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Argentina girls are not really Spanish girls.  They speak Spanish but they are mostly Italian and  northern European Scottish and German descent and only about 1/3 Latin. Now many Russian girls are coming to Argentina, maybe because of the weather.

In fact, many of these chicas have blond or red hair and blue eyes.  This is in stark contrast to Brazil for example or other parts of Latin America.

Why Argentina has European girls

How did this happen? Well 100 years ago New York and Buenos Aires were two of the best places to go in the world to live, and most choose Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How do I know about women from Argintina, I have traveled there, rented an apartment there and of course studied the women there.

How to meet women from Argentina

If you are American there is no reason you do not fly there.  Forget visiting your friends or some lame vacation with female travel partners.  Go alone and rent a flat for a few weeks.  A flight is about ten to twelve hours at most from the US depending on where you live, there is no jet lag as it is basically the same time zone and there are many cheap places to rent.  The food and cooking in Argentina maybe the best I have ever tasted.   I do not know why it is so fresh.  You can take a day trip to Uruguay and meet girls on the beach there, but that is a different story.  The girls will find you.

By the way bring your swimming trunks and remember our winter is their summer in South America.

Online Argentinean girls

Here are two European site that Argentinian girls go to are as follows: – A multi-lingual  Social meeting site.

The truth is unlike other countries an Argentinean girl will not be as likely to meet someone online.  They are more into person to person meetings.  However, this next site is very popular and is an exception.   I would recommend this site first however you might have to learn Spanish or at least a few words. -> -Brings you to a chat site which the Argintine girls chat on. This is one of the most popular sites in Argentina. In fact the only one that was truly from this country. The other two are more international. However this site asked you to load its chat software if you go to the chat area, I do not think its a problem as its a large site.

Also explore my site to find women for love and marriage ideas from around the world.

Where to meet Argentina girls in Buenos Aires

Below is the location you should hang out at to meet or pick up Chicas in Buenos Aires.

Also here is a list of clubs to go where the girls are nice and it is not a rip off. Above is the area that is Chica central.

Cutty Sark Reconquista (Near Paraguay) -Nice respectible place, more a traditional meeting place.
Checkers Pub Pueyrredon 2401
Limbo Club (aka Clarks) Junin 1777
New Port (Junin at Vicente López)
Cocodrilo Gallo 1311 (at Paraguay) -Of all these the place most to pick up girls.

Tango girls

The tango is the national dance in Argentina, and women dance to attract guys, it is instinctive.  They will tell you, ‘oh I just like to dance, but really at an unconscious level it is all about moving their body to attract guys.  If you want to meet and chat with Argentina girls try to meet Tango girls by taking Tango lessons or going to a Tango place, they are all over Buenos Aires.

Spanish love phrases to chat with girls

I made a list of Spanish love phrases and Spanish words of love you can chat up Argentina girls with. Try them but use with caution, Love phrases in Spanish.

Attitude of Argentineans towards Americans

My experience is very positive, however of course like every where you have some negative people.  But the Argentineans are perhaps the most peaceful people on earth.  Really, I think this was based on a social study.

What about people around the world who despise Americans? Well you have to stop listening to college students, their professors and stop seeing the world though the lens of the liberal media.  I have been all around the world and most people love Americans.  So as long as you do not act like a fool, you will be welcomed with respect by girls of Buenos Aires girls Argentina.

What is Patagonia and Gaucho

These are styles that can be attributed to Argentina that even women in the USA are really into.

Places where there are beautiful girls besides Buenous Aires

Two other places I would consider going and have a reputation for long legged slim women are Mendoza, Argentina and Pategonia, Argentina. You can stay in B.A. but take trips to these places.

My personal experience in Buenos Aries,  Argentina

I meet some American girls in B.A., actually from and you know what, once married an Argentinean musician.  It was a girl from NYC, I have no idea what ever happened to them.  This girl gave up being a NYC lawyer to live with her man.  I asked her why.  She said, you know how it is Mark in the American dating scene.  That is all she had to say and I understood.   Many men are players and women are players too, and marriage is not a real lifetime thing as they leave themselves an out.

