Azerbaijan Women

How to meet Azerbaijan girls is the purpose of this post. I will tell you the exact ways. I will tell you websites to go to and places to travel.

Why are Azerbaijan women so beautiful? The reason is the country it is a cross between Eastern European and Asian.  It is mostly connected to Turkish people but not fully,there is a mix of Arab and Russian. Therefore, Azerbaijan girls are interesting ladies living in an exotic land. The language is Azerbaijani but is you learn Russian it will be very useful. There are about 2.5 million single females in the respectable dating age over 21.

Baku women

If I was traveling to Azerbaijan I would simply stay in Baku, you have the best chance of finding an Azerbaijan girl there.  I am an American living in Eastern Europe and I personally would not be afraid to travel to Baki.  The crime rate in Baku is lower than cities back home and Baku girls worth the trip.

If you want to go to the country side you might find a Baku woman who is even more unspoiled by western ways.

Either way to go to Azerbaijan you will need a visa, but its only about 100 bucks, a small price to pay for the potential to find the love of your life.

Also most guys that go there have already made contact with one or more Azerbaijanwomen on the web first, and these women even help them rent a flat for a few weeks at a much cheaper rate than hotels.

Chat with Azerbaijan girls on the web

I am not talking about finding an Azerbaijangirls to look at her pic or hot, but rather going to an Azerbaijan website, where western guys do not go and meeting a real Azerbaijan princess.  These are not Russian dating sites I will recommend, but rather simply sites normal local ladies are going to chat or meet someone with out the expectation it would be a foreigner.

Websites to meet a Azərbaycan for dating

To meet Baku Azerbaijan models or a potential lady friend from the Eurasian countryside from the Caspian sea to the Caucasus mountains  go to the following websites:

  • – This is the most popular site for Azerbaijan girls even though it is a Russian server.
  • – an Azerbaijan social network site with news. Scroll to the bottom and look though the member profile online for example.
  • Many nice hots and social networking

If these sites do not work out for you because the language is too hard to navigate try European or Asian dating service in English but simply screen for Azerbaijan girls. I recommend free Russian dating sites for example.

I love you in Azerbaijani and Russian

The way you say ‘I love you’ in Azeri is this transliteration: ‘MAN sa-NI seh-vi-RAM’.

The way you say I love you in Russian is:

я тебя люблю  or Ya tebya lyublyu

Both these will work if you same them and really mean it when trying to win the heart of an Azerbaijan girl for love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I love Azerbaijan girls and I want make a friendship with a beautiful women from Azerbaijan. I am looking for a girl for a personal relation and long term friendship

Azarbaijan girls are very attractive. She can attract people who see them in first sight. I love especially Baku’s Student Girls.
Overall the Azari girls are handsome and prettiest because thier bodies are very smart & their height very good and main thing is that their skin colour is agreesive who attract the youngsters especially boys.
In the end I want to say I love them too much.

Azerbaijani (or Azeri) girls are beautiful and charming. They are the most beautiful girls ever! Most of them have beautiful dark hair brown eyes and such tan skin that makes guys really crazy! Others have reddish-brown or dark blond hair color blue or green eyes and charming cream or white colored skin color. A lot of Azeri girls have a chest. slender waist and bulging ass! Some of the cordialtest, most attractive girls ever, Azeri girls have such gorgeous ..anything a man could ever want (physically) in a girl.
Just take a look to this site I’m looking thru that pics now. They were took in Azerbaijan as I understood. Azeri girls are really beautiful women.

I have seen pics of many Azeri Girls. Not all of them, but I found majority of them to be very beautiful and charming. I hope since it’s an Islamic country, the women must be tradition bound and well cultured. I am looking for one such girl to marry. But, the Azeri dating sites are in Azeri/Russian language and can’t understand that. Can you tell me some other site/marriage agency in Azerbaijan where we can find Azeri women.
have tried the Azeri dating sites as mentioned above. But they are in Azeri language. Even if we go to some other (English/Russian) sites, I have got some not very good experiences. You keep on trying and trying to find some suitable match, but there is no response or a very weak from their side. Isn’t their any Azeri marriage agency? Or do you think that we have to fly to Baku in order to find a suitable match for ourselves?

Facebook and are the best sites for socializing with Azerbaijan girls. There are online dating sites and match making sites and some people swear by them, but I recommend visiting Baku. But you need to know how to approach girls and chat them up or you will have no luck. It takes practice. I always struck out chatting up girls when I began. But not I would have no problem. So if you can travel and have money to do so I think it is the best way to meet girls. But if not try social networking website.

