Are Polish girls good or bad

It depends on the Polish girl. Generally Polish girls are exceptionally good girls. However, you will hear a lot of vocal complaints from foreign guys that dated a Polish girl in London or Ireland or even Dubai or something that they are trouble. I have even heard of guys say this about women living in Poland. I only laugh when I hear this. I have lived here too long to be snowed by that type of argument. I guess my first question is where did you meet then and under what circumstance, and did you ever talk about the meaning of life question?

Facts on Polish girls morality

Living in Poland going almost ten years and being Polish myself in background, but being an American raised and born, I think I have a reasonable idea if the ladies from Polska are good or bad.

Argument for the girls are good

  • Polish girls are good almost all are religious and take this seriously. I have meet a few that are not, but exceptions. The student’s mass at the Dominican church for example is standing room only in Krakow and people standing outside the door. I do not see the same crowds in any one club.
  • Most Polish girls I know have gone on religious pilgrimages are only looking for their one and only man and do not change boyfriends. They date one guy and marry them. Maybe if things get all messed up another. But basically believe in one love.
  • Polish girls are very humble and might even be said to lack self confidence. Basically you get a girl looking much  better than Evangeline Lilly or Anne Hathaway but half the headaches, and will ask, do you think I am OK looking?  Smoking hot girls with long legs will ask you this. Evangeline has said she does not believe in marriage, but wants to have a family. Wow is that not selfish, like I achieved wealth now I can have kids without marriage. And she in my opinion is a good girl. And Anne Hathaway when asked about religion does not believe in anything. I know there were issues in her case were complex but this is like every American girl. The level of problems are many fold the problems you find in a girl from Eastern Europe.
  • My friend’s do not ever spend money on a Polish laska unless they are like going to marry them. I really did not spend a penny until I meet my wife. Women from Poland are not materialistic. Many experienced communism and live very basic and have been taught to live basic and humble. If you meet one about money, walk away. I asked my wife clearly would you rather have love, money or love and money. She said only love, anything else is not love.  For me that was the right answer.
  • Most Poles know the women does the cooking and takes care of the kids, it is just the way it is.

When Polish girls go bad

  • When you meet them in a club
  • When you do not learn the language
  • When you live/sleep with them for many years outside the context of marriage
  • When they smoke
  • When they drink more than from time to time.
  • When they have tattoos
  • When they can not deal with you until they have had their coffee.
  • When you do not go to church weekly with them
  • When they have tattoos and facial piercings
  • When they over dye their hair or go to sun tanning booths.
  • If they like to go out with the girls too much.
  • When you are not patent and interpret their drama as drama and not the need for support.
  • When they wear provocative clothes. I would not go for a girl with a mini skirt and high heals.
  • They have an excess interest in you because you speak English and want to speak English with you.

Look, people will say, ‘you mention religion (which in your mind is suppose to be connected with good) or tattoos (which in your mind is suppose to be connected with bad) and this has nothing to do with a person. Ultimately,you are right. But there is something called consistency of behavior.  There is something called probability. It is all a matter of risk factors and external manifestations of behavior are telling signs. You can not judge a person by these behaviors alone, but they do tell a story.

What types of Polish girls foreign guys find

I see Brit, Greeks, Italians, Americans visiting Poland go for the lowest common denominator of ladies here. They do not know they are looking for the lowest common denominator, but they are. They are so blown away by the contrast with chubby American girls wearing sweat pants and flip flops from Targets tat they go to some pub meet a gal and boom, they have a girlfriend. They think it is great. I think they are just being played.

My friends that are girls in Poland do not go to pubs and do not like to talk to foreign guys as they are often beer drinking pub crawl guys who have no respect for God in them.

American girls (some people say) are easy to make out with, and foreign guys subconsciously gravitate towards feminist women who throw their bodies around in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, rather than having patience and meeting a girl who is not like that.

The take away is you will find some Polish girls who are good and some who are bad. However, the majority are exceptionally good and modest and focus on life and family and spirit and intellect. The ones that foreign guys pick up are often the bad ones because like attracts like. They go to places like pubs until 6 am – instead of getting up learn and going  Church at 6 am on Sunday morning. Or you do not have to be that extreme, if you teach English in Poland you will meet many good girls. If you go to film festivals, cultural events and even out dancing now and then, you will find an angel in less than the time your passport tell you, you have to restamp it at the border.

If your intentions are to find a Polish girlfriend and nothing more, than you will be condemned to live in a self-made purgatory. But if you intentions are pure you will find your princess.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Wonderful article, Mark.. You have constructed a good rebuttal to some of those people who were slamming Polish women on the board. I believe Polish women are very special and in a traditional country like this you can find some of the best women for marriage. However, when people go to bars, clubs or even online dating to find their “sexy” diva-style princesses, they end up with backbiting snake who will take them for everything they got. Not all that glitters is gold. Seek and you will find!

Thanks, I do think seek and you will find is the way the world works.

My favorite high school teacher was from Poland, and she was beautiful and spoke 5 different languages. She was great.

So why is tanning in a bed make someone bad? Just curious. I tan and I am a conservative Christian American girl.Shocker, huh?

“The take away is you will find some Polish girls who are good and some who are bad. ”

I think you can replace “Polish” with American and its the same thing. There are still some nice girls left here. The place to look are churches. Yeah no wonder you think all American girls are terrible, if you meet them in bars and nightclubs that is what you find. If you go to church and volunterr with ministries then you meet some down to earth sweet, humble and Christian American girls. :p

I agree, now that I am off the market as I am married I am meeting more and more really nice American girls. The problem is I still do not get a lot of positive feedback from my friends in the Stats about dating. They just want to meet a nice girl and get married and it seems so hard.

Thats is my handle above. I got mixed up and thought I was signing into yahoo, lol, I am tired. Okay the more I read your articles I see that you are not knocking all american women. I appreciate your views and helful advice. You are a kind person and well meaning. Sorry if I took what u said in the wrong way. I just feel lonely and I want to have true love and I felt like some of the articles painted American women in such a bad way that the last few nice guys might read it and all move to europe and marry there lol. I need a nice guy here!

I found a good website maybe you can send your friends to. You can search for women/men in all parts of the world and its Christian based. Its called or both are seem like good starting points.

Regarding your statement above that, “Polish girls are very humble and might even be said to lack self confidence.”
Never, I disagree. I know better, because I am Polish girl.

The new generation of Polish girls are really different from a few years ago. How old are you? I think if your 18 years old, or around there you have a western attitude towards life. However, Polish girls I know who were raised in the countryside have a different view of the world.
Self confidence is good as long as it is tempered by wisdom and humility. If not chaos and darkness will reign in dating and marital relationships.

Sure, I am 18 :D. And, “Women from Poland are not materialistic” it is really true 😀

I think most Polish girls care about love, but maybe I am out of touch, if you are 18 what do girls in your class think about, love or money and what is their approach to life and love?

I’m also 18 and Polish and I do think that most of us lack self-confidence. About the marriage, we do think about it, we start panicking while starting high school that we won’t find a good job or a job at all cause that’s what media has been telling us for quite a long time now.

So if you asked girls in my class they would say they care about love (and love only while seeking a guy) but we do worry a lot about our future and I also worry about the future of my future kids(hopefully). What I didn’t agree with in your article is that Polish women know that they should stay at home and take care of children. I want my future to look like that but I also would like to work maybe for less hours and not right after I give birth but I know that more and more women want to have at least the option of working in their profession and they think that’s the only way for them to feel good about themselves

While I’m reading this I feel like I was born too late cause as I said I’m 18 and my biggest dream is to find a loving and respectful husband and have 2 or 3 children and be a good wife and mom. I hope I will have that, I hope I will be able to raise my children in faith and that they will be great people one day.

I am a Catholic girl, I go to church every sunday and I also sing in a church band and additionally in a gospel choir, I don’t smoke I’ve never ever been drunk or even close to drunk but the truth is I’m afraid I won’t find the guy(and finding in Poland a nice, mature guy is really difficult) as I write that I do feel a little bit guilty cause I want to have the kind of trust in God that I’d never worry cause I know he’s got the perfect plan for my life but humanly thinking I’m afraid,oh and I want to say that in my city there are schools in which you can see girls are ‘bad’ and I don’t really mean they are bad, I mean they are party like and they don’t have such strict rules but for example almost all girls in my class are believers who don’t drink(or drink rarely and very little), don’t smoke etc. But I have to admit that it’s changing people are leaving the church but I know that partially its churches’ fault.

I know a lot of religious, that may be not the best word, believing, trusting God girls, actually most of my friends are like that. I got a great example of marriage from my parents; they are having their 25th wedding anniversary this year and maybe that’s why I’m the ‘good kind of girl’. The truth is in my city there are so many churches and in most of them there are young people singing or serving other way, every year in Poland we have several gospel events, festivals, workshops, new gospel choirs are being set up. About three years ago in my city there were over 1000 people on one gospel workshops, they’ve spent their whole weekends just to sing and worship God so don’t tell me there are no young and believing people in Poland.

