Armenian girls

A beautiful Armenia girl is a truly a treasure. The purpose of this post is to tell you a little about Armenia and love and how to meet Armenian girls in specific ways that other guys do not know about.

This is a real Armenian girl. I can honestly say photos do not do justice to the physical beauty and kindness I have encountered with the people of this mountains country which has a culture that pre-dates most European countries.

Facts about Armenia

  • First state in the world to become Christian
  • Is starting talks to eventually enter the EU, right now as an associate member (actually I do not know if that is a good thing now).
  • Suffered great cultural repression as it tried to regain freedom from the Soviets and Turkish empires.
  • Saint Mesrop Mashtots developed their Alphabet in the 5th century.
  • Generally Armenians are peaceful people but the Kingdom of Armenia once spread from the Black sea, the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean sea.
  • Land of Noah’s Ark
  • Yerevan is the only major city with 1.2 million people. The second city is Gyumri which has about 200,000. These are two great places to start if you are looking for a girl for love.

Armenian love poem

Memorize this for an Armenian woman:

Remember me my love
Take in my scent and smell
My love
Press your lips on mine and taste
My love
Gaze into my eyes see
My love
Remember me
My love .

Armenia is a country in Eurasian country, I would say they are European girls living in an Asian or Middle Eastern Environment. A former Soviet republic, gives them large Russian influence, but they have strong interaction with Turkey.  Many Armenians live in Turkey (Many bad Armenian girls live in Istanbul). The Armenians do not identity with Turkish or Russian culture and are very proud of their country because of the problems they had with there neighbors.

Good side of Armenian women

I think Armenian girls are great.  I highly recommend them, because they have faith, they are into family, they have good values, they are dark and exotic, big lips and dark skin and beautiful.  What more could you ask for.

Problem with Armenian girls

The problem is if you meet an Armenian girl in Europe or the States they can really be snobs as they know they are exotic. Further, an Armenian girl often wants to marry in her own culture. Last, they could gain weight as I think for southern European women this is always a threat.

Armenia girl solution

Look for these women in Armenia.  There they are not spoiled by western culture and will see you as something special.  Once you are married the flight factor with an Armenia girl is low as they are traditional.

Armenia girls for free

Here are my recommendations for free dating sites that westerners do not go to. There are not western sites they are sites that only Armenian women know about. These two sites are the most important part of this Armenia ladies post:

This first one is a true Armenian portal the second is a Russian site with many Armenian ladies on it looking for dates or marriage or whatever. Also search for free Ukrainian and Russian dating sites as they often have a search for Armenian girls.

You could always travel to Armenian looking for girls this is what I think I would do.   Places to  consider are: Lake Sevan Armenia, Yezidi, Yazidi, Yerevan.  Yerevan girls are beautiful. You could fly there with no hotel and find a flat when you get there. But I am a world traveler, I am an American who left the states and travels and lives in Eastern Europe.  So I would have no problem getting on a train for a flight to look for Armenian girls. But in lieu of that look at the sites I recommended and others for women in Armenia.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Well, where shall I begin. I knew many Armenian Girls when I was a teenager and I thought that they were the most beautiful of God’s creations. There were several that I knew at school that yes I would have liked to have had them as my future wife. Hopefully I can still have a beautiful Armenian girl as my future wife, but only God the almighty knows the answer to that question. Until that wonderful day comes, and God blesses me with a beautiful Armenian girl, I give all the beautiful Armenian girls all the hugs and kisses that they deserve.

  2. Wow mate, you really love armenian girls eh?, you speak about them as if they were earthbound godesses..I know where you are coming from as Im half Armenian/Russian(aussie).And yes i surely want to settle down with a good Armenian or Russian..But yeah, I think more Armenian.Ive been in love, and kind of still am with one, shes very beautiful but very flighty and silly, and young.

    Anyway, thanks for speaking of our women with such love and reverance mate,

    ‘Shat lav, akhper’ 🙂

    1. Barenuckle boxer, I do not know if all Armenian girls are like this but the ones I have known are very family oriented and their husbands were very happy not only from a moral standpoint but from a looks standpoint.