I listened to her words and experience. The truth is marriage and love is forever when you find your other half.  I moved to Poland and got married to my Polish princess.

In Argentina, you can find your princess.  The girls there are religious, beautiful, peaceful girls, these are what princesses are made of, not feminist anger, like with American girls.  Let me know what you think about my Argentina girls post and if there is any way to improve it.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am going to Argentina for the month of January, 2010. Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you.

Max you are just going to love Argentina. I recommend you rent an apartment. This is my best recommendation. Girls are everywhere and will find you if you have a half way decent rap going or you can wear a nice shirt and comb your hair. If your an American they will like you because you will be as exotic to them as they are to you. I would also try to make connections with girls before you get there just in case, in in BA you do not need it. Try not to go on touristy tours as in one or two days you will have a feel for the city. Try the beef there it is the best beef I have every had. What else can I tell you other than its very safe nice. You can take a day trip to Uruguay. If you want more information I can give it to you. Thanks for commenting on my post on Argentina girls.

Ha ha, I was missing my country after 3 years in Europe.
I would love to go to the states though. 🙂
I will.

Argentina is an amazing place to live. But so is Europe and the States. I guess home is where ever you are with the one your love. I am an American and could live equally well in Europe, the USA or Argentina.

I would like to visit Argentina some time next year and have read that BA gets very hot in February. I want to spend a month in Argentina and want to learn some good places to meet girls.

I have not been there for a few years, so perhaps the places have changed, the the area is still the same. But there is one key area to go where all the women are. You can meet them even in internet cafes. Places people talk about are (near Paraguay, Cordoba and Thames, (in Centro). Try these clubs to meet Argentina girls in Buenos Aires. The B.A. clubs are Hook, Cattos, Cutty Sark, La Lopez,Mahados (Azcuenaga and Vicente López), New port, Black. These are some clubs people recommend. I do not like or recommend clubs, I would meet girls in yoga class or in the fruit market for example. But many guys like clubs like these clubs I might write a post just on clubs I kind of remember and recommend where you can find girls in Argentina.

I think that Argentina is a wonderful place and the girls are hot. So one day I will move down there to visit and meet fascinating girls.

I will be in BA Argentina next month
i wonder where to rent an apartment, preferably where the action is Palermo or some other area?

Each section in the center is walking distance. When I was staying in Argentina my flat was about 20 minute walking distance from the central nexus of action. My rent was cheaper and I did not mind the walk.
Palermo a great place to stay.
Also Ricoleta – for example on the corner of Junin and Vicente Lopez is a nice rental.
As long as your not like 45 minute out of the action all are good. Just get a good standard but not too pricey, something you will be happy with, just save your money for chasing the girls and a little wine and dine money. 75 bucks for about 800 square feet a night for an above average tourist flat right in the center. Of course you can do better and cheaper. Let me know how you make out in Argentina.

cool..why do you recommend apartment over say it because price is similar or hotels/hostels don’t let you bring any guests?
ill be there from 3rd to 10th of Feb then off to rio:)…so some 7 days..
so no time to waste really, wanna hit the rite spots,the way you describing it sounds promising even for daytime hunting..
some say Argentinians are the snobbiest out of all Sout America but looks like there a plenty of fish in BA..

Hotels are more expensive and apartments are cheap and more privacy. If you bring your girlfriend back to your hotel to talk do you really want people asking for her passport etc. Apartments are easy, safe, cheaper, more fun as you have a kitchen and balcony. I have traveled all over and stay only in apartments as hotels are more for business travelers with a budget.
Argentina girls are slightly neurotic a little snobbish but worth it as many are 8s or 9s.


I am interested in visiting Argentina and was wanting to know where I could meet women who are Assembly of God in denomination. I know this is an unusual request but my faith is very important to me and I do believe it is very important to keeping a marriage together along with similar likes, interests, and life goals.

Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

Thank You


The girls in Agentina do not speak Spanish,they do speak Castellano.