I can tell you that you will find your one and only. I know it. In my experience living in Poland for about ten years is this, Polish girls that were good and religious like you (and my wife) found their prince charming and live normal healthy lives. Girls that wanted to play around with dating many guys and did not care about faith ended up in bad relationships.

I can not think of one example where this did not happen. A good Polish girl like you, I never met who did not find their one and only. You will meet yours. But one of the virtues you have to practice is patience. It takes time sometimes. Just trust in God.

I am sure you are extremely beautiful, more than you can ever imagine. In fact I know it.

Please listen to the song by One Direction. You can listen on YouTube, it is a song about you. It is called “What makes you beautiful’ You are a wise girl and Polish and so I am sure of this. You like many Polish people lack confidence because they have not had life experience to enourage this confidence. Just be patient and things will happen, maybe even in ten years but it will.

Besides that your English is good. Have you travelled much, or to English speaking countries?

“and finding in Poland a nice, mature guy is really difficult”

Dariaa, what do you consider a mature guy? You don’t sound like a western girl at all. At 18, western girls only think about the next hollywood star, college/career, their current boyfriend or gossip, etc. I’ve never heard them talk like you do. Are you from Jupiter?

Approach to life and love, it is too serious. I’m only 18, it’s really young age, if you don’t know. Girls in my class don’t thinking about past and about future. They live in the moment. Approach to life, so, we dislike rudeness, lies, self-aggrandizing. “We” is too optional, because each of us is different.

I know 18 you are not thinking of marriage, it is not like in the past. You are young and I was not thinking this way at 18. However, what are your ideals regarding love, faith etc. Even at 18 I knew that if I married someone I would stay with them. I believed in family and I took seriously the the ideals of love and waiting for my one and only. Do Polish girls you know think this way now?

Sure.. And something about faith. A lot of polish girls are christians, but are atheists too.

So the world is changing and the society of great culture and high ideals will be watered down to MTV Jersey girls, Oh that is great. I live in Poland and see these changes but it is not like certain parts of western Europe. It will be more like the USA, which means there will be many faithful always even if part of society turns away from their roots.

Most of women from Poland are confident but modest, it is natural for them, because they are raised like that, by family and society.

In Poland, women have been aiming from centuries to be very successful at whatever they love to do, and on the top of it be very good mothers and wives.

Basically you can call them bionic. They don’t mind to be just housewives, although, most of them have more than one passion so they will let go career only if they know can easily pursue their passions.

They love their men passions and gladly show interest in them. They are very respectful to all kinds of people. Sometimes they don’t talk much, but it’s because they like to listen ( especially in the bigger group). They don’t drink much, rarely smoke, they don’t mess around with other men.

I personally have met very confident women, Don’t be shocked-if happens that your Polish woman is confident and attractive and likes joking & flirting with friends, it is not because she is not loyal or faithful, but cause he’ outgoing cat woman. Get used to it, a lot of them are lioness. ( in a good way)

Some are shy but if you meet a woman who seems to be shy at first it might be not because she has poor self confidence, but because she likes you.

Polish women are feminine, cute and honest, you will see it right away. What I appreciate the most about them is that they are very caring nurturing and honest. Generally have very positive attitude to life and if they seem sad or mad, love kiss and honest talk is a great way to go to fix her mood! THey wont expect expensive gifts- simple things will brighten their day much more. They appreciate that because they are selfless and like to make other people happy as well.

I wouldn’t say that if you meet girl in a club she’s right away bad.
I think you need to be more observant and see for yourself if she’s a disco bimbo or just a person who went out dancing with friends.

Also if you meet a female who is exceptionally goofy or cheesy you might be actually super surprised finding out how intelligent and wise she is! Remember to keep the presumptions away from the start.

In general all people from Poland ( religious or not) are interested very much in emotional & intellectual growth, and working on themselves to become better people and connect better with others.

That’ why Polish women seem to be very understanding and mature- it is normal when Polish girl age 22 has mentality of American 35 y.o. – I’m not kiddin’! These girls work their butts off in life and the results are coming faster. Even though they know earlier what they want from life and they have the serious side developed well, they are super fun! I have never met boring Polish person.

Maybe few drunk men in Greenpoint ( area of NY where used to migrate a lot of working class male Poles). So as I said they are very fun. A lot of successful Pollacks traveling around the World are smart risk takers and they fear nothing- no matter what’s their age. Really, positive people.

Poles are willing to share all the best they have. They are very generous and considering other people, especially family and friends. Always helpful, I love that about them. They won’t hesitate to help anyone selflessly if they are able to they will do it with pleasure!

Religion.? Nowadays ( women in their 40s or younger) are not that religious, but I must say they they seem to be conservative in some aspects of life… I think it is very good they represent all goods that religion gave them, and reject the side effects. there is many many polish women abroad- they were raised mostly Christian Catholic , but they seem to be open to marry person of different belief.
I know few who converted, even to Judaism ( the biggest cliche you hear of is the polish anti semites) !

Good advice to date Polish women- If you don’t know how to be a true gentleman, she will dump you or won’t be interested in you. These creatures are really rare, I’d say they are princesses of the World – in positive way- they are pure at heart, they are not materialistic, not vulgar, not vain, and most likely they won’t sleep with you right away- no matter how hot you are. They also don’t waste time on anyone who will show them they’re the second choice. Polish women truly deserve to be the first choice. I hope there will be more of them in US. !

I agree with most of what you way, Polish people are very advanced emotionally and intellectually as they believe in self development. A Polish girl in her 20s often has more depth than an American girl in her 50s because she has invested a great deal of time in developing herself. I highly recommend people read this comment above.

Being religious is not a prerequisite for being a good person.

Organized religion, especially in the U.S., is group of people so afraid of their own mortality, that they are willing to believe anything that lets them live forever. And sadly, the more religious a person is, the more closed minded and judgmental they normally become. “Anyone that doesn’t believe in my God will burn for eternity”. How kind and compassionate.

Here’s reality.

Compassion is God.
Forgiveness is God.
Love is God.
Kindness is God.

Not the other way around.

Most people make many mistakes in their lives, which stem from insecurity and fear. This is normally the reason why girls sleep around, dress too provocatively, and try to find worth in material objects.

While we all have the option to only look for the best for ourselves, I think you should question how “Christian” it is to label, judge, and discard people for being human.

It doesn’t take believing that an old man built an ark and collected two of every animal on the planet to have compassion for others. I would prefer to be with a woman intelligent enough to realize that man invented God and believes in treating others well by her own determination, not just because she is afraid of hell.

People who take a very simplistic view of religious people because it supports their ego defense mechanism, that is differentiation from others (Nietzsche) often attack the straw man of belief, the fundamentalist. However, if you take moral examination to its corrosive end like Fyodor Dostoevsky (‘why not lie, cheat and steal if it is to your own advantage’) and not a surface examination, you will realize that in end if you do not have a fundamental trust (Hans Kung) in relativity in an epistemology way and do not see that there is a complex stratification of reality (Hegal); than, in the end we are like Camus wrote ‘gypsies that live on the edge of an alien world, a world that is a deaf to out music as it is to our sorrows’ . All things are permissible and you could justify anything. And let me clue you in, people do.
This is not the type of girl I want to date or enter a spiritual union with. If you do, good luck with all that.

Of course evil exists, and so does good. That’s not the point.

What you are stating is that a person must be religious or they are doomed to “lie, cheat, and steal”. That someone cannot make a fair determination of right and wrong outside of believing in stories so fairy tale-like that they insult human intelligence.

That’s how much faith you have in the human race?

I’ve been dating a gorgeous and intelligent woman for many years and I’m often amazed at her compassion towards other people, loyalty to our relationship, and love for life. She doesn’t believe in s_x outside of a monogamous, committed relationship, and has never strayed once during times of stress. She enjoys cooking, cleaning, and believes in the traditional male/female roles. She is a genuinely good person and also does not believe in Christianity. Neither do I.

The main reason people believe in Christianity is out of fear. Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of judgment, fear of eternal damnation. You may belief that without this fear that people cannot be “good” but I do not. We are not sheep to be herded or dogs that need to fear their masters. We are individuals that are so caught up in judging ourselves and others, that we build hate, anger, and violence in an attempt feel worthy of our own existence.

Yes, the ego is to blame. It loves to judge, ridicule, dominate, reject, and gloat. I realized a long time ago that I have nothing to prove to anyone, including myself. I accept my life and whatever comes. It is up to everyone to find their way, but what you are spreading is not the answer. Judgment begets more judgment. Where does that lead us?

The psychogensis of belief only sometimes based on fear (it is an argument non-believers make not the feeling of the faithful), God is a projection of man (Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach) anthropomorphic, a projection of your father (Freud) etc. But these theories neither validate no invalidate the reality or none reality of the Absolute. What man thinks does not make something real or unreal. Fundamental philosphical flaw, thinking explaining the mechanism of belief invalidates the reality or none reality of something. So non belief is also a projection of nothingness. When it comes to the ultimate meaning of why we are something and not nothing, it requires a deeper examination.

However, like I stated before, it is based on a fundamental trust (Hans Kung), or Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, the first test of being human. A fundamental trust, even science is based on this if your study epistemology.

