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A beautiful Armenia girl is a truly a treasure. The purpose of this post is to tell you a little about Armenia and love and how to meet Armenian girls in specific ways that other guys do not know about.

This is a real Armenian girl. I can honestly say hots do not do justice to the physical beauty and kindness I have encountered with the people of this mountains country which has a culture that pre-dates most European countries.

Facts about Armenia

  • First state in the world to become Christian
  • Is starting talks to eventually enter the EU, right now as an associate member (actually I do not know if that is a good thing now).
  • Suffered great cultural repression as it tried to regain freedom from the Soviets and Turkish empires.
  • Saint Mesrop Mashtots developed their Alphabet in the 5th century.
  • Generally Armenians are peaceful people but the Kingdom of Armenia once spread from the Black sea, the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean sea.
  • Land of Noah’s Ark
  • Yerevan is the only major city with 1.2 million people. The second city is Gyumri which has about 200,000. These are two great places to start if you are looking for a girl for love.

Armenian love poem

Memorize this for an Armenian woman:

Remember me my love
Take in my scent and smell
My love
Press your lips on mine and taste
My love
Gaze into my eyes see
My love
Remember me
My love .

Armenia is a country in Eurasian country, I would say they are European girls living in an Asian or Middle Eastern Environment. A former Soviet republic, gives them large Russian influence, but they have strong interaction with Turkey.  Many Armenians live in Turkey (Many bad Armenian girls live in Istanbul). The Armenians do not identity with Turkish or Russian culture and are very proud of their country because of the problems they had with there neighbors.

Good side of Armenian women

I think Armenian girls are great.  I highly recommend them, because they have faith, they are into family, they have good values, they are dark and exotic, big lips and dark skin and beautiful.  What more could you ask for.

Problem with Armenian girls

The problem is if you meet an Armenian girl in Europe or the States they can really be snobs as they know they are exotic. Further, an Armenian girl often wants to marry in her own culture. Last, they could gain weight as I think for southern European women this is always a threat.

Armenia girl solution

Look for these women in Armenia.  There they are not spoiled by western culture and will see you as something special.  Once you are married the flight factor with an Armenia girl is low as they are traditional.

Armenia girls for free

Here are my recommendations for free dating sites that westerners do not go to. There are not western sites they are sites that only Armenian women know about. These two sites are the most important part of this Armenia ladies post:

This first one is a true Armenian portal the second is a Russian site with many Armenian ladies on it looking for dates or marriage or whatever. Also search for free Ukrainian and Russian dating sites as they often have a search for Armenian girls.

You could always travel to Armenian looking for girls this is what I think I would do.   Places to  consider are: Lake Sevan Armenia, Yezidi, Yazidi, Yerevan.  Yerevan girls are beautiful. You could fly there with no hotel and find a flat when you get there. But I am a world traveler, I am an American who left the states and travels and lives in Eastern Europe.  So I would have no problem getting on a train for a flight to look for Armenian girls. But in lieu of that look at the sites I recommended and others for women in Armenia.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Hello guys!
1st of all thanks for nice words and lovely attitude toward my nation (I’m also an Armenian girl from Yerevan), but I would like to clarify several sentences which I read above. ‘Many Armenians live in Turkey (Many bad Armenian girls live in Istanbul). “and are very proud of their country because of the problems they had with there neighbors.” I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s correct identification or introduction of my people. There are bad Armenian girls and bad girls(in general) everywhere, including in Istanbul. So why did you mention this?Is that so vital point in general picture of Armenian girls? definitely not, because nobody here encourages their activity or behaviour and nobody respects them.they are outsiders, our society does not approve these sort of women ‘jobs’, and also why do you think that we re proud of issues we have with neighbours? It sounds like we don’t have anything else to be proud. Any way thanks overall was positive.

My comments about Armenian Hayastan girls are as follows
1. beautiful country with lovely people
2. very hard working people
3. honest and devoted human beings
4. exotic instruments- music lovers
5. very very creative people
6. getting married to an armenian girl means you are lucky and blessed.

I’m really proud to be Armenian girl.
It’s true many foreginers appreciate Armenian girls, and there are girls would like to have foreiginer as husband, because foreigners know how to treat a woman.
Thanks for all good comments.

I’ve been married to a woman with Armenian roots for 8 years having happy family and nice 6 year old child. So I agree with the words written about Armenian girls here.

I’ve heard some Armenians (outside my family) said that a pure Armenian person has natural red hair and the same tell Georgians about themselves. Myself, I don’t think it’s very important what color of hair has your beloved wife or girlfriend, but I am just curious to know – is it true or a joke about natural red hair of Armenians?

Yes that’s true. In ancient Armenia we were light (as Armenian king Ara Beautiful) and dark too. In general red-haired and green eyes.
Little by little we are returning to our roots. Nowadays you can meet many many pure /not mix/ Armenian kids with blond curls and blue-green eyes.

My name is Karina, I am an Armenian woman living in Yerevan. Well idnakar, if you ask about hair, I have natural ash blond hair and light brown eyes, you could even think I it’s more slavic appearance then Armenian, but I am proud to be an Armenian girl. I can tell you that Ancient Armenians have had blonde hair like me, and not red. Of course hair color is just a color, and I’ve mentioned it because you have asked about it. Anyway, you can visit our country and would find that about 40% of the population has blond or light brown hair. I am personally inviting you to Yerevan or Gymuri to see for yourself.

I am a young guy but in these days I am in a lot of difficulties. I don’t know what is going on. Everyone is a cheater. Now I found the solution that I need someone love. He is the only one who will give me the true love. I need someone which is true and sincere life partner.

Not everyone is a cheater. I would not ever cheat, nor my wife, nor my friends. If you are young it takes time to find the right one. Do not worry about these macro social trends plaguing our society and focus on being a good person, as I believe, virture is its own reward. God will reward you.

I think it’s nice to have a macrosocial guide. And, just in case someone could complain about my question, I want to state I am asking about majorities.

So, I would like to know, in general, what is the common age armenian women get married. Is it in their early-20’s, late-20’s early-30’s etc?

I think the average age is 23 for Armenian women to marry, but this is just an average. I think when you meet your love depends on when you are spiritually ready.

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