

Thanks for your help

hi! I´m from Chile and I really want to meet a Belarus girl… from here the only way it`s via internet, but we have several warnings about websites offering that kind of services, I know people who lost a lot of many for nothing…
I hope you can help me in this task and give me some good chat sites and websites to order to accomplish this idea. I must say , I can´t do it with out help and also I can´t read their language …so your help will be must appreciated
I live alone in the beach and I believe some girls from that part of the world want to pass holidays here , now in our summer….please help!!! send me an email ok?


I have been in Belarus last november,and i can say the people from this country are nice and kind! so i recomend to anyone with good purposes to visit this country.

Belarussian girls are sweeter in my experience than Russian girls, but this has only been my personal experience. I think they are less worldly.

I have been to Belarus and you see very different type of girls here. Since the average wage is very low in European standards, there is a group of ladies whose primary aim is to get out of country no matter where. Probably they will try to jump into another adventure once they are out of country. Next, there is well educated ladies who has strong ambitions and can have a lot of opportunities in western world.

I observe that there are women everywhere and they work very hard for subsistence level wage. If I can find someone suitable I will take her for a long-term relationship.

P.S. To those 1st time in Belarus, try to avoid hanging too much with the same girl. There are many opportunities here, and the 1st one is probably not the best one.

I am mainly a Belorussian Jew, as well as I have family from Ukraine and mainland Russia. My grandmother was raised in a village outside of Minsk , which I am told was actually part of Poland at the time. Not Minsk, but the village she lived in was on the Belarus/Poland border, which at that time was the Soviet/Poland border.

Anyhow, I had many relatives from Belarus and my grandmother worked very hard to help them leave the country during the communist era when nobody was allowed to leave the country. My grandmother escaped Belarus, herself, with her family right before the nazis came to her village during WWII and gunned down the entire village, women and children included.

My family has a lot of history in the country of Belarus, along with many other Jews who lived there. Belarus/Poland/Russia/Ukraine composed what is called The Pale of Settlement. A large number of Jews during this time lived in Poland and Belarus after moving away from mainland Russia.

Well, I am not sure how safe it is for me to go visit this country. Especially having Belorussian ancestry, I hope I wouldn’t be stuck in such a country, because they have false impression I am a citizen. I know many of my relatives were happy to leave Belarus.

However, I am intrigued to relearn the history of my people living there and to visit the village my grandmother grew up in. There is supposedly a resurgence of a community there.

Also, I heard women from Belarus are beautiful, loyal and more traditional. Seeing that I am part Belorussian/Polish Jew, I wonder if I could connect with them in anyway. It seems that in country’s were people are more oppressed and impoverished, the character and morals of the people are higher. I cannot say this is true in all scenarios, but perhaps in the European continent, it is true.

Being here in Minsk for 2 weeks only, I can say that it is not as bad as you see from outer world. When I look at other ex-soviet Republics Belarus is one of the most advanced societies. Its neighbor, Ukraine is in a much worse condition. City of Minsk looks like a city as advanced as a Frankfurt. The streets are very clean and public transportation is excellent. Unfortunately, since government is involved in every part of economics, most public wages are standardized to subsistence level. Probably, the waitress (the 5&/%&!) who did not return my 20$ back makes more money than a professor of economics.

Being a Jew in Belarus…I know that Belarus has a great population of Jews before II. World War (Patriotic War in Belarus) However, they are not very welcome here. My neighbor was a Belarus Born Israeli Jew who lives in France. While he was born in Belarus, he had to get a visa to enter Belarus. It was a hard experience for him. I am not a Jew, but when I saw the holocoust monument, it was a thrilling experience for me. Whereas the Belorussian girl with me was very ignorant. In fact she did not want me to take a picture of it…

However, if you are very determined, you can try this website:

Tell them you are American or some other western country (they will not notice the difference) and probably you will meet someone within a very short period of time.

In fact there are women everywhere, if you are a nice guy who looks okay and knows how to behave you can meet a lot of beautiful women. Make sure not to use your $$$ or €€€ to get a girl. I tried this first and I ended up with money-consumimg ladies who are after $$$ only. Now, I only use my character and it works much better.