Moral behavior without a center – However, there are ethical atheists, that is highly principled people who build their morality on something besides the eternal. To this I would reply like Gandhi ‘you are your religion’. God sees the light of God that resides in you even if you do not see it in yourself.
On Morality without a center-
But if you follow philosophical thinking to the end, you will come to the conclusion of the 19th and 20th century philosophers, that without the Absolute that any morality is illusional (ask the 100 million people who died in the 20th century by people trying to build morality based on their own under communism and fascism). Further nihilists, existentialist thinking is creeping into the worlds thinking and changing dating and relationships. Broken homes, divorce, guys are players now and girls wake up at 32 years old and wonder why they are not married and scramble for that last chance guy.

The world is a war of ideas (Hegel) and the ideas that exist on a abstract level do influence society, dating and life.

If you study the history of Philosophy at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th, philosophy replaced God with nothing.
Societies tried to build a new morality such as Fascist or Communist and look a the result. People tried new ways of thinking without God and I think they became lost and we live in a society where everything is OK including ending the life of a child not born.
You and your girlfriend-
However, if you and your girlfriend have been able to create your own moral principles, I understand.
But remember there is only one truth and goodness. And if you have created these ideals without God, chances are they are pretty close to the message of Jesus and Buddha, that is love and compassion and forgiveness.
You guys, reinvented the wheel to come back to the same moral truth, that the universe is powered by love and compassion. Nothing wrong with that. Love is the energy of the universe no matter who you call it, a rose by any other name is just as sweet.
But why not open yourself to the possibility that that there is an answer to the question ‘why are we not something and not nothing, why is there anything at all’ with a ‘yes’. A fundamental trust’. Faith is trust. Why not tap into the greatest energy source of the universe and see what happens? Everyone’s experiences will be different as God is the objective operating in the subjective so science can not exactly prove this. It is something you have to experience for yourself.
I know we got of topic from are Polish girls good or bad.
Off topic of our off topic conversation have you ever been to Poland?

If she is so great, why are you not married?

I find Polish girls generally good and conservative, though I’m not so sure about the youngest generation. They seem a bit spoiled and lazy to me and a lot more feminist as well. People used to be a lot more humble during communism, it’s the only good thing about it. However most women, even young girls have some ideals and I have never met a girl here that would sleep around and be proud of it (knock on wood), and I have met this kind of girls in other countries. Not saying any names, so that no one gets offended.
I hope Polish women keep on being good.

It is interesting, and maybe I should write a post about this but many Polish guys are starting to looking for wives in the East, that is Ukraine and Russia. As for Polish guys Ukrainian girls are more normal, feminine and traditional than Polish girls, who, are trying to imitate the western girls more and more. Some of the young girls like to have tattoos hang out in cafes all evening smoking ( Kazimierz) and change partners no problem, even with an SMS break break up. They put themselves out there as high maitaninace, and it takes money to maintain their looks and expectations. What nightmares from a guy’s perspective, who wants to find a real life partner to honor and respect and have a family with. Lucky most Polish girls are not like this yet.
I do not know what will win, that is Western European decadent nihilist culture or Eastern European God and family culture.
From a guy’s perspective there is not way I would choose a Polish girl who embraces western decadence, I would be better off with an American girl, at least I know what I am getting into. The good thing is you can spot Polish girls who try to behave this way from a mile away. They do a worse job than their feminist counter parts in the UK or USA in covering up their immorality. I think their style of clothes and attitude within five minutes of talking to them.
You can also just ask them directly about their worldview and tell where they are comming from.
Girls do not understand why this is so important.
From a guys point of view marriage is a serious responisbility. You do not want to partner with a girl who will leave you after a few arguments and then you have to pay her support for ten years.
You do not want a girl who sees you as meal ticket.
You want a girl who will really give her heart and soul to you like you will to her. However, if she has fallen in love with a number of guys before you chances are this might not happen unless she is a hopeless romantic, then it is OK.
I really do not know where Polish girls are going. I think it will be like the USA. That is some just off limits as they are too flakely and immoral and some traditional and sweet. That is caring and loving and have ideals about marriage.
I still would recommend Polish girls over Russian girls if you are looking for a bride, but just make sure you get one that believes in love and marriage and happily ever after, not simply ‘if it is not working, break up’.

I’m sorry but everyone girl of woman in the USA is not as bad as some try to make out. Women are the same all over the world. There are good and bad, fat and thin, ugly and pretty. I don’t think being from Europe or America has that much to do with it. This is just my personal opinion.

There are some very nice American girls, I have to write an article about this to clarify. But for a single guy in the USA looking for a woman with an old world romantic view of love, it is more difficult to say the least.

A lot of Polish guys like Ukrainian girls, but I think Russian girls are way more into western way of living, so I would still choose a Polish one over a Russian one.

I personally think Polish girls are the sweet spot in terms of a combination of natural beauty, culture and charm, I would include Ukrainian girls also as the cultures are similar except seperated by an economic wall. Ukraine is Poland ten years ago before the EU economically.
I do not believe girls should just stay at home and do nothing with their lives. I am very pro-women and equal rights. I just think when the kids are small it is usually in the best interest of the family that parents are as invloved as they can be in raising them, that usually means the woman stays at home to raise and teach the child about the world.
Also divorce is not really a big option as love is about commitment.
And certainly money means little except to survive.
So my definition of traditional is not some Polish girl who has no will or life but rather, someone who uses that will to commit to the family like the man should.

I am Spanish Italian and live in America.
All I can tell you there is some difference between with Polish women and with Russian women.

Russian generally chase money and they don’t want to work they prefer have loaded guy and be stay at home mom who needs a housekeeper exceptions of that are great quality partners. It doesn’t matter if the girl is from poor or rich family she has desire to meet a very wealthy man to keep her safe rather than work hard on keeping herself happy. A lot of beautiful young women hunt sugar daddies. Russian ladies they love a lot of expensive things, jewelry, expensive restaurants, gifts, all top-notch. They often pretend to be a different class than they have to attract richer man.

Polish are more confident & not materialistic and more realistic they are hard workers and they reach the goals in life trough constant work. They are great mothers and wives. They work 24/7 at work & home. Once polish Doctor explained it to me, that in Poland is hard to live well and save money if one person is working there is not to many wealthy men looking for just pretty woman most of wealthy polish men look for woman who is at their level of career. Women respect highly people and especially themselves they are honorable so they won’t hunt for sugar daddy.. ( they are exceptions of course but rarely). In marriage man and woman both work and usually both take care of the home & children, but it does happen that women want to be stay at home mothers ( if financial situation allows). Polish women are mentally strong and very supportive for hard-working men.

Of course in both cases there are exceptions.

By the way, someone said something that nowadays young women are into tattoos and such and not religion and they must be spoiled. Not true, my nieces are young Polish girls and even though they have western society, clothes, tattoos they still remain 100% valuable poles at heart, because of how they were raised at home. I am sure they will pass it on next generation, as for Poles family and raising the kids is the essence of life.

Paul, how do you know so much about Polish people? I’m just curious.

You are right about most of the stuff you said (Not sure about being positive, as Polish people are famous for complaining).
So you live in America, you probably noticed how much calmer Polish girls are than US girls. Young American girls might think they have more fun, but the truth is, Polish girls have just as much and without drugs, stabbing each other in the back or “starting drama”. I seem to hear the word “drama” every single day when I’m in the USA, and they are not talking about theatre. Some American girls I know say that they are only friends with guys because they can’t trust another woman. I mean, it’s crazy how some 25 year old girls can slash each other’s tyers or start facebook wars. You are suppossed to be grown up at that age. I’m so glad Polish girls don’t do that.
Polish people are the most helpful people I know, they really enjoy helping others. One time I went to the mountains with some family and our jeep got stuck in deep snow. We didn’t even have to ask anyone for help, as a minute later 8 or so men jumped out of the house across the street and pushed us out in 10 seconds. That was at night, I don’t even know how they saw us.
If you visit someone at their home they will do their best to make you feel like at your own home. Even if you say you don’t want anyhing to drink, they will still bring it to you. And they always have an extra pack of cookies at the house in case someone shows up unexpected.

I think Polish girls are a little shy, as all Polish people, but in a good way I think. And you are right about being a gentleman – any guy who doesn’t know how to treat a woman will be sent out of the door. Well, depends what he did, but there is no hope for another date, that is for sure.

Polish girls with foreign boyfriends after a period of time of their relation they break up because the Polish girl can fall in love with
someone (for example Greek men who are very handsome) but later (after 4-5years) this love will go away and she will want to go back to her country. The reason is the interaction of the friends,family,fun, because she can’t flying all the time, waiting to go to Poland, e.t.c So later she have to choose between the her heart and logic?

If she will choose the logic, she will not enter the kingdom of God because she will not be honest to her self. often the boyfriend will experience this after she will coming from Poland. I know a girl from Cyprus, very beautiful and blond who loved someone and in the age of 16 & she ignore parents,friends, and she married him, make a family and are so happy and enjoying so well the life. This is when honestly you love someone forever. The boys often when they have relation 4-5 it is impossible to forget their girlfriend and the polish girlfriend can easily break a very beautiful love of them. That is to open the eyes of people looking for a Polish girlfriend.

