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Asian girls are most of the world’s female supply. There are 2.1 billion females that are living in Asia and about. 7 Billion living in diaspora. If you include people with trace of Asian DNA, including much of Latin America and Native Americans, a large part of the Russian population (at least 20%) the lion’s share of Finnish and Hungarians etc, then most of the earth is Asian. Geo-politically Empire builders in that past may have referred to this as “Orient” and but let’s be honest, ‘future people’ (South Park reference) will be Asiatic looking, most likely the dominant dark-haired genes and ectomorphic builds. It is what I would more affectionately call anima anime, the archetype of the future.

So let’s get acquainted with the future.

Top ten countries in Asia with the hottest women

This is a subjective list based on one man’s personal opinions. It is just for fun and not to be taken as Gospel. All people in the world are equal, this is just for male fun and subject to change. It is like a Maxim list for example.

  1. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan – These countries top my list because of the low divorce rate, religiosity and generally sensual looking girls. If I were looking for a wife in Asia I would start here.
  2. Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan – These are really Eurasian countries that mix Russian Slavic people with Asians to make exotic models and beauties. Some of the greatest minds from Chess to literature are Eurasia. The low divorce rate comes from the Muslims here, the more Russian culture girls are questionable because of the post communistic experience with relationships discussed in other articles.
  3. UAE – This country ranks. It ranks as United Arab Emirates seems to be a cross roads between women from many cultures and the general openness gives Dubai and UAE high marks.
  4. Saudi Arabia or any Arabian country – How can you think an Arab girl is not beautiful? Not only that their strong faith is a plus. The only problem is you will have to convert and that might not be up your ally in terms of relationships.
  5. Cyprus – I admittedly and partial to the Greek side as I admire classical Greek culture. Maybe not strictly Asia but there are hot women in the Eastern Mediterranean. You can include Lebanese and even Israeli for different reasons in this firth place ranking.
  6. Turkey, Georgia and Armenia – No surprises here, fresh cleaning living in the mountains and the coast with modest sunlight produce not only nice fruit like figs and apricots but women. Again high marriage success and rich ancient cultures makes this a wonderful place to live, if you do not want to bring your bride to the USA or UK for example.
  7. Japan – Although the Japanese come from South Korea originally they really do look different. Quite and domestic, many guys dream.
  8. Mongolia – Maybe it is coincidence but some of the smartest people I know come from Mongolia, I knew this doctor in Poland that learned the Polish language in months. They do not allow break ups of marriages. So what is wrong with a smart girl who will always be with you.
  9. China – So many people here, that if you can not find a beauty I can not help you.
  10. Malaysian – The place expats went to find women. Although every marriage I knew broke up, still it is on my list as the women are so nice for the eye to look at.

Cross cultural Asian dating

Is this good or bad? For me it does not matter, it is just nature. Many people write such questionable posts about “do Asian girls like white guy” etc, which for me is a bit absurd. It i all depends on who the two people are. It is like do females like males.

Another question is do Koreans marry Chinese or Japanese and Chinese or Indians and Pakistani. The answer is yes I have seen all these scenarios successful in marriage. My personal friends are in inter-Asian cultural marriages. No problem. Marriage issues are really about the level of commitment of the individuals involved.

A friend of mine who has both Japanese and Chinese heritage.

Asian girls in our midst

If you are asking yourself where to find an Asian princess, consider this. You might not need to look further than your you own hometown. I do not mean Asian-Americans either. Let me explain, the genetic genome is being constructed and we are discovering that everyone is from somewhere else. Some blond hair blue-eyed girl from Scandinavian Finnish girls actually has Asian genes. While some dark hair exotic beauty in India could be Portuguese. I find it hard to believe that anyone is not into anthropology and the evolution and history of humanity, even as a passing interest.

I wish I could go in more detail about the Denisovan and Asians, haplotypes in the Polynesians like M and K or how haplotypes O, D, and C are dominate in Japan and China and South East Asia is more haplotype O. Or how Dravidian L haplotypes in India are combined with others and the further north you go you get R1a (Indo-Europeans living in central Asia). When I have more time I would like to map out some migrations and go into this more. What does this all have to do with Asian girls? Well, my point is, there is no country on earth that is not a melting pot of genetics, and differences between people are more about the individuals relationship to culture. When considering dating and mating, consider the individual and this by their cultural belief about marriage and love. Looks, it is only skin deep. You put any woman on earth (slim ones) in stylish clothes and they look hot.

My only hesitation with dating women from Asia is the question you have to ask yourself. If you are looking for Asian girls for love and marriage ask yourself are you willing to accept a very different culture.  I am an American guy married in Europe and very open to cross cultural marriages, you just have to be aware that there might be differences.

  • If you extrapolate various human genome models to the future based on current demographic trends, my theory is why fight it, embrace the future or at least a future girl, an Asian fairy-tale anime princess for true love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I have been in virtually all the capitals of Asia from Tokyo to Beijing, Manila to Seoul, the city with the hottest gals well, I will leave that for you to discover for yourself.

I love you Asian girls, if you are searching for beauty and a quiet nature, look no further, they are like thin peaceful bamboo.

I love Asian girls having simplicity, truth, and good behavior. If you are an Asian girl with this quality than please contact me.

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