Russian girl athletes love to use their bodies

One of the legacies of the Soviet Union was am emphasis on things that were here and now. Asceticism and denial with religion was out, competition in the market was out but competition and asceticism in sports were in. One of the few ways you could distinguish yourself in Soviet times was exemplary physical achievements. After the fall of communism funding of sports declined as a percentage of the budget, but the interest continued. People did not channel their drive for self actualization into sports to bring honor to the country but because of a passion for it. It is no secret Russians love to use their bodies.

Flexible Eastern European gymnasts and bouncy tennis players are often the subject of male bonding sneering humor or Seinfeld subplots. Yet the reality is where in America the average female dress size is 14, I would say in Russia it is a size 4. Russian women know the value of a condition and toned lean body. They know that if they look good they can attract a better quality male for mating. It is that simple. While Western women feel conflicted about body image and their struggle for liberation, Russian gals do not. They do not have any false pretenses.  I have lived and traveled the CIS, I know what I am talking about.

  • Generally Russian girls look attractive and do not mind using this, as it is a reward for a healthy lifestyle, much like a Western business woman does her resume. It is a different culture and attitude towards body image. In the CIS women feel ashamed if they are out of shape. In the USA it is even a sign of liberation from conventional attitudes.

I have seen few Russian girls look anything but exotic and slim, with a mix of Asiatic and European genes. I can recommend them for dating not because of their athletic bodies but because of the whole person. Whether you are talking about a simple girl from the village or a world-class Russian athlete they all have an underlying high-mindedness in a good way, in my observation.

Why are Russian girls more athletic and in better shape than American girls? I do not know if it is the natural diet or the closeness to the countryside but when I went to Russia I saw scores of beautiful athletic Russian girls.  They had a rustic natural look.  In the States many girls go to the gym and spend a lot of cash on their looks. In Russia the look is more a thin strong look naturally.

  • Russian girls eat about 500 fewer calories a day. This makes a big difference. Muscle tone is more a function of diet than anything else as with low body fat your muscles come out.
  • Russian girls walk and bike everywhere. American women use a car for their legs.
  • Diet is less processed in Russia.
Note the long legs and skinny waist but with toned arms, this girl has this naturally.

What does a Russian girls body look like? The typical Russian body is tall, and thin with muscles without going to the gym.  I can only think its their lifestyle or weather than does not allow them to become unhealthy.  I think also they are more balanced mentally than American girls and are less prone to extreme of diet.   Russian girls just live.

  • American girls have actually decreased in average height as the diet has gone down. In contrast Russian girls have increased. Russian girls are about 1 inch taller on average and about 20 lbs lighter, depending on which age group you look at. However, if you look at the 21 to 35-year-old dating bracket then this is a good approximation.
  • Russian girls long leg and are skinny girls.

American girls are more into sports, Russian girls are more into activities, like walking and swimming in a lake. I use to be into sports, now more into biking and being at the beach. I guess I like the Russian way.  I lived in Eastern Europe for ten years. However, it is very trendy in Russian for women to do yoga. American women are about sports fashions, but hitting classic restaurants like Cracker Barrel and Cheesecake Factory, whilst Slavic females are into hiking all day in a pine forest with only some pieces of bread and cheese to eat.

An honest contrast of habits and lifestyles that result in two different levels of fat to muscle ratios.

Some Russian women start with an athletic body but age poorly, why? The curious thing, while Russian girls naturally has a good start in life, often times when they are in their 40s they let themselves go. Not all, but Russian women who do not develop a natural routine of fitness.  They try to rest on their laurels.  In these exceptional cases American girls look better when they are older (yoga, Pilates, vegan women). However, it’s all about life style, if they smoke and take care etc.  If you meet a lady from Russia make sure her life habits are congruent with healthy living.

Another pet theory I have is it Mother Russia is a northern country. I believe the ozone is thinner and people may not get as much vitamin D but also are exposed to more unhealthy radiation. I have seen universally the faces of Northern women not age as well as people living in latitudes closer to the equator. Further is a Russian moves to say Florida I do not observe this accelerated aging. It is just a theory nothing confirmed by science.

Where to meet athletic beautiful Russian women for dating in the real world?