And finally if the Polish girl choose to save the love and stay with their heart then the boarders of the God will open again for her and, with respect G

Gosia by your name I imagine you are a Polish girl. Thanks for the insight. This is the point I was trying to make a little. Polish culture is different from other cultures. When a guy marries a beautiful Polish girls he is not considering the difference. But the girl is considering this. I have seen many relationships between foreign guys and Polish girls turn sour after a few years because of something you describe.

Family is the most important value in Poland and distance from family and culture can make someone homesick.

Further, women are responsible for transmitting culture to the next generation. After the initial wow or love, if the two people do not respect and understand each other, especially in my view, religion and how the kids are going to be raised there could be problems. I do not think Greek guys are a good example as they are culturally similar to Poles believe it or not. I think there is more of an issue of with American and British guys that have no religion or do not care about it. Greece is so close to Poland I can not see this as a problem. It is like a 2 or 3 hour plane ride. It is like someone from Chicago marrying someone from Brooklyn, NY no big deal.

I do care about distance as I believe the world is different now. My my wife is Polish, but I am American, but also Polish. I could live and have lived in both the USA and Poland with her in marriage. It does not matter. Why should geography or boarders matter in love? The only boarders there are psychological boarders.

However, I think that what you write is not absolute. The world is different now. Many Polish girls move to the UK or the USA and never have a big desire to move back. Sure they see their friends and families from time to time and Skype does wonders as you can see and talk everyday now.

However, it is not the issue of geographical distance that makes the foreign guys (or girls) marrying Polish girls (or guys) sometimes questionable but a matter of the way they see the world. Look, Polish marries succeed most of the time, foreign or not. But both people have to accept and respect the other.

Ironically, Polish marriages to Arabian guys or girls work OK. The reason is twofold. The couple is open-minded non-judgemental people. The second is even if the person is Muslim, they still believe in the same God if Israel. However, if someone does not believe or does not care that much that is a different type of brain and a harder bridge to cross.

  • American and Polish do excellent in marriage (if the guy is catholic or similar).
  • Italians and Polish do very well.
  • Greek and Polish do well.
  • Arab and Polish do OK.
  • French and Polish do good.
  • Irish and Polish do excellent.
  • British and Poles do fair.

This all depends on the people invloved of course but this is my oberservation.

Maybe I’m thinking about different generation or cultural circle, being 20 years old girl, living in Poland and studying at uni of technology , but to be honest I rarely meet someone deeply religious. I’d say that out of 100 people I meet, 10 are actually religious and go to church every sunday, 40 come from christian families, admit they are christian but don’t go to church regularly – the rest are people who say they are atheists, have no religious believes at all or are of other religion. I still agree with most of what you’ve written ( enjoyed it a lot) but i wouldn’t take so much focus on religion – it’s more about values our parents and school teach us.

My parents are quite young, still, up to their teen years they lived in towns practicly occupied by Russians, having whatever was to be found on shelves emptied by communism, listening to as rebelious music as they could find (propably a copy of a copy of a copy of AC/DC casette someone’s uncle from States sent them) and having to count on themselves when it came to money during studies. As an effect they reised me and my brother in belief that we should be grateful for the opportunities we get, value education (that’s what let them improved their lives so much), live our lives to the fullest, not mind money or stuff too much, and learn to deal with life ourselves, help people and rely on friends, never let other take advantage of you. When I discuss it with my friends they tell me similar stories. How am I supposed to make drama about whatever little thing bothers me or go to a club looking just for sex with ideas like that planted in my head?

I liked the “bad girl” list though. Of course none of the things you listed actually labels a girl as a person you can’t have a nice relationship with (either romantic or not) but truth being told – there are only certain kinds of people for whom those things are characteristic. Only two I wouldn’t agree with are tattoos, piercings and smoking – they maybe used to be “bad girl” factors but now, as they are sociably acceptable (the first two) and common among young people (smoking) they are not anymore.
My best regards 🙂

Maybe this is the new Poland if you are a 20-year-old girl, but my experience is to the contrary. I will have to look at a poll or study for the young generation in Poland. I do not Poland is the largest net exporter if you will or religious orders in Europe and in the countryside or the city where I lived it was standing room only for mass on Sunday and out of the door with people standing.

Maybe it is the friends you hang with or the city you are from? Maybe it is at 20 most kids question those things, I did. I sincerely do appreciate the feedback and hoe you comment again.

If it is like you say, with the tattoos and smoking and no church attendance, I can guarantee you generations future will go the way of America’s trouble youth, that is you guys will have children with multi partners and multi marriages and divorces and by the time you are in your mid way through your life you will be burnt out and cynical on love and relationships. This is my personal observation. It will be materially easy for your generation but sad in terms of love.

The 1990s post communist parent thought they would work real hard to provide the material goods for their kids. Both parents worked and they ignored transmitting the important cultural aspects of their parents to their children. Hence Poland’s new lost generation is arising perhaps. I see these tattooed cynical, smart, but not wise smoking on the streets and I wonder why their parents do not care. The kids are texting each other on their multi colored phones and have had multi boyfriends already. The answer is they are working to get that new flat or money for the vacation to Greece or Northern Italy or money so for trips to the Galeria to get clothes for their teenagers, or simply money for Alma.

However, the good news is this cultural current is only one cultural current in Poland and we will see which one prevails.

My message is any guy in Poland should ignore the Doda type galerianka or any interation of this, even if it is toned down, and go for the non tatooed humble ones that seek love of God and a husband rather than are impressed by their education or other things.

They are very frank and don’t seem to mess with words or what they mean when talking to you. Some have been attractive but not that impressed with them generally, the several I have met are very simpler in how they come across. they are respecting of family I think and regularly visit their families – I don’t think I would chase a Polish girl they seem hard work to me. I Prefer Russian more open to meeting different people and much softer overall.

I think Polish women are very dangerous and evil. I live in the UK and met a Polish woman at work. We got together in a very easy way, stayed together for two years and every day was hell and very rocky.

She had three kids with a Polish man Tomasz. Anyway we now had a daughter together but we finished before even our daughter was born. She is 24hrs moody, will hit me constantly and always looking for argument.

I regretted so much to have her in my life. I am black so that makes it easy to insult my family on poverty, natural disaster, and even called me the N-word. I think she was only after me for a brown child. Are Polish people racist? I am very tempted to say yes they are. Even her 15-year-old son manifested his bad feelings for black people.

She does not like German and the English and oh man, she’s in her own world. Are all Polish people like that? Because most I have met really don’t anything good to talk about each other and their country.

Maybe the second war has something to do with Polish women behaviour. To whosoever is seeking love, I moody, will hit me constantly and always looking for argument. I regretted so much to have her in my life.

To whosoever is seeking love, I say to you, take anything, but not Polish women.

I have a question. Why on earth would you have a baby with a girl if you are not married and ready to be a full-time father and husband for the rest of your life? I mean I hope you will man up and marry this girl so the baby will have a father.

She was with you because she did not care about the fact you are African. She maybe loved you. She was moody maybe because you did not marry her or did not treat her right? I do not know, did you learn Polish for example, and put a ring on her figure or were you just being a player?

On her part she seems like she has had a troubled life if she has children with one guy and dating but not marrying another.

Girls are moody because of hormones. Men have to learn to calm them down and ride out the storm. It is a fact of life. The moods are less if the stress is less. It is very stressful to be a girl as so much responsibility falls on women so early. Men have to be grown up and know, girls have moods and beable to handle this without reacting.

As long as the girl is of good morals and good heart then moods mean nothing.

I am Polish and I have not a single thread of dislike towards any race. We are all God’s children. I do think some cultures are different and the individuals interaction with the culture depends on their own subjective view of the world. This is a very different thing than saying a ethic group of people is good or bad.

“It is very stressful to be a girl as so much responsibility falls on women so early.”

Mark, could you be more specific than this? What responsibility? Early childhood raising?

“The moods are less if the stress is less.”

Makes sense, but how does one lessen said stress?

When I was a teen I thought it was much easier to be a girl because guys come to you. The I realized what it was all about. Lets drop all illusions here. Guys go to girls because everyone wants to pump them. For me, that would be very stressful.

Guys will lie, and tell stories and be disingenuous just to get a little action. And once they do they lose their enthusiasm. If the girl gets pregnant, guess who is getting up in the middle of the night and responsible 100% for the child’s life.

Even me, I am a guy who is 110% for my wife, but I would say she has done the lion share of the work raising our child. I am focused on work which in my opinion is less chaotic.

Women’s bodies have cycles and moods and all kind of uncomfortable things. Plus they have to suppress every bodily function from noises to their stomachs make to burps and more.

There is such high expectations on girls to look good and look at every once of fat on their body.
Their brains operate different and certain cognitive tasks are harder for them, the ones that pay money. Such as logic and analytical skills. They are better with language or skills which pay less.