I have been told by my girl that FB is not easy to reach in Azeri Country. Internet points are quite expensive. As for me, I was contacted by my Azeri girl who found my address in a old dating site I forgotten since years. She also told me that FB is forbidden in certain regions, mainly rural zones.

There is vkontakte and which is popular. If there was a way to get a mobile phone directory of Azeri girls 🙂

Hey admin, if I knew if there is a phone directory of Azeri girls, I would keep it for myself 😀

The key is not to get just a directory of girls, but rather a directory of the mobile phone numbers. A simple random SMS might lead to something more. However, I am sure no such directory exists as cell phone numbers are for the most part secret unless you give it to someone. I mean I have had a few mobile phone numbers over the years, and if I want to change it I just get another starter card.

In fact if people travel to a foriegn country for a reasonable time, it is worth to get a local cell phone card so local girls can feel you are here to stay and sms you with ease.

I do not have keys to the forbidden city of Azerbaijan girls mobile numbers, and if I did I would not tell anyone.

I love Azerbaijan girls and I want make a friendship with a beautiful women from Azerbaijan. I am looking for a girl for a personal relation and long term friendship.

You should be proud of that as Azerbaijan is a great place, very exotic and a cross roads between east and west, Europe and Asia and that is one of the reasons Azerbaijan women are so beautiful.

I’m a Kiwi who works & Lives in Auckland (New Zealand) Since I heard lot of good things abt Azeri girls I got interested in finding one for a serious relationship. If any Aeri girl read this and feel interested in a serious relationship feel free to contact me at mikeunix AT… I’m 28 and has great looks.

Thank for nice words about Azerbaijani girls

I work with an Azerbaijan young woman at my job and at first sight I was amazed by her beauty and personality. I am so deeply into her self being and want to experience my first time with her. How can I do this and what should I do to win her over and make this happen.

Read about Azerbaijan. If you know about the history or geography, it has great mountains and wild life etc, and be sincere interested in these things, you have a better chance. I do not know one what kind of basis you are with her, if you talk or do not talk. If you do not chat with her I would go right up to her and start talking about Azerbaijan, ask her how long ago she moved to the States etc. Real cool and not interviewing her. Drop some names like I have herd that Mount Murov and the forests around it are magical and you would love to see it.
I would it is a very exotic place.
I think sincerity trumps games with non American girls. With American girls in contrast it is all about games.

I’m a Kiwi who works & Lives in Auckland (New Zealand) Since I heard lot of good things abt Azeri girls I got interested in finding one for a serious relationship. If any Aeri girl read this and feel interested in a serious relationship feel free to contact me at mikeunix AT… I’m 28 and has great looks.

Yeap ) we are beautiful. we are elegant, we are sweet, we are loyal 🙂

Yes, I agree with you, my dear mysterious Azerbaijani Girl. I am in love with an Azerbaijani girl and I am so proud of her. Besides being beautiful, stylish,smart and understanding, simple and proud at the same time – I think she is very loyal too. I have completely accepted her the way she is and I assure you that you all , Azeri Girls and/or women, really must be proud of being born Azeri. I am Italian, and still I am so amazed how you Azeri Girls can be so womanlike and so filled of womanliness and kindness at the very same time. You are completely like “The Other Side Of The Moon”, compared to many european girls I came to meet. My compliments to you,and now, let me go to write to my sweetest Princess of Persia. Take care and be happy.


Wouldn’t the fact they are muslim make it very hard to marry one , unless you, yourself are a Muslim? I know it is an Islamic country, although I don’t know how much they practice it, compared with neighboring Iran.

yeap most people in our country are muslim. but it doesn’t make it radical religious country. few precent of women close their hair and wear closed clothes…

Nice to hear Azerbaijani Girl.. I am eager to learn more about your country. Can an Azerbaijani girl from a Muslim family marry a Christian or Jewish man? How is that looked at in your culture? Most Muslim countries I know of only allow muslim men to marry non-muslim women, but not the other way around.

Yes, my dear, here there are many marriages with Azerbaijan women and European Christian guys in the last ten year. Furthermore, Azeri girls are really very devoted to their husbands. I am an Azerbaijan female and I know this.

sorry 4 answering later I just saw the comment. well… it depends… generally, we have some mental values. 1st of all more Azeri families want their children to marry to Azeris. but some are not against of this. last years there are more Azeri girls married to foreign ppl. but 4 muslims yeah… it is not allowed muslim women to marry to non muslim men. however, in our country there are many non-muslims. also many muslims who don’t live with the Islam rules. I think if a girl wants, she can marry.