Thanks Osman for your honest and informative post. I know anti-semitism/Jew-h_tred or whatever you wish to call it is very prevalent in Eastern Europe. Indeed, many of my relatives risked their lives escaping Eastern Europe; first from the n_z_s, then from the communists. I know in Ukraine, Jews are very unwelcomed. I would assume that Belorussian people as a whole do not like Jews as well. It is quite a shame. Somehow, blaming Jews for all the hardships the people face seems to make them feel better rather then facing the facts that these people were responsible for their own problems and that a small minority of people were not to blame for the problems caused by the majority.

I have been contemplating visiting Eastern Europe, but with the rise in neo-n_z_sm and Jew-blaming in Eastern Europe, I think I am probably better off overall avoiding most of Eastern Europe. Perhaps, Moscow , Poland, Romania, are still feasible options, whereas Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine are very risky propositions.

As far as saying I am an American, I will introduce myself as an American Jew. I am not one of those people who likes to hide what I am and also I am not ashamed. If they want to h_te me or k_ll me, then so be it. I would be looking for a serious relationship, not some ho_ker in a bar, there are plenty of those in USA, who don’t expect a greencard, I’d rather just stay here. What’s the point of spending time in a culture, where your race is h_ted and used as a scapegoat for all their problems?

As far as $$$ to find a lady, that would not work for me. I am not a show-off, big-shot-wannabe or some guy who wants to buy off a woman. I come from a very traditional culture and have strict moral standard. Any woman who wants me would have to earn me, just like I have to earn her. I am not a man who can submit to a women, rather I’d have the woman submit to me first. The type of woman I would find would come from a religious community and/or have a strong religious or moral background. I am not into bar-girls, mail-order gold/greencard diggers, etc etc.

Most likely, I will stay single most of my life, because my standards for women are high and I am not 6,5 250lbs with a $10,000,000 bank account who will just lure any female on earth to me. I am not saying I am bad looking or poor, but being an average guy, I have to win a woman with intellect, charm, personality and, most importantly, moral/religious structure. Most women in this day and age want a playmate, not a devoted and sincere man of higher moral standard. Therefore, the final criteria is what puts me at odds with the 21st century female-gender.

I would have married an Orthodox Jewish woman, many who are very traditional and good wives, but I am a Netzarim/Messianic Jew, meaning I am a Jewish believer in Yahushua (Jesus) as the Messiah. Therefore, I have been ousted from my own Jewish community.

BTW.. Thank you for visiting the holocaust memorial.. My dead ancestors in the memorial, Thank you for caring. Especially, since you are non-Jewish.

Waav, Yonatan, that is a very long mail. I wish I could write back a lot of things, but there is the Festival of Minsk that I want to see (and hopefully meet some girl there)))

It must be a very bad thing to believe in what you believe and be ousted from your community. According to Israeli documents you are officially a converted Jew. If I were you, I would try emphasize our common points not the differences. I am a Muslim who lived in USA for 5 years and whenever I meet someone, I prefer not to talk about religion. There are so many other things I can talk about. In fact girls do not like to talk serious/important things. The more stupid you talk the more they will like you 🙂

If there are quarter million people who believe like you in America, you should be able to find someone…

I met a lot of girls in Belarus, but I will talk about 3 girls. The 1st one was crazy about me; she wanted to live with me, travel with me, wanted to go to US with me (it happened within 2 days!!!) I had to runaway from her. The 2nd one was sweet and adorable but she turned out to be a $$$ consumption machine. I was asking her to take me to places where locals visit, she was taking me to places she has never been in her life… The 3rd girl I met 2 nights ago, she is driving me crazy!!! I do not know why she does not answer her phone after all the action we did on Friday night. I feel like a women used me for sweet tongue action and throw me away 🙁

Thanks for your post Osman.. Well, religion is a center of my life. Being Muslim, I think it would be difficult to connect with Christian woman.. Obviously there are more differences, same with Buddhist, Hindu, etc. I am Messianic Jew, so I do have a bit more in common with Christians. As you said, according to Israeli Law, I am to be banned from even becoming a citizen. Of course,I would keep this silent. But I have been shunned mostly by own people. The only choice I have for marriage, as far as a spiritual women are concerned, would be with a religious-type of Christian girl.