The list goes on. But basically consider all the single mom’s out there and for them it is very hard in life. While men, they can be 50 years old and still be Peter Pan dating hot young girls from Russia.

I think men and women ultimately have it the same hard as God makes us equal. It is out set of problems are different.
How to make it less stressful for a girl. Give her a sense of security and comfort. Take care of her. Be the captain of the ship when the storms are rough and the sea is out of control. Guide that ship safely when everything is chaos and your crew (wife, girlfriend) hates you in that moment.
Talk calm and peaceful to her.

Encourage with sincerity the good in her.
I think Yoga helps a lot or other things like this.
You can suffer for 90 minutes on the mat or for the next 90 years.
Coffee adds stress.
Vitamins like magnesium lower stress.
Teaching your brain to be aware of the cycle and anticipate instead of react.

If guys want more physical relations with their partner, take the stress off them. Help them in the kitchen and to get their life in order. They basically should be relaxed and bored reading Women’s World magazines on the sofa. They need sometime to decompress and space out and do nothing. Women I think have less time as they are always taking more time in the bathroom and changing clothes etc, when they are single and with kids they are focused on their kids.

For women, just know and be aware that you do not have to adjust everything and emotions are just that like a rainy day they pass and sunshine will follow. Be aware. Awareness is almost synonymous with free will.

I think I see where you are coming from in what you talk about. No illusions that young guys want to “pump” girls because of hormones through the roof. It isn’t until we approach about 30 is when those levels calm down naturally. It’s strange though, even though I wanted to act on those impulses too back in those days, I still wanted to make a commitment in the back of my mind to whatever girl I was interested in. I don’t know if or how many other guys thought the same way that I did. It doesn’t really matter, because if what you say is true, then it was impossible to convey that message to the girl. Therefore, I got lumped in the same pool as the dishonest men. I learned that the best thing for me to do was to give up. In a way, I’m doing these girls a favor by staying away from them. Since it is so stressful for them as you say, I’m just one less guy for them to worry about. I wonder if other men feel the same way I do. I’m willing to bet there are many.

On the subject of single mothers, my greatest fear in getting involved with one only reflects the horror stories I have heard from many other men who have tried it. That is these women put 100% importance on their children, and 0% importance on the man they are with. What man wants that? I don’t. Therefore, I can say that many of these single mothers bury themselves into their own pits by not respecting their men.

“There is such high expectations on girls to look good and look at every once of fat on their body.” That is no secret to me. I think most of that is perpetuated by the media from a young age. Total brainwashing. The thing is, most of us guys won’t pay attention to every ounce of fat on woman. It is impossible to draw the line on that one. I think healthy body proportion is more important than quantity of calorie intake.

God makes us…well us. I think what you are talking about is our hardships are balanced out on the scale. On one side of the scale, women have their set of challenges. On the other platform, us men have ours. I think it would be hard to identify all of them.

“Give her a sense of security and comfort. Take care of her.” I think you just came up with another idea for one of your articles, Mark. I hope you will explain that more in detail, but I think you mention a lot of helpful tips such as helping with the dishes and the part about Yoga. Although, at first I thought I read that as Yoda from Star Wars.

Guys and love and hormones
Your replies are always appreciated. The way you felt about girls is the way I felt. In the back of my mind I did not want to do anything wrong. However, hormones buzzing out of control combined with lack of wisdom. I went through a dark phase I am not proud of and regret.

My frustration and great pain in my life lead to me not caring about women’s bodies regarding the above hormone surges. It was not the hormones that made me a player. It was the lack of wisdom to harmonize my pain and suffering into something more meaningful.

I am 100% sure that if I knew I would meet my one and only I would have behaved different. I wish someone told me there is someone for everyone and which I know now. I acted on hormones with ‘a woman in every port’ because I did not have the wisdom of years to channel my hormones. I think I have just as much hormones now, maybe more, out of control but I have zero interest in anyone by my wife.

I wish I could go back to age 17 and meet my wife and start all over. I would only want her and all would be harmony if I had today’s wisdom. Instead I wasted a lot of my time dreaming about my one and only and trying to find her.

The German poet Rilke writes:

Love is the most difficult task, the task which all others is but preparation. That is why young people are not truly capable of this love.

Young people can feel love, it is just that their brains have not had enough difficulties to appreciate or develop this love.

Girls want to get pumped maybe more
On the other hand, I think another problem women have is their hormones are out of control too. I do not like to say it but I am sure they approach the same urges we guys do. But they do not want to have a bad reputation. Many of my friends say once in a relationship, girls have more interest in physical relations pumped than guys do. For example, the guys are playing computer games and the girls are wearing victoria secrets and their men do not even notice.

Think about it. Girls are so proper and ‘made with sugar and spice and everything nice’. Then fast forward a few years they are doing bad, nasty things with bad guys. Why? Nature creates surging hormones through their blood so the human race can go on. I can only imagine they have similar primal needs like we do, but females have a self-control mechanism that is stronger because of the risk of pregnancy. But once unleashed women can be out of control. Most Taoist books say they are the stronger gender in between the sheets. But I suspect that is exaggerated.

Girls with children
Once girls have children, women focus on the kids and the guy ‘oh he is such an idiot’. Everything the guys does is wrong or not good enough or needs and adjustment. This is an American or UK women. Eastern European women for example are not like this. They have a more balanced approach. I am married and with a child. I have no problem if my wife focuses 100% on our daughter. I know she loves me and I am free to work or play chess online and focus our daughter too. I feel no competition so to speak because my wife is so gentle and loving towards me. I know she loves me because I can feel it. We just have an innocent life that needs to be loved and taken care of. I understand this. My wife treats me with such love than I do not feel deprivation or anything has changed.

What is wrong is when females take care of the children and are condescending towards the man. I am not talking about stressful outbursts but generally. A woman who loves her husband can make him feel good and take care of the children. But this takes time and wisdom as girls like guys are new at all this.

It is like a circle of responsiblity. I take care of my wife and make sure she is happy, my wife takes care of our daughter and makes sure she is happy and my wife and daughter give me so much love I am happy. I know it sounds hockey idealistic but it is true.

I suspect one of the reasons many marriages have problems is women marry guys younger or the same age. I think it works better when the man is older because the guys has a little more wisdom to be ‘capitan of the ship.

Girls and looks
I get a lot of haters writing on this site because I say women should be healthy and take care of their looks and even be slim. This is more about girls that want to attract the optimal mate. I mean there are some huge girls living in the condo units next to me and they attract me sure. They attract tattooed biker dudes. But it is not about that. People should care about their health as it is more important than wealth in life. You can be Steve Jobs with all the money in the world but if you do not have health, what do you have?
Health is wealth. Women – once you are married and have gotten us to fall in love, we really do not care about every bit of fat or if you have some baby pounds after having a child. But is it not fun to be in shape and feel great?
Men are not that hard on looks as you think. You do not have to spend a small fortune on your looks. Just stay healthy and try to keep a positive attitude.
Then wear some nice jeans and a cool top from 21 forever or something.

I think neither the man nor the woman have the right to hit his/her girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. And it’s a bit more serious problem then just simply being moody. And I wouldn’t say any racist comments to the one I love. I think she had more serious problems, maybe with her nerves. I can understand that constantly living in yelling and abuse is very frustrating and bad, my grandparents divorced because of this, and now they are living happily, and they are still in touch with each other (they sometimes have a phone chat). I think you want to stay in touch because of your daughter, right? Have good luck it won’t be easy, but if you love your daughter you can manage it.

I think people are all the same but the categorization of people is never ever accurate.

I am a young Polish girl and will strongly disagree with most of what you have said. Especially, the part about what supposedly spells trouble. You almost paint Polish women as some faultless, angelic creatures, of course, by your personal definition.

Although I am not one, I do not believe that being an atheist is wrong, or that a girl going to a club spells trouble. When they go to tanning booths? Dye their hair? You do realize most are bleached blondes who have an obsession with tanning, right?

This is something very popular among Polish women, I should know. I am very grateful and flattered for all the very nice things you have said, but a lot of things you have mentioned here make no sense to me whatsoever. Still, thanks for the kudos.

I lived in Poland a great deal of my life and in fact I am Polish, sort of. Polish girls are good, but here are always the ‘new Polish girls’. I think you are a new Pole sympathizer, or simply do not understand how important as a lady of honor it is to behave like a lady, to win the hand of a proper gentleman.

New Poles believe everything is cool and OK. The reason these seemly small things you mention are important are, small types of behaviors are indications of large behaviors. These are just tips of a larger iceberg. It is called consistency of values. If someone gets a tattoo and spends a lot of time tanning and bleaching their hair to be a Polish blonde, they are not focusing on things that matter, like philosophy, the meaning of life, developing themselves spiritually or even pursing humanistic ideals.

I know few to no girls, pure in mind or body who does not delve deep into the meaning of life question, are obsessed with tanning and/or have tattoos. These are girls that are bad. For example, they are prone to physical relations with multi partners. Maybe not at the same time, mind you, but they do not wait for their husbands to enjoy their lives. (Being bad for girls is different from being bad for a guy, I did not make the rules up).