  3. It is with great pleasure to make an acquaintance with an american girl. So how I can touch one of them and getting her contact details for furhter information

  4. I am an Armenian living in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was very glad to read everything written above.:) That’s really a great pleasure to realize that people all around the world appreciate our treasure. Thank you guys.

    1. Armenia is a special country in the world, if anyone would read about its history they would know. Thank you for the commend Svetlana. Armenia will also someday be in the EU, which for me is very interesting. And yes Armenia girls are beautiful.

  5. Wow Just nice words 🙂 Thanks a lot for nice words.

  6. I am Armenian living in France and I want to marry a girl of my culture because I want my family to be strong.

    1. Artak maybe you can give your contact information 🙂 Sure you can find beautiful girl for you. Good luck to all.

  7. I’m Armenian from U.S and yes Armenian girls are the best! They are beautiful and smart:))and also helpful information for all Armenian guys….if you are looking for beautiful Armenian girl look on this web(Одноклассники.ru )well good luck, thanks for all nice words.

    1. That is a good website recommendation, it is similar to or Facebook in the USA.

  8. Mark you’re awesome! lol, I’ve spent the last few months scanning the web like crazy for information of cultures as I was brought up in traditional Spain with old fashion morals and after a bad experience with one of them (lies of previous relationships) and moving here to Australia to see girls here have less morals than in the UK I started my search of cultures (reading stuff from, asking in forums ect.. ).

    I spent my childhood in India and know how beautiful they are though hard to meet unless you have relatives/friends to introduce you, I thought about Argentinas since they have a Spanish look with French fashion style but from my own Latin family experience I know many latinas are very argumentative/flirtatious even when married lol k_ller for a peaceful person like me (may I ask why you didnt go with an Argentinian women?), now after this post I think Armenia sounds like the perfect place (how can you go wrong from Chers/Kim Kardishians heritage).I’ve been told Yerevan girls have become more western and to meet more traditional value girls you have to go to Echmiadzin, Talin or Hrazdan small towns, the culture seems beautiful but what percentage of Armenian girls speak English? and aren’t they very inclined to marry other Armenians to keep the breed alive? I guess since your married your Recon expendition to Armenia to inform us is out of the question? lol

    1. M, thanks for the comments. I think regarding Armenia girls there are a couple of readers that know more than I do., but I can try to write some more. I am very married and loyal but I love sharing my experiences as it took me a lot of world travel before I became de-programmed from American girl influences.

  9. Hi, this is my first time to google about Armenian girls and try to find out what people think about them! The comments are perfect, but sometimes people think that if Kim Kardashian is wonderful in her appearance, all the Armenian girls are like that. I would say NO! Don’t want to disappoint you all, but Armenian girls are much more modest than Kim Kardashian. Or maybe, some of you, who is looking for good traditional Armenian girls, would be glad to hear this. And, yes, by the way, nowadays, many girls tend to study English, and other foreign languages, but still we have a lot to reach the day when everybody would speak English, French, Spanish and other languages perfectly! And one more thing- for Armenian girls the most important thing is the love, it doesn’t really matter where you are from, it’s just essential to love the girl, even though it may also happen that they prefer only Armenian guys to stay real Armenians! Good luck everybody:)

  10. I feel lucky to have found this site. Loaded with excellent information. Thank You Mark.

  11. Armenians are truly beautiful. Being an asian, I would say Armenians are the best in asia (may be best in the world), followed by Persians and the indians.
    The most ugly of the lot are the Turks and the arabs…. Turks and Arabs go to ….

  12. Hey, thanks so much! We really are beautiful 😉

  13. i am aArmenian woman and i agree that Armenian women are indeed the most faithful, family-oriented, smart, and beautiful women in the world. other cultures who are popuar for having beautiful women such as Russians, Italians, Latinas, most of their women tend to be flirtatious and unfaithful since they know they are beautiful and they use their beauty. But Armenians being as beautiful as they are never cheat on their boyfriends and husbands and they are feminine and make great mothers. I am Armenian but i have never dated an Armenian 🙂 therefore there is hope lol many Armenian women like outsider men since those men make them fel more special! 🙂 hope i helped

  14. I’m Armenian from Yerevan. Thanks for all nice words. :-*

  15. I’m an Armenian girl from Erevan. Thanks lot for good words. But we are not as dark as you think, you can hardly find an dark Armenian girl in Erevan.