I know you try to pursue maybe more secular girls and that is fine. It is true, women in general are bit simple-minded in many respects. They don’t like conversing about serious or deep issues and most of time just want to play, have fun or try to make an impression on a man in regards to their intellectual knowledge , as well as their social status.

I cannot live to impress women.. God comes first for me.. So, if I must put women on hold ,because I don’t tell them what they want to hear, so be it. I am not interested in finding playmates or impressing my friends with some busty or curvy looking blonde hanging on my shoulder. I know many men go to a woman to boost their egos and use the woman as a symbol of their own success.. However, as for me, I can be happy and feel successful without the need of a woman dictating my life and soul.

If Belorussian women hate me for who and what I am, then it is fine. They were never meant for me and God will give me something better, either in this life or the next.

From what you say though, it sounds like Belorussia is a good place for a history tour, but not for a Jew to mingle with locals. Thank you again Osman for your honest advice.

Shalom To You

1st I need to make a correction: Being a muslim, I do not know why but I am much easily connected with Christian ladies 🙂

From religious perspective, muslim society is the opposite of Jewish society. I know in Judaism, ‘female’ role is dominant. Thus, it is okay for Jewish woman to marry a non-Jewish guy (even if that is a muslim) but if a Jewish guy marries a non-Jewish lady he goes out of tradition!

In our case, if a muslim lady marries with a non-muslim, that goes out of tradition. However, marriage of a muslim guy with a non-muslim lady is common, and (defacto) promoted. Traditionally, Ottoman kings used to marry non-muslim wives to increase the diversity in the state. I do not like non-believers or polytheists. I look for someone who has a strong belief in religion and the ‘Creator’. As long as my wife is muslim, or christian or jew, it is okay with me.

It does not matter whether you are a Jew or a muslim in Belarus. The country lacks men. There is not enough men around! The ones that exist are (mostly) not good husbands. There is women everywhere here. And I mean everywhere. Today I dropped my girl friend to the train station and on the way back, I saw a lady with high hills got stuck on mop. All other Belarus guys just looked and ignored her whereas I was holding her hand trying to get her back on track 🙂 Belarus is a country that I cannot tell but you have to come and see. I will surely come here again and again. If I were you, I would not think much and get a passport, contact travel agency, arrange my visit and come here. Be a normal guy, speak little Russian and Waaadaaaaa )) I had to reject calls from so many girls because I was busy with another:) It is impossible not to meet woman here! You will never know what will happen next. Just keep the serious part (Netzarim/Messianic Jew) to the later. With love you can figure out everything.

Hello Osman,
I really appreciate your post and your last one was quite uplifting.

Now, if you may, I would like to make one correction to you last post. You said the female role is dominant, which is not true at all. Being Messianic Jew, actually I do not adhere to Talmud, but it was the Talmud that states that a person is identified as Jew through the matriarchal line. The reason this teaching was implemented, was because Jews were living around the world and usually in dire and poor conditions.

Jewish women were subjected to rape over and over again. If you look at my family, e.g., some of us look Arabic whereas others look Russian. I, myself look like a Russian, whereas my brother look almost like an Arab, yet we have same parents. The reason for our variance, is the massive amounts of rapes that took place in the villages during pogroms. So, rather than having all these children being born out of wedlock being considered foreigners, they claimed them to be as Jewish as any other. However, if men would take foreigners as wives and reject the JEwish women, some who suffered rape, then our lineage would be hampered.

However, this teaching of men marrying a non-Jew having non-Jewish children is confined to the Talmud, not the Tanakh. Even King David himself, comes from the line of a non-Jewish, Moabite grandmother. Jews would marry non-Jewish women all the time and still have their children be claimed as Jews throughout the Tanakh. The mitzvah (teaching) of Jews being matriarchal was devised later in history by Rabbis in the Talmud, as a result of the hardships I have mentioned.

Now, as far as Jewish women being allowed to marry non-Jewish men, this is only allowed amongst secular Jews. If an Orthodox Jewish woman marries a non-Jew, she is thrown out of the community. In this regard, Jews can be considered more strict than Muslims, because even if a non-Jew converts to Judaism, he still may not be allowed to marry the girl, whereas if a man converts to Islam, regardless of race, he can be accepted. Although these days, a non-Jewish man converting to Judaism, is sufficient for most communities to accept him into marriage.