In contrast, a girl going to church every week and confession regularly, and has no tattoos, does not tan or alter the color of her hair to some unnatural color, is not prone to hit clubs a few times a week, chances are she will have one or two serious boyfriends before getting married. A woman of virtue.

Ex nihilo nihil fit – and this applies to behavior. Everything in life is connected and one aberration of behavior might not mean a girl is bad, but if she does a few slightly deviant things there is a good chance she does others.

If she is bad before marriage she will be trouble after. I have not seen too many people, because they have a ring on their figures alter their life perspective.

If a girl does not meditate on the meaning of life and take this question seriously, she will be reckless with her body and cause men who are seduced by her beauty a life of unhappiness.

This is a great article. But I just wonder how true it is as for the young generations born in 80s and 90s. Can you carry out some investigations about young Polish girls. This, I think, would be more updated and more useful for guys looking for love in Poland.

Polish girls born in the 80s and 90s are different because their parents are from the first post communist generation that focused on money. They shifted from family to buying a flat, a car two parents working and leaving the kids with Babcia during the day. Grandparents were good but kids get the values from their parents by observation.

The parents are catholic but are getting messages from TV and trying to keep up with the person next door. Many foolish parents are focused on money. Like American in some ways but not 100%. So the latch key Keys of Poland grow up in the collective unconsciousness of the teenage generation which imports the lowest common denominator of culture from the west. This is Poland at the worst.

However, the good news is the Church still has an influence and Polish girls are nothing like American and Uk girl in terms of divorce and how to raise their families and treat their husbands. I mean I know many of my students in Poland that are just like American girls, but I know many that are not. I think most Polish girls are still good.

If you want to find a good Polish girl in Poland from the 80s and 90s you need to do this:
Do not go for one at a bar, has tattoos or smokes or dresses provocative
Do not go for one that is a full-time career woman or has travelled everywhere and been there done that.

Find a nice girl who takes her faith as serious as you do.
Someone who is not materialistic at all and tells you she does not care about money and would rather live in a 20 meter flat in love than a big house with a working career marriage.

Someone who is happy if you are married and live in Poland after you are married and does not want to move to London or the USA for example, unless you really want to.

Be ruthless in asking girls questions about how they see the meaning of life. I wrote a post on this recently about questions to ask on a date. Read it. You will find the best girls in Poland even ones from the 80s and 90s generation but you have to screen them just like you would screen other girls because they will chew you up and spit you out if you find one that is thinking like a Western girl, and many try to emulate this behavior.

Ask them ‘what if’ scenario questions and observe their behavior and listen closely what they convey about faith and life.

Thank you very much for your reply. I totally agree most of your opinions. But, I don’t understand why we should not go for a full-time career woman? Does it mean something? Can you please explain it. I preferably would go for good girls who grown up in country-side.

I really like your articles. I hope you could write something about Polish girls and *East* Asian guys in the future.

Any guy out there who wants to marry a career girl, go ahead knock yourself out. But I caution you, career women are often bossy and bring the skills they have learned in the workplace home to rule the home. It is hard to shut off behavior. If you do battle in the career arena,and the workplace today is a battlefield, then it is hard to just turn it all off when you walk though th door. More likely the girls will behave a little like she does at work. It is human nature. If I was a women I would not want to date or marry some macho Wall street banker, would you? Or some Divorce lawyer who make their money off of spliting up families would you?

I do not recommend career women to guys for a simple reason. They are focused on something other than their family. Perhaps they are pursuing a career because their parents programmed them or society programmed them or perhaps it is for their own ego and feeling of self-worth. However a job is where you make money to provide for your family. This is important. However, if you are using it as a form of recreation, escape over and above your family (as defined by the amount of time and energy applied) than that is not a desirable trait in either gender.
I mean sure a girl can have a career. Yes of course, and I think chauvinism is a sin. However, my point is they have to understand that their family is number one. And if it means having a career move that does not make sense for their children, they should not do it. If it means their kids will be in daycare instead of spending formative years with Momma I do not think it is a good idea, unless the mother must work to feed the family for example.
But I see women in the USA with large 1,000 square feet homes, plasma TVs and cars and cell phones still claiming they are poor, while they are pursing their career their kids are in daycare. Being raised by someone else. Women and men pursue careers for ego often. If you do it for pleasure or you really are interested in the subject, that is OK but as long as it does not interfere with the health and weallfare of the family.

I recommend keep it simple. Find a nice hot girl who have family values and is smart and educated but puts family first and will be with you for all the days of your life. My wife has a Master’s degree from a to University and went to some medical school and worked as a researcher but she puts our family over everything. What is wrong with that? I do.

Many career women just want power and are difficult to deal with. They are bossy and they are egotistical and will leave you they are not happy at the moment. They are demanding and bring their work home with them. Who needs that? In Poland you will have many women who take pride in their family rather than their career, go for those girls.

I must disagree in one point. I’m Polish and good girl and I do not go to church at all. I have a lot of friends and no one of them is going to church, although they’re good people with good morals, so I think you’re kind of following a stereotype, which l totally abolish. I see you talking abour religion matter a lot, that’s super weird, because nowadays it’s actually so hard to find a young person going to church (I’m not talking about elderly people). I know no person that takes religious seriously.

What makes you good? Explain that to me.

I see a generation of easy Polish girls who try to be mini imitations of Doda, Jola Rutowicz, Frytka Many want to be nowobogacki. Polish girls of this generation are acting like Russian girls. You are a Russian girl basically.

I mean I wonder if your friends have slept with guys before marriage. I know divorce is increasing in Poland. I know in Poland people have zero or one child. I know that intermarital affairs are increasing. I think the hip and cool generation that tries life without religion will find themselves like Dante says decribes in purgatory:

The mountain is that climbing is not that hard at the start;
but as we rise, the slope grows less unkind.

So again, why do you call yourself good? Do you donate your time to charity or are you sleeping with guys before marriage, maybe have a smoke and hang out in a cafe or pub?

Watch out by thinking youself so modern and arrogantly and pridefully beating your chest that religous people are weird. I think you those who do are blinded by their pride and the fall is only harder. I mean feminism swindles you out of your own life by robbing life of its sweetness too young and by Univerity all the mystery and magic that should be for your soulmate has been soil. It leaves you as recyled person used by guys. That is the way I see it.

I am Polish like you and all the young people I know go to church and take it seriosuly, but a few that are bad, grew up with parents that were chasing money and did not have the depth and wisdom to examin life at a deeper level and empart this wisdom on their kids are lost like Dante says ‘midway though life’s journey’.

You Polish girls want to act like Russian girls. I see Polish girls in Egypt and the UK act like Russian girls. The Soviets jettison religion many years ago and their women behave like there is no tomorrow and do not represent any ideal. Not all the Russian girls, not even most. But I think some Polish girls are turning into soviet girls without religion.

They are already dressing in horrible western fashions and starting to self inflate to sizes that Western girls do. At least the Russian girls have the sense to say thin.

These modern new VIP Polish girls who foolish look down on people of faith will wake up someday and find the joke is on them as the sweetness of life and experience will run dry.

I think there is a difference between polish girls from Poland and polish girls in north america. I read some interesting points on this thread, though I must say even polish girls from Poland can be bad. Me being a 33-year-old polish man – born in Poland – moved to Canada when I was 6, is considered above average looking in north american standards, excellent shape, have a career, own a condo – have only dated 2 polish girls. One was a complete nightmare – who was born in Poland and was in Canada for a year years prior to us dating and the north american mentality already got to her – and just recently met another polish girl who I’m just starting to date has been in Canada for 4 months.

I’ve read a lot about polish girls being humble, non judgmental, not superficial or materialistic. I’d have to agree. With that being said most women that don’t live in Canada or US are like that. I was at the park the other day (our city gets lots of tourists during this time of year) and I sat down and watched people walk by. A lot of the foreign women were beautiful and slim and with just average looking guys (compared to north american standards_. Point being is that in other cultures is not about how much money you make, how tall you are, what you own and how hot you look. It’s about WHO you are. Which is the reason lots of men in north america ‘out source’ their women.

You look around on the street and you see average sometimes even below average women (north american standards) thinking their gods gift to men and they’re you know what don’t stink. Over weight women with attitudes because they have physical assets. For them its all about lifestyle that projects a certain image, and the more fashionable they think the image is, the better. So if you don’t live up to their ‘shopping list’ or requirements, they’re not interested. And get this, north american women have ‘shopping lists’ of requirements just to be their friend. What the duce? I have all sorts of friends with their own quirks and don’t judge them.

In conclusion on my random ranting: I am actually quite excited about dating this new polish girl because I don’t have to worry about living up to anyone standards and I can just be myself.

I must say that everything you have posted here has been very helpful. Thanks ever so much

I am currently in a relationship with a Polish girl. From a small village outside of Bydgoszcz. Great girl she is an angel.

We are kind of in a long distance relationship at the moment and things seem to be going great.