    1. Thanks Sara, I think Armenia must be beautiful as the women. In the next ten years you will see a lot of development as the world becomes more global and Armenia will really open up as people want to take exotic vacations, even me.

  16. aah, yes , Armenia is really very beautiful))) I will be glad to see you here)))))

  17. Hi Guys & Girls!
    WOW, my husband usually tells me, if something ever happens to us (God Forbid):), he is going back to Armenia to get a girlfriend. to make things clear…I am armenian & my husband is dutch.
    And yes, all guys out there, with good manners, family traditions and values, tall (he he), go to Armenia. I think the girls are stunning, smart & intelligent. If you want an English speking girl, you will have to look in Yerevan! And trust me, you have no competition, as for every 5 gorgeous girls in Yerevan, there is only one guy.
    Good luck and I am sure you will never want to ahve another woman in your life:)

  18. I’m everything you describe except the tall part.. Should I avoid Armenia? You wouldn’t want useless shorter men.. My opinion is women who crave a man for his height are shallow, arrogant and superficial. They claim they are so humble, cultured and amazingly special, but in the end they are just materialistic and superficial like the rest. I see it all the time. What really makes you or any Armenian girl so special?

    On another note, I think many men are superficial and fake too.. Craving super-slim women, amazingly pretty faces and curvy and voluptuous bodies. They will throw away a loving, humbly and homely girl because she lacks the model-like or P 0 R_N-star appearance that they desire.

    People are flesh deep and shallow as a dirt puddle. What a sad world it is..

    One another thing is, why so many women who are not good looking at all are so demanding to have a beautiful and tall man? Armenia is not a country full of super-models. They are like everywhere else. Some good, some bad. They have middle eastern features that can be very nice or very ugly. Just to be honest. My own people can have those same features too, so I am not trying to pick on Armenians.

    P.S. The Japanese are some of the world’s shortest men and I feel they are superior in many ways to many of the giant 6.5 foot tall Europeans. How many innovations have come from the Dutch or Armenians compared to the Japanese? Anyway, many people are flesh deep in this world.

  19. “The Japanese are some of the world’s shortest men and I feel they are superior in many ways to many of the (…) Europeans. How many innovations have come from the Dutch or Armenians compared to the Japanese?”

    are you serious?!?!? how can u make this absurd comparison?

    1) armenia: 3.3mio population
    holland: 6 mio
    japan: 127mio

    2) dutch innovations: (just the most prominent)
    compact disc
    discovery of bacteria

    could be worse…

  20. While Armenia women looks okay, I am not sure whether Armenia can be considered as a place to look for a potential wife/husband. Besides extreme poverty, the crime rate in Armenia is very high and unfortunately it is increasing. There is organized crime every where in Armenia. According to UN reports human traffic to Turkey and UAE is also very high. If you are really into an Armenian lady, it might be a better idea to look for suburbs of Paris and Los Angeles. While these Armenians lost their original identity, they still keep their look.

    1. Are you serious? Armenia is heaven compared to other countries.The crime rate is extremely low, ducation rate is the highest in the world,and about poverty, Armenians used to live really good during the Soviet times, now that it’s changing the economy to capitalistic the difficulties arise. And people there live much better than in Western countries or even USA.Armenia is the safest place to travel to and to live in.Don’t believe in what cia report says,it’s politics.

  21. I’m not saying the Dutch are stupid by any means. But the Japanese almost took over the world and have one of the greatest economies in the world. Not to mention they revolutionized the electronics industry and a great deal of our technology for many years was sourced from Japanese tech companies.

    BTW.. Tell me one good car that any of the tall nations of EUrope combined, except Germany, have made? I sure love driving my Toyota SUV. Volvos are expensive are prone to all kinds of mechanical problems. THere is reason why you see so few Volvos here in USA compared to Japanese cars.

    And yes, my Toyota mine was manufactured in Japan, not USA. A majority of the tall European nations still buy their electronic goods from Japanese companies. YOu would think all of these nations combined could have created some alternative.