Hi I’m 33 years old, male and from Armenia and the United States. Looking to meet an Argentinian girl that likes to have fun.

How many times have you been to Argentina?

Of the few Argeninian girls I know at least 2 of them claim to be religious and worship God.. I guess if your religion is Mormon it is ok to forn_cate with another woman’s husband.. but I do believe they call themselves “good Christians”, meanwhile, they have s_x with married man while working beside and lying to the man’s wife and his mother and siblings… hmmm.. probably not people I’d seek to have a lasting loving relationship.. and as far as their religion, I suppose if you call lying and betraying worship, then yes, they are holy.

Petra, I’m from Argentina, and I’m not that kind of person! its relative, you can also find wh-or_s in Europe or even in America! I’m a good person, student of law school, and I’m not that kind of girl! its unfair to call sl_t to all the woman in my country, you only know two of them. Its ridiculous.

I recommend Cordoba to meet beautiful woman 😉 its another big City of Argentina. People are very easy going here.

I think Micaela is right. Argentine women are very moral people. I think I they are the most peace loving people in the world statistically, they are religious and pretty easy going. Nice girls from Argentina, however, many are now learning they are beautiful and so to wins one’s heart you have to work a little bit.

I adore listening to how the women speak Spanish with that accent. It is a distinct accent,very attractive.

I agree with Michelle, the Argentines are all different, you can find good girls and nuns, as also the opposite, the key is to go to the right place. Cordoba is a great place too, keep in mind that Argentina has different microclimates depending on location, bs as has beaches, sea, and everything is flat, Cordoba has mountains lakes and diversity of cultures, in Mendoza, it is best to go skiing. Patagonia is cold, has a diversity of fauna and flora, northern Argentina is hot.
Another thing that is good to clarify, is compulsory in schools to learn English, so it is easy to talk with the American people.
and the reason why we are a mixture of many places is that there was immigration from Europe for many years, most have Italian and Spanish blood, also French, Irish, Germans are many. and this is added the immigrants from other Latin countries

To be honest i don’t like Argentina girls ,but i love Argentina so much , Argentina sound like my stolen country name Palestina and even people are the same they’re freedom fighters never mind,people tells me that i look like Argentinian so i said why not to post a post here ,

I would like to visit Argentina, but when the chance comes God knows:
what about the living cost?
if I want to spend 2 months how much money will cost me from restaurants,apartments,girls ,parties and connected trips .

Falastines, I guess one day you will claim that Argentina was stolen from you too. Of course, all women will be forced to wear hijab and be r_ped for not dressing properly. I know why you don’t like Argentinian girls.

You should keep your political fights out of a forum about foreign women.

Most Palestina supported the Nazis in WWII..Ever heard of the Mufti Al-Husseini of Jerusalem? Jews being rounded up and killed going to Western Wall to pray. WHy are arabian nazis blessed with our ancient heritage?? Saudi Arabia and the many other countries of middle east is your real land, you belong there.

Hi all,

I only wanna say something very typical for argentinian girls – when you are in relationship with an argentinian girl…. if she wants to close the relationship – she just escape. No phone calls, no chat, no sms / 1 month period/…. this is how my relationship ended. It is not only that case, there are many more, it is typical for them 🙂 ….. just to know it, a little more info about them.

It is called flaking out. Argentine girls are notorious for flaking out.

I’m living in California and I met this Argentina girl online through my facebook network for half a year. She is working in DMV in Buenos Aires and is going to her law school in the evening. she likes to chat and have a good conversation with me. Sometimes, she is so cold. she won’t talk to me for weeks even I left her messages. I even thought she already left. But she came back again talking, acting like a sweetheart.

I decided to come visit her in Argentina this past christmas. I told her I’m coming she ignored it. At this point she is still happy. then, I sent a message to her cousin trying to ask about size of her ring. The following week, she was angry. She told me I took it a little bit too far, and suddenly cut me out of her loop. She never answer my messages again. she said she scared to meet up. so, I didn’t come to Argentina. I know meeting up with someone from internet is scary. I don’t know what to do now. I’m still panicking.