I am currently studying computer engineering in Cyprus but I am planning to move to Poland in the next 2 years to be closer to my girlfriend. so my idea was to transfer my course to one of the Universities close to Bydgoszcz as they provide my course in English. I love Poland so much, it is an amazing, picturesque country. My only concern is that I hardly speak any Polish ( my knowledge is very basic. Would it be easy for me to at least find some kind of job in order to support myself?

I would teach foreign languages whatever your native language is. The is money at about ten to twenty Euro and hour. You can also work in any large company as there are many foreigners there doing this and the universal language is English.

As a Polish born and bred I can agree with most what’s been said in your article, although, in my opinion, you’ve put too much pressure on religion. And far too much. Yes, 92% percent of Poles will declare themselves as Catholics when asked, but in fact, there is maybe 30, 40% practicing, I mean, that go to church from time to time. Last 2,3 generations are not bothered about the church thing. Yes, we do respect religion and we enjoy Christmas and Easter time, but for most of Poles, it’s more about tradition and fun than religion. While, sb who does not know anything about Poland, after reading your piece, may get an impression, that we are on our knees all of the time. Young Polish girls, often go to church every so often, but it’s mostly beacuse of tradition and because their parents nag them to go.

This is true if you are Doda or a girl from the city whose parents were from the new captialist 1990s. I lived in Poland a good part of my life and people there are devout. Maybe your friends are not, but the friends you choose kind of define you.

My family is Polish and I moved to US when I was 4. I am 21 now and my father goes each yr to visit his brother. This year he asked an old family friend daughter to add me on Facebook and she just turned 18. I got to talk to her she seems nice, she studies a lot And she said she goes to church each Sunday, close to her family – things I like to hear. Her father used to work for my grandfather long ago and my father invited her next summer to work for my pare ts business. My mom told me she comes from a good family, her father doesn’t drink and her family isn’t poor and so on. She asked me if I had a girlfriend when we firsts started talking 8 months ago and she seed interested to me at that time but now she doesn’t seem to talk to me. I tried my best to be nice and tall to her but it seems like she doesn’t care much Anymore. She just asked me several times when I am coming to Poland and if I will this year so I am not sure if she is being cautious, playing with me, or she just wants to meet me first. I am going to Poland in a few months but I am worried how things will be when we meet since now they are not quite how I would like them to be and if we won’t have time to see each other my trip wouldn’t be to good. I keep on thinking about her a lot and can’t forget about her and I am not sure if the age difference is bad or not or would be awkward. She still has 1 year to go to in high school. And at the same time I know things a feel weird between us and I don’t hold anything against her for not talking to me since I know she should live her own life and have fun while she can. From the idea I get of her she seems like the girl I would love to be with and she isn’t super beautiful just enough for me. Her and I seem like we “fit” for each other. I know I need to be patient and my grandfather always says “nie martw sie na przod, to co bedzie to bedzie” but I still think about it too much. :/

Sorry for my ranting, I just think about it for almost a year with nothing changing and it is making me frustrated so much. I know I think too much too but it is how I am.

I have never had a girlfriend before either. and I don’t think she’s had a boyfriend either. She seems modest and as I said the kind of person is like to be with and I’d lime my grandfather to meet her while he is still around.

I am an American with Polish roots and I married the dream of my life from Poland. I have no doubts that Polish girls are the best women in the world. Any anxiety just know this is normal and par for the course. The best thing you can do is be patient and be the person you are. Talk about your interest in Poland and this will strike a cord of commonality.

Wow, been in Warsaw and Wroclaw for half a year, and I find your post on girls to be really influenced by what you like. What you list in categories as”bad girls” and mention things like tattoos and piercings, makes me think you yourself have that preference for that kind of women. I have met and dated some amazing women who you would throw into the bad category and they have proven to be some of the most amazing people I have met here. Oh, and yes, there was hooking up going long before the girl decided to pursue anything more. She just happened to like having relations with no strings attached. My experience says a lot of your observations are what you want to see.

A 19 year old polish girl ran off with my partner of 15 years and we have 2 children together. She had only worked at his works for 2 months and ask him for a lift because she was upset which resulting in him saying yes and then she poured her heart out to him.
She has many tattoos, piercings and had the cheek to message me saying that I am a bad mother to my two children, it was easy for me to have children with no career and live off benefits and she is sure that my partner wants no more to do with me. Needless to say I have a career, the career is on hold whilst I raise my children. Then there is the money side of things. She insists my ex takes her out places and then my ex is left with no money to take our children out.
So my view on Polish girls as it stands is that they are bad and not very nice people. She knew he had a family he was providing for too.

This one girl is not representative of the Polish people. Where you married? Were you working while raising your children? Did you take care of your body and grow with your husband in a spiritual way, that is did you pray daily with him and go to Church? It might not be just her fault, she is a naive young lady, while your husband should know better. But if you were not married nor having a daily religious practice with him it is like build your house on sand. I am sorry that you had to go though that but I do not have all the facts.

I know your right in not all Polish are like that maybe I haven’t worded that properly or have it thought.
No we were not married nor did we go to church together not pray together. Although we respect religions we were not that way inclined.
My ex came round to see out children yesterday and I spoke up him. I said to him “why did you go and do this to your life, your a 30 year old man who now only has possession of 2 boxes full of clothes and nothing to show for your life, you left us all behind and we are the ones that truly love you and care for ou deeply where as this 19 year old who you barley know only likes you and that was stronger for to dump your family”
He sat there in silence with tears in his eyes and said it wasn’t meant to be like this.
When he left I was sat thinking, it would be hard for me to do this but for the sake of my love if sacrifice my feelings. I contacted him and asked if he could pop round today for a talk about us,children and what has happened. I wanted to give him an ultimatum to carefully think about. 1. are you really happy with the situation in and is this what you want for the rear of your life or 2. Would you like to come back, draw a line under everything and work on us both to regain out love and strength again.
His reply was this simple “why do you want to go over everything” to which I replied “OK that’s fine if you don’t want to hear what I have to say” he never replied back.
I’m hurt, heartbroken but I know I have to be stronger for myself and my children. He is not the end to everything and my outcome will be ill be stronger than I ever was.
The problem also is that this teenager still lives at her mums so has less responsibility than I have so can give him her undivided attention. Where as mine was limited because of raising out 2 children.
The outcome I have came out with is that the problem of all of this is not mine and in fact is his problem. We are no longer together so I have stepped away and can do no more.
It’s a shame but the damage is done and he made his choice. I don’t have to live with that for the rest of my life he does.

Dear Kaz.
I am really sorry to hear that you are going through such a horrible situation but you cannot blame the girl as she isn’t the one who should be faithfully to you. It’s your husband that ruined your life not her.

A bit more about me; I’m polish and in mid twenties. I have tattoos, piercings and dye my hair all sorts of colours such as blue and red. I do not go to church because of morals. I mean, what makes you a good person contributing to Christianity where priests and raping children and nuns. Before dear Mark says anything, I know this because I know people that went thru hell because they were in church every Sunday. I may look alternative and funky but I am traditional polish woman, who cooks healthy meals from scratches every day. Takes care of my children and work 30hrs a week evenings.

But back to the story. I was young when I fall in love with a polish guy. We have a child together but I was a victim of mental abuse and I could no longer stand it. So we broke up and I was on my own with a child. Any way. He soon after met an English girl who drove him away from our child. Few years down the line I am married to two wonderful English man and we have another baby together. He is two years old and we are pregnant once again. But guess what. My husband has never changed his mobile number and before us he was a bit of a man whore. All his English female friends from before know that he is happily married now and doesn’t keep in contact with them. One day he got a random msg from his ex shag. Another English chick.and she decided to try and flirt with him. She was drunk and started sexting him he was ignoring it. All I’m trying to say is that it English girls that tried to ruin my life but at the end of the day, these girls don’t owe me anything. It’s the husband. Or in my first child situation it’s her dad. My girls dad decided that he doesn’t have time for our girl because his girlfriend needs him more.

Life takes unexpected turns. Stay strong. Start dating again.
Good luck! X

I’m 54 and met a lovely catholic Polish girl of 50 whom I love deeply and told her so in less than a month of going out with her. It turned out that she had a very bad experience with a polish man in America who got very possessive with her. She finished with him but he still kept pestering and even stalking. Anyway she left her phone at home one day by mistake and I couldn’t get in touch with her so got very worried. Kept texting to see if she was ok and we were ok. That brought back memories of that awful relationship years ago and she lost enthusiasm for our relationship. She used to text me every day saying nice things like she thinks about me all the time and asking me to pick her up to stay over. She claims to have suffered depression in the past so I don’t know what to think. We have spent time together since and it has been very close and loving even though she is studying hard for a diploma at present. I have converted to catholic and we go to Saturday mass together. She has gone to Poland to see her parents and friends now organized ages ago. She said she would phone but not heard a thing. I really don’t know what to think but I have given her my all but getting very little back. It started off so great though until I couldn’t collect her from work one night to stay over, she took that as a rejection which it was not, just felt tired that night. So those two mistakes cost me dear really. I wish I could turn back the clock. I’ve never loved anyone like I love her, she is so gentle, loving and funny. What a shame 🙁

Look, the main idea here is you go to church together and have something special. Women can be very flaky. It is the nature of females sometimes. Depression, we all get depressed and with the weather so cold and dark in Poland it is about par for the course. But the most usual flowers and fruits grow in the darkest places.
She might not know what she wants. But you have to show her, rather than tell her. You have to be there for her. You could learn Polish.