If you want one of these hot bodies, I would consider some of the websites I recommend in my posts for free Russian dating or simply a Russian or Ukrainian dating site.  I prefer the free ones. On my website I detail a number and you can ask me questions where to find them if you do not know where to start.  I recommend this website to start or

Let me know if this works for you. You might not meet Anna Kournikova or Pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva or Maria Verchenova the  Golfer or the flexible Anna Bessonova, but you might meet someone brainy and high-minded and filled with virtue and similar in ideals as chess wonder and model Alexandra Kosteniuk. There are many talented girls in Russia and they might not all be olympic calabar athletes but make up for it in other ways, such as brains and virtue.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. “The typical Russian body is tall”

    Russian woman are on average 5’5”, friend. That is not tall. But many Russian women are tall.

    “A curious thing, while Russian girls naturally has a good start in life, often times when they are in their 40s they let themselves go. Not all, but Russian women who do not develop a natural routine of fitness. ”

    That is false. The woman in Russia now are aging better than American women you moron. I seen Russian girls in their 40s.

    1. Look at Wiki the average American women is 5’4″ And so if you compare Russian women on the whole with the world they are near the top.

  2. 5’4” is not tall either. But the difference is American women at the same height weigh 50 pounds more compared to a Russian or other Eastern European woman of same height range.

    1. I can not argue with you there. I think the fact that Russian girls are slim and wear pumps gives them the illusion they are taller.
      American girls tend to be frumpy and husky and go shopping in flip flops and pajamas or at least sweat pants.

  3. Admin, I agree with you 100 percent.

    I seen the pretty/thin American girls dressed in horrible clothing like sweat pants and or pajamas. Whether this be in big cities or small towns, large grocery stores or small delis or large universities/towns or even local small colleges. In the large universities, girls just go to class in pajamas. There are men that are guilty of this too and it’s very bad both ways. Sweat pants are suppose to be worn if one is doing exercise, not as a fashion clothing.
    It is terrible cause you know if they dressed, their beauty level goes up.

    1. They are tall because of the dairy products with growth hormones and high fat. I am not saying that as a cut but as a reality. They are tall, but they can also be fleshy and big. Me I prefer the Russian look.
      I also think people in Eastern Europe have less money to spend on food so less of an issue.

  4. Hey Mark, I recommend you go through your articles and delete that nimrod Spatula’s comments. I know you banned him from the site but his remarks are aggravating and insulting to read.

    1. You are 100% correct. I really want to make sure no one is insulting and need to go back and clean up comments. I state in my comment policy that people who are like that will be banned. I want to make this a respectful site about love and his comments crossed the line. If anyone sees a comment that crosses the line e-mail me. I also need to add automatic filters. I want not to edit comments based on opinion but rather basic respect.
      I actually delete about 20 comments here for every 1 that gets posted so I try to moderate this. Many people are off the topic of girls or use chat style comments without checking grammar. If you are going to write about girls or love, I prefer, well written ideas than chat style insults, as these do not help user experience. Many sites do not moderate comments. I moderate not on opinion but on quality this equates to user experience. That means someone lands on a page about “Russian girls” is the discussion interesting and respectful. Controversy and arguments are good, facts and research is great, insults are not.
      Thanks and your comments on Russian girls.

  5. Russian women are short compared to the nordic-descended women where I live in USA.. Average height of girls around here is 5,11 + .. I kid you not.. I hardly find a woman who is shorter than me. When I was in Holland I didn’t find the people particularly tall, because they are even taller where I live. It’s not the growth hormones in the milk, rather its just the better diet rich in dairy and meat. Actually too much Growth hormone given to young people can actually stunt their growth, not make it increase.

    There is a lot of short Russians.. We cannot forget Russia’s two leaders Putin and Medvedev are quite short. I, myself look like a short RUssian villager from the old world, husky and short.. 5,9 230-240lbs.. By the way I’m not fat, just bulky; flat belly here.. LOL. There is lot of Eastern European men with this frame. A lot of Slavic people are tall and masculine. But some are short and masculine. Even though I am Jewish, my Ukrainian neighbors have the same exact build as me. Even we share some facial features. I know I have some Russian genes in me. There was intermarriage down the line.

  6. Nobody can go by average height statistics from Americans, because Americans are the most mixed up people. For example, the height of Mexican and Asian people decrease our averages considerably. However, if you take the height of the Germanic/Nordic communities of the Midwest and compare it to the latino communities in California, you will have two very different statistics. So, to say American women are 5,4 on average is incorrect. With American you have to take the age group and specific region of the country. On average, Caucasian people from the Pacific Northwest and midwest USA are the tallest in the world. You will rarely find girls who are 5,4 where I live.

    1. In Eastern Europe there is more variation in every place. Fewer Amazons because the diet is more natural and not packed with fat and hormones. But often girls who just take care of their bodies in different ways than American girls, less the masculine look, more the feminine look. Even if they are big they act and look like women.

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