The Internet is a great place to meet girls. I recommend it and know many people who are married from social networking romance. However, girls from Argentina flake out. Flake out is when girl for no reason, just disconnects. Usually she has another guy or something. As good as women from BA are they are similar to American girls in the sense they have a high flake out factor. That being said there are many other fish in the sea. I know it hurts in your heart now,but unless you can get to the bottom of it, it will only cause you more pain and false hope.
Girls that flake out have no idea how much they hurt guys and create a cycle of hurt when the guy learns to be street smart and starts playing girls like they play him.

My recommendation is try to communicate with her or her friends in an honest way to determine what is going on. Tell her you will not be uspset and respect her situation not matter what it is, just appeal to her higher ideals.

I mean once I dated like 50 hot girls do you think I cared when one flake on me. In fact many a girl that flaked out on me came back latter, but I was on another level and they could not even touch me.

So try to determine what is going on, but also look for other girls, maybe even better ones.

I just learned that Argentina can be cold one day and warm the other day. In general, do Argentina girls like a surprise? Would it be a good idea, if I send my girl valentine flowers or present? Do guys give girls flowers or presents on Valentine’s day in Argentina? What are educated Argentina girls are looking for in guy when they seek long term relationship?

Feliz dia de San Valentín – is Spanish for Happy Valentines day. Sure all girls like spontaneous surprises and most like Valentine’s day even in Argentinean culture. However, the key is you need to determine if she has another guy or is she flaking for other reasons. However, the relativiely low cost investment of flowers is an idea.

If you really care about her I would fly there and surprise her. It is a beautiful South American country. If she scorns you because she is married or something go there and pick up other girls for the rest of your trip. You will not believe all the smoking hot langa mina there are just walking down the street. An average girl in B.A is like a 9 or 10 in the USA.

In Argentina there are a lot of Morenas (brunettes) or girls with blond hair but golden or tan skin, unlike europpean girls that are pale or very withe! kissess

Mar del Plata(a very important turistic city in the coast)is beautiful, especially in summer!!

Just a question about meeting girls in BA.
Would anyone recommend going to the Spanglish Exchange events to meet girls?

Looking to visit Argentina for 2-3 weeks around mid/end of November.

Yes, these are girls that are interested in foreigners. But I think once in Argentina you will see you can talk to girls just walking down the street, yoga class or whatever you are interested in.

Hi, today I met a great guy who came to install the cable (I’m a man too) He was telling me that he and his 19 year old daughter have been in the US from Argentina for 2 years. The father asked me if I’m ever going to marry, and I told him that that’s what I’m looking for right now. He really made it seem like I would be the kind of guy that he would want his daughter to marry. Am I reading too much into this, or should I ask him (he want’s to even hang out and for a drink)if I can take his daughter out. He knows and believes that I’m genuine. Does the girls age and the fathers attitude match up pretty well with the rest of Argentinians? I’m been obsessed with at least spending 4 months there since he told me about it, and he never forgot to mention how beautiful the girls are.

I live in US for almost 2 years, but I’m from Argentina, nice page.
If you want to go to a nice place to dance or bar go to the page 2night Buenos Aires,there is a lot place to go out.
If you want to stay in a nice area in Buenos Aires ,Recoleta and Palermo are close to the best place to go at the night, mall,etc.
Buenos Aires is very easy to have subway ,trains and bus ,they are always in time and good service.
I read here in this page something interesting about women like men from US or other countries and is true, also people from Argentina are very friendly, I’m sure if someone go alone to my country will find really fast friends in the first night ,but please if you like a girl in Argentina be gentleman!and have patience, sometime when an Argentinian girls says no, probably can be yes. Hah I know sound hard to understand but is like it, just have patience, a hear some men think women from Argentina are not easy, but we are friendly!
If you have question write here, I will like to help you!