The main thing is show her consistent support and ask her right out what is going on, and express your concerns, but tell her you are there and are her rock and Kapitan na Staku. No matter what she is going through tell her she is the one and tell her your support is unwavering. This is what love is. Quote poetry or whatever you need to. But like Shakespeare say, if she is a woman she can be won

Thank you Mark as I have been going through a stressful time waiting for something from her, she stayed the night and it was so good for both of us. She has gone back to Poland now then on to Spain with her best friend Dominique. It was arranged before we met three months ago. I thought she would have phoned rather than send a few measly texts, I guess I will have to be patient with her but will follow your advice mate.

That might have been true about 20 years ago but not now. I am Polish, born and raised, living in Canada for past 10 years. I am tattooed, do not go to church and swear like a trucker and yet you will not find a nicer person than me. The stereotypical values described in this article can apply to a 20 something year old in any country not just Poland. However the writer really doesn’t know the country well enough to talk about it. And it isn’t hard to find a good girl/ guy, you just need to know what it is that you want and not go for someone because of the nice exterior.

Patrycja thanks for the comment but why such the rebel? Seriously is this a solution for your life that is working for long run happiness? Would it not be better to develop virtue. Anyone who is not living at the height of their culture is swindling themselves out of their own life. Virtue is something that takes time and strength and intelligence. Yet virtue is its own reward, and the effect is a happy life.

I am Polish and lived in Poland part of my life as well as American. In every society you have people that gravitate to the lowest common denominator. Conversely Poland still has refined women of virtue and culture. I was there a few months ago and there are scores of beautiful young ladies who hold to their ideals and push Polish culture forward in a positive way by channelling their life expression by helping others or artistic expression. This is exciting and sensual. Base, crass people boring.

Come on girls: think of some crude, whatever guy compared to a well dressed hot guy, compassionate, educated, humble person of faith.

You are a good person I am sure, and this is just a bit of rebellion of youth, but taken too far you can find yourself in an existential crisis that will take the sweetness from life when you hit middle age. I personally do not care, I do not know you. I am not my brother’s keeper.

However, for guys that want to find good women in Poland they are everywhere.

Polish girls are very good, look church Bazylika Trójcy Swiętej Krakow Stolarska 12 ST.
7:00 PM every Sunday. I am talking about normal, average girls from Poland

I could not have said it better myself. There are ridiculous writers on the Internet that will speculate about Polish women and their morality, however, from someone who is both American and Polish can without hesitation say Polish girls are good. I am talking about the ones who go to mass. It is a sweet country and I hope it stays this way. For guys that are not faithful, do not go to Church and are not all about the family, they should not go to Poland.

I am glad you have such a good opinion about Polish girls. It is nice to read all of these posts and know what others think about my country. I only want to tell that I agree with most of them, but in some aspects you showed Polish girls as too kind, nice and religious. I would reiterate that we are as it connected to our history and subconscious.

We have difficult and complicated history. To be honest; me and my generation (I was born in 1997) are the first “free generation”. Free in the democratic sense not in the libertine sense.

I will not bore you with a survey of our history, but to understand the situation, in a historical context helps understand the attitude of the women.
The defining aspect of our history is to retain the culture. This is because, in the past Poland disappear from the map of Europe for 123 years (the partitions were conducted by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and Austria). We regained independence in 1919, after Second World War, and lost it again in 1939. With Pope John Paul and Lech Wałęsa leading the spiritual and political quest for freedom this was achieved in 1989.

During this time, Poland respected ideals connected with solidarity, family, hospitality, tradition, friendship etc. were very important. The only hope for the Polish was the catholic religion, which the invaders wanted to destroy, which meant that it has become also showing opposition and social resistance to this situation. Many of these values ​​have survived to this day.

In Poland it’s normal to appreciated the parents (e.g. we very rarely gives them to a nursing home, normal is that parents live with their children, when they become old.), going to the church (it’s part of our history and tradition eg. motto “Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna”), respecting tradition (celebration of Christmas, Easter etc.) and “being human” (helping others). Of course I’m not writing about everyone, because in each country are good and bad people… and you need to know that noone is “an angel”.^^

My friend and people, who I know are different. I know girls who are really awful (materialistic, egoist, selfish etc.) but a big part of community is OK. As someone told before; estimated more than 90% of the population of Poland is catholic, but the truth is that many Poles declare faith, but few of them regularly attend church (30%?). There is also a lot people who are atheists. I can testify the greater part of young people/girls go to the party at least once a month (and it’s nothing new- the same was 20-30 years ago) etc.

Please also do not discourage the girls with tattoos, piercing etc; some of them are very nice. Besides, we shouldn’t generalize- (as told old polish motto) “nim się kogoś dobrze pozna trzeba zjeść beczkę soli” (before you “good” know someone you need to eat a barrel of salt)

PS: I’m 18 and I think that this article great describe me, so part of “younger generation” also have the same “values”.

The next struggle for Poland is to retain these hard fought values or freedom, family and faith. There are two threats to this, one is the media, and trying to impress the lowest common denominator on the youth. That is to corrupt the youth thinking that swapping wives and husbands and not going to church is acceptable. It is not. I live in Florida now and the I see what one generation of decadence does to people. I have never seen so many low cultured trashy people living in mobile homes and trailers, changing spouses like boyfriends. People are involved in substance abuse and kids grow up raised by the public schools as their surrogate parents.

It is all tragic. That is why so many American guys want to marry a Polish girl, as there is some hope that these women are normal and do not have a skull full of mush. Rather Polish girls educated moral and hot.

The only real alternative are the Amish.

If your generation, bites the apple and turns to decadence they will wake up one day and what happened to their Edan.

Polish woman are good, no doubt. However, they are also childish in their behavior.

And this is not only from my experience, I have two other guys that are in the exact same situation as myself.

Never have I felt more unfairly treated than being with a Polish woman.

And I have dated women from three other nationalities.

For example:

Perhaps since they know their beauty and worth subconsciously or that they are idealistic, they have high expectations for their man, that they can only become disappointed.

They want a perfect man and no matter how hard you try they seem to be mildly disappointed.

They will ask you why you do not cook, but they cook even less.

We have just rented an apartment, and of course there should a lot of cleaning. One day I came home from work (a new work that i just got in Poland because I moved to her) and she told me that I was not doing enough at home. (but the truth is, I was cleaning every day for two hours and I got home from 8 hours of work).

I said that I wanted to go to Denmark for Christmas, now that I have not seen my mom and dad for 6 month, so I asked her if she wanted to go with me. She got so angry at me that she ran out the door, and I was so confused. When she came back she blamed me for not running after her.How contradictory is that? So it was an act? That made me worry and feel ashamed and sad because I wanted to be with my mom and dad for Christmas? Really?

Polish woman do not know what they really want, the act only from emotions and let them completely being controlled by it. So if she feels bad, she will make you feel bad.

I am still in a try-out with my Polish girlfriend, which means we have been breaking up getting back together more than 30 times.

I still have hope for the better because I love her, and she shows improvement.
But it is a huge fight with the smallest things.

I can for example, ask if she wants to go out and eat, I pay, and then she say yes but she do not know where she wants to go,fine then I pick a place, and she says okay, not very enthusiastic but we go out.

Then when we reach the place, where she says: why is it always you that have to choose.
And I say to her: It’s normally only me that choose if you do not know where you want to go.

Then I come with suggestions, but none of them is good enough, and finally she figure out where she wants to go. And it is in the other end of town, like 30 minutes with tram and it is an everyday. So I ask if we cannot just take something near. But no, so we go to that restaurant, But still she is a little angry at me because I always choose (Which is not true at all, she is just used to be with Polish guy that always only do what the woman wants. Which is also a problem because then the woman looses respect for the man, and calls him wimp behind his back)

Really my conclusion on Polish woman is this; They do not know what they want, they think they do, but really, they are living in a world that is turning around them only (if you ask them they will of course say no) they are princesses that only acts from their feelings and warning. There can be mood swings and they come often.

But of course there is good things too, otherwise I would not keep on trying.

But what this person are saying about “bad polish woman” is a load of nonsense. They are beautiful but difficult emotionally.

What you write is normal relationship turmoil. As a man in a relationship who is looking for a wife, you need to screen out women based on ideals and in the content of your relationship have the patience and wisdom to discern what is an emotional storm (which like a storm at sea will pass) or a fundamental unhappiness at a subconsciouses of the female. If she make the relationship sour, there is a reason beneath what is spoken about.

Usually it is you do not seem like the person she would like to spend the rest of her life with. This is usually connected to a incongruently with ideals and world view. Have this discussion with her. In my mind, besides world view, looks factor this is the only real determinate criteria of marital happiness.

It could be you need to coach her on emotional calmness but I suspect you are not making her happy in another way.

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