Why did u put not beautiful girls hots? 🙂 We have cuter girls…here are some hots of beautiful Azerbaijani girls.

I only put up pictures of women, that I have taken personally. These are real girls with my permission or pictures and hots of girls without a copyright or hots that do not show their face. However, you are right there are some out of this world attractive Azerbaijani girls. If you or anyone personally have hots that others would be interested in, e-mail me – see my contact page in the footer.

Thank you for your kind words about the Azerbaijani people and the country. So few people know about out Euro-Asian nation, independent in 1991 but around for a long time.

Thanks a lot for the kind words about Azerbaijani women =) Most Azeri girls love foreign men,because to us you seem exotic :)Marrying foreigners is certainly not an issue today in Azerbaijan. Many women marry non-muslim men. It of course depends on the family, if she and her parents grew up in the city then it is more likely that they will accept a foreign guy.I know many Azerbaijani women who are married to Western-Europeans, Americans,Turks,Jews etc.My aunt is married to an Israeli man by the way.Religion is not an issue, unless the girl is covered, but that is not very common in Azerbaijan. We are usually not very religious and will accept whatever religion you have.We have many modern girls who are just like any other European lady but with an eastern touch. One thing Azeri women have in common is that we are loyal and won’t look elsewhere once we have found our guy. I say, if you sincerely fancy an Azeri girl don’t be afraid to approach her.Also, our girls don’t approach guys, we are a bit oldfashioned when it comes to that. You will have to do the first move 🙂 I hope I have informed you enough. Good luck!

Great honest reply. Azerbaijan women really are an exotic mix of European and Eastern cultures. Men like the old fashion values, and I agree about religion, peace and love, although I am Christian I acknowledge that there is one God and we are all God’s children. Remember in life the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law. If guys can overcome cultural differences, then I think Azerbaijan women are ideal.

Yes, I think that your reply was great. I am in love with Taliya, an Azeri girl, and we are planning to meet soon. I have never met such a wonderful girl as her – never before. I am quite older, but still I am secure that no other european or american girl is like Taliya. She is honest, self independent, very tender and sweet and terribly beautiful. Furthermore, I am secure she is sincere and loyal. She writes in such a way that I can only be trustful fully into her. never such a thing happened to me before, I this she is as beautiful in her appearance as well as in her heart and soul. I never thought I would ever meet such a wonderful woman in my life and never will I give her up. May God protect us and help us to carry one our project. I have now greatest appreciation for my Azeri “princess of my heart” and I do believe she is not only beautiful but loyal and faithful too. Now I see that Azeri girls are very well reputed by all, and I can only agree with that. With all of my heart. Please, everybody wish us good luck for our coming meeting and future life together.

Hi Sabina,
I’m really very happy to read your comment about Azerbaijan girls. I like your thoughts and I too agree with you.You know your beautiful comment
support me and all others who are non-Islamic religions and they are very much interested in Azerbaijan Muslim girls and Muslim women. I too feel that they are loyal and believe in one husband in a life. I like Azerbaijan women very much. I even dream for them as well.I do respect them all,and wish them good luck.Have a nice day. Pardon me dear if unknowingly anybody hurt by my so reply, Niteen

They are beautiful and I have the fortune of having one for a girlfriend. Don’t be fooled though, they are very passionate and their tempers are insane. They expect to be treated like princesses (literally) but you will be rewarded.

Its taken me five years, but I’ve finally come to grips with my girl is nuts.

Women from every country expect to be treated like princesses. The goal is to find the girl from that one country who wants to treat you like a king, then you have found a good woman. The bible says that Sarah honored Avraham as her Lord, so should your wife honor you.

Too many women in this day and age have the pernicious belief of entitlement which has not been earned. Many women feel they have earned some special status beyond that of angels, merely for being born with a nice backside and a v*ginal cavity. Well, I have news for them, princesses and queens are born that way and die that way. Many of these girls will soon be cast away as rotting prunes; there sweetness will sour, mold and then rot.

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Iran, Saudi Araia?? Where does your queen await? Seek and you shall find..

Not everything that glitters is gold, yet the world indulges in fool’s treasure. So are the women of this generation!

Problem with the 21st century is a man doesn’t know his place and accepts to submit to the authority and power of a woman, which will prove in the end to be self-destructive.

Look out world, we adopted two young ladies from Azerbaijan, and I worry about Americans accepting their differences! You guys made me feel better!

