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Advice on meeting a beautiful

I know meeting a beautiful girl is a pipe dream for many out there. However, I married a girl that looks like a model, and I am a geek. A real model wife is totally possible even if you I look like a guy who is on the TV show the Big Bang theory.  If I can do it so can you.

Dating tip number one –  My first advice is heavily discount the possibility you will meet your other half in the USA. The USA is a great place to make a living, but feminism has run amok and you will be hoping for something that has little chance of coming to fruition. That is a beautiful fantasy dream girl who you can make your lady friend. Do not marry an American woman as moral decay has increased divorced, women’s waistline, tattoos, crude language and decreased traditional values like humility, family and faith.

Look beyond the resplendent ladies next door ( above are girls in Anytown USA) and collect mobile numbers from other parts of the world where the women are more feminine in style and attitude.
  • So if you want to meet a beautiful girl, you have to try to that means searching for alluring girls from that are not living in a geographically desirable location to your current flat. Step out of your self-constructed barriers and cultural limits.

Dating tip number two – Use visualization combined with prayer to meet your fantasy girl. If you want to meet a girl who is attractive and your fantasy female that will satisfy your desires, you need to visualize what she might look like. Do this as you fall asleep at night. You need to couple this with asking God to help you with your search for her.  Granted when she appears she might look physically different but at least your subconscious is working with your conscious mind to help you find the beautiful girl for you.

  • The obstacle in finding an angelic woman is to the disconnect between your conscious and subconscious minds. You are programmed by your parents, friends, and society to betray your own conception of what you really want in your dreams and the unspoken prayers of your heart.

Before you sign up on or some foreign lady friend dating service, take my above advice. Read about visualization and prayer. I did and it worked for me.  Every night I use to imagine I would see the lady friend of my dreams as I fell asleep in my Boston, Beacon Hill apartment,  and search her in my imagination and ask God to help me find her. My quest took me on the other side of the world, however, my dream came true, I married my snow-white and sleeping beauty fusion.

Remember Shakespeare said, ‘summers lease is all to short’ and naturally attractive girls in their youth lose their looks fast if they are not working out and dieting and want to really look good for their man, after marriage. Go for girls of character, including having a disciple of physical fitness and tell you right out they want to make their husband happy.

I know this sounds new agey but it works. However, a messenger of God told me long ago, the divine operates in our imagination. Every religion and spiritual practice has some element of this in there. That is why you should not use you are images for dark works. You should either clear your mind or distract it or use it to visualize positive life-giving results. Try it and let me know what you think and your results.

Mark Twain said ‘Go west young man’ for those seeking a better life. I say ‘go east young man, like Eastern Europe’. There are nice American girls but they have to really be into fitness and religion in my opinion to be marriage material.

Dating tip number three – Check out my website as I have a lot of free advice on females organized mostly by geography and all mostly in good taste and moral standings.  Take the high road. Forget foreign escorts and women who sell their bodies. I know this is tempting as  it allows you to buy a beautiful girl for pleasure, but each time you do this, karmically distances you from your Cinderella.

My story with beautiful women

I personally never had any luck with women. I went to an all-boys prep school and it was like living in an Arabian desert in terms of women. Then I went to a business school, again no women majoring in economics in graduate school.

However, as I developed in my career and position in the US corporate world, made money and had a nice title of director,  beautiful girls started to appear. What a surprise. In fact, there was no longer a need for me to find girls they found me. After the initial shock that I could actually date beautiful girls, the thrill wore off and I did not like it. Why? It was not real. These girls like my money and power, not me. So I needed to look in a place where girls do not care about such things as much as spiritual beauty. I started by asking for help from above and I was guided to Poland. I meet my wife and she is eons more attractive than any money-grubbing females in Boston I met. The most beautiful girl for me

What beautiful is

If you look close enough at anyone you begin to see their humanity. I began to see that women who I once thought were unobtainable were in my eyes undesirable. On the other hand, girls that I would never find attractive became alluring before my eyes. I do not know why? I guess you can say the illusionary veil of beauty was stripped away from young women who I saw as insincere or opportunist. For me that was most American girls.

Exit American women hello beautiful Russian and European models

I can not stress this point enough,  consider females beyond the girl next door. Stop doing searches online dating sites for a fifty-mile radius.

I left the states and stated to travel to Russia, Ukraine, and Poland as well as South America and Africa and Asia.  I met many dazzling women, but until I gave up my wily ways of playing with pulchritudinous for physical pleasure I did not get anywhere.

I  lived in Poland and married a ravishing model of my dreams. I would highly recommend the UK and American men forget about finding a princess in the West and simply look to the East. Beautiful girls who are sincere and beautiful and do not care about money are Slavic European girls. Of course there are exceptions but generally, these girls want to get married. However, they have good radar for insincere players and it will cause you trouble to date them if your intentions are less than pure. I guess it’s some sort of magical instant Karma thing over here. I have met a number of players crash and burn when trying to scam Russian women for example.

Meet charming women who want to get marry you today and give fulfillment like written about in One Thousand and One Nights

Try the largest European social networking site, not Facebook but -> or  Or try any free online dating site for Eastern European women. However, if I were a single guy I would prefer the former to find beautiful girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 replies on “Beautiful Girls – Geeks Get the Cordial Wife”

I think beautiful girls that have brains with beauty are the ones that you want. beauty alone does nothing.

American girls are wonderful beautiful people. I am sorry if you take it personally. I guess I am just rebelling a bit against the social trend in America where women betray their worth as women by rejecting the idea of one true love, family is more important than job and marriage is forever. I am a romantic and I think many women in America reject the ideal of love for love, and not for a guy who is rich or successful or anything else but their soul mate.
It is not all American girls just a lot.
I also think a lot of American men have been hurt by women who really are concious of social and monetary status in the US. I am in Europe and girls do not really care about that, they do not care if the guy is good looking or not, they just want their man, not a rich and beautiful man.

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