You will not find any Orthodox Jewish women married to non-Jewish men. However, amongst secular Jewish women, you can find them intermarrying. But, the same can now be said for Muslim women these days too. Of course, the faith doesn’t condone it, but amongst secular people, they do not adhere to the principles of their religion. BTW, I once fell in love with Muslim woman and her family would not let me marry her, so I understand how these things work.

But a great misconception of Jews is that in fact we are a patriarchal society and have been male-dominate for ages. The Jews give honor to the Patriarchs, Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov.

If you don’t believe what I am saying to you, watch the movie Fiddler on the Roof. His daughter Chava falls in love with a Russian gentile man. When Chava begs her Father for permission to marry him, he disowns her completely and angrily says she is no longer his daughter. For a Jewish woman to marry a gentile in those days was considered an outrage as you can see from the scene in this movie.

BTW.. The scenes of Fiddler on the Roof take place in old Russia, probably not far from Belarus/Ukraine. The name of the village in the movie is called Annatevka, which is not a real place.

I do apologize for my last comment about you not having as much in common. I actually don’t even think most mainstream Jews have as much in common with Christians. What I meant was that being Messianic Jew, we share lot of same liturgy as Christians as believe in Yahushua (Jesus) as the Messiah. That is what I was trying to emphasize.

Well, you are right about a lot of things. I think it would be wrong to be overzealous with my religion and try to enforce it upon people from a different culture raised in a different belief. It sounds like you are really having a good time there and I envy and respect you. I have heard that the men in Eastern Europe, perhaps in Belarus, do leave some to be desired. If there is ever a female dominated society, I would say USA. It is a society that lacks good females but has an over-abundance of hopeless romantic men.

What I guess I meant to say is, I want a wife who is virtuous, moral and strict to her religion. I also want her to be able to accept my religion and being her husband, that she can accept how I live. I cannot pretend I am someone I am not. I cannot be ashamed and hide the fact that I am Jewish or a Netzarim Jew. This doesn’t mean I have to beat her to death with the fact either.

I do like the sounds of being in a country loaded with beautiful women who are so eager to meet and go out with you. Sounds like for you, Belarus is paradise. I guess being Jewish though, I have to be cautious. I don’t want to be victim of neo-n_a_z_i_s. My grandmother worked hard to get my relatives out of Belarus, so I am sure, if she wasn’t senile (almost 90 now), she would try to prevent me from going there. LOL I know times have changed since the 60s,70s and 80s though.

Belarus is not just a place for me to meet girls though, it is a place to experience part of my history. But, being Netzarim/Messianic Jew of Belorussian descent, I was hoping maybe I can connect with some of the girls back there in a way I cannot in the USA. Well, I don’t really know.

Let me know when you find a girl there for marriage, I’d be interested to hear how it went.

I wanted to post something here to add to this discussion, even though some of it goes back basically 5 or 6 years, but was quite enlightening.

Yonatan: First of all, you are not the first Messianic Jew I have met or heard of. I actually studied under a Messianic Jew, a former Rabbi, of all lines of work, who has a PhD and became a Christian, like you. He taught me a lot, not only about Jewish law, but also about Christianity. I was born and raised Catholic, but became Baptist after many years.

As someone who changed his religion (Catholicism to American Southern Baptist is a huge leap.), your faith is important and gives you strength. It gives me strength. The thing is, that instead of focusing on that and forgetting what is truly important here (Christ), will not help you find a wife. Your wife needs to be a Christian, NOT a Messianic Jewess, because these will be hard to find. IN small towns here in “flyover America” (anywhere between Lost Angeles and NYC), there are millions of single, wonderful Christian women, who would marry a Messianic Jew.

Second of all, I have never been to Belarus but know a lot about it because I have a friend who is 1/2 Belorussian and 1/2 Brazilian (yes, an insane mix). I met a lot of Belorussian women and men, and there are women literally everywhere in Belarus, like Ukraine. #1 reason there are so many single women in Ukraine is because of the covert-war Russia is waging against Ukraine. Women over 27 in Ukraine become “un-marriable” to the local man and they have a real scarcity. Why so few men in Belarus puzzles me, though. But women are everywhere, and as Osman points out, there are the “let’s marry and move to USA tomorrow” types who just want out and will likely go find a new dude the day her Green Card comes out; then you have the gold-digger types, who will stay with you as long as you can be their “Sugar Daddy”; then you have the sweet genuine types, who are Christian (mainly Orthodox) and are the ones you want. The women you want for LTR (Long Term Relationship) will NOT be found in a bar. Try coffee shops, online, marriage agencies. But the sheer surplus of women allow you to pick something truly amazing in female quality.