I am an Azerbaijan girl, thank you all for these beautiful words about Azerbaijan women.

I like your answer quite much. I come from Italy and I am in love with an Azerbaijan girl. At first for us Europeans it’s easy to misunderstand Azerbaijan girl because most men see no difference between Azerbaijan and former “USSR girls”. But I believe that no one has the right to judge some else, mainly not making the necessary exceptions. The more I know about the Azerbaijan girls world, the ore I come to appreciate them They’re fantastic and unspoilt, not at all like the Italian girls who only think of “looking like dressed to kill and step back”. I am learning that an Azerbaijan girl is a very serious and loyal kind of woman. the pity is that Europeans and Yankees” still think that Azerbaijan is equal to Russian or Ukrainian scammers, and that’s very unfair to Azerbaijan girls.I do admire the behavior of Azerbaijan girls. They’re are quite a good example for all girls around the world.

I didn’t see any Azeri boy’s comment so i want to say pay attention your words about Azerbaijan girls.Azeri boys isn’t dishonourable. If you want to marry to a Azeri girl you should know that We dislike boys who talks about our girls like this.

I agree that Azerbaijani girls are very beautiful. Lately, more and more of them adopt veiling, which makes them even more beautiful, mysterious, stylish…Actually, the veil is worn in a very fashionable manner in Baku, really amazing! I hope this trend continues and more Azerbaijani girls take up the veil.

Hi Sabina, I have Azeri girlfriend, as I understood you said that Azeri women are faithful, OK me too I think so.
But my Azeri girlfriend likes to wear miniskirt because she wants to receive appreciations from men, she s happy if I man tells her that she is pretty. Does it happens this in Azerbaijan?

As you know in Azerbaijan it is not forbidden to wear whatever you want. Generally Baku girls like to look attractive, that’s why they wear high heels all the time.

So, if she is really loyal to you, and as long as she doesn’t meet with any other men, let her wear mini skirts and other guys envy you.

I met a young woman (31) and she told me that her father is trying to “set” up a marriage for her, but she wants to move where she is free to marry based on love and respect. But, she told me that I could not travel to her town (Zirya) and be seen with her (I am from Michigan) because it is a law in her country, that the father must choose her husband.

This is what she wrote to me, in part:

“I will tell to you, for example concerning a meeting:

That in Azerbaijan I cannot be with anybody if you even wish to come to me. It will not turn out. If I will be seen together by someone
with you, then I will have problems with the law becuase under the law of Azerbaijan, my father should search for the husband. And business in it. If you are not my husband, then you cannot be with

Is what she telling me the truth? Or is it she is mistaken and she just thinks this based on what her father and family told her?

Thanks for any help and your suggestions. (I worry all the time about Internet dating scams).


I personally do not believe it. I think it sounds more like a scam. Maybe in Muslim law and tradition in that country it might be like that but not codifide civil law, I doubt it.
Look there are so many fish in the sea, why make your life difficult? If you want to find a wife find one that does not have such problems. I have not been to Azerbaijan, but I have travelled a lot through Russia and there are many women from all over the world and with exotic looks that would not be such a hastle.
I live in Eastern Europe and there are nice countries here where you can find a nice girl of your dreams like Western Ukraine or Poland. Azerbaijan has beautiful women mind you and many are good, but I personally would not pursue someone who writes this. That is just me.

Which law? There is not such a law she will have a problem with a law. If she just wants to remain pure until marriage it is OK, and her family is strict about it. So you can meet her and her family to marry and have relations after marriage. But most cases she seems to lie to you. She seems like a scammer

David, what do you mean by that? Yes, we are a bit flirty but no harm is intended a real Azerbaijani girl will stay faithful to her boyfriend/husband. When we fall in love we fall deep and there is no turning back, of course if you upset her she will give you a temper and act as if she doesn’t love you.

The attention thing is I think to keep you admiring her 🙂 We hate to see our men look to other women so most of us like to wear those mini skirts and feel desirable so you guys don’t take us for granted. It’s crazy and it doesn’t make sense at all but we are emotional people and take things to the heart very fast. Or she just likes to look beautiful next to you. I guess only you can know if she is faithful or not. I speak for myself when I’m in love with someone I am extremely faithful because all I think of is my own guy but I do flirt and that’s when I see him flirting with other women that’s only to let him know that I am in control 🙂 We are a bit crazy like that but we don’t go as far as cheating, most of us. There are bad people in every nation.