    IT is well known the English, Germans and Finns (very prominent in IT sector) are some of the most intelligent people in Europe, I will give them that. Some say Finns actually have some Japanese heritage, LOL. The English, not a tall people at all, have had perhaps the greatest impact, besides Germany, over the European continent of any European nation.

    BTW.. The Dutch back in the 1500s-1800s where some of the shortest people in Europe. The Dutch growth boomed is a newer phenomenon. THis is back in the time of Holland’s renaissance or at the end of it, when the country produced some of its finest scholars, scientists and artists.

    Anyway back to the point, size does matter, the size of your brain.

  22. Citroën, Peugeout, Fiat, Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo…

    I actually enjoy reading your entries, you guy are one of a kind! :o)


  23. Very nice to hear these comments, I am an Armenian woman and I have to agree that we are very family orientated. Armenian families are very strong and close. Speaking from what I see from the women in my family, we tend to be loving but disciplinary mothers, the children are pushed to achieve and do good things with their life. And as wives, we are incredibly loyal and we respect the man and the home is kept looking good and there is always delicious food cooking.

    I wouldn’t say there is anything bad really, maybe the fact that we tend to be quite loud..?! It is all passionate discussion though 😉
    But honestly, the women in my family are so beautiful and glamorous and the marriages LAST. I think it would be unbearable for an Armenian man or woman to see their husband or wife with another person. We are possessive of our love.

  24. I found my beautiful Armenian woman online through a dating site, went to Armenia, met her in person, and – despite her speaking virtually no English at the time – after four days I asked her to marry me. She accepted at once. I knew she would. I had an overwhelmingly good feeling about her the moment we began text chatting on the website through an interpreter.

    We married here (in Australia) in February when she was here on the first of two three-month tourist visas and now, a year after I popped The Question, she is about to return to Australia for good on a spouse visa. I have never married before, despite having an 18 year old son, but I feel as if I would have loved to have met and married my beautiful Armenian goddess 25 years ago.

    My darling wife is beautiful both in mind, heart and soul and possesses a lovely face, stunning, large almond coloured eyes and a divinely curvaceous, voluptuous figure which drives me wild with desire for her. She is playful, funny, modest, kind, sweet, yet fiercely determined and a worker, not afraid to get her hands dirty. I love her deeply.

    After a year she speaks passable English, which is improving all the time. She is very close to her Armenian family (in Yerevan), but has embraced mine, as they have her, unanimously falling in love with her as aunt, sister and friend.

    Her father asked me about how I would look after her, so far from home, when I met him. I replied that my family was a close one and that they would take her to their hearts. He was worried about her going so far from home, but commented that – as my family was a close one, like an Armenian family – that made him feel better.

    I can’t recommend the Armenian experience highly enough. If you are a mature man with some disposable income, jaded with Western women carrying baggage of past relationships gone wrong as I was, convinced that all the good ones were taken (as I felt), then go onto one of the reputable websites advertising Russian women, but look for the Armenians.

    They are beautiful, stylish and sexy, but – unlike many cossetted western world princesses who can be self-obsessed to the point of total narcissism (sincere apologies to the many western women for whom this would appear an unfair generalisation) they are true-hearted in a way that might remind you of that beloved grandma from your youth and their morals are similar. If you treat her as her beauty demands, you will be rewarded in many, many wonderful ways.

    Go for it.

    1. Although you were writing positive remarks about Armenian girls, I just want to add that the girl that loves you and married you, is not an experience to recommend. She is an individual that shares common traits and values with other girls of her culture, but she is not an experience or a product to try out.

  25. Very nice to hear these comments. As an armenian girl I can confirm that most of armenian women are family oriented, caring and faithful. I am just getting angry when armenian women are being associated with Kim Kardashian:). She has nothing to do with armenian character. She looks like armenian, that is true but that is all. Having so much money, saying everywhere that she is armenian but even once not being in Armenia – that is funny.
    Anyway, thanks for your comments and welcome to Armenia:) Visit Artsakh by the way, that is historical place you will love.