*Generic Info on Belarus: The #1 problem in Belarus with the men is Vodka They drink and get violent. I have heard this story hundreds of times. That is why they have a 50% divorce rate. Problem is the divorced women are then in a “bad spot”, as they married in early 20s and guy became abusive or a drunk afterwards and the female unemployement is 75% or higher.

Third, these women are not for “wham bam, thank-you ma’am”. These are serious women, they want LTRs, not just quick $ex. They are also very protective of their families and once they know you and like you, you will be invited to dinner at her parent’s house. They are very traditional. I find that wonderful, if you ask me.

Fourth and finally, if you want to bring a Belorussian woman to the USA for you, you will need to meet her in person, apply for a Fiancée visa (K-1, K-3, depending). I would NOT marry out of USA and then do the I-130 immigration petition, as that can keep your lady stuck at the US Consulate waiting for a visa for months, and that will be terrible for you.

You also want to bring her to the USA on a visa and see if she would like the life here or not. There is always a chance she might hate it or miss her family and become depressed. I am just saying. So the visa route is best.

I will be in Belarus with a friend from Norway, who needs a wife badly soon and will report back.

I watched the movies American Wedding (2003) where the entire story is about a Jewish guy married to a non-Jewish girl. I remember that when the guy’s grandmother looked at the bride, she said “Non-Jewish. Not good!” I also had a Jewish girl friend that for some reason her primary aim was to get married with a Turkish guy no matter whom. (Her ancestors leaved in Ottoman Empire long time ago) and she was a very very dominant lady. I have not seen a woman who is so smart and have such strong and powerful character. My experience can not be generalized. I might be wrong. There is surely a lot of varieties among Jewish community with different beliefs and traditions.

Neo-n_zis? Since there is not much Jews left around Europe after WWII, their hatred is mostly against other nations, particularly Turks. If I am not scared of them, there is no reason for you to be scared of them either. I do not see them around much here. I saw a couple of them on the streets and to me they look just funny and stupid. Belarus is not Ukraine or Russia. It is one of the safest countries in the world where you see policemen everywhere. I feel safer than NYC. They are the last thing I worry here.

Anyways, back to my Belarus adventures… Finally, I think I met the girl of my dreams. I know her for only a week, but I feel that we have a great connection. When I talk about simple things she is very happy and smiles all the times. However, when I talk about serious issues such as religion I can sense her lost of interest. She is an Orthodox and she says it is okay with her to marry a Muslim man as long as he is a good father.

I do not know. I am very happy here. In fact I am having the best times of my life. I notice many international people here (most of which is Turkish for some reason :)) Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Arabic, American, etc. Today, I saw an old American guy with no language skills looking for love (probably through a marriage agency). If he had basic Russian skills, it would be much easier for him. Again, if I were you, I would start learning Russian as soon as possible and come to Belarus! This is a country I cannot tell, you have to come and see it!

I’ve been talking to a girl from Belarus on and off for a year online, She is absolutely beautiful, but I was shocked to find out on her Facebook account that nobody is liking her photos except for me and couple other people, luckily for me it seems like I don’t have any completion. I want to ask her what the men are like in Belarus but I don’t want to be rude, so I’ll just do it here. Are they similar to Russian men? are they abusive to there wives?

I would not use Facebook as a guide to anything than mindless breaks from daily routine. Women and people of Belarus in my experience are kind and humble people. The girls I know personally from there are universally nice, however, the same goes for the men, and yes there are exceptions. The idea is, if you have every lived in Eastern Europe like I have your view of women changes. When you walk down the street in the USA lets say 1 in 10 women are over the top attractive, while in Eastern Europe it could be 50% depending on your preferences/indifference curve.
Therefore, beautiful women are a commodity in the sense that that is not as heavily weighed in mate selection as other things like religiosity or creativity.