Under what law? There is no such a law. Law doesn’t interfere with people’s love lives. Whoever told you is lying to you, maybe she doesn’t want to reject you and this is her way to keep you at distance. Or maybe she is naive (don’t be shocked, there are some naive 31 year olds in Azerbaijan) and someone has told her this and she actually believes it. If she wants to be with you I’m sure she can find ways. Our women are traditional but not stupid.

Azeri girls are some of the most beautiful ladies in the world. However, I would like to clarify that our physical beauty matches the beauty within. While reading this blog, I did not know whether to feel flattered, proud, or angry. I feel that men nowadays just stereotype women so physically that they forget the true essence of beauty. Yes, I know I may sound like a Preacher, but let me tell you those who are blessed with beauty are more than aware of its disadvantages. Further, I would also like to express that women should not be defined as being beautiful just because of the ‘standards of physical attraction’ it feels as though you are describing a materialistic ‘thing’. Azeri ladies and gentlemen are beautiful, because of our traditional, intellectual, and ethical values. I do not mean to stereotype all of Azerbaijan as being such, for all nations adhere to the fact that not all humans are the same. I believe that every human good or bad is some essence of beauty, and should not be categorized under any type of characteristic.
Thanks for taking the time to view my opinion.
Peace and Love to all.

I would like to say that, firstly, Azeri girls are very beautiful. That can’t be expressed by words you should just have to see them and they will dwell in your memory forever. There are quite a number of Azeris who are nationals of EU and most of them are living in Germany and there are officially not more than 1,000 Italian citizens of Azeri nationality most of whom are women and 90% of whom are living in two big cities Roma and Milano. I discovered Azeris in Azerbaijan this summer and…I found a lot of interesting and amusing things and the most important..I found there my love. Azerbaijan is one of the most fantastic places in the world. It was the greatest treasure that European, Persian, Arab and Russian empires wanted for their own. There are stone ruins, temples of ancient people and a lot of other historical and ancient monuments. I loved the capital Baku very much. Baku overall looks like Napoli in some way with the city center resembles Milano and Paris, lamp poles and outdoor advertising as in London, crazy driving and physical appearance mentality and character of people very much alike Palermo. Wow…the most astonishing was the likeness and similarity of people in Sicilia and Azerbaijan. The features of Sicilian and Azeri are the same, cast of features and figures are very alike and of the same tips. The character and mentality are also very alike, Azeris tend to be traditional and very family orientated and very hospitable and friendly as Sicilians. The attitude of people toward bribery, payoffs and organized crime are the same we had a few decades ago. In addition, Azeris tend to be both very emotional and reserved at the same time.

Azeri women are so beautiful and charming ladies as if Venus, the Goddess of Love was born in Azerbaijan. Thе half of them has very beautiful tanned olive skin color other half tend to have white skin. Their average height is 165 cm. Majority of women have dark hair, others have brown-red and light brown and fair hair. The eyes of Azeri women are mostly almond-shaped and tend to be either of dark color or of mixed color of brown-khaki or brown-green or khaki-blue and other mixed color and there are some who have bright-eyes.

I found my love in Azerbaijan I found my Azeri princess. I am very happy! I even didn’t expect that and didn’t think about it before. But that happened. Her name is Könül which means “soul” from Azeri language. For me she is the most beautiful woman in the world and the finest person. We got married recently and now we both are living in Palermo. I wish you all Love, friendliness, peace and happiness.

From Palermo with Love.

I am an Azeri girl living in Tbilisi, Georgia. It very glad for me to read everything what was written above 🙂 For me that is really a big pleasure and delight to realize that people all around the world appreciate our treasure. Thank you guys! Çox sağ olun!

Azeri girls are mystical exotic mix between east and west and have I can recommend these educated, sweet beautiful girls for dating any day of the week.

I’m so happy to hear that you all love Azeri girls, I’m proud to hear that. I think all women are beautiful, not only in Azerbaijan. But our beauty is different. Besides that our girls are too concerned about their beauty. Maybe european women give more priority to business life, but we give more priority to our personal life, love, family, relationship. That’s the main difference between us. Therefore you can see us in high heels, fancy hair, fancy clothes anytime, not only at the parties. We want to look beautiful all the time. Some other nations don’t accept it, but there is no wrong thing in this I guess. We are proud to be us. Thank you for such good words addressed to us.

I think that we may be living in the so called “global world” but that doesn’t mean that all the world’ s people have an convoluted mind. Once again, I think that religion matters should not prevent people from falling in love regardless.

