Beautiful Pakistani girls

Beautiful girls from Pakistan

It is a mystery to me why people do not understand how attractive girls from Pakistan are. I think people perceive it as some Middle Eastern country that boarders India and in a social-political cross roads between Asia and Europe, East and west. It is somewhere far away off the beaten path.  However, what they do not know is behind the veil of Paki girls are beautiful faces and shapely bodies and humble spirits. These girls make excellent wives.

The reason why guys do not consider Pakistani girls from Islamabad or Lahore is they do not see their shape. For example, below is an attractive lady who is not wearing traditional dress. This is a Russian woman but Pakistani women are just as shapely if not more. The issue is they are covered (because of Muslim dating tradition) and you do not see this shape until you marry them.

What makes the woman above so attractive? Shape. It would be hard to argue she is not attractive, despite she short hair and causal look. In contrast with attractive Pakistan women it is all left up to the imagination.

Facts on Pakistani girls

  • There is no law that enforces the law of wearing of Hijab with Pakistan’s ladies. Rather it is a tradition that is actually gaining momentum in cities like Islamabad because of the social influence of other Middle Eastern and Arabian countries in the last ten years.
  • Pakistan has the second largest population of Muslim girls (97% of the population) after Indonesia. With a population of 200 million there are about 30, million single and alluring Pakistani girls looking for marriage.
  • The average age of marriage for brides from Pakistan has risen from a young 19 years old to 25 years old. The parents have a large part to play in the marriage and dating process.
  • Dating in Pakistan is nothing like the west. It is based on honor of the families, not some wanton ritual of appeal.
  • For good Muslim men it is perhaps one of the best countries to find a bride in the Sub Asian content. The reason is her ideals are intact.
  • Madrassa and schools in the Urdu language are moderated and the Pakistani students raised in this tradition are the most sought after brides as their virtues are guarded.
  • Despite misperceptions in the West there is a separation between faith and state. People are very tolerant. That is Hindu and Indian people are respected. Generally this is true, but for dating, few couples cross this barrier that I am aware of.

Often Pakistani guys look for British girls in London, either from their own culture or another. The reason is this gives them access to the European job market with a visa if they get married, but love also. However, in their minds their ideal is a girl from the country side back home or at least from an Arabian country because of the culture.

I am trying to develop a resource for more information on beautiful Pakistani girls. Therefore, if you have any additional information or photos that I have permission to publish here, please let me know. I would be very interested in the dating ideas, online or off from a woman’s perspective.

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