When I was living in Eastern Europe, I realized if attractive women are in abundance, the determinate criteria for serious dating shifts from looks to character. I would take a few trips there and see about your true feelings for her. I am happily married and have not ever regretted my experience the wonder lands East of the Elbe river.

That’s interesting Mark and Thanks for the quick reply, We have already agreed to meet each other this summer. I have a few more questions, Do Belorussian’s want to leave Belarus? You mentioned in your article that you should go for a countryside girl, The girl that I’am talking to is from Minsk are Minsk girl’s more worldly?

And at what age would you say that Belorussian Women get Married at?

The inner world of a girl is more important than the outer.
Some do and some do not want to leave. I mean they can get visa’s for Poland an EU country next door and a language they can almost speak. So to fly to the USA it depends on the girl. Even though Belorussia is poor most prefer to stay as this is where their family is. However, I have met many that have left but I have met many Americans living abroad also.
The main thing you need to understand about her is her world view. I know this Russian girl that goes to church and smiles nice and works hard but I would never ever want to do date her. She is materialistic and moody and I do not think lives her religion after several marriages. She things and says she is a nice girl but she is not.
On the other and I know a several Belorussian girl who are gentle and kind and they care nothing about money. Their husbands work at a retail store in the USA and they are poor but family and faith are important.

So try to understand where she is coming from. You have to be subtle in trying to determine her work view. Ask her hypothetical questions about life. Is divorce ever permissible? Money and love or just love? What would be her fantasy? To go on cruises or to be servant girl from the Middle Ages and have a prince rescue her. I prefer the latter.

Is she snow white, sleeping beauty, Cinderella who is she? Maybe she is a girl that talks of love and family and God but does not know her prayers or wants love and money.

It does not matter if she live in Minsk what matters is what her inner world is made of.

Also, I forgot to mention this (additional info on Belarus):

The Christian women there are sometimes evangelical-type (for lack of a better word) similar to USA Christians (maybe 10% or so) and most are Eastern Orthodox (85%+). The churches are not that different, but Orthodox Christians are very very serious about their faith and the traditionals are strong and un-changeable. They are still followers of Christ, and to me, at least, that is what matters. If your heart is towards Christ, you are suitable for marrying another Christian, even if a Catholic or whatnot.

I, as a Christian, would never marry anyone who is not a Christian. Interfaith marriages have extremely high divorce rates, especially when the couple has a child, because of fights about “what faith to raise the child” issues and more. So I applaud people who demand to marry within their faith and warn those considering inter-faith LTRs or even marriage. My .2 cents on that.

Finally, back to Belarus: I agree with the posted article here – a smaller town women (Vitesbek, Gomel, etc) will always be better then Minsk. Minsk has become a Russianized “party city” of sorts and is a “hunting ground” for upper middle class Russian men. Smaller towns and cities in Belarus will provide better women, so long as we are not talking about middle-of-nowhere, no indoor plumbing areas (yes, they still exist).

I vouch for Belorussian women all day. They are sweet and wonderful. If I am ever widowed (I would never divorce!), I will go to Belarus next day. These women are Viking-looking goddesses, but with nice personalities and good values. They are unlike what happened to our USA or Western Europe, with the rise of the poison we call feminism or Second-wave Feminism (SWF), which is a cancer on our society.

I can say as a mid-30 year old man, I have women approach me all the time and flirt (yes, I am a 8.5 muscular, full head of hair, pretty boy), but what they ant is a guy who is willing to settle down and the fact I am mid-30s, makes me “perfect age range” and the older men get, the more we are worth while women begin to lose power there. They know, I am “husband material” being married and they are dying to marry some guy now that they are in their 30s as well. These American ladies are done playing around and now they wanna settle down, but many of them as damaged due to feminism or just a mess in their heads spending 10-15 years playing with guys. So I am just so happy to be married to a great American Christian woman from “flyover America”.

Final word of advice: if any woman you meet, regardless of country, is on Facebook too much, posting erotic pics of themselves on FB or Instagram, or if she is at all on Tinder (even for a few days), I encourage you to walk away immediately, 80%+ of US divorces now are related to Facebook and Tinder is not helping.

Hope you all meet some good ladies, folks.

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