Azerbaijan girls are not only very stylish,beautiful and loyal, but are special in the way that they are very sincere.
I don’t know anything about Azerbaijan guys minds, but I must say that I really admire the way Azerbaijan Girls or Women are.

Once again, women can teach so much to men, and if men could be able to listen and appreciate a bit more, then they would realize that women and girls are really special, as they say life in ‘3D’ way. While we men unluckily see the world in “2D” way. I do not only love my Azerbaijan girl, but also admire and appreciate her -she’s not only womanly but also very fair and loyal.

Much to many people’s dismay – much more interesting and serious girls than the business minded girl of Sweden or Italy.

Azeri people are varried. They look like Italians but can be a little darker. The Azerbaijan through history has been invaded million times by different nationalities. Some of them can look very Middle Eastern with big prominent or long noses and dark hair and eyes, others have “roman noses” and resemble typical Italian and Greek features and has olive skin dark brown hair and dark green or brown eyes, other ones can be looked like northern European with small noses light hair and blue or green eyes.

There are a lot of Azeris here in Russia, especially in Moscow and Moscow region, western Siberia and other regions there are more than 3 million of them in here part of them are illegal aliens. The problem they are immigrating in my country is the poverty, unemployment and political issues in their own country which borders Russia from the south. Well Azeri girls are very beautiful, I agree with what was written above by others, but you know either good or bad they resemble to be but the whole nation when they are a lot is some kind violent.

A lots of Azeri immigrants are engaged in crime in Russia, in Russian organized crime underworld there are a lot of Azeri kingpins and mob leaders. They are seizing the control of Moscow crime underworld as well as underworld in other cities of Russia. I am working in the law enforcement and the Azeri organized crime groups are one of the biggest problems in here.

Azeri mafia tend to control racketeering, loan sharking, money laundering, murder business, drug business, extortion, cornography, kindness, bookmaking, illegal gambling as well as they are also controlling all the bazaars in big Russian cities and wood trade.

Can the topic of the discussion dear Alexander? We can also discuss Russian mafia`s all around the world. Before saying something bad about somebody look at yourself at first. Your country is dying from the corruption and Russian mafias. Most of Azerbaijan making their absolutely legal business on `bazars` what we can’t say about russian citizens from the different federations like Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and etc. of course we have some people engaged in crime (every nation does have such ones) but still don’t confuse us with the typical Caucasians please,we are first of all Turks.

Thank you for everyone that wrote kind words about Azerbaijan ladies.


First of all what Alexander is stating is not far from the truth, as an Azerbaijani I’m quite ashamed at how some of our people are behaving in Russia. I come from a modest family and I’m in no way similar in actions with those criminals. Saying this, I also state that criminals have no nationality, they can be from anywhere, they are people with poluted minds.

Secondly, please do not force your politic agenda. We are not Turks, maybe you are from a Turkic origin, meaning being related to Central Asians, but my family certainly isn’t. I’m proud of my Kavkaz ethnicity. We are Azerbaijan’s native inhabitants, derriving from great Caucasian Albanians.

I am a hispanic guy. I live in California, Hollywood area. I have a good job, im a good guy. I’m spiritual and I have a good heart. I am having trouble finding a good girl in my home town. From what I hear Azerbaijan girls are loyal and have a big heart. American girls don’t have the qualities foreign girls have. I’m especially interested in Azerbaijan girls cause of the loyalty they have for their man and they sound like they would really fall in love with you as long as you are a good guy. I’m really impressed that they are so beautiful and good girls in one.
My question is. Would my Spanish nationality stop a Azerbaijan girl from marrying me or even talking to me?
Another question: if I visited Baku to meet a women there would I stick out like a sore thumb?
Just to add, my nationality is kind of all over the place. I’m part Spanish/Italian/Mexican/Native indian. (Cherokee indian)
Girls have told me im a good-looking guy. In America im considered a good-looking guy, but to a Russian/Azerbaijan girl I’m sure it may be a different story.

Regardless of the way you have defined yourself from an ethnicity or from a looks stand point (both positive), none of that matters in the former republics of the USSR.

Azerbaijan is a multi ethnic region with beautiful people. The only think you need is a combination of confidence and courage. Girls there want real and sincere.

However, I think most girls like the look you have described and if they do not, forget them, a lot of attraction is based on deep subconcious attraction. That is why there is love at first sight. I mean I saw my wife and boom I knew. My theory is find a person you are really attracted to and is spiritual or religous and then see if it works. I think girls do this. They find a guy they think is cordial and try to make it work, its a girls way of dating.
So to answer your question, there is no reason you do not have all the chance in the world.