Silvana, I think highly of Argentina and the women are beautiful, as you know. Argentina is one of the most peaceful countries on earth. The food taste great and the weather is mild. I can not say enough good things about this country. I spent some time in Buenos Aires and almost bought an apartment there in fact. If you can give us any more insights into the way Argentine girls think or how culture in Buenos Aires is different than the countryside? Do you think it is better to fly there and stay in Buenos Aires or the countryside? What are the online dating sites are popular in South America, or are South American girls not into that. Any advice is welcome.

The girls are Catholic, I think they perfer to marry a Catholic guy or they do not care? What kind of music is popluar there now?


I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and I love Argentina. I like the culture, people and nature. I would like to go there within a year but unfortunately there aren’t many travel packages going to Argentina. Most just go to Buenos Aires for 5 days and do the typical tourist things like sight seeing and tango 1 or 2 nights. I would like to go off the tourist track and learn and interact more with the people in Argentina.

I really love the city of Mendoza from what I’ve learned and it reminds me of Stellenbosch close to my home which is famous for it’s wines and adventure sports.

My question is: Is it worth spending all that extra money to customise a trip to Mendoza or should I just get a normal package to Buenos Aires? I love sport, adventure, nature and culture and would love to meet intelligent, adventurous and friendly Argentinian girls with who I can be friends.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


First we should define what is a Spanish. I think that for a North American, a Spanish is someone from South America, but for an European, a Spanish comes from Spain.

If we say that a South American is Spanish, it is supposed that we are talking about a mix of American native and Afro-American with a little of European.

Argentinian are about a 75% European (mostly Italian and Spaniards and a little East Europe Jews), 20% American native and 5% African American, so they are not “Spanish” but a lot of them are “Spaniards” (Gallegos) or “Italians” (Tanos). Summarizing; they are more “Spaniards” ( or European Spanish) than Spanish.

Of course this is true only in Buenos Aires, if you travel to other provinces, the number of American native (or American native mixed with first European) are bigger.

Air fare from LAX is so expensive. Do you know a better way to go to Buenos Aires?

I’m an Argentine guy, and I can confirm some of the things you tell us about here.
About taking trips to other provinces, I’d highly recommend you all to it. Actually, 75% of the country’s beauty is laid out on other provinces, like Salta, Mendoza and Tucumán.

I suggest you to google for some pics of those places. Believe me, sight seeing is way better our of Buenos Aires.

About girls, I’d say most of your comments are true. And of course, you have to be careful not to get involved with materialistic girls (they are everywhere in the world).

Hope it’s useful.

If you have any questions, you can email me.


Although, if I were you, I’d spend a some days there too, Because Buenos Aires holds the tango culture and many other things that you’ll really be interested on if you’re into travelling to Argentina.

I have met an Argentinian woman. She is more than great. It is welcome change to my previous marriage to a Polish woman. Yes at first look I thought she appeared to be cold, but after brief moment she was warm and great to be around. She did not speak any English and I could not speak Spanish, but this made even more curious and exiting. Now we have a lot of fun and enjoy each other company. From my experience I think I found a great beautiful woman. To add to my great experience she is 10 years younger, well educated and 100 pound lighter than my Polish woman. In addition she accepted my children from previous marriage. Maybe I hit a jackpot with this one the time will show.

I am from NY and recently I met an Argentinian girl online. I like Latina girls( dated a Colombian, an Ecuadorian, and a Peruvian) but I have never met an Argentina girl before so I looked it up. She is amazingly gorgeous. She could easily be a model in America. Soft hair free skin, big eyes, slim, etc. But unfortunately it seems to be true in regard to their “flakiness”.

At first we chat like hours and she would respond right away. Then one day she would read my messages but would not respond until much later only after I sent her many more messages. Then she become upset and blamed me for being “trivial” with her. I did not understand as I took her seriously! Eventually she admitted that she was getting PMS. I was supportive of her nonetheless. I like her a lot because she has a sarcastic sense of humor and she actually like being the girl in the relationship! That is a sharp contrast to say American women where they do not want men to have guts. I will soon take it to the next level as I believe she will not stay single for long. Oh and she is 21 while I am much older and she was fine with it.

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