  26. ^ Kim Kardashian is delicious. But I agree she lacks the modesty and innocence that most Armenian girls seem to have.
    I have been with my Armenian girlfriend for 2 months, not only she has a fantastic body, she knows how to treat a man. My girl walks, talks and acts like a woman, she is incredibly feminine. She is one of those girls who will make you feel more manly just by being by your side is how i can explain this. Many native Swedish girls have sadly lost this femininity, being with my exes was like being with another man. They dress like men, they try to talk like men, who can desire a girl like that? All countries have beautiful women, but if you want a girlfriend who acts like a woman, then I suggest finding one who does not originate from a western country, as Sweden is not the worst for this. My friend is seeing a Georgian girl and he is also very happy.

  27. The Kardashians are repulsive wh*res, in my opinion. IF this is an example of how great Armenian women are, I will definitely look elsewhere. There is plenty of meat to go around in USA. I don’t need to go to Armenia to find a good piece of meat. Kardashians are famous because they have nice curves. But, they are a prime example of how hollow, brainless and empty most American women are. Most likely their American heritage is more responsible for their degenerate and lustful repertoire they possess in such abundance.

  28. Hi everyone its lovely to see such nice things said about us Armenian women, I am a full Armenian from California ( soaking up the sunshine) and yes over here Armenian girls tend to let their beauty turn them into wh_r_s. It is America not Armenia. They forget there roots and where they come from.

  29. America has the unfortunate habit of turning loving and sweet traditional girls into self-righteous and arrogant witches. It’s really ashame. Yes, people come here and then want to be a superstar. Suddenly, its not about my culture or my people, it’s about “ME, ME, ME.” It seems that a lot of women here fall in love with their bodies and lose their soul in the process. Self-indulgence and superficiality seems to deteriorate the charm and passion these women may have once had.

    Here is a sad secret though about American men. They go to the pretty girl for S_x, but usually they are too shallow for them. Once they indulged in the s_xy girl’s body, they go and find a more average girl for marriage. The problem is that s_xy American girls are usually basket-cases who are so self-obsessed that they tend to be hard to live with on a daily basis.

    Now, what I say is an observation. Also, I cannot make a decree that every S_xy American/Americanized girl is shallow or bad. There are always exceptions.

    California has great weather, I lived there for 12 years. Too bad the state is such a mess.

  30. I is very interesting the comments of all of you,in my own experience i can say that Armenian girls are great but if you want an Armenian girl ,also have to be ready to marry all her family,i have been dating with one in Erevan I invite her to come to my country she came with her mom and then when i go to see her in Erevan to formalize our relation,oh!! surprise the mother wants to take advantage she says if you want to get married with my daughter you also have to take us with her, mom,dad,grandma,brother…because we cant live with out each other. So i decide to give up, because i feel that the where not sincere with me and they were just looking for their own convenience. Sad but in my case it is like this. I just recommend that see with who you date because there is also very good actress in Erevan.

  31. All hello, I the Armenian girl live in Russia in Siberia. How much I have understood that you write that the Armenian girls living abroad, are spoiled to the western influences. I wanted to tell what not all Armenian girls living abroad, are spoiled to the western influences. I can tell with confidence that 90 % of Armenians where I live in a city (Irkutsk) not than, not, are is worse brought up than the girls living in Armenia.
    But it was very pleasant to hear to me good words about my nationality, thanks :-),
    (I am sorry for possible errors in spelling)

    1. Thank you for the input. How did an Armenian girl get to Siberia? How do you find life there? Would you ever move to Armenia if you could?

  32. 1990, it was difficult to live in Armenia there was no work, and in 1997 my family has moved to Russia in job searches, to me then was three years.
    When people hear Siberia, all of them think that this wild area , it not so 🙂 here there lives the same people as in Moscow. Here it is many Armenians, and even the African can be noticed in “winter”. I live near to lake Baikal, here it is beautiful.

    I love Armenia, I like to go there. But to live better in Russia, Armenia my native land, and the house there where, it is probable to give to a family good life.