I’m so pleasant to hear so many beautiful things about Azeri girls. I’m also Azeri girl, now scholar in the U.S. for an year. Last month I was in California, loved this state. I just would like to tell you that, if you want to get acquainted with Azeri girl, there is no problem with you are being Spanish, on the contrary I think, Spanish has certain similarities with Azeri people, so I guess it will not be difficult for you to socialize with them.

Real Azerbaijani family (almost everybody in Azerbaijan) Will not be agree their daughter or sister marry with foreigner, especially with non-Muslims. Our girls are traditional. and they don’t smile at man before marriage. but if you found a girl that do that. she is lady.and congratulations she you married with lady. So don’t dream and don’t touch our girls. And If I will see that any foreigner in my territory trying to meet our girl – it is not good. All Azerbaijani guys will do that. Azerbaijan culture is different. its not Europe. So take your eyes and your mind out of our girls. Our girls are ours.

Chill out man, Women and men in the world all come from the same heavenly Father. We are all children of God. We all evolved from common ancestors. I understand your women are beautiful but in love all is possible. The human race mixing of genes and culture like people always have done makes the world a little more interesting. If people fall in love from a different culture what is wrong with that.

Culture and Religion more important than Falling in Love. Its about to be Loyal.Loyal to your family at least. West lost their self-esteem of honor. I don’t want my culture become like in West. And Thanks God we have enough men in Azerbaijan (real men). So And the girls in my country who has honor don’t need anybody from outside.Even our Boys in outside also in Russia they just spend time with Russian girls but when it becomes time to marry they just come back find a girl. and ask his father permission to marry worth girl.And the most important for guys in marriage (is not not only beauty of girl) is girl have to be with honor and clean (means nobody touched her). So if guys from outside want Azerbaijani girl for marry they can find only not clean girls.Because clean girls are ours. And I’m pretty sure about this. So my suggestions to guys. Find girls from your own country.And your children will speak in your own language and follow your own culture

Halaldi, düz deyirsen,
I’m an Azerbaijani girl and I agree that most of our girls will not marry foreign man because of differences between traditions, cultures, languages, principles etc. So, it’s quite difficult to find that kind of Azerbaijani girl who will accept foreign man.

As you can see above typical Azeri guys are quite different from Azeri girls. Guys generally very rude, jealous, temperament-ed, emotional, not good looking (because they never care about their appearance – most times wear black shoes, black trousers, and white shirts) and don’t really like Azeri girls to get married to foreign guys, whereas girls are really very polite, kind, loving, generous, beautiful and attractive in their way. Also Azeri guys are not faithful to their wife’s, whereas women are very loyal. So, don’t be surprised if some Azeri guys will come and comment aggressively. They are not willing to share beautiful, nice Azeri girls with foreign guys.

It looks like you do not know Azeri girls. I was married to one Azeri girl and she left me for her ex-boyfriend and she did not wait for one year to end our separation and she got married (got pregnant before) and basically she had 2 husbands (we were not divorced). They are not honest people they do not say true, they pretend as angle but they are not. You know I was in Azerbaijan, first thing I notice is that they want to get money from you all the time and second thing is that when you walk on walking side they push you without saying sorry. Please do not imagine all they are angle. You have to live with them then you will know. They like money a lot and my ex-getting money and sending to her family without telling me.

Did you tried to marry a girl from Azeri you did not spend substantial time with living in a spiritual way?

What did you do import an Azeri bride or something? I do not mean to be rude but so many guys out there choose a bride online, or go to the country a few times and then write e-mails and text messages from any country and get married even if it is over a year.

I in contrast recommend living in the country with the girl you are dating. Understanding her devotion to her religious faith as manifest by daily actions. How many times a week did you go to church with her and how many hours a week did you spend in prayer with her during the dating phase?

I do not feel sorry for any guy in the Americas (because American women can be ruthless too) or around the world that marries based on something other then a spiritual bond.

Hello everyone. I am from Azerbaijan and married with American. Very soon we will have a little princess. We are very happy together. During this two years he never disappointed me. Even once. He is very smart, well behaved, family oriented, careful, honest and full of love. And I am happy I was stubborn enough to fight against society, relatives, family to marry in a normal age (from 18-25). I preferred to study, work, be independent and wait my destiny, not to marry because you must and it is a time.

To meet somebody and to be happy is not an easy issue. What is coming easy, going easy, with a pain and big loss. Azeri girls family oriented and sincere. But not all of them. To build a family you need to know each other better. That is why the best way is to work together. Or at least to meet for a while. It is difficult, because of our society. Not all girls can afford it. Till now most of our people think that if Azeri girl meet with foreigner she is a and sell herself for money. Because how it possible to choose somebody but not locals?! Of course they are insulted and put that ugly stamps on us. To be happy you and she need to pass that all.
And please, don’t marry girls from pubs or party girls and after complain. This type of women the same all over the world.

I’m trying to find out some info. I have been emailing this beautiful Azeri woman for awhile I am very interested in her she seems very nice and independent we have been talking about meeting. I really want to get to know her and hope date and eventually marry. Most American females play games lie cheat which that happens all over world men and women. But she really seems like she is different. I just want to know if I really have a chance or am I setting myself up for failure? I’m not perfect but I want love and to be with someone that wants me and love me as much as I would them. Any info or someone to talk to me would be a lot of help and really appreciated.

I do not have enough information. I would probe to find out her world view. What is her reason for being here on this earth or what is the meaning of her life? Have you had deep philosophical discussions that go beyond a general humanistic or ‘spiritual’ answer. What are her friends like? What is her religion? Does she read literature, classic or modern and if so what types of books does she read?

I have rather high standards based only on morality not looks. Love sees with the heart and no with the eyes you know. If a woman is walking the walk and believes life is about a constant struggle to humble their ego and pride and live in a modest way, with no concern about material things, then beauty shines forth.

You must interject hypothetical scenarios and ‘what if’ situations into the the conversation. You can be straight and tell her you want know what makes her tick inside.

Communism has an affect to strip away religion from Russian and the republics, but the further from Moscow’s orbit the better a country was off. Even look at the difference between Eastern Ukraine and Western Ukraine. Western Ukraine is filled with the faithful while the East is some post communist existentialist surreal subculture.

Find out who she is and who are her ideals and heroes. If they are the Blessed Mother or are they some materialistic writer. What does she think about divorce? Is it OK? Probe her and her economics view points.

You have to go deeper than the mask to find the true nature of a woman.

As a Azeri girl I can confirm the thesis of this post is true based on personal experience. Azerbaijani women are lovely is a factual statement.

I am a female and I have spent a lot of time in the country and can confirm this 100%. Many of my best friends are Azerbaijani and I cannot describe how much I love the country and its’ people. I married at young age but divorced a few years ago. Now I would love to meet an adorable Azeri guy whom to marry. I live in Europe now and cannot travel to Azerbaijan just to look for a husband – what would I do there in practice. So perhaps online if possible. Any advice for me, where could I find him? I’m 35, so maybe he could be between 35-45 years old. Please help me to find the love of my life in Azerbaijan. I’m beautiful, well educated and originally from the Middle East, I understand their language.

I have lived in several places in the world. I believe although places like Western Europe and the USA can give you and easier life economically, the people sometimes lose their sense of authenticity which you might find in a country like Azerbaijan (and I am a westerner). I love living in the West, and an unrepentant capitalist, however, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Mother Teresa both have said “the spiritual poverty of the West, exceeds the material poverty of the East”. There is some truth to this. In a rustic place off the beaten path, like Azerbaijan you find such beautiful authentic people living their lives with a different world view. Metaphorically speaking, it is like pomegranates that growth on a mass commercial farm compared to the rustic heirloom pomegranates you find in Azerbaijan. I think you want to go for the exotic and authentic heirloom version.

The people have some of the most unusual facial features in the world in the positive sense.

If you are Middle Eastern and educated then you can have your pick of men as this look is highly sought after. However, my recommendation is you do it in the next two years as as right now you have almost infinite power to attract any man. However, ‘summer’s lease is all too short’, so you need a focused search.

I would recommend the traditional ways of online dating, and not restrict geographical location. You can try established dating sites like or or niche ones. There could be a Azeri guy in the USA for example. I would also, join Facebook communities that are real and actively locally, or use Linkedin if you are a professional, you will get a high quality of person as people connecting on Linkedin are usually more educated.

I would do your research online and use free Russian sites also like it has a dating site to it for free, or browse sites like and to start thinking out of the box for ideas.

Hi All

If anyone could help me by offering some feedback on how to get started in my search, I would appreciate it.

I am looking for the combination of quality in character as well as attraction, and I am seriously looking for this life partner.

Should one start with a reputable matchmaker or from an online dating site.

I live in Los Angeles and willing to see if such a search captures my interest and then follow it up with a visit to Azerbaijan.

Thanks much,


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