    I will well study English language, and I will go to Europe to live 🙂

    (I hope you understand my bad English, I made 30 minutes these offers) 🙂

    1. I think Russia is a beautiful place and if you have skills you can make a lot of money. Your English is fine. I guess I am coming to believe in two ideas. The first is in a global economy you can make money no matter where you live, it is all about skills or owning your own business. The second is in todays world it is more fun to be open to living anywhere in the world and not just the place you were born. It makes life a little more interesting.

  33. Yes you are right, but in some countries is less than possibility to earn money… You, possibly, simply don’t know as difficultly to make in Armenia business… In the big countries is more than possibility to create business, and in small it actually isn’t possible

  34. Iam a 27 year old male from the U.S and I have a friend that meet a women from another country and now he is married to her. He is now waiting for her to arrive in the U.S. And iv decided to look for a woman that is honest has some religious morals and love me for me if iam rich or poor. Because american women strive so much on money and expensive things and have no self respect for themselves.
    I was browsing this site (rose brides) and had looked at about 200 pics and profile’s when I saw this woman 25 years of age in yerevan armenian. My heart stopped and I stopped looking From their. The thing about it is I want to join the site but afraid of scams or getting my heart broke. If any one has any suggestions on what I should do let me know. Because I can’t stop thinking about her.

  35. Words of wisdom for jairus: marry your own people. Stay away from ours.
    Thanks in advance.

  36. Here are some words of wisdom for the person in the above post: Don’t tell other men who we can and cannot marry.

    Have a nice day.

  37. WOW! All post here are very interesting decends up and down and very informative.

    Topics about armenian women. I meet armenia women in Yerevan she’s sweet kind and family oriented. I told her that I have a good man for you which is my friend back home {canada}. So, I came back for the second visit and apologized that my friend can’t come with me due to his work scheduled. At that time I observing the armenian womens values especially to a relationship. I have a good friends armenian couple and they explained to me how their girls look after their husband and family it is very important for them. They invited me to their house meet and greet I would say. It happen that I have a girl in Yerevan after few months of our relationship we broke up for some reason. For 5 times of my visit in Yerevan and 3rd times that I meet this women that I would like to introduce to my friend I ended up to her and now we’re engage. I see to her how beautiful armenian woman’s are, not the outside beauty only from inside as will….that’s how i describe armenian woman.

    Well, I just try to share my opinion here and good luck ,peace to everybody .

  38. As many other Americans what got me interested in Armenian women was Kim Kardashian. I don’t care for her lifestyle nor do I particularly like her but she is beautiful and I can see that under all the glitz she is dedicated to her family. Furthermore, if you pay close attention you will see that her every day attire is very modest and doesn’t expose her breasts. It’s only when she is expected to dress in certain clothing does she do it. She is very elegant and tasteful and always looks good. I don’t like when women show too much and I also think the sexiest women are those that cover themselves but wear silk and high heels. I prefer to use my imagination rather than have it all hanging out to see.

    I am a native Caucasian American with Christian and family values. I am also getting older but at 48 I still look very young. From what I’ve seen Armenian women prefer men close to them in age. I’m interested in a woman mid to late 30s because I want to have at least one child and women past 40 tend to not want any/more children. I can’t deny my attraction to Armenian women however, she has to be family oriented and loyal as that is how I am.

    I’ve just started looking into this recently so I don’t know a lot about these women. I do know quite a lot about Russian and Ukrainian women though as I work with and deal with these people every day at my job in Chicago.

    Hopefully I will find that special woman as myself and many other American men find that American women are no longer the type that we want to marry. I’m not going to get into all the things I don’t like about American women but I’m sure you can imagine just by what I’ve said I like in a woman.

    By the way, all the content and comments here have been very valuable in teaching me some things about female Armenian culture.

    Thanks all!

  39. Hi I’m an Armenian girl, and I didn’t know that there are so many wonderful men in the world that want to marry Armenian girls. Don’t think that all Armenian girls are saint, but yes 90% are very devoted to their family, and never betray their husbands, even when left far for a long period of time. Thanks for good words, I feel pleased for all Armenian girls.
    The statistics says that 40% of Armenian women do not marry for whole their lives, because there are not enough men in Armenia. Sad statistics.
    If anyone seeks for a good, hommy Armenian girl, write.

  40. I’m Armenian woman whose been married to my husband for 27 years , when I see families with broken marriages, I become really upset, surprised and disappointed with broken dreams these type of couples made and promised to fulfill, and with minor disagreement they broke their relationship, living poor kids wondering one day mum or dad will return,in Armenian society divorce is an ugly word, shameful and not approved with our church…since I’ve been living in Australia, from every 5 families , 3 of them are either divorced, separated or never married (hence have had different children from different partners), thank God we Armenians don’t have this, or at least trying not to become one of them…by the way, thanks for all these nice comments about us.

  41. I have recently fallen hard for a Armenian woman who’s been living in the US for 25 years but who was originally from Lebanon. She’s super friendly, sweet, vivacious, smart, creative and modest — not to mention beautiful (dark hair, dark sparkling eyes, warm smile, sexy!). Beacuse she’s so friendly, it’s hard to know if she might consider me romantically :(. She’s complained about being in her late 30s and not married, she says it would be nice to marry and Aremenian man. I told her she’s too picky! when you’re in the US, you have to be open to other people. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part 🙁

  42. Armenian girls are beautiful trust me,rom a turk with love.
    We must forget the past.

    1. I agree, every nation and people can point to good and bad in others, but the role of the next generation is to heal this by looking to the future more than the past.

  43. Be careful with Armenian girls because they can gain weight? I’m afraid that despite your attempts to appear to the contrary, you are completely superficial.

    By the way, a lot of Armenian girls are naturally voluptuous, and they look darn good being that way.

  44. I’m an Armenian teenage girl living in Armenia and can say that English has become the second language here. I don’t want to praise our nation, but, yes it is true Armenian girls are very beautiful, with black, brown, gray, green or even blue eyes, with full lips, mostly with dark hair, devoted to their family, have self-respect, are loyal, clever, well-brought up, educated, modest..
    And our parents, even if you’re 50 years old, they are worried about you, they take care of you! our culture. our nature, ah, I do love my country. So these are some of the qualities you will find in our women and culture.

  45. You have said it well Susanna.
    I have married an Armenian girl 31 years ago and she is as beautiful today as she was then. Old fashioned in the traditional sense (very loyal, cooks, works, takes care of everyone) but also she is very modern, cosmopolitan and well informed.
    I would do it again in a heart beat.

  46. Hello. Thank you for good comments about Armenian woman. Sure, we are perfect.

  47. Given the above, I totally agree with every single word mentioned above about Armenians girls, but I spent almost 6 months with Armenian girl in attempt to get married to her. I offered all possible facilities to understand her. Even though she had an ex-relationship but I took her as she is.

    Unfortunately to discover after 6 months of waiting she just came up with the word am not balanced and need a lot of time to think of marriage cause I am from a different culture.

    I sacrificed as much as possible to the point id leave my country and settle in her homeland and much more about a lot things.

    Guys careful, they wont even bother thinking of you unless you are Armenian or Russian.

  48. My ancestry is Armenian, I speak it but was not born in Armenia. I have lived in midwest for the past ten years. I’m pretty shy and I don’t socialize with Americans as I think they are very shallow people. I met some Armenians some years ago to possibly make a commitment. It felt like a relationship with her parents not her. On the other hand, I did not know her completely. My advise, you shouldn’t care what culture you make it with, the most important question is Do you love each other to sacrifice your lives for one another?

  49. In my life I met a lot of foreign girls, from Brazil to China. I though I always will be single but one Armenian girl caught my heart, my mind and I finished my activity of Italian latin lover. I agree with everybody, she is special. I found this website looking for information about Armenian culture because soon I will meet her family and I wanted to be ready. I found a lot of things similar to italian culture but if someone has something to suggest I will be grateful. I know that parents prefer one Armenian guy for her but love is love, At the moment we are not engaged officially, so I liked to know which is the process in Armenian culture because in europe is completely different. Thanks God for these girls.

  50. Hi everyone) I’m an Armenian girl from Russia. It’s lovely to hear such nice words said about Armenian girls and women, thank you. I agree that Armenian women are the most beautiful, family-oriented, kind, smart